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MCU: genetically-enhanced super-soldiers, brainwashed assassins, blind ninjas, murderous vigilantes, earthquake-causing government agents, superpowered african kings, magic but not-really-magic guys, literal aliens

MCU: no lgbt+ heroes tho lol

I’m so nauseous

anonymous asked:

hey sorry for being an enormously unkind person to you a long time ago. it wasn't acceptable. every so often i reflect on the things i said and did and i'm completely ashamed. i know nothing about you except that you seem like a kind and generous person, but i was caught up in the witch hunt that tumblr social justice has become, an i actively tore you down out of some false sense of moral superiority. that's bullshit. i don't expect forgiveness, or for you to even care, but i'm truly sorry.

Gosh, I’m really sorry, I actually have no idea who this could be. All I know is that you for sure aren’t the G/T shipper since they were stalking me and taking screenshots of my blog not too long ago. 

Of course I care about this, though. I honestly can’t recall what this is about because there has been a small group of people stalking me and trying to hurt me for quite some time now ((over a year)), so it’s difficult to pinpoint this specific witch hunt since I’ve long since moved on from worrying about such things. It’d help if you came off anon or at least told me who you were ((which would never be published, by the way)) if only so I can personally give you forgiveness because I have no reason to hold a grudge or be angry with you. You called yourself out on your own behavior and realized where you went wrong, there’s absolutely no reason for me to further point out your wrongdoings or pass judgement on you. You learned and you grew by your own realization and that’s something I feel is worth praising and being proud of rather than wallow in your past transgressions or use them against you. I’d much rather talk things out with you personally and put this to rest once and for all! I’m not perfect, either, and for all I know I unintentionally did or said something that you took personally which then inadvertently added fuel to your fire. I’d like to know if I did anything just so I can be aware of it and know for the future.

Regardless as to whether you let me know who you are, thank you for this! I’m happy you’ve grown so much since then! 

I fucking hate what she’s done to me, I hate that I can’t even have 100% civil discussions with my friends without having the most gut retching anxiety because I could never do that with her. Because she’d try to make me feel stupid because she acted like my mum just repeating that you were wrong and try to make you feel awful but if you ever fucking proved that she was wrong she’d crack it leave you and act like it was your fault or that you hurt her. Or even worse if you called her out on bullshit it’d instantly be a life or death situation- instant manipulating and then you’d be forced to make sure she was okay and stay with her no matter how awful she was being to you, couldn’t be wrong and couldn’t be right. And I hate that I can’t even talk about it because her fucking friends still have me added and they’ll either message me and Harrass me over speaking my mind or get In her ear about it.

I hate her and I hate how fucking stunted she’s fucking made me, I hate thinking about her I hate catching myself talking about her I hate other people talking about her and I hate that I can’t say anything or I sound like a controlling piece of shit cause I don’t wanna dictate who people can and can’t be friends with. I am afraid to make new friends because I’ve set a standard of what a ‘best’ friend is and now I can’t achieve it with other people.

I hate that my issues always had to be put on the back burner and she unloaded everything on me always even when she knew I couldn’t handle it. I feel empty, I feel lonely and I hate that there’s nothing that could be done to fix anything because she just couldn’t just say sorry. And I’m angry because I miss her and I just want to call and cry and apologise and hug her and be with her again but it’d just be the same. And I can’t take it anymore and I don’t know what to do and I’m just so tired of being sad about it and I don’t have the energy to be angry about it anymore. I just hate this terrible empty awful person who’s left and people keep asking if I’m okay and I mean I am most of the time. But then I’ll dream that everything is okay and that we’re close again and we’re just together and it breaks my heart all over again.


Don’t you ever get sick of your own hypocrisy?

I read an article titled “50 reasons to not have children” and the reasons were bullshit, as someone who doesn’t want children, I found them insulting, however the comments made me sick to my stomach.

