people you're doing something wrong

I’m so sensitive about Kara Danvers, as soon as I see someone saying something bad about her I’m like

how are you a professional athlete and incapable of handling criticism when you screw up yikes thats embarrassing

Shit I hear as an ISTJ
  • Moron McDerp: You must feel pretty unoriginal, being one of the most common mbti types.
  • Me: ...why would I? My ego is not so fragile that I feel threatened by sharing functions with lots of other people. If you need your rare personality type to stand out, you're doing something wrong.
  • Moron McDerp: Is your Si against gay marriage since it likes traditions and wants nothing to change?
  • Me: ???, my Si is looking forward to the time when gay marriage is a tradition with long and steady roots in society.
  • Moron McDerp: Studies have shown that intuitives are more intelligent than sensors.
  • Me: Oh, you must be a living proof of exception making the rule, then.
  • Moron McDerp: It's hard for you sensors to understand but at times my thoughts get so complex and abstract I space out completely.
  • Me: Yes, I don't understand. All I ever do with my functions is fornicate with rulebooks and arrange my pencils in alphabetical order.
  • Moron McDerp: It's good you sensors exist. We intuitives are usually so caught up in the process of creating new and amazing things with brilliant innovation and understanding the world with abstract concepts because our IQ is 2993 points higher than yours that we need someone to manage the practical things. You're needed in society, we need someone to do the laundry and go through our tax reports.
  • Me: know what, I gotta go. There's a meeting for stupid, ordinary, homophobic, rulebook-loving tax enthusiasts who've never had an abstract thought. I need to go attend that. You know, sensor things.