people who get this joke

yknow i was talking to someone a week or so ago and he kept using the word “triggered” in reference to LoL/online gaming etc.

now, i’ve had this guy in class before and overall he seems like a pretty good kid so i was equal parts perplexed and irritated by his use of this. i told him he probably shouldn’t be using that word in that context, and he didn’t seem to be getting it and kept arguing back that he was using it correctly. eventually he got to the point where he pulled up the definition of it on urban dictionary and explained why he was using it

“yes,” i said, “that is the way it’s used in the gaming community, but the fact is that it’s a word used for a legitimate thing in psychology and people using it in that way has taken it away from those who need it to describe things that happen wrt, for example, PTSD. now people who are legitimately ‘triggered’ get treated like a joke.”

“oh,” he said. “I had no idea that’s where it came from.” and he more or less backed off after that

and ive been thinking a lot about that recently.

about how if i should just started out with, “hey i’d rather you not use this, and here’s why,” that conversation would have gone a lot smoother than just my flat out insistence and non-explanation of why he shouldn’t

because people grow up using words a certain way, or learn to use them from communities and may not even know how they affect other people around them.

like i definitely could have left the conversation and decided i didn’t want to deal with it, that would have been valid, but i really wanted to figure out why he was using it and see if i could get him to stop rather than immediately deciding he was just a shitty person and a lost cause

it’s usually best to start off a conversation by assuming the person is benevolently ignorant and go from there

can’t get no respect

[or, how to lose the respect of each sign]

aries can’t stand those who back down from a fight. If you’re the type that doesn’t deal with shit head-on, hesitate during a crucial moment, or use underhanded means to achieve your ends, aries won’t give you no respect!

taurus can’t deal with impatient, temperamental, or controlling personalities. If you’re competitive, always in a hurry, and have no chill, chances are, they think you’re an idiot. Overly-emotional, impractical people get no respect from taurus.

gemini hates boring people. That’s pretty much it- you might be the most horrible person ever, like a serial killer or some shit, but as long as you’re interesting, gemini is down to clown. The second you start to bore them, you won’t get no respect.

cancer doesn’t like people who joke about emotions, lack sympathy, or poke fun at their flaws (even playfully). If you’re a sagittarius loud, flaky, and always have to be out and doing something, instead of enjoying the comfort of family and home, cancer can’t respect you.

leo doesn’t like stingy, serious, reserved personalities. If you’re a capricorn tight-fisted workaholic who can’t just let loose and have fun, stay away. If you withhold praise and affection, the lion won’t give you no respect.

virgos are grossed out by lots of shit egotistical personalities. If you’re the type to brag, fish for compliments, or hog the spotlight, keep away. People who are irresponsible, gloss over details, and don’t play by the rules, get no respect from virgo. 

libra can’t stand selfish people. If you put yourself first, take more than you give in a relationship, or are prone to being blunt and tactless, do libra a favor and gtfo. Those who create awkward situations or hurt others, even inadvertently, get no respect from libra.

scorpio hates lots of shit, but if you’re shallow, fake, or prone to bending the truth for any reason, you’re basically dead to them. Tbh, scorpio is tied with gemini when it comes to hating boring (uncomplicated) people. If you’re not deep, or only pretend to be ‘deep’ to seem cool, scorpio will give u NO respect.

sagittarius can’t stand nit-pickers or worry warts. If you’re afraid of roller-coasters, spiders, etc, that’s fine. Sags understand fear. But, if you’re too much of a coward to try to conquer your fear, sagittarius automatically loses respect. If you’re bogged down by fear or focus on little details/flaws, just stay away.

capricorns don’t have respect for whiners or rule-breakers. If you can’t deal with your problems independently and maturely, if you stir up unnecessary trouble, and if you half-ass your work (esp in a group project) cap will give u no respect.

aquarius doesn’t care for stupidity. If you’re ignorant, bigoted, and let your emotions run amok instead of thinking things through logically, aquarius has no respect for you. Republicans and traditionalists, keep your distance.

pisces is a lot like libra. If you’re selfish or lack sympathy, you are not okay in their book. Also, if you’re too focused on material details, like being on time, thinking too much about money, and preoccupied with fleeting, earthly issues, pisces will give u no respect. 

