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svu’s new episode about hate crimes against muslims is so…………

like ok shedding light on an issue. but bullshit accents. people who don’t even look like they come from the country they claim to be from. just random shade of brown. a convenient placement of a gay illegal immigrant who will be “killed if he’s sent to the refugee camps.” heavy emphasis on the fact that they were “model citizens” and hella respectability politics. these people put 0 effort into authenticity. 

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did u see the group of latinxs that dragged together one blog that keeps saying shit and defending gringos(they say that thats a slur :/)/white people and their accents last night? I had so much fun watching that shit, it was a mess.

last night there were a lot of latinx blogs dragging gringxs and i had the time of my life.

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Not too controversial, but as a Brit, any of the Americans pretending to have British accents in the show ruin the episodes which they're in for me, because they're often awful. I couldn't stand Daphne's friend from the ski lodge episode, which was such a shame as it was a very funny episode besides that. Also, unlike other Brits I've seen who've watched the show, I actually don't mind Jane leeves' variation on a Manchester dialect! It's not right, but it's not distractingly off either.

I totally get this. I’m from the upper south and I want to die when people do fake southern accents. 

I took my father to see Rogue One today. I’ve wanted to take him for a while. I wanted my Mexican father, with his thick Mexican accent, to experience what it was like to see a hero in a blockbuster film, speak the way he does. And although I wasn’t sure if it was going to resonate with him, I took him anyway. When Diego Luna’s character came on screen and started speaking, my dad nudged me and said, “he has a heavy accent.” I was like, “Yup.” When the film was over and we were walking to the car, he turns to me and says, “did you notice that he had an accent?” And I said, “Yeah dad, just like yours.” Then my dad asked me if the film had made a lot of money. I told him it was the second highest grossing film of 2016 despite it only being out for 18 days in 2016 (since new year just came around). He then asked me if people liked the film, I told him that it had a huge following online and great reviews. He then asked me why Diego Luna hadn’t changed his accent and I told him that Diego has openly talked about keeping his accent and how proud he is of it. And my dad was silent for a while and then he said, “And he was a main character.” And I said, “He was.” And my dad was so happy. As we drove home he started telling me about other Mexican actors that he thinks should be in movies in America. Representation matters.

  • Normal people: the way you talk is wrong
  • Normal people: your accent is wrong
  • Normal people: your tone and inflections are all wrong
  • Normal people: your facial expressions are wrong
  • Normal people: your contributions to discussion are all so terribly wrong
  • Normal people: you're not smiling properly
  • Normal people: your body language is an abomination unto mankind
  • Normal people: what is wrong with you and your hand gestures
  • Normal people: make more hand gestures or everyone's going to think you're a serial killer
  • Normal people: I have never before beheld a horror like that of your natural voice
  • Normal people: don't talk about your interests
  • Normal people: but make sure you do talk
  • Normal people: can't you just watch the normals and copy what they're doing?
  • Normal people: no you weren't supposed to copy that bit
  • Normal people: everything about the way you interact is wrong
  • Normal people: why don't you want to be social??? Why don't you want to TALK to people???? Why are you so quiet and withdrawn???
The only thing I want is to be able to travel, to look around and know where I am yet don’t know at all, to meet new people and languages and accents and monuments and food and cultures, to be able to look around with an entirely new sense of wonder. I think then I’ll be home
—  c.t.//excerpt from a book I won’t write
Seriously, this is the tiniest thing.

Like, a very small concern. A minuscule nitpick.

But folks, it’s Len, not Leo.

Here’s why:

Bones is a man of the deep south. I grew up in Arkansas. I can say it. People with southern accents are lazy speakers.

Put down the pitchforks, and hear me out.

We don’t like to enunciate. We don’t like syllables. 

I’ll give you an example.


Ladies and gentlemen, when I was first exposed to the term, “y’all’d’ve,” I did not understand. 

In fact, I’m not ashamed. I had to google it.

I immediately laughed so hard.

Because where I’m from, we don’t say, “Y’all’d’ve.”

It’s, “Y’all’da.”

As in, “Y’all woulda.”

There’s no V sound. 

In fact, the idea of a V sound at the end of “you all would have” was so foreign to me that I did not even recognize it was a thing. 

Which brings me back to “Len.”

Ask anybody south of the Mason Dixon to say, “Leonard.”

I’d bet good money that, phonetically, what comes out is “Len-ard.” 


Leonard is two syllables (as I pronounce it - I’m sure some will disagree). Leo is two syllables. Len is the phonetic diminutive of Leonard (as the McCoy family likely pronounces it). Len is only one syllable. 

Lazy speakers, remember? 

In other words, what’s the point of a nickname that’s not any easier to spit out?

For the record, I absolutely love the name Leo. I think it’s adorable. It’s quirky and masculine. It’s a great name, and a great nickname. It’s just not Leonard McCoy’s.

