people who dismiss this as not real

it’s impossible to even articulate your struggles as a black woman, like you literally can’t even talk about anything negative ever in your life without it being dismissed as hysteria or irrational black girl anger, without being turned into a caricature or a trope .. and it goes WAYYYY beyond discourse – on the internet or otherwise – Like this shit has real life affects that I don’t get why people won’t understand. We can get raped, murdered, humiliated and we’re expected to internalize it and deal with it as “calmly” as possible, in our daily life, in the media and especially around the police or authoritative figures.

 It’s like they try so hard to make everything about who we are and what we do, and our narrative centered around how comfortable it makes other people. Where’s the humanity in that?? We are never allowed to do anything but swallow it and I’m sick of this shit..

Mind you this isn’t just about white supremacy because I’m particularly looking at the black men like ya’ll want us at the front lines fighting the good fight whenever there’s injustices brought out against ya’ll but where are you when we need ya’ll? Like really where the FUCK are you??

How fucking stupid and ignorant and dismissive do you have to be to try to handwave Tumblr’s coercive, shaming rape culture towards lesbian women as “well no one is going to go out and fuck a male because tumblr told them to”?

As if that’s what we’re talking about. As if what we’re talking about is just, oh, someone told me to fuck a dick so I’ll go do that. No. By saying that, you’re being purposely obtuse and dismissive of a very real problem.

When you try to coerce and shame lesbians into having sex with males, what you do is make women feel less able to turn down sex with males. You make women – people who are born and raised female, with all the associated socialization, up to and including the part where we’re raised to dread making people angry and upsetting people, where we’re raised to acquiesce, to make nice – feel like they’re horrible people if they don’t have sex with males, whether they want to or not. You make women feel like they are “bad” or “bigoted” if they turn down sex with males. And you empower males – people born and raised male, with the attendant socialization, which includes feelings of entitlement towards women and women’s bodies – to feel entitled to women’s bodies and women’s sex and to shame, coerce, bully and harass - and outright rape - women who don’t want to have sex with them. This includes, by the way, trans women, who have raped lesbian women in the past and have certainly coerced and shamed lesbian women into having sex with them in the past.

Coercing, shaming, harassing and bullying someone into having sex they do not want IS RAPE.

What you are doing IS endorsing, encouraging and allowing RAPE.

Now please go away, leave lesbian women alone and never fucking speak to or about us ever again, you disgusting rape apologist shit.

Hello you beautiful bigender people!

So, I see that our favorite trolls are up to no good trying to dictate who is and who isn’t bigender! Isn’t that fun and exciting?! You’re right, it’s totally not. 

Oh not this nonsense and twaddle again! The fine gentlepeople you’re interacting with here are best ignored. Especially on matters and words they don’t understand (like “gender,” “trans,” “identity,” “social construct,” “sex” and “knowing what the fuck they’re talking about”)

For the record, anyone who dismissively uses the words “social construct” as if it means “only in your head and thus not real” doesn’t know what an actual social construct is. Language, science and countries are all social constructs. That doesn’t make them not real or irrelevant.

Identity is an existential awareness of self. It’s not a series of choices made from a menu that have steps to follow in order to have the experience described by the label. They are labels that are used, once the language for them is learned, to describe the experience you’re already having.

I’ve interacted with nearly a thousand bigender people in the five years I’ve been running and the most important lesson I’ve learned is that there is no one correct way to be bigender. Some folks do switch between two distinct sense of their own gender being man or woman or agender or something else. Some folks feel two distinct senses of their own gender at the same time. Some folks feel gender dysphoria very strongly. Some fel it weakly. Some feel things they would never describe as dysphoria. Some take steps to transition physically, or socially or never take any such steps at all and are comfortable just having a name to put with their own knowledge of themselves. Some feel their dysphoria can only be satisfied with both a functional penis/testes group and vagina/uterus/ovary group (like our friends here in this tag, the High Grand Council Of Bigender Fuckwits).

They’re all trans (unless they reject that particular label). They’re all also bigender. None of them are wrong or unwelcome or forbidden from using the label.

