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Vanish in the Dark Pt 5

Pairings: None at the moment(I think I got something.)

Warnings: Language, Blood, dead guy

Word Count: 2500+

Summary: Assassin’s Creed AU and Marvel AU crossover.  The Brotherhood has spent years hiding in the shadows keeping the Templars in line as the years pass on. When the Templars company Abstergo Industries strikes up a deal with Hydra, things have to change. The Brotherhood decides to step out of the shadows, reaching out for the help of the Avengers. What could go wrong?

A/N: Aw-yeah. Part five is done. And now I’m back to, ‘oh lord where am I gonna go from here’. But don’t worry, I kind of got an idea. Kind of. For some reason, I’ve found watching Greatest Public Freakout videos to be a great way to get motivation to do anything. I don’t know if it’s the rage from peoples stupidity, or the face that all the freakouts are hilarious to watch. Oh, well; I hope you guys like this part, I’m going to be really really busy the next few days, so I’m not 100% sure when I’ll be able to update again. Enjoy! Also liking and rebblogging also helps me know if i should keep going. Thank you guys!  ❤️

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*Part Four* | *Part Six* (Coming Soon)

Tony’s head fell back, stifling a groan under his breath. So far the conference was absolutely boring, all they did was drone on and on about what they were going to do, but never once showed any concrete evidence. Just fed the public lies upon lies. It had been almost twenty five minutes in, and it felt like forever. Especially since nothing out of the ordinary had happened yet. He was starting to doubt that anything was going to go down.

“This is turning into something pointless.” Wanda muttered, having tossed the magazine down beside her. The other muttered in agreement. The group had had their share of sitting through many boring meetings before, but this was taking the cake. Just when they thought it couldn’t get any more boring, a man in a white coat stepped up. Tony’s head practically rolled when the man’s dull voice began to drone on. He had shut his eyes for only a moment, when F.R.I.D.A.Y. beeped in his ear. All five sat straighter, suddenly tense and at the ready.

“Sir-“ F.R.I.D.A.Y. hadn’t had a chance to warn them for what she caught. She was cut off, suddenly silent after a beeping came from the chair in front of Tony, and the man frowned at the sound. Slowly He leaned forward, dipping down under the seat. The beeping stopped, only to be followed by a slow hiss. He shot up from his seat when smoke came out from under the seat. He opened his mouth to shout to say something, but a serious of small pops caught him off guard. In an instant, entire courtyard, street, and opposite building covered in a thick gas. The small beads that had been scattered from earlier exploded to release the gas they contain, spreading a thick fog that hovered the surrounding area. Tony didn’t have time to activate his suit before he took in a lung full of the gas, his whole body going numb. He collapsed to the ground, struggling to find his strength as he choked on air. Through his com he heard the others struggle, their bodies hitting the pavement just as hard. He tried to speak, but only succeeded in sucking in more of the gas.

Wanda and Natasha both had collapsed on the ground in front of the benches, finding themselves paralyzed from the thick smoke as well. It was as if the ground shot up to meet the two of them, and both could only barely raise their hands to brace the impact. Neither couldn’t see an inch in front of their faces, but before they dropped they saw Sam following quickly behind. Natasha fought to find her voice, hoping the two people immune to this were at the ready.

“Steve-“She croaked. She didn’t receive an answer, and dread settled in her stomach. Instead she heard him struggle to answer, along with Bucky.

Both soldiers were crumpled on the ground of the café, for the first time in a long time neither able to tap into their strength. To Steve he felt like before he was given the serum, his body refusing to answer a simple request to stand. Whatever was in this gas, it paralyzed everyone. Even the civilians that surround the area had dropped. His biggest concern was for their safety, but his next was where the hell this thick gas had all came from. He racked his brain trying to find an idea of where it could have come from, but came up blank. It had to have been planted before they even got there. But how did F.R.I.D.A.Y. manage to miss this?

Steve wasn’t sure how long they struggled to simply roll over, but soon after what felt like forever, he began to feel a tingle in his fingers. He let out a groan of relief, his fingers closing and opening easier with each passing second. He was able to pull his legs underneath himself and push off. It was like he was a new born deer, his body trembling under his own weight. Bucky grunted, finding himself in the same predicament. The stumbled, gripping the tables and chairs as the tried to make their way across the street to the court yard. The gas, or smoke whatever it was, had begun to slowly dissipate allowing them a bit more distance. Steve could barely make out Natasha and Wanda as they too struggled to stand, and he stumbled to help Natasha up. Bucky was right behind him, pulling Wanda up to her feet. They hissed at the growing tingle, as if their whole body had been asleep and was waking all once.

“What the hell?” Sam uttered as he leaned against the pillar, struggling to breath. He watched Tony slowly do the same, standing to along with all the others in the crowd, gripping the chairs in front of him. Nobody could answer, still uncertain themselves. It wasn’t until the gas faded completely that everyone collectively could move again. The civilian’s looked around scared and confused, murmurs of questions growing through the crowd. What just happened? Just when they thought things couldn’t get any worse, a scream tore through the courtyard.

