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the two personality types of each sign
  • Capricorn A: Hardworking, doesn't know when to give themselves a break
  • Capricorn B: Tries to stay focused but gets distracted, wishes they were more organised
  • Aquarius A: Fashionable,spends too much of their money on clothes
  • Aquarius B: Prides themselves on having an eclectic style, doesn't follow conventional trends
  • Pisces A: Always in a relationship or being romantically/sexually pursued, rarely takes time to be single
  • Pisces B: Always thinking about love but generally unsuccessful in finding a partner
  • Aries A: Independent, hates people interfering in their business, prides themselves on the quality of their work
  • Aries B: Impulsive, craves adventure and excitement, hates working on things they don't enjoy
  • Taurus A: Knows they have excellent taste, loves when people follow their recommendations
  • Taurus B: Never has time to do the things that give them pleasure, wishes they could expand their horizons
  • Gemini A: Always surrounded by friends but never anyone they can share their deep secrets with
  • Gemini B: Has a few close friends that they wouldn't trade for anything, but wishes they could meet some new people
  • Cancer A: Hates confrontation, but if people cross them they will ignore them for long time
  • Cancer B: When in arguments they know exactly what to say, always stands their ground
  • Leo A: Creative, wants to make a serious career out of their passion even though people doubt them
  • Leo B: Wishes they could express themselves more but worried people will judge them
  • Virgo A: Organised and hardworking but very shy, introverted
  • Virgo B: Quite outgoing but sometimes gets shy around new people and those they have history with
  • Libra A: Loves luxury things but can't afford them, dreams of being rich
  • Libra B: Not concerned with wealth but will spend big on things they really want
  • Scorpio A: Very ambitious but is worried they won't fulfil the big expectations they have for themselves
  • Scorpio B: Is lazy but knows they have potential they aren't fulfilling
  • Sagittarius A: Open minded and concerned with getting justice and equality for everyone
  • Sagittarius B: Knows there are problems with society but doesn't have the resources or time to address them
The Two Personality Types Of Each Sign

Capricorn A: Hardworking, doesn’t know when to give themselves a break
Capricorn B: Tries to stay focused but gets distracted, wishes they were more organised

Aquarius A
:Fashionable,spends too much of their money on clothes
Aquarius B: Prides themselves on having an eclectic style, doesn’t follow conventional trends

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Yo, what if artist! Stiles couldn't stop drawing a hot stranger in his college class who looks really hot with glasses (aka Derek). And then he gets dared to actually sit next to him in class and then the Hot Stranger, and accidentally leaves his drawings of Hot Stranger behind as he leaves and hot stranger just wants to give them back and ask Stiles out because Stiles is his Hot Stranger.

Hello I am back with another prompt fill!!! This is semi-nerd!Derek, I hope y'all aren’t too disappointed with me…

Thanks to @sterek for looking over this for me!!!

Also on AO3

Title: Picture Us Together

Stiles remembers the start of this year clear as day. He’d been sitting next to Scott, both of them equal parts terrified and exhilarated, and Stiles had just been complaining about how he was going to focus on his studies instead of finding a significant other — stop laughing, Scott — and that’s when he walked in.

He being Derek Hale: two hundred pounds of muscle wrapped in a package of adorableness, bunny teeth and thick-rimmed glasses. Stiles isn’t ashamed he fell in love at first sight. Well, it was more like lust at first sight. The love came when Stiles discovered he and Derek were in the same History class and Derek always, without fault, knew all of the answers to everything and handed his assignments in three weeks before the deadline.

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im so excited to hear about how it went

It was pretty anticlimactic, honestly?

Nick Spencer was signing from 1:30 to 2:30 so I stopped by around 1:40, saw the giant line, and noped the fuck out, then went to sit outside by the food trucks for half an hour. When I came back at 2:10 there was literally no line, so I entered with the two trades I’d brought to get signed (SUPERIOR FOES OF SPIDERMAN vol 3 and SECRET AVENGERS vol 1, if anyone was wondering- I genuinely do like a lot of his earlier work!) and went right to the front of the line.

I said that I was clearly a fan of his work, but I wasn’t reading or buying Secret Empire, and I hope he understands that a lot of us condemn threats on his life, but still have legitimate concerns with the project. I said that as a Jewish fan I can’t read something that makes Cap align with Nazis, and he said he understands and hopes I’ll pick it up after the series is over and we see how it all turns out.

He had the tight polite smile that I think you kind of expect when people are criticizing you to your face.

After I left the signing area I ran into a friend who had apparently been there just before me and had said pretty much the same thing. IDK if this is a sign that a lot of people were doing that, or just that I have excellent taste in friends.


Ronan loves ASMR. It doesn’t help him sleep, but it lulls and distracts him on his worst days. Noah lies next to him on his bed and they watch videos together. (Noah must get the feeling, too, as his fleeting form sometimes sparks and quivers). They have different preferences, Ronan loving tapping and eye exams and Noah always opting for haircut roleplays. Ronan can’t stand mouth sounds and it becomes their thing. Noah does them in the BMW when Ronan’s feelings are peeling his skin off and turning his head cotton, just to jolt him awake. Ronan swerves his car violently as a retaliation and when Noah almost slides through the door, he has to remind his friend that he, unlike Ronan, is already dead. Ronan drives faster and faster after that. When everything has happened and Noah is gone, the car seems really quiet. Adam never questions it when Ronan plugs his phone to the car’s soundsystem and blares ASMR videos from Youtube.

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Highly requested so here it is, my opinion on all the cusps.