I’ll admit, I have a little bit (little bit) easier time imagining Leo as a nickname for AOS Bones. That’s probably because I find it impossible to divorce De from the image of the quintessential “southern boy.” Not sure if it’s the cadence of his speech, or the way he says nuclear as “nucular,” or if it’s just because he’s the original, but De is Bones, Bones is Len

Like I said, it’s the tiniest of nitpicks. I love a Leo fic as much as I love a Len fic. 

But to me, he’s Len. 

South African TV Watcher Problems

I feel the need to rant. 

As some of you may know, I am a South African. And as a South African who watches a whole lot of American TV, I have developed a pet peeve against having South African characters showing up in American TV shows because I can count on my one hand the amount of times they’ve gotten the accent right.

So, for those of you who don’t know, South Africans do not sound European, German, Dutch, or Australian, which are the accents normally given to South African characters, and it really greats my cheese. 

South Africans have many unique accents, and they rarely ever actually get heard when South African characters show up on American TV (I don’t watch much British TV so I can’t speak for them)

Now, don’t get me wrong, I know South African accents are difficult, but it is not impossible to learn how to do them. 

For those of you would like to hear what a South African accent really sounds like, you can find them here:

> Leverage s01e01 - Gina Bellman is amazing and her South African accent in this was so well done, I almost thought she was South African.

> Captain America: Civil War - Dear, sweet Chadwick Boseman did such a good job with his accent when he played T’Challa, and John Kahni, the actor who played King T’Chaka is a South African man, you can’t get an accent better than that.

> Avengers: Age of Ultron - When Andy Serkis showed up on screen as Ulyesses Klaue and opened his mouth a legit thought I was listening to a South African man speak. Imagine my surprise when I found out that he wasn’t one! Guys, I have not heard a better South African accent done by a non-South African than I what I heard coming from this man’s mouth.

> Voltron Legendary Defender S02E03 - Bet you guys weren’t expecting this one. Yes, my fellow Voltron fans, when you hear Ulaz speak, you are indeed listening to the voice of Arnold Vosloo, another South African man. Hearing his voice made me so happy, especially since he did not hide his accent as I have heard so man *cough - Charlieze Theron - cough* actors and actresses do.

So, there you have it people, don’t trust every South African accent you hear on screen, chances are you will be hearing some other accent.


ps: this was brought on by the addition of Doctor Becker on Chicago Med. She is supposedly South African. Her accent suggests that she lied about where she comes from coz it sure as heck ain’t South African

Things that confuse me in Fallout 4:

  • you can heal Nick Valentine…with a stimpack??
  • burnt and ruined books, empty lunchboxes and napkins somehow don’t count as “Junk” but functional circuit boards, biometric scanners and distress pulsers do
  • How the Institute hasn’t found the Railroad HQ yet, considering there is a massive red line leading directly to a location that has their fucking logo painted on the outside wall
  • the password is  R-A-I-L-R-O-A-D ffs how has nobody besides some random dude from a vault figured this out before
  • how did Ironsides get on that ship. also where did he get that sweet hat
  • Diamond City people remember what Halloween and Christmas is, but have forgotten how baseball works despite living in an old baseball stadium
  • how can the Bobrovs have a Russian accent when nobody’s had contact with Russia in 200+ years? same for Cait’s Irish accent or Proctor Quinlain’s british
  • “yes I’m sure this 200 year old irradiated canned slop is still good to eat”

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So I'm not american, and I've been living in the USA for 3 years now. I have a pretty strong accent and I can't pronounce some sounds right no matter how hard I fucking try. I joke about if, my friends joke about it (i say "three trees" as "tree trees" etc) and it's fine. But yesterday I met an internet friend and holy fucking shit. Every sentence I said was interrupted by him YELLING the words I said wrong back at me and then throwing his head back and cackling. I felt like fucking shit.

Lord that’s awful. I hope he’s no longer an internet “friend”.

Especially annoying because English is one of the least prescriptivist languages out there. Like there are dialects of English that I have trouble understanding, but they’re entirely valid dialects. A lot of Brits think American accents sound very nasal-y (they’re right, we nasalize a ton of sounds). I know Southerners who are embarassed about their accents. Linguistic and accent diversity is a good thing.

As a British person I’ve never understood the appeal of the ‘British accent’. Are you into the good ol’ Somerset farmer accent? Scouse? Cockney? South Walian? North? Belfast? Edinburgh? Glasgow? Essex?Yorkshire???? Is it the Tom Hiddleston accent ?