What makes them feel uncomfortable and frustrated:

ENFP: They love dreams, possibilities, ideas and alternatives. Trying new things and taking on new projects excites them. Therefore, having someone belittling their ideas can be very disheartening and frustrating for them.

ISFJ: They thrive on routine and knowing what to expect at any given time. They are excellent planners who enjoy knowing how their week is going to unfold. A sudden change in plans without warning is therefore going to make them feel frustrated and uncomfortable.

ESFJ: Trolling. People who make statements or jokes for the sake of getting a reaction, angry or otherwise, can infuriate them. They see this kind of verbal manipulation as just another form of bullying and conflicts with their belief in showing kindness and respect to others. 

ENTJ: People trying to control them or telling them what to do. They are fiercely independent and like to be leaders and free thinkers. Usually they make better bosses than employees.

INTP: Someone demanding respect because of their status or position without having earned it. They don’t aim to be disrespectful, they just feel that respect and admiration need to be earned.

ISTP: Emotional overreactions. ISTPs keep their emotions on a tight leash, and are surprised when others don’t do the same. They don’t like it when people have outbursts that seem disproportionate to the problem and it can make them seriously question their respect for you.

ISTJ: Not following through on your word. They take promises rather serious. What’s so good about this is that the promise of an ISTJ often means something.

INTJ: Small talk or being constantly interrupted. Their Ni is what connects the dots of life and form insights into their goals, dreams and theories. Ni requires personal space and/or energy, therefore interruptions are frustrating.

INFP: They don’t like people who are insensitive and arrogant because of their Fi dom. They don’t like pretentious people or people who act as someone they’re not because of their Fi dom (Fi = everyone are equal/being true to yourself, be who you are, don’t fake anything).

ENTP: People who don’t take a stand in arguments. ENTPs usually likes to argue, but how can they argue if you’re trying to be all nice and diplomatic and refuse to take a stand?

ESTJ: Basically inconsistent people and unreliability. They do not think fondly of those who are late, lazy, don’t meet deadlines and so on. Neither do they hold much love in their hearts for those who give up without really trying.

ESTP: They like to fix problems, so people who rant and complain without wanting to find a solution frustrates them. ESTPs are great when you want a solution and not that great if you need emotional support.

INFJ: Condescension. Do not mistake their quiet, sensitive nature as a sign of weakness. They dislike being talked down to, patronized or condescended to.

ENFJ: They have a sixth sense for phony behavior and they can’t stand dishonesty. Their Fe percieves minor changes in body language that communicates dishonesty, so they often notice when you lie and they don’t like it.

ISFP: They are strong believers in being genuine and authentic. This makes them distance themselves from manipulation. Behavior used to manipulate or gain attention will irritate them.

ESFP: Making long term plans frustrates them. They want to think about now and let later deal with itself, they don’t know what they’re doing in two years- Having to plan it out right now is stressing them. To them, long term goals are less idealistic than short term goals.

Watching Harry’s interviews as an actor are so… sweet. Like you can tell he’s trying his best to answer the questions. And when he was alone, he had comfort in knowing that he was the sole person answer. But as soon as he has someone with him he tries to play how he always used to in the band. And he’s not USED to dealing with people who aren’t his boys who get his jokes and turn them into the question.

And slowly he has made sure to defer to Finn before he answers. He’s slowly learning how to react. It’s so cute.

Harry is SO CUTE. And he’s such a strong actor learning how to be an actor. And I’m SO PROUD.

[breathes deep]

lance being a big flirt to hide his painful shyness around people. Lance who overcompensates in being outgoing and personable bc of hunk’s anxiety and wanting to help his best bro by taking the brunt of the attention from people. lance who used to have a heavy stutter, who had to go for speech training when he was accepted in the garrison, who will slip back into stuttering when he’s upset/mad/sad. lance not being able to read the atmosphere in the room right, who only realises it when people get annoyed/mad at his jokes after he’s already told them. 

