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Undeniable Heat Chapter 38: Party

Jensen Ackles x Reader

1150 Words

Story Summary: You’ve just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will you let Jensen win?

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Arriving at the bar, you weren’t surprised to see many people had already shown up. People you talked to on a daily basis, or even those you seldom saw, but worked on the set of Supernatural. A back room in the bar had been rented, and food and drinks were scattered on tables on the far wall. Music from the bar could be heard through the open door, creating a festive but relaxed atmosphere.

With your arm in Jensen’s, you walked into the room to the cheers of everyone inside. One by one they came forward, hugging you and letting you know how much they enjoyed having you back on set. Jensen stayed by your side, a possessive hand on your waist as his eyes scanned the crowd.

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This One Thing (Harry Potter Request)

Pairing: Harry X Reader
Warnings: Platonic, 5th Year, Angst
Prompts: (29) “For once, stop pretending you’re okay! Just talk to me!” (16)“You can’t even look at me!” (18)“Why are you pushing me away?”
(Y/H) = Your House

requested by: @musicislife155

You had just come out of Umbridge’s Office for the 5th time this week.

It was a Friday and your already swollen hand was hurting even more.

You were in trouble for standing up for your friend, Cedric Diggory, after one of Umbridge’s repetitive lectures about his death.

Your entire right arm was now hurting, due to that stupid quill and its owner.

“I must not tell lies” was sprawled all around your right arm.

You bump into Harry,your older brother, and instantly wince as your right arm comes into contact with his body.

“Are you alright?”, he says instantly and checks you over.

“Yeah, I’m fine.”, you instantly fake a smile. He couldn’t know about your pain. He already had too much on his plate because of the D.A. and you didn’t want to stress him out even more. “My arm’s just sore from practice.”, lies. You hadn’t gone to Quidditch practice because of the stupid detention. But he didn’t have to know that.

You were a Beater for the (Y/H) team, which made up for the perfect excuse.

“Are you sure you’re okay?”

“I am. I’ll see you later, yea?”


You know those days where you feel like you ruin everything?

Today was one of those days.

Who were you kidding, it was always like this.

Constant mishaps were always in your way. As much as you tried to laugh it off, you couldn’t help but feel annoying.

Which is exactly what happened at the D.A. meeting.

As being a Potter yourself, you most certainly had to support Harry in this endeavor. Not after what Voldemort did to your parents.

You were conjuring patronouses today.

Everything was going smoothly as per usual.

Until you had to lead Pansy Parkinson into the Room of Requirement.

You were just on your way there and Pansy was, unbeknownst to you, following you.

And the Golden Trio were infuriated.

After scaring Pansy off, everyone turned to you.

“I know we shouldn’t have trusted you, (Y/N).”, Ron spat.

“How could you?”, Hermione says in an annoyed manner.

“I-I didn’t know.”, you stutter.

“Who knows, she could be a spy!”, Ron says and rushes over to you. “Where is it (Y/N)?”, he questions.

“The what?”, you say, completely confused.

“Don’t even pretend (Y/N). Now show us the badge.”, Ron continues.

“I’m not a spy.”, you say clearly.

No one says anything, they just give you a disappointed look.

“Harry?”, you turn to your ‘brother’ who is shaking his head.

“No one really believes me?”, you say and look around for any emotion, any at all.

You couldn’t believe it.

You felt so stupid for thinking these people were your friends.

You felt so stupid to call him your sibling.

“No one?”, you say again, hoping someone was still at least your friend.

“Of course we do (Y/N), its just-”, Hermione starts but you cut her off.

“YOU DO? HOW DO I KNOW THAT WHEN YOU CAN’T EVEN LOOK AT ME?!”, you burst out, with tears falling down on your face.

“So much for being friends.”, you whisper and push everyone out of your way and exiting the room.

You cry.

You cry as you walk down the halls, struggling to breathe.

“(Y/N)! WAIT!”, you hear someone say and turn around.

Steadying your breath you see Harry.

“I believe you.”, he says once in front of you.

Why only now? Was he ashamed to stand up for you?

“Of course you do.”, you say sarcastically and wipe your wet cheeks. “What stopped you from standing up for me back there? You know it and I know it that I would stand up for you any day. Because I know you’re my sibling and I’m yours.”, you were sobbing again.“But just this one thing, Harry. This one thing that I thought you would do for me, you couldn’t do. You know I make mistakes. And yes this one was unforgivable, but isn’t that the purpose of having siblings? Knowing that they will have your back no matter what? This one thing, I would do for you over and over no matter how bad your mistake is. This one thing, that I hoped you, my brother of all people, would do for me.”

He doesn’t say anything and you run to your dorm.

You were ashamed to call him your brother.


You had distanced yourself from everyone.

Now you were truly alone.

The D.A. kept sending you gifts and letters, but you didn’t care.

