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So I'm not entirely sure where my mind went, but I'm pretty interested in seeing a Peter/Allison pairing. Either a darker version where Peter manipulates Allison, or a fluffier one, had Allison lived, became more of a badass and met Peter years down the line. Maybe hunting him because she thinks he's at fault killing people? Tracks him down for information on a rare creature? Meets him again at Stiles and Derek's wedding? Who cares I'm here for it all.

And they realise they have a lot more in common than they thought. They’ve both lost people, they’ve both had their lives ruined. And Allison, who knows exactly what it feels like to lose control and want revenge, understands what Peter went through when he woke from the coma. So what starts as grudging respect becomes actual friendship and trust, and then suddenly they’re in a relationship. 

Peter loves her, but it also helps that it pisses Chris Argent and Scott off so much! 

Children of The Gods Ch.1 - Demigod AU [Jason Todd x Reader]

A/n: Here it is! The first chapter to my new series! I really am looking forward to what his series has to offer because I love Greek Mythology! I really hope you all like this and I appreciate any feedback you guys have! Love you all! Enjoy <33

Ch. 2 - Ch. 3 - Ch. 4

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Greek Gods. Stories of myth and legend. Almighty, immortal beings that serve as judges to the world as we know it. Could begin and start a life at the snap of a finger. Because of their immense power they try and keep from interactions with mortal humans. Yes they try, but what happens when they do not succeed? What happens if one grows affectionate with a human? What happens if they have children?

Questions all too known to humans who believe in these Gods and Goddesses. But questions all too answered for their offspring. Demigods inhabit this Earth, part God part human, half bloods. Relics to some and freaks to others.

Wandering prey if they’re unaware of their heritage, prey to those who despise the Gods and the reign they have had for eons. Unable to get to the Gods themselves, these villains target the offspring. The mortal offspring.

That is why the creation of the ‘Camp of the Gods’ was created. A safe place for demigods and goddesses. A place for them to grow, to accept their abilities and heritage.

The camp is hidden, tucked away in a forest away from civilization. The only people who know about it are the League and demigods and goddesses who have trained there. The League is a group of trained demigods and goddesses who save endangered half bloods. They bring them to the camp before villains can harm them. This is where demigods learn to harness and control their abilities.

It’s where you live. You’ve been at the camp since you were 12. Having lost her to one of those monsters, you were left on your own. In your mother’s final moments she told you who you are. Who your father is. Saying you must find a case hidden within your home and run away. That’s when the hunting began. However the League came to your rescue.

When they saved you, you were brought back to the camp. Where your father claimed you during the claiming ceremony. A claim that stunned every member of the league and every demigod in the camp.

You are the Princess to the Gods, the Daughter of Zeus.

As of today, you have become one of the strongest demigods, strong enough to become a part of the league. However, you had different intentions. The camp had become your home, the only home you’ve known for 7 years. Leading to your decision to stay and protect it in case any harm were to come to its defenses. Having both training from being on your own and training from the camp, there was no one better suited.

The camp is safe. It’s where untrained demigods and goddesses belong.

…However. Not everyone believes that.

Jason was not entirely fond of Bruce making him move to this camp. Him and the Outlaws could handle themselves, the last advice he took from Bruce led to proving Jason’s mortality. It was through the power of his mother, Athena, that brought him back. After that he vowed to take care of himself from then on.

Though, on their last mission to take down a villain target, there was a mishap that almost led to them and the half blood they were saving losing their lives, putting a target on their backs in the process. After that close call, the League demanded they all move to the camp. Where they would be safe and things could calm down. Villains often would draw targets but forget about them within a good few months. Finding new prey to stalk.

Kori and Roy were rather excited to be coming to the camp. They always wanted to know more about their immortal parents and even form some sort of relationship with them.

They eagerly stood outside the magic barrier that camouflages the camp. Jason standing there annoyed with his arms crossed. Bruce came up next to the three, “Are you ready?” Kori and Roy grinned while Jason simply huffed before Bruce led the way. They were in awe as the camp revealed itself once passing the barrier.

They approached the gate, being greeted by the sound of metal clanging and bows strings stretching, the yelling and talking of half bloods. Jason winced at the sight, this is NOT what he wanted. “Welcome to the Camp of the Gods” Bruce observed the three.

He watched as their eyes scanned over the place. His falling on three members coming their way. Noticing Dick, the first demigod he saved. “New Recruits, and Bruce what a surprise.” Dick greeted cheerily. Jason’s scowl only grew, great now he has to deal with the golden boy too? Dick’s eyes fell on Jason, “Jason, I see you’re finally joining the camp.”

“Yeah, well, not of my own volition” he bit back. However, Dick is used to Jason’s short temper, he knows Jason’s reluctance will pass with time.

“Anyway, who have you brought with you?” His attention turned to the two others. “I’m Roy and this is Kori.” Roy introduced the both of them. “A pleasure to meet you both. I’m Richard, or Dick as I prefer. Son of Apollo.”

Next the redhead beside him spoke up, “I’m Wally, Son of Hermes” pointing to himself.

The last one to speak was the girl on the other side of them both, “I’m M’gann, Daughter of Persephone. We’re kind of your welcoming committee. We will be showing you the camp and answering any questions you might have.” She smiled kindly at the three.

“I will leave you three in their hands. I have to get back to work.” Bruce said before turning and exiting the camp.

“If you three will follow us we can start the tour of the camp” M’gann smiled while gesturing for them to follow. Roy, Kori, and Jason did so, listening to the information they were being given. Being shown the dining hall, cabins, stables, camp borders, armory, and finally the training grounds.

When approaching the training grounds they noticed a group formed and the sound of swords clashing. Coming upon the scene they saw two people sparring. Continuously lunging and blocking the other’s attacks. It was graceful, like a sort of forbidden dance. Both swordsmen, or swordsman and swords-woman, were highly skilled. Proving how fighting is an art form, not brute strength.

Jason especially noticed the abilities and gracefulness of the demigoddess. He was infatuated by the way you moved; tactically yet instinctively. Noticing how you could see three moves ahead of your opponent. [H/c] hair tied back as your [e/c] stayed locked on your opponent, gaze never faltering for a second. The opponent a taller, tan, male with blonde hair and green eyes. He looked strong and moved just as tactically but it didn’t look as though it came as naturally for him.

