people will probably skin me for this


I wish this guy was just a strawman to prove a point, but unfortunately he’s not. I’ve had this conversation over and over with the same damn people.

Having PCOS is probably one of the most frustrating parts of my life because people, male and female, doesn’t understand that being overweight is part of the illness, and being overweight is such a stigmatized thing in our society that everybody think they know what’s wrong with me and feel a need to tell me how to fix it. And to make it worse, PCOS is a bit different from person to person, so some PCOS patients might not be overweight but suffer from oily, spotted or miscolord skin for example, so if someone knows another person with PCOS they might say “The other person I know isn’t overweight, so…”


(note: I’m not gonna talk about Trump mocking Serge Kovaleski primarily b/c Kovaleski does not ID as disabled and does not want to be used as a political talking point. Which is fair.  yes, it was awful. no, you don’t get brownie points for agreeing with me that it was awful. Disabled people have evolved to have thick skin, and a politician mocking us is not new or unsurprising. this list will deal with policy and specific issues facing the broader disability, autistic, d/Deaf//HoH, and neurodivergent communities.)

(other note: I generally use adjective-first language but I probably also used person-first language in here somewhere. I personally prefer to use the former for myself but I respect that other people in this community use different language.)

-the federal site for IDEA has been taken down

-all mentions of disability rights have been deleted from the website

-betsy devos had no idea what the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act was when asked and stated that standards for accommodations in education should be left up to the state (this is a TERRIBLE idea)

-if Obamacare is repealed, we have the most to lose. Most of us will not be able to afford medical expertise or treatment to maintain a basic quality of life. Some of us will die.

-he called one of his books Crippled America. Unironically. Ugh. 

-the january 2017 unemployment rate for nondisabled civilians was 4.9. For disabled civilians, it was 11.0. These numbers do not reflect the number of disabled individuals who work inadequate part time jobs, who are institutionalized, or have given up looking for work.

-the US still has not signed the UN documents about the rights of People with Disabilities. 

-Justices like Justice Kennedy have historically been swing votes on cases involving disabilities. Justices like Scalia have not. Potential Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch has a very ugly disability rights record, which includes defending a college that fired a professor undergoing chemo when she requested to give her lectures over skype (there was a flu going around on campus and being there would put the staff member in danger due to her suppressed immune system)

-By the time he was elected, Donald Trump had already dealt with at least eight lawsuits concerning lack of basic accessibility (ramps, braille) on his properties

-the Supreme Court case legalizing the sterilization of potentially disabled people without their consent (Buck v. Bell) has never been overturned and has been cited as a legal precedence in a lower court as recently as 2001.

-the Judge Rotenburg Center is still using painful electric shocks on disabled students as punishment, despite the FDA advising them to stop more than two years ago.

-similarly, many disabled people are not  paid federal minimum wage b/c section 14c of the “Fair Labor Standards Act” is still on the books and so hundreds of thousands of disabled peoples’ wages are “proportional” to their productivity (compared to an abled worker). Goodwill is one of the most famous companies that exploits this loophole.

-the already gutted SSDI program is even more at risk-Trump has spoken about emulating the British reforms for their disability program. Off the top of my head, I can think of nine or ten different people who died as a result of the recent “fit to work” assessments and bedroom requirements in the UK.

-disabled people depend on the Department of Justice’s civil rights division to enforce the ADA and protect us from blatant discrimination. Trump has already proven that he does not care about the funding or effectiveness of the department, and is willing to destabilize it to forward his political goals. 

-Donald Trump is anti-vax and is complacent to that movement’s violent and intolerable rhetoric surrounding autistic and other neurodivergent individuals

-Sessions called disabled children protected by federal laws (like IDEA) “the single most irritating problem for teachers throughout America today”. In this same statement, he stated that he did not “remember hearing of gun shootings prior to 1975 when Congress began telling ten percent of our students [they] are not responsible” (the IDEA was passed in 1975, improving the way disabled children were treated at public schools)

-the new administration’s refusal to address fatal police brutality is also an issue of disability rights, given that around half of victims shot by police officers are disabled or neurodivergent. (like eric garner, who had asthma) 

In case this list didn’t clue you in: the disabled community is scared. We don’t know what to expect from the next four years, we still haven’t come close to equality, and we are usually left to fight our battles alone. That’s why I’m asking whoever reads this to stand with the disability community against ableism and against policies that will kill us. People have done a great job in the past few weeks of expressing solidarity with muslims, immigrants, refugees, latinx people, LGBT people, and black people. And, honestly, that’s great. Thank you and please keep doing it. But also be aware that disabled people are one of the most vulnerable demographics right now, and be aware that we’re also one of the most ignored. We are made invisible by the media and by society too easily. Please, you have to see us and you have to stand with us. 

