people will go apeshit

  • young writer: how do i make a story people will want to read
  • me: 1. i know the urge is to worry about audience first and foremost and the thrill of being read, and being read widely, but i must advise you to do stories you want to make most of all, and put them out with your whole heart
  • me: 2. okay, real no bullshit answer time: organizational systems they can classify characters into. like the houses in harry potter. people go apeshit for that
I'm Going Home
Dan Domenech & Company
I'm Going Home

I’m Going Home (Final Performance)- Dan Domenech & Company

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okay @ last anon, but people calling him gay, him saying he's not gay and such /has/ been an ongoing issue on his professional life, and the whole 'if you've been following for a while' thing definitely points to the whole disaster w his customer service blog etc. also, in the last live show he mentioned naming it something which would make some people in the phandom go apeshit so im thinking it has to do w shipping. Anyway,

I wasnt gonna but...

I see a lot of people going apeshit about Square not putting these things in FFXV in the beginning and I get youre all frustrated but in game development the more is in your game the more you have to make time for it and the more money you have to put into it. Tabata and the BD2 worked their ass off on this game and really wanted it to have all that detail but they had to fit what they could in time. The fans were pressed down on them, the company was pressed on them they probably had to cut a ton of stuff out in the process. It happens, but tbh this game turned out super great for having to be torn apart and built from the ground up again. Square as well could have just said “whatever” and not bothered to fix it for you but THEY ARE. THEY KNOW THEY SCREWED UP THEY ARE TRYING. Im sure they arent going to do just one thing from that list I think they want to know what the priority thing you want to see and go from there. Just be grateful they are actually doing it for you. It’ll all be fine…you will all be fine…

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As somebody who started gaming when 3d was the standard, what was gaming even like in the 80's? What direction were you even expecting games to go?

Oh, gosh.  Honestly, I could never have anticipated back then the kind of games that we have now.  As a kid back then, I was blown away when Jurassic Park came out for the SNES with the indoor segments that were pseudo-3D:

It looks absolutely archaic now, but back then, it was some amazing shit to a little girl (yes, I’m aware that Doom had come out the year before, but I didn’t learn about that until years later, and that was on PC).  Then the Nintendo 64 came out, and later the Playstation, and suddenly you could genuinely move around things!!  When I played GoldenEye with my brother, I was just amazed, which I’m sure is hard to imagine, given how outdated the graphics are by today’s standards:

(Of course, RARE had a knack for creating impressive games that utilized console technology to the fullest)

Though the in-game player models weren’t the greatest, I remember people going apeshit when Final Fantasy VII came out, with the commercials showing the cutscenes.  Similarly, I remember I just had to have Parasite Eve when I saw photos of the cutscenes for that in a gaming magazine, because it was 3D gore.  When I saw that first rat mutate, I was just stunned.

After that, it was really just a matter of watching models become smoother and smoother over time, so it was less of a “shock”, though still pleasantly surprising to see the increasing tiny details in each new game to come out. 

I feel incredibly fortunate to have watched video games go from games on the Magnavox Odyssey²–

to games with incredible atmospheres like The Evil Within

or the cancelled Silent Hills teaser, which ran on the marvelous Fox engine.

Don’t even get me started on watching a character model I’ve spent hours meticulously customizing talking in cutscenes, because the level of work necessary to make that happen still impresses me (even though the game is older now, I just really enjoy watching my angry mohawk guy in Saints Row 2 bossing people around with his big ol’ muttonchop sideburns).

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I'm on Twitter and this chick, that's a LESBIAN, claims that "Lesbian does not mean liking a woman." She also has in her bio that "Terf is a slur" and ???????????????? I'm ??????????????????????? Her account is @*radfemtori if y'all wanna see this for yourself. - 🎀 Ribbon Anon 🎀

I’m shitting rn oh my god

“Lesbian doesn’t mean liking women”


“Terf is a slur”

I’m going apeshit in my bedroom I just threw my reaper plush halfway across the room

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Why do SJWs go apeshit over people for shipping "problematic"/"age-gap" pairings and accuse people of paedophilia/abuse apologism at the drop of a hat but do absolutely nothing about actual paedophiles/abusers? (of which there is no shortage of in the sjw community...).

It’s a mix of virtue-signalling and desperately trying to hide their own abusive behaviours when it comes to sex.

I mean, look at memeufacturing. Constant virtue-signalling, “calling out” adults that fantasy-roleplayed “DD/lg” etc, but then it turned out that he was emotionally manipulating his “friends” and then pressing fellow minors to take pictures of themselves for his own fetish, including asking for nudes – something that he clearly used for masturbation purposes.

