people who worked on the lady and the tramp actually said this


Series: Steven Universe
: Jasper/Lapis, Jaspis
Word Count: 2900
Summary: Human AU. Jasper and Lapis struggle to raise their young daughter, Malachite, who seems to only reflect the worst pieces of her mothers.


“She has my nose,” Jasper says, all but beaming at the newborn in her arms. “She has my everything. Sorry about that, kiddo.“

Lapis snorts at the joke, but doesn’t argue, too focused on the baby to even speak. Already, she’s completely taken with little Malachite, her gaze soft and unwavering, tender in way Jasper has never seen before. It almost makes her jealous, but Jasper can’t quite summon the strength–not now, not when the whole world seems so good and right. Instead, she presses a kiss to Lapis’ brow, and when Lapis lays her head upon Jasper’s arm, she sighs, utterly content.

She belongs to Malachite now. They both do. Jasper strokes Mala’s cheek with the back of two fingers, and the babe scrunches her entire face, lips curling into a familiar pout.

“Nevermind,” Jasper grins. “I take it back. That scowl is all yours.”

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Rags and Riches

Summary: Spoilt brat Philip Lester is used to having all his problems solved for him, even his problems with the law. Fed up with his attitude and behaviour, Phil’s parents refuse to buy him out of trouble and Phil soon finds himself sentenced to community service where he comes across a homeless boy with deep brown eyes who might be able to change the way Phil sees the world entirely.

AO3 Link

Genre: Fluff (I’m pretty sure it’s fluff), AU

Warnings: Homelessness

POV: Third

Words: 5208

Beta: gatsbys-old-sport

A/n: This was chosen by amazingphantasia for my 1k followers fic giveaway! I hope you like it lovely ^.^

A/n2:Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted, I was working on a fic for the phanfic exchange (which I’ll post here eventually) and exam season is starting soon so I’ll try to write as much as I can but fics may be a little sporadic

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~legit don’t know what to title this!~

Pairing: Ryan x Reader

Summery: Haters get the better of you. Ryan is there to help

Genre: Hurt/Comfort

Word Count: 2090

A/N: Hello there gang! Long time no see since my last fic I just had the motivation for this one so please give me some feedback if you liked it my lovelies! ily all <3

You’d been working as an editor for Achievement Hunter for a few months now, mostly working on the Minecraft Let’s Plays and Let’s Watch. Let’s Watch was a pretty easy series to edit as most of the time you were just cutting the audio into sync. It was a slow day in the BTS office so you were sitting in the corner on a bean bag chair reading one of your favourite books.

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anonymous asked:

kate! write us the drabble, jealous!liam over zarry is canon.

So I tried to write a cute lil drabble, and somehow … this … happened??  Um.  I’m putting this under a cut, because it’s irresponsibly long.  But first, here’s a little gif action to get us in the mood.

okay, that’s literally it.  that’s the whole fic.  But if you for some reason want to keep reading… here is CAKE WARS, based on this prompt.  In which Harry is a method actor, Zayn’s allergic to buttercream, Louis has adorable anger problems and Liam really, really needs to stop being so oblivious to what’s right in front of him.  

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“I’ve got nothing to apologize for.”

Request from anon: 16 - “I can’t… I can’t lose you.” or
18 - “You just stood there.” Please! 💖


“How, does, this look.” I finished touching up my outfit, turning around to get opinions. “Hot.” Delany said. “Feisty! LOVING IT!” Madison said. “Fucking gorgs babe.” Taylor howled. “Alright! Let’s get this party started!” Delany sings, grabbing all of us, and opening the room door to reveal the mass of people in the house already. We made our way through the crowds of people in the living room and hall ways. We got to the kitchen and saw all the alcohol that was out, disgusted by all the choices so we decides to go to the secret stash of ours. We open the safe, each taking out our favorite bottle to drink for the night, and made our way outside, watching everyone. “Hey ladies, where’d you get the drinks?” A couple guys approached us, looking us up and down. “Ever heard of BYOB?” I scoffed out. “BYOB?” They looked confused. “Bring Your Own Bottle?” We waved our bottles, “Duh.” I rolled my eyes in annoyance, just wanting to walk away and go sit with the boys.

