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Hey everyone, I want to talk about something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately.

As members of the online writing community, we’re surrounded daily and constantly by the accomplishments of other writers. This is for the most part fantastic. We get to support each other, and I love seeing that a writer I follow has finished their book, published a story, that their funny writing meme is going viral, or even small things like that they wrote a chapter, or paragraph, or even sentence they love. I love seeing the fanart, the words of support, the friendships, the memes. Oh, the memes. I really do love this community and all it has done and has the possibility to do for aspiring writers.

However, when you’re in a community, there’s an inherent pressure that comes along with that, and that is the pressure to be productive. I feel this is especially strong in the writing community because so much of what we talk about is productivity. How to improve it, the importance of it, the importance of self-discipline, and ambition, and pushing yourself to reach your goals. 

It’s lovely to see your friends and people you follow having success, but it also plants that worry in your mind: Am I dropping the ball? Am I not working hard enough? Am I a total fraud and failure because I binged a show on netflix instead of writing for the past week? Do I ever deserve success?

In this community, we talk about productivity a lot. We talk about how you should push yourself through a bout of writers block rather than letting it hold you back, how you shouldn’t let self doubt grab hold of your ankle and keep you from stepping towards your goals, how with a well planned outline and set of goals you can power through that draft in no time. 

And that’s great. I love being productive. I love helping other people be productive. I love it that we’re a community of people who loves to create, and it makes me feel great to be creating.

However, I want to introduce a new mantra to this community, one that I feel needs to co-exist with all the mantras about productivity, and that is be kind to yourself.

So yes, you’re not feeling too motivated right now and you didn’t write for a week. It’s okay. 

So yes, you’re experiencing writers block, and no, you didn’t make an outline, but that’s okay. That’s just your process. It’s okay to work how you like to work even if most writers say it’s a bad idea.

So yes, you don’t like what you wrote, and even though you know you can fix it while you’re editing, it’s okay to feel discouraged right now. Allow yourself to have emotional reactions to your work. 

So yes, you fell behind on your goals, didn’t finish that book, fell out of love with the idea and abandoned it, didn’t win NaNoWriMo, and haven’t written in two weeks. It’s okay. You’re not a machine. 

So yes, you’re discouraged. That’s normal. You’re not a failure because you can’t meet the standard of productivity we’ve created in this community because here’s the thing, few can. I can’t consistently or for long periods of time, I burn out. That’s normal.

This whole productivity-obsessed, if-you’re-not-pushing-yourself-to-reach-your-goals-in-every-way-possible-you’re-not-doing-your-dreams-justice, step-up-your-game mindset is not healthy for a lot of people. 

The standard this community is setting is ridiculously high for most people within it to reach–many of who are young, new writers, just trying to explore the craft and learn, and yet are being met with this immense pressure in order to be taken seriously, and many of who are students, have jobs, have other reasons why they can’t be writing machines, or are simply new writers who aren’t ready to produce at that output yet. We shouldn’t be creating this communal pressure to create create create or you’re not good enough. 

Allow yourself to take breaks.

Allow yourself to pants a project if you want.

Allow yourself to have emotional ups and downs in relation to your art because that is normal.

Be kind to yourself. You’re not a failure. 


As a HUGE thank you to all of you beautiful people that have followed and supported my blog, I promised a give away, so here it is.

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900! Wow oh Wow!

Oh my god! We finally hit 900! Thank you all so much! 
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We can hardly believe we have 900 of you amazing people follow us! You all are amazing and beautiful people who make this blog possible! Thank you all so much! Thank you, thank you! I don’t think either of us could say it enough to show you all how much we appreciate every ask, reblog, note, and ask. You all make our days so much better!

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Art Raffle!!!

In honor of 200 followers, I’m having an art raffle!!!

1st place : digital drawing of any character!

2nd place : traditional colored drawing!

3rd place : traditional line art drawing!

Rules :


Furries / Mecha (I suck at drawing them, sorry)

No racist or transphobia characters or phrases will be drawn. Neither will homophobic, biphobic, aphobic and anything against straight people.

You have to be following me, and you have to reblog this post! Happy raffling!

hey @ goyim could y'all reblog this if you're actually willing to listen to Jewish people and protect us?

we really need allies right now, and I know seeing this on people’s blogs could be comforting to other Jewish people. But please don’t do this as performative allyship- actually try and help us irl, or at least learn about antisemitism enough to spot it and call it out.

  • Me, a humble fic farmer, tending her plot of land: neighbor john said there was a shipwar starting just over the hills. what do you think Ma, do you think we'll ever see a shipwar?
  • Ma, clutching her apron to her chest: oh dear, I hope not!
  • Pa, sitting in his rocking chair and smoking his pipe: hmph! there's always been shipwars and there will always be shipwars. you just keep your nose out of it and mind your own business. we ain't got no business messing around in shipwars. now step to it! i want that field of headcanons and plot twists plowed by morning! and keep those plot bunnies from getting at the smut, we can't afford anymore WIPs!

Mentally ill nonbinaries are cool and awesome. Whether your mental illness has an impact on your gender or not, you’re still pretty amazing and there are so many people who are glad you exist. Like me! I’m glad you exist. Keep being you.

anonymous asked:

Would you be so kind as to sketch bitty introducing jack to moomaw as his boyfriend? I simply adore all of your art!

Okay Jack you’re laying on the Hockey Prince Zimmermann Charm a little strong there. Reel it in she loves you enough already.

@lilidani15‘s giveaway gift!! ^^ They asked for Tadashi Hamada in Big Hero 6 (one of my favorite disney movies). I couldn’t resist, and here it is at last! 

Thank you all so much for participating, I had a lot of fun organizing this event and thank you to all my followers who are now 2200!! What an honor guys!

Anyway, have a great day, and I promise I’ll be back soon with other drawings (Lion Soul related, normally) ;)


When you gain an army of new followers overnight.

The Bubbler / Le Bulleur


When you realize you have nothing new to post because you’ve been on hiatus…

If anyone sees this (and if you don’t mind) pls like/reblog or say in the comments if you’re a bts blog (doesn’t have to be 100% although i do follow very few multifandom blogs–you know who you are and you are very special).But since I’m 99% bts and Jin biased I’d like to follow more blogs too, and of course if you’re a content creator: gifs/edits/gfx/art i’d love to check out your blog!

I was chatting today about the coming season and all the exciting meta everyone’s going to write about it, and about how hard it is sometimes for your posts to get seen, especially when you’re a new blog with not so many followers yet, and since hardly anyone uses the main tags or just being anxious to put yourself out there.

So this is a post I hope others with a good number of followers reblog as well to agree, but if you have written any meta or observations or thoughts you think I’ll like, and want it to get seen, please feel free to @ me in the post or to use the airplane at the bottom of the post or even just drop an “anonymous tip” in my inbox to go look at it, and I will happily reblog and boost it to my followers, since I am often the first small part of a chain in a very large explosion of reblogs :D (Because I have the best followers with great taste.)

Meta isn’t an exclusive club, this is just a weird and terrible platform for getting heard on, and I don’t like the idea of it seeming like only the same few voices ever get any traction around here <3

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Guys, one day before comeback and I’ve just reached my next milestone, what a precious gift!! I wanted to thank all my beautiful babies who have helped me grown and made me smile trough it all, thank you so much my lovely mutuals, my dear followers and all the people I admire, it might seem silly what I’m saying, but without you I wouldn’t be the same!! Hope I continue to be in your lives, get to know more amazing people and create more any content from now on~ please help me support my beautiful boys and always send them love and good wishes! LOVE YOU <333

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