See, the funny thing about us humans is, we’re not telepathic. There isn’t a single human living or dead who can accurately describe anyone else’s experience and understanding of the world. The best we can do is describe OUR experience and understanding and hope that it resonates with others. But my experiencing being bigender one way does not ever negate someone else’s experiencing of being bigender another way.

Whatever way you describe your sense of gender identity, as it fits within your culture and society, is perfectly valid and I’m glad to know you. Feel free to check out if you haven’t and see if the community there might also be helpful to you.

Also! They hate when you post selfies in the bigender tag. So POST MORE SELFIES OF YOUR BEAUTIFUL FACES AND TAG THEM BIGENDER!

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I appreciate your being a good sport and generously indulging your time and patience in responding to my "why do you dismiss as nuts those who describe conspiracies" queries. It's just that I never found Jones or Icke's information as wildly inaccurate as some declare, and know that control of the mass subconscious has been a goal of leaders for millennia (especially in a consumerist society), and social engineering, subtle or not, has been well documented and plays large roles in influencing..

I still think they are still wildly inaccurate, especially when the subject of “reptilians” is brought up. Sane people who want to expose real corruption generally try not to mention the reptilians lest they lose credibility.

“In jumping straight to the assumption of the statistically most unlikely outcome that a child is transgender, aren’t we just reinforcing those gender stereotypes, and in fact doing exactly the same as the parent who forces a child to conform?”

A rare find: A parent who dares to question.

From one of the comments on the article:

“It also seems to me that any concerns that are voiced about this topic are dismissed as prejudice. Personally I think there’s a very real difference between believing that transgender people should live their lives without violence and discrimination, and believing that children who like the ‘wrong’ toys are candidates for drugs and surgery.

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Have you seen the manga for Big Hero 6?

Yes I have! Did you know the Big Hero 6 manga is the first Disney movie to get a full-fledged manga series before the film released worldwide?

Here are some of the differences between the manga and the movie!!

  • Hiro is already attending the robotics university with Tadashi before the story begins.
  • The bot-fighting subplot is ommitted.
  • Hiro is considerably more reclusive in the manga, being said to care more about machines than other people. The only person he cares about most is Tadashi, who he’s more reliant on in the manga.
  • Hiro is familiar with Tadashi’s friends, but dismisses them as a bunch of nerds whome he lacks any real desire to get to know, that is until he seeks their help in facing the masked man.
  • Dr. Callahan has a vastly different design.
  • Baymax is not introduced until the robotics presentation, were he is Tadashi’s featured project. His care-giving skills are instead demonstrated on Honey Lemon.
  • Tadashi reveals after the presentation that he’s planning to transfer to a different university, something he makes no mention of in the movie.
  • Perhaps the biggest difference from the movie is the circumstances surrounding Tadashi’s death (or in this case, presumed death): after falling out with him over the aforementioned revelation that he’s moving to a different university, Hiro follows Tadashi to the campus that night were he appears to be helping the masked man with the portal. After Tadashi saves Hiro from being sucked in, Tadashi is struck with a piece of flying debris and, after Hiro briefly attempts to pull him back to safety, gets sucked in.
  • The masked man merely creates copies of Hiro’s nanobots rather than stealing them as he does in the movie.
  • After his first encounter with the masked man and his nanobots, Hiro goes directly to Tadashi’s college friends to seek their help.
  • A character exclusive to the manga appears during the early chapters, the brothers snobbish college professor; Professor Aquino, who wears a hairpiece to conceal his baldness.
  • The car chase between the heroes and the masked man is removed, as is the scene in which Hiro reports the masked man to the police.
  • The movies false villain, Alistair Krei, is completely absent.
  • A scene is added to the beginning where Hiro’s nanobots malfunction and go on a rampage throughout the campus.

~ Juliette

there is real ageism that takes place in the workplace, with people dismissing applicants or employees for promotions for their age, and with people being powerless to the people their dependent on because they don’t have the faculties or resources to get out due to their age, abuse, and so forth. there’s even struggling actors and musicians who have trouble connecting to an audience or meeting standards because there isn’t as much a place for them.

but if you’re one of the richest human beings on earth you are so far removed from the situations where ageism is a serious issue it’s a laugh to complain about random comments when there are even more people who have deified you for decades. even a rich gay or black person could still be attacked or not be able to be themselves to an extent. there’s really no comparison. 