“Well, we didn’t get the memo.” Another guy said. “Mind if we have some of the good stuff?” They held out their cups in front of us. We all just looked at their red cups, then at each other, then laughed at their stupid question. “Yeah right. Like we’re going to give our stash to a couple of randoms. Who even invited you guys?” Delany laughed in their face. “It’s a party. Anyone is invited.” “Uhm, that’s incorrect. But you guys are welcome to stay I guess.” Madison shrugged. We started laughing at them again, walking around them, towards the boys, when we got stopped in our tracks. “What a bunch of whores you guys are.” One guy yells out to us, making his group of friends laugh. “Let it go, Y/N. Ignore him.” Taylor says between her teeth, but everyone knows I don’t accept comments like that, to me or my friends.

I turned around with a questionable look on my face and crossed my arms, “What did you just say?” I huffed out, as the girls tried whispering to me to let it go but ignored them as I heard them call for the boys to come save us. “You guys are like what, 15-16, and you think you’re top shit? Listen little girl, you’re not and stop acting like it. And I called you a whore. I mean, why wouldn’t I? While you’re dressed in that?” The guys laughed. “Oh, but 5 minutes ago, you were just checking us 15-16 year olds out. But that’s none of my business you pedophiles.” I spat at them as the boys jogged next to us, asking what’s the problem. “Starting your career at an early age though, I see. When time do you work the corners? I always wanted to know how much prostitutes get paid when having sex with random men.” One of the guys tried joking. “Oh, you would want to know so you can actually get your tiny penis in a real vagina that you’re willing to pay but you’re broke ass needed to know if you had enough money to pay for sex.” I came back. The girls started snickering behind me.

“I can have any girl I want. Alright. Don’t get it twisted honey. I can have you if I wanted you.” “Yeah, okaaaaaaaaaayyyy.” I rolled my eyes. “What’s the problem here?” Nate asked again but when we weren’t bickering back and forth. “The sluts didn’t want to share drinks so I’m putting them in their place.” Another one of them said, pointing at us. I just nodded my head, frowning, “Sluts… Ok..” I kept nodding, irritated. “Alright, alright. Relax with what you’re saying, alright?” Nate and G tried calming them down. “They don’t have to share their drinks if they don’t want to. Go get something from the kitchen.” He pointed behind them. “But we want what they got. I want what the tramps got.” One of them said, winking at me. I looked at Sam waiting for him to do something, but he just stood there, making me more mad. “Woah woah woah. Those words are not accepted here, especially to these ladies alright? If you want to stay, you leave them alone. That a deal?” J tries to compromise. “Fine whatever.”

They agreed as the guys tried escorting us to the back, but something triggered in me, “Bye hoes.” One said. “Later sluts.” “Bye bye bitches.” “See ya doll faces later! Good to know you’re someone’s arm candy. Put you to good use in this world.” Those guys laughed. “Teenage girls think they hot shit.” Another scoffed. I clenched my jaw and fist, pissed at what they said and I know the girls were pissed at what they were calling us. I threw Sam’s arm off my waist, turned around and marched right up to the boys again. “Oh, look who wants daddy now.” The lead guy said, laughing. I approached him, punching him in the nose and slapping the rest of the guys. Sam and J runs to me, holding me back as I was huffing in anger. The guy was holding his nose on the floor, “What the fuck bitch! I think you broke my nose!” “GOOD!” The rest of the squad grabbing those guys and threw them out for what they said about us.

