people who dont think they have chemistry

the thing about Shallura is that i dont think i have ever seen two people who just naturally went so well together.

No unnecessary animosity. 

No contrived arc so they can see the light

No imbalance where one of them is obviously more important

just two characters who have a lot of natural chemistry 

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otayuri as they are now would be pedophilia. yurio says his body hasn't been through changes yet that would affect his skating (puberty). and it would be gross for beka, who's a 19 y/o adult, to be interested in a kid. plus their friendship is lovely. its really sad to me that people value a romantic relationship above friendship. i don't think yurio and otabek would ever become interested in each other romantically. they really don't have that kind of chemistry from what canon shows us, anyway.

aaa well, if u dont think that theyd be interested in each other romantically or u think they dont have that kind of chemistry, then thats ur opinion and no one should judge you for it :o

but tbh, i have said that i dont like the thought of otabek and yuri going into a relationship right now. like all of my fics depict them going into a relationship when yuris 17-19 lol

and uh,, who said that we value relationships over friendships? the fact is, we think that after a few years, these two could develop a healthy and happy relationship, but getting into a relationship with someone doesnt erase the friendship you had with them beforehand :’)

This person was informed probably by an anti-Christianity Ankh. Lets just be honest and call this BS. Whoever attempted to brainwash this person even had the audacity to add science and chemistry to the mix.

I dont think I’ve laughed this long in FUCKING FOREVER
.. Really? 666 having to do with melanin? Almost everyone (at least 99%) in the bible was Brown, Black, or Asian. Honestly, open a Bible and read it if you wanna know why 666 is the mark of the beast. I swear, Anti-Christian Ankhs swear by God-Knows-What that white people invented the Bible instead of it being taught to them by the Ethiopians.

Y'all be careful who you take your history lessons from… You have to be weary the difference between actual knowledge and #HotepHistory

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I see alot of people talking about how EH has zero chemistry with Ryan and i agree. The writers dont seem to have any idea what to do with Rebecca's character and it's turned a lot of people against her, some even suggesting that Emily was hired because of who her father is.

I don’t like EH bashing too much, I genuinely think Rebecca is a disaster of a character whoever’d been cast. But her chemistry with Ryan is not good. And Ryan has chemistry with most people. I don’t know if the EH RH chemistry is bad simply because they’ve had about six different scenes since she was introduced, and everything else has been a slightly different worded version of those six scenes though. Rebecca is so repetitive even Ryan wasn’t saving the scenes around the abortion time.

I think, and have ever since I realised this baby actually existed… ED saw the ending they wanted (whatever that is), and they saw the beginning, and how to set it up… and forgot about the middle eight months. A pregnancy is a looooong ass soap story and it has been botched. So much so it’s more believable that she’s faking a pregnancy rather than any character being this thick.


“I say, "K I L L M A N K I N D” no one should survive. we all live in lies. people are saying they want to live in a perfect society, well utopia doesnt exist. It is human to have flaws. you know what, Fuck it. why should I have to explain myself to you survivors when half of the shit I say you shitheads wont understand and if you can then woopie fucking do. that just means you have something to say as my reason for killing. and the majority of the audience wont even understand my motives either! they’ll say “ah, hes crazy, hes insane, oh well, I wonder if the bulls won.” you see! it’s fucking worthless! all you fuckers should die! DIE! what the fuck is the point if onlu some people see what I am saying, there will always be ones who dont, ones that are to dumb or naive or ignorrant or just plain retarded. If I cant pound it into every single persons head then it is pointless. fuck mercy fuck justic fuck morals fuck civilized fuck rules fuck laws… DIE manmade words…people think they apply to everything when they dont/cant. theres no such thing as True Good or True Evil, its all relative to the observer. its just all nature, chemistry, and math. deal with it. but since dealing with it seems impossible for mankind, since we have to slap warning labels on nature, then… you die. burn, melt, evaporate, decay, just go the fuck away!!!! YAAAAAH!!“
- Eric Harris, 6/12/98.