“Who is that?” Jason asked looking over at Dick, catching the attention of the others. “The man is Kaldur’ahm, Son of Poseidon. Prince of the Sea some have come to call him. He’s one of the strongest warriors in this camp. The woman, [F/n] [L/n], Daughter of Zeus. Princess of the Gods. The strongest demigoddess and warrior in the camp. Both highly skilled and highly fatal.” Dick explained, eyes not leaving the match. Jason nodded before directing his attention back to the fight.

Before Jason could analyze their movements any further, it all came to an abrupt halt. You had a boot on Kaldur’ahm’s chest, sword pulled up over your shoulder in a striking position. Both panting before a grin broke out on your lips. “I win” you muttered before pulling back offering a hand to him. “Still the most skilled warrior in the camp.” He stated calmly.

“That was amazing!” one of the younger demigods smiled, who stood just in front of the newcomers. Your eyes fell on them all. “So you’re the new recruits” calling to them. Waving them over, “Front and center” tapping the ground with your sword. The three came and stood where you tapped. Swinging the sword to rest it on your shoulder while turning to look at them. Standing there you looked them over, getting a feel for their physical type.

“Well as the formal protector of this camp, Welcome. As I’m sure M’gann, Dick, and Wally told you I’m [F/n] [L/n] and this is Kaldur’ahm. We both are here if you have any questions on your abilities or the camp itself. However from what Bruce and the rest of the League told me, you all have quite a handle on your abilities, and outside experience. So I ask you to behave yourselves and act as role models for the younger demigods and goddesses here because they WILL look up to you. As long as you all follow the rules and keep that in mind, we’re more than happy to have you here. And one last thing, this is a home. We are all family here, please, treat it as such.” Looking over the three, you saw the eagerness in two but the third was wearing an aura of skepticism.

You walked over to Jason, “Trust me this place isn’t as you feel it is. Give it a chance, give us a chance before you cast your verdict. What I’m saying is lighten up, relax, learn. We might surprise you.” laughing while placing the sword hilt in his hands. Backing away you looked at them all, “As much as I’d like to stay, I have other things to attend to. I will see you all at the claiming ceremony.” Announcing before smiling at them all and nodding before making your leave.

“Claiming ceremony?” Kori asked looking at their three tour guides. Wally was the first to speak up. “It’s where your parent will claim you as their child, proving your heritage as a demigod and who your parent is. Then the camp will act and train you accordingly.” he explained. Them all nodding in understanding.

“Anyway there is a lot more camp to show you and people for you to meet before the ceremony. Let’s continue” Dick smiled before M’gann nodded and began to lead the way once more.

Though Jason was distracted by the words you spoke to him while analyzing the sword in his hands. The words ringing in his head ‘What I’m saying is lighten up, relax, learn. We might surprise you.’ How could he relax? Half of him kept reminding how he’s in a strange, unknown place, surrounded by other demigods. Though the other side of him wanted to train and take the chance to do as told. To trust.

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I wanna start watching ancient magnum bride but what te heck is it about??????

The OVAs we have so far (two parts out of four three) are a companion story to the manga and don’t really follow the main plot (there may be a full anime series coming this fall though?? Unsure). 

The manga is about Chise, a gal with some special abilities bought by this fella Elias, a non-human magus/mage, who intends to teach Chise magic, keep her alive (people with her abilities tend to burn out and die young!), and eventually make her his bride.

This mighty be throwing up all kinds of Wow Unhealthy red flags for you. But the writing is handled fantastically and this odd situation that could have easily turned into one of your standard Weird Gross Anime IPs is instead something super cool and awesome. First off, Elias not being human and not understanding how humans work is a HUGE part of his character and development. Secondly, all Elias’ human pals are immediately like Elias What The Fuck You Can’t Buy People Because We Said You Need An Apprentice Chise Here Is My Number If You Need Help Don’t Hesitate To Call. And thirdly, Chise seems cool with all of this and agrees to teach Elias How To Human better while he teaches her magic and the whole bride thing is like almost never mentioned again.

Over time, the manga delves into things like “Why the fuck does Chise seem cool with this?”, “Chise why are you doing that stop?”, “Both of y’all have an unhealthy attachment to each other please get out of the house sometimes”, “Elias why are you acting like a pouting baby?”, “Elias, no you can’t control everything all the time.”, “By the way, what the fuck are you?” Also this one dude is trying to fuck everything up and there’s all these other ppl who want Chise for shit.

In short (lil too late for short lol), its about two emotionally stunted, lost, and confused people living on the outskirts of their respective societies, slowly realizing things about themselves and working past their flaws and figuring themselves out. And as they grow as people, they grow together as closer companions. Though framed as a romance, that’s really not the focus of it. The focus is more about them becoming healthy and good people. The growth feels natural and appropriate, and I love that. 

Also LOTS OF COOL MYTHOLOGY SHIT HELL YEAH. YAMAZAKI KORE DID HER DAMNED RESEARCH OK. If NONE of what i just said grabs you then you could read for the mythological shit alone. It’s great. 
I think that’s it. Other fans feel free to add to this,,,

You can read it here (which has a nice description itself)
And the OVA bits are on crunchyroll

Hope you check it out! 

I am going to need the entire HP fandom to stop using “the greater good” until they know and understand what it means. It’s everywhere, in fanfictions, on Tumblr, everywhere. And it needs to stop. Seriously, that phrase has become ridiculously overused now and has lost all sense of meaning.