Looking back on history, it’s impossible not to notice that people with disabilities don’t fare well in authoritarian regimes. Please help us make this time different.

Love and First Sight: Chapter One

Vice Principal Larry Johnston extends his hand.

To clarify: I don’t see this. I hear the swish of his shirtsleeve.

“Nice to meet you, William.”

The fabric sound plays again&emdash;the hand retracting.

“I’m sorry, I guess you can’t do that now, can you? You probably want to feel my face?”

He grabs my arm and smacks my palm against his cheek, knocking me off balance so I have to step into the musk of his aftershave.

“Where do you normally start? Eyes? Nose? Mouth?”

He shifts my fingers across the front of his face with each suggestion. His skin is rough and pockmarked, like the outside of an orange.

“No, actually, I don’t do that,” I say, pulling my hand away. “I identify people based on their voices.”

“And…also…” I add. I can’t resist. “Yes?” he asks, all eager to please.

“Well, I don’t usually touch faces, but I am gifted with a heightened sense of smell that allows me to recognize a person’s pheromones, which are concentrated just below the ear, so if you wouldn’t mind … ?”

I touch my pointer finger to my nose.

His excitement drops. “Oh…you want to…smell… my ear?”

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Honestly, my notp in bts wouldn’t be my notp if the shippers weren’t so rude to my otp. I have no other problems with any other ships in bts. It’s just that one particular ship gets under my skin the way my notp does and it’s not even that the people don’t go together. It’s honest to God because of the shippers and I think that a problem.

Okay guys I know I’ve joked about it before but for real… Jack is colorblind.

Lemme clarify:

Jack is more than likely red-green colorblind. It would stand to reason. That’s why he wasn’t suspicious of Ikra. See, my dad is red-green colorblind. And a very specific incident comes to mind.

He was once watercoloring a page for a children’s book he was trying to work on (it didn’t happen, the author couldn’t get published), and there were people on the page. After hours of working on it, me and my mom walked over to get a little peek. And our faces fell. My mom was the one to ask him, “Are… Are they supposed to be green..?” My dad COLORED THE PEOPLE GREEN BECAUSE TO HIM IT LOOKED LIKE A LIGHT PEACHY SKIN TONE. He started labeling his palette after that. 

So what I’m saying is… Jack probably wasn’t suspicious of Ikra because he probably straight up didn’t know she had green skin.

The man. Is. Colorblind.

Eyebrows | Joker x Reader (Oneshot)


Note: Sane!Joker

“You know, you’re absolutely crazy,” I said, sitting down on the bed, yawning as I let myself fall back into it. “You’re the most crazy sociopath I know.”

The Joker nodded, glaring at me. “Anything else to add?”

I shook my head, smiling a little. I probably shouldn’t have been pissing him off intentionally, but drinking did that to my inhibitions and fears. Then another idea popped into my head. “Wait,” I said, sitting up. “I have one more thing to add.”

He sighed, wiping his makeup off as I admired his pasty white skin. “What is it?” he asked, looking at me through the mirror.“

"Why do you pretend to be crazy?”

He finished getting the lipstick off his lips, beginning to chuckle as he turned around. “Because people get scared.” He dropped his towelette and walked over to me looking pretty normal aside from the lack of eyebrows. “And because when they’re scared, they listen.”

His finger found the soft pressure point near my shoulder, by my chest, and he pushed until I lay back. “Why are you so nosy all of a sudden?”

I stared into his eyes before I just found myself giggling. “You have no eyebrows.”

He gave me a deadpan look as he crawled on top of me. “And that’s so funny why?” he asked putting on his Joker voice.

I giggled some more, reaching up to touch them only to have my wrists pinned above my head. “It doesn’t make sense,” I said, staring at the skin. “How did your eyebrows come off, but the rest of your head hair didn’t? Don’t people ask that? Are you just bald everywhere else? How does that - ”

His lips silenced me. “Wouldn’t you want to find out,” he growled, kissing me again.

