people who cheat at all really

i want to like. make a list of not-str8 historical figures bc ppl are tagging that walt whitman post like “omg wait really” & honestly yall deserve better.

Like, you know who wasn’t straight? Charlotte Bronte, who wrote Jane Eyre. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, who wrote Swan Lake. E.M. Forster, who wrote A Passage to India. Marcel Proust. Henry James. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Virginia Woolf. Herman Melville. Michelangelo. Leonardo Da Vinci. Socrates. William fucking Shakespeare.

And these are just (a few of) the ones we known about, because there’s a storied history of coded messages in literature that mean we are often looking gay metaphors in the face and not understanding them. We’re there, we’re out there, and I’m so mad that I didn’t know.

We have a history. We have a legacy. WE’VE ALWAYS BEEN HERE.

December 5-11 is gonna be Hanschen Rilow Appreciation Week!

✧ How do I participate? ✧

From December 5-11, post any fancontent focusing on Hanschen with the tag #Hanschen Rilow Appreciation Week or #HRAW. 

I may also post an optional prompt list if people would be interested in that.

✧ What kind of content? 

Literally anything! Fanart, edits, graphics, fanfiction… anything you can think of! 

✧ Are there any rules? ✧ 

Please keep the content positive about Hanschen. By which I mean: sad/angsty content involving Hanschen is fine; but “Hanschen is an abuser who cheats on Ernst” is uh… not. 

✧ Why? 

In short: I got really upset seeing all the negative posts about Hanschen, posts calling him evil/manipulative/an abuser, etc. Instead of just stewing around feeling bad about it, I decided to take all the upset energy I had from that and channel it into creating something positive! 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I look forward to seeing what everyone makes!

The gems playing sims
  • Steven: Makes sims versions of his family except his household has the maximum number of pets allowed.
  • Pearl: Everyone has a job and everyone goes to bed on time. She names all of the babies "Steven". May or may not have made her and Rose.
  • Amethyst: Sets her sims on fire then gets bored.
  • Garnet: Makes sim versions of Ruby and Sapphire, plays their lives out and when they die she makes new versions and starts again.
  • Peridot: Makes really detailed houses but can't get through a single day playing with people.
  • Lapis: Uses cheats and deletes NPCs who annoy her.
Treat You Better (A/F)

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REQUESTED: Request still open? Can you pls write about got7 maknae and oldest to fell for a same girl. You decide on whoever wins. I love your blog <3

Mark Tuan x Reader (you) x Kim Yugyeom

Genre: Angst, slight fluff


Word Count: 1438

Note: LMAO idk if this is what you want anon. If it’s really bad just let me know and I’ll re-write it. But y’all get to choose who wins in the end btw. And yes, requests are still open. Happy reading!

The smell of alcohol filled your lungs as tears ran down your face. You caught your boyfriend of two years cheating on you with a girl who you thought was much more beautiful than you. The lack of self-confidence put you in a state where you drank alcohol by Han River. You didn’t want to be alone, you wanted someone to hold you as you cried away the pain. Reaching for your phone, you opened up your contacts and clicked on the person that came to your mind.


You clicked call and waited two rings before someone on the other end picked up.

“(Y/N)?” Yugyeom said as he answered the phone. “Why are you calling this late?”

“Yugyeom-ah,” You slurred, hiccuping slightly, “Did you know love hurts?”

“Are you drunk? Where are you?” Yugyeom suddenly asked, not answering your question.

“Han River.” You answered, without even thinking. “Where all my tears filled up the river.”

“As poetic as that sounds, I’m coming to pick you up. Wait for me, (Y/N)” Yugyeom said before hanging up. You threw your phone to the side and slumped on the bench. Thoughts ran through your mind as you quietly cried. You were drunk, cold, and heartbroken.

And what seemed like hours, two feet came to your vision as you looked up. Yugyeom held out his hand towards you, smiling slightly. You took his hand, stumbling towards him. Hands grabbed your waist holding you tightly as you grabbed on to Yugyeom’s shirt and started to cry.

“(Y/N).” He whispered, holding you tightly. “It’s okay.”

“No, it’s not.” You yelled, which was muffled by Yugyeom’s shirt. “What kind of man would cheat on a girl who he dated for two years? Said ‘I love you’ and made her feel like she’s on top of the world. Tell me, what kind of man does that?”

“You’re drunk, (Y/N)” He sighed, avoiding the question. “Let me take you back to our dorm.”

Tugging your hand, he lead you away from the bench, holding on to you so you wouldn’t fall. Standing at the edge of the sidewalk, he waved down a taxi and helped you into the car. As you two sat in silence, Yugyeom gripped your hand, knowing that you needed his full support. You leaned your head against his shoulder and looked forward.