Dumbledore haters have taken that phrase completely out of context and they don’t even know what it even is. The greater good was never used by Dumbledore in the series, ever. He never even spoke the phrase, we see it one time in a letter written a century ago and the Dumbledore hating fandom has lost its last mind. No anti-Dumbledore post or comment is complete without “he didn’t care who had to die for his Greater Good.” Stop. Just. Stop. It isn’t Dumbledore’s greater good, it’s the greater good of all of humanity. They have literally taken Grindelwald’s version of the Greater Good and stuck Dumbledore with it. Dumbledore’s Greater Good involved getting rid of wizard Hitler on steroids. It’s not some giant chess game, it’s war. And people don’t get it. It’s not about reputation, power, control, or any of this stuff that Dumbledore haters think it’s about. It’s about saving lives, that’s all it’s ever been about since Voldemort emerged. And I don’t get why other people don’t get it.


trying to remember how it feels to have a heartbeat

I’ve written about songs Harry Styles wrote that seem to be about Taylor Swift before, last time I did this. You can believe whatever you want about exactly who the “eyes blue” in Two Ghosts belong to, but as with Perfect, it’s hard not to see Taylor being called out specifically in the imagery: her red lipped classic thing that you like, his long hair, slicked back, white tee shirt.

Those three images– blue eyes, red lips, white shirt– are the meme of their relationship, the easiest and most public shorthand for it; they don’t point us inward, towards the intimate experience of it, but rather toward the surface, the way we’ve consumed it from the outside: as a series of paparazzi photos, fan rumors, and then, ultimately, recorded song lyrics. Style and Perfect (and the rest of 1989) codified the vocabulary we’d use to discuss the relationship, the images of it we’d most remember, and associate with it. 

Two Ghosts marks the moment at which you look at an old flame and realize you can bring up the memories you’ve made for yourself of them– this moment, that outfit, the fucking feeling– but beyond that there’s not much anymore. Your memory is more constructed than recalled. 

They’re lost to you, and in losing them, you’ve lost some small, vital piece of your own self.

(Losing this piece of self is the only way to keep on growing up.) 

With Perfect, I wrote about the idea that Taylor had trapped the ghost of their relationship in the structure of her song, so that in writing Perfect Harry was perhaps, at least in part, writing about what it felt like to be used that way, and to be complicit in using your self in writing your own work: turning your private emotional life into very public art.

Perfect is ironic, but Two Ghosts is not at all arch; it’s sweetly mournful, an empty-handed pean to something so long lost that there’s nothing to hold into anymore, nothing left but memory, or spirit— or maybe just illusion.

How do you prove you existed? How do you prove that what you felt, especially when the feeling existed between two people who aren’t on the same page anymore, was ever real? Taylor’s answer is defiant: she sings, over and over again, oh I remember. She records her personal history in order to give weight to her version of events.

But Two Ghosts knows that being able to remember something doesn’t mean you can make it live again; having control over the past doesn’t give you any way to steady yourself against the heartbreak of the present.

Every time Harry sings we’re just two ghosts swimming in a glass half-empty I hear echoes of Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here, which goes we’re just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl / year after year. Wish You Were Here is also about the distance that time creates, about the tricks that the mind plays on us: oh / so you think you can tell / heaven from hell? Blue skies from grey? The song is a series of questions about what its subject has been up to— did they get you to trade your heroes for ghosts? Hot ashes for trees? Hot air for a cool breeze? But nothing changes its inevitable conclusion: oh I wish, how I wish you were here.

Romantic nostalgia longs for a lost self as much as the lost love. Whoever the song is about, their presence makes Harry feel like a ghost of himself, like since he felt that he hasn’t felt anything at all. Trying to remember how it feels to have a heart / beat. Memories seem like good company but in fact they all too often just make you lonely, reminding you of how many past selves there are to mourn.


Do not use his name. Do not give him the infamy and power he so desperately wanted. Let him die in vain, an unnamed evildoer whose identity was not worth acknowledging.

Don’t let others following his path have a clear ‘martyr’ to idolize and emulate, and don’t let him or his organization have the power to claim control over the lives so horribly lost last night. Those lives were not his to take and their souls are not his to claim.

We certainly need to address the socio-political, ideological, security, and global problems that led to this tragedy, but we do not have to let these hateful individuals or groups gain recognition. We don’t need to help make their recruitment efforts or motivations any easier.

I wish the media would stop making these people famous. Society should disdain such acts and the people who commit them. Stop giving them the international fame they believed would glorify their sins. I don’t give a shit what neighborhood a terrorist lived in or what their high school teachers thought of them. I don’t care what they looked like or what their name was. I care about the innocent live demolished in their wake. I want the world to know their names and their histories, and honor their lives.

The terrorists themselves do not deserve a name, an identity, once they have taken another’s life.

(With that said, please don’t use this tragedy as an excuse to justify your own hate of others.)

The Commander & The Leader. (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Requests/Summary- I was wondering if i can get a scenario with Bellamy Blake from The 100? Where Reader(grounder) argues with Bellamy(their dating) about all of the things that he has done for Pike and him killing 300 of her people. He says something hurtful about her and her people. then when Pike was about to pull the trigger on Lincoln, she offers to take his place because she loved Lincoln like a brother. Pike kill reader instead and Bellamy witnesses everything and blames himself for everything.
could you please do an imagine where you’re the commander and Bellamy falls in love with you??❤️

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For you, leading your people was the most important thing in your life. You cared for them deeply and it wasn’t a duty for you, it was a desire. All your life has been spent caring for them. After all, you are their Commander. But ever since the Skypeople came back down from Space, it had become harder and harder to choose the right path. Even more so when all the adults started taking charge. Your people who were once apart of the Skypeople, were beginning to be outcasted and feared. Having them at the root of discrimination wasn’t easy, but having Bellamy fall in love with you was even harder because you loved him too. Terrible things began happening. Bellamy was confused about what side he was on and who to protect. And with each decision he made against your people, he broke your heart over and over again. It seemed like there was no getting through to him but you have to try at least one more time. 

“Bellamy!” You call from afar, receiving looks from skypeople. You know they want you out of their camp but you have business to attend to. He turns around, knowing by the sound of your voice that this isn’t going to be a conversation he wants to have. 

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One Shot (IV)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Chanyeol

Rating: PG-13 / R

Warnings: Physical Abuse / Assault (not Chanyeol)

Word Count: 3,069

Summary:  You’re a deadly assassin, hired to kill bad guys. But what if the bad guy doesn’t seem so … bad?