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Why do NTs online have this odd thing about "ooh I'm too rational for emotions feelers are weak" or "I'm like Sherlock, diagnosed sociopath"(not real diagnosis yo)? It's one thing to be detached, but to practically flaunt a personality disorder and dismiss feeler types as a whole? Am I missing something?

1. I actually used to feel like that since I was very young. I used to think any kind of emotional display is weak and pathetic, positive or negative. It was a strong belief and I wasn’t flaunting it around, though. It’s probably common in young NTs. We just hate things we can’t understand or control - emotion was definitely one.

2. People who flaunt and dismiss other type are probably more immature. Leave them be. They’ll grow up, hopefully.

3. I do get called a psychopath by friends a lot that I think it’s funny.


Wanna find out who your real friends are? Suffer with mental illness.

The same people who shared memes and mourned Robin Williams citing “mental health awareness” are the same people who may abandon you in darkest time, dismissing your suffering. Or you may find out that you actually have some of the greatest friends you could ask for. Unfortunately, these are not mutually exclusive, so be prepared.

scary how I’d rather argue or ‘discuss’ feminism with  men than people who are part of the gender/trans brigade on tumblr bc at least in the real world most men aren’t hideously delusional and just plain stupid about reality. they may lack compassion and empathy, and are entitled, but the gender identity supporters on this website lack those things and also are hell bent on putting women second and dismissing their experiences. at least some of the men LISTEN. 

That z*onist view of of bi-ikurdistan only represents a very tiny minority view of the Kurdish people and to an extent does not represent them at all since i have not met a kurdish z*nist in real life also It is a betrayal of the Kurdish struggle which has always supported the Palestinian struggle both national liberation movements are in solidarity with each other and an irrelevant person like that person expressing support for the so called state of isr-el is nothing but a reactionary who would be laughed at and dismissed immediately by his own people. 

Critique drift is the phenomenon in which a particular critical political lens that correctly identifies a problem gets generalized and used less and less specifically over time. This in turn blunts the force of the critique and ultimately fuels a backlash against it. Critique drift is a way that good political arguments go bad. […] Very obvious examples of critique drift include the term “mansplaining,” “tone policing,” and “gaslighting.” Each highlights real phenomena: men who explain things to women who know more than they do about the subject at hand; people using critiques of tone as a way to dismiss or avoid the substance of the argument; the tendency to try to make someone feel crazy as a way to win an argument. All of those are real. But the actual communicative, rhetorical, and analytical value of each has been severely undermined, in my view, by the way in which they are now applied to more and more situations, or to instances where the standards for meeting these simply haven’t been met. Political critique draws power from specificity, but the presumed social force of using certain terms inevitably leads to their watering down.
—  Freddie deBoer

I know I dont’ meet the standards of the lower middle class in maryland, but I feel blessed by all the people in my life. I got some great friends and family. Like, what can you say about that? I’ll never be one of the sons of the town father (Which sucks, because I’d be great at it! Spending all day dismissing people and giving haughty laughs. ha HA). But it’s times like this, when you’ve been up for a million hours, and got into some real deep shit with blood brothers, that you kinda step back and say “Yeah. shit is pretty awesome.”

I might reblog this tomorrow, with some story about some frat fuck who spillled a goddamn coors light all over me, but you know, this isn’t my natural default.

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the quest is really weirdly written but i always assumed that people dismissed the grey wardens like that because the fifth blight was considered really short in comparison to other blights & was ended by only two grey wardens, and because the general populace and even most wardens arent aware of how the ultimate sacrifice works/that it has to be a grey warden who kills the archdemon (i vaguely remember riordan telling me that it was a closely guarded secret)

i know that was the attitude among some in kirkwall (”the blight ended in just one year? was it even real?” or something to that effect was background dialogue in the tavern iirc) 

but like. the hero of ferelden is a widely revered figure as far as i can tell? even at halamshiral acknowledges leliana as “veteran of the fifth blight”. plus loghain still being shamed in da:i as a traitor for his actions against the wardens ….. so it’s kinda weird and contradictory?

