people who should be my best friend but are not because they are famous or not real

anonymous asked:

So clearly you are famous in the YOI fandom (and you totally deserve it ) how does that translate into real life? Do you tell your friends? Do you look and random ppl and think "do they read my fic?"

Haha, I don’t really think of myself as ‘famous’ or anything and it doesn’t really impact much on my real life. Most people don’t know I write fic, just my best friends, including @lotsof-lokilove, who just constantly take the piss out of me for it (my birthday present from them included a notebook to ‘keep writing all that porn in’ and that pretty much sums their attitudes up 。゚(TヮT)゚。 They’re banned from reading my fic ever on pain of death because I get enough shit for it as it is!) Probably the main impacts is has on my life is my sleep schedule is completely non-existent, I waste a lot of time I should be studying writing instead and I get really happy whenever I’m out doing my weekly food shop and I see someone’s given me a donation on my kofi account because it means that I can buy myself a treat like ice cream that I can’t usually afford. I do sometimes wonder if people I know have read my fic as well but it’s not something you can ever really ask so I guess it’ll just forever be a mystery! I’d love to go to a proper con one day too and I think I’d probably meet someone who’d read it there but cons are expensive and usually in the month that I have exams and I also live in the wrong country for any of the big ones T_T