They all approached me after, congratulating me about what I did and standing up for myself and the girls. All except one was happy about it. Sam was beyond pissed as we pulled me aside. “Y/N! What the fuck!” “What?” “You can’t just do that! Punch the guy! You should go apologize” “What was I supposed to do Sam?! They were calling us names you KNOW women hate being called. AND YOU JUST STOOD THERE! What the fuck did you expect me to do? Why are you basically defending those douche bags?!” “Because of what you’re wearing! You’re basically asking for them to say something! That’s why you ignore it and walk away.” I scrunched my eyebrows together, “I was ASKING for it?! And why would I do that?” “Because! BOYS! WILL! BE! BOYS! YOU GET OVER IT!” “Fuck out of here! Boys will be boys????” I scoffed. “If you haven’t noticed, it is 2016 Sam! It’s not an excuse anymore! That was an excuse to let boys be fucking rude to girls and treat them like shit. But I don’t stand for that anymore.” “You still can’t just hit people like that though Y/N!” He yells in my face. “I CAN DO WHAT I WANT. And I have NOTHING to apologize for!” I said back. 

“God,” He starts pulling his hair, “YOU DRIVE ME CRAZY! This is NOT the first time this has happened and I’m sick of it!” “Well then, maybe I should just leave you to a girl that just gets walked all over by boys because their just boys, fooling around, you know. Maybe we should just break up then since you’re so sick of it.” I watched his face drop, “What?” “Yeah, let’s do that. Since you can’t even stand up for your own girlfriend!” I turned around and tried walking away but he grabs my wrist, “Wait! That’s not what I meant! I meant I’m sick of it so we should change your actions and attitude not change our relationship status!” He tells me. “My actions and attitude will never change. So you take it or leave it.” He stood there staring at me as I thought I found my answer. He grabs me again, “Please, I can’t… I can’t lose you..” He pleaded. “So FIGHT FOR ME. FIGHT WITH ME NEXT TIME.” I said in his face. He looks at me, defeated and nods. “Ok. I’m with you on everything 24/7. I promise.” He hugs me. “I’ll have to see it before I believe it.” I pushed him off. “I still have nothing to apologize for.” I scolded and walked back to the group.

[There will be no continuation to this imagine]

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First date scenario with the 2p's?

((Yay! First request~! Naturally, by asking for 2P’s in general, i assume that you mean all of the available mentioned. If you ask for multiple, i’m more likely to split it up into two separate posts (Allies and Axis) but this one will just be one. Also, if you mainly have interest in certain characters and would like to mostly hear about them, you can eb specific and request Axis, Allies,or whatever nation(s) you like. Thank you my dear anon, and here is your request~!)) (ɔ◔︣‿◔︣)ɔ ❤

Scenario: *2P’s invite you out on a first date*

2P!America: *drags you around Disney World (Florida), a bag of prizes in his other hand* hAHAHA, you should’ve seen yourself on that Tower of Terror ride! I’m so framing that when we get back home!“ Allen declares, a childish wide grin on his face. All day, he was walking you around Hollywood Studios, showing you his favorite rides. He bought you souvenirs at the shops, and you guys even got a matching pair of Mickey ears!

2P!England: *You guys are both decorating cupcakes you made together; both of you are covered in various ingredients* “My, poppet, you’re quite good at that aren’t you?” Oliver compliments, pausing to wipe some flour off of your face. He seemed to be enjoying himself, even moreso than usual when you are by his side. Really, he’d much rather spend your first date enjoying homemade cupcakes and tea with you, keeping your growing intimacy between you two. 

 2P!France: *Takes you to a nice restaurant, cigarette out of his mouth (for once)* “You better eat everything you get…took me a while to save up for this place.” He mutters, unbuttoning his dress shirt a bit as you two skimmed over the menu. When you guys got your food, you guys took up some conversation. Honestly, you were surprised by how he opened up a little bit. Sometimes, his responses were over 3 words, and he even took to asking some questions too! It wasn’t one-sided, like it tends to be, now it was more like 65% you, 35% him. Once, you even saw him visibly forcing back a smile. Francois claimed to not bring his cigarettes because "he forgot”, but i think you both know he wanted to try and please you. After all, you mean more to him than what he lets on.

2P!Russia: *You guys are at a ballet performance (’The Nutcracker’, to be specific) and watching the show with interest as the dancers glide gracefully around the stage, their costumes beautiful as the lights shone against them.* “Are you enjoying yourself? There are quite a lot of people who grow uninterested watching ballet, but i find it fascinating.” Viktor whispered, his voice as low as it can possibly be to make it so that you can hear him, but still pay attention to the show. Honestly, you found it a little odd at first that he’d take you to a show like this on your first date; did he spoil all of his potential lovers this way? Only when you looked over and saw the glint of softness in his eyes, did you realize just how long he must’ve been waiting to ask you. With this, you guys slowly laced your fingers together and watched the show; both happy to know the other was enjoying it as much as they were.