Ok but like

This Drake and Madonna incident has really shined the light on real feminists who fight for ALL sides of the patriarchy and those who only fight for one.

Although it was later reported supposedly that Drake was grossed out over something else not the actual kiss, it really angers me that some people dismiss Drake as not a victim of assault or whatever you wanna call it cause he’s a guy.

Feminism fights for guys too. We fight for boys who wanna wear make up, wear dresses/any other “girl” clothing, boys who show emotion, and boys of all sexualities and races.

Fight the patriarchy y'all, don’t ignore when men are raped, sexually assaulted, bullied, ect. That’s what the basic fundamentals of modern feminism now, fighting social stigmas of all genders.

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Last time my cousin, who's a freshman in high school, was making fun of girls from school who have stretch marks and I got so mad because having them is normal. I even know naturally skinny people who have them on their butts or hips or boobs. It pisses me off how (normally) high school boys believe stretch marks are unnatural since they see pictures of models with photoshopped bodies and swear it's real. I had a hard time with my own body because of them but now I'm like fu.k it! I'M BEAUTIFUL!

Yeah like we shouldn’t just totally dismiss what young teens think but we should also keep it in the back of our minds that they have little concept of what a grown adult body actually looks like close up and personal and that they (especially the boys) are ignorant to imperfections. You’re right you’re beautiful :-)

Bianca Stone

Describe yourself as a poet in three words: surreal storytelling neurologist

What is your chief misery as a poet? Relying on the same, limited vocabulary. Desire for inspiration ruining the spontaneity of inspiration.

What you appreciate the most in a poem: Plain-spoken, direct language that deals with heavy themes.

If not a poet, what would you be? Musician/sing-songwriter. Or a neurologist.

Who is your poetry hero and why? Ruth Stone and John Ashbery, because their voices never waver, and poetry sustained them. And because they both get at something more complex, more real, more important than most contemporary poetry can come close to. And people  dismiss them (for very different reasons) so easily, when really, their poems are transformative, and go deep.

What is your idea of happiness? A sense of general well-being and health. Being joyful for others. Appreciating the world and the universe. Dark chocolate and a good book in bed.

What is your present state of mind? Bizarrely content. Powerful. Excited for the future.

Your favorite poem, ever: Tied between W.B. Yeats, The Second Coming and John Keats, Ode to a Grecian Urn

Read (and see) Bianca’s work at the Poetry Foundation

On suppressing gender fluidity in children

On suppressing gender fluidity in children

Gender and expressions of gender are complex things. Some seem eager to dismiss gender as a social construct, undermining the very real and sometimes painful experiences of people who experience gender conflict and struggle with their gender expression. Others reduce gender to essentialist narratives about how people are what they were born with, and that’s that — there is no room for gender…

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Hi Irina, I just wanna say that I really like your blog. I'm anon as I'm shy to admit all this but thanks for your common sense & niceness. :) I was one of those who initially dismissed Larry, thought it was just silly fans & that L&El were a real sweet couple (bought Mngts narrative). Thanks for making me question things these past few months & see what others have been saying. I do believe H & L are a couple & I support them regardless, whenever (If) they choose to share their story or not.

Hi, love! OMG thank you so much for sending me this message! It really means a lot, I’m happy to hear I played a small part in your “Larry journey” :) I’m so glad you chose to support them, they deserve all the love they can get <3

i can’t tell if i simply don’t enjoy satire or if everybody is doing satire wrong but sketches poking fun at “problematic” celebrities and politicians make me really uncomfortable because their ideology and behavior is usually reduced to being stupid or silly, and yeah, it is, but the effect they have is damaging and i don’t like how people (generally people with privilege who don’t experience the hate those celebs are perpetuating) see them as the center of a big joke and dismiss them as fools like… they are a real threat to real people i can’t laugh about that sorry