People with disorders and mental illnesses that are coded as “scary” or just aren’t taken seriously are valid and deserve to feel loved. Schizophrenia, DID, BPD, OCD, I’m sorry I can’t mention all of them in one post. This goes out  to everyone with mental illnesses that aren’t widely known of or that are considered scary or unlovable. Every single one of you deserve to be treated better, your struggles are not something for others to joke about. I know it gets tiresome when the only representation people give you is filled with stereotypes of violence or “weirdness”. It’s not true, society is wrong about you. 


Props to Roger for dating a girl named April and making this joke possible. Also for that the song he sings about writing a song is better than the song he ends up writing. If Rent and Parks And Recreation had been popular at the same time, this joke would’ve been made a long time ago.

Shoutout to when I was a Big Name Fan(artist) in the Rent fandom.

Amanda’s summary of Dirk Gently’s philosophy as “it’s gonna suck anyway so what am I afraid of?” is both excellent life advice and also bodes well for his ability to survive whatever Blackwing throws at him.

Drama and Spoiler Warning

There’s a small fandom war because one gru//via fan told a na//lu fan that na//lu isn’t canon. Both sides didn’t handle this ideally so I’m gonna take a stab at this.

Let’s state facts ->

Na//lu isn’t canon.

Gru//via isn’t canon.

Hiro Mashima wouldn’t make any of those couples canon. BECAUSE HE’S A FURRY. HE’S DRAWN ALMOST EVERY MAIN CHARACTER AS A CAT.

The most recent evidence:





Lucy has so many furries in her arsenal: Cow Furry, Fish Furry, Lion Furry, Sheep Furry… DAMN LUCY LEARN HOW TO SHARE

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 So can we stop fighting and just accept facts?

Now I’m just gonna sit here as I get hate from people who can’t take a joke.

Instruments/Instrumentalists from the eyes of a violist:

Flute: Wow that’s….that’s high up….wow…..

Piccolo: Oh dear……oh dear….I thought..I thought flute was high up…….

Oboe: That A440………👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌there👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit

English horn: sounds like a hug from a mom… I love it

Clarinet: Are all clarinetists horny stoners or just the ones I know?

Bassoon: Sometimes your toot toots are on offbeats of my pluck plucks!! Sounds good, friends!! 

Contrabassoon: flbbhbhbhbhhbhdlbhbhbhbhbhbhhbblllblbhbbl

Saxophones: Where r u hiding? Come play the Glazunov concerto there’s a viola solo… :’( I never see u guys but i know u must be somewhere

Trumpet: Ow! U guys are loud!! I need earplugs!!! Good job doin’ u tho, good job.

Horn: I don’t get why u sit behind the woodwinds when ur a brass? Sometimes I can’t tell if ur supposed to crack when u hit a high note or if it’s on accident.

Trombone: I admire your constant sliding. Shifts are tough. 

Tuba: But a tuba is so big….so heavy…wh?y ? would u do that to urself? 

Piano:  how can all your fingers be so independent???? I don’t..get it?

Harp: The day I realized harpists play with their feet and their hands…that was the day I realized a harpist would always win in a fight no matter what. Harpists are the most badass of all instruments

Percussion: You do so much!! Do you wear a pedometer?? How many steps do you take during a symphony??? Wow!!!

Violin: Nicer to me than to each other, but only because I’m not their competition.

Second Violin: Oh man, u guys can work so hard adn get no recognition sorry…but also sometimes u guys don’t work as hard so make sure to be hard workers even tho u don’t get recognition…..I know that feel…

Viola: The only people who can tell viola jokes and not get punched. Care about each other and just want each other to succeed

Cello: Either amazing and the nicest people I ever met,,, or I want to push them off a cliff there’s no in between. 

Bass: I would take a nap in my bass bag if I played bass.

On Nazis and Freedom of Speech

I want to just say something real quick about my Nazi post and some misconceptions I’ve been seeing. Maybe my mileage varies from yours regarding white supremacy and Nazism and such. If so, great. I’d love to think that I, living in a very racially divided Southern town for college, had a uniquely horrifying experience with antisemitism and just…uneasy encounters with people who just didn’t get why I wasn’t laughing when they joked about Hitler, or about nationalism. I’d love to think you all are so far removed that you don’t have friends who lived near the KKK and had run-ins with them. Or that you don’t see confederate flags flying large enough to see for miles. I’d love to think you don’t watch a song on Youtube, scroll down to select another song and have the misfortune to glance at the comments, which invariably are some variation of “gas the Jews.” I’d love it if you felt safe walking in synagogue and sitting down and you didn’t have one eye on the door all the time. 