All heads snapped towards the sound, a sudden mass of bodies in suits surrounding where the sponsors had been sitting off to the side. From where each of the Avenger’s stood, there wasn’t a good angle on seeing what had happened. It wasn’t until a few of the security guards began to struggle with a man that they got a good idea.

“I didn’t do it!” The man screamed as he fought off the guards. He threw himself out of their grasp, only to be grabbed by more. He screamed as they dragged them into the building, the panic enough to cause a shiver go up each spine of those close. The barrier of people surrounding the sponsors split just enough to allow Sam and Tony to see what the man was screaming about.

Laying face first on the ground was an unknown man dressed in a black suit, a pool of dark liquid growing beneath the body. Sam had seen enough of battles to know that the male was no longer living.The sound of siren’s were in the distance, the wails growing closer.

“We need to leave.” Sam said as he pushed off the pillar, Tony quickly moving through the chairs. He and Tony both met as they strode through the gathering crowd, pushed against the people who wanted to see what happened. After such a boring conference, many of the media there were excited to get something worth telling.

Steve began to argue, but his mouth snapped shut at the hard glare Tony gave him when the met up. They crossed back over the street, passed by the café where the wait staff stood watching as the police cars and ambulances pulled up. They turned the corner right as the yellow tapes were pulled out, and the orders for all witness to speak with the authorities. 

Natasha spared a glance over her shoulder, one last time to take in the scene. She paused when she saw a lone man, the man in the white coat, standing on the podium, staring directly at them. Her skin began to crawl under his stare, uneasy for a number of reasons. Straightening her back, she turned away and sped to catch up with the others. It wasn’t until they returned to the hotel room, three blocks down that they spoke of what happened.

“I get their name now.” Sam let out a sigh, walking around the bar to grab two beers in the mini fridge. He motioned to Tony, who nodded at the offer of alcohol. Both downed the bottle before they began explaining.

“We were played. Somehow, some way, they managed to do it.” Tony stared down the neck of the empty bottle after he collapsed on the couch.

“Do what?” Natasha asked, scooting close to the edge of the love seat. Bucky settled beside her, his face pulled into a frown. “Tony, you still haven’t told us what. What happened?”

“You mean you haven’t figure out what the ‘Assassin’s’ have done, yet? I’m surprised at you.”

“I have an idea what they did. I need to hear you confirm it.” Natasha bit, her eyes narrowing at the man. Tony scoffed but said nothing in reply. Instead, he pulled grabbed his tablet from the coffee table.


“Yes sir?”

“What can you tell me?” There was a moments pause before the tablet sprang to life, a hologram popping up. A man’s face, in his late 50’s, came up with the words deceased written across it in bold red.

“His name was Robert R. Newman. He was a well-known sponsor for NASA, a government operated branch.” Tony rolled his eyes.

“We know what NASA is F.R.I.D.A.Y. What does that have to do with this Assassin’s crap.”

“Yes, but…” The AI hesitated for a moment, “NASA is also a branch created as a front for and by the Templars.”

The room grew silent, not even Tony had a word to say. Steve turned slowly from the window, wondering if his ears were deceiving him.


“It would seem there’s much more than we know about the Templars. My information is limited, but that’s one of the small minute details I learned.” The AI grew quiet, allowing those in the room to process everything before starting again. “There’s more sir.”

Tony set the tablet down on the table, his eyes remaining on the face of the man he saw dead, face first in his own pool of blood less than an hour ago. F.R.I.D.A.Y. took his silence as an indication to continue.

“The man that was dragged away screaming was Franklin Rollin. He is high power member of Hydra. And the man who is being charged with murder. After the gas faded away, the guard’s found him standing over Newman’s body, with the knife in hand.” The image of the man appeared on the hologram, an article sliding up next to him. “He claims he’s innocent, but the finger prints and blood on his hands and the murder weapon prove him wrong.”

“Yet he isn’t.” Wanda whispered, fear settling in her stomach. Just as Tony said earlier, somehow, someway, the Brotherhood-the Assassin’s- had played them all. If they could do this, then what else could they accomplish?

“F.R.I.D.A.Y. why weren’t you able to pick up on any of this?” Steve asked the question that had been gnawing at his brain since he dropped to the pavement earlier.

“I’m a bit embarrassed to say, I never sensed a single thing wrong.”

“What about the cylinder under the seat? The one that let out the first set of gas? How did you miss that?” The AI didn’t reply right away. “F.R.I.D.A.Y!”

“I do apologize, but my sensor reading said that there was nothing out of the ordinary. It wasn’t until the second before that I caught a read. By then it was too late.” The AI at somehow seemed ashamed it was so easily deceived. “One more detail I must inform you of; once the cylinder had activated, my systems were deactivated at the source, sir.”

“What?” Tony rasped, his head snapping up. Impossible. “How-what? For how long?”

“Five minutes, sir.”

“The exact amount of time the gas lasted.” Bucky uttered in disbelief.

Tony sank back into the couch, Natasha and Bucky doing the same on their seats. Sam leaned against the bar with his arms, his head hanging between his shoulders. Wanda slipped from her standing position to the sit on the opposite end of the couch, while Steve slowly made his way back to the window. How had all of this managed to happen, in such a short amount of time? Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, the highly intelligent AI system didn’t sense anything, and then was promptly shut down as if it had an on off switch.