Feeling the burn from yesterday’s workout🔥P.s I know you probably can’t see, but I have cellulite on my butt and upper thighs. I know a lot of people are self conscious about them and I use to be too, but it’s something that’s apart of me and I will most likely always have cellulite! No one has flawless skin and all body’s are different, it’s important not to compare yourself to others and embrace the skin your in because you are beautiful ❤️ follow me on Instagram @nicole.frenchie ❤️

What your preferred Legendary skin says about you: Defense Heroes

overgrown- lbr this is the definitive best bastion skin and if you have it you’re gonna wear it regardless of how much you actually play bastion
woodbot/antique- the best at ambushes. surprisingly effective whenever they appear, but acually don’t get potg. a little sadistic though.
gearbot/steambot- probably chill people but you make me nervous for some reason
blizzcon2016- i’ve seen this skin ONCE and they were completely average and got potg like any fuckin bastion.
sidenote: tombstone is the poor-players overgrown. if you use this one you probably do play bastion a decent bit though.

okami/lone wolf- indistinct impressions here because pretty much every hanzo main uses these if they’re using a legendary on him. lone wolf players seem to be slightly better.
young hanzo/young master- w h y . you enjoy playing hanzo but hate his character.; you’re using it out of spite for him

fool/jester- gets potg with the tire every damn time
dr. junkenstein- you’re actually??? completely fuckin average junkrats.
hayseed/scarecrow-probably a fairly passive player; you get up somewhere high and just start lobbing ‘nades. keeps teams at bay, but only moderately effective overall. lays on top of enemy players in skirmishes.
sidenote: junkrat players seem to have this thing where the hayseeds and jesters hate eachother. why.

abominable- mei is your waifu and you can seperate enemy teams like nobody’s business. generally the friendliest meis, but do NOT cross them. definitely sadistic.
yeti hunter-same as abominable but without waifu aspect.
rescue mei/firehouse- my GOD you’re obnoxious. not deliberately, but you’re aware of how much everyone hates you for being good at mei like this.
mei-rry- actually actively wants to piss people off.
chang’e-the highly dedicated mei players who do not care about the immense amount of hate she’s gathered. you just genuinely love her. also you probably snipe people from halfway across the damn map.
luna- same as above but are more prone to being little shits

deadlock/chopper- light-hearted torbs that love to sit with people, but also effective players who kill flankers.
santaclad-friendly but not very good at turret placemnt
backbeard/barbarossa-the few of you that exist are those assholes whose turret gets potg while you do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING PRODUCTIVE

comtesse/huntress- least likely to be an asshole, as widow players go. fairly dedicated to her and hope she gets help. comtesse is friendlier, probably the only one that won’t kill people in skirmishes.
odette/odile- probably don’t play much widow and just using it  'cause they have it. odettes can be serious dicks sometimes.
noire-definitely just showing off. might also be a baaaaad tryhard.
sidenote: honestly i don’t notice a lot about widow players because she’s never very actively involved in matches and i don’t interact with them much, beyond getting my healer ass sniped.

Offense | Defense | Tank | Support

piper-mccool  asked:

honestly I've never given much thought to the fandom's interpretations of sadie's appearance but it's definitely Weird that most ppl (including me, I'm calling myself out) immediately picture very light skin and straight hair etc. like obviously there are white-passing biracial people but the fact that seems to be the default image for sadie's appearance says loads

it’s particularly peculiar bc, like, okay yah straight hair probably comes from the official art

which isn’t necessarily the best benchmark anyway because rick’s characters are frequently whitewashed…i mean, for comparison, just look how appallingly light carter’s official art is:

but even in the official art, she’s definitely not pale. you probably wouldn’t think she’s black from looking at her, sure, and that’s true to canon, but she’s certainly not pasty white, and her hair is definitely not that super fine platinum blond. anyway, we can assume that if carter is much darker, then so is sadie.

also, this is the book cover rick praised for finally not whitewashing the kanes…sadie is still quite light, but notice that her hair is curly:

anyway, “white passing” is very subjective, and changes tremendously based on lighting, season, who you’re with, and where you are.