Capricorn/Aquarius- Cusp of Mystery & Imagination- Always very sophisticated people with lots of power. Can be very stubborn but are usually very loving and loyal. Studious and hard-working but also realises studies aren’t everything and don’t determine self worth. Rebels. Leaders. Can become jealous easily, conceals emotions to everyone around them.
Aquarius/Pisces- Cusp of Sensitivity- Ed Sheeran’s one of these!!!! I think they’re great, super emotional sometimes and completely dismissive other times. Brilliant imagination and great ability to express themselves. Very independent but when they love, they love with a tremendous force. They don’t let go of things easily and have lots of pride.
Pisces/Aries- Cusp of Rebirth- idk why but I am always attracted to yall, very good looking and mysterious too. Can be chill and go with the flow, very exiting to be around, they also seek alone time and a close group of personal friends as well. They feel misunderstood and are always looking to be understood. Seeks loyalty and devotion from a partner, would give the same in return. Can appear shy at first but opens up easily and is very charming.
Aries/Taurus- Cusp of Power- Very influential, dynamic people who achieve a lot in life- they get a lot of experience in short amounts of time and seek to meet new people and ways of living. They are excellent speakers, also loving, loyal and open with the people close to them. They trust easily. They take longer to get back on their feet after a downfall than an Aries but less time than a Taurus. They are empathetic and generous.
Taurus/Gemini- Cusp of Energy- VERY charming people with a lot of intellectual things to say. Suave and irresistible. Always up for a challenge, LOTS of fun to be around, they can be problematic and say stupid things though, they also tend to be notorious flirts. Can be stubborn as well.
Gemini/Cancer- Cusp of Magic- Very, well, magical people. They are adorable, very individualistic, amazing writers/painters/poets and very artsy in general. They love intensely and fully but recover from heartbreak a lot better than Cancers. They are intellectual but love being at home more than Geminis.
Cancer/Leo- Cusp of Oscillation- Selena Gomez is one of these, they are powerful people, they get angry quite a bit, they hold authority in everything they say and are responsible folk. They tend to lash out though. They are very sensitive to criticism but are loyal and love intensely.
Leo/Virgo- Cusp of Exposure- Enjoy both the extroverted and introverted life. Love to sit at home with a cup of coffee and read and adventure the world with friends, they look for partners they can show off to the world and are devoted to them. Seek to pleasure themselves primarily. Dramatic. Loving but trouble expressing that, authoritative tone, love fun and being complimented, HATE criticism.
Virgo/Libra- Cusp of Beauty- Very laid back people, worry a lot on the inside but doesn’t show it to other people, really good looking/excellent fashion taste. Hates drama and loves to maintain peace. Studious and hardworking, they are dream achievers. Very hard on themselves. Love to explore and travel, also like being by themselves. Very romantic and flirtatious.
Libra/Scorpio- Cusp of Drama & Criticism- Ok so I met one of these and he was literally the most good looking guy I had ever met. That being said, these people are very mysterious and to themselves, they share Libra’s love for art and romance. They are not as brooding as a Scorpio but not as talkative as a Libra either. They are excellent artists, can be very dark and sinister sometimes but aims to lead a love-filled adventurous life.
Scorpio/Sagittarius- Cusp of Revolution- I’ve mentioned this cusp before lol because they scare me. They are very alluring people- really mysterious and arty- in less of a ‘dark’ way but more of a lighthearted ‘indie’ way. You know those instagram famous people that are always on beaches enjoying life? Yeah probably a sag/scorp cusp. They love to live life freely and tend to party a lot or go to social gatherings. They are very possessive of their lover and can be vengeful towards others if wronged. They do not trust easily, they are quick to anger but also quick to calm down.
Sagittarius/Capricorn- Cusp of Prophecy- This cusp has the best sense of humour. They are always light-hearted and down to do anything. These people worry a lot in their own head and are studious. They never let other people see their negative emotions. They are also very money-conscious. They have a way with words- making people laugh and being the life of the party. Usually very popular due to their ability to interact freely and need for a high status. Drama queens and potential gossips but are very loving and appreciative.

seekanewerworld replied to your post: Top 6 fandoms that should be bigger. Top 6 fandoms…

Oh thank goodness I’m not the only one who feels that way about Steve/Bucky.

It’s so weird for me! So many people whose shipping tastes often dovetail with mine ship it! So many excellent writers ship it! It’s a childhood best friends ship, which is always great, and there’s enough angst to build a dream on!

But, like. I watch the first movie and Steve Rogers is So In Love with Peggy Carter, and then I watch the second movie and he’s having a romcom with Sam Wilson, and I will never contest that Bucky Barnes plays a huge role in his life, but I just can’t make it to shipping it.


The Marvel universe and the list of the movies that have come from them has received a very high caliber of praise from fans and critics. Does that put any kind of pressure on you?

Nah! I don’t feel any of that kind of stuff. I am a very relaxed person, I am very confident, and I am also really smart and good looking. I also think I dress really well and have excellent taste in trends and people. I mean just listening to me, you must begin to understand the level of confidence I have and obviously that’s going to be infused deeply into this movie that I am going to make; this level of confidence that I keep talking about. I am very relaxed kind of person, and I know what I like, and I know what I think is dumb and what’s good in a movie… and hopefully that will happen and what I am trying do in the film.

Soooo I’m just gonna go ahead and start calling Season 3 of Elementary as the “Friendship is Magic” season, and no one can stop me.

Just for fun, I decided to collect some relevant moments, because who cares about actual productivity when I can obsess over fictional characters, amirite?


JOAN: Sherlock doesn’t have friends.
ALISTAIR: Ah, not in the traditional sense. He drops in and out, appears at odd moments to make outrageous and highly specific requests.
JOAN: Respectfully, that doesn’t sound much like a friendship to me.