“This can’t be possible. There has to be a loop hole, a good explanation, something!” Bucky ran his hand through his hair. Not even he had heard of something so complicated being executed so flawlessly. This group had thought of nearly every angle, and managed to screw over not only Hydra, but both the Templars and themselves.

“Why did they even want us there? If they had everything planned so precisely, they knew we wouldn’t be need, why have us there?” Sam asked.

“A show of power.” Steve replied. He couldn’t think of any reason but. “They wanted to show us what they could do.” Slowly he turned back to the room, his eyes tired. The others in the room shared the same expression, the similar anxiety in the back of their minds. They thought they were as cunning and powerful at one point, able to figure anything out. They were seconding guessing themselves after the show today.

“They said they would find us when they’d need us. Right now, I say we just get some rest until that happens.” Steve shook his head, tucking his hands into his jean pockets. Everyone mutter their voice of agreement, moving to stand.

“I’m gonna order us pizza.” Tony said as he whipped out his phone. The group gave their input of topping choices simultaneously while he dialed, coming out as one jumbled mess. Tony made a face. “I can’t understand you people when you talk all at once!”

Steve relaxed as the tension in the room dissipated. He turned to leave for his room, pausing to ask for a large double meat lovers before he left to shower. Tony grunted in reply and started listing off the order to the kid on the other end of the line.

Steve moved around his room in haze, his mind still thinking over every last detail of the morning. He couldn’t figure it out, couldn’t see how they managed to pull this off. If he was a computer, he was sure he would be short circuiting by now. He laughed to himself at that comparison. I’m spending too much time with Tony in his lab, he thought. Just as he passed the end table beside his bed, he caught something from the corner of his eye that wasn’t there before he left.

The dread from earlier settled once more as he saw the neatly folded paper laying on the table. Slowly, his moved to pick it up, finding his hands trembling ever so slightly. He turned the white paper over, frowning at the familiarity of the texture. It was sketch paper. The breath caught in his lungs when he saw the insignia from early expertly melted in the blue and silver wax that sealed the paper shut. Tentatively, he opened and unfolded the sketch paper, somehow knowing what he would see on the page. Two sheets were folded together, a picture-perfect drawing of himself bashfully looking away on the first page, and an equally flawless drawing of Bucky grinning wide on the second. Written in pristine cursive on the corner of his image, were the words:

“Nothing is true, everything is permitted.”

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Pairings in Vuelo, live in concert version.


Punk (Chap. 1)

Originally posted by in-perfectenschlag

Summary: You’re head over heels for your best friend Bucky and hate the nickname he gave you as it doesn’t exactly scream romance.

Word count: 1871

Warnings: Cursing, low-self esteem, chubby!reader x bucky, idk….

A/N:  So this is what I work on when I get blocked writing Nobody.  It’s supposed to be angsty and funny and fluffy (maybe a tad naughty at some point idk).  I hope you enjoy the first part!

“Morning, sunshine,” Tony greeted you as you slogged into the kitchen with a scowl.  Your (Y/H/C) was sticking up in random, knotted directions from tossing and turning all night, and dark bags hung under your puffy (Y/E/C) eyes.  

“Uhnnngg,” you groaned as you poured yourself a sizeable cup of coffee.  Tony was one of those ‘happy morning people’.  You hated him.  And his stupid face.  But his coffee was good so you let him live.

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It’s just really sad that their teams think this is how promo should be done. Thanks to this news, nobody is talking about his new video and nobody is talking about the listening party now. Way to go team; way to go! Hey, maybe they could get The Today Show people to ask him about his ‘girlfriend’ just to make things even worse. 

Thank you to the people messaging me your concerns about my absence on here.

To answer your questions–no I am not alright.

I am angry that Daenerys was taken from me while others get to wake up every day with a dog they don’t even want half the time.

I am bitter that others get to celebrate 7th birthdays with their dogs and Daenerys never got her 2nd birthday or Christmas.

I am learning to cope with my grief but I still carry it with me like a bad tattoo.

I am learning to breathe again, but I still choke more often than not.

I am learning to live with just her spirit beside me, but at the moment it haunts me more than it holds me.


can you believe that this bat actually got some sun today??? 🦇☀️

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  • “I want to date a Korean.”
  • “I want to marry a Korean.” 
  • “I want to have Korean babies.”

How do people say these things so matter-of-factly and not realize how perverse these statements are? They are fetishizing an entire population of people based on very limited and very skewed representations of what they’ve seen in mainstream Korean media. 

South Korea isn’t all about K-Pop and K-Dramas. It’s not all cute and fun. It’s a nation of people struggling to get by because the vast majority are overworked and underpaid. It’s a nation of people trying their absolute hardest to find happiness and solidarity and peace of mind because the government has been horrendously failing its people. When people make dumbass comments about how badly they want to date/marry a Korean person just because they’ve listened to some catchy songs and watched some entertaining dramas, please realize that they are dehumanizing an entire nation of people. 