For real I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone that speaks like him, he’s disturbingly well spoken

okay but i know a lot of people are on the knight jeremy train, but hear me out for a second

king jeremy

one of the youngest kings out of the current kings to rule. he may not know a whole lot, but he tries his best to learn all he can so he can run a successful kingdom. who always puts his people first and is one of the kindest rulers. who creates beautiful buildings and structures either for people to live in or to decorate the kingdom. who is fair and kind and courageous. a man who is a nightmare on the battlefield and can destroy armies with little effort. a man who charges into battle with hell’s fire in his veins. who, after every battle, weeps for the lost lives and goes to the homes of the knights who gave their lives to say his condolences to the families, should their families be alive. a king who gives it his all to protect everyone, even if they have committed crimes.

literally just give me king jeremy who tries his best and is always optimistic and trying to make his kingdom a welcome place for all to come to.

with Oscar Isaac and Diego Luna becoming fandom faves, I think it’s important to take a moment to re-evaluate the way you talk about your latinx faves.

as a latinx, I have often seen people talk about these actors and their characters in a way which makes me uncomfortable. this mostly comes in the form of them and their speaking spanish. for example: I have seen a lot of people referring to Diego Luna’s accent when speaking English as “cute” or “adorable”, yet these are a lot of the same people who would side-eye any Mexican/latinx with English anything less than perfect. It also relates to the immediate sexualization of the spanish language when it comes to these actors. I cannot count the amount of times people post things such as “[insert latinx character] speaking spanish during sex”. It makes it seem as if speaking their native tongue is inherently a sexual activity. I also see videos of them speaking spanish being posted with captions calling them names like “papi” and this is extremely harmful to the way people view the latinx community. there is already an extremely sexualized view of latinxs, specially women, as they are expected to be suave and sexy and curvy thanks to media stereotypes. By constantly assigning a sexual value to a person speaking spanish, you are helping to perpetuate this which ultimately is not gonna help anyone.

there is a very vast difference in the way people talk about their white faves vs. their latinx faves. there is an immediate sexualization of spanish only when it’s convenient. by praising these actors for speaking their language, you are making it seem as if spanish is only beautiful when spoken by a lucky few, only by the people you deem worthy enough to speak the language and be praised for it, while latinxs everywhere get harrassed for speaking it on the street. I understand this is not the intention of most people, but it still comes off that way and it is very harmful. Even when headcanons say things such as “[insert character] swearing in spanish when they’re mad”. It glorifies these aspects of them being bilingual but only when done by them, if a normal latinx swore in spanish in public while mad they’d be viewed as aggressive. These actors/characters are viewed as a show, kind of an extension of the “omg say something in Spanish” phenomenon. You’re viewing them through a lens that makes them into objects due to their ethnicity.

In summary, I am 100% on board for latinx characters and actors becoming fan favorites. I cannot begin to tell you how happy it makes me. However, be careful of how you speak of them. Appreciate the spanish language and their latinx roots, but do it in a way which is mindful and respectful.

Don't EVER make fun of:

- Jisoo’s faith as a Christian
- Hansol’s being half-Korean half-white
- Woozi’s height
- Seungkwan’s love for his mom
- Minghao’s accent when he speaks Korean

World-Building 102 - Creating a Culture

Hey y’all, Abby here with another writing post! Today, we’re going to be talking about culture and how to create one for your world. (Lots of questions today.)

Consider the social hierarchy.
Is it based on wealth? Race? Political favor? How complex is it, and can a person easily move through its levels? Do people of higher levels within the society get certain privileges? Can people between different classes marry (if so, what happens to their rank?)? How easy is the system to understand? Can anyone understand it, or is it something that must be studied? Are there common jobs among each class? Are these ranks instituted?

What about government?
How complex is that? What form is it? Democracy, republic (there is a difference), monarchy, socialist, communist, totalitarian? (Of course there are more forms than the ones listed here.) Or is it one you created yourself? How does it work? How many people are in charge and how did they get there? What role to the common people play in the government and what is it? Are there often government scandals? If so, are they widely known or kept on the down-low? Is political power more associated with wealth or popularity? What are the most common/popular political opinions? How strongly do people feel about them?

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Probably unpopular opinion, but I really hope elain doesn't immediately accept lucien as her mate. Not because she wants her fiancé or because she doesn't believe him, but because she doesn't want someone who isn't willing to fight for what is right and that will push him to stand up to tamlin because he wants to be better. And I want elain to come to this because she sees how wrong she was with feyre and that she wants to be better too.

(Just an FYI, I meta’d all over your ask in a Lucien-centric way, that’s why it took me a while to answer and also sorry this got long.)

I definitely agree with some of your points here, especially Elain not accepting the bond/Lucien right away. I’m not into the idea of Elain just falling into Lucien’s arms, and I think your comments show exactly why that would not be realistic or even desirable - there are a lot of things standing in their way right now, a lot of things for them to work through either as individuals or as a couple. I think a lot of people agree with you about not wanting them to be an instant couple, but maybe for different reasons.

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