people with nice accents

Dæmon Headcanons #3
  • Entire clothing lines making winter clothes for dæmons; snake scarves and macaw hats and raccoon mittens. Specially-made clothes that have Christmas or Hanukkah symbols.
  • Harry Potter merchandise. Imagine an entire store in Harry Potter world totally for dæmons: tigers and owls with Ravenclaw scarves, Gryffindor snow leopards and Slytherin falcons and Hufflepuff badgers or sun bears.
  • Graduation caps for dæmons; corsages or something similar for brides’ and grooms’ dæmons. Some variation on engagement rings?
  • Jewellery and nice scarves for fancy occasions. In this case, people would probably choose their outfit so that it nicely accents their dæmons.
  • Traditional clothes, too, though. Crowns for monarchs’ dæmons. Coronation wear, with just as much pomp and shine as their person’s outfit.
  • Bluetooth headsets so that dæmons can listen to the same music as their people!

                                                                                                        – Raylen


Analysis by the staff! The level of their intimacy through the eyes of Director Hiroshi Watanabe: Finland & Sweden

Su-san almost doesn’t speak at all, but these two are really nice people, and I feel really comforted when I draw them.  Although the accents of the Nordics are very strong, I am really glad that the voice actors kind of improvised on them. Also, Iceland’s lopapeysa is cute, isn’t it? I wanted to include the scene where the dry cleaner brought a handful of lopapeysa back to him, but I wasn’t able to this time. It’s really a shame.

From PASH! October 2015 [x]