“Please, Yugyoem-ah, don’t ever fall in love.” You suddenly stated, you head slightly spinning. You heard Yugyeom chuckled under his breath as he gripped your hand tighter.

“It’s too late for that.” He mumbled. “I’ve already fallen in love with a girl who doesn’t even take a second glance at me.”

You sat up slightly as you turned your head to look at him. His facial expression read sadness and heartbreak as well. You thought about all the girls in Yugyeom’s life thinking about how that one girl wouldn’t acknowledge a sweet guy like him. He knew how to take care of a girl and his charms could easily make any girl fall for him. You were slightly jealous that whoever Yugyeom liked was a lucky girl.

Sooner or later, the car stopped and Yugyeom lead you into his dorm where his members were soundlessly sleeping. Yugyeom basically dragged you into his room where Bambam was snoring, peacefully asleep.

“I’ll sleep on the couch today.” Yugyeom whispered as he tucked you into bed. “We’ll deal with this problem tomorrow.”

You nodded your head as you closed your eyes and started to drift off. Before your conscious was about to fall asleep, you heard a quiet, distant voice that came from the right side of you.

“If you only looked at me, (Y/N).” You heard. “I could treat you better than him.”

You swore that sounded like Yugyeom’s voice but, it was too late to reply as the darkness took over you.

You woke up with the sun brightly shining down your face. Squinting, you tried to sit up but the major headache pulled you back down. Sighing to yourself, you tried to think of the things that happened last night. Suddenly remembering, the pain your heart started to rise again as you felt the urge to cry. But before you could do anything, the door opened slightly making your head turn to the side.

“Hey.” Mark said as he entered the room with a glass of water and some advil. Somehow, you you were hoping for Yugyeom instead of Mark making you feel disappointed.

“Hi.” You croaked silently, hoping he heard your voice.

“I brought some advil and water to ease the headache.” Mark smiled, as he handed you the two things and sat down on your bed. You murmured a slight thank you as you took the pill.

“Yugyeom told me what happened.” Mark suddenly said, breaking the silence. You nodded your head in response as you looked at Mark. His hands suddenly took yours as he held onto it tightly.

“I can’t believe I let an asshole treat my best friend like that.” He said, angrily. You stared at Mark as he ranted to you about love and heart breaks. You’ve known Mark since you moved to Korea to study. And from then, he helped you build your foundation in Korea. If it weren’t for him, you wouldn’t be living the life you were now.

But the thing was, you never saw Mark as a romantic partner until now. They way he angrily ranted to you about your boyfriend and how he treated you made you feel loved inside. Mark was always the one who took care of you when you were struggling. But you couldn’t help but think about the time he introduced you to Yugyeom.

It was near Christmas when Mark invited you over to meet his members. You remembered falling for the smile Yugyeom gave you when he first met you. Yugyeom used to call you everyday to check up on how you were doing. And that warmed your heart. To be honest, you had a little minor crush on him before your boyfriend took you away.

“I’ll deal with him tomorrow.” Mark suddenly said, interrupting your thoughts. He gripped your hands tighter hoping that you’ll get the message that he will be a man and deal with your boyfriend.  

“No. I need to do it myself.” You firmly stated.

“Well you can ta-”

“Hey, (Y/N). Are you up?” Yugyeom sang quietly as he entered the room. His eyes landed on Mark and your intertwined hands as his smile slightly faded. He entered the room but stood at the door with his arms crossed.

“Yeah,” You chuckled nervously, taking your hands away from Mark and tucking them under the bed sheets. “I just woke up.”

“I gave her advil and some water.” Mark added, kind of coldly, as he stood up from your bed and smiled at you. “Give me his address, (Y/N). I’ll go tonight.”

“Go where, hyung?” Yugyeom asked, raising his eyebrows.

“That asshole’s place so I can beat the shit out of him.” Mark exclaimed in a calming matter but it was clear that he was angry.

“Stop it, Mark. I’ll go.” You said as you tried to get out of bed.

“(Y/N), let me go with you.” Yugyeom quickly said, stepping towards you.

“No, Yugyeom, stay at home. Let hyung take care of this.” Mark argued back, as he looked at you with eyes that was filled with determination.

Suddenly, Yugyeom took another step forward, slightly pushing Mark to the side so he could get a view of you. And with that, the boys started to argue over a stupid little thing. Both of them wanted to defend you as I confront your ex-boyfriend, making sure you were alright. Yes, it was heartwarming but you didn’t need a fight over a serious situation.

“Guys, stop!” You yelled, grabbing both of their attention. You looked at them both and thought to yourself;

Who would you take without hurting feelings?

Minutes passed and silence remained in the room. Looking back and forth from Mark to Yugyeom, you finally made your decision. Stepping out of bed, you stood up and faced both men. Taking a deep breath, you opened your mouth and spoke your mind.