2P!China: *You two are out on a picnic. After a long drive out towards a hillside, you guys were quick to sit down and partake in whatever he made* “Hope you like dumplings!…Cause’ that’s mostly what i brought! :D” Wang proclaimed, sitting down with a happy smile on his face. He’d been like this the entire day; an unwavering smile on his face. Really, whenever you imagined him this happy, you also imagined him having a pipe in his hand and his eyes red…from being high. Although, now, he didn’t have a trace of Opium on him, yet he still seemed to be as high as a kite when it comes to his mood. As you two were eating his…surprisingly delicious meal, he gestured to his container of noodles and winked. “Want to try something i saw in one of America’s movies? It will end with us kissing~” ;D Honestly, he’s surprisingly romantic (like Lady and the Tramp romantic) when it comes down to it.

2P!Canada: *It was winter, and you guys were ice skating on a frozen lake. Well, at least he was ice skating. You were ice-waddling* “Hmph, you really suck at this…” he mentioned after turning around to see you had fallen (again). Gliding over to you skillfully, he helped you to your feet and held both hands on your waist, pushing you along with him. “Don’t worry, i’ll help you. It’d suck if you died on our first date from falling on the ice too hard.” he said, a small pink across his cheeks as he continued to push you along with him.Soon, he let go of your waist, and held your hand, encouraging you to try and balance yourself while using him as support. Soon, you were getting the hang of it, and you were able to skate by yourself; but he continued holding onto your hand, “just in case”, by his suggestion. This guy knew how to make dates everything you’d want them to be; fun, new, and romantic. Even when he was spending most of his time keeping you from falling, the fact that he was beside you as close as he was made him happy enough to make a second date more than necessary.

2P!Prussia: *You guys were playing mini golf, both enjoying yourselves much more than what anybody would expect. Hey! It can be fun when it wants to be!* “D-do you…need help?.” Gilen asked you, seeing you visibly struggling with how to hold the gold club. Shyly stepping forward, he outstretched his hands a little as a visible request to give you physical assistance. Nodding modestly, he slowly and cautiously wrapped his arms around yours to guide your position. “Use your left h-hand, and put it…here.” He guides, showing you how to properly hold the club. “…i-i’m sorry! Am i too c-close?” He asks, cowering his head a bit into your shoulder. Really, he was a surprisingly fun date to be with! He was kind enough to mind your space to not come off as off-putting, yet he was more than happy to get closer to you if you asked him. While he still has work to be done when it comes to being intimate, the first date you two had showed his potential and surprising skill!

2P!Romano: *You two were at the mall, both of you had arms filled with shopping bags for either of you.* “Oh, why don’t we get you a dress, bella? Something nice for when we go on our second date.” Flavio suggests, leading you into a store filled with dazzling and beautiful dresses; some casual, while others elegant. “How about you go into the dressing room, darling? I’ll choose a fabulous dress for you to wear!” he insisted, guiding you into the changing room, where he later brought back a casual elegant white dress that matched his jacket. After stepping out, he was pleased to see that you looked even more exquisite in the dress than he anticipated! In fact, he almost had to stop to process just how beautiful you were, before he snapped back into his “happy-go-lucky” self. “Beautiful! As i thought, it suits you. How about you wear it out, bella?” He asked, except with his urgency it almost sounded like a plea. After all, the sooner you two left, the sooner he could invite you out on a second date to see you in that lovely dress again! :D