JOAN: Are you a friend of his?
TEDDY: Associate. He doesn’t have any friends.


JOAN: I don’t put up with him, we get along, basically. He’s a friend.
MYCROFT: Sherlock doesn’t have friends.


SHERLOCK: Whether you and I might draw farther or nearer to each other depending on circumstance, you and I are bound, somehow.
JOAN: I kinda feel like hugging you right now.
SHERLOCK: As my friend, you know that would be a rash decision.

SHERLOCK: You know how much I value you. I’ve made that clear on numerous occasions, sometimes embarrassingly so. You’ve been a good friend. And a good partner. It was you, in fact, that helped me understand the concept of partnership. The value of it.

SHERLOCK to Kitty: Whatever you decide you must understand that you will always be special to me. You will always be my friend.

SHERLOCK to Joan: One of the things I’ve learned from our collaboration is the working definition of the word friendship. Friendship, I’ve come to believe, is most accurately defined as two people moving toward the best aspects of one another. It is a relationship of mutual benefit, mutual gain.

SHERLOCK: You are my friend. […] I’ve grown quite fond of you the past couple of years, I care about what happens to you outside of the program, and I reject the notion that I can’t offer my commentary when I believe you’re making a mistake.
ALFREDO: You’re firing me so you can be my friend?

*brb crying* EXCUSE ME WHILE I DEAL WITH THESE RIVERS IN MY EYES. Let’s not forget he also sort of awkward-turtled his way to calling Detective Bell “Marcus” for the first time in 3x14. Proud of you, bb, keep up the good work.


Hey and help, tumblr people!

   Since I know y’all have an excellent taste in games and films/series I’m wondering if you have any cosplay you’d like to see me doing? Preferably something that fits me (unlike those awfully beautiful and strong women I tend to choose…), so the picture of me above is for reference

    I’m still planning to do Ciri (Witcher 3) and Lady Maria (Bloodborne) at some point – as well as working and/or cleaning up my smaller cosplays (wearable/finished ones include: Yennefer, Margaery Tyrell, Sister Friede, Sirris of the Sunless Realms, the Fire Keeper, Major Kusanagi, BotW Zelda, Ramsay Bolton, and Jyn Erso and some others).

   I am looking for anything Norse/Scottish&Irish/medieval/renaissance/gothic/fantasy-related. As mentioned above, Soulsborne, Witcher, Dragon Age, GoT, anything going in that direction would be amazing! But I am open for anything as long as the design strikes me. It also doesn’t need to be a game or other media piece I know, for I can still play/watch it and see if I like the char; so don’t hold back!

   I will also gladly draw something small-ish for whoever’s suggestion I choose. The second pictures is a portrait I drew, so you’d get something along the lines of that if you’d like to :)

   Thank you ❁

I got tagged in this positivity thing by @knightedrogue  @just-lils and @organanation.

I can’t think of five things. I thought I’d only have two, but I figured out four: so here they are.

!. I have excellent taste: I am the person people come to when they need styling for an event or advice on buying or furnishing a house.

2. I have impeccable manners: I am the person you can copy behavior from if we’re ever at a fancy dinner and you’re not 100% sure what fork to use or which is the bread plate.

3. I can be really bold. I’m so used to failing, and so conditioned to pessimism, that I usually figure that I’m either going to get what I want or what I expect.

4. I’m very generous. If I know you, I care about you. And I will give you anything within my power to give you if you tell me you need it.

If anyone in this circle hasn’t been tagged already (I’m usually in the last volley), consider yourself tagged.

Coffee Shop AU

You work at a coffee shop and the same very cute boy comes in every weekend but always gives you ridiculous names to write on his cup and it is driving you crazy because he is really cute and you just want to know his real name and possibly more?

“Are you kidding me?” You chuckle and uncap your black sharpie to scribble his name on the cup.

“Not at all. If you couldn’t tell, it is a completely accurate name.” The boy said with a straight face.

He had a point, his hair was a vibrant red, something very different from the soft lilac he had a few weeks ago. “Okay, then Clifford the Big Red Dog, your drink will be right up.” You smile at the boy that had started coming to the coffee shop you worked at every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 like clockwork.

“Why thank you very much.” He gave you one last smile and headed over to grab his drink, then sat down in a seat in the back, taking out his laptop.

You helped the next customer, and when there was no one else in line you let your mind wonder to the boy who had started coming in here. Every week, he’d give you a new name to write on his cup, each one being more ridiculous than the last. You weren’t sure you even knew his real name since the last few weeks had been variations of superheroes and famous guitarists. Nonetheless, it was extremely entertaining and your 3-minute conversations with him at the register made your day so much better. 

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Why I love all the ToG characters I do

(In no particular order)

Manon: Manon has spent about two centuries being taught how to hate. Not even taught, because that implies someone is caring for her and trying to make her something better. No, Manon was forged by her grandmother into a tool. Her grandmother wants Manon to be nothing more than a cruel puppet. But even though Manon doesn’t realize it, she’s changing. She built a loyal coven, yes, the Thirteen… but they are loyal to her. Not out of fear, but out of a love the witches do not acknowledge they are capable of of. Asterin and the others have her back without question. Manon is changing, slowly, for the better, learning to think outside of what she was taught, to listen to her compassionate instincts even when her so-called lessons tell her to let the Blueblood die.

Nehemia: Straight up, Nehemia and Celaena cracked me up in book one. It has to be said. But Nehemia was not comic relief.  She played a delicate game–not letting herself seem like too much of a threat, while fighting with all of her tools in the heartland of her enemies, trying to save her people when everyone would rather her be silent.  Nehemia did not judge Celaena for her past; she accepted who she was. That’s not to say Nehemia went along with everything Celaena did. If she thought Celaena was making bad choices, she told her in clear terms. Everything Nehemia did was out of love: of Celaena and of her people. And, of course, Fleetfoot.