Including their favorite idols, despite the fact that the media likes to portray things differently.

Note: Listening to K-pop, watching K-Dramas, etc. doesn’t make you a bad person. But something is to be said about someone who obsesses so intensely over one aspect of a people’s culture but they can’t be bothered to even look into other, not-so-positive aspects of that same culture. How much can you truly say you love a culture when you can’t even be bothered to, at the very least, research struggles the people face? 

I love Kakashi so much & I’m actually super angry about how much I love him.

The Legend of Star Butterfly

“Why did Star Butterfly put in the song about losing Glossaryck and the Book of Spells? Why? Why? She was so against confessing to her parents a few episodes ago!” 

So yeah, I’ve finally watched the rest of Season 2 of SVTFOE, and I dare say that this is among the common reaction in the “Face the Music” episode. Some people think it’s pretty stupid (if not really bad) move on Star’s part because she just threw her parents under the bus and now the citizens of Mewni are angry at the Royal Family. Others look on the bright side because it’s due to that song that Moon got back-up when she raid the temple. Otherwise, she would have gone there alone (thinking that only Ludo and the other half of the wand is the only threat) and be totally screwed over.

However, Star’s “Princess Song” may actually have another significance more than revealing the whole “Ludo stole the Book of Spell and Glossaryck” secret, and that significance is connected to the title. But before that, let’s ask this question: What is the difference between confessing to her parents and putting her biggest fail into a song for the whole kingdom to hear, that made Star Butterfly much more willing to do the latter?

The answer to that question is another question.

“What does Ruberiot signify?”

Ruberiot is a songstrel. And in the Kingdom of Mewni, whose setting is on Medieval times, there are no TV and such to spread news for the whole kingdom. There may be newspaper, but we saw the state of Mewni with lots of poor people (how many are educated enough to read and be interested in Newspapers or historical books?). In this kind of setting, normal citizens can get news and stories about the achievements and events through story telling … and songs.

In other words, Ruberiot signifies the Media.

You can see that with how songstrel influences the citizens of Mewni. 

They can “report” goodly about a person to the point it’s just an empty and fake flattery (aka outright bull***t).

Like the traditional songs of Princesses before and Star’s intro song

… Or tell the accidents, facts and truth to the world  

Like the middle part of Star’s song where Ruberiot makes example of positive (Star’s awesomeness) and negative (Royal Family lying/omitting facts from the citizens) reporting.

… And it can even go so far as complete unwanted scandals

^Ruberiot being a complete paparazzi to Star Butterfly’s affairs.

Ruberiot, and all the other songstrel, is Mewni’s form of Media.

But here’s the thing, he’s not a simple reporter, he is also a historian.

He is not only responsible to relays news of the princess to the citizens, he is also responsible to writing history through songs. That is how important a “Princess Song” is. It’s a page in history (and something Star totally wants to skip over) to introduce Star Butterfly for the next generations of princesses and people of Mewni. 

That is why the words “real” song for a “real” princess is quite emphasized. They want to relay a proper news that tells “facts” instead of buttering up lies about a person to the point it’s not proper news anymore. The Royal family has complete control and authority over the media and what the citizens knows. And of course, there is no normal Queen/King that would want to have bad stuff written about them. This is why all princess songs up until now had been called “hacks”.  

But Star Butterfly is not your “normal” princess. She’s a “rebel” princess.

Which is why, when she heard she will have her “princess” song, her answer is a big fat NO.

Some of you may feel like Star’s Princess Song should have ended at it’s first half and not continued with the latter half which made a lot of us cringed because we knew the problems it will cause. After all, she already had the typical boring hack songs to change. It talks about  her “real” self like shown in the lines of “weaving magic like a born spell caster, and wreaking havoc like a natural disaster”. It’s not that bad, right? In fact, it’s a hit. Everybody loved it. So why must she add the “secret” about Ludo stealing the book and kidnapping Glossaryck?

It’s because not putting it will destroy the whole purpose of what she wanted to achieve by changing it. She wants to ruin the image of “Ideal”. She wants to show that princesses are not “perfect”. She wants to show what a “real” princess is like. She can only do this by revealing her big royal screw up (simple ones like her rebellious acts ain’t gonna cut it because everybody knows/expects that rebellious side of her’s). Why must she do this? To remove the pressure of needing to be “perfect” from “future” generations of princesses. And what surprised me is that not only does Star want to destroy the “perfect” image (that’s typical of Star), she was actually worrying about the future of the next generation of princesses. But this part just shows how much serious Star is from the thing she hated the most: Compromising one’s individuality.

On the other hand, we have “Ruberiot, the totally tortured artist”. Knowing what sonstrels represent in their country, we can see that what he wanted is a truer form of Media. Not complete hacks that was just there to suck up to the Royal family. 

