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imagine: you and scott go out to get a puppy together and things end up getting heatedly. 

warnings: cursing, oral sex (both receiving), fingering, public sex. I guess that’s it. 

word count: 2420

“I still think this is a bad idea, honey.”

“Oh, no, Scott.” I muttered whilst shaking my head in denial, not believing for a second that he would dare to start up with that shit again. “We’re getting a puppy and that’s it. Don’t even try to talk me out of it, you know you suck at arguing with me.”

“Fine. This isn’t over, though.”


Giggling, I left the frowning man behind and started to explore the huge house, watching closely the distinct breeds of dogs scattered in small white fences. This particular place was a farm upstate, meaning that we had to travel for a couple of hours to get there, but I was so excited that I didn’t even mind.

Ever since I was a kid, I always enjoyed a lot the animal company, choosing every time to be amongst them rather than being with the ordinary humans. However, due to my parents’ work, I kept moving from city to city, which forbid me to have a pet of my own. Of course it saddened me deeply, but I understood the reasons beneath it and I learnt to work things out.

Everything changed when I moved to small town called Beacon Hills. My dad started working at the police station and my mum at the local Hospital, both at firm jobs, therefore allowing us to finally have a spot to call ours. Yet, that wasn’t why I loved it so much. It was there I met the most amazing people in world, my friends, and a super stubborn boyfriend, whom I admired to the bone, despite his apparent hate towards dogs. Might be the competition though, considering the boy is an alpha werewolf.

Oh, yes! My caring partner, besides being that, was also a supernatural creature. The most powerful of them. And I was his mate. It is sort of a complicated story.

“How do you like them so far?” Scott quizzed, gripping my shoulders and pulling me towards his chest, leaning in so he could kiss the crook of my neck, sending chills all the way down my spine. “Huh, babe?”

“Stop that.” I purred back, eyes slightly hooded. “I don’t want to rip your clothes off and ride you in front of all these adorable puppies.”

“If you keep talking like that, I’m the one who’s going to do the ripping.”

I laughed, pulling out of his embrace and tuning around, capturing a gaze filled with sin. The smirk that curled his lips wasn’t exactly pure either. Urgh, I was going to kill him for doing that to me in public spaces, especially when he knew I was right about to enter my heat period.

“You smell so damn good…” His voice sounded extremely soft on my ear, again erupting a series of jitters. I just couldn’t resist the sensations the black haired boy gave to me. “Fuck, babe.”

“Stop with teasing me, Scott…”

Upon hearing those words, McCall swiftly pressed me up against a wall, sucking love bites on every ounce of skin his tongue managed to find. In the light of such actions, the wetness inside my panties started to increase considerably, making me throw my head back, feeling his hands sneak down, finding the hem of my dress and playing with it as he kept savouring me. I couldn’t avoid the strangled moan that left my lips.

“Sh, we don’t want anyone to hear it, do we?”

I nodded weakly and watched while Scott got down on his knees, yanking my hips closer to his face. Afterwards, the boy stuck his head in between my legs without reservations; I could feel his warm breath fanning over my clothed pussy, making me clench instantaneously in anticipation. He placed a single kiss on it, his tongue slowly sliding down, wetting the fabric with his saliva.

“My poor wolfy needs her alpha, doesn’t she?” Another pant crawled out my lips whilst I blurted out an “yes”. He chuckled, strongly gripping the back of my thighs, poking my clit with his nose. I wasn’t going to last long if he kept this game going. “Very well, I must fulfill her wish then.”

My boyfriend pushed my knickers to one side, revealing my throbbing core, and didn’t hesitate to dive into it. While his mouth done wonders, I felt two digits being pushed inside my slit, hitting sweet spots and provoking a couple of low groans. Senseless, I instinctively bucked my hips forwards, trying to deepen the intimate contact. Scott growled, pinning them on the wall, speeding up the pace, thus bringing me insanely close to a damn good orgasm.

“Oh, shit.” I muttered, chewing my bottom lip to avoid the pornographic sounds I so desperately wanted to make. “I love the way your pretty tongue licks my clit, babe. Keep doing just that. Fuck.”

“Does my baby girl want to be fucked by it?”

Although the tall man had made a question, he sure as hell didn’t give me time to answer it. In a blink of an eye, my leg was placed on his shoulder, widening my entrance to him, nearly making it look like I was a buffet and he was going to feast on it. His fingers were drawn out of my aching pussy, they were glistening with my juices still when Scott began circling my bundle of nerves with them. However, the breaking point was the silky touch of his tongue on my core, pounding in and out at a hellish stride.

