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nobody asked for this but here’s my top five fave things i’ve written hell i’ll make it a meme and tag some folks at the end

1. The Only One in the World it’s super long, but honestly it’s so good! it starts with sherlock returning from reichenbach and follows their lives for a few years to john’s retirement from medical practice for full time adventuring. 

2. Inevitable Conclusions is also post Reichenbach (maybe i have some issues!!) Two words. Lesbian Mary. John and Sherlock makin it work. And Sherlock is a redhead!! 

3. The Adventure of the Consulting Corpse sherlock reaches out to john while he’s still dismantling moriarty’s network; all they have is middle of the night phone calls so all they can do together is talk about their shit. 

4. Two People Who Live Together sherlock proposes in his sleep because he WOULD.

5. Just the Two of Us post tarmac. um platonic bedsharing. and then. less platonic. 

i tag @kinklock, @gaywatsons, and @a-candle-for-sherlock. (if you want!!) list your top five fave of your fics (or top 3 if you want) and say something nice about em. 

this hobby has a serious issue to the way it treats minors. a lot of people will bully, mock, and shit talk teenagers who just joined the hobby for asking questions but also go out of their way to defend pedophilies and the sexualization of children. please be kind to kids who are interested in the hobby, just because they are annoying doesnt mean they shouldnt be part of it, they will eventually mature and could even be your dolly idol! theyre young and are still learning!


lamepath  asked:

33. Biggest pet peeves

Ok here’s a few:
-When I’m waiting in the car for someone and we have to leave at 7 to get somewhere on time but they come out at 7:05 and they’re like “it’s not a big deal, it’s only 5 minutes” LIKE THAT SHIT COUNTS MAN BE ON TIME
-People who talk over me or interrupt me in the middle of a story like IM SORRY WAIT A SEC
-people who don’t silence their phone in a theatre (both the movie and Broadway kind)
-and they can’t help it technically but I get irrationally mad at heavy breathing/snoring at sleep overs cause I need silence to sleep. (Like having a fan on is fine, it’s constant and white noise, breathing is like a singular thing and it isn’t constant so I start anticipating it and I can’t sleep)
This makes me sound like such an uptight person but I swear I’m not omg

tsukishima “i don’t care about anything” kei

more like

  • tsukishima “attends every volleyball practice/event/game while simultaneously maintaining an incredible GPA” kei
  • tsukishima “somehow manages to find time in his already demanding practice schedule to study mad hard for college level classes and never complains or asks for help” kei
  • tsukishima “swallows his pride to ask upperclassmen from another team for help when he hates asking for help” kei
  • tsukishima “keeps up with all the current volleyball news and the up-and-coming players” kei
  • tsukishima “like half my fingers are no longer functional but this is fine i can still play” kei
  • tsukishima “literally has always been thinking about the emotional toll of volleyball” kei
  • tsukishima “refused to like volleyball because of how it hurt his brother” kei
  • tsukishima “has stuck by the same friend since elementary school” kei
  • tsukishima “has a running list of other people’s abilities” kei
  • tsukishima “paying attention to everything kuroo says about blocking even when it isn’t directed at him” kei
  • tsukishima “desperately absorbs information like a sponge” kei
  • tsukishima “definitely a perfectionist like calm down” kei
  • tsukishima “cares 100% way too much” kei
  • tsukishima “needs to find a chill place” kei

Remember when the Batjokes fandom used to be one of the nicest fandom and new people were always amazed to see there was no drama here and that we were just a bunch of shippers enyoying Bats and Joker together and no one was shitting on what version the others liked better?

*mon-el hiding his feelings about kara*

*kara hiding her feelings about mon-el*
the anti’s: *silence* … *crickets* … *not a damn word being said about it*

*kara rejects mon-el, so he tries to move on*

*the entire time he was with eve, he talked about kara, proving he’s not really over her*

One thing I don’t know if a lot of people really think about is how fiercely loyal Phichit probably is. Anyone who disrespects his country or one of his friends would get threatened with knife shoes

for a show thats so inclusiveness it sure has some exclusive fans

Give me secretly hyper-protective Akaashi who is Set Off by people doing wrong by/talking shit about Bokuto. Spirit-of-vengeance-Akaashi who will plan your murder on the spot.

i don’t really want to focus or argue with people who are constantly hating on selena anymore because i did that for so long and if there’s something i learned from that is that no matter what you do, no matter how good and humble and kind you try to be, there will always be people who will talk shit about you and try to point your flaws, even when they are not even there. 

but can you believe, after all selena’s been through, she didn’t even have to but she blessed us with such beautiful and inspiring words last night and STILL there are people trying to call her names, say she’s being dramatic, that she looks really good for someone who’s sick… can you believe being so ignorant and so heartless you can’t be genuinely happy for another human being who’s been so criticized by the entire world to the point she had a breakdown and couldn’t handle it anymore but still survived all of that more than once and is just trying to do her stuff and live her life in peace… i’m not saying everyone needs to love selena but is it too much that, if you don’t like her work, just staying quiet and not make up lies about her and just leave her alone?? is it too much trying to live your life without trying to making someone’s life, someone you never even met and know absolutely nothing about, miserable?? 

i can’t begin to imagine all the pressure selena has to endure every single day of her life but knowing this is the kind of thing she has to go through and she’s still able to stay strong and spread love instead of hate just makes me admire and love her so much. last night was selena’s most beautiful moment and i’m so proud of her, so glad i’ve choosen her to be my idol

Date a guy who works out. Date a guy who’s shredded. Date a guy who punches all your problems away. Date a guy who believes in your dreams and does whatever he can to support them. Date a guy who puts you before his career. Date a guy who thinks you’re humanity’s salvation. Date a guy who stares wistfully at a picture of you giving a speech because he thinks you’re so beautiful and amazing. Date a guy who says he’ll protect you. Date a guy who defends you when people talk shit about you. Date a guy who puts his jealousy aside and never interferes with your other relationships because he cares more about your happiness than his own feelings. Date a guy who does everything he can even while dying to make sure you survive. Date a guy who loves you and has loved you ever since you were both in highschool and has wanted you to be with him for so long but has never been able to tell you. Date a guy who thinks you hate him and think he’s a failure who betrayed you even tho that couldn’t be further from the truth and he’s so wonderful so good and has done so much for you and still is doing so much for you. Date Juzo Sakakura. I’m begging of you Kyosuke Munakata I would donate my fucking eye to you if it meant you’d date Juzo Sakakura I beg of you please please date him please I need him to be happy I need this please date my son I’ll leave the two of you everything I own in my will I’ll do anything just love my precious son please

When anybody says “schools today are just too ‘PC’!”