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So @diabolical-fantasies made a post with few question about DL, diaboys and DL fandom. 

I love attention and I’m really annoying, so I decided to bother her with my answers 

not like anyone cares for what I think

Do you feel like DL scenarios blogs are decreasing?

Well, when I only joined the fandom it was really hard to find any scenarios blogs. A lot of them don’t just post their writing, but also reblog pictures, write their thoughts and so on, and their writing in “diabolik lovers scenario” tag was really far away. But I’ve been following from ten to fifteen DL scenarios blogs for few months, and I don’t think any of them have stopped posting since then… 

Though there are less and less new posts in ‘diabolik lovers nsfw’ tag, and it makes that little thirsty hoe inside of me sad :(

How far do you believe people have strayed from the DL character’s personalities?

Actually, it depends on writer, I guess? Some of them write diaboys like they are capable of love (but not too sweet), some of them write them like they’re, well, sadistic vampires. Both of it are canonically true, cause even in HDB Ayato loves Yui in his best ending, so Sakamakis (and Mukamis, probably, too, I haven’t played MB yet) are able to love someone, it just takes time to discover their feelings towards bride/Yui/OC/whoever. 

Sure sometimes writers make vampires too kind and too sweet.

Do you think some people still stick to the DL character’s personalities properly?

Depends on what ‘properly’ means, when “event” in scenario happens and what game you think is the most canonical canon of most canonical canons. 

Like, if bride only arrived and Laito suddenly (seriously) says that she’s the only one he needs, it is OOC. If that happens like year after that, then why not? 

Or, for example, “In The Shadows” describes Laito as possessive and perverted asshole (which he is, of course), but he’s kinda too yandere there. Yes, I played his route in HDB, and he is cruel and stuff, but he didn’t rape Yui, as I recall. He “broke” her, and after that had sex with her, when she was willing to. Actually, I think it would be the same with me. I would just break easier and faster. And I won’t think about it as ‘rape’

/I don’t want to listen to definition of rape and so on. I know, canon!Laito did wrong, but in ITS he is even more cruel, then in HDB./ I still love ITS very much, it’s dark and angst and brilliant. 

What do you believe their true character to believe? (Just answer with the ones you feel you know best!)

Ugh, even writing my own DL fic, I don’t think I can answer it without being ashamed of what I think…

Okay, I think Shu has the shortest list of things that bride can do to make him kill her. Sure, he doesn’t like when Yui annoys him and interrupts his sleep or when she’s too noisy and too caring, but I think deep inside he likes, when she shows how much she cares for him. The point is, Shu is the only one who was attached to human in the past, and though he lost one and wouldn’t want to lose someone else, he did care for someone and I doubt he forgot how to do it. 

Reiji has the second place in “top two DL characters that scare the shit out of me”. I don’t think he is that obsessed with decency and stuff, but he wouldn’t stand a lot of things. If you can talk back to Shu and he would say “Tch, annoying woman”, talking back to Reiji would make you get punished for it. He just wants his bride to be perfect. And he wants to achieve that in any way.

Laito is pervert, that doesn’t know what he wants. He wants obedience, but finds it boring at the same time. I think, he wants struggling in everything that’s close to sex, but complete submissiveness in everything else. Like, “You have to do what I told you to do. Act like you don’t want it, but do it nevertheless.” I also see him as someone, who gets bored of people really quickly, and when he does, he kills them.  

Kanato has the first place in that “top two”. He is unpredictable, so I wouldn’t want to be close to him. Sure, he likes sweets and doesn’t like anyone touching Teddy, but, damn!, the boy has huge list of ‘don’t do it, unless you want to die’. Tbh, in my fic he doesn’t communicate with OC a lot. He doesn’t like her blood. Sometimes he just forces her to make him sweets, and that’s all.

Ayato is… Well, he’s kinda like Laito in that obedience thing, but gives more freedom. He is also not that cruel. If Laito’s two sides are “I will kill you” and “I will fuck you” and he switches them pretty often, Ayato’s two sides “I will kill/punish you” and “I will make fun of you” with not so fast changing. He is possessive, but not in yandere kind, and he doesn’t get bored of someone too easy. When he does, he just uses the person for blood (like blood bag) if it’s bride, and ignores them if it’s someone from school/somewhere else.