You just cannot trust people that are desperate to shut others down for nothing more than fictional content and paint themselves as “pure.” I guarantee that there will always be something awful and abusive in their closets. But remember to separate them from the people that are reasonable and simply say things like, “I hate X” or “X is gross.” You only need to worry when you come across the “X is gross and if you like X in fiction you’re evil and abusive/a paedophile/a rapist/etc and I would never do anything like that because I know Right from Wrong” virtue-signalling because it’s a surefire way to spot someone that’s either actually abusive, or someone desperate to hide the fact that they enjoy exactly the same – or “worse” – than those that they obsess over “calling out.”

it takes so little to tip you people off. i eat sushi with a fork, i like pineapple pizza, some country is good, people who go apeshit when they see Vagina in Fruit art are more annoying than Vagina in Fruit artists

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10 and 19. <3

10.  Most disliked arc? Why?

I’ll go with the one that bored me more than others (because my dislike/rage about certain plots—Dumblerage—are actually important to canon for the most part). I honestly dislike the first book with the traps and Quirrell. Like … for all the plot holes in the rest of the books, all I wanted was for SOMEONE on the Hogwarts staff to be like “Wow, either we’re really shitty at creating decent traps to hide this fucking rock or Dumbledore wants some first year children to be able to get through all of these.”

19.  What is the one thing you hate most about your fandom?

That ships have become like politics and religion and people just go fucking apeshit over their defense of characters. 

I’ve literally had people read over 700K into a story only to bail because I DARED to have my protagonist call Ron out on some shit she didn’t like (he still got an awesome HEA, btw, and learned a great deal from the experience.) I’ve had people jump into a story that’s in NO WAY about Snape whatsoever, and say “Please don’t hurt him. Please give him a HEA.” and then accuse me of bashing if I give the man a splinter. 

There are some shippers that are so intense, that if someone complains about that part of the fandom (for good reason) they’ll pop out of the woodwork and pull a fandom version of white straight cis male privilege and be like: “Okay, but not ALL ____ fans are great big assholes.”

People seem to forget the lessons we supposedly learned while reading the books in the first place.

Salty Ask

Rocket Angel Week - Day 5: Private Work Affair/Public Scandal

[Background: 5 years later. World’s less messed up. Overwatch now legit and are celebrity heroes. Yeah. Don’t take this one too seriously ok.]

Fareeha kept her face buried in her hands, wishing the snickering would stop. The blush had burnt across her cheeks the moment Jack dropped the literal news on them. She peeked through her fingers at the screen in front of the briefing room, groaning again when she saw the stupid photo still displayed for everyone to see. It was of Fareeha and Hana walking through the streets of London, from the little vacation they took with a few others. The moment captured was just after Fareeha offered to buy the latest gaming rig for Hana’s birthday. Hana, thoroughly overjoyed, flung her arms around the soldier and gave her a kiss on the cheek. An innocent, friendly peck. Captured by some stupid paparazzi’s camera. Obviously, it had been blown out of proportion.

She was utterly mortified when Jack flashed the tabloid article on the screen. But Hana laughed so hard she almost knocked herself out on the table. Her reaction set off a chain of laughter that still had not subsided. Ten minutes passed, and they were still bent over in their chairs. Hana’s hand slapped repeatedly against the table as she cackled breathlessly. She lifted her head to read the title out loud.

Hana Song Dates Fellow Agent Fareeha Amari

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Today I watched that Magdalen Berns video on the transing of a 5 year old girl and holy shit. The way the “gender therapist” changed her opinion from “love your child, let them express themselves however they want” to “they must transition ASAP!” is incredible.

Also how the news story says “the youngest members of the transgender community”, and Magdalen says if someone said that but about the gay community people would go apeshit, which is so true.

My therapist said that sexual orientation isn’t fixed until age 25 (which she said to invalidate my bisexuality of course, and I don’t believe it, who knows where she got this from. But let’s say that’s true, how can someone age 20 not know their sexual orientation, but a 5 year old has the knowledge of their “true” gender identity??? The wisdom to begin dangerous and irreversible medical treatment?).

I’m not opposed to medical transition, but the way it’s being used on children, (who research has shown will probably grow up to be gnc gay adults) and even a lot of adults aren’t aware of the risks, is so irresponsible. Let gnc people exist!

The Ultimate 90′s Nostalgic Toon Place

So today after watching the CN Powerhouse Era bumpers, I just had the ultimate orgasmic dream. Imagine Disney, Fox, Time Warner and Viacom (parent company of Nickelodeon) created the ultimate channel where you have shows from the One Saturday Morning Era, the Powerhouse Era and the Frame Era (which all corresponds from 1992 to 2004). If not a channel, then Goddamnit streaming website like Hulu or Netflix. Like, look at the awesomeness it would have!

