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Okay, so, I saw these adorable pics by @the-blonde-goblin about a transgirl Mokuba and I just fndjkfnd

I keep imagining really supportive older brother Seto immediately rushing out to buy his little sister a whole new wardrobe so she can figure out what kinds of outfits and accessories she likes. He loves seeing her smile and finally feel herself and does everything he can to make sure it stays that way. 

Also, he’ll beat up anyone who talks shit about trans people. Just try it. You’ll be taken away in a body bag.

Hope she doesn’t mind me drawing something for this. I just couldn’t resist!

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shaladin safe space

please reblog this if you’re pro-shaladin, or at least are not anti-shaladin. i need to know that there are more of us out there, shipping and multishipping and seeing shiro happy with his paladins. also i want more shaladin-positive blogs to follow.

this blog is a shaladin safe space.

Does anyone ever do that Thing™ where you like space out, but not fully(?); Like you’re aware and doing things/chores correctly and stuff. But like you start making conversations up in your head and then after like a couple minutes into the ‘alternate universe’ conversation you realize that you’ve been talking out loud and/or making faces/gestures accordingly to the conversation and it’s tone?

  • Me: *likes Gal Gadot*
  • tumblr: u can't Like Gal Gadot she supports the military of her home country
  • Me: *likes Gal Gadot whilst glaring at the people trying to impose their own feelings towards her onto me*
tsukishima “i don’t care about anything” kei

more like

  • tsukishima “attends every volleyball practice/event/game while simultaneously maintaining an incredible GPA” kei
  • tsukishima “somehow manages to find time in his already demanding practice schedule to study mad hard for college level classes and never complains or asks for help” kei
  • tsukishima “swallows his pride to ask upperclassmen from another team for help when he hates asking for help” kei
  • tsukishima “keeps up with all the current volleyball news and the up-and-coming players” kei
  • tsukishima “like half my fingers are no longer functional but this is fine i can still play” kei
  • tsukishima “literally has always been thinking about the emotional toll of volleyball” kei
  • tsukishima “refused to like volleyball because of how it hurt his brother” kei
  • tsukishima “has stuck by the same friend since elementary school” kei
  • tsukishima “has a running list of other people’s abilities” kei
  • tsukishima “paying attention to everything kuroo says about blocking even when it isn’t directed at him” kei
  • tsukishima “desperately absorbs information like a sponge” kei
  • tsukishima “definitely a perfectionist like calm down” kei
  • tsukishima “cares 100% way too much” kei
  • tsukishima “needs to find a chill place” kei

Sure, okay, corrective rape could happen to anyone! Fair enough! But when an asexual gets raped because of their asexuality, it becomes an issue of the asexual community. I’m not saying it is an exclusive issue of ours, but I am telling you guys: when someone decides that an asexual person needs to understand what Real Sex™ feels like and ignores the fact that we are not consenting, they are doing it out of a need to show the error of our ways.

Sure, it could’ve happened to anyone. But it happened to an asexual BECAUSE OF THEIR ASEXUALITY. You can’t pretend an attack on my sexuality happened just because—it didn’t. It happened because to someone else, our lack of sexual attraction felt childish (you just don’t know any better, let me teach you), immature (how would you know if you don’t try it?/i can make it feel good, you’ll see), absurd. So yeah, it could’ve happened to anyone. Sure. But it happened for a very precise reason.

And okay, we aren’t oppressed because of our sexuality on a constitutional level, sure, I’ll give you guys that. Fair enough.

But how does that somehow mean people accept us and treat us equally? Like, the thing is, we aren’t even well-known enough to be oppressed on our own, and the more people who know us, the more people who start hating us because of our asexuality.

Did you know that Almudena Grandes, a Spanish writer, said in a famous TV Show over here that she hates “the asexual people” because being asexual makes us evil by our very nature? That we are incapable of feeling love and are boring and no one would want to be close to us because, well, we are Evil™?

Did you know that Flex made a nice little ad about asexuality, and that comments towards it ranged from mild “asexuality is stupid” to “they just need a good fucking” while implying that our consent wouldn’t be needed for them to do it, because they would be doing us a favour?

Did you know that no straight ever has looked at us and associated us with them? That for them we’re just as foreign and weird as the rest of the LGBT, that for the kind of people that hate homosexuality, bisexuality, pansexuality, for them asexuality is just one more thing to hate?

Did you know that my best friend looked at me in the eye and said: “I’m so sorry for you” when I came out to her? Did you know she told me she would rather DIE than “become” like me? Did you know my brother made fun of me for weeks after I told him what I was, that my mother took years to even be able to talk about it, that I can’t mention it around my grandma because it makes her so fucking uncomfortable?

Did you know one of my friends asked me not to tell guys I was asexual, because he mentioned it once to his friends, and they all laughed and said they would fuck an asexual woman anyway because that’s what she clearly needed? We’re talking people who actually respected other women, saying shit like this. Did you know he gets scared for me, not just for being a woman, but for being an asexual one?

