people wont care but its significant

im pretty sure if i were to count the people who actually read my shit on this site, i wouldnt be able to slap you a double five so fuck it

im a trans girl

nothing changes, im too much of a coward to do anything publicly, i dont want to be referred to differently in any way, theres a fairly solid chance that ill probably redact this at some point in the future, although honestly i hope i wont

most of the people who care about the shit i say here know this already so like i dunno, im aware of how much of a time waste it is, but its significant for me in terms of im tired of not saying it, im tired of the fear, the convolution, and the bullshit surrounding this part of my identity that i feel closing in around me anytime i try to say something honest. and again, though im sure the response on this will range from dead silence to just a few quiet words of encouragement, the idea that anything from shock, to discomfort, to the accusation that im some kind of trans poser might land at my door because of this post is honestly exhilaration refreshingly honest.

i welcome any positive(or negative, who knows) comments, but please, dont reach out to me on any deeper level unless youre someone who has something to say to me that doesnt just pertain to my gender identity. this facet of who i am is very significant to me, but at the same time people who have made me feel like i should be reduced to a one word description i feel have been harmful for me and my ability to be open and honest, regardless of intent.


there it is

3:04AM, publicly posted for like lets be honest, 3-6 out of the hundred and something followers i have to give a shit about