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Blog PSA - i’ve received multiple messages asking for advice about people’s art being reposted and having rude and bad comments made on it (they’re asking me because well - pokemon -  and i’ve had to deal with similar situations) and it’s very disappointing that this has been happening a lot tbh – anyway, for them (us) it’s kind of like that time in elementary where people would take your sketchbook and show it to everyone in class and some people would make fun of it and shame you for trying.

i’d like to tell those people who are experiencing this that i’m always open to talk about it with you (or for those with other problems you can always let me know – i’m bad at replying but if it’s important i really do my best to reply or open a tumblr chat with you if it will make you feel better) ♥ and also i hope fan account admins would monitor their comments because the artists whose work is reposted might/will eventually see it and just feel bad about their art.

i get over it in a day or two bc it’s been happening so much recently but i can’t say the same for other artists especially those who are just starting out. please respect each other! remember, it costs $0.00 to be a decent person ^__^ thank you!

(tbh im thinking of disallowing reposts altogether like other artists since most of us don’t want to be introduced to people who aren’t really our audience anyway. that’s one less problem hehe. we just want to make art and make our own followers smile)

(please don’t reblog)

anonymous asked:

Heyheyhey hi I love your art more than I love myself and bippidi boppidi you should draw leo/guang-hong (you totally don't have to I would just kill to see them in your style)


And you’re right! I really should draw them……………………..



SMH as Tinder Bios Part 4

the long-awaited sequel to parts 1, 2, and 3

Bitty: I love brunch and soup…but not at the same time

Jack: Pudding tastes better with a plastic spoon

Ransom: I call myself Justin, but you can call me later tonight ;)

Holster: I love chee cake call me the McCheese

Shitty: I don’t really like shirts

Lardo: Professional dog petter

Nursey: Don’t ask about iguanas they creep me the fuck out

Dex: I’m a technician, but I can’t fix stupid

Chowder: I like how everyone here just wants to see each other’s dogs. I thought Tinder was superficial at first but I get it now. Dog pictures.


Whiskey: If you’re looking for someone to eat celery with, swipe left. I only fuck with lettuce.


Kent: My cat smells like maple syrup and is named after a character from Bob’s Burgers

Tater: Luv lizards

I find it extremely interesting that more than four people I’ve seen now, myself included, have gotten asks with almost exactly the same wording, “people aren’t saying it’s Harry, they’re saying it’s his team”. And yet.

There are a whooooole lot of people on this hellsite who are using some of Harry’s fans or his “team” as a reason not to support his solo work. Like yo, last I checked Louis’ team is proper shit and y’all still support him. I support him, and I don’t agree with a single thing his “team” has done. So whether or not I agree with his team and their strategy, whether or not I like all of his fans, I will support Harry Styles and all of his efforts as an artist, an actor, and a fucking human being, just like I did with Niall, just like I did with Louis, and just like I will do with Liam. 


seskanda  asked:

No reason for this ask other than to brag that if you think 8 people is a lot- our DM occasionally does mega sessions of 30-40 people. They happen during major story arcs in the sessions he DMs separately (but within the same world). The last session had our parties (4 separate groups of 6-8 people) collectively fighting the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse (which his dnd friends visited from home to play as)! Don't ask me how he does it be we're all just pretty sure he's actually magic.

What??? Ok yeah that’s a great not so humble brag right there. How long does it even take for a round? Are there factions within groups? Trying to coordinate even 9 people for dinner let alone game night can be a nightmare. Major props to your DM as well.


lmao some people in here are measuring harry’s love for the other boys by him deleting pics on SOCIAL MEDIA?? like are you actually a child?   take a walk and get a healthy perspective in life. harry loves the other boys and it’s frankly ridiculous if you’re getting pressed over facebook.

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Do you ever think that little Robin!Jason eating with the Titans and one of them will casually toss like half their burger away and Jason visibly flinches and jerks back the reflex to dig it out of the trash? Or even just sitting at the table with Bruce and taking his plate and eating everything left over because Bruce is pre-occupied with a case? Or how Hood!Jason tenses when Bizzaro accidentally ruins dinner trying to help cook?

first of all how dare you