But then I have to come here and see shit of how we are privileged because Straight people see us as straight (throwing not only us under the bus, but anyone who is “straight passing”, as if that didn’t have psychological consequences, as if it didn’t feel constricting to be forced to act like someone you aren’t), how nobody would ever hate on us or hurt us because of our asexuality, how There Are No Issues With Asexuality In The World.

Haha, there wasn’t any war in Ba Sing Se either.

So okay, keep us out of the LGBT, I don’t even care about the Tumblr community tbh. But don’t come at us using arguments like “you don’t experience hate because of your sexuality!” “aces are just straight anyway!” or variants of these, because, guess what? You’re wrong.

You’re fucking wrong.

folk’s reaction when we first heard of the balloon squad:
naaah they can’t be trusted they look shady i’m not getting good vibes from them stop marginalising them all to be muslims how do you KNOW they are muslim??? lmao why y'all reaching for how much do u wanna bet they won’t even be on s4 y'all are reaching for nothing.

the balloon squad:
get introduced within the 2nd clip of the 1st episode of the season and from then on, in under 24 hours, already have profiles, have a youtube channel, have already posted a video of themselves on it holding a bottle of coke, are all muslims, are all bros who love each other and call each other’s shit out when it comes to respecting women, and are aimlessly throwing a fucking sock into a lamp everytime snoop dogg says smoke weed everyday because they are that lame.

So, I hadn’t really intended to address the matter but I’m receiving a lot of asks and pm’s about it + it’s in the press here so i might as well just get it out of the way real quickly. 
Two metastases (new tumors created by the main one) have been found in my dad’s liver and it’s shitty but that’s just the way it is. I’d rather not discuss it and while i really am super appreciative of all your support and kindness I would rather not receive asks or stuff about it. I’m finishing up final exams and shit and i just need to focus on the things that i actually have control over (like my grades). 
so thank you all and i hope this answered your questions. 

Remember when the Batjokes fandom used to be one of the nicest fandom and new people were always amazed to see there was no drama here and that we were just a bunch of shippers enyoying Bats and Joker together and no one was shitting on what version the others liked better?

fun fact

stalking people is not cool. when someone told you to delete a recording that you made of said person, you delete it. there are no excuses. your twitter bio says “don’t stalk me” but you went after them and filmed them which shows your hypocrisy. In general don’t record/take pictures of someone unless they’ve agreed because what you’re doing is wrong

A post: *hates on girls for liking boys, bi or straight* *calls all boys disgusting and stupid* *demonizes a group of people for no reason to which everyone on the post blindly agrees without forming an independant and reasonable opinion*

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I already previously posted a rant based on this whole Jenissi situation but since there was some confusion and things I wanted to take back + add in, I’m redoing it. This will be a long one so I’ll add a ‘read more’ line for your scrolling sake.  Don’t skim through this, read thoroughly, thanks. 

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anonymous asked:

I am kind of blown away that there are people who really think that Louis and Harry had been an item but broke up in 2014 and don't talk anymore. Did they sleep during MITAM Promo season? Do they ignore them two basically following each other around countries?

The older I get the more I am like, “Seven years is a loooooooooong time to be with someone.” I can barely stand to be around someone for seven months, so in terms of general believability of the duration of a relationship, I’d be inclined to question any couple that met when they were teenagers. 

However, they aren’t exactly “any couple” and never had to really face the realities of going to separate unis or long distance since for the better part of five years they were literally with each other constantly. Honestly, I’ve definitely been deeply in love with people and the one thing that caused it to end was timing and distance. If those weren’t factors, who knows what would’ve happened. Given that, as you said, they seem to have followed each other all over the world when not contractually obligated to work together, it would seem that they have the luxury of proximity pretty much whenever they want. 

It definitely seems as if when you ask people to just look at everything logically that they’re like 

And I understand that. Sometimes I feel like I’d much rather believe that this was some cute fantasy that wasn’t real, but it really isn’t cute to consider what they’ve gone through as a couple to convince people otherwise. I agree though that I personally don’t understand how people can be so dismissive of some pretty blatant pieces of evidence. 

This would be one hell of a accidental coincidence with your bro pal…

And I have yet to see one compelling argument for what the actual fuck RBB and SBB was, if not a blatant message from the band themselves about what was going on. Seriously…I understand how fucking banana sandwich it sounds to explain to someone what those goddamn bears are, because I’ve tried and seen people’s faces gloss over like “whaaaaat the fuccccck” because it is the most incredibly bizarre thing ever, and yet what else would it have been?? Honestly. People can make fun of Larries for caring about those bears, but how exactly do they explain it? 