Mark and Yugyeom both looked at each other and nodded their heads. They understood the amount of pressure you were under and so they understood your decision. As you explained why you thought that way, you couldn’t help but feel your heart leap towards the person you spoke your mind to. That was when you realized, you could be loved again.

  • People: The great thing about the Last Five Years is they are both equally to blame. You can’t say the relationship failed because of one more than the other.
  • Me on the outside: Oh, yeah, totally!
  • Me on the inside: I don’t know maybe it was the one who was cheating and trying to force his wife to go to parties she hated going to. Maybe it’s the one who kept neglecting and ignoring his wife to go to these parties. And really he was going to so many parties like all people did was stand around and talk would you not get bored eventually? Can he really not skip a couple parties?
  • People: …I mean Cathy was unsupportive….
  • Me on the outside: uh-huh
  • Me on the inside: I don’t know where you are seeing this other than not wanting to be dragged to parties and wanting her own success which are two reasonable wants. I mean she went to those parties for a very long time and was ignored. Also there was a point where she didn’t want him not to go to parties, just to parties without dragging her along. And she went to his book talks and all those kinds of things so I’m confused where we’re seeing all this lack of support that was apparently just as damaging as neglect and cheating.

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Show doesnt revolve just around malec, there are seven main charaters and they all deserve screen time.

um okay rude? i fucking know that and i love them all so don’t assume that i don’t. second this beautiful, healthy bi/gay representation means so fucking much to me you don’t understand.

the only representation of lgbt people that i’ve had throughout my childhood was from fox news, and from my parents who fucking hate them (aka me so that feels nice), then to constantly see lgbt couples die or break up or cheat on each other over, and over, and over again is really great representation i love it!! 😒

also i’m focused on them so much rn because freeform baited us. they tricked us with the “sexual healing”, with the wine scene, with all the sneak peeks when most of those spoilers were the only malec scenes we got. i’m super used to being baited with lgbt couples but i had high hopes for this one.

and maybe they’ll resolve this shit next week, but to see jace + a random girl bare ass naked and then to see malec (the ONLY main couple on sh right now) get a traditional, fade to black, this is too nsfw for tv let’s just shove them to the side, really pisses me off and creates this big black hole in my chest and stomach. this is bringing back old memories that i would kindly like to forget. so bye

I Should Have Cheated || Derek Luh Part 2 *Requested*

Here is PART 1 


As the song finished, I couldn’t help but to bawl. I felt like an idiot, used, unappreciated and naïve. How could I be so blind as to not see that he was cheating on me? All those times that he said he loved me, was it even true? Or was it to make sure he could get into my pants? I really loved him, hell, I still do love him. But I refuse to be someone’s doormat, especially someone who’s lied to me countless times. 

Shit, where am I? I look around and see a hotel is only 5 miles away. I guess that’s better than sleeping in my car. I pull into the Ramada Hotel parking lot and touch up my face. I don’t need people I don’t know to see that I’ve been crying. I finally check in and realize I have no bags. Just my phone, charger and my wallet. Just my fucking luck.

I get to my room and try to decompress everything that just happened. I end up going through my photos and texts messages between Derek and I. How could he ruin something so perfect? We were supposed to get married and have kids. Guess that’s not happening now. 

Derek’s POV:

FUCK! How the hell did she find that video?! How could she just leave without letting me explain? I don’t even know what to do right now. I love her and I fucked it up. She’s never going to take me back. Not this time. I need help to get her back.

Delaney’s POV:

“No Carly. He is not cute and you’re drunk at 4:30 in the afternoon HAHA! Go home before you sleep with a -7. I’ll call you tomorrow.” As I put down my phone, it signaled me that I got a text message. 

Whoa, what the hell? What does that even mean? You know what, fuck this. I need answers.


I don’t know how it’s helping, but starring at this hotel ceiling is really peaceful. I was just about to clear my mind when… *VIBRATES*

Even though Derek was pretty much Satan to me right now, Delaney was the complete opposite. 

Delaney kept her word and was there in 30 minutes. I went to the front office and checked out of the room. When I was done, I got in my car and tailed her back to her apartment. We got in and I saw a picture of Derek and I on her foyer table. No matter how hard I tried not to, this time I couldn’t help the tears rushing down my face.

“Oh Sweetheart! It’s going to be okay. You’re going to get through this. You are so much stronger than some man hoe. And I know that’s my brother and I will always love him, but he is so wrong for doing this. I’ve never been so just, ugh with him. Is there anything I can do?” I loved her for being so concerned about me, but I didn’t even know what I needed. My mind hadn’t processed that far.

“I don’t know. I want to stop loving him, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. At least not anytime soon. I don’t even think he loved me. That’s the funny part about all of this.”

“There is no doubt in my mind that he loved you. You were the best thing that happened to him and he knew that. He’s selfish, Y/N. He needs to grow up.”