I actually really appreciate the fact that he just really wanted to do his job properly because he wanted to be better and has no ulterior motive such as ruining the Royal family image etc. (because certain media can be pretty bias and can resort to making bashing click baits to get more views). Although he played a big part in causing a riot among the citizens (I guess he’s named Ruberiot for something), he didn’t really mean it. Still though, I think he has a little bit of favorable bias towards Star Butterfly. Not because of the obvious reason of her fully helping him out to doing what he wanted with his song, but because of how he wrote the song. All the words used upon Star are favorable (if not downright good), even when he told her biggest fail, it’s not in a way of shaming her in any way. The way he narrated her is really just a cool and adventurous rebel princess full of spirit and fun. If anything, the only one he “put down” is her parents for keeping secrets and that resulted in everyone getting angry at Queen Moon. Of course, it may be just the impression Star left on him in his song and saying “bias” is just exaggeration on my part. Moving on.

Star Butterfly must have thought that the citizens would only criticize her because she’s the one at fault. She never cared about other’s “perspective” of her or “keeping an image”. This is why she was labeled as “rebel princess” in the first place. The only reason why she is scared of admitting her royal screw up is because she’s afraid of her parent’s anger. But as seen on “Crystal Clear”, she is fine telling this secret to others (though she did say to keep it a secret to the other High Commission members).

Star’s impression of princess’ songs is that they are stupid puff pieces of fake descriptions about the future queens to make them look “perfect” to everyone. Ruberiot hates the old princess’ songs because they are complete hacks and really uncreative. Put these two together and we get something interesting.

Citizens rioting against the Royal Family?

Pfft, no. It’s…

Changing the media into a freer and truer form. To put it simply, this simple wanting of the “real” thing to be recorded in songs/history of Star Butterfly, the Underestimated, future queen of Mewni had unconsciously become about …

Revolutionizing the Media.

Which pretty much fits her overall agenda because Star Butterfly is about achieving freedom. I find this interesting because we are getting a “hint” on what kind of queen Star is going to be like.

Star Butterfly is already a “rebel” princess, and what’s the next step of “rebellion”? It’s “revolution”. The adventures of Star Butterfly looks like just the story of Star’s growth but subtly, she gets involve with big entities and causes changes (subtle as they may be). I think this little adventures of her will lead to become a Legend once she became Queen, and one hell of a Queen she will be. And so I hereby add a title to Star, the Underestimated, and future Queen of Mewni… 

Star, The Queen of Revolution.

She encourages freedom of speech for the citizens and the future generations. The changes she will make is something that can benefit the citizens (in the sense that they will have more freedom) and different departments like songstrels (as her regimen won’t hinder progress by bounding them on “tradition). However, this is not all sunshine and daisies because all actions has their own consequences. This step she done may benefit the media, the historians (ya know scholars always search for truth) and the future generations of princesses but it costs the Royal family greatly. We cannot deny that this disaster of a song causes trouble. Not only because it causes citizens to hate them, but if other songstrels take after Ruberiot (which is highly likely), then the Royal family will lose control of their Media and create a new entity that affects the government of Mewni and it’s citizens. As Queen Moon said, citizens just want to believe their princess/future queen as “perfect”. However, will it be really alright to let the citizens continue with ignorant bliss and has no clue on what their leaders are like? As Ruberiot said, doesn’t the citizens deserve to know their “real” future queen? There is no real “correct” answer on what Star should have done in this situation because both sides has their own consequences. If Star Butterfly manage to handle the case successfully, she may well become one of the legendary queens for creating a milestone in Mewni’s history (and she will be considering her power and potential).

Just thinking of the things she has done and going to do and her potential, I am very excited to see what is going to be her legend in the History of Mewni. No doubt it is going to be a big one, but how big will it be?


Edit: For further discussion and elaboration, click this link: (x)


Thankyou guys so friggin much for all the positive feedback and support on my Jughead Serpent Au, you guys make me so happy to write these stories!

He was practically floating on air, the goofy smile that seemed a permanent fixture on his face today was driving his friends crazy, and that only spurred him on, what fun was a secret if you didn’t use it to mess with people?

“Come on man, what’s with the stupid face? You haven’t stopped grinning since you drove up this morning. I didn’t think you even knew how to smile?” Dean teased, elbowing Jughead in the side and impatiently waiting for an explanation.

“What? A guy can’t be happy around here. Maybe I really like what’s on the lunch menu today.” He shrugged lazily, pulling a long drag out of the cigarette hanging from his mouth, a few of the Serpents stood outside Southside high while Jughead leaned against his motorcycle, the extra wide smile still playing on his lips.

“You eat everything, you don’t care what’s on the menu” Keith rolled his eyes, shrugging his jacket off and taking in the late fall, early summer sun “this wouldn’t have anything to do with our very own ball of sunshine, little miss Betty Cooper, would it?” He smirked knowingly.

There were hushed laughs and immature “ooooohhhsss”

Jughead popped the collar of his jacket, rolling his eyes
“And if it is? I can’t help the fact that someone like her wants to be with me, she’s.. special” He smiled proudly.

A few of the boys began cracking up and some of them made obnoxious fake throw up noises.

“Yeah whatever, find a girl like mine and you’ll Change your mind real fast” he threw his hands at them, putting his cigarette out.

“You’re dad will be happy.” Keith said knowingly, his eyes sympathetic.

