people wont care but its significant

anonymous asked:

Hey, I need help;;; So, I'm a panromantic, but do to religion, I'm only allowed to be with the opposite gender. I haven't came out to my parents yet, but that's because I'm scared. My parents hate the LGBTQ+ community, I even asked and they literally told me they hated it. What do I do?

well. continue to be yourself. date who you want to date on the down low. its probably good for your safety and you wont be kicked out with possibly no where to go. if you do have someone. (a friend or significant other) that can take you in, id say be true to yourself. the people who TRUELY care about you, will always be in your life. its valid to dislike/not communicate with your parents. especially if they treat you with disrespect and don’t accept you.