Rowan: Rowan sure was rough around the edges. Part of what I love about Rowan is his uncertainty. It’s subtle, but Rowan is trying to figure Aelin out as much as she is him. He hides it, because after living for hundreds of years, he knows you should always wear a guise of knowledge, even if it’s mostly genuine for him. But Rowan carries just as many scars as Aelin does. He knows the lowest of the low, but he has climbed back up.  He is fiercely loyal. Rowan does not follow the most basic moral compass. He is brutal, but he is also direct.  (Plus, I mean… I could probably generate enough love from his overprotective bit after Aelin loses control of her magic to turn the King of Adarlan into a teddybear.)

Chaol: Yeesh. Chaol is fiercely loyal. Really, really loyal. He abandoned his title and endured years of separation from his family for the sake of Dorian.  He’s dedicated and became captain of the guard at a young age.  True, he has trouble understanding magic, but he acts out of love of Dorian (and Aelin) to try and find a way to save them.  He wants to keep people safe–the innocents of his country, which he loves, his friend who he has known since he was a boy, and the woman he will always love (even if it cannot be romantic).  He has made mistakes. He is flawed. But yet as much as he will mess up, he will try to learn how to be a better man. He will try to not make those mistakes again and to take the lessons learned to heart.  He has always had to push aside having everything and make sacrifices for what he believes is the greater good, and now he’s learning to put what he thinks is the greater good first.

Dorian: Dorian has been pretty sheltered, at a glance. He hasn’t fought on the front lines, has been able to read to his heart’s content (even if it’s nothing of worth, according to our favorite assassin), has been able to pursue a few hobbies, and has lived with his best friends for about two decades. But out cinnamon roll has also lead a hard life, expected to be perfect while managing to never be good enough. Surrounded by intrigue, the Heir to Adarlan’s Throne has been deprived of a father, and instead he got a tyrant. Dorian is witty and not benevolent, but in a very short time he has learned lessons that can’t really be learned through anything but experience. He is going to be a good king, who the people will love. Don’t even try to tell me otherwise.

Asterin: Manon’s second. She would kill for her Lady without question.  She would kill for her Lady if anyone did question Manon.  And she was ready to kill on behalf of Manon if Manon’s grandmother really was going to let Manon die. Even when Manon must discipline her, Asterin stays loyal. Asterin is probably the person Manon trusts most in the world, and Asterin would probably take on the world to prove it.

Sam: Sam. Sam. Omg. Sam. He loved her when it was hard for anyone else to see what to love, even for herself. He never felt good enough for Celaena, and yet he still loved her with everything he had. He survived weeks of games with Arobynn just to make sure she was safe. He always put her safety above his, no matter what it would cost him. He truly, truly loved her. He did not push, he did not fight. He hoped. He trusted. And he was there. *Dissolves into a puddle of tears because the Assassin’s Blade is a traumatic experience*

Luca: Yep. I love Luca. Sure, we didn’t get a lot of time with him, but he’s a welcoming soul. He tries not to take anything too seriously, and he immediately accepts Aelin as one of their own.  Aelin is not the warmest of people (ha. ha ha. I’m funny) but he tries to get along with her and checks in, trying to make sure her transition is as easy as possible.  He’s a sweetie.

Aedion: Our puppy.  Aedion cares literally nothing about his personal reputation: so long as it lets him best serve his people, he is happy. I don’t think we’ve seen even close to a fraction of the depth in our wolf; Aedion’s loyalty is the tip of the iceburg. Aedion has lived through loss and failure, constantly flaunting danger in the name of his queen. A queen he believed dead, yes, but who he believed so strongly in that he would probably follow her to the underworld anyway.

Fleetfoot: Our other puppy. Mischievous, excellent taste in people. And she can listen very well when she desires.  Probably so loveable she could get away with eating all of Aelin’s shoes, honestly.

Gavriel: Rowan’s kitty-cat friend! He seems the gentlest of Rowan’s cadre, and he’s the only one we sorta got to know. Gavriel feels a core responsibility to his troops. He will always carry on him the burden of his men’s losses, and he views Rowan not just as a fellow knight but also a friend. Baby animals get auto love, puppies and kitties alike.

Emrys: The storykeeper is quiet presence, watching over his home. He knows things that even Rowan doesn’t expect, and though he doesn’t make a point to hide his knowledge, exactly how far his storykeeping magic goes is untested. He does not hesitate to put his wards in their place, and really gives a paternal feeling to the world of Fae that can be so cruel.

Malakai: Malakai feels deep affection and love for his mate, Emrys. He’s fiercely protective, and *squeel* their love is just so goshdarn sweet. Malakai is cautious around strangers, and his first priority is the safety of his fort.

Sorsha: Give the girl some credit. She has not had an easy life.  She’s always delicate with her feelings, trying to quell anything that clouds her judgement, be it anger or love. She works hard to help the apprentices, Celaena and co., and even Dorian on a personal level. Neither Dorian nor Sorsha could resist each other, and their love was sweet. And tragic. But Sorsha did more than fall in love, she spied on the castle. She lived in close quarters with the people responsible for killing her mother, who had been so good, and Sorsha still strove to be good even without a drop of magic at her disposal.  Sorsha was truly good. We definitely could’ve used a healer after our hearts broke, too.