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Have you heard what Kerry said in her interview the other day? Think it was SiriusXM where she said there was a group of fans who really believe her and Tony are together, despite the fact that she is married and because we havent seen pictures of her wedding we dont believe it! She said she takes it as a complement to her and Tony's acting skills and chemistry. What do you make of that? Seems a weird thing to open up about, and in such detail?

Smart nonny, thank you!

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This has been brilliantly addressed by multiple people who work in PRs and media meantime, but we will say a couple of things.

Why do you think someone in a happy, real marriage would put the spotlight on something that is not being talked about in mainstream media at all, exacerbating scrutiny and potentially creating a problem they don’t have? Right. Everyone is merrily talking about her as married to that jobless prick in mainstream media. No one questions it in mainstream media. And she brought this doubt to mainstream media. Something that only belonged to gossip sites, thus far. She knows that all too well too, it isn’t the fans. It’s everywhere on gossip media. Isn’t that weird?

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Kerry knows all too well the problem is the lack of actually legal documents, and not the lack of wedding photos. She also knows it’s not about the acting, but about their OFF screen behavior paired with tonguing each other down unnecessarily in network sex scenes. And touching, and being naked when everyone else covers up. (did you see that nipple slip? Twice now. How that got past the censors, we don’t know). Why would any of this matter if it wasn’t true? No actor EVER addresses any fan opinion, let alone any gossip, unless something major is up. That’s PR 101 and Hollywood surviving guide 101.

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And so surprisingly, this came right after a National Enquirer story about her marriage being done and her being too stressed. A story that hadn’t gotten enough attention, so her PR team made sure it got picked up by others three days later, after these declarations.

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Borrowing this from our friend aliasvaughn: excusatio non petita, accusatio manifesta. A non requested excuse is a manifest accusation. What this means is, non requested excuses happen if people have a dirty conscience. They make up excuses for things preemptively, because they know the real deal. So they are in reality showing something is wrong.

Remind you of any recent, and past, situations?

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How to make SQ canon (or: How to convince my mother)

Okay this will probably get long, but whatever…

I know that we all know why we love SQ. We all see the chemistry, we all see their big and meaningful love gestures… but we have to keep in mind that, obviously, a lot of people don’t. I know that many many hetero people ship SQ (because they’re smart!) but I think a lot of hetero people dont see the gay unless its thrown right into their faces (and even then some of them don’t).

Let’s take my mom for example. She’s a passionate OUAT fan and she has a gay daughter (right, thats me) who she really loves and fully accepts. She supports me and my gf and shes all for gay rights and what not… My mom, however, did not even *get* the Mulan scene. She thought the person Mulan was talking about was Phillip… because to her, even though she is confronted with lesbians every day, just doesnt have it in her system, you know? 

My mom doesnt even like Hook or Robin. She constantly says stuff like “Hook is such an idiot, he’s not good enough for Emma. Look at that, Regina has to do all the work again. Leave it to her to save Emma and the rest of the town” aso aso… Would my mother EVER get the idea that Emma and Regina could make a perfect couple? NOPE. Never. Maybe if they suddenly made out in front of her screen, but even then shed be like “OMG HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?”… so yes, in order to make SQ canon, they will have to adress the “general audience” (i.e. my mom) and make it absolutely clear that they are falling in love with each other. So unless they do that (which I hope they will), I dont have much hope that it actually happens.

I was thinking about what would have to happen in order for me to flip out and realize that it IS going to happen. Like, you know, when you come up with scenarios in your head and imagine they are actually happening on your screen… I am of course thankful for any SQ moment, and any SQ moment gives me SOME hope, but in order to make the majority “buy” this ship, they have to make it more clear…

Imagine them spending lots of lots of time together on screen… Like, Emma is sitting outside of Camelot, sad, lost in thought, the Dark One whispering things to her that are so hard to ignore.. she’s had an argument with Hook because he was too pushy again or whatever and she just needs some quiet… and then Regina comes by and they talk and Emma is like “I think youre the only one who understands me… thank you… for being here… for everything… please promise me youll always take good care of Henry, no matter what happens”… and Regina will be like “Of course I will… but I will also make sure that he has his two mothers by his side forever”… and then Emma, like, leans on Reginas shoulder and shes kissing her hair…. and sure, 20% of the audience (including my mom) might still be like “aww look at them, they are such cute besties”, but the other 80% will be like “holy shit are they really going there? fuck yes they are” (which can obvsly be said in a very happy or very desperate way, depending on what you ship ;)).