The men were commenting things like “women without children are selfish and bad”, “what’s the point of being a woman if you don’t have children”, “our ancestors had children and that’s why we’re here” (pal, looking at you, I bet your ancestors regret their decision) and other demeaning ones about how women without children are pointless. And I can’t help but wish men were the pregnant ones. Then we’d see how many of them were still desperate to make kids.

I hate that I feel this way, but sometimes it hurts. This is the way everyone will think of me for the rest of my life. A big part of me doesn’t give a shit, because I put my happiness first and having no children is what makes me happy, but a smaller part of me wonders why is this so frowned upon. Why is my decision everyone’s business?

Hope I’ll make some friends with the same opinions and won’t feel like the odd one out anymore.

Gather around one and all and let's have a chat about some things.

With all of the chaos and hate that is being thrown around I felt I should start a conversation about what’s happening right now.

Basically people are calling Jensen out because they think he is going to pocket the funds from his Represent campaign rather than give the money to charity (as the page clearly states). So let’s talk about money shall we?

The U.S. median household income has been hovering at around $50,000 a year as you can see here:

With that information in mind let us turn to Jensen, and how much he makes on average. There have been a few numbers tossed around as to how much he and Jared (because they agreed to be paid the same no matter what) make PER EPISODE of Supernatural. For simplicity sake let’s put that number at about $150,000 (it may be more or less but I’ve heard between $125,000 and $175,000 before so let’s just average that out). This means for every EIGHT work days that results in an episode Jensen is making $175,000. This mean’s that every WEEK Jensen is making 3.5 times the median household income for a regular family in the U.S. per YEAR. 

Extrapolating this information we can assume that before taxes, and with a work year of about 40 weeks (discounting 12 weeks for summer and winter hiatuses) Jensen is pulling in about $6,000,000 in income per year. This means Jensen is making about 120 times the median household income per year. So basically in one year Jensen makes enough money to live like an average family for 120 years, longer than any human has lived.

I’ll say that again: in ONE year, Jensen makes the amount of money that the average family would make after ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY years.

Now what is my point in all of this? My point is to bring your attention to how little Jensen has a need to make a profit off of a charity t-shirt campaign. The campaign has sold a total of just over 8,000 shirts, and at an average cost of $30 per shirt this equates to a total of $240,000 in income from the shirts. Taking out production and shipping costs would take this down by quite a lot but even without subtracting any costs and leaving the profits at $240,000 this means that the total amount of money made from the campaign is equal to just over 12 working days for Jensen.

To put this simply: Jensen makes the amount of money made from the shirt campaign in 12 days, and that is the total amount not taking into account production or shipping costs. 

Why does this all matter you ask? It matters because there is almost no logical explanation as to why Jensen would go out of his way to start this campaign with the intention of pulling the wool over our eyes and pocket the profits. The profits that equate to 12 (actually far less than 12) working days on Supernatural. 

Besides the fact that he has said himself that he does his job because it is his passion, and that it has never been about the money. If he cared so much about the money he may have left Supernatural a while ago because big name studios have been knocking on his door and calling him year round to see if he is available. Jensen has plenty of opportunities but he doesn’t act on them because he is content where he is. He loves this show, he loves his job and it’s what he wants to do, regardless of the financial gains he would see if he went elsewhere. 

Real Life!

So over the past few weeks I have been riding a roller coaster of feelings ranging from ecstatic to ‘I want to crawl into a dark hole and stay there until the semester ends’.  While normally I can handle the amount of stress and anxiety that makes up my college experience I’m freaking out right now. I have too much to do in such a short amount of time and I’m torn between spending time with my friends who are going to graduate and I’ll likely never see them again unless they decide to visit campus to see me (which probably won’t happen.) or sitting down and studying even more than I am right now.  someone help?

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I was reading this quote that [Matthew Perry] said, which made me laugh. “I am getting recognised by a whole new generation of people who are very confused by how old I look.”
—  Courteney Cox