A couple of more thrusts, along the constant stroking, and I came loudly, yelling for him. His name falling over and over again from my lips. I couldn’t help it. My entire form was shaking. Plus, if Scott wasn’t holding me, I would have fallen to the ground, for my legs were limp. My high had won me over completely.

With a proud smile on his lips, McCall stood up straight, snaking an arm around my waist to keep me in a normal standing position. I was still breathless when an old lady showed up, her eyebrows scrunched together, and asked if we were okay. The glasses lying on the tip of her nose made her look severer than she probably was, which drove me to be nervous, because I was clearly doing something I shouldn’t.

“Oh yeah, thanks.” Scott waved her off, wearing his good boy smile. The woman’s traits softened and she walked to us, offering to show us around. “That would be lovely.”

“Than come along.” She said, after Scott happily accepted her proposition. “We will hopefully found a perfect pet for you.”

“I’m sure we will!”

With the lady explaining each breed’s particularities, I found myself more and more in doubt of which I should take home. Also, I was a bit tipsy from the mind blowing climax from earlier. Although I didn’t want to, my mind kept going back to those scenes, getting my panties soaked up all over again.

Scott cleared his throat, forcing me to look at a small litter of German shepherd puppies which were grunting and clawing the small white fence that held them together. The second I laid my eyes on those little things, I knew it had to be love at first sight.

“Those.” I said, approaching the gorgeous babies. There, I knelt, exposing my knuckles to them, feeling the puppies biting them playfully. Yes, it was damn right choice. “I want one.”

“Oh, they are lovely! I’m sure it will fit you well if you want protection.”

“That’s not my worry. But I’ll take one anyway.”

“Alright.” The woman nodded lightly. “Do you want a male or female?”





“I’m the one who’s choosing.”

“But I don’t want a male dog!”

“Sadly, that is not up to you.” I picked up one, once the lovely lady told me which ones were male, and held him close to my chest. “This is it, thanks.”

“Okay, I’ll fill in the paperwork and then I’ll just need your signature.”


The same way she appeared, the woman left us alone quickly, disappearing within the dark corridors. I glanced at Scott, who had his arms crossed and was frowning angrily, obviously not pleased with my decision.


“You better know you’re paying the big bucks for this.”

“By big bucks you mean fucking me until I’m senseless?”

“You bet I am.”

“Then I’m looking forward to pay the big bucks, darling.”

Grunting, he followed me to the front door, where I signed, rather swiftly, the adoption papers. Afterwards, I matched to the Mercedes parked outside, resting my back against it and watching Scott approach slightly upset. Yet, albeit his traits looked as if he had chewed lemons, I knew Scott wasn’t really that mad. Matter fact, I was sure he was loving the whole situation.

“Come on, Scotty.” The mellow sound that left my lips broke the twenty minute silence he built up once he started driving. “Don’t be so mad. Didn’t I say I was going to make it up to you?”

“I’m not mad, darling.”

“Of course you are!”

“No, I’m not.”

Sighing, slightly frustrated, I slided my hand up and down his right thigh, feeling its warmth against my palm whilst Scott moved uncomfortable in his seat. A smug smirk curved my lips as I kept going up, only stopping when my digits were dangerously close to his crotch; the contact made him gaze at me with eyes narrowed, mouth hanging open.

“Stop with that, please.”

“Stop with what exactly, baby?”

“Provoking me!” He abruptly stopped the car, hitching the tires on the road by doing so. “How am I supposed to go home like this? It’s so fucking uncomfortable!”

My eyes fell to the bulge underneath his trousers, which made me chuckle softly; poor boy was in need of a helping hand. Maintaining the amused traits, also not saying a word, I carefully placed the doggy on the back seats, preventing him to see what was going to happen next. Once the little animal was safe and sound, I went back to my place, guiding my hands to slowly massage his hard on, hearing him grunt while biting his bottom lip.

“Get rid of those for me, baby.” I asked, staring at him with all the desire I had within me. My entire body was lit, craving to be touched, to be pleased. And McCall was painfully aware of it, so he didn’t hesitate to kick off the pieces of clothing he had on, exposing his length to me, causing my mouth to water instantaneously. “Good boy.”

“Now what, babe?”

“Oh, Scotty, don’t worry.” Wetting my lips, I started to position myself so I could reach the place he needed me the most. Scott’s breath hitched on his throat when I got too close to his twitching cock, staring at it with desire. “I’ll help you blow off some steam. What do you think of that?”