But that’s not my experience, as I’m sure you can gather. It’s not. I cannot, as some have suggested, compromise my safety by “just discussing” things with Nazis. I will protest them, but I am not going to discuss whether or not I’m human with them. 

For all Tumblr’s talk about protecting minorities, many of you do a real shitty job with Jews. Maybe you just don’t realize. Maybe you think we killed Jesus or something, I don’t know. But do ya’ll know how much backlash I received for having the audacity to say Christians should not host a seder? I’ve been called a fascist, a communist, a Zionist–I’ve been called so many things with no provocation. I’m watching you all tear Gal Gadot apart for having the audacity to care about Israel and denounce A TERRORIST GROUP and ya’ll don’t fucking care. Some of what ya’ll are saying, like her being responsible for the deaths of children, is blood libel. Before you say, she was a soldier though, she’s responsible–she was a fucking personal trainer. She saw no combat. She did her required service. It’s really clear to me that Jews are not a minority you want to protect. It’s so, so clear. 

I just want to state, for the record, that I never claimed to know the law inside and out. As a Jewish student, I just wanted to express my deep concern at the white supremacism that I have seen festering in many places, particularly the Deep South. I want to say that I am not attacking conservatives or liberals–but ya’ll both have some serious issues in your camps. 

For all of you saying, well, you’re calling people you don’t agree with Nazis, I want to tell you all how deeply fucking wrong you are. I have listened to people tell me to my face they think being gay is a sin, or that gay marriage shouldn’t exist, but never once have those people said, “oh yeah and also we should kill all gay people.” I think those people are incredibly wrong, and I will protest them, but they are not a direct threat to my safety. White supremacists are. They think they are a superior race and that oppressing other races is their duty. People who are Neo-Nazis are not “just talk.” They’re spouting an ideology that killed millions of my people, of Romani people, of so many people who weren’t up to their fucking standards.

I am not for censorship. I’m not. Let Nazis speak wherever they want if you want to, but I’ll be damned if my school, or any other school, should have to pay for them to come on campus and intimidate the hell out of students who should be able to walk around without someone telling them they think Hitler had the right idea. Don’t tell me it’s a First Amendment right for them to get paid to speak on campus. It’s not. They can spout their hate somewhere else. I, and other minority students, deserve to have a safe space on campuses. 

Think long and hard about why you speak up about the First Amendment for Nazis, but stay silent when Jews are harassed on campus, or killed, or assaulted. Think real carefully. Are you sure you’re just an ardent supporter of freedom? Are you sure. 

it’s SO disgusting that around 125 citizens in Iraq were killed this weekend while celebrating the end of their holy month of Ramadan and there was ZERO talk about it. Big news companies such as ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, etc. mentioned the devastating attacks like once? maybe twice? Hell, even celebrities didn’t even mention it. After the Paris attacks, numerous celebrities sent their condolences to Paris and some even changed their profile pics on social media to a pray for paris picture. 

We all know why no one is mention the tragic events that occurred. Iraq being a Muslim country makes people see it in a negative light which is just soo ?????? People claim they’re not Islamophobic, yet when they are silent after something as horrific as this happens, their claims are hard to believe. 

Don’t even say it’s not because Iraq is a Muslim that no ones expressing concern because I’m pretty sure if 125 Christians were killed on Easter weekend in a Western country, the news outlets would go crazy and people would be tweeting their condolences left and right. People would blame Muslims and call every single one of them terrorists (which isn’t true and here’s something: ISIS apparently claimed responsibility for the attacks in Iraq, so tell me again how ISIS only targets people who aren’t Muslim). 

I am just so angry and disgusted at the media and at today’s society. My heart goes out to Iraq, the families, and anyone else who has been affected by this tragedy.