2P!Spain: *You two are out salsa dancing, and by golly, you weren’t surprised to see just how well that Spaniard worked on the dance floor* “For an idiota, you sure know how to move those hips.” he flirted, pleased to see that you were enjoying yourself as much as he was. Honestly,when he insisted on salsa dancing, you thought this would be one of his attempts to sexualize you; and,while that did in fact turn out to be half true, the other half was because salsa was actually enjoyable! Truly, if all he cared about were the curvaceous women swaying their hips on the dance floor, he’d be spending his time on the more…sizable women practically throwing themselves at men on the far side of the room. Although, here he was with you, enjoying himself nonetheless watching a woman he loved putting her heart,soul, (and body) into dancing to the music of his culture. While he did express it through flirtatious and sexually-based compliments, they were still compliments that he used to express how happy he was that you were by his side…and his front…and his back…and basically dancing all around him, cause’ that’s salsa! XD

2P!Germany: *You two were in his garage, fixing up his car. Meanwhile, his dogs were playing and chilling all around his front yard.* “Well, that should do it. Start the engine, fraulein?” He requested, using an arm to wipe the sweat off of his forehead as you quickly hopped into the front seat and turned the key in the ignition. Almost like magic, the engine that was sputtering sickly, was now sounding like a normal car should. Giving him a smile through the windshield, you both were happy to see that both of your hard work paid off. “Sounds great! Thank you.” He said, sounding happier than ever. Then, one of his dogs came padding up, taking the wrench from his hand, and dashing away just as quickly as he came. Realizing what had just happened, you two spent the rest of your date playing with his dogs; if you could really call it that, they were mostly just running away from you guys with the wrench and passing it off to one another.

2P!Japan: *You two were watching anime together on the couch, eating small snacks that he had prepared* “I am glad that you do not mind having a relaxed first date. I would like to take things slow, if that’s fine with you.” he explains in between episodes, and you respond with a smile. Really, you doubt he understands the concept of dates, or has been on very many like the rest of the axis, so you don’t blame him for wanting to play it safe with something like relaxing at home. Although, regardless, you both were enjoying yourselves immensely. You guys finish your marathon at about 8 P.M., and he insists on giving you a ride back home. At the door, he takes your hand, bringing it to his lips with a growing smile. “Thank you for your time, Miss (Y/N). I had an enjoyable first date.If you find yourself with extra time on your hands, we could have another? Perhaps somewhere a little more standard or intimate would be to your liking?” Believe me, it’d be to his liking too :)

2P!Italy: *On a starry night sky, you two are on a boat in the middle of the lake, some other boats farther away that were also anticipating the fireworks. Although, to make it a little more romantic, he strayed farther away from the others, leaving you two watching the sky with eager wonder.* “Bella, i haven’t seen a view this beautiful since the first time i lad eyes on you.” Luciano said smoothly, glancing over to see you duck your head a little in embarrassment. He constantly flirted with you, even before you guys went on a date; but this was different, you knew he was actually serious. Well, more serious than he acted, anyway. Soon, the skies were lit up, not only with the dazzling stars, but with colorful fireworks that lit up your eyes. While you looked up at the sky in awe, Luciano looked at you with the same admiration and wonder in his gaze. He never really felt this way about any other girl, and he was determined to make sure you felt the same way about him.

The Neighbor (Bucky x Reader)

Originally posted by luznavarro

Fandom: Marvel

Character: Bucky Barnes

Persona: Female

Word Count: 13,670

Warnings: lots of cussing, mentions of sex, very long, violence

Bucky Barnes was a real swell guy. You knew a lot of girls said that, but you meant it… or at least you meant it in a different way than they meant it. Any girl with half her wits knew he was a ladies man, a different girl dangling on his arm every other week. There were repeats of course… and those who wished to be repeats, but you fell into neither of those categories. You ain’t no wide eyed floosy and Mr. Barnes couldn’t get his hands on you if he tried. And boy did he try.

Every morning he’d great you on his balcony in his undershirt, a cocky look on his face, and his suspenders hanging off his shoulders. He’d joke and flirt and you roll your eyes. Neither of you would mention the banging on your wall or the cries of ‘oh baby, just like that. Oh Bucky!’ that you heard every night. Steve would though, usually after he chased away whoever Bucky’s most recent conquest was.