  • 101 Dalmatians: The Series
  • Buzz Lightyear of Star Command
  • Doug
  • Hercules: The Animated Series
  • House of Mouse
  • Lloyd in Space
  • The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
  • Pepper Ann
  • Recess
  • Schoolhouse Rock!
  • Teacher’s Pet
  • Teamo Supremo
  • The Weekenders
  • Gargoyles
  • Batman: The Animated Series
  • The Justice League
  • Dexter’s Laboratory
  • Johnny Bravo
  • Cow and Chicken
  • I Am Weasel
  • The Powerpuff Girls 
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy
  • Mike, Lu & Og
  • Courage the Cowardly Dog
  • Sheep in the Big City
  • Time Squad
  • Whatever Happened to… Robot Jones? 
  • Codename: Kids Next Door 
  • The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy
  • Samurai Jack
  • Foster’s Home of Imaginary Friends
  • The Flintstones
  • Looney Tunes
  • The Jetsons
  • The Smurfs
  • Space Ghost Coast to Coast
  • Aqua Teen Hunger Force
  • Toonami
  • Megas XLR 
  • Rugrats
  • The Ren & Stimpy Show
  • Rocko’s Modern Life
  • Aaahh!!! Real Monsters
  • KaBlam!
  • Hey Arnold! 
  • The Angry Beavers
  • CatDog
  • Oh Yeah! Cartoons
  • The Wild Thornberrys 
  • Rocket Power
  • As Told by Ginger
  • Invader Zim
  • The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius 
  • All Grown Up!
  • My Life as a Teenage Robot 
  • Danny Phantom
  • Godzilla: The Animated Series

In addition we can have these shows as honorable additions to this library since they have that nostalgic, classic feel to them.

  • The Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • The Avatar: The Legend of Korra
  • Gravity Falls
  • Adventure Time
  • Regular Show
  • Steven Universe

Granted it would be way too many shows to have on a channel which is why you need a website for this. The way I saw it is it is a joint partnership with all of these companies coming together, splitting the profit. Sure it would pricey like 8.99 a month but think about the amount of people that would go apeshit over this! I mean at this day and age where DVDs and other home media devices are becoming less common and internet streaming being the common force I bet you 20 smackaroos that a whole generation of people would pay to have membership for this site or watch it in a heartbeat.

Best part is we can have the ultimate Fridays again. Whose with me?

Things people do that piss the signs off
  • *i would strongly suggest checking Mars too*
  • Aries: people. telling. them. what. to. do. don't do it
  • Taurus: when people try to treat their hard work like shit (ex: "oh Taurus! You didn't work THAT hard on it! Please!" or "*snorts* THIS is what you managed to do?" *talking about a project Taurus put their blood, sweat & tears into)
  • Gemini: people who try to one-up them (knowledge wise) basically people who try to make them look stupid
  • Cancer: when people RUDELY & UNNECESSARILY insult those & things that they adore/love (this includes favs & idols!)
  • Leo: when people ignore them & talk over them! Oh & when people steal their jokes & get explosions of laughter for them
  • Virgo: when people take advantage of their (limited!!! very limited!!!) kindness. they like to help people, not be their slaves
  • Libra: when people are unfair, unjust & when people have favorites & show it. that will make them go apeshit
  • Scorpio: when people betray them, lie & break promises. if you cannot keep your word, don't even make it bc chances are, Scorpio did not make you promise; you did it on your own & they trusted you
  • Sagittarius: when people disrespect their values & morals. they never call out people's beliefs so it ticks them off when people do it to them
  • Capricorn: when people do things the easy way & get the same (or more) credit/respect, when they happened to actually work their ass off for it
  • Aquarius: when people take credit for their work & ideas & then are rewarded for it
  • Pisces: when people take them for granted & expect them to bow down to them just bc they're not that assertive & aggressive

The Undertaker [1999]

My absolute favorite era of The Undertaker was when he upped the ante and went from being pretty creepy to being downright terrifying. When The Undertaker got screwed out of the WWF Championship by Vince McMahon, along with his brother Kane (who wound up joining The Corporation), The Undertaker became more maniacal than ever. He started venturing further into darkness, amassing a legion that he called The Ministry Of Darkness. This group included Paul Bearer, Mideon, Viscera, The Brood (Edge, Christian, and Gangrel), and The Acolytes (Bradshaw and Faarooq). The group dominated strong over the WWF, eventually guiding The Undertaker to the WWF Championship at Over The Edge 1999 after an alliance was formed between The Ministry Of Darkness and The Corporation, known combined as The Corporate Ministry.

One of the most memorable segments involving The Ministry was when The Undertaker strapped Stephanie McMahon to his giant T logo and attempted to marry her, before the marriage was stopped by Stone Cold Steve Austin. I remember people going apeshit over that. Shortly after, The Undertaker crucified Austin by tying him to the logo and hanging him over the entranceway as he posed underneath. Such a powerful image to see the face of the WWF being put on display by the strongest presence of evil in the company’s history.

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I realize something: Why is it that when a kpop group does a popular dance from America that is created by black people, kpop fans go apeshit and wanna do/learn the dance. But when black people do it, "Omg they look so stupid LMFFAAOOO" "I can't believe this is what our generation came to" or they make racist remarks, like seriously lol. The dance only became cool when the oppas did it mkay.