“T-That’s great.” He stuttered, sticking his fingers on his hair, anxiously. I couldn’t help but think he looked incredibly cute all nervous for me.

Not being able to hold any longer, I firmly supported my elbows on his seat, clutching his throbbing dick and giving it light pumps, just to set the mood. As I moved up and down with my hand, I could feel my own sex getting slicker, for the whole scene was overwhelmingly hot to me. I just couldn’t help myself.

Scott, noticing my bad shape, reached my backside, slapping it hard and roughly shoving two fingers inside me. I groaned, finally placing a wet kiss on his tip, gaining a raspy moan as a response. Satisfied with the outcome, I started to playfully swivel my tongue around it, sensing him tensing up under my touch.  

“Go all the way, babe.” McCall pleaded, hoarsely. “Please.”

Deciding to grant his wish once and for all, I sank down on him, swallowing his cock until it reached the back of my throat, eliciting a gag mixed with a silky, girlish moan. Saliva started to drip from the corners of my mouth as the movements got slightly tougher. The alpha werewolf growled, soaked in pleasure, and grabbed a fistful of my hair with his left hand whilst the other one slammed into me using two of its digits.

“O-oh, babe.” The boy murmured, tightening the grip on my hair. “You have such a nice mouth!”

I could feel that he was insanely close to his orgasm, which drove me to intensify my tongue work. My nails were sliding down, scraping the bare skin of his thighs, erupting a series of low, raspy pants and causing him to curse under his breath.

Sweat coated my forehead, I could feel the droplets falling as I continued to bob my head and up down on Scott’s length. As for me, the built up tension on my lower stomach only grew worse by the second. I knew I was on the verge of my second peak. However, before I could get there, my boyfriend screamed, cumming in hot spurts inside my mouth without any kind of warning. He squeezed my ass, giving another set of thrusting until his high was over. I gulped it down, raising my gaze to observe his blissful state.

“Feeling better, darling?” I quizzed, turning around and lying on my back, my head on his lap. Scott was trying to even his breath, but he didn’t mind to start circling my bundle of nerves again. “Oh, shit.”

“I said you’re paying the big bucks.” His tepid fingers dipped on my entrance, making me screw my eyes shut and feel the tension all over again. “Count it up.”

“Don’t stop, S-Scott.”

Taking his stride to a whole other level, I wasn’t exactly surprise when I came undone in a short amount of time. Scott’s name slipped through my lips in loud squeals while I arched my back, the climax winning my form over. Feeling completely fulfilled, I just heard our ragged breaths mingle and let out a tired laugh.

“Can you please be nice now?”

“Oh, my darling, if getting mad at you means I get a blow job like that, get ready to be mad all the time.”

“You’re a jerk, Scott.”

“A jerk that loves you.”

“I love you too.”

Pecking my lips, he helped me back up and we went on with our little trip, both completely happy to have one another and to have started our own cute little family.

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Could you recommend me some Pokespe fics? 🕊💛

Hey there, anon! I’m quite surprised you asked me this question, but I’m thankful that you did. :)

*rubs my hands together* I got a few, really good fanfics to recommend. Some are new, some are old. Most of them are Franticshipping ones (where Ruby and Sapphire are in character), but I will also recommend my friends’ fanfics too. And it’s obvious I mostly read the franticshipping ones, hehe… well… THEY’RE MY OTP OKAY. I JUST LOVE THEIR FRIENDSHIP/RELATIONSHIP AND AHHHHH. T-T

I’m new to AO3 so most of these are from FFN since I’ve been there for five years with that old account, but don’t visit that account. It’s abandoned and an embarrassment and the fact that I have a crossover fanfic there with 32 chapters that hasn’t been updated for 4 years. XD

Franticshipping fanfics:

  • Lost Fragments - yeah, that’s the current sort of franticshipping fanfic I am working on. It’s a modern AU fanfic and it’s dedicated to my amazing friend and sister and the number one Pokespe nerd for me. (Hey @fallan-angel , hehe. *hugs Fallan* ^^). I really need to control this habit of “literally bragging the people whom I admire and respect” to everyone. I’ve published the first two chapters and I’m currently writing chapter 10. I’ll try to update this monthly, though, hoping college won’t get in the way. I know I’m kinda cheating for promoting my own fanfic, hehe, so I’m sorry for that. But it would totally mean a lot to me if you read this. I have some other franticshipping fanfics in my FFN profile but I think most of them are an embarrassment, hehe. Plus, I need to edit those grammatical errors, so it really is embarrassing.
  • Canvas Of Life - another modern AU franticshipping fanfic (for the second chapter) and a specialshipping one (in the first chapter). It’s feelsy. I love this. It’s amazing. They are all in character and Arceus it’s just beautiful. The author also had a lot of great Spe fanfics in there too, so check it out as well. :D
  • Ruby Tuesdays - another modern AU franticshipping fanfic, hehe. This is beautiful. You could say that this and Canvas of Life guided me to write LF correctly. Setting the characters in a modern AU is a toughie, but these authors managed to do it beautifully. ^^
  • Amnesiac -  THIS. IS. BEAUTIFUL. It uses deep vocabulary but it is one of the most beautifully written franticshipping fanfics out there. It’s just simply amazing. Even Adex agrees with me on this one, hehe. (Well, since he also reviewed in this fanfic. Don’t read my review, though. I was a naive kid back then. XD)
  • House Rivalry - A Harry Potter AU frantic fanfic, hehe. It is also on going. Though it may have some grammar problems, since the author did mention that English is not their first language, it’s still a beautiful fanfic. Ruby and Sapphire are in character. Read it. It’s beautiful.

Other Spe fanfics:

  • The Last Beast - TLB is an action-packed fanfic written by my good friend, a writer whom I admire and respect, Totally Not Adex. Adex is a great writer. TLB is an amazing fanfic. A bloody masterpiece as I would like to call it. Although you better prepare for some deaths, especially the death of your fave dexholders. *looks at TLB C10* I AM STILL STANDING AND ADEX KNOWS WHAT WILL DESTROY ME AS TLB PROGRESSES. *cries in a corner*
  • Somehow - A short, luckyshipping fanfic written by @gresh113​. It’s short but beautiful. Go and read it.
  • Of course, if you’re looking for some Pokespe Fairy Tale fanfics, go and read @falcon-of-the-fall ’s works.

Okay, I may have suggested too many fanfics, but I assure you, they’re all great. :D

Well, I don’t know about my works, though. Hehe. I mean… curse this low self confidence thingy

Why I treasure BIG BANG so much.

The first kpop group that I loved is BIG BANG. It was back in 2008 when I stumbled upon their MV for Haru Haru. It struck me, knowing that I was only in 6th grade by the time. Because of that (and since I had access to the internet), I searched for other Big Bang songs and I downloaded them. It was later that I realized that I am a V.I.P. 

This is my first ever kpop fandom. I am truly happy, and feel so blissful, because I did not initially like hiphop and korean songs prior to this. I knew that they were calling out to me. The message of their songs, the depth of their videos, the hilarious and emotional aspect of their personalities. They were complete, all rolled into 5 members. It was TOP who caught my attention the most. He was my first bias, in 2008. After I had just been introduced to anime. After that, I was a V.I.P., up until now, Feb. 9, 2017. 

Being a VIP gave me a rollercoaster ride. I had many doubts about my favorite group in years 2010 onwards, mainly because of their scandals. But I came to realize and know the truth. I forgave them, they are only people. Faults do not define people, but their actions do. And what are their actions so far? They have been the best group of boys I have ever witnessed. I can’t believe they’re real, to be honest. This group, is just so HUMAN, so REAL. I only saw this kind of friendship and bond in fiction, but this, THEY EXISTED IN REAL LIFE.

I loved, love, and will love BIG BANG with all my heart. I became stronger through them. I felt their struggles, and had went through 9 years of my life WITH BIGBANG. It was a journey. They may not know who I am, and they might not even know that I exist, but I just want everyone, EVERYONE IN THE WORLD, to know that they played A HUGE PART IN MY LIFE. I would not be ME right now had I not known Big Bang. The values, the morals, the principles, my joys, my sorrows, my laughter, my emotions all have a part of Big Bang in them. They made an impact so strong to me, that I will never forget our boys, and I will always recount the 9 years (and counting) [that I have spent from elementary school, to highschool to college, and after college graduation] with BIGBANG. A person cannot truly know me if I failed to tell him/her about what made me. It is BIG BANG. 

I always had hobbies, obsessions, idols, and people whom I truly admire. Big Bang is on the TOP of that list. Other than family and friends, I have developed a bond with them, which makes them inseparable from my heart, soul, and mind. I liked other kpop groups, and other bands from other countries, but nothing touched my heart as much as Big Bang. So I just want to thank YG Entertainment also, for making bringing these 5 people, these 5 kindred souls together, and showing them to the world. I am proud of Big Bang and will be forever greatful to them, their music, and just their existence.