Once again, No Chill Noll completely gave them away here…

I say that as if Louis hadn’t completely given himself away before then

And then for one of their final tweeting stunts this happened on Harry’s birthday…

Honestly…what…do people think that was? I’m genuinely curious as to how someone would explain anyone besides Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson posting that. 

The fact that people would rather listen to publications that are notorious for talking shit is honestly not shocking since the people who buy into that kind of garbage is what keeps those papers in business. However, I lack the complete suspension of belief in reality to believe any of that. 

anonymous asked:

OK this is gonna sound so creepy but I actually met you in person before following your blog. You came into my bookstore at the mall last weekend & you are so cute? You were excitedly squealing about the Haikyuu & BHNA manga and I kinda fell in love with u? But the reason I found your blog was when you put your phone on the shelf a notif for "voltron-messenger" came up and I looked it up later... What I'm trying to say is: Hi Spacefam - I have a huge crush on your mom she's so sweet & gorgeous?

ok wait…… WHAT??????????????

*mon-el hiding his feelings about kara*

*kara hiding her feelings about mon-el*
the anti’s: *silence* … *crickets* … *not a damn word being said about it*

*kara rejects mon-el, so he tries to move on*

*the entire time he was with eve, he talked about kara, proving he’s not really over her*

Got7 in high school

-a freshmen
-friends with everyone
-competitive gamer
-tried to play resident evil but got too scared
-makes a lot of dick jokes
-is probably in VAPA
-suprisingly high grades
-like, top 10% of his class
-makes meme videos
-don’t give bambam the aux cord cuz he’ll blast meme af songs
-“all star” “all u ladies pop ur pussy liek dis” “dab on em”
-spam account for “real hoez only🍆”
-dates another memey person and their relationship is actually real like they stay together throughout hs
-dabs when he gets an answer right
-dabs when he corrects someone
-always dabs

-a freshmen
-new girlfriend every 2-3 weeks
-influenced by the fuckboys in the all male hip hop team
-Bambam’s best friend
-smol but tall
-hella eyecandy but also hella player
-the annoying af classmate that always goes “wait bro what did she just say?” “aye did u do the hw?”
-procrastinates on homework
-people always look for his dancing at pep rallies
-“aye whats ur snapchat?”

-A sophomore
-comes to school in a white T shirt, jeans, and a black jansport backpack
-in ASB
-friends with everyone bc everyone loves him
-president of the eco club or conservation club or smth like that
-class president
-the mediator of his group. everyone tells him the secrets but he doesnt tell bc friENDSHIP
-in show choir or something
-honestly just wants to get his work done
-gets froyo with his friends every friday

-a junior
-#NotMyRodrick #RIPHarambe
-has never had a girlfriend
-#wildin whenever they go to public places
-gets invited to all the parties bc he’s lit af
-gets a lot of recognition for fencing
-has a lot of money
-falls asleep in history class
-too shy to talk to his crush
-sometimes annoys the guys in the hip hop team because he’s extra
-but its also good thats he’s extra cuz he’s the go-to person to help with stuntZ
-has probably gotten high once
-has a family picture on the back of his phone
-friends with everyone

-A Senior
-judges all of the kids in the class who can’t pick up on the lesson right away
-“hey jinyoung do u have an extra pencil?” “did you not bring one? don’t you know we’re in school?”
-sits in the front of the class
-hella smart
-also hella smartass
-doesnt like most of the kids in his class
-doesnt fight / is all talk
-100 done™ with high school
-gets a scholarship for academics and also choir
-always on key in show choir
-talks shit about the people who can’t really sing
-low key fake but not to his friends
-isnt allowed to have a girlfriend but has one anyways
-she’s probably in show choir or in the girls hip hop team or something
-he stalked her social media when he first realized he liked her

-Nice guy with mean friends
-Also a senior
-shy/quiet type in class
-everyone loves watching him dance cuz he’s also in the hip hop team and bro mark tuan dancing at rallies 😩
-friends with his peers
-low key judging some people
-“bro wtf”
-always asking for a pencil
-has nothing in his backpack
-on the basketball team
-never brings food to school
-always asking youngjae or jr for food
-pool parties
-doesn’t do drugs
-asks his best friend to prom anD THEY’RE POPPIN AF
-dynamic duo with Jackson
-says hi to all his friends on the way to class and all the girls hug him as a greeting

-A senior
-also quiet in class but #wildin with friends
-low key has a soundcloud and its bumpin af
-used to have a girlfriend but doesnt want to get into another relationship because he’s still hung up on it
-fights bambam bc bambam always makes memes of him in the group chat
-captain of the boys hip hop team
-taking all AP’s and honors
-will throw hands™
-has probably skipped class a few times
-in the group but never really physically there but no one knows where tf he actually is
-falls asleep in class sometimes but still gets like a 5 on the exams gdi jb how did u do it
-a lot of girls like him but he doesnt really care lol
-goes to prom by himself but ends up meeting another girl there and they hit it off pretty well