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Planned Parenthood is fucking amazing, y’all. I haven’t been there yet…but just talking to their HRT line on the phone…

They used my respected name right off the bat. Called me Riley all the way through. Used he/him pronouns. Didn’t slip up once. Asked me and “What’s your legal name? I’m sorry I have to ask that.”

Then asked me “Now is it okay if I send things with Riley Roswell to your home?” not wanting to out me accidentally and then “Is it okay if I send stuff with planned parenthood labels on them or do you want me to be discreet about it?” knowing there are people who could get in trouble with family or partners or others for going there.









The crew explaining that  X-Men: First Class  is actually a romance between Charles and Erik.

wasn’t prepared to be hit with dreamertrilogy content today but here we are let’s go through the list

  • new character Unwin, homeboy that has Ronan’s photo on his phone
  • Ronan got photographed wearing a tie and he’s mad about it
    • why are people taking pictures of Ronan and sharing it with strangers, that is wicked concerning
  • we have a timeline
    • he’s about twenty. this means maybe 1-2 years after TRK (just before Thanksgiving and just after Ronan’s birthday), and about 1 year after TRK’s epilogue (beginning of summer)
    • Adam’s well into college then, maybe finishing his first year, or into his second
  • the narrative isn’t just going to be from Ronan’s POV, we will get perspectives from other characters
  • other people think Ronan is super fucking hot

Yuuri has never quite understood Viktor’s delight when they meet someone who has no idea who they are. But about two years into their marriage, he’s starting to get it.

“Met through figure skating, huh,” the older lady draws out slowly. Her gaze sways between him and Viktor. Yuuri is about 80% sure this is a distant cousin of the Chulanonts, but his brain had blanked out during her introduction. 

“They’re famous, Hathai,” Phichit explains. 

“More famous than you?”

“Nope,” says Phichit with a pop of his lips and wide, innocent eyes. Viktor’s mouth twitches up, amused. “Course not! But it was quite the love story. Over ten years ago he saw him skating for the first time, became his biggest fan, and devoted his life to the sport. Then, years later–” and several international scandals later “–they entered a student-coach relationship and fell in mutual love!”

“Oh, dear,” she says, smiling sweetly, “that’s some dedication you have! So you’ve been his biggest fan since childhood?”

Hathai has spent the last hour of this dinner party watching Viktor trail Yuuri around the gathering, hand on his shoulder, heart-shaped smile beaming out. Hathai has watched Viktor hand-feed him appetizers and sneak a kiss in the corner of the room and stare after Yuuri with delighted, disbelieving eyes.

Hathai is patting Viktor on the arm, and asking him this question.

In the past, Yuuri would have cleared his throat. “It’s me,” he’s taken to interrupting politely. It’s happened many, many times. “I was the fan first.”

Not anymore.

“Go on,” Yuuri prompts, trying not to make his smirk too obvious. Viktor’s mild protest dies out completely when Yuuri takes his hand, squeezes it. “Viktor. Tell her about how you became my biggest fan.”

The appeal of people removed from figure skating is never lost on Yuuri again.

Sometimes I’ll be sitting in my room, perfectly fine, and then I just get slammed by this wave of loneliness and I hate it

anonymous asked:

You are against the death penalty aren't you? Can you explain why? I just don't understand why anybody would be against it...

I’m against it because capital punishment is a heinous remnant of governments past and it really has no part in modern society. I’m against the death penalty because it isn’t a deterrent to crime, innocent people may, and have, been executed, it costs more for someone to be sent to death row and executed than it would if they were sentenced to life without parole, death sentences aren’t fair as someone could have killed 50 people could get life imprisonment while someone who has killed only one person could get sentenced to death, it’s racist, being sentenced to life in prison also stops them from committing crimes so what’s the point in executing them? It also makes absolutely no sense to kill someone for killing someone. To agree with the “an eye for an eye” logic is illogical, hypocritical, and extremely archaic.

There is an infectious presence of racism in the death penalty and racial disparities plague the justice system. There have been countless studies that indicate racial bias when it comes to sentencing. The Baldus study showed that defendants of colour were 1.7 times more likely to receive the death penalty than white defendants in similar murder cases. It also showed that murderers of colour with white victims were 4.3 times more likely to be sentenced to death than whites that killed people of colour under similar circumstances. A 2007 study in Connecticut showed that defendants of colour receive the death penalty at three times the rate of white defendants. In Philadelphia, the same study found that defendants of colour are four times more likely to be sentenced to death than whites. This same study has been replicated in a number of other states and showed very similar results - people of colour are given the death penalty more often than whites. There was not once State in America that indicated otherwise. There is a clear pattern of evidence that indicates racial disparities in the charging, sentencing, and imposition of the death penalty in America. In fact, DA of Texas Chuck Rosenthal resigned after sending and receiving a number of racist emails regarding the death penalty - out of the 32 cases he sought the death penalty, 29 defendants were people of colour.