You treated them as friends yet they still chose to go against you.

But you had missed your brother.

A whole lot actually.

You would always catch him looking at you with sad eyes but never gave him the satisfaction.

He was supposed to apologize, not you.


It had been a couple of weeks now, and you were okay with everybody.

Everybody except him.

“(Y/N), are you okay?”, he says just after you left the Great Hall for breakfast.

Can he just hurry up and apologize?

“I’m fine, Harry.”, you say, leaving a moment of silence for his apology.

But nope.


“I’m okay. I should be going now.”, you give up and start running away.

For once, stop pretending you’re okay! Just talk to me!”, he calls after you and takes ahold of your wrist.

“I have to go now, I’m meeting up with George. He’s agreed to let me borrow his broom.”, you say with gritted teeth and wiggle your wrist free.

Why are you pushing me away?”, Harry says and you finally turn to him.

“Because I want to see you try. it’s always me competing for your attention, jus like everyone else. I want to at least see you try and do this one thing. You expect me to apologize?”

“I’m trying, but you just push me away!”

“Then get on with it then!”

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry for neglecting you. I’m sorry for not standing up for you. I’m sorry (Y/N), for everything. And if it makes you feel better, I’m no longer going to cower. And if I do you can punch me straight in the face, like you always wanted.”

You hug him.

And everything was finally alright.


I hope I did this request justice. :)))))))

your lips look so lonely, would they like to meet mine?

I saw this post a few days ago and I couldn’t resist. Also after watching Markiplier play Until Dawn I realize that it’s not really like a two person game? But idk maybe Carlos and Jay will sit in Carlos’s blanket cocoon and huddle around the controller and bicker over the decisions or something.

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“I’m going to Starbucks, do you want anything?” Evie asks, poking her head into Carlos’s room. He’s curled up in the corner of his bed with his laptop in his lap, large headphones over his ears, and his dog burrowed into his side. Evie rolls her eyes and walks into the room. She stands in front of Carlos’s bed with her hands on her hips until Carlos finally notices her and tugs off his headphones.

“I’m going to Starbucks, do you want anything?” Evie asks again.

“A boyfriend.” Carlos mutters in reply. Evie sighs. Carlos has been in a funk since his boyfriend Anthony Tremaine broke up with him, and with Christmas fast approaching and him all alone, she doubts his mood is going to improve.

“Something chocolatey and full of sugar. Gotcha. Mal’s in the living room if you want to sulk with company.” Evie says, and leaves Carlos’s room.

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A Rant About a Disney Show

I finally caught up on GMW while dogsitting at my parents house this weekend and I’m just, sigh, I have so many problems guys.

So all of Maya’s character growth and development was just her “trying to be Riley” instead of actually growing as a result of experiences in her life?

In my entire life, I have never seen or heard of a best friend trying to become his or her best friend to test out a romantic partner.

So all of the progress and chemistry between her and Lucas (since season 1 when she was definitely still Maya) was her testing him out for Riley?

I call bullshit, forwards, backwards and on both sides.

So all of the things that were interesting and different from the original BMW were just a fake out to give suspense in the retelling of the Cory and Topanga story?

I can understand why this would be compelling for people who never watched BMW. But the differences have been the main draw for me. Otherwise, for me it’s just a silly show with occasional cameos by actors I loved as a kid.

I’m so incredibly disappointed.

And not just because of the shipping thing. Because although I favor Lucaya, I could stand Rucas if they weren’t trying to completely recreate Cory and Topanga, down to the ski lodge reunion.

Maybe I’m just looking at this from an adult perspective on a kid’s show.

I grew up with BMW and I loved it. And one of the best parts was that we got to see them grow up and change their world views but remain recognizable.

Cory and Topanga are ICONIC to my generation and I was so excited to see what the writers would do with their daughter.

But I just want them to get away from the idea that people have to remain static in order to be themselves.

Realistically, the age that these characters (and the actual target audience) are is an age of enormous change for most people. They grow and learn and gain new perspectives. And that’s not a bad thing!

It’s totally realistic for Maya to become more responsible. It’s totally realistic for Riley to become more jaded.

They can still be themselves as they grow up! BMW did it well!

I just feel like GMW could have been something really interesting and fresh if they’d chosen to stick with their “secret of life.”


It’s repeated over and over again. Until it’s inconvenient to their genderswap retelling of BMW.

It would have been 1000 times more interesting to see Riley react to losing her first “love” to her best friend, or realizing that her parents are the one in a million story. Or Riley and Maya trying to find their balance again.

Literally anything would be more interesting than what they chose.

Anyway, I’m just really disappointed in how they chose to handle this story and I will be done with it now. I’ve already seen BMW when it was age appropriate, don’t need to see it again as an old lady.