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You know, other tahn the good things about ot7, Nobody asked about the things. So I thought, why not me? Waht do you think are offputting traits about the boys? General ones that majority people will find offputting?

This will probably come off offensive to some, so I ask that everybody takes this answer with a spoonful of salt because I’m going to go completely filterless with my answer. It’s all my personal opinions too, so feel free to disagree. I’ll do hyung line for this, because it’s pretty lengthy.


  • Uncomfortable in his own skin. Seokjin has been very public with his self-confidence and all, but sometimes I feel that it comes to a point where he’s no longer just being confident, but he’s doing it to make him feel his own self worth. When other members say that he isn’t handsome, you can tell how it affects him emotionally; it puts him in a bad mood. To be honest, I don’t think Seokjin has ever really felt comfortable where he is, especially because he dreamed of being an actor, not an idol. Putting him in such a line up would’ve placed great pressure on him, and he probably wasn’t all that open to the idea at the start, even though he might’ve grown into it now. Generally, I think it’s specifically because he was made to do something that wasn’t his original intention, that makes him feel kind of out of place? To the point where he says things like his entire life is awkward, and him continuously saying he’s handsome is just a form of self comfort, you know what I mean? I think Seokjin needs a lot more reassurance than we think he does.
  • Unreadable. I honestly think Seokjin is someone who fits into the present day terminology of what a snake is. Honestly, what do we really know about him other than the fact that he likes pink, he likes Mario, he likes ahjae gags, he’s handsome? I feel that he’s someone who is going to take a long time to really know, and being around him can potentially make you feel very awkward/uncomfortable. I think he’s pretty dangerous, to be honest.
  • May be overtly domineering. I’ve read a lot about people saying Seokjin is a pushover, but I beg to differ great time. I feel like being in a relationship with him can sometimes make you feel small, especially with his tendency to be the one who does the taking care of in a relationship. Also, he’s really stubborn. I do think he’d want things to go his way for the most part, so if you have a strong personality, Seokjin wouldn’t work out with you.


  • Lack of self care. Yoongi probably already qualifies as a workaholic, and he never leaves the studio/dorm unless he’s really in need of something. He’s the type to overwork himself and continue working despite being sick, and I think that’s a mentality that’s really, really bad to have. He’d end up reducing his own life span and neglecting everything else around him.
  • Nonchalant. If you’re looking for someone who would shower you with a lot of love, Yoongi isn’t the one for you. Yes, I do think when he commits himself to someone, he’d love the person a lot and he’d be really sincere, but it’s not something that would be painted on him. He’d care, but it’s going to be in the most subtle ways possible. I also don’t see him as the best candidate to be listening to your problems? I mean he’d be great if you were looking for someone to tell a secret to, because he’d a) completely forget what you told him or b) he just really doesn’t care and hence doesn’t remember what you told him, but it’s because of these two points that would make him a bad candidate to be voicing your problems to.
  • Individualistic. I don’t really think Yoongi is a team player. When he’s excited, he’d join the rest of the members and he’d be a good sport about everything, but when he isn’t in a good mood, he just excludes himself from everything. Just as much as he doesn’t think about his own health, I think he focuses a lot more on what he wants than what anyone else wants, which can be a pretty bad trait to have in a boyfriend, since relationships are a lot about compromise.
  • Uncomfortable to be around for long periods of time. This came out of J-Hope’s mouth, and for someone who is generally a people’s person to say that, Yoongi must be hard to be around for a long time. I think when Yoongi opens up to someone, he feels comfortable and so he shows sides of himself that others wouldn’t get to see. This includes his extremely talkative side, and I do think that when you’re actually really close to Yoongi, you listen to him talk about himself/his passions more than you get to talk, so if you’re the type to talk a lot, or you get tired of being around people who talk about themselves/the topics they want to talk about a lot, then Yoongi probably isn’t the one for you.