But no that’s why you thought Bucky was swell: Steve. Every morning he was early to rise; he had three or four jobs he was off to every day at least. He’d never tell you, but Steve did, most of the money he earned went right to Steve’s health and his sisters’ education. Steve couldn’t work the same way that he did, but you helped them by when you could… in your own tricky way.

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Happy birthday Cynthia!

To @titaniasfics

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I consider you more than a mentor and more than just friend.  Thank you for all that you do not just for me but for all of us kids.  I hope you enjoy my small gift…yours truly Rachel…aka @mega-aulover

The Outlander Fantasy…(from the Dirty Yet Virginal Universe)

One Year after Dating

Katniss sat next to Peeta watching her favorite show, Outlander. She was thinking of what she wanted to do for him for Valentines Day.  After a year of dating she had fallen for him head over heals.  She wiggled closer to him, the dorm room was cold and Peeta was always warm. Her head was nestled on his shoulder, as the screen showed Jamie and Fergus speaking at the landing of the grand staircase. Katniss tried to picture Peeta as one of the lead characters Jamie, the love interest for the lead in the show Claire Frasier.

Peeta hadn’t watched the first season, but he definitely was watching the second with her.  The premise of the show was a little lost to him.  It was really simple.  A woman from the 1950’s, fell through magical stones and ended up in the past. And although she is married in the 1950’s she falls in love with a man from the past.

“So wait a minute she’s from….” Peeta stopped speaking, he whistled loudly, as Claire Frasier showed up in the plunging infamous red gown described in the second book “Dragonfly in Amber” by Diana Gabaldon.

“You think she’s hot?”

“I have an affinity for dark haired women in red,” Peeta muttered his blue eyes raked the image on the TV screen.

Katniss looked at Peeta and she pictured her self standing at the top of the staircase, with him waiting for her at the bottom with his wavy blond hair. But she pictured him in a kilt instead of the silk britches Jaime Frasier had on.  She bit her bottom lip to keep from moaning.  She knew that she was finally ready to take the plunge with Peeta, after more than a year of dating she was ready to go all the way.  They had been exploring and growing together, in that time.  

She loved him and she was finally ready.

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Someone please tell me...

…that I am not the only person in the Supernatural fandom who thinks that having serious headcanons about real people is creepy and indicates a tendency to fictionalize said real people (ie make them characters for you to play with).  I don’t care if it’s the J2 tinhatters, or the Cockles tinhatters, or the people who for whatever damn reason think there’s some sort of “polyamorous” Krushnic/Ackles quadrangle, or whatever your perversion may be, I find it really damned disturbing.  Equally disturbing are the people who force the cast - primarily Jensen, Jared, & Misha - to play “dress up” for their fantasies during the photo ops.  I’ve seen some cute photo ops in the current ‘free form’ style, but clearly some fans have no idea of discretion and have a frightening level of ‘character bleed’ because they can’t understand the line between Dean and Jensen or Misha and Castiel or Jared and Sam.  

Take, for instance, the remarks Jensen & Misha made about photo ops at Rome this year - one was recreating ‘Lady and the Tramp’.  Imagine being asked to do that with your good friend at a work function.  Remember these are work functions for these men, they are PAID to be there and to be “on” for the fans.  That DOES NOT make them your damned puppets, they are still autonomous people who have feelings and ought to have the right to say ‘no’ as well as the respect of others (supposedly their fans) sufficiently to not be asked to “dance for me monkey boy”.  Worse, one fan brought a Zorro mask and had Misha ‘wear’ it (it appears he held it up rather than putting it on) in the photo with Jensen.  Does no one else see the obvious issue with this?  First, DEAN made the remark to which this op refers - not Jensen.  Jensen is not Dean.  He portrays Dean, he knows Dean better than anyone else, but he is not actually Dean Winchester.  At a convention, he is there as JENSEN not Dean (exemption to this, when Misha does Castiel ops for his charity - then there is some room for ‘in character’ joke ops)..  Second, the line clearly says “a GIRL wearing a Zorro mask” and Misha is rather obviously not a girl, nor even is his character (see above that unless he’s there as Castiel, this is MISHA in a mask, not Castiel).  Third, it is blatantly sexualizing the photo ops which in most workplaces would constitute a form of sexual harassment (change the genders of the persons involved - have a man ask two women to dress up and play act something blatantly sexual when it is not actually their job at that moment to ACT at all - and maybe you’ll see the issue).  