I’d like to see Subaru as cute boy under that “I’m big and scary vampire” mask, but it’s much too deep than that. It’s not that hard to make him blush, but it’s not that hard to make him punch someone, too. If his brothers don’t like when bride does something, Subaru doesn’t like when she says something. Like, he has things that he just doesn’t want to talk about. He is canonically quick-tempered and full of self-hatred, so his bride needs to read him to know, when she can hug him and say that she loves him, and when she has to find safe place to hide. 

Shit, it’s a lot… I will just stop here without writing Mukamis. I know about them just from the anime and other people writing. 

What are some portrayals of the characters that annoy you the most?

I’ve just read fanfic, where new bride cut Shu’s earphones, and his revenge was choking her for a bit and cutting her earphones. In my opinion, Shu would choke her to death or cut her until she bleeds hard enough to die. 

Well, something like that, I think… 

What are some portrayals of characters you enjoy the best?

Ugh, I guess everything is fine, except making them too humane. They are capable of murder, it’s okay for them. They have their limits, and they won’t stop if they want to kill someone.

I really like how @diabolixlov3rs​ writes them (in her AU and out of it). I think, for me her writing looks the most canonical…

I thought “It would be better, if I was writing my fic instead of answering it”, when I started writing the post. But I guess, it helped me to sort my thoughts on boys, so now I’m even happy, that I decided to answer it.

Think you, @diabolical-fantasies <3

anonymous asked:

What do you think could have been done in Naruto for it to have better world building?

The foundation of the world-building problems in Naruto is both that Kishimoto was making it up as he went and that at least early on, he was under heavy editorial control by Shonen Jump. Then he compounded this problem by beginning to rely heavily on “It Was Destiny” to excuse ridiculous coincidences, ass-pull power-ups for both Naruto and the Sharingan, plot-designated good guy vs bad guy, plot-induced inexplicable ignorance of things that should be common knowledge, a disregard for moral nuance and an unwillingness to challenge the moral failures of plot-designated good guys, and treating redemption as a light switch or something that happens off-camera at best. All of these combine to make a world that feels fake, that’s so full of plot holes that you can’t “walk” in it without constantly stumbling over this hole or that hole.

So to have better world-building, first things first, Kishimoto could have avoided a lot by thinking things through earlier on. In particular, this would have helped a lot with people not knowing things that they damn well should know. Meta-wise, they don’t know them because Kishimoto didn’t know them. A lot of things about the tailed beasts, the Uzumaki clan, and Naruto’s upbringing generally could have been fixed by this.

Secondly, manga are never really solo projects. From the editorial input to all the assistants, no one person is solely responsible for a manga. Therefore, if a mangaka struggles in an area (whether it’s world-building or *cough cough* WRITING ROMANCE *cough cough*) there’s no excuse not to bring in an consultant to help with that area. This is, after all, ultimately what Kishimoto ending up doing for Naru//Hina (outsourcing the romance to Studio Pierrot and the novelists), the problem is that the required plot timeline for the romances hamstrung the ability of even a genius to create believable romantic and character development, not to mention the Naruto-verse’s creepy obsession with every person having one-and-exactly-one True Love Interest; loves can’t just not work out, they have to be fake and have always been fake if they don’t work out. Also if your True Love Interest dies you’re Single Forever.

So to recap:

  1. Think things through early on
  2. Foreshadow things that will come out later so they don’t feel like ass-pulls
  3. Limit “Because It’s Destiny” as an excuse for coincidences
  4. Be willing to let flawed heroes catch flack for their flaws from people their flaws hurt (!!!!)
  5. Make redemption and reconciliation a process
  6. Get help if you can’t do something on your own