Abraxos: Wyrd love Abraxos. He is a fighter. He is a survivor. He is stubborn and will not be ordered around by Manon. He is her equal, and she is his as much as he is hers. I love their scenes–Abraxos determinedly sniffing his flowers, making Manon get fresh meat, and soaring through the clouds with her.  And slowly. Abraxos shows Manon that you can be a survivor who will kill quickly and cleanly and still enjoy a beautiful day.  He’s wicked sharp; he and Manon have a near? (or even complete) telepathic link, anticipating each other’s moves. And he has iron to match.

The Mute Master:  Okay, so we only got one novella with him. I like him, though.  But I will say, even after the bloodshed, the thing that earns him a spot (aside from helping Celaena buy her shortlived freedom with some sass at Arobynn) is the one quote at the end of the bloodshed: “…but so far as memory serves me, I’ve never officially sworn to be silent. I choose to be silent most of the time…” (Admit it though–when he first spoke, we all thought oh shit Celaena made him break his vow of silence).

Aelin: Do I even need to say anything? Aelin is our girl. No matter what Fate threw at her, from powers that alienated her from everyone, to a year in the salt mines, to a competition to be the right hand minion of the man she despised most, she has triumphed.  Aelin has loved and Aelin has lived.  And if she does not like the hand Fate has cut her, she forges a new one. Dorian wants to get rid of a mutt? That is not her dog, it will be trained, and it has a home. She has to kill the King’s enemies? No, she helps them escape. Everything she loves is taken away from her time and time again? She will fight in the name of their memories. And dammit all, she will look fabulous doing it.


The Robinsons, or why Rosie deserves to be cut some slack.

So, the thing about these two is that they still clearly like and care about each other even though they’re no longer in love with one another.  Old friends describes them well at this point.  Remember that Rosie is never vilified by the show or by Jack himself, and never treated as a rival by Phryne (she’s above that nonsense but also there’s no need for jealousy when Jack makes it very clear where he stands).

They’re carrying a lot of baggage between them, but it’s telling that they can sit down together post-divorce and mull over some old points of contention and nobody gets angry or even upset.  They don’t play the blame game.  When Rosie says that Jack seems re-energized to be free of a marriage that didn’t suit him, Jack immediately shifts the blame to the war and what it did to him.  Jack is good with people and has excellent taste.  It says a lot about Rosie that he fell in love with and married her.

It isn’t fair either to push responsibility onto Rosie for not being “supportive” enough following the war.  It doesn’t fit in historical context, and it really doesn’t fit Jack.  Forget PTSD; “shell shock” was initially called that because it was thought the force of exploding shells somehow invisibly (physically) damaged affected soldiers.  It wasn’t understood by the medical community, let alone the people suffering it or the general public.  Further, there was a lingering stigma attached, as some military types wanted to put it down to cowardice or malingering, while another theory was that it struck those predisposed by some weakness or flaw.

Apply that to what we know of Jack, and it seems likely that he would do his best to hide or bury the extent of whatever trauma he experienced – both for his self-image and to shield Rosie from it.  It’s not something he would want to discuss; accepting help or additional support would be admitting that he needed it, and why would he unless there was something wrong with him?

I do think Rosie is jealous of Phryne, just not in the typical sense.  Jack is still blaming the war for making him a man Rosie couldn’t – or shouldn’t have been put in a position to need to – fully understand.  What Rosie doesn’t know is that Jack can’t use that reasoning to exclude Phryne.  Phryne, through shared experience, has immediate access to parts of Jack that Rosie has probably never seen.  It’d be a relief to Jack to have someone he could bare his soul to, but from Rosie’s perspective it must look like Phryne waltzes into Jack’s life and accomplishes in a short time what she could not (or wasn’t permitted to).

Phryne and Fletcher are the same in that regard.  They each provide something the (former) Robinsons failed to give each other.  No matter how much Jack and Rosie might want to see the other happy, being replaced so easily still stings a bit.

Daniel Skye Imagine (Little Black Dresses and Intangibles)

Okay so I normally only do people from Magcon because they are the people I know the best, but I was asked to do a Daniel Skye Imagine and I know who he is so I will attempt it.

In the future I am mainly doing Magcon Imagines/Preferences/Blurbs etc.

Daniel Skye Imagine for Kelly

Request: I was wondering if you do other fan fits about other famous people ? If do can you do one for me and Daniel Skye and were we meet is at the mall running in to each other ? My name is Kelly


Daniel Skye Imagine

You slowly opened your eyes allowing the light to seep into your retinas and be transferred into an image in your brain as you sat up in your bed. You stretched your arms up and a smile grew on your face.

It was the first day of Thanksgiving break.

No school = No obligations

Today you were planning on going to the mall, primarily to window shop. You were one of those people who had excellent taste in fashion yet when it came to the money…..well it didn’t live up to the price.

You pulled off your duvet and swung your legs over the side of your bed. You stood up and walked over to your dresser where above it was a huge circular mirror.  

You brushed your hair out. You decided to leave it down because it would keep you warmer. You slid off your pajama pants and your t-shirt. You searched through your drawers until you found a fuzzy grey sweater and some black leggings. You put them on and then you went into your closet and pulled out a burgundy/maroon/red colored scarf. You slung it around your neck and smiled at yourself in the mirror. You grabbed a black purse, just to hold your phone and your wallet in case you did end up buying something small. 

Then you skipped giddily down the stairs and into the kitchen where your mom was making mini pumpkin breads.

“Good morning Kelly,” She said as you came in.

“Hey mom,” You replied. “Can I take a few for the mall?” You ask.

“Sure,” She says as she continues to scoop orange batter into the bread pans. You grabbed three and wrapped them up, sticking them into your purse.

“I’m going to head to the mall,” You say as you leave the kitchen.

