people with pigeons


hateful boyfriend x mistake messenger

this crossover has been on my mind for days and soon i had to draw it ^^ and its the only otome games i ever played lol


Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Bucky sustains an injury because of a punk-ass kid, and you swoop in to do something about it.

A/N: I quickly wrote this on my phone while my dad drove us to the theater, so I’m sorry for the grammar mistakes. We’re going to watch “Arrival”, and I’m so excited! Also happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends! -j xx


People scatter like scared pigeons as you sprint through the hospital doors. This is impressive, considering that you’re in a tight pencil skirt and brand new red stilettos.

You skid to clean stop, slightly knocking the wind out of yourself. When you blink to, you notice you’ve captured the attention of the front desk nurses and a group of fraternity brothers.

Still, that doesn’t stop you from loudly smacking the counter. “Where is Bucky Barnes?” you ask, trying your best to keep calm.

“Mr. Barnes is -”

“(Y/N)!” a familiar voice calls out. Tony’s presence normally doesn’t evoke any strong emotions, but when the leader of the Avengers pulls you into a comforting hug, you can’t help but tear up.

Today was supposed to be a normal day without any surprises. You were bidding a client goodbye when Tony called; he and Bucky were at a hospital right outside of the city. Some kid had thought it would be funny to stick a Swiss Army Knife into deeply Bucky’s flesh arm.

“Aww, don’t cry. It’d take a lot more to kill Frosty,” Tony lightheartedly jokes. “He’s okay. You know, regenerative healing power. The police brought him here as a safety net, but Bucky doesn’t want to press charges. And Bucky didn’t call you because he didn’t want to worry you.”

"I know, but I’m - Oh my God.” Words get caught in your throat when your eyes catches Bucky walking down the hallway towards you.

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People I love:

• Billie Joe Armstrong
• The pigeon king
• The singer of Green Day
• The husband of Adrienne Nesser
• The dad of Joey & Jakob Armstrong
• Beej
• The dude who wrote American Idiot
• The dude who got attacked by a pigeon
• bj_unoxx

I love when people call pidgin languages pigeon languages I just see this cute little pigeon trying to consolidate the grammar of one language with the vocabulary of another it makes me so happy

whenever white people/heterosexuals/men are like “why isn’t there a White Heritage Month/Heterosexual Pride/Men’s Rights Movement?” I just laugh and imagine an overly abundant species like idk pigeons being like “why does the bald eagle get to be on the endangered species list? why not pigeons? why don’t you pay attention to me even though we’re not actually in danger?”

Small, deprived North of England town Gothic

-The football team block off all the roads isolating you from the outside for months. You do not know how long the game has lasted for, and you have not seen an outsider in years. Even now you can hear eldritch chants from your window. It is 0-0.

-There are no shops anymore, except those decorated with strange hieroglyphic signs reading ‘Poundland’. You go outside. There are seventeen £1 shops and one 99p store on your street alone. Each night they get closer. You fear for your life. You fear for your soul. You fear they will come and take you away, and sell you for one pound. This would not surprise you at all. At this point, nothing can surprise you. “£1 please.”

-There are more pigeons than people. Your family are pigeons. You are a pigeon. You open your mouth to speak but only muffled coos come out. You scream. More pigeons come flying out from your broken beak, until they outnumber mankind altogether.

-It is bin day. It has always been bin day for as long as you can remember. When was it not bin day? It is bin day. It has always been bin day.

-The sky is grey and cloud-infested. You have never seen sunlight in your short, pitiful life. You may die without ever seeing light. Part of you thinks this might be a blessing. You fear what you do not know. You fear everything.

-Every building on your street is boarded up, something akin to a plague house from the 1600s. You hear moans coming from inside and walk quickly away, cursing David Cameron’s NHS cuts that mean you are forced to revert to the Old Ways. Or perhaps the Old Ways never truly went away. You go home and your grandmother who is 192 and lived through the War has a cold. It is time. You reach for the boards and a hammer.

-Wild plastic bags roam the streets, claiming children as their own and carrying them away to strange places. When they come home, they have a sheen to their skin. They are never the same afterwards.

-The Council announce they are cutting lifespan to 60, and then you will be sold off to organ harvesters. This is a just cause. You will make a difference. Your life will have had meaning. 

-You are surrounded by hundreds of identical children in varying uniforms. You do not think you have ever seen these children in school. You do not think schools exist, or do not remember schools existing. There are always children surrounding you, and they are always identical. They do not seem to age. Age is a meaningless concept.

-You get the bus into town, thanking the bus driver when you get off. You always remember to thank the bus driver. It is dangerous not to. You still bear the scars from last time you forgot. At night they throb and keep you awake, reminding you how lucky you were to come away from that alive.

-The football team hover in a strange ephemeral netherworld, a purgatory between promotion and relegation, looping between the two with Ourobourosian paradoxity. 

-The football ground is built on a swamp. It has claimed 17 lives today alone. Brackish water fills your lungs when you set foot inside. Make that 18 then.

-It is Christmas. Your neighbours houses are brightly lit enough to be seen from space. One of them sets up a vast inflatable Santa. You can hear the Santa laughing when you pass by, and remember that Santa is an anagram of Satan. 

-There is a busker in town. Nobody has given him any money. His case is full of disused currencies. He has been playing for a long time.

-A fair occupies the local park 13 months of every year. People who go in are not normally seen again. You think you might direct your relatives there in order to get rid of them.

The trip to Enoshima yesterday was really fun. The bridge across to the island is walking distance; it takes just a few minutes, and from the mountain on the island you can see almost the entire Tokyo coast line. It was all very beautiful, and I felt like the area as a whole had an unique atmosphere to it. There was a lot of people there but it never felt crowded despite how narrow all the paths were, and everyone felt like they were in high spirits.

Since it’s an island I was expecting it to be cold, but instead the ocean winds were warm. It was so bizarre, it was like a dream. The nature in itself is also quite beautiful with a lot of typical Japanese scenery mixed with palm trees and dramatic cliff formations. There was also a ton of birds of prey on this island, and they don’t seem to be afraid of humans. At the mountain top they were watching over people eating like gulls or pigeons might, so I got a very close look at them! I love birds so it was among the most fun things all day.

The paths were lined with shops and little shrines. The shops mostly just sold knick knacks like you’d expect from a tourist attraction, sun bleached merchandise and a lot of tacky stuff. But pretty much all of it was with Japanese tourists in mind so as a foreigner it was still fun to look at.

It was a clear day but the haze in the distance made it hard to see Fuji like the attraction promises. We climbed all the way up to the top of the sky candle but could still mostly just make out the general outline of the top. When the sun started setting though it became easier to see, and I got some really nice pictures.

Enoshima felt like it was a good mix of something that was both accessible and genuine. It’s a bit far away compared to a lot of the other tourist attractions in Tokyo but personally I thought it was well worth the trip.

All in all I’m not sure exactly what made me like it so much. There were just so many different things to look at in such a small area, so you never get bored.