So, as many people know, I don't do follow forevers or bias lists. As in, I don't create and post them myself for various reasons. However, I do like to create  special things for my writing partners because this blog really wouldn't be what it is without THEM. I’m incredibly grateful for the numerous adventures that these lovely people go on with me through our threads. I’m constantly learning from them. Writing has always been one of my favorite hobbies. My partners make me love it that much more because creating amazing things with others who also love the hobby is such a special experience. The idea of collaborating with others while gaining a better understanding of characters that I cared about was what drew me to the roleplaying world. What makes me that much happier is that I’ve gotten to know many of these people ooc. Whether it’s through tag conversations, IM chats, or both. They’ve become true friends and their love truly makes me feel appreciated. I always keep them in my thoughts and I hope that they get the best from life. I’m always grateful for these wonderful people, but today - on my birthday - I want to make one of my appreciation posts ( my version of a follow forever / bias list ) because having these talented people in my life is an incomparable gift. You’ll always have a friend in me. Before I mention them, I want to close this by saying that as a human being - someone who isn’t perfect, I do make mistakes. So, it’s possible that I’ve accidentally forgotten people. If you believe I’ve forgotten you, please let me know so that I can add you. 

@rollingsnowsmasher, @phulusa, @rubiedheart, @deluscr, @sardcnics / @elphiethedelirious, @mcmachine / @fatecrossed, @huxyou, @sycophanticvisionary, @theciaanalyst, @arcanecrafted, @agentxiii / @riskaddicted, @jackfrostofalltrades / @merveiilles, @smartminded, @revvolver, @mcrtyr, @queenmizumi, @quidprcquo, @leeurbaneverett, @lessertruth, @moongrail, @sweaterquccn, @rosalithe, @demonbitch, @detkbxckett, @princessofwar, @inferiornost, @invariablyscrewed, @imthelcstprincess, @theredconqueror / @threecardtrick, @iinfinitestories@eleutheromaniism, @fireversed / @notyourdarlings, @glcser, @ofsakuras, @ofchiba, @stillamemberofthisfamily, @amaninyellow, @xcuratiox / @trcoper@spacequeenwrites / @spxcequeens, @ordiaval@ivyquccn@queensconquered@plentycffire, @imthxpilot, @wisdomrisen, @moongrail

Wish Away 500 followers extravaganza

Hello, there. I hit 500 followers a couple days back and I decided to try one of these hit-me-up post chains, because it seemed like a fun thing to do and maybe a fun thing for you guys to receive.

Since 500 was kind of a goal, I decided I wanted to write people into situations that would also make them happy. Not necessarily a goal or a dream come true, but just small moments that would be nice to imagine when in need of a happy place.


  • Must be following me
  • Reblog this post, pls

  • Send me an ask with your name, pronouns and a mood (calm, excited, melancholy, joyful, etc). If you want, you can also send me a tag that you believe would help me write this.


The idea is to write a paragraph about whoever reblogs this inserting them into moments of joy. I know a lot of us are stressed and I feel like we ought to look for relief in the simplicity of day-to-day, so here it is, me, wanting to romanticize you guys and your day-to-day.

This idea actually came from @punkass-arcane, who wrote some beautiful pieces to their followers.

Hey guys...

I know it’s been a very long time since I posted something here and I’m sorry, but I have news… and they’re not the best…

I haven’t posted in such a long time because I’ve lost all my motivation and inspiration. I don’t know what happened, I used to be so excited about posting and getting feedback and hearing from all of you… and now… I really don’t know what happened, it’s just gone.

I’m telling you this because I feel like I owe you an explanation of my inactivity. I see people following me every day, tagging me in fics… and every time I get a new notification I just feel worse because I don’t feel like reading anything at all.

Again, I’m sorry for telling you this, but I think it’s fair to tell you my plans for the future of this blog:

-First, I don’t think I’ll keep posting anymore. As for those series that I’ve already started YES, I plan on finish them both, A dream come true and Rebel. I just don’t know when I’ll update because of what I’ve already told you. Also, I’ll probably post 3 more Imagines because I’ve already written them and wwell.. why not.

-Second, to all of you who tag me on your fics, you can stop tagging me if you want. I don’t feel good knowing that you are using your time to tag me and I’m not even reading what you write.

-Third, I won’t delete this blog because there are a couple of Imagines that had become really popular and I don’t want people who like them to lose them for good. Apart from that… I don’t think I’ll be active anymore once I finish posting my series.