The department of corrections stated that housing death row inmates costs more than twice as much as life imprisonment inmates. The average cost of defending in a federal death case is around 8 times more expensive than in which the death penalty is not sought. Texas, for example, is spending $2.3 million PER death row case. California would save approximately $90 million per year if they were to abolish the death penalty. This money could go towards something more beneficial, such as victim advocacy and assisting in solving crimes. It’s a waste of money. Literally hundreds of millions of dollars are being wasted on a response to murder which is calculated to be carried out on a small amount of unlucky people per year and which has done nothing to stem the rise in murder, which is therefor ineffective.

Murder is a heinous act, regardless of who has committed the crime, and should not be sanctioned by the government for any reason. Life imprisonment is punishment, punishment that doesn’t see innocent men killed. Capital punishment is revenge. The death penalty isn’t as black and white as some people like to imagine, and I chose to not support a racist, biased, hypocritical, flawed system that has sent many innocent men to their deaths as opposed to a system which is more effective and less barbaric in which inmates are sentenced to life imprisonment. Furthermore, I believe that capital punishment violates the eighth amendment’s prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment.

Victor is Amazing

I have always loved the fact that Victor finds Yuuri fascinating. We are talking about a man who could get anyone he wanted, who has people falling all over themselves to be around him and know him. He is the pinnacle of his sport and has no real competition; nobody who could truly challenge him. 

And we have Yuuri, who is an amazing skater in his own right, but through anxiety and self-doubt has not reached his own pinnacle. He has idolized Victor since he was a child, and he’s everything Yuuri strives to be. 

Victor really could have been to egotistical and annoying if he wanted to. He could have been a self important, unmitigated asshole who required everyone to worship him. But he’s not.

He finds Yuuri completely amazing. He is constantly telling himself how lucky he is to have someone like Yuuri in his life. He went on about how much he gets to experience things and feelings that have never happened to him before, just because he was lucky enough to find Yuuri. And that Yuuri chooses him is special. He sees Yuuri’s struggles and admire’s how he fights through them, becoming stronger in the process. He sees his imperfections and thinks they are all a wonderful part of Yuuri, and he believes in him absolutely. He finds every fiber of Yuuri’s being fascinating, and is thankful that Yuuri picked him.

Final preview for my @risquezine​ piece

Y-you should concider buying the zine. It’ll be worth it for sure!! ╰(◉ᾥ◉)╯!!


The masks we weave for ourselves. / / / The Blue Spirit + The Painted Lady.

I wonder how many of the people who don’t support euthanasia have watched someone they love slowly and painfully die

from my experience of being openly bisexual for 5+ years, i dont really feel like i have ever belonged to the lgbt+ community bc i feel like i cant go along to pride and bring my boyfriend and celebrate the fact that ‘hey i’m bi and i’m in a hetero relationship and i’m happy that way’ bc it seems like if ur not girl&girl or boy&boy ur not… .. gay?? enough????? ive never felt… enough .. to be a part of the community and thats got to change. please let other than lesbians and gays feel pride in themselves when taking their hetero relationships to events.. or just feeling happy in straight relationships in general .. and stop it being a competition of who is an Actual Gay TM

My recommendations for fall of anime 2017 (based on my first impression)
  • Houseki no Kuni

I’ve seen a lot of people dropping this because it’s 3D, but the colors are beautiful and the story is just as beautiful, I say you should really give this one a chance, go through the first episode until the end, I don’t think you’ll regret it

  • Garo: Vanishing Line

badass MC with really cool animation and the art style is so nice and the plot is crazy af and it’s the good kind of crazy.

  • Inuyashiki

just watch the first episode, you’ll know it’s gonna be good.

  • Juuni Taisen

survival game! with amazing animation and art style, the character designs are really cool, it’s pretty damn nice.

  • Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World

you don’t have to watch the original series to watch this, so you can go ahead and enjoy Kino’s journey, there’s a lot of things to love about this (but the original series is really good, maybe watch that one too?)

  • Net-juu no Susume

this one is so relatable like, SO relatable like oh my god! + it’s funny and cute and it’s most likely going the romance path which is great, because the two of them are just adorable together. I love this one.

  • Mahoutsukai no Yome

need I say more? I think everyone’s already watching this and loving it.

  • Kekkai Sensen & Beyond

this one is the second season of Kekkai Sensen, so if you haven’t watched the first, I highly recommend you do and then come and watch this one.

  • Just Because!

this one has high potential to be a really good romance anime, in my opinion. But if you’re not keen on high school romance, then I guess this one isn’t for you.

  • Code:Realize: Sousei no Himegimi

a princess and a thief and this time around he just wants to steal her heart. Pretty art style.

  • Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau 

the world this anime presents is so interesting and beautiful but despite how beautiful the visuals are, I sense a lot of heartbreaking things coming our way.