Predebut photo of my first ever OTP:

My fetus bias:

Big Bang who is my first love:

My favorite people in the world. Thank you for existing:

And of course, our forever sexy bingu art nerd, Seunghyun:

my favorite Tumblr artists because they deserve love
















you guys are all beautiful people whom i admire keep doing what your doing 💗💖💘


I don’t like how angry I have to be all the time. I don’t feel like myself when I make faces like this. But I have reasons to be angry, disappointed, and utterly frustrated with people in my life whom I used to look up to and admire. I think that transitioning is truly a double-edged sword when it comes to the way it impacts your relationships with friends and family.

You find out who your real friends are when you transition and this allows you to reveal the true nature of those who are or were close to you; sometimes you learn that those who you once admired are not as open-minded or compassionate or selfless as you once thought; those who hid any ugliness inside of themselves may not be able to hide it any longer once you come out as trans.

CUPS - Day 6: Poison

One of the whumpweek fics I managed to repair and finish.

This is also a tribute to an irl person who is one of the sturdiest and most reliable people I know and whom I admire very much for it. One of the only people I know who could safely drive anyone home with a raging fever through sheer power of will.



[Fandom]:Voltron: Legendary Defender

[Rating]: Teen Audience/ Gen

[Genre]: Friendship, Hurt/Comfort, Whump, Poisoning

[Warnings]:mentions of drug use (medical purpose), character willingly poisoning themselves

[Word count]: 4.400

[Status]: completed


Ümyt’mar Kezar – that was its scientific name in the Altean language. A name that not many knew by heart. It was no wonder seeing as its other, much more sensational designations, were far easier to remember. Sweet Death. Last Pleasure. Altean Deathbringer.

Coran could still hear himself asking his grandfather about that last one. And despite the time and his lack of presence, he could almost pretend to hear the throaty chuckle as the man paused his work, staring at his grandson with barely hidden seriousness.

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So i’m sorry that it has taken so long to get this out but I did recently reach 300+ followers! I am incredibly blessed to have that many people following my trash and hope to be someone you enjoy following. I wanted to do something really cool like a giveaway but sadly I didn’t have anything to really give away so maybe at my next 100 yeah? Anyway, thank you for following me and making my experience ah-mazing, I promise to work harder and bring you better content in the future. Now, on to my follow forever!

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@timexbomb hunty, you and i have recently become friends and what can i say? before i became a krp you had abby loving ethan and now we have lilly and eunhyuk (who is whipped for her) and i wouldn’t have it any other way? thank you for being such a great partner/friend and i hope we have a million more threads in the future!

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@sncwflckes BOO you have become my closest friend on this site! (no shade to anyone else ily all) but I am always looking forward to our conversations :) thank you so much for listening to me and letting me love and support you through everything and i can’t wait to have so many threads with you and watch as our characters grow together! 

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Name: Sunny

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Favourite animal: People

Average hours spent sleeping: 7 hours?

Dogs or cats: Panthers

Number of blankets I sleep with: 5

Dream trip: Staying at home with no FOMO stigma

Dream job: Storytelling 

When I made this account: November, 2010

Why I made this account: To interact with my fave iCarly fic writers

# of followers: 845.

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me and my friend erika were discussing newt, shortly after the trailer came out  - cuz all my love came bulleting back- and erika suddenly said “do you think newt and daniel would get along?” (that’s daniel as in daniel faraday)

and like, i didn’t say so at the time but when i saw that i kinda like teared up, and i said thank you out loud, in real life. like, to have that thought put in my mind