-Last, but not least, I wanna thank @effie-w and @kbrand0 because you ladies have been my biggest support here and the reason why I started this trip. I love you. <3

That’s all guys. I’m really sorry about this, maybe it’s unfair but I’m trying to do what I think it’s best. That’s it.

I’m tagging everyone in my tag list because you might be interested in this:

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people also wanna fuck big ol' dragon dicks from dragon form hanzo

that is also true, I will say that I do understand why people would be uncomfortable writing Winston in a romantic light. I just don’t have that much of a problem with it and there are clearly people who want it written, as this is a prompt run blog. I tag it for people who don’t want to see it and I feel like that’s a good compromise.

I was tagged by @biaswreckers-inc

Instructions: You can tell a lot about a person by the type of music they listen to! Put your music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs, then tag 10 people! No Skipping!

1)Kamikaze -MØ

2)Doctor Pepper -Diplo and CL (honestly this is my jam…despite being about 3 sentences total)

3)Lie -BTS

4)I Write Sins not Tragedies- Panic at the Disco

5)Thinking Out Loud -Ed Sheeran

6)Mama -BTS (Honestly JHope gets me feeling some type of way, but I doing okay staying true to Suga… for now… fingers crossed)

7)Barcelona - George Ezra

8)Lost- BTS

9)Despacito -Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee ft. Justin Beiber

10)Pretty U -SEVENTEEN

I also feel the need to put the three that are legit in a playlist all by themselves because I’m obsessed:

-That Good Good -Lu Han

-Skin to Skin -Lu Han (He may look like a child but hot dang this song….)

-Bling Bling -iKon (how they manage to make the dance look cool in this… no clue but the whole thing is awesome!)

*So I’m awkward and am trying to connect with mutuals more… please don’t think I’m weird… ^-^

Now I tag @inoka-will-keep-moving-forward @lawlesslily @sugerwolf1 @21st-century-baepsae

post TEN characters you’d like to roleplay as, have roleplayed as, and might bring back, then tag ten people to do the same.  ( If you can’t think of ten characters, just write down however many you can. )



SCOTT MCCALL;  ‘  teen wolf ’  /  HENRY TATE;  ‘ teen wolf ’  /  SAM EVANS;  ‘ glee ’  /  and a whole bunch of others on me multi @toleaveamark


RYDER LYNN;  ‘ glee ’  /  BRITTANY S. PIERCE;  ‘ glee ’  /  DAVE KAROFSKY;  ‘ glee ’  /   JAKE PUCKERMAN;  ‘ glee ’


ADAM;  ‘ jane the virgin ’  /   WADE WILSON;  ‘ deadpool ’  /   BETTY COOPER;  ‘ riverdale ’

TAGGED BY: @avcntgarde !

TAGGING: @runrubyred @herpelt @specterae @scatterbraincd @cyclone24 tagging five bC TEN IS SO MUCH OKAY.

Sunday Olicity Fic Rec

I’m back bitches! Any of you following my blog will probably know I’ve been dealing with some health stuff the past several weeks (I use “dealing with” loosely…more like complaining and whining), so there’s been no rec post. But fear not! Today’s post is extra long to make up for the lack of post the past few weeks. If you’re interested in previous recs, you can find them here: (x) (x) (x)

Let’s start with the episode tags:

A Girl Ought to Have a Sense of Humor by @theshipsfirstmate
First off, @theshipsfirstmate is an excellent writer. From the Sight of the Sun Series to Slave to the Wires and all of her excellent episode tags and drabbles, truly I recommend it all. But what I love about this little piece is the focus on Felicity, and that beautiful line from Oliver “You don’t have to be funny for me. You know that, right?” from 4.13. This is olicity at their best and damn, I love it.

