A spectular moonrise over Yellowstone National Park. Jacob Frank captured these stunning images at the park two nights before the full moon‬, which peaked last night.

Photos courtesy of Jacob Frank.

A list of questions answered....

"Can I submit pics?"

"I’m white, can I reblog the selfies? Can I tag them with #blackout on my blog?"
Please do!

"Should I not post any selfies today if I’m white? Should I stay off tumblr?"
That’s up to you. No one’s asking you to change your normal blogging routine at all. 

"I’m a non-black POC, can I participate?" 
Don’t use the #blackout tag for your original posts or selfies. More on this topic here.

"I’m mixed black/I have light skin, can I participate?"
Absolutely! If you have black in you, today’s your day.

"What is this blackout?" (yes I’m still getting this question)
Again, see the masterpost here.

"Would you reblog my selfies?"
Submit or send me a link! I especially want to give some special attention to queer/trans/disabled bloggers today too.


i can’t believe how much time i wasted hating my hair