also yes, i think so

the heart speaking. 🌸

dear Ali, I know the worst part of your job is to be in the focus all the time, subject to all kinds of opinions. It couldn’t be easy at all: people who doesn’t know you saying things about your aspect, your clothes, your body, your decisions.
As woman you have the pressure to be closed in a stereotype.
I just want to tell you this is what makes you WONDERFUL. You suffer but you try to be yourself, with your crazy lovely hair, with your own style that we love so much, without makeup and being worried to use vegan makeup. Painting, dancing, smiling, laughing. For a moment you look like a confident woman.
But sometimes our own selfishness makes us forget that you’re human too, an human with many pressure, with “standards you should to comply with”.
A woman with the most complicated job, in the most macho industry, surrounded by people whom not always be good.
And we are people around the world whom admire you.
We have our own lives, I met many people who suffered bullying in the high school (even me), many people who doesn’t love themselves (even me), sick people because the society (even me). People who smiles when see you do it (even me). It could sounds like a load, you could feel it like that. But isn’t a load.
We are here for you and with you, Ali, just because you are the way you are. Just for you. We don’t need anything from you but a smile and know you’re right. We’re loyal, we don’t want to hurt you, we don’t want to forget you’re a person and you have a life, and maybe we think that life is easy because our own lives are hard. And then you come and you try to open a little bit of your soul and feelings with us, and we can see you with clarity: we all are the same.
The first time I read you hated your arms I felt like something in my heart was making crack, crack. You don’t deserve that, you don’t deserve to feel uncomfortable with yourself because you’re the happiness of many of us.
You’re not perfect and we aren’t either, but we are a lovely family, don’t you think so? We support to each other, we learn from each other, when someone is falling we can be their walls.
But Ali, don’t forget that you’re here too: we support you, we learn a lot! from you, if you’re falling we are here to catch you. You want to help us because we are younger and the life is hard, we want you to know we are here too for you. We accept you, just in the imperfectly perfect way you are.
I love, love, love, love, love you so much.
Every time you spent your time writing something to us, you’re helping us.

In Memory of Diana,  Princess of Wales, Duchess of Cornwall, Duchess of Rothesay, Countess of Chester (b. 1 July 1961 d. 31 August 1997).

Diana’s mother, Frances Shand Kydd:
“I thank God for giving me Diana. My heart says thanks to all for their prayers, flowers and letters and for the endless thoughtful kindness towards Diana. I pray for her and for the two men that died with her. I thank God that he gave me Diana as a gift and for her personality that was able to love and give. I give her back to God with my love, my pride and my admiration. Rest in peace.”  

Prince Charles:
“It took me 3 ½ hours to take in what has happened, to sort my thoughts. Then I went to my sons and told them, as cautiously as possible, that their mother will never come home.”  

Queen Elizabeth II:
“Since we heard the sad news, we all tried on Balmoral to help William and Harry to cope with this horrible loss. Nobody who knew Diana will ever forget her.”

Sarah, Duchess of York:
“I have lost a sister. Diana was my best friend. Her personality will never be replaced.”
Mohamed Al Fayed:
These deaths are horrible and they are senseless. The world has lost a princess who is simply irreplaceable.”
Mother Teresa who died on 05/09/1997:
“Diana was a wonderful woman and mother. She helped wherever there was poverty and suffering. All nuns will pray for her and her children. I am in deep grief.”

President of the British Red-cross Cornelio Sommaruga:
“Diana’s commitment for the abolishment of anti-personnel landmines has helped the campaign to greater attention worldwide. “

Pope Johannes Paul II:
“I feel deep grief and sadness about the sudden death of Princess Diana.”
The Dutch Queen Beatrix:
“I am profoundly shocked. My thoughts are with the relatives.”
King Carl Gustaf XVI. and Queen Silvia of Sweden:
“We are deeply sorry about what has happened and the horrible circumstances the princess has lost her life in. The Princess of Wales has brought light into an often dark world.”

Albert, Prince of Monaco:
“This is a horrible tragedy, not only for her family and for Great Britain, but also for rest of the world. She was such a generous human-being.”

England’s prime minister Tony Blair:
“I have cried. She was a people’s princess, and that’s what she will remain- in our hearts and in our memory forever. But without her smile, the world is a darker place. The whole country is in shock. Diana had a sympathetic, wonderful personality.”

Former US president Bill Clinton:
“Hillary and I are deeply saddened about Diana’s death. We liked her particularly much. Our thoughts are with her family and her two sons.”

Former first lady Hillary Clinton:
“I will miss the pride in her voice, when she discussed her sons. I will miss how she talked about people whom she was trying to help. And I will miss admiring her how she tried to live an upright life with her own rules. The shadows are long today, since we lost a light that was shining brightly and softly.”

Former German chancellor Helmut Kohl:
„With shock and grief I heard of the tragic death of the princess. Many people in Germany liked her because of her open personality and her humanitarian commitment.”

The French president Jacques Chirac:
“With great shock, I heard of the cruel death of Princess Diana. She was a young woman of our time, warm-hearted and full of life.”

The former Russian president Boris Jelzin:
“I offer my deepest condolences to the whole British nation. The humanitarian work of the Princess of Wales is unique. She was one of the most active in this field.”

Australia’s former president John Winston Howard:
“The death of Princess Diana under such tragic circustances shocks and saddens all Australians.”
South-Africa’s former president Nelson Mandela:
“Princess Diana will be missed as a warm and sympathetic personality who always had a heart for others.
The official statement of the Chinese government in Peking:
“We are shocked about the death of Lady Diana and express the relatives our condolences.”
“When I heard of the accident, I cried: God, let her live!”