Dean looked worriedly at Jughead, for a boy his size, he was most definitely all bite no bark

“You ain’t just with her because of what your dad said right? About us getting in Riverdales head? Because Betty’s real nice and I don’t want to see her get hurt.” He said slowly, warning evident in his voice.

“You don’t have to worry about that, what me and Betty have is real. My dad has nothing to do with the way we feel about each other, if it gets him off my back for a while, so be it. But im not letting him anywhere near this relationship. I’m not letting anyone near this relationship.” He cast his eyes too a group of particular nasty Serpents in the corner who were eyeing Jughead with an unfamiliar look.

“Figured we’d stop by Pops again after school, as corny as that place is, the burgers are some of the best.” A lanky Serpent named Jacob said,a few of the other boys voicing there agreement.

“Sounds like a plan.” Jughead nodded Cooly, pulling his phone out and sending a text to his favorite girl

JUGHEAD: wanna grab a milkshake after school? On me ;)

He bobbed his knee anxiously waiting for the text, quickly opening his phone as it lit up.

BETTY: wouldn’t you much rather it be on me? ;)

He nearly choked on his own breath after reading the message, his eyes going wide, another message popped up and he eagerly opened it.

BETTY: I have no idea where that came from. What are you doing to me Jughead Jones? ;) a milkshake sounds amazing, bring your friends I’ll bring mine. Can’t wait to see you. Miss you.

He clutched the phone in his hand, his heart instantly feeling lighter, she had such a damn effect on him, it scared him sometimes, but the excitement overshadowed the fear and he found himself anticipating seeing her face.

The day went by quickly and before Jughead knew it he was pulling into Pop Tate’s Parking lot, the rumble of motorcycles following him as his gang parked their bikes, heading for the door in a rowdy bundle. Jughead stood beside Keith and Dean, his eyes scanning from the doorway, softening when he spotted Betty standing beside a booth on her tiptoes, looking around for Jughead, when she caught his eyes, she grinned leaning down and whispering something in Veronica’s ear, the dark haired girl turning towards him and rolled her eyes playfully.

The three boys made their way over and stood before the booth awkwardly, Archie moved over from his seat, and dean dropped beside him, shaking the entire table with his mass.

“Woah there big boy!” Veronica laughed, her hands coming out to steady herself as Archie clapped him on the shoulder
“We sure could use you on the football team!” He laughed as Dean grinned shyly.

Betty slid into the booth, Jughead sliding directly beside her, his arm instantly coming to rest on her shoulders. Betty looked up at him with light eyes
“Hi” she whispered.

Jughead brushed a strand of hair from her eyes and smiled “hi”

The conversation was light and fun, Archie and Jughead realizing how much they had in common and Keith and Veronica discussing fashion, a secret passion of Keith’s. Kevin had pretty much fallen in love and Dean was just happy to eat and listen to the stories, occasionally setting both the girls into fits of giggles at his barking laugh.

An hour later, the perfect bubble they had been in burst with a very audible pop.

“Elizabeth Cooper! What on earth do you think you’re doing?!” The shrill voice of a middle aged women, followed by a man who looked exceptionally like Betty rang through the tiny diner.

Betty stiffened in Jughead arms, her whole body shaking slightly as she stood almost robotically.

“Mom. Dad” she whispered, taking shaky steps out of the booth

“What are you doing here?! Don’t you know you have tutoring? And Latin class? And what’s this I hear about you ending Cheerleading practice early? What’s the matter with you?!” She screamed in her daughters face.

Betty shook her head
“It’s Friday, I was just..” she was cut off by the older man clutching her wrist

“Don’t talk to your mother like that, keep your mouth shut, let’s go.” He tugged Betty towards the door, the blonde losing her footing and tripping slightly, her eyes downcast as she winced.

Jughead was out of the booth in seconds flat, his eyes lethal as Archie followed closely behind, Jughead gripped Betty’s fathers hand that was wrapped around Betty’s wrist

“Let her go.” He growled as Hal Cooper, stared shocked at his hand

“You don’t know who you’re messing with boy” he hissed as Alice waved her hands frantically.

“You’ve been hanging around these people. Their kind ” she spat, her eyes narrowing on Jughead as he shook his head still glaring at Hal, he opened his mouth to speak but was quickly cut off when Betty stepped forward.

“Don’t talk about them like that. They have more class in one finger than you do in your entire body.” She said dangerously, standing toe to toe with her shocked mother.

“You don’t know anything about them.” Betty spoke

Alice shook her head
“I know enough. I know enough to know these people are nothing but trash, nothing but thugs, nothing but..” suddenly a glass soared past the older woman’s head, smashing against the wall behind her head, sending glass flying as Betty stood in front of her, her hands shaking

“You need to leave.” She hissed , her eyes dark as the entire diner went dead silent, to make matters worse Chuck and his football players stormed in through the front doors, noticing the motorcycles in the front they had come for a fight. Noting the tension, they stopped abruptly and watched.

“Elizabeth, we’ll discuss this at home.” Alice Cooper said her voice shaky, as she touched a hand to her chest.

“No.” she said finally, testing the word out on her lips “no I’m not going with you.” She finished finally.