  • Reticent. As much as Hoseok is the most husband material in BTS, I think he’s the hardest to figure out. It’ll probably take a lot to get Hoseok to trust you, in order for him to start opening up to you. It has been a prominent feature in him, wherein he doesn’t talk about his problems. I think he readily shows his emotions on his face/actions, but for him to talk about what made him behave that way, it’s another story. Hoseok feels like the type you get tired of trying to pry open, but if you’re patient enough, you’d get there.
  • Mood swings. I think Hoseok’s mood is really unpredictable, and it’ll easily fluctuate, which I personally see as a very dangerous trait to have in your s/o. It can make one feel an unnecessary need to constantly watch their words/actions in order to not accidentally fault in front of him, and further upset him. I also think he doesn’t have the best temper out there, so that’s something you can consider.
  • Mysterious. I don’t think mysterious is really the word I’m looking for, but it’s the best that came to mind. Hoseok feels like a very thick, closed book, with tons of pages/chapters to get through, and no matter how far you go in the story, the end never seems near. Generally speaking, I think it’s near impossible to know what Hoseok is thinking unless you’re an empath, and even then, it can be hard to figure him out. I think it can get really tiring trying to reach the end of Hoseok’s book.
  • I don’t know what to headline this as, but have you ever noticed how Hoseok likes physical affection only when he’s the one doing it? Remember how he back hugged Jimin (21:32 mark) and Jungkook (1:35 mark), and he held on for a long time? But then when it’s the members who hold on to him, he pushes them off? Like Taehyung here (2:21 mark), he doesn’t remove his hand once, he does it thrice. That’s not the only time he did that, he does it quite often, it’s just something I realized. I don’t know about you, but if he pushes me off like that I’d feel offended.

Rap Monster

  • Too caught up in his own world. If you can imagine waking up and going to sleep listening to him talk about the most philosophical, abstract topics in the world, Namjoon’s the one for you. If not, nope. Personally I don’t really think it’s a bad trait per se, but it can be a very tiring trait to deal with. Sometimes I feel he needs to tone down his thoughts a little, it’s really way too emotional/excessive sometimes.
  • Narcissistic. I think Namjoon is the type who knows what he’s good in, and what makes him look good. In a way, I think you can say he’s rather high maintenance as well. I don’t really feel the need to say much about this, because I think it’s pretty evident in the way he acts/talks.
  • Lowkey cocky. Is this the same as being narcissistic? Either way, I think Namjoon has this mindset where he’s always right? Like his thoughts and everything? I don’t know, it’s just something I noticed with how he carries himself. He has a very different perspective from others, that I agree, but it gets to this point where it feels like he’s lowkey just trying to be different sometimes. I’m not saying he does it intentionally, but people with high IQs tend to be a little more, I don’t know, different?
  • Again, I have no idea what to headline this as. But I think Namjoon has a personality that can get annoying after a while. I don’t know if anyone else feels this way, but from the way I see him behaving, he’s pretty no filter, and it can easily hurt the people around him. For example, Taehyung has been open about how he doesn’t like being called weird/an alien. But here (3:50 mark), Namjoon just casually remarks that Taehyung does weird things all the time. Also, he seems to focus a lot on what he’s interested in, more so than what anyone else might want. I just feel that his personality is one that isn’t meant for everybody, meaning to say that not everyone can appreciate such a personality.

There are probably more, but I can’t think of more now.

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We're Still Breathing

“You still have hope?”

Bellamy’s heart ached at the tone of Clarke’s voice. He’d only heard her sound like this a few times. The hopelessness, the sheer nothingingness in her voice triggered an almost tangible pain in his gut. Just minutes ago Clarke had been standing in front of their people, eyes flashing with determination, her skin almost glowing in the setting sun. She had looked fierce. She has looked like the strong, competent leader that Bellamy knew she was.

Now, though, that part of her was stripped away, leaving behind a young girl that threatened to be crushed under the weight of the responsibility that she owned but didn’t ask to have. She seemed to almost shrink in on herself, takin up the least amount of space as possible. Her eyes were desperate. Bellamy would give anything to allow her to never have to look at him like hat again.

“We’re still breathing,” he said. It wasn’t a direct answer to her question, but it was close enough. As long as he was still breathing he was going to fight like hell to keep it that way. As long as Clarke was still breathing he had hope.

Her expression changed, subtle, but Bellamy could see it. Despair warped into disbelief, settled into sadness. It made Bellamy want to reach out and touch her, console her in some way. She deserved that. She deserved to not have to pretend to be whole for a moment.

So he did. Bellamy’s hand settled on Clarke’s shoulder, hesitant, half expecting her to shrug him off and claim that she was fine. There was work to do. Instead, Clarke’s hand found his. Her fingertips grazed the hair on the back of his forearm before coming to rest on the back of his hand. She turned her head, her eyes closing, and Bellamy'a breath caught in his chest when Clarke nuzzled the area where their skin touched.