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About Larcade and his magic

After chapter 508 and all the confusion because of Larcade’s power, PM2 wrote this on his blog on Amino

If you think it’s related to virginity or sex, you are so wrong. Let me explain:

  • Eileen was surprised that Wendy (and Erza) didn’t get affected. Think, really think, why would Eileen be surprised Wendy didn’t get affected if she knew Larcade’s magic wouldn’t work on virgins? Wendy is a child. It’s pretty obvious she still hasn’t lost her virginity.
  •  Mavis asks why only adults are getting affected. Let me explain: adults have lived longer and so have a higher chance of having committed sin. This is Larcade’s magic’s true targets. The ones who have sinned. Mavis then gets affected. She has sinned. She has controled people like pawns and has killed and I really, really believe Mavis is a virgin.
  • Larcade explains that those affected have tasted the forbidden fruit of pleasure. Understandably, your first thought is sex, right? But it’s wrong. The forbidden fruit of pleasure is sin, not sex, atleast in this context.
  • Zeref is a virgin. His curse doesn’t allow him to have sex, but he’s a hardcore sinner.
  • I don’t think Angel has had sex. She has been with the Oracion Seis all her life and none of them have an intimate relationship with her.
  • Gildarts gets affected but it’s not because he had sex. He’s a hardcore womanizer and he has beaten children (Natsu).
  • Cana doesn’t get affected, but think, has she ever committed any sin? I don’t think drinking is a sin, only in the eyes of our real world society. Also, being a “slut” isn’t really a sin. I mean, it’s her body, let her make the most of it.

He’s kinda pissed that most people got the wrong idea and it’s hurting FT’s reputation. I understand him, Fairy Tail is a good manga and I don’t think Mashima meant that thing about Larcade’s magic, I think it was just not well explained.

Why Slut Shaming is WRONG

Okay so let’s talk! Let’s talk about slut shaming, and WHY it is WRONG. (This is also just another post to weed out the uneducated people following me)💀 Anyway, so basically slut shaming is shaming someone (usually a woman) for being too sexually active, sexually liberated,showing “too much skin”, basically women who are TOO sexual for what society has deemed appropriate. Saying things like “that girl has no self respect/morals” because she poses naked is problematic. Showing skin DOES NOT determine how much self respect you have. Key word in SELF respect, is SELF. How can you even let that phrase come out of your mouth whilst telling SOMEONE ELSE they don’t respect themselves. Self respect is doing what make YOU , YOURSELF happy. Also , it isn’t ANYONES BUSINESS, what you do with your body. Furthermore, there is nothing wrong with being sexually active. As long as the sex is SAFE and CONSENSUAL. Other than that, why judge someone over how many sexual partners they’ve had? People who slut shame are typically the same people to think women are one dimensional. They think if she strips, posts half naked photos, twerks etc then she must not be educated or smart. When we see a guy post a shirtless pic , do we ever question his education? Why do we see women as one or the other? It is VERY possible to post twerk videos and have a masters. The answer is misogyny. Slut shaming is nothing but misogynistic bull, that was created to control women. Another key point as to why it is so wrong is because women have lost their lives to being slut shamed. Girls have committed suicide because they were being bullied, and called sluts And hoes. They make these girls feels less worthy. A virgin is no better than a stripper! Women across the globe have been victims to what you call “honor” killings. Where a male family member will take their life over the simple ASSUMPTION that she is being a littler promiscuous. Women getting their genitals MUTILATED causing excruciating pain and life long health problems, sometimes even death! Just because they don’t want a woman to be sexual. Is that not wrong to you? Women in Cameroon getting their breast ironed. (Yes it’s an actual thing, look it up) They burn and flatten their breasts with hot iron rods so they won’t attract so much attention to men. That is victim blaming and another form of slut shaming! Which brings me to another point. Slut shaming, leads to victim blaming. When people say “she wouldn’t have gotten raped if her skirt wasn’t so short” or saying “she was a whore she wanted it anyway”. Do you people not see how TOXIC that is? It takes some people YEARS to recover from a rape . Instead of receiving support from others, they are getting blamed for what happened to them. Which can also lead to suicide. Another form of slut shaming is judging women off of their labias and how “tight” or “loose” their vagina is. Now with the labias, you have these post going around saying women with longer labias are “ran through” . That is so far from the truth. Labias come in all different colors , shapes, and sizes. You’re ruining girls self esteem and making them feel like “dirty hoes” for having what naturally occurs. Next, you have the whole tight vagina thing. Let me lay some facts on y'all . A “loose” vagina is an aroused one. When a person with a vagina becomes aroused the vagina stretches to accommodate .. Well you know what. Also, if a woman has sex with you 20 times , and another has sex with 20 different men.. Then isn’t that the same thing? How is her vagina loose??? Vaginas are elastic. If a woman can push a human out, what makes you think your Vienna sausage did any damage??? Oh okay.. To sum this all up. Slut shaming is wrong. So next time you think a girl doesn’t have morals for being sexually liberated, think about what you’re saying and how it affects people before you let that bs come out then try to pass it off as “just an opinion”.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time - Jason Todd x Reader

A/N: It’s OCTOBER YA’LL!!!!!!! You know what that means … . HOLY HALLOWEEN B@MAN SPECTACULAR!!!!!!! This is the first spoopy request for this month and this particular story has at least 2 more planned parts!

Prompt: Hi! I was wondering if you have time and since it’s almost Halloween, you could do a vampire fic with Jason or the batboys, if it’s okay with you. Pretty please?? And thank you:)) (requested by @redbircl)

“Are you sure you don’t want to share a cab?” You dreadfully hopeful date asked suggestively. This was probably one of the worst dates you’ve ever had and your date just couldn’t seem to get the hint that you weren’t interested after he started bragging about how many women he’s banged. You forced a smile and waved him off.

“No that’s fine. I have some errands to run before I can go back home. Thanks for the offer though.” You said politely hoping that this was the miraculous moment where he might catch on.

“Whatever you say. I’ll text you later, ok babe?” He said as he slid into the back seat of his cab.

“Uh huh.” You hummed non committedly.

“Night gorgeous!” He said blowing you kiss and a wink. After his cab was out of sight you sighed and rolled your eyes. You can’t help but to wonder what you ever did to deserve to be attracted to such horrible men.