“Okay, what time will you be back?” She asks.

“I should be back by three, if not then feel free to call the police,” You say with a smile even though she couldn’t see it.

“Haha, very funny,” Your mom says sarcastically. You chuckled as you approached the front door. You grabbed your house key and slid on your black vans.

You didn’t have a car, you were only 13, so you were going to walk to the mall. It wasn’t like the mall was very far, only a couple of blocks, and you liked to walk.

Walking was a way to clear your head, get exercise, and just be outside. It’s a psychological thing but when you’re outside, it just makes you feel better about yourself, like you’re doing something with your life.

You walked out of your house, closing the door behind you and locking it. You shoved the key into your purse and started the roughly eight minute walk to the mall.


You arrived at the mall and you were quite relieved when you walked through the sliding doors to feel the warm air. It wasn’t Winter yet but the weather was still chilly. You inhaled the scent of pretzels, clothes, abercrombie, and much more.

Abercrombie had its own smell that was so distinct you couldn’t possibly miss it. You never really shopped there because 1) the prices were outrageous and 2) most of their stuff just wasn’t your style.

You roamed throughout the mall whilst munching on a bit of the pumpkin bread your mom gave you.

You pulled out your phone to check the time. You didn’t even care to know what the time was, it was just a habit.

11:01 AM

You shut your phone off and stuck it back in your purse. You started walking down the aisles of stores just looking through the windows as you ate your pumpkin bread. 

You had been to the mall numerous amounts of times, but you hardly had anything from here. You passed Top Shop. Well you tried your best to pass it but every time it drew you in.

You couldn’t resist it so you went in. Whenever you went shopping it was always so frustrating because there was so much to look at but your eyes could never take it all in at once. 

You walked around with wide eyes just staring at all the clothes that you will never have.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t try them on.

That was usually what you did. You would go in stores, try on all the clothes, and not buy a single one.


You were in the dressing room trying on about 30 articles of clothing and you weren’t ashamed. 

You pulled on a black dress that had a white collar and ¾ length sleeves.

You weren’t entirely sure about the dress but it looked good on the rack so why not try it on.

“Hello?” You heard someone say. You furrowed your eyebrows at your reflection as you listened to see if they were talking to someone.

“Hello is anybody there?” You heard the voice again. You turned the handle on the door and stepped out with a confused look on your face.

“Yes? Can I help you?” You asked as you came out. You saw a boy about your age standing in front of you. His eyes scanned over your body and you blushed slightly but he was probably just looking at the clothing. “Can I help you?” You repeated.

“Well I don’t know. It seems we are locked in here,” He says with an expression all too serious.

“What do you mean?” You freak out and run out of the changing stall area to the store. You saw that the store was empty, the music had stopped playing, and there wasn’t a person in sight. You turned back to the boy.

“What happened?” You asked worried. This better not be like that thing in Mall Cop where people invade the mall and hold you as hostages.

“I’m not exactly sure but apparently there was an announcement but I guess you and I didn’t hear it,” He says, unsure as he takes a seat on the bench outside of the changing stalls. You slump against the door of the changing room and sink to the floor as you hold your head in your hands.

This can’t be happening. It’s not like there could be a fire, right? You guys weren’t going to die right?

“Hey look its going to be okay,” He says as he comes and sits next to you. You look at him and slowly move away, but not a lot, just enough to establish the idea behind personal space. He didn’t seem phased by it though. “I’m Daniel,” He says extending his hand. You shake it tentatively.

“I’m Kelly,” You reply back.

“Nice to meet you Kelly,” He says with a smile. 

“Likewise.” You two didn’t say anything for a while and it was quite awkward.

After a few minutes you stood up.

“Where are you going?” Daniel asks.

“Well I don’t want to sit here in this dress, I’m going to change,” You tell him.

“Wait, I just realized something,” He says. You gesture for him to continue. “We’re alone in this mall, with all these clothes,” He says with a smirk. You thought about it and you smirked too.

“Wait, there is no way I am stealing this stuff!” You shout. As much as you would like to have these clothes, you knew it wasn’t right and you knew you could never live with yourself if you did.

“Okay fine,” He says. “But you’re getting that dress,” He says referring to the one you were wearing. You look down at it and then back up at him.

“Funny, but $72 isn’t exactly my cup of tea,” You say as you go back into the changing stall. You close the door but Daniel’s hand reaches out and stops the door from shutting all the way startling you.

“Then let me buy it for you,” He says from behind the door. You swing the door open and look at him with a strange expression.

“You don’t even know me,” You argue.

“Do you have to know someone to be nice to them?” He asks with raised eyebrows.

“To be nice, no, but this is not being nice this is being generous. Seventy two dollars of generousness,” You say with hand gestures as you explain to him the difference. He chuckles.

“You honestly think I’m going to let you not buy the dress,” He says amused.

“You’re going to make me?” You ask him as you cross your arms over your chest.

“Yup,” He says with a huge grin. You roll your eyes and shut the door to the changing room locking it just in case. You unbuttoned the dress and slid it off. You pulled your leggings, sweater, and scarf back on. You piled up all of the clothes ready to take back and put them on the racks. 

You paused and looked at the little black dress. You liked it. You weren’t entirely sure of it before but Daniel liked it and for some reason that made you like it. You walked out of the changing stall still looking at the dress. You put all of the clothes on the rack but you were hesitant to hang up the dress.

“Having second thoughts?” Daniel asked from behind you causing you to jump in surprise.

“Don’t do that!” You shout at him and hit him, not hard. He chuckles.

“You hit like a girl,” He comments.

“Gee, I wonder why?” You ask him rhetorically.