Hal laughed bitterly
“Where will you go? Who’s gonna want you? Now that you’re some Serpent Slut?” The man smiled wickedly.

Betty looked down at her hands helplessly and Jughead stepped forward, coming up to grip her now bruised wrist.

“She’ll stay with me.” He said, tugging her towards the door, his arm coming around to wrap around her protectively as he ushered her towards the door, shoving past Chuck and his friends as they shouted, an all out screaming war broke out.
Chuck reached for Betty’s hand

“Think about what you’re doing Betty, think about your decisions.” He said dangerously, threatening her.

Jughead pushed her softly ahead of him and turned to chuck, slamming him against the wall
“You touch her, you look at her, you even breathe in her presence, I will kill you. I swear to god, I’ll make you wish you were never born.” The boy fell against the wall as Jughead released him.

Jughead turned back to see Veronica and Archie and Kevin slipping out the back with Dean and Keith right beside him. The dark haired boy jumped on his bike, reaching a hand out for Betty, who looked at him nervously.

“Do you trust me?” He shouted over the noise.

With one final glance back at the chaos behind her, Betty gripped his hand and climbed onto the back of the bike, her hands wrapping securely around her waist.

“You ready angel?” He said when she dropped her chin to his neck.

She pressed her nose to his pulse point and nodded

“Take me away Romeo.”

Little Red

Pairings: Bellamy / Reader

Warnings: Anger/ Swearing/ Smut/ NSFW

Imagine getting into a heated argument with Bellamy Blake. You raise your arm to slap him, but he catch your wrist. They back you up against the wall and lean down to your ear. In a low, husky voice they whisper “Wanna try that again sweetheart?

A/N: I kind of borrowed this imagine from @multifandom-gabi but i desperately wanted to write it! 


You’d never been so angry in your entire life, in fact you were surprised that there wasn’t steam coming out of your ears. Of all the stupid things to do, and damn had they done a lot this took the biggest prize.

Not caring that there were Delinquents everywhere shouting at you to stop, you marched to Bellamy’s tent pushing your way in and slamming a hand down on a nearby crate to get his attention.

Bellamy looked up from the make shift desk he’d been sat at, eyes narrowing slightly when he saw it was you. The main group of Delinquents that followed him around had finally caught up and Miller grabbed your arm trying to pull you from the tent.

“Get the fuck off me Miller” you whispered, angry enough right now that you were going to forget your mother raised you to be lady, and hit him real hard someplace he wasn’t going to enjoy.

“Let her go Miller, it’s alright”

“Bellamy?” Miller asked his grip on your arm remaining. Bellamy just waved him off and with a last look at you Miller finally let go and left the tent leaving you alone with Bellamy.

You turned back to the main focus of your rage, eyes glinting with sparks as he just came around the desk leaning against it, crossing his arms over his chest. “Whatever is the matter little red?”

“Don’t call me that” you warned stalking towards him “I am not in the mood for your shit Blake”

“Really! And what is it I’ve done to upset you this time?”

“Don’t play innocent” you were tempted to smack him and that stupid smirk off of his face. “You sent people to a peace meeting with guns! That was our one chance to make peace with the grounders and you screwed it up”

“Well I’m sorry we can’t all be cosy cosy with the grounders Y/N” he was getting angry now himself the flare of his nose a sure fire give away. “Some of us remember how many people we’ve lost to grounder spears”

“You think I don’t know that. How do you suppose we stop that though Blake? For god sake surely you have some brains in that pretty boy head”

“Y/N” he growled getting up from the desk to put his body close to your own face hovering just above yours. You were tall for a girl meaning he barely had to lean down. “Be very careful with your words right now”

“You don’t intimidate me Blake” sneering you raked your eyes up and down his body “I’ve dealt with guys like you all my life”

“No you haven’t”

“Really and what makes you so special? You think you’re better than everyone else? Think your some sort of leader?” laughing you shook your head at him. “You’re not, a leader would do anything they could to save their people, what you’ve done is sentence us to a battle with people who’ve been fighting their entire lives. Every single one of those kids out there trusts you to protect them, and now every one of their deaths from now on is on your head”  

Bellamy grabbed your upper arms squeezing tightly as he twisted you around so you were pressed between the desk on his body. “You have a big mouth Red”

“I have a brain” breaking his grip on you, you pushed at his shoulders hard making him take a step back so you had room to move once more. “This was our one chance Bellamy and now it’s screwed up”

“The grounders wouldn’t have given us peace Red” Bellamy pushed his hair out of his face glaring at you “I have enough of a brain in my head to realise that. No matter how many peace talks we organise. We’ve stole their land, tortured one of their people and killed others. There is no peace to be had”

“You didn’t know that”

Bellamy snorted “You know what Red if we’re all so stupid around here why not go join the fucking grounders? You’re more like them anyway”

“Maybe I will” shouting you pushed away from the desk to get back into his space, temper igniting once more. “Their friendlier than everyone here anyway”

Bellamy’s mouth curled into a disgusted grimace “yeah well, not all of us can make friends by fucking them”

Yeah, there went all your mother’s lessons, flying straight out of the window as your anger broke free of all its restraints. Raising your hand you went to slap him, hard. Of course Bellamy Blake couldn’t even let you have that much, he grabbed your wrist before your hand could connect. Pulling you forward he pushed you into the pole of the tent your bodies pressing against each other. Raising both your hands above your head and holding them tightly there with one hand.  