Shaking your head slowly you wrap your jacket around you closer to protect you from the cold Gotham night air and started to walk home. You tried not to linger too long in any place and you hurriedly walked the shortest possible route to your apartment. You were only a couple blocks away when you decided you were going to cut through an alley in an effort to get yourself home faster. You didn’t realize you were being followed and next thing you knew you felt a subtle sting of a knife being held at your back.

“Don’t you dare fucking scream. Gimme the purse” He whispered threateningly. Your eyes widened in fear but you followed his directions and handed him your purse. Nothing in it was worth enough to get yourself killed over. “Good girl. Now your cell phone. Hand it over, bitch.” He commanded pressing the blade a little harder against you. Tears sprang to your eyes at the pain but you handed him your cell phone as commanded.

“Please! You have what you want! Let me go.” You said fearfully.

“Oh, I’m not done with you yet.” He leered roughly grabbing your hips and squeezing your ass, his fingers painfully digging into you.

“Don’t touch me.” You growled trying to pull away from him. He spun you in his arms and clasped your wrists in his iron grip to keep you from fighting.

“I’ll do whatever and whoever the fuck I please, and right now that lucky whore is you.” He snarled. His unoccupied hand reached down and ripped at your dress. You began to scream and kick against him, trying to break from his grasp. He slapped you hard against the cheek and covered your mouth with his hand to muffle your screams.

Suddenly your attacker was ripped away from you and you fell to the ground. When you looked up you saw your savior forcefully expose your attacker’s neck and roughly sink his teeth into the helpless man’s neck. You sat on the damp ground petrified as you watched the scene unfold, as you watched your attacker get the blood sucked out of him.

When your attacker fell limp and lifeless in your savior’s arms, your savior lifted his head with blood staining his lips and teeth. You gasped in fright and suddenly the man’s dark, hungry, gaze was fixated on you. You scrambled to your feet and tried to run away from the man but easily and fluidly pounced at you, taking you firmly in his arms. You kicked and screamed against him and tried escaping his grasp. He snarled animalistically and your struggles and as soon as he had the opening he sunk his head into the crook of your neck and bit down, his teeth easily slicing through your skin like butter.

You let out a blood curdling scream as you registered the pain in your neck and he started to steal your life force. You tried fighting against him, pushing him away, kicking and punching him. Nothing worked and eventually your attempts to escape grew weaker and weaker as you lost more blood to him. When he had gotten his fill of you he pulled away and looked at you in guilt and remorse.

“God no! I’m so sorry! I didn’t meant to! Fuck!” He cried out angrily at himself as your vision started to fade into blackness. He set you carefully on the ground and gently swept your hair away from your eyes.  “I’m sorry” You heard him whisper sincerely as he walked away from you just before you blacked out.

Miraculously a stranger happened to notice you that night and called an ambulance for you. You attacker was pronounced dead on the scene but you were resilient, you survived. You were rushed to the hospital where they gave you a blood transfusion. You had lost most of your blood and the doctors told you when you woke up that it was an outright miracle that you were alive with the unprecedented amount of blood you lost.

You should have died that night but you didn’t.

You started thinking a lot about what happened to you, if it were really possible that that man could have been an actual blood sucking vampire. It seemed a ridiculous thought to you, a silly horror story that is usually saved for a Halloween campfire story but the scarring bite mark on your neck told you otherwise.  

Life goes on and you try to put the incident behind you as your bite mark scarred over and became a little less noticeable. The mark healed quicker than you thought possible but you weren’t going to be one to complain about it. Most people now assumed that you just had an enthusiastic lover but you knew the truth.

You were on your way home from work one night, making sure to take well lit paths. After what happened to you, you vowed that no short cut was worth the risk, not in this town. You were hyper aware of your surroundings so you stopped dead in your tracks when you saw a familiar crop of dark hair. You visibly paled several shades and stood petrified as the two of you stood staring each other down, both of you equally wide eyes.

“It’s you.” Jason whispered in awe. You broke out of your trance and immediately sprinted away from him. “Wait!” Jason calls after you. He sighs and starts following your scent. He could easily catch up to you but he figured that would panic you more than you already are.

Jason couldn’t help but to be intrigued by you. He was almost certain that he killed you that night but he had left you in the alley before he could hear your heart stop. He didn’t mean to attack you like he had. He only intended to kill your attacker but the moment his blood hit his tongue the bloodlust took over. He didn’t register attacking you until after he came out of his bloodlust fueled haze and you were lying half dead in his arms. He had felt guilty for what he did to you and his family reprimanded him when he told them what had happened. If he could be given the chance, he wanted to make amends with you or at the very least apologize.

Jason easily caught up with you and pulled you into the shadows away from the prying eyes of any passerby. “Just wait a minute!” He pleaded, his hand reaching out to grab your arm.  

“Please!” You sobbed. “Don’t kill me! I swear I won’t tell anyone what I saw.”

“I’m not going to kill you.” He reassured in a gentle voice.

“What do you want from me?” You asked, him still tightly gripping your wrists. He looked down where he was holding you and released your hands from his grasp.

“I - are you alright?”

“What?” You asked incredulously. You found it ridiculous that he of all people was worried about your well being.

“Are you alright?” Jason repeated. “I know this might be hard for you to believe but I never meant to hurt you that night. I lost control and I’m sorry I couldn’t stop myself sooner.”

“Well why didn’t you?” You asked accusingly. He hesitated before responding.

“The bloodlust. It’s hard to explain since you’re human but for me, once I start I can’t stop. Especially if I don’t … eat often enough. When I found you I had gone too long without it.” He explained gently. Your head was reeling with all the information. “Usually I hunt criminals, people who don’t deserve to live anyway, but never innocent civilians. I would have stopped myself from hurting you if I could.” He explained.

“What right do you have to decide who lives and who dies?” You asked in offense.

“Excuse me?” He asked with a critically raised eyebrow. Every part of you said to run, to not anger the predator that could easily still sink his teeth into your neck and finish the job.

“What about the good criminals?” You asked.

“Do you even hear yourself?” He asked mockingly.

“Yes I do! There are people who only do the things that they do in order to survive. Surely you must understand that.”