“You’re funny.”

“I try.”

“You’re short.”

“Not my fault.”

“You’re cute.”

“All in the DNA.”

“You’re buying the dress.”

“Yeah I am—wait you can’t do that,” You say stopping mid sentence.

“Ah, so you do want the dress,” He says with a smirk. You sighed, you couldn’t deny that you did want the dress.

“Okay fine, yeah I want the dress! But I am grateful for what I have and I don’t need this dress, I just want it. So I can live without it,” You tell him.

“Speaking of being grateful, you should be grateful that I am offering to pay for it. And you should take what I am offering,” He says nudging me.

“Hey it’s not Thanksgiving yet,” You tell him.

“Exactly. It’s not Thanksgiving yet. Be grateful tomorrow and any other day but today, think about yourself and what you want,” He says as he looks into your eyes. “Be selfish for once, want something for goodness sake!” He cries out. You laugh.

“I want things all the time, I just have the will and the sensibility to know that I don’t need them,” You tell him.

“See, that’s what I mean. You sacrifice your desires because you don’t see them as important enough,” He points out.

“Since when is a dress so important?” You ask rhetorically as you hold it up.

“Since when is a dress not important to a girl. This little black dress doesn’t mean anything to you?” He asks.

“No it means something because I want it but there are more important things in life than just clothing,” You remind him.

“Like what?” He asks.

“Well like family, friends, food, water, the electricity bills, love,” You list for him.

“But those are all either intangible things or stuff you have no control over at this age,” He says.

“Yeah but—”

“Don’t you want at least one physical manifestation of your desire?” He pleads.

“Why do you want me to buy this dress so bad? Why do you care? What does it matter to you?” You ask suddenly curious.

“I honestly don’t know, all I know is that you should get this dress. Something just tells me that you need this dress,” He says. You look away and then back at the dress.

“Kelly,” You look up at the sound of your name. “Let me buy the dress,” He says. You sigh and give into his persuasion.

“Alright,” You say.

“YES!” He shouts.

*2 hours later*

You and Daniel had been sitting in top shop all over the place just talking. You found out that you had a lot in common and that he could sing. He was really good at it.

You heard the sound of music and people filled the halls once again. You both sat up from where you were on the floor and stood up. You checked the time.

2:45 PM

You still had time to get home.

“I have to get home by three, but it was really nice meeting you!” You say to Daniel. He looks at you and gives you the most genuine smile and you watched it in practically slow motion as the smile reached his eyes and you’re heart skipped a beat or two.

“Bye,” He says as he gives you a hug.

“Bye,” You say with a smile. You quickly turned and ran back to the entrance of the mall. Daniel’s eyes stayed on you until you were out of sight.


You walked through your front door. You saw your mother was still in the kitchen. You slid off your vans and walked into the kitchen and took a seat. You couldn’t wipe the smile off of your face.


You pulled out your phone.

1 new text message

Daniel: I’ll see you again.

You smiled even more at his message.

“What’s got you all smiley? You get something?” Your mother asks as she sits down next to you.

“Yeah I did,” You say as you turn to her. You pull out the dress and show it to her.

“Wow this is really nice, how much was it?” She asks. You bit your lip.

“Um actually a friend paid for it,” You say uneasily. She eyes you but doesn’t scold you.

“You should be grateful,” She says.

“Oh believe me I am,” You mutter more to yourself.

“Anything else?” She asks curiously.

“Yeah, an intangible,” You whisper to yourself with a smile and an fluttering heart.


Hope you guys like it. And Kelly I hope I lived up to your expectations I tried my best.

Feel free to send me any requests for magcon members!

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For the record, I am very much pro-immigrant

The position of some in my party (I’m a life-long Republican) confuses me.

I mean, we have a person who STRUGGLES to come here. How is that not a good thing?

First of all, they have excellent taste in countries. The only people who wanna go to Canada are those who have relatives there or who can’t get into America.

It’s like college. You have your preference and you have your back-up. Canada is back-up.

These people not only have excellent taste in countries, they’ll work for peanuts. They will clean semen off motel room walls for two bucks an hour. Most Americans wouldn’t even nap for less than $2.50 an hour.

There have always been immigrants in this country and there has always been bitching about them. The first were the Irish. Over in Ireland, back in the 1800s, they decided that it would be a good idea to only grow one crop. It would be THE crop. They would use it to feed everyone. In short, agriculturally speaking, they put all their eggs in one basket.

Well, one season (and a dozen seasons thereafter), the potato crop failed. The Irish came here, to America, as starving refugees. And because this is America YOU CAN’T JUST PUT UP A WALL AND KEEP PEOPLE OUT.

They oozed in. They were hated, discriminated against. Much of it was religious in those days. The Irish refugees were Catholic and pretty much all of America in those days was Protestant.

And you know what? We absorbed those pathetic Irish losers and we’re better for it.

Today, in 2015, the people STRUGGLING to get here happen to be, by and large, darker of skin. Hispanic. Asian. African. Middle Eastern.

The only people going to Europe are going there because it’s closest. Fucking ASK them.

Everybody in the world, still, wants to come to America.

I don’t know, but as an American, I am proud of that.

I see it as an honor and certainly something we shouldn’t be a dick about.

In Europe, the government will actually send someone to your house to suck your dick and give you $500. It was Bernie Sanders idea.

And where does everyone wanna go nevertheless?

Stand up straight, motherfuckers. We have company!

nemesis729  asked:

KC: My pet tarantula/snake (etc) escaped and I forgot to warn the guy below me who is terrified of snakes/spiders

Based on a true story! I used to baby sit for a family that let their iguanas have the run of the house. Thirteen year old me was NOT A FAN.