“Want to try that again sweetheart?” he asked into your ear as his spare hand gripped your hip hard.

“Get. Off. Me”

“Why?” he nuzzled his nose into your neck as you pulled at your hands. “Don’t like it rough Red?”

“I don’t like you” you spat out eyes flashing. Bellamy laughed the hand on your hip moved to the band of your pants flicking open the button there fingers slipping underneath to rest flat against your lower stomach.

“You sure about that?” he asked “If I move just the tiniest bit further down here what exactly will I find red?”

You didn’t understand why you weren’t moving, why you weren’t trying to throw him off of you. All you knew was that your anger was rapidly changing to something else completely. “Bodies lie”

He really was laughing this time an evil light coming to his face “want to try and prove that red?”

“I told you to stop calling me that” raising your knee in a quick move you took the wind out of his stomach making him finally let go of your hands. He stumbled backwards as you moved forwards pushing him back to his bed.

You tumbled down there with him on his back and you landing on top of him straddling his hips. “One time deal Blake” you warned as desperately you ripped at each other’s clothing.

“Sure Red” he was agreeing to easily but you couldn’t concentrate because somehow he’d flipped you over on the small bed so he was back in charge, pulling quickly to rid you of your pants and underwear. “Open your legs” he ordered. When you didn’t comply instantly his hands went to the inside of your thighs dragging them wide and instantly dropping down burying his face between your legs.

“Fuck” the groan was dragged from your throat as Bellamy’s tongue licked up the juice there.

He was relentless making you writhe underneath him in desperation, all he did though was use his hands to clamp your hips still so he could punish you some more.

“Blake… please” you were begging and uncaring anymore of your pride. You just needed him to finish you.

“Please what?” he asked against your skin.

“I… don’t… Blake”

“Say it red” he order, torturously licking his tongue through your folds once more.

“Let me cum” you finally got out making him smirk.

“Whatever the lady wants” his mouth fastened back against your clit and within moments you’d broken, crying out hoarsely as you laced your fingers through his hair holding him there.

Bellamy crawled back up your body dropping the odd kiss on your hot, sweaty skin until he reached your mouth. “I like you so much better when you’re being friendly Red”

“I can be friendlier” wrapping your legs around him you rolled once more so you were on top of him. “Want me to show you?”

“Fuck yes”

You reached between your bodies taking his cock in one hand moving slowly up and down it a few times before lining him up with your body and sliding so he was deep inside of you.

Using his chest as a stabiliser you let your hips rock back and forth. Riding him hard and fast.

Bellamy sat up underneath you so his face was suddenly close to your own as he kissed you. “God red”

“shut up” you ordered as your rhythm started to fail, orgasm building back up, his hands went to your hips helping you with the movements as you both panted hard, he buried his face in your neck as shuddering you came around him once more, the spasms of your muscles pulling him along with you.

You stayed there for a moment longer getting your breathing back under control before climbing off him and grabbing your clothes from the floor.


“I don’t want to talk Bellamy” you finished with your clothes pulling your hair out from under your shirt. “I’m still furious with you”

“I can tell”

You could hear the smile in his voice so refused to look at him, knowing it would only incite your rage once more. “I have work to do”

“Hey Red?”

“What?” looking at him finally from the door way of the tent, he hadn’t moved still sat naked on his bed, smile plastered on his face as he wiped his mouth with one hand.

“Knew you were a natural red head” he pointed to his head with the statement, you grabbed the nearest thing you could find to hand, his shoe you thought and flung it at his head as you stormed from the tent, the only thing you could hear his annoying laughter.

You hated Bellamy Blake. There was nothing else there. You. Hated. Bellamy. Blake.




yep that’s your local nerd™ aka me and I’m basically in love with this snapchat filter omfffg I need to stop taking selfies in the car tho it makes it look like I’m actually leaving my house 

The 1500s-1700s were littered with pseudoscientific failures, but few were more overtly hilarious than physiognomy – the idea that humans inherently possessed the personality traits of whatever animals they looked like. It’s sort of like the Chinese zodiac, only more dickish.

In Ancient Greece, Aristotle wrote that large-headed people were mean, broad-faced ones were stupid, and round-faced ones were courageous. His head was presumably extremely round, giving him the courage to walk around telling two-thirds of Greece that they had weird heads which made them bad people. But the “modern” version of physiognomy is largely credited to the Italian scholar Giambattista della Porta, who published a widely circulated book in 1586 called De humana physiognomia (English translation: Snap-Judging The Shit Out Of People, But Like, In A ‘Sciencey’ Way). Della Porta was inspired by the “science” of alchemy, and believed that any substance could be distilled into its “pure essence,” including humans. Thus was it possible to deduce someone’s character from observation of their physical features. His hilariously on-the-nose side-by-side drawings proved this theory.

6 Extremely Wrong (But Hilarious) Scientific Beliefs