“And how do you suggest I distinguish between them, if it’s so goddamn important to you that the right criminals live? Also keeping in mind that the longer I go without the more likely someone like you is going to get hurt again. How do you weigh your morality and the safety of good innocent people?” He asked angrily, slowly stalking towards you. Your eyes widened in fear and you walked backwards until your back hit the wall of the alley. He was close enough to you that you could feel his breath brushing against your face. He leaned in and brushed a finger against the closed wound that he left on your neck that night. You wrenched your eyes shut in fear, sure that your end was near. You should have known better than to poke at the lion but you have too big of a fucking mouth for your own good. But the end didn’t come and he sighed in frustration.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to go off on you like that. You have nothing to fear from me.” He reassured gently, his eyes gazing down at your scarring tissue. You could see a hint of hunger in his eyes but he pushed it aside.  “I know I will never have your trust but I assure you I don’t take lives lightly. Out of respect to you, I’ll try to be more conscious of which criminals I target in the future.”

“Do you expect me to thank you?” You asked looking defiantly into his admittedly enchanting eyes. His eyes narrowed and he stepped away from you.

“No. Not at all.” He grumbled and turned to walk away from you.

“Wait! I never got your name!” You called as he walked further away from you. He stopped and turned around to flash you a smile. The sight of his teeth sent an involuntary shiver of discomfort down your spine. You had to remind yourself that despite this man’s charming and handsome appearance he was potentially fatally dangerous to all he came in contact with.

“Jason.” He answered.

“I’m [Y/N], in case you were wondering.” You offered.

“Have a good life [Y/N]. May fortune let this be the last time we meet.” He casually saluted you before shoving his hands in his pockets and turning away to disappear into the night.

The Magick of a Belt

There comes a point in an intiate’s life where the part of the soul and body we typically call the Hama is weakened to the point that the active magick of the initiate must bolster the Hama from outside influences. Many initiates retreat from too many contacts outside of themselves and walk the lonely road. Many find themselves overcome with sensations, sights, and signs pouring in from all directions as if the floodgates have been torn open. The onsalaught of these things many among us find hard to cope with.

I know several among us that are empathic to the point that they find it difficult to be in social settings because for them the facade others show the world is torn away to their senses and they are subjected to the unfettered and often harsh emotions of others around them. Others become so attune to death that the weight of the burden of the eventuallity facing others interrupts their ability to form lasting relationships. Others still are so attune to spirits that they can hardly be in public because of the layers of connections surrounding locations, objects, and even other people. Still others are pressed and driven to anxiety or nervousness by the full force of the universe pressing in against their Hama.

All of these things are created and exacerbated by the innate abilities of those individuals who have “fared forth” or even simply extended their senses beyond themselves so often that the strengthening of that gift did weaken the walls of protection afforded by the Hama. The Hama is a wall. If you make openings in that wall, you leave gaps in your Hama.

Is it a gift to be able to do these things? Yes, it is among the greatest of gifts; but it also becomes a burden for many. In ancient societies there would almost certainly have been networks of experienced magickal folk to guide the initiate through this stage of their journey. But today unfortunately these have been lost to us almost entirely. Certain groups exist today which seek to lead others through these things but almost invariably the people who find those groups have already come to master their wills and come to command a measure of control over these abilities prior to seeking the groups out. 

The most practical advice I can offer those people who are living this life in the here and now is to not give up. The road is long and winding but well worth the journey. And there are ways to reinforce the Hama against all these things.

The belt, as mundane as the object seems it was no ordinary accessory. Spinning thread and weaving were acts of deep magick. Magick, intention, and will could be woven into the fabrics. Curses and blessings could be imbued into each thread. But for my purpose today, the belt can serve as a second Hama. A belt handmade by the initiate, woven into a pattern, meditated over throughout, and worn in a circle around the waist can act as a shield to bolster the Hama. It is one of many magickal tools in the arsenal of an initiate yet probably the most overlooked because of the often passive nature of the magick involved.

The protective effects were not fully forgotten however nor was the art lost in making them. There are several cultures whose folklore records uses of magick belts not the least of which was Norse Paganism, our own heathenry. “He girded himself with his belt of strength, and his divine power waxed” - a line from the Prose Edda regarding Thor gives us a small inkling of the pervasiveness of magick belts. Several Slavic cultures know the power of a belt as well, and their folklore on the matter still lives.

A belt separates the inside from the outside, Innangeard from Utangeard, and because it is meant to hold up your vestments the entire purpose of a belt is therefore to keep you in, everything else out, and the walls up. Magnify that with magickal intention and you have a potent tool. Add to it the work and time spent crafting the object and you have a tool which carries your will, your meagen. Focus that will, that meagen toward protection and it will shield it’s maker from outside influences.

One of the most effective ways to make a belt of your own is tablet weaving. It is known to have been used by Germanic cultures as a method of weaving magick and it is laborious enough to effect a transfer of Meagen while being easy enough for a person to learn without being directly instructed. Use a natural fiber like wool or linen and you can further magnify the properties of your belt. There is a subtle language to patterns and colors, each having different meanings. Choose a pattern that represents you well and in colors to suit your personage, to magnify your strengths, and minimize your shortcomings. Add items to the fringes of your belt during weaving to suit your own purposes; for instance brass bangles or bells to keep away spirits or anything else you see fit to add. Wear the belt for mundane activities but remove the belt in preparation for “faring forth” or other such work. You should do this so that it will not act as a weight tying you down.


part one here.