Collection to Be Named Later: Chapter 84 and Walking on Stilts at the Edge of Your Mind both by @machawicket
The first drabble is written before 4.15 aired as a spec tag, and the second after. Chapter 84 is a little view into Oliver’s potential heartbreak. Frankly, I’m neither that interested nor sympathetic to Oliver at the moment, but somehow Macha always finds a way to make me feel the things I don’t want to feel. (Jerk.) Walking on Stilts is 100% about my darling heartbroken cupcake. It’s the fic she deserves after that episode (and this poorly written plot device arc). I felt utterly destroyed the first time I read it sooooo here you go.

LoT tags:

All I Have Left by writergirl75
Ok, I’m going to preface this with two things: 1) I love writergirl75′s work so much. If anyone knows who she is and if she has a tumblr, please let me know! 2) Read anything she’s written. Seriously. It’s all A+ work. Now, this fic is going to be 3 chapters and only the first is up. So far, I’m not seeing the promised fluff only the warned about angst. And oh my, the angst. This fic has stayed with me since I read it - I’m seriously bothered by the possibility of this as any kind of future for olicity (or Oliver and Felicity separately). It’s absolutely tragic. Again, because it’s writergirl75, the writing if fantastic. Let me know if it bothers you, too. I’m kind of hoping I’m not the only weirdo who feels AFFECTED by this. 

Straight in a Straight Line by @callistawolf
Phew. Slightly less angst-filled, with a very nice fluff ending. I’ll take it! I really love that people are writing episode tags for Oliver’s appearance in LoT (spoiler alert? idk I don’t watch the show). I personally am very confused about these timelines and possible futures and whatnot. But what I like about this fic is how true to form Oliver is, and the idea that Felicity can and will be successful in any future regardless. 

Fluff drabbles:

“I’m not drunk I’m just intoxicated by you.” Olicity Flash Fic Prompt by @storyteller0311
Short and sweet pre-olicity fluffiness. Makes me smile. She’s also created these awesome journal entries: (x) (x) (x) based on the premise of Oliver writing in his journal to Felicity. (Just kill me…)

Olicity: Random Bits of Fluff by @jsevick
Well, fluff is in the name so….OMG I love all of this. And just as an aside, I recommend to you anything written by @jsevick. If you’re a Gilmore Girls fan, you’re going to want to head over to her AO3 and try not to pass out from squeeing. 


Cogs in a Machine by @writewithurheart
olicity!steampunk AU?! Hell, yes. Thank you. Honestly though, this is really adorable. I’m so in awe of AU writers and their uncanny ability to build worlds. 

Just Something About You (Olicity On Shots) Chapter 2: Queen of Thieves by @spaztronautwriter
I am a complete sucker for anything in the thief/jewel heist/spy/assassin AU genre. This is only a one shot, but I’m seriously hoping @spaztronautwriter decides to play a bit more in this verse because it’s soooooooo good. Also, I just love any fic that lets Oliver stick it to Cooper. 

Blind Item by @darlinginmyway
No island, but still our favorite cast of characters (including Slade in a role I just LOVE). Felicity is fantastic as always. Tommy is alive! And Oliver is clueless Ollie until thankfully he isn’t. BLESS.

Curiosity Killed The Cat by @thatmasquedgirl
I am absolutely obsessed with this fic! It’s kind of like a sci-fi things-that-go-bump-in-the-night vigilante version of The Shaggy Dog but with cats? I think I’ve said this before but it bears repeating: no one writes AUs like @thatmasquedgirl. It takes some sort of genius to create all these verses while still incorporating key elements of characterization and canon. It’s simply mind-blowing.

You Have (Not) Failed This ‘Verse by @so-caffeinated
This is a very simple rec: if you aren’t reading this fic, then I have no idea what you’re doing with your life. That’s it. But honestly…it’s an Arrow/Firefly crossover AU that is so much more than an Arrow/Firefly crossover AU. The last few chapters especially, in an arc that was so unexpectedly emotional and moving…I just…don’t really have the words. Read it. Come tell me what you thought…maybe you’ll have the words (doubt it). 