  • Animegataris 

I’m not really too sure about this one, but I found myself enjoying the first episode, it’s an anime about people who love anime. It could get really good.

  • Konohana Kitan 

a gay anime about fox girls doing cute things together and falling in love while doing so, worth it.

  • Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou 

two girls, the only ones left in the world, always with each other, trying to survive.

  • Ousama Game: The Animation

it looks okay so far, I say we should stick with it for a few more episodes to see how they handle it because it could get really good

we shouldnt be calling it disability benefits, it should be called necessities.

considering the only people who could possibly call getting money in order to pay a hospital bill or debt you didnt deserve, for the meds you shouldnt have to take, for the life you never asked for a benefit is abled people who dont have these problems, will never have this debt and will never need the money to pay it off.

a necessity for disabled people is nothing more than some extra cash, a benefit for abled people, and people tend to be against the idea of the disabled getting money to help pay their medical bills because they dont understand that it isnt some get rich quick thing, its usually a life altering situation.

the idea of a disabled person not having to pay for an unfair life, and being abled to have enough money to get things that they NEED to live, to have a life that abled people get for free, is so foreign that people choose to describe it as a benefit, as an accomodation.

but tell me again about how ableism doesnt exist?


We are e q u a l s in this.


*rolls around* 



I was asked a very ignorant question today and I wanted to take a moment to say to those certain “feminists” and people who bash my religion and my choices that when you talk to me, please remember:

  • The first University was created by a Muslim Woman named Fatima Al-Fihri 
  • One of the main things believers are told to do is gain knowledge
  • Men were first told to lower their gaze before women were advised to cover up
  • When women are with women they have to cover the same areas as when men are with men: the area from your belly button to your knees meaning Islam never actually recognized breasts as sexual organs
  • Women ran businesses, the Prophet’s first wife was a business woman and was fully independent, on the night that the Prophet got the message of Prophet-hood from Allah, the first thing he did was run and ask his wife for council because he valued her advice
  • Islam never condone slavery, the Prophet set many slaves free and advised companions to do the same (when we pray, we all line up no matter the social class or political standing because God doesn’t care if we’re peasants or royalty, what defines us are our actions)
  • same with Hajj, everyone no matter what background wears simple clothes (men wear two white rags) to show how we are all the same (you can’t enter paradise if you have even a grain of arrogance, the more you’re given, the harder you’re tested)
  • Men aren’t pushed away for being feminine (all the Muslim brothers hug each other and the older men usually kiss each other’s cheeks) , tears aren’t considered unmanly, they’re considered humble (many times during prayer, the person leading will start to cry when they make Dua’a (idk how to explain it), it’s not a negative, empathy is positive) 
  • Hygiene is so important, we invented toothbrushes and we take basically mini showers before prayers (you CAN’T pray/read Quran if you’re dirty and are advised not to eat smelly things like onions beforehand because that may disrupt your neighbor during prayer) 
  • one of the five pillars of Islam is Zakat (defined below), and if you’re ever sick or in need, you normally give Sadaqa or charity to sort of repent and ask God for forgiveness and aid (also, Baqar-Eid, where we sacrifice a Cow or Lamb, etc, we’re only allowed to keep 1/7th of it, the rest goes to people you know and the poor)
  • Ramadan is to help us empathize with poor people and humble ourselves. We give Zakat during Ramadan, which is giving a percentage of our wealth to someone poor, also this seems relevant:  “A believer is not the one who eats his fill when his neighbor is hungry.”
  • Men are the ones responsible for providing food, not the women! If a woman goes out and earns money, it’s hers to do with as she pleases
  • Respect for mothers is so important this is what is said: “Do good to and serve your mother, then your mother, then your mother, then your father, then the near relatives and then those who come after them.” (mothers get 3x’s the importance because childbearing/rearing ain’t easy! Also they say your mother holds the key to heaven’s doors. Also that those who raise a good daughter will be given a higher place in Jannah (paradise) and the Prophet was soooooo close to his daughter Fatima)
  • and everyone needs to remember this: ”Those who are kind and considerate to Allah’s creatures, Allah bestows His kindness and affection on them. Show kindness to the creatures on the earth so that Allah may be kind to you.” It doesn’t say be kind to the BELIEVERS, it says be kind to everyone regardless of race, religion, social standing, etc. 
  • The main point of covering up your beauty is so that it’s not what defines you, your knowledge and character are. Islam made progression in treating women like actual human beings wayy before the West, the problem isn’t our beliefs, it’s that people don’t act on them choosing instead warped versions that emerged during European occupation during the Victorian Era (where they would cover table legs because they were too hot to handle) 

So tell me more about how “oppressed” I am and how horrible and unfair my religion is, because you’re probably wrong and please, PLEASE, do your research because chances are I’m not oppressed and you just seemed like a massive douchecanoe