Michael Jackson:
“I am devastated by the death of Diana. I offer my deepest condolences to her family as well as to her two sons William and Harry.”  

Elton John:
“She was a “Princess next door”, a human-being in the midst of the people. I have already known her before her marriage to Prince Charles. She was a wonderful human-being.”

Opera singer Luciano Pavarotti:
“I am sitting her and I am crying the whole day long.”

Elizabeth Taylor:
“I am shocked. I feel deepest grief. Why could they not let Diana live? Nobody was so convinced of our good purpose as Diana.”

Cindy Crawford:
“Dodi was the boyfriend, Diana had been looking for all her life. I have known Diana for a long time. I have never seen her so relaxed and happy as in the last months.”

Giorgio Armani:
“With the death of the princess we have lost a huge icon for fashion and style of our time, but also a woman who had the rare capability to make people dream. But she also had the ability to use her image and her popularity to help other people. I am deeply saddened by her death.”

IT’S BEEN 2 YEARS. And while I have missed months in between but I’ve met so many people on this wonderful journey and I have to admit that in RECENT WEEKS I’ve made more friends and pals then ever before. This is really just a thanks for everything you guys have done for me, and I really hope you all know I’m incredibly grateful. 


@cryonicrebirth //: My incredible, and loving girlfriend who’s been with me through thick and thin. Someone who I plan on spending the rest of my life with, and someone who will always be considered a REMARKABLE and awe-inspiring person in my eyes. I will always love her.

@forgedfromsteel / @fightfaiir //: Another wonderful person whom I’m incredibly lucky to have in my life. Someone whose not only broken my heart with angsty plots and rebelcaptain mentions, but also brightened my day with happy conversations and daily check-ins. 

@shadowofsteel / @doctortothedead / @oneoftwohearts //: I’m almost sure, that I’ve been interacting with Jess since I’ve made sarah, and one of the few people that I GENUINELY enjoy interacting with. I’m glad we’re friends and will always consider them as such. 

@divinecomcdy​ //: OKAY. I absolutely LOVE Fletcher. I met them through their MacCready and I have to say that I can’t imagine NOT being their friend. I love talking with them whenever we get the chance, and it’s really, SUCH a blessing. 


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anonymous asked:

Romantically or platonically, the idea of being in love just brings me warm and happy thoughts. I love most people in my life, but there are a few whom I admire and love unconditionally. As an INFP, I think about all the unusual fascinating things whenever I lay my eyes on someone I love but I would eventually snap and think that it'd never happen. But when I look into that person's eyes, I don't know and I can't explain it, it's like, the love is there and it will always be there. - young anon

Thanks, anon, I empathise with this - there aren’t many people I know who I’d say I don’t love (in a platonic way), but I agree the idea of being in love is quite different :)

- Edward

I feel so fake

I am not good at eating healthy. I make poor eating and snacking and bingeing decisions ALL THE TIME.

I have logged some or part of my food on MFP for 65 days. This is not something to congratulate – because I lie to myself. I don’t log everything. If I binge, I just don’t log it and stop logging that day and log in the next day and start over. Because of this, I haven’t even lost 2lbs in the course of 65 DAYS. 

I say I will go to the gym, and I may make it one day of the week. But I get so down about work, and politics, and random husband issues, that I talk myself out of going most of the time. I would just rather lay in bed and sleep. 

I feel tired. I feel horrible. I feel like I am trying to be a better person but I have taken a passive role at it. I need to do better.

I need to make goals and STICK TO THEM.

I look at amazing people on here whom I admire ( @fatmaninalittlesuit, @tinamariex, @mariana-lifts, and @haleyymae89 to name a few) and know that they get to where they are because the DON’T GIVE UP. They are not perfect but they don’t let it tear them down – and I want to be more like that.

So today was bad. I slept awful, the hotel doesn’t have down-alternative pillows so I’ll be sleeping with my hoodie as my pillow tonight – and I had a headache all day. I ate horribly. I didn’t walk. 

But tomorrow I make my goals and I stick to them. I’ll start with a goal of 3 days. Just 3 days in a row of making the right decisions, going for a long walk after work and getting those steps in, and sleeping better. Drink more water. 