Call Me Crazy AU. Ch. [1]

Chapter One

Based on @captainpeachperfect‘s Call Me Crazy gifsets. This chapter is based off the first gifset.

Summary: Chloe Beale is a Pre-Law student who struggles with schizophrenia. She is still trying to prove the diagnoses wrong. Beca Mitchell is a young psychiatrist. She had some patients before but never met people with schizophrenia.


Chloe sighed, she really didn’t want to do this. Her family claimed it was for the best and it would help her so she reluctantly agreed.

More so for her younger sister. Her younger sister wanted her to get better and she didn’t want to disappoint her.

“I can’t believe I agreed to this” She mumbled under her breath and opened her bedroom door to go downstairs

She felt nervous and embarrassed. She hated the diagnoses. Her family told her these sessions would help her.

And of course her mom was already ready to drive her to the appointment.

“You ready?”

All Chloe did was nod as they got in the car and drove off

“You know, I heard Dr. Mitchell is one of the best” Her mother tried to make small talk with her and all the blonde did was look out the window, mumbling an incoherent reply.

“Honey, I know you don’t want to do this but it’s-“

“For the best. I know, you’ve told me”  She snapped and she heard a sigh come from her mom

“What else do you know about her?” Chloe quietly asks and she hears her mother inhale

“She’s quite young but got into college early. 16 I think.”

“And you trust her?”

“Well, apparently if she got into college at the age of 16 she’s obviously smart in some way.”


“Well, we’re here. I’ll pick you up when it’s over”

“okay, bye Mom”

“Bye Chlo” her mother pressed a gentle kiss to the blonde’s forehead before driving away and Chloe entered the tall building nervously.

“How may I help you?” The lady at the front desk asked
“Uh- I had an appointment set up. Chloe Beale”

“yes, okay” She gives her directions and Chloe knocks on the door and in a few seconds, it swings open

“You can take a seat there” Dr. Mitchell points to a comfy looking chair and sits

“Hi! I’m Dr. Mitchell” The short brunette introduces herself and Chloe makes eye contact before nervously looking down


“You can call me Beca! –If you want, of course”

Chloe twiddles her thumbs and the brief silence is broken

“What is your name?”

“Isn’t it in my file?” Chloe questions and Dr. Mitchell awkwardly fumbles over words

“yeah, but you know, it’s part of…”

“Actually- uh. Nevermind” She stops herself trying to explain plays with a strand of her hair before folding her hands in her lap

“This must be incredibly difficult. How do you feel right now?”
“I’m fine.” She answers simply

Of course Chloe was uncomfortable with sharing much so she would always give short responses and Dr. Mitchell could tell she was feeling uncomfortable

She gazed at the nervous woman in front of her and notices a lot.

The nervous gaze she held.

But more the shade of her eyes.

They both had blue eyes, but Chloe’s were such a bright blue.

Like the sky during the afternoon, where as Dr. Mitchell’s were dark and more stormy looking.

She of course though her patient was beautiful

‘What the fuck? Stop leering at her.’ Beca thought to herself

Dr. Mitchell’s gaze didn’t go unnoticed by the blonde and she awkwardly shifted in her seat

“Oh uh- sorry.”

There was a sempiternal silence that held throughout the room and Chloe took a quick glance at the brunette

She couldn’t help but to find her attractive.

Dr. Mitchell must admit she’d never dealt with a patient with Schizophrenia so she made a mental note to look it up when she got home on her laptop.

She better start talking more, she didn’t want Chloe to feel uncomfortable.

A/N: hey! I hope you guys like this. I decided this will be an actual fanfic. Based on @captainpeachperfect ‘s “Call Me Crazy” AU gifset.

I was given permission and this is based off the first gifset.

I plan to try and make each chapter based on each gifset but I might do two in one kind of a thing eventually.

Hope you like the first chapter! 


FYI, I have never ever SPECIALLY spoken about a person who believes Kerry is with Nnamdi. Yes I have spoken of them as a whole but I have never ever personally attacked someone and PUBLICLY too because of their views & beliefs. Yes I believe Kerry & Tony are together. So what? Does that warrant being called a cunt? Being cyber bullied? - because thats what it is and this girl ever ADMITTED to it. Kerry tweeted me & I get called trash, followed by cunt. I dont even know these people who are now against me because I stay away from people who dont have the same thoughts as me as to not cause drama. I would never nor have I ever personally victimized another woman for her beliefs. And yes like I said before Kerry would be disappointed. She knows who I am & knows my beliefs yet she still tweets me. As for the issue that I tweeted Bellamy Young something. As I have said numerous times. IT WAS A JOKE. I may be a terry & an Olitz fan but it is also well know that I like Bellamy. She has tweeted me thousands of times & know me. She KNOWS I was joking & that I love her. So every single thing all of you are saying is completely wrong. So please please keep my name out of your mouth as I know none of you; it’s kinda freaky. Thank you.