Throwback Rec:

Dimsum After Fisticuffs, Chapter 7: The Family Jewels by @mysterioustwinkiepeas
This isn’t an old fic, but it wasn’t written or updated within the past few weeks (which is usually what I try and rec), hence it’s inclusion as the throwback rec. A few weeks ago, an anon asked @mysterioustwinkiepeas to talk about this fic in depth, which of course lead me to a re-read. I love this work. I’m not a big fan of kid!fic in general, but this is EXACTLY what should have happened with the Oliver/kid saga. Felicity is remarkable in all the ways you would expect and then some. Oliver is Oliver but here, he’s actually trying (unlike in canon blah blah grrr). It’s just so good and honestly, leaves me a bit sad that it didn’t happen this way. 

Happy reading!

lunaloveboook  asked:

*Curtsies* Hello Duke, I'm writing a scene that was supposed to be full of tension and now I have something that seems an arguing between a couple of two old men. And it makes laugh! How can I plan to change it? What should be in my mind while I rewrite it?

*Curtsies* Cool. So, high-stakes moments coming out feeling underwhelming or even silly is one of the most common problems writers face. In my experience, the best first step toward fixing it is to isolate the problem(s). What’s not working for you? The dialogue? The narration? Does it feel melodramatic? Personally when I have that unpleasant “This is really silly but it should be really intense” feeling, what it usually boils down to is that I’m actually trying too hard. The easiest way to kill the tension in a scene is to take it too far and get something that feels exaggerated and ridiculous, like Twilight. Less is (very often) more. 

All that being said, here are a few other common fixes for scenes that are fizzling out:

  1. Pick up the pace. Nothing kills a story boner like the feeling that a scene is taking forever to get to the point. Try cutting out every single word that isn’t entirely necessary and then see how it feels. 
  2. Don’t try to be fancy. This is not the time to wax poetic. Drop unnecessarily florid speaker tags and scrap similes that do nothing to move the scene forward. Stark, simple writing is often way more effective than a bunch of flowery prose. 
  3. Read dialogue out loud. If it sounds awkward or unnatural or just like something no real person would ever say, re-work it. Keep in mind, most people are astoundingly inarticulate when they’re angry or otherwise emotional. The same holds true for fictional characters. I have a scene in my forthcoming novel where the narrator is so mad that he’s literally unable to string words together and just ends up making incoherent angry noises and chucking a book at the person he’s arguing with. Bonus: the difficulty of wanting to communicate something and not being able to raises the stakes automatically.
  4. Body language says just as much as words. This kind of goes along with that I just said, but how a character is moving can tell the reader (and the other characters) so much about what’s going on in their head. So don’t tell us David is angry. Show us he’s angry. Show him folding his arms up tight and twitching away when Mary tries to touch his shoulder. Trying to talk to someone who doesn’t want to listen is just as frustrating as trying to talk and not being able to find the words.
  5. What a character doesn’t say is just as important as what they do say. If you leave the reader with a sense that one or both parties are holding something back, that’ll keep them reading, because it promises that there’s more to come. There’s unfinished business. What next?

Hope this helps. Good luck!

my drabble: Neighbors/Soulmates AU (Olicity, not rated)

And the next in my “what should I write” drabble series is… Neighbors/Soulmate AU!  A lot of people really liked this and I think it’s because the soulmate thing is so hot right now. This… I’m not as sure of. I have an interesting idea and I want it to be different (because better women than I have already tackled this one and done a fantastic job) but I just don’t know if I can pull it off.  Buuuut here’s the wee lil bit I wrote on it.  (Note: I started like 5 different soulmate AUs before working on this one… I clearly want to write one but can’t seem to DO IT) (Also note: I’ll say again that I do NOT do tag lists for fic updates. I am tagging these for the people who voted for them in my initial post but for actual fic, you need to subscribe to me on Ao3, link is in the sidebar. I feel like a broken record!)

Summary: where TRUE soulmates are rare and have been written off as legend. (guess who find out they’re soulmates?)


Soulmates are a legend that all children grow up hearing stories about.  Maybe having a total physical and spiritual soulmate used to be a thing that actually happened centuries ago when the world was a smaller place and there were less people in it. Or, perhaps, their ancestors were simply bored and like to make up stories to tell by candle light at night to entertain each other.