  • Don’t look back.
  • You still…recognize me?
  • You look like shit.
  • People can’t change overnight. 
  • I didn’t get much sleep last night.
  • I’m used to sleeping outside.
  • Are we gonna die, ( name )?
  • I’m crying because I don’t want to die.
  • If they catch me, they will kill me.
  • They will pay for what they have done!
  • Anger won’t accomplish anything.
  • If you are to blame…then I am equally at fault.
  • Sorry about yesterday. I kinda flew off the handle.
  • That’s enough! I’ve got a fucking image to maintain.
  • Maybe we should leave here and go explore the world!
  • Go away! Dirty, defective swine!
  • I’m not like you! I’m different!
  • You again? Stop bothering me.
  • ( name )…I’m sorry…I’m not strong enough.
  • I…I wanted to be with you forever.
  • Alive…Stay alive! Stay alive!
  • There’s no reason for me to exist anymore.
  • My life is over. Just leave me alone.
  • I’ll…I’ll be okay. We need to keep going.
  • I’m fine! Let’s just go…
  • I’m a…weapon? What does that even mean? …What am I?
  • Your past makes no difference. I’ll support you no matter what.
  • I…I can control my abilities now!
  • No! Don’t! Don’t look at me!
  • Welcome back, ( name ). You’ve been through a lot.
  • But…my body…
  • I can’t stand to be with you when I look like this…
  • You…you look just like I thought you would.
  • I was terrified at first, but I think I’m okay with it.
  • You monster! You possessed monster!
  • It is YOU who have lost their humanity! You are the true monster!
  • Why have you done this?! I just wanted to live my life in peace!
  • …What have I done? I killed innocent people…I killed them all.
  • I’m coming…Gotta…catch my breath…
  • Careful, ( name )! It won’t help anyone if we lose you here!
  • I’ve been feeling a strange presence around here lately.
  • I see this transformation has not stolen your terrible sense of humor.
  • It’s just a little welcome-back gift. It’s not much, I know.
  • Oh, splendid. By all means, let us undertake a murderous rampage.
  • You must run now. Do you understand? Run as fast as you can.
  • I am incapable of being lonely. Or missing others. Or crying.
  • The harvest was weak again this year, and the people are beginning to go hungry.
  • People are tired and scared, and…I’m sorry. I’m sorry you have to bear the brunt of that.
  • People are afraid of us. And really, I understand. I mean, look at me.
  • Stop. Don’t you dare apologize. You had every right to be upset.
  • I understand why you did what you did. …Even if I don’t agree.
  • Why did you have to be here?! Why you?! Why are you here?!
  • Hitting that thing won’t bring ( pronoun ) back…
  • This is hardly the happy ending I was expecting.
  • Revenge is a fool’s errand.
  • I hear your days of bachelorhood/bachelorettehood are coming to a close.
  • Thank you…for making someone like me your bride/husband.
  • You’ve grown into a fine example of womanhood/manhood. I’m sure you will make an excellent queen/king.
  • I insist you stay with me tonight as an honored guest of the royal family.
  • The duties of a king/queen are overwhelming! 
  • Finding light in bad times is the mark of a true leader.
  • A man/woman works better when he/she has something – or someone – to fight for.
  • I don’t like this. Weddings are festive occasions. …Should I even be here?
  • I’d like to get married someday.
  • All right, that’s enough weird questions. Go to sleep.
  • You raped our forests and poisoned our streams, and now you slaughter our young!
  • No! Why did you protect me!?
  • I would rethink this course of action, ( name ). Ahead lies a battle you cannot win.

I’m feeling gushy at the moment and for some reason that is channeling itself into wanting to talk about the amazing female relationships in Dirk Gently, and there are a few.

As much as Max Landis admited to loving writing male friendships in the SDCC Panel earlier this year, the series is full of great female relationships too, particularly the one we see the most of, which is Farah and Amanda.

Going into it, Farah is looking for something to hold onto. In her mind, she’s done nothing but screw up– her mentor is dead and his daughter is missing and that’s all on her. And as much as Amanda comes to trust and rely on the Rowdy 3, before that trust is established, all Amanda has is Todd and Farah and Dirk (kinda). Dirk’s more fascinated with Amanda than anything, in that he’s trying hard to understand her relationship with Todd. But Farah? Sees Amanda as someone who needs protection. She’s chronically ill and as brave as she is about it, has no control over her illness. And Todd all but broadcasts that he wants Farah to look after her. Their intial meeting is fantastic because it takes about three minutes to establish mutual respect for eachother. Dirk and Farah are pouring over the power grid schematic and Amanda just strides right in and tells them what they’re looking at. Farah’s skeptical at first but Amanda’s self-assuredness wins her over. The girl knows what she’s talking about and Farah’s so accustomed to having positive, mutually respectful relationships with girls a little younger than herself, the two fall into place with each other almost immediately. The really awesome thing to me is that Farah obviously realizes that she’s looking for someone to protect and is self aware enough to know that Amanda isn’t Lydia. She isn’t looking for a replacement Lydia, she’s just looking for someone– which is really the theme of season one.

On Amanda’s end, I think she’s grateful to have someone in her life a liiiittle more reliable than her brother. She loves Todd dearly but it’s established from the beginning that he isn’t the most stable, reliable person in the world, as many personal sacrafices he makes to maintain the personal illusion that he is. So when Farah comes along, Amanda latches onto the fact that on the outside she is way more put together than Todd or Dirk. Yeah, that put-togetherness is a bit of a mask for being an OCD-riddled, hyper vigilant mess but Amanda can identify with that to a degree. As someone with a chronic illness who once pretended to be able-bodied, she knows what it’s like to wear one of those masks. When she tells Farah she’s a “weird sort of normal” what she means is “you’re like me, and I apresciate knowing I’m not alone.” Farah has the sort of training that Amanda wishes she had, the ability to walk into a room, take command of a situation and keep command of that situation. It’s a little bit of a power fantasy for Amanda, watching Farah work– as it would be for anyone who feels like they’ve lost control of the one thing most people don’t even have to think about– their own body. As shown by Amanda’s eventual relationship with the Rowdy 3 Amanda respects people who live life the way they want to and both Farah and the Rowdy 3 fit that description.

The keystone of Farah and Amanda’s friendship is mutual understanding and respect for their respective situations. Although aware that Amanda needs protection and is not in control of her own body Farah never once babies Amanda or lets her give in to this idea that she’s somehow a burden to the group’s efforts. Farah respects Amanda’s contributions as valuable and even necessary. There’s a chance they may have never realized the power grid schematic was what it was without Amanda’s insight. Amanda, for her part is grateful for that and is the first to really try to tell Farah that she’s not as weird as she thinks she is– that everything Farah thinks makes her come off as “not normal” is actually fine because what the hell even is normal? They’re cut from a similar cloth and Amanda helps Farah embrace that long before Lydia tells her “you are perfect.” Amanda’s friendship prepares Farah to hear those words and believe them, possibly for the first time in her life.