Great Surprises

After a long day at work Caroline was really looking forward to a bath and some quality time with her couch. But alas, it was not to be. She’d spied a piece of paper on her hallway floor, clearly slipped under her door. She picks it up, brows rising at the angry pencil slashes. The paper’s heavy, edges ragged like it had been hastily torn, ‘3B. Collect your loathsome excuse for a house pet before 6PM or I WILL call animal control

She curses, eyes darting to the clock. “Stupid Klaus,” she grits out. She’s pretty sure he’s bluffing, but she’s not willing to take the chance. It’s 5:58 PM and the building’s elevators notoriously slow. Caroline hastily kicks off her heels, and tugs her pencil skirt up a few inches. And then she sprints for the stairs. She narrowly avoids mowing over a neighbour (but she doesn’t recognize the guy, which means she doesn’t see him often, which means she doesn’t need to apologize) but she makes it, slamming her fist against the door to 3B with seconds to spare.

It’s thrown open quickly and the angry look on the apartment’s occupant’s face fades as he takes in her disheveled appearance. Caroline fights to keep from shifting awkwardly, suddenly very aware of how much leg her rucked up skirt is showing.

Yeah, she probably should have taken a minute to adjust before knocking.

“Where is he?” she demands, shoving past Klaus.

“Safely corralled,” he answers, nodding to his living room.

Caroline lets out a gasp, shooting Klaus a glare when she sees what he’s done. Her iguana’s under a laundry basket, several thick books piled on top. She kneels next to it, speaking softly, “Shh, it’s okay. We’ll get you home and under your lamp and I’ll bring you some blackberries, okay? We’ll forget all about the nasty man.”

Klaus snorts, and sounds highly offended when he replies, “’Nasty man?’ Surely you cannot mean me, sweetheart. I was attacked in my own home by your evil beast. For the third time. Surely that makes me the wronged party?”

“Oh please. He did not attack you.”

“Maybe not,” Klaus mutters resentfully. “But he could have.”

She’s probably rougher with the books then she should be, considering how old and expensive they look. But Reptar was the sweetest and it wasn’t his fault that he hadn’t adjusted to apartment living. “And yes, I meant you. Do you know how scared he would have been had you called animal control? Strangers and cages.” Caroline lifts the basket, reaching out to stroke Reptar’s head. He shuffles closer, allowing Caroline to pick him up and cradle him to her chest. She stands, turning towards Klaus. He cringes away, kind of violently, putting several extra feet of space between them. Caroline stops short, a piece of the puzzle clicking into place. Klaus had been pretty friendly the few times they’d met up in the elevator, dryly funny and a little flirty. She’d been mystified by his brusqueness the last two times she’d had to collect her adventurous pet, “Oh, I get it. You’re scared.”

He scoffs, avoiding her gaze. “I most certainly am not.”

Feeling a little mean, Caroline steps forward. Klaus mirrors her with a step back. And then another, when she closes that distance. Until he’s backed into the wall.

“Wanna quit lying?” Caroline asks dryly.

But Klaus is a stubborn one, clenching his jaw before making another denial, “It’s not fear. It’s perfectly reasonable to be startled when a large lizard drops onto your couch.”

“Did you let out a perfectly reasonable scream?” Caroline teases. “I’m sorry I missed that.”

He reddens slightly, his hands balling into fists at his size. And Caroline realizes that she’s being kind of an ass. She takes a few steps back, depositing Reptar on a chair before approaching Klaus, hands held out, “Look, I’m sorry. It’s cool if he freaks you out. I totally wanted a cat but my mom’s allergic to anything remotely furry. We compromised and I wouldn’t want anything else now.”

Klaus’ eyes stay focused behind her, like he expects her iguana to catapult across the room and gnaw his face off. He clears his throat, “It’s fine, love. But perhaps you could keep him enclosed?”

“Nope. He’s a free range iguana. Gets moody in a terrarium. I’m slowly narrowing down his escape routes however.”

Klaus looks distinctly unimpressed, “Marvelous,” he drawls. “So I can expect more visits, I suppose?”

“You should feel flattered,” Caroline tells him. “He obviously likes you. And Reptar has excellent taste in people. Did not like my last boyfriend. At all. And he turned out to be a cheating dirtbag, so I trust his judgement.”

“Really?” Klaus asks, finally looking at her, a new tinge of interest heating his gaze. And Caroline suddenly realizes that her skirt situation has not been improved by kneeling on the floor. “So if I were to ask you to dinner…”

“I would say yes,” Caroline answers. Because she’s enjoyed their brief conversations, and he’s appeared in a naughty dream or two so she can’t say she’d blind to his attractiveness. But still, she needs to make some things clear. “So long as you understand that Reptar and I are a package deal.”

Klaus swallows hard and nods, “I guess I’ll have to make his acquaintance at some point then.”

It’s more then she’d expected, and she feels a tiny surge of warmth at the fact that he’s willing to try, to step out of his comfort zone, for her. Caroline returns to the chair she’d set the lizard on, “I promise you he’s never bitten anyone in his entire life,” she tells him seriously. “The jumping down from shelves thing just takes some getting used to. He likes to feel tall.”

Klaus drifts closer, within touching distance, though his eyes remain wary and locked on Reptar, “Your choice in animal companions isn’t a deal breaker, love. My brother once dated a woman who insisted that unicorns were extinct, and not mythological.”

Caroline laughs, and Klaus smiles with her, setting his hand on her back to lead her to the door, “So tomorrow? Dinner at 7.”

“It’s a date,” Caroline confirms, her anticipation growing. “I’ll pick you up, save you the trouble of facing the dragon.”