Either way, the term fell into myth and fairytale and became a casual way to refer to someone’s loved one.  “He’s my soulmate!” women would cry about their boyfriends or husbands.  And while true connections between people happened all the time, all around the world, these instances were not those of true soulmates.  Most of these people who throw the term around so casually would be surprised to discover the true depth of what being a soulmate was.

Keep reading

What makes a successful fic?

I’ve seen several people talking about this this week and have been in chat conversations with a few people about this, so I thought I would post this publicly.

I don’t keep track of how well my fics do number-wise, but somewhere around 20-40 is a really good number in my view, especially if it hasn’t been on @timepetalsprompts​ or @thedalektables​ or @dwficrec​ or promo-ed in some way to a wide variety of people. I don’t focus on numbers though to measure success. Numbers just make me crazy with comparison and make it not fun. As long as I’m hearing something positive back, I know it isn’t a flop or offending people. Quality over quantity, is what I am trying to say, in a way. (So, readers, go comment on your favorite author’s fic. hehe) ;) :P 

Success looks different for everyone depending on how many followers you have, how interactive you are with them, how long you’ve been posting, how long you’ve been writing, how often you interact with everyone else’s fic, how often you participate in events and games and things… a huge variety of factors that only come with time. Don’t beat yourself up! Give it a few years. 

And know there are a ton of silent lurkers out there loving your fic, but not commenting or liking because they are too shy/afraid to create an account. I know what that’s like. I did it for literally 10 years.

Also, reblogs are probably not an accurate measurement of a fic’s success because users don’t always think that way. I try to keep my blog pretty focused on my own fics and very few fics in my genre/specific brand of fluff. I may love your fic, but it isn’t what I post on my personal blog. If you want variety beyond my flavor, see a general fic blog like those mentioned above. 

As a social media pro, a few tips: Know that if you aren’t getting the numbers you want, it’s probably not that your fic is bad, but that you need to promo it in different ways. Hitting up the awesome people at the above mentioned blogs (seriously, they are super nice. Send them an ask!), posting at different times for all the time zones (#internationalfandomproblems), posting quotes from your fic, mix up your tagging habits, writing summaries differently, cross-posting on All the Sites, taking prompts and @ mentioning the prompter, do a fic game… anyone else have tips to add?  

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  1. I am the self-proclaimed Wendy Darling from my group of friends, which are guys mostly. They’re my Lost Boys. :)
  2. I’ve dyed my hair almost all the colors of the rainbow at one point.
  3. When I was seven, my dad recorded me singing “Let Me Be Your Wings” from the Thumbelina soundtrack. Sadly, I don’t know where that recording is. I would love to hear my voice from back then. I use to sing that song everywhere. I was (kinda still am?) a very romantic baby just like my muse. I’m more dork than romantic nowadays anyway.
  4. I attended a private Catholic school up to 8th grade. I was then thrown in the public school system. ( I am very open-minded about religion but prefer to consider myself a spiritual anarchist.)
  5. Back when I was more active on Twitter, I involved myself with many Tarot readers and authors. It was a dream come true. I even won a signed copy of a book by a Tarot author once from my writing of 8 of Swords. (I’m sorry I was really happy about this. ;3;)

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On The Midsummer Station, its critics, and how this affects the new Owl City album

To all the Hoot Owls, ex and current: I’m writing this because when I search for “Adam Young blog,” one of the first results on Google shouldn’t be “Why I’m No Longer a Fan of Adam Young.” I’m writing this because there is a line between constructive criticism and hate, and I see it crossed far too often. But most importantly, I’m writing this because the new album is dropping in less than six months, and this needs to be addressed before we have another The Midsummer Station.