They will keep having meaningful moments and then, at some point, there will be a moment in which we all KNOW thats its going to happen… sth like Emma talking about her sexuality… because as we already established, some people need this shit to be rubbed into their faces u know? Because many people (like, again, my mom) think theres straight and theres gay and nothing in between. My mom, for instance, would never even consider that a character (or real person for that matter) could be bisexual. She probably knows it exists, but its nothing shes ever been in touch with, so yes, this would need some explanation, if you know what im saying. A moment, for example, in which Emma is, for instance, interacting with another LGBT character that they have introduced and tells him or her that she is bi herself… or a moment in which she talks about a former gf… and seriously, folks. Just imagine it. Imagine youre sitting in front of your tv or laptop or wherever the fuck you watch this goddamn show, IMAGINE that there will be actual PROOF that Emma was bi. (it could also be Regina of course, but Im kinda seeing it with Emma)… if that moment was EVER about to happen, we all would know exactly that it would mean that Swan Queen was on its way. Seriously, if I think of this moment I almost have a heart attack. Because obvsly there would be no other reason to include such an info if not to mentally prepare the audience for whats about to come. Seriously I need a cig just thinking about it.

After that, we could all together focus on Emmas feelings for Regina. Obvious lingering looks and what not. They could just keep doing what theyve been doing since season 1, the only difference would be that the entire audience (and not only Swen) would finally be able to see what it means…

Then, in some heartbreaking moment, Regina will push Emma away because shes scared of true love or whatever, and Emma will go completely dark. And we’ll all be like “OMG THE NEXT HALF OF THE SEASON WILL BE ABOUT THEM GETTING TOGETHER AND REGINA SAVING HER WITH TRUE LOVES KISS” and the entire fucking media will be FULL of it and this show will be the main focus of attention and Lana and Jen will be EVERYWHERE and interviewers will be like “omg we finally get a modern family - will Regina go after Emma in the second part of the season and admit her feelings while freeing her from the dark one’s curse?” and Lana and Jen will be like “hahaha well you will have to find out for yourself, we know nothing yet” but in fact they WILL know, and they will promote the shit out of SQ because they finally can. there will be selfies on twitter and god knows what else and we’ll all be in fucking SQ heaven.

All they have to do is convince my mom. 

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I just realized...

I just realized I dont even care about all the LaurelxOliver thing anymore.. Cause it dosen’t even matter if they together or not, they are never going to have what Felicity and Oliver have… NEVER.

Cause after two years of knowing each other they have a relationship more deep than any other… just look at them, they rely each other, they are friends, and they are willing to do anything for the other, they believe in one another.. they are not afraid to tell the truth, they are honest with each other, and together they capable of anything.

Im so happy about the way things are between them, and I really think this is turn the writters talked about it would happen in the relationship between these two, and Im really happy about.. In the last episodes its become clear how tight friends they are… at this point, felicity is oliver’s best friend, and I found it imposible for anyone to take her place, cause nobody cares and belives in him the way she does, NOBODY.. since the start she believed in him, she never stoped, she always saw him as a hero, and never hesitated to speak her mind when he wasen’t doing the right thing.. she never judge him, and she help him become the person he is today, whom I believe is an amazing person, and I feel that he is trying to be a better person because he want to be the person she sees.

They are just good for each other, I dosen’t matter if its romanticly or not.. they are good for each other, I dont know if eventually they are gonna become a couple.. I really hope so, it seems the smart thing to do.. they have the perfect chemistry.. but what I want more is for them to continue to be the friends they are, cause its just beatiful to see them interact.. and I feel that Oliver needs a friend like her in his life a person that makes him better, a person to be there for him always.

I just Love them… they are the cutest thing ever, and I would never get enough of them…

and thank you to all the people who make fan videos.. cause after watching them I think of this! <3 cuteness overaload