She was young, yes, but so was he, and this was one of the rare moments when Bellamy was reminded that they were barely older than kids. They shouldn’t have to pretend to be perfect, capable and strong and infallible when in reality they were broken and just trying to keep their pieces from falling apart.

But, Bellamy thought, as he watched the frown lines easing from Clarke’s forehead and felt her breath fan out over his hand, at least he was there. At least Clarke had one person she felt confident enough in to stop pretending. Because if she needed to let the world down for a minute, Bellamy was more than willing to hold it for her when she did.

  • Mom: Tell me about this boys from Kuroko no Basket.
  • Me: There’s Kuroko. He is invisible motherfucker who scares people and he is totally in love with Kagami. Kagami has double eyebrows and he looks like God but is only 16 years old. There’s also Midorima who has green hair and is obsessed with his fingers. He probably sniffs them. Aomine is japanese and has dark skin, nobody knows how. Akashi has two personalities, he is scary as fuck, but he just wants to be the best hairdresser in the Japan. Murasakibara is a giant who eats only sweets but is still athletic and slim. I'm so jealous. Kise he is...he is gay for Kasamatsu. They like sadomaso. Believe me.
  • Mom: I never asked, okay?
  • Me: Okay.

Okay, here’s a thing. I’ve read ALOT Lance fanfics, mostly Klance, but I see this a lot and it legitimately bothers me. 

Lance has BLUE eyes.

I read a lot about his canon surname “McClain” being changed to any other Spanish name someone can think of and changing his eyes from blue to brown. 


Lance has blue eyes. That’s canon. We see it EVERY EPISODE. It’s what makes his connection with Blue and the water so riveting and it creates such a nice contrast with his brown skin! Non-Caucasian people can have blue eyes, particularly when they’re mixed ethnicity, which Lance probably is looking back at that picture with his family.

(Sokka and Katara had brown skin and blue eyes and no one tried to change their eye color!)

Lance is the Guardian Spirit of Water and has eyes to match this title.

Thank You. Goodnight>

Rant time:

So, I just watched the video of Josh falling into the crowd on Twitter and it actually really upset me. I don’t usually post about this sort of thing but what i saw in a matter of 15 seconds just really got under my skin. 

For one, it didn’t look like he was being held up very well, which Tyler just tweeted a few days ago about this. Not having your phones out while they’re in the crowd. To support them. I know that for some people it was probably a little difficult. And even though it may have been an accident, it also could have been prevented. But what really got me upset was once he fell everyone swarmed and started grabbing at him. Groping would probably be a better word. Grabbing at his butt and I’m sure some people grabbed at his stuff too. Someone pulled at his pants, I even saw someone grab a fistful of his hair. 

I get that everyone was excited and in the moment but that is no excuse to grab at someone like that. I mean, pulling his hair? Really? Did no one think that it probably hurt? Did they also forget that Josh has anxiety, and no one cared to make sure he was okay. I can’t imagine how he felt during that moment and after. He probably felt super uncomfortable having a bunch of (I’m assuming) teenagers grabbing at his butt and at his junk. Personally, I would feel really violated if that happened to me. 

My point being is that if this were to ever happened again try and help instead of harass and grab them. I’m sure it would be difficult to help but it would be a lot easier to at least try. They’re people just like us and deserved to be treated like everyone else. It’s already bad enough that there are so many younger fans calling them “Daddy” and saying a bunch of vulgar things to them or about them. I get that you find them attractive, because so do I. But please don’t grab at them and say stuff like that to them. It’s just disrespectful. These are two people you look up to and idolize, don’t treat treat them like that. And what’s really sad is that this is the second time this has happened.

And this really goes for any artist you’re seeing. Have respect for them. Stop sexualizing them. They’re not objects, they are people with feelings that more than likely don’t want to be grabbed at. Or have those sorts of things yelled at them or tweeted to them or whatever. I honestly cannot stress that enough. 

I just really hope that this doesn’t make them stop doing things in the crowd, because I’ve never seen them before and that is one of the things I’m most excited about. I’d really hate for that to get ruined by people that don’t know how to act. But more importantly, I hope that Josh is okay. 