Important Things I learned from Movies : A Random Rambling From a 15 Year Old Film Buff

Donnie Darko taught me sometimes you need to sacrifice yourself for the ones you love the most 

The Breakfast Club taught me that chance encounters with strangers can impact your life forever

Fight Club taught me that sometimes the greatest battles we face are within ourselves 

Lost In Translation taught me that the best friendships might not stay around forever, but the memories we make with them do

A Clockwork Orange taught me that there will always be evil in the world, no matter how hard we try to stop it. Every man has a choice, and no law or rule will stop a human’s free will 

Dog Day Afternoon taught me that sometimes we do stupid or regrettable things for the people we love

Goodfellas taught me that people you trust the most can betray you

Pretty in Pink taught me that true love knows no social class

V for Vendetta taught me that the people are the true controllers of the Government

The Rocky Horror Picture Show taught me that it’s okay to be different and love who you are, even if other people think it’s strange 

Sometimes films can truly have an impact on our lives 

dethspells  asked:

also- richard ramirez, dylann roof and eric harris

Richard Ramirez: Have you ever lost control and become physically violent to another person/to yourself?
I have nearly lost control and hit someone in my class, but I was able to calm myself down. I have, however, become physically violent to myself.

Dylann Roof: Are you against the death penalty?
Yes! People should live with their crimes and possibly turn it around – dying is a cowards way out for someone who has committed a crime.

Eric Harris: Are you often angry?
All the goddamn time.

I’ve been reading a lot of posts saying that Finn is snapping because his life revolves around Clarke or because of romantic reasons and I just don’t think that’s the case. Finn is an idealist. He wants to believe that they can achieve peace with the grounders. He wants to believe that they didn’t live up in space for 100 years after a nuclear apocalypse just so they could come to earth and slaughter each other. He wants to believe that they can do better than their forebears. This is the boy who a few weeks ago wanted to delay a war by bombing a bridge instead of taking out his enemies.

But Finn was severely let down. He saw carts full of living bodies being taken by the Reapers. He watched Grounders slaughter kids all around his camp. He ran out of the drop ship and fought to save Bellamy from the hands of the Grounders. He emerged from a foxhole to find all of his friends gone. And then, to top it all off, he saw a Grounder wearing Clarke’s watch. I still maintain that this was the moment he snapped. Because at that moment Clarke and the rest of his friends became spoils of war. Do you know what happens to idealists when they’re let down? They become cynics. 

Finn is snapping. He’s scared. There are some real in-group/ out-group fear dynamics happening here. The grounders took his friends and slaughtered his people and they became “the other”. He’s terrified and he feels no sense of control over his situation. He thinks he has to be as ruthless and savage as they are in order to survive, in order to help his friends survive. He’s blinded by fear and rage. What’s the old Sun Tzu saying? “To a surrounded enemy you must leave a way to escape.” Finn is a wild animal backed into a corner and he sees no alternative but to shoot his way out because he can’t think of any other escape. We see his shooting those people in the pen as a massacre, he’s sees it as what he had to do to survive. One man against the horde and he panicked. 

Why didn’t Bellamy snap? Because this isn’t the first time that Bellamy lost everything. Bellamy lost his mother and Octavia up on the ARK. He shot Jaha, used fear to motivate the delinquents, destroyed the radio, and tortured a man just to try and maintain control over his situation and to protect the people he loves. He’s already been down the dark rabbit hole and he didn’t like who he became. He realized that even when you lose everything you still have to live with yourself and your choices. You still have people to protect and morals to maintain. He’s been the monster once before and he’s resolved to do better. So when he lost everything again, he didn’t go back down the rabbit hole. 


From feeling lost to feeling alive.

You know,
when I was younger,
I was so lost and out of place.
It took me a long time to realize that my life was for me to live, not to be controlled by standards based upon someone else’s opinions or morals. However, no matter what direction I turned I always seemed to hit a wall.
If I didn’t have things in my life back then like music and a few close friends… I’m not sure I would have made it.

I guess my point for telling you this is because I know there are people out there like me, who feel the same way I did back then you know…
Lost and out of place.

If you feel this way…

I see you.
I know you’re out there.
I understand how it feels to be lost.
I want you to know that you’re a valid human being.
I believe that you will find your way past all that ails you.

However what I believe is not as important as you believing in yourself.

I know it’s easier said than done, I’ve been there.
But the truth is it can be done, and the moment you truly start believing in your own strengths and accepting yourself for who you are…

this will be the moment your life changes forever, and for the better.

Please be patient.
Your moment will come.
Please don’t give up.
Your life is very important.

-Elliott Alexzander

Am I the only one who is deeply hurt by Philip Shea?

Yes, I mean, the two boys need to be protected. 

But just looking at what Philip has been doing, I just can’t help myself. He is literally forced to keep his emotions inside to protect Lukas. Tommy mistreated him at school but yet he was still very much concerned about Tommy’s safety. Even though Philip likes Lukas af he never complains about meeting secretly with Lukas. And then the whole “What do you want me to say? I’ll say whatever you want” thing was no jokes. He could literally say anything to cover the fact that he and Lukas met up in the cabin so that Lukas wouldn’t get criticized by other people. And yes, I know that Lukas is very scared and anxious and confused so he didn’t really know what to do with Philip, what to tell Philip and how to treat Philip right. So he randomly gets angry and violent towards Philip, not only once, and yet Philip never says a words about that. Philip is even mature enough to take care of Lukas. He asks if Lukas is okay, he says there is nothing wrong to be weak and cry for a moment. He keeps encouraging Lukas and tries to make Lukas feel better. And if I’m not mistaking, in the next episode, episode 4, when Helen asks Philip if he has anything that he hasn’t told them, probably he will come out and say he’s gay just to protect Lukas, AGAIN. He is loyal and kind enough to keep his words. Even though he is also scared, nervous, even lost, he tries to control his emotions because he “has to be cool for the people he loves.” Philip is the exact kind of friend everyone needs, or wishes to have one, in their lives. TELL ME I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO CONSTANTLY CRIES OVER PHILIP AND REALLY WANTS TO GIVE HIM A HUG SAYING HIS EMOTIONS ARE IMPORTANT AND THEY NEED TO BE EXPRESSED AND APPRECIATED TOO!!!