people will go apeshit

  • young writer: how do i make a story people will want to read
  • me: 1. i know the urge is to worry about audience first and foremost and the thrill of being read, and being read widely, but i must advise you to do stories you want to make most of all, and put them out with your whole heart
  • me: 2. okay, real no bullshit answer time: organizational systems they can classify characters into. like the houses in harry potter. people go apeshit for that

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okay @ last anon, but people calling him gay, him saying he's not gay and such /has/ been an ongoing issue on his professional life, and the whole 'if you've been following for a while' thing definitely points to the whole disaster w his customer service blog etc. also, in the last live show he mentioned naming it something which would make some people in the phandom go apeshit so im thinking it has to do w shipping. Anyway,

Today I watched that Magdalen Berns video on the transing of a 5 year old girl and holy shit. The way the “gender therapist” changed her opinion from “love your child, let them express themselves however they want” to “they must transition ASAP!” is incredible.

Also how the news story says “the youngest members of the transgender community”, and Magdalen says if someone said that but about the gay community people would go apeshit, which is so true.

My therapist said that sexual orientation isn’t fixed until age 25 (which she said to invalidate my bisexuality of course, and I don’t believe it, who knows where she got this from. But let’s say that’s true, how can someone age 20 not know their sexual orientation, but a 5 year old has the knowledge of their “true” gender identity??? The wisdom to begin dangerous and irreversible medical treatment?).

I’m not opposed to medical transition, but the way it’s being used on children, (who research has shown will probably grow up to be gnc gay adults) and even a lot of adults aren’t aware of the risks, is so irresponsible. Let gnc people exist!

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Okay can you guys explain something to me, since you're like a mchanzo encyclopaedia and apparently I am too dumb to get it. That Remember that picture of a guy that people were mistaking for Gabriel and then Chu confirmed it's not Gabriel. WHY is this such a big deal and people are going apeshit over it? Has this guy from the photo been confirmed to be Reyes before and now Chu ignored that? I seriously don't get why this can't just be some other character?? Or am I missing something? Thank you

I think people are just shocked that it wasn’t Gabe this whole time, and mostly also want to know who it actually is. Is it Doomfist? Is it some random OW cadet who accidentally made his way up front of the picture? Is it Gabe’s evil twin? WHO KNOWS.

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GG posted pics, saying he's dreaming of hiatus. People started going apeshit over that, calling him "ungrateful". Yes, people. Nevermind he and the cast have been working almost nonstop since July. Even people who work regular jobs look forward to the weekends. Even though in those pics, I was looking at Jett and Nora instead.

Shit, when I’m at work I am also dreaming of not being at work, and I don’t even get three+ months off.

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how are you a magnet for gross creeps getting super pissed at you? I'm not jealous, just morbidly fascinated

if i had to guess, it’s probably because i’m a straight white male that blogs mostly about video games which makes the average Internet Dickhead think that I’m good company. Then I say something like “black people are people” or “i think pedophiles are bad” and aforementioned dickheads go absolutely apeshit like I’m Brutus and I just drove a dagger in to their back. Go to bed, little Caesar, nobody wants your nasty cheap pizza here. 

i’m smashed send help

seriously tho i just need to talk to people about literally anything before i go apeshit

ask me for my number and call me to talk me off my figurative ledge thanks

You know what's kinda sad?

How much we prioritize aesthetics over performance. Not to hate on bodybuilding, but it seems like every bikini competitor on Instagram has 43,000 followers, while girls deadlifting 4 plates have 350.

Both things are great. If you’re working towards a goal, that’s fantastic. If you are trying to better yourself, power to ya.

I just don’t get (well, I guess I do) why people go apeshit over a picture of a tiny model with “abz” and a “booty,” but yet other girls who are putting up huge numbers or performing these awesome feats of athleticism are kinda overlooked.

I am just so much more impressed by someone doing ring handstand push-ups than striations and shit like that.

It upsets me that the fitness industry is so incredibly shallow and disordered sometimes, despite the fact that it’s supposed to be about “health.”

I feel like the reason why so many people like Rhonda Rousey is because she bridges the gap between those worlds? She’s the kinda girl that gives guys hard ons but also makes their dicks retract back inside of their bodies out of fear.

okay but give me more Asami geeking out over things

  • asami squeeing over new upgraded tools because yes this is the thing I needed now I can make radios on wheels
  • asami ranting and raving a mile a minute about her new ideas for spirit-inspired travel to korra who just smiles and nods because she has no idea what she’s even saying but damn you’re cute
  • asami talking and grinning with spirit animals who are interested in her inventions and are open-minded to technology so long as it doesn’t harm the environment too much
  • asami going days without sleep because dammit I will get this car to reverse easier if it’s the last thing I do
  • asami designing satomobiles for people that are disabled to navigate around different environments easier
  • asami going absolutely apeshit over meeting suki for the first time because an impressive non-bender who has access to SOKKA’S ideas and workings? HELL YES
  • asami giving mako motorcycle lessons because oh my god you useless firebending dork that’s not how you turn
  • asami with makeup smeared and hair tied up working on designs with pencils sticking behind her ear and korra just watching her work with wide eyes because damn get in my bed
  • asami being an engineer and being passionate about things please she is more than her tragedies. she is not something that is shattered. she is something that builds the new from the rubble.

So Troy Baker quotes a joke about Brett Michaels that just mentions Caitlyn Jenner and the Sensitive Joss Whedons on twitter get angry thinking it’s a snide remark about transpeople(it wasn’t) and harrass him, Troy Baker then makes a tweet saying “it’s sad when people would rather be offended than laugh” and they go even more apeshit to the point he leaves twitter…

And somehow Troy Baker is the bad guy in all of this?