In 2001, Mitchell Hunter was riding in the passenger seat of a car as it hit an electric pole. Mitchell was struck with 10,000 volts of electricity for nearly five minutes as he pulled the female driver to safety.

He survived the ordeal but suffered a severe facial disfigurement and a lost leg. Luckily, he didn’t feel a thing. “People tell me I’m fortunate that I don’t remember [the accident] because it would probably be a lot of pain.”

Mitchell’s experience suffering through the depressing ordeal has allowed him to build his strength back up. “I look back on it as something that made me stronger,” he explained. “I mean, yeah, I’d like to have my leg and my face back, but without that happening, I wouldn’t be who I am today.”
Despite undergoing more than 20 initial corrective operations - grafting skin from his legs, arms and back - children would still scream at the sight of him in the street.

In a desperate bid to regain some normalcy in his life, Indiana-based Hunter submitted himself to become one of the first people in the world to receive a face transplant in 2011.
Five years later, now 35, the father-of-three has spoken out to describe his incredible recovery, insisting he has never felt better.


I just realized I never shared these photos on here but after I posted them on Instagram I had a few people reach out and tell me I helped them with their insecurities for similar skin problems, so here I am, #thepowerofmakep. Probably gonna make this caption a little more sappy than I did on Instagram, apologizing in advance. I’ve struggled with eczema for awhile, mostly on my back but recently it’s been taking over my face. In February of 2015 I decided to stop using topical steroids to treat my rashes because of the damaging effects on your body and also the price of these creams. I feel like these are the types of photos guys make jokes about on Twitter with the whole “this is why you take her swimming on the first date.” So I just want to say (first of all fuck you that’s fucked up) makeup is fun, sorry I want to go out in public without anyone asking me what the hell happened to my face. But it’s also important that I feel comfortable in my skin. The past 8 years have been a struggle but I’m learning how to manage it. I get flare ups because of the place I work, I get them when I wear new clothes without washing them in my detergent first, and when I sweat. (Shout out to being allergic to my own sweat). Having eczema in school sucked, people are mean, bullying is real. I hope those people are nicer now. I’m sorry this paragraph is all over the place, I’m not too great at organizing my thoughts. Just thought I’d share this to help anyone who may be struggling with the same stuff whether that be eczema, acne, scars, psoriasis, or any problem you may feel insecure about. Be a bad bitch everyday and please please please don’t take anyone’s shit. Know you look fab and be confident till u die ✨

actual-avery-grey replied to your post “i hate it when ppl say “Allura isn’t black” well why tf her skin…”

I see her as Indian but that’s probably bc that my cultural background and I see representation in her. Out of curiosity, have they ever disclosed a background? Or is she just seen as Alien?

oh wow so did i!!! i grew up and live in a very indian neighborhood and Allura reminded me of my best friend growing up (who was from Kerala). So i always thought she was Indian but i see the fandom mostly discusses her as Black, which is just as valid and good. but it’s nice to see other people hc’ing her as indian!!! i’m glad you see representation in her!!!

and no, they’ve never really discussed it and she’s just an alien (to the best of my knowledge that is) 

I already have level 7 mastery with Galio, as well as all his skins, even the legacy! I love playing him and I’m excited for his rework release, but it also made me see a lot of other people say that Galio before was ugly and useless. He was not useless at all! It makes me so angry because they probably played him once in some ARAM game and dont understand how he works!

Nevermos: Ugh, I hate mormons!

Me: Oh my god same???  How they shame young girls’ bodies and teach them it is their god given duty and destiny to be nothing but mothers and wives, preach that people of color (particularly black and brown people) are dark skinned because of the ‘sin of their ancestors’, the emotional manipulation, using peoples tithings to fund a shopping mall in Utah instead of helping its poorer members, excommunicating women who question why women don’t have the priesthood, excommunicating members for being openly gay, not respecting trans identities because “you’re born the gender God made you”, putting too much emphasis on ‘forever families’ resulting in so many bad and toxic relationships that the bishop won’t give permission to break up, brainwashing children from a young age to only make friends with other mormon kids and priotize only the Church in their life, having an abusive, homophobic, transphobic, racist, and misogynistic hierarchy. Why do you hate mormons?

Nevermos: The missionaries are just sooo annoying!