Obviously, no one can or should police someone’s “headcanons” because policing thought is both impossible and even scarier than Donald Trump’s proposed policies.  What CAN be done is to stop encouraging fans with no sense of etiquette, no sense of appropriateness, or perhaps simply no sense of respect for the autonomy of the real people who portray these characters, by applauding them for their ‘creativity’ or my favorite, ‘bravery’ in pursuing and then publishing these photo ops or other expressions of “headcanons” about the very real people who make up Supernatural’s cast.  It takes absolutely no bravery to ask grown men (especially if you’re a young girl who can then bleat about them being “mean to you”) to do something humiliating, demeaning, or just awkward and uncomfortable, when you know they are in a situation in which it is very difficult and/or unusual for them to feasibly say ‘no, I’d rather not’.  

Consider the backlash when Jensen actually said no, apparently, at the recent Denver convention.  He was called a bully, among other more unpleasant things, for refusing the request of a disgustingly well-spoiled teenager (and given what he says ‘yes’ to, I fear what her actual request was or at least, what he heard). For another example, take the “pride flag” op from Phoenix Con (Misha with the Asexual flag and Jensen with the Bisexual flag): consider if Jensen had said no, that Dean isn’t bi and he doesn’t want to portray that - he’d rather switch flags with Misha, so same flags, same cast, same message of solidarity, right?.  Imagine the reaction to that, on THAT weekend of all weekends (given the horrific event in Orlando).  Do you see how he has no real power to say no? (I have no idea if he even cared, but given there was a delay in him saying yes…I do wonder)  This is not to say he does not care for the LGBT+ community, he has made it clear he does, but he’s also been clear that he does not want to perpetuate the “Dean is secretly bisexual” interpretation since Dean is canonically straight.  Do you honestly think Misha, Jared, or Jensen appreciates these sorts of situations?  What you are essentially saying is “I paid X dollars so you are now my dancing monkey, dance for me monkey boy, dance” and that is a horrible way to treat another human being, ever, whether they are staff at a restaurant, a professional you employ at your home or work (ie plumber, handyman), an employee, or yes, even well-paid actors at a convention.  

Thus endeth the rant.

Q and A....

Sat down with John Diggle, Felicity Smoak, and Oliver Queen to ask a few (10 plus 2 bonus ones), pretty basic questions. Their responses might surprise you and have you rolling on the floor. Here’s some fun insight into your favorite OG3.

Question 1: What is your favorite color?

JD: Black, I think. I’m always in black. Plus, it’s all the colors in one, so…yeah.

FS: Red. Definitely red!

OQ: What do you mean, red? That is Barry’s color and Roy’s color. Correct answer is green. Always green.

FS: But you like me in red, it’s our color.

OQ: Well, yes, but you’re supposed to say green….you know….Green Arrow.

JD: Guys, seriously? Next question.

Question 2: What is your favorite movie?

FS: John’s is Frozen. But he’ll deny it. He says it’s because of Sara, but that’s a lie.

JD: *shaking his head* Felicity, that was not your secret to tell! And you know it’s Robin Hood.

FS: No, that’s my favorite….for reasons….I even have a poster.

OQ: Are those reasons me? *winks*

FS: Don’t flatter yourself. I liked that movie before you. It’s just more relevant now. But I like the cartoon one. *sings* Robin Hood and Little John runnin’ through the forest, jumpin’ fences, dodgin’ trees and tryin’ to get away….Guys, you’re Robin Hood and Little John.

JD: Oh dear. Now you have her singing.

FS: Does this mean that I’m Maid Marian?

OQ: She’s so cute. Just look at her.

JD: Oliver, focus! Favorite movie.

OQ: Dirty Dancing. I want to lift Felicity like that.

FS: *blushes and sings* I’ve had the time of my life….

JD: Can we do separate interviews? Shipping them was easy, living with this is hard.

FS: John said hard *giggles*

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