I can do this. I’m sorry for my ramble here, I just felt like I needed to get that out. Thanks all <3<3<3

hey guys just a little heads up. i think im going to take a hiatus from this site for a while. its a little silly i know but ever since ive made this blog, ive had someone to talk to. ive always had a friend and someone to chat with during a game and now i dont, since during the offseason there wasn’t a need to come on here anymore! and due to that, ive lost friendships with people of whom i admired. and please dont think im blaming any of u. this is my fault and i take the blame its just im not in a good spot right now since i left school and im Lost! i need to stop relying on others for my happiness and because of that i dont know if i’ll ever be back or if i will. but please feel free to follow me on various social media accounts which ill post after i fall asleep. i hope u all understand.💗💗

bearly-tolerable  asked:

I've been recently reading some of your stuff and I love your writing!! It's so good! Just thought you should know!

Originally posted by lilachiclandsworld

I’m so sorry for such a late reply; I’ve been so forgetful about answering asks lately.

Thank you so, so, so much for the message. It does mean a lot to me knowing that people like to read my writing. Especially so from someone whom I admire for their own writing skills, and especially so when I am currently suffering from writer’s block.

Follow Forever!

Holy shit! I reached 400 followers! I… thank you, you’re all so wonderful! Also, this is like my fifth time trying to post this, so yeah, hope it works. If you’re not here, please let me know so I can add you!

And remember: the closer you are to the bottom, the more recent is my follow. But don’t worry, I love you already!

First of all, the baes: mademoiselle-montilyet, gostir, maharielavellan. cole-the-spirit, minerfromtarn and the-human-polar-bear! You’re all so wonderful, guys ♥

The bolded are people whose blogs I love, which I recommend following right now if you aren’t already.
The italicized are people whom I admire from afar and would love to be friends with.
If you’re both bolded and italicized then it means that I literally worship you and would let you step on me.
If you areneither bolded nor italicized, don’t  worry!I love you very much and would really like to be friends with you! My askbox is always open :)

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☆*:.。.happy new year everyone! .。.:*☆

i hope you all have a wonderful 2016 and succeed in everything you wish! i know i’ve never really properly done one of these nor am i usually part of them ,but i feel i really have made wonderful new friends here on tumblr in the last year - and i want to show my appreciation of these lovely people - both those i consider my friends and those whom i admire from afar…   ♡(。-ω-)

thank you all for always brightening up my dashboard and making tumblr such an enjoyable place for me! i am very grateful to all of you even if we’ve never spoken before  ヽ(*・ω・)ノfeel free to send me an ask or a message at any time! i can be a bit shy to start conversations sometimes but i would love to hear from you!  (♡˙︶˙♡)


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lots of love from shifra (selphiestick)!  ♡\( ̄▽ ̄)/♡ xxxxx

anonymous asked:

Is it okay to have doubts about God's existence?

Absolutely, dear! (I mean, I sure hope so, because I definitely experience doubt.)

I think it is so important for Christians to come to an understanding that doubt is not the opposite of faith – you can experience doubt and still be faithful to God. In fact, doubt can be a healthy part of a person’s faith, as it compels us to seek out answers, to ponder and discern the Truth. I discuss this concept at greater length here, and also here.

One thing I try to remind myself when the doubts slink into my brain is that God does not rely on my belief in order to Exist – even when I struggle with my faith, God is still there, still sustaining me and loving me and walking with me. I also look towards holy people whom I admire – the Saints of the past, and the ones who live today – and think of the things they have accomplished. If they have born such fruit through following God, then I will do my best to follow God too, and bring more good fruit into the world. Because even if my faith is a tiny, fluttering candle compared to the bonfire of some people’s faith, mine has the same ability as theirs to kindle warmth and Light in others.

And on my worst days, when the doubts threaten to win out, I fight them back with this thought: that even if the doubts are right, even if God isn’t real or paying any attention to me, God’s story is still worth telling. The message of Love and service, of healing the broken and sharing blessings with all the world, that I have learned from Christ is worth spending my life on. Even if it were only a story, it’s the best story I know. And so even when doubts get the best of my belief, I continue to live out this story, to glorify God with whatever faith I can muster. And, as Christ promises, that is enough.

400+ Follow Forever

So, today some crazy shit happend that yall will never believe.  I hit 400 followers (how the fuck did that happen??) and decided to celebrate with giving MASSIVE thanks to all of my awesome followers/mutuals/people that i like to stalk.  I honestly never thought i would hit 100 followers, so a number like this blows my fucking mind.  I can’t thank all of you enough for putting up with me for two years!  This thing is so massive that I had to put it under a fancy keep reading sign (professional).  So, whithout further adieu, I present to you my first follow forever.

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