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i love when people start complaining that brendon took out all of the songs from pretty odd. like the boy has said that he didn’t feel like he had much of a say on that album and no one took him seriously when trying to write songs. so, i think it’s fair that he doesn’t feel like playing songs from an album he doesn’t feel personally connected to and that was mostly seen as a flop album. not to mention, he has also written three other records since pretty odd and and he wants to showcase the music he wrote and the setlist can only be so long. 

anonymous asked:

Hi! What do you think of when the Larries say that they aren't stereotyping Louis when they say he has a 'gay wrist', but that a limp wrist is 'queer coding' and that sort of thing? Is that a thing? And if so, where does one draw the line? I've seen them use that argument so often, but it always just seems like an excuse for them to rely on stereotypes to me because they really have little else to go on at the moment. Thanks! Xxx

Hello, anon. I’m sorry it took me so long to respond to your question, but I wanted to try to substantiate my response with some academically sound, non-fandom sources, and that… took a bit longer than I was anticipating. Before I go any further, I want to preface this whole post by saying that I use the word “queer” as an umbrella term that encompasses all LGBTQIAP+ people, and I have a zero-tolerance policy towards people policing my use of this word, so anyone who intends to send me messages or reblog my post just to snap at me for using “the Q slur” should maybe just… not do that. Anyway, moving right along.
Queer coding is absolutely a thing, but it is a term that applies to creative content, not to human beings. An actual living, breathing human does not “queer code” themselves, and any posts that are circulating on this site in which people attempt to argue that queer people use certain characteristics to identify themselves to each other in public (read: any posts in which people say that queer people can be identified on sight according to various homophobic stereotypes) are wildly inaccurate. Allow me to explain why!
If you throw “queer coding” into a search engine, many of your results will be posts like this one. Complete and utter randoms on tumblr, going off about queer coding or queer theory as it relates to their own fandom. And that’s great, freedom of speech, sharing information, etc., but it’s also not an academically reliable source for your information. I can tell you guys that I have my degree in English Literature (I do) and my minor in Gender Studies (also true), but unless I plan to post pictures of my degree and my student ID (I do not plan to do this at all), you guys have absolutely no way of verifying that I have any idea what I’m actually talking about.
So, instead of demanding that you just take my word for it, I would love to provide you guys with some links to outside sources for my definitions and examples of what queer coding actually means, outside of the smoking crater where the One Direction fandom used to be. I accessed a few of these sources through my university database, which means they can only be accessed with a student ID. In those cases, I will use direct quotations and provide the titles, authors, and publication years so that you can try to hunt the articles down yourselves.

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untagged thinky thoughts

disclaimer: all of this is based off my own opinions and interpretations. i do not claim to be an all-knowing Bellarke elitist. 

I’ve been seeing a fair amount of fandom negativity, especially since the hug surfaced, and I really wanted to give my two cents on the matter. 

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Writing Trans: Self Expression pt. 2

While I’ve touched on this before in my first article on the subject, and in an answer to one of the asks we received, I wanted to explore a few more points that are important to keep in mind regarding self expression with trans and nonbinary characters in writing.  

First a few things to say to cis writers:

  • Do not write your trans and nonbinary characters as some sort of critique or expression of your ideas or politics and nothing else. We are people, don’t treat us as justifications.
  • Do not write narratives centering the experience of trans and nonbinary individuals in cis character’s difficulties with their gender as a way to explore how “difficult it was” for you to accept trans people and how “you’ve come so far.” Trans and nonbinary individual’s genders are not about you.
  • Trans and nonbinary characters should be included in your stories, we exist. However, we aren’t your vehicles for self expression. Our stories are ours.

From the First Article: For trans and nonbinary writers - Include more than one character that is trans or nonbinary, keeping in mind that experiences of gender are not monolithic and that you shouldn’t speak for other’s experiences of being trans. Be careful not to set the narrative up to isolate or other your character, or to let readers do so. Reflect on what you’re writing.  It is absolutely okay to self express via your characters and through your narrative as a whole. It’s okay to explore however you need or want. These are our stories. 

And now, there are two points I neglected to include in the first article, that deserves to be emphasized.

  • You do not need to edit or tailor your experiences to make them palatable for or understandable to those who haven’t experienced them. You don’t need to parse the narratives of your characters, into the few narrow ones that many people already understand.
  • Make sure while you’re writing not to invalidate other trans or nonbinary experiences. There isn’t one true way to be trans or nonbinary.

Please feel free to send us your favorite trans authors, a little bit about your favorite trans characters, or any questions or topics you’d like to see me address, too. For some of our new followers, you can find past Writing Trans articles here in the tag.