She was right, but I can’t wait around for him to do so. At least not anymore. I’m not going to let him have control over me. I’m stronger than this. I am more important than this and I matter. It’s time for me to show that.

*2 weeks later*

It’s time I stop hiding and be me again. Even though I live with Delaney now, I will never be in Derek’s life the same way. And I’m okay with that.

“Hey Girlie, I heard you singing to some badass music earlier. Does that mean you’re feeling better?”

“Yeah, I am. I talked to Derek and told him that I would be coming by to pick up the rest of my stuff that wasn’t picked up a few weeks ago. Thank you again for doing that. I wasn’t in the right mindset to do so then.”

“Absolutely. I had to talk to him face to face anyway.”

“How was he?”

“Destroyed. He’s still working and the boys were keeping him company, but he wasn’t the same. Have you talked to him about it at all?”

“No. I talked to Swazz though. He was just checking in.”

“Do you forgive him? Derek.” I never gave her a straight answer. I just wanted to get the rest of my stuff form his place.

We arrived at his house and I was greeted with a hug from KDL.

“You know he misses you. He was just thinking with the wrong head that night.”

“I know.” I stepped past him and he let me in the house. That’s when I saw Derek. He looked like hell, but he was still powering through to get his work done. I gave him a half ass wave and headed to the bedroom. I know he’ll follow me.

“You know I love you,” I heard from behind me. 

I turned around and looked at him, “I know, I love you too. I always have, Derek.” I saw Delaney and a few of the boys walk in and start carrying out my belongings.

“So then where does that leave us, Y/N? Do you forgive me? You say you love me, but you’re still moving your shit out.”

“It leaves us where we are. I forgave you weeks ago, but not for you. I had to forgive you for me because I matter. Whether you see that or not.”

“Of course I know that! God, I made a mistake. I don’t want to be without you. None of those other hoes matter. You’re right, you do mater! And you have to know that you matter to me.” It looked like he was about to cry, but I honestly didn’t care. I didn’t fuck this up. He did.

“I used to know that, but now I don’t know what to believe. After being lied to for almost 3 years, it’s hard to believe anything you say.”

“So you are still mad.” I looked behind him when I saw Delaney walk back in.

“Hey, ready to go when you are.” She said it in voice that almost said ‘I’m sorry, but you can do this’.

I gave her a nod and looked Derek back in his beautiful brown eyes. The eyes I used to look to for hope or reassurance. When I didn't see that anymore, I knew it was time. I gave him one last hug and kissed his lips.

“I’m not mad. I’m just done.” With that, I walked out of his room, out of his house and out of his life.

Author’s Note: Here is part 2 of the Derek Luh Smut, I Should Have Cheated. This was requested and I hope you all like it!

ok but asexual damara

ace damara who was always told that she just hasn’t found the right person yet. ace damara who ends up sleeping with a bunch of people because she’s supposed to like it, right?
ace damara who feels broken because she doesn’t but doesn’t know how to get over it
ace damara who refused to sleep with rufio because she actually really liked him but started associating sex with people she wasn’t attracted to
ace damara who makes all these sexual comments after rufio cheated on her to show that she was capable of being sexual but it was too late now

ok now picture ace damara flirting with kankri
ace damara hearing him throw out the term “asexual” during one of his lectures and asking him what that means
ace damara figuring out that she isn’t broken after all

i just
asexual damara


Hi everyone! I’m Mika, you all know me. I just wanted to say a couple things to everyone.
First of all, i wanted to say this since yesterday so I’ll do it now. We all read your comments on mangafox and we feel happy that people support us. I actually felt really touched when Caramel and Serya showed me the comments (they had to show me because i don’t have an account there). So, i wanted to say thank you to all the people who support us in this. Really, thank you, it means a lot to us.

The other thing is: readers keep sending us ask trying to help us or just giving us thanks for working in this manga for so long (thank you for that too).
We also got some asks saying that we should look for ways to stop these people from entering the forum. Some people say that we should do it so we can continue with the scanlation, others don’t.

The thing is, and Caramel already said it, our forum has almost 4000 accounts and a lot of people log in and out every day. Even if we are 4 people in this team it’s impossible for us to look at who logs in and what they’re doing and even if we do, there is no way to know if someone is reading the chapters or actually doing something to repost them.

We already tried everything to stop people from reposting, we thought that we could do that by using the flipbooks but apparently it couldn’t stop them. That was our last resource.

We knew that some people had problems reading from the flipbooks and only recently (and thanks to Mitha) we found another way of posting the chapters (chapters 28 to 30, remember?). We were planning to take out the flipbooks and post all the chapters again using those new codes but this happened.

The point is, even if we are the administrators of the forum and have access to a lot of things that normal users don’t, we don’t have super powers. There is no way we can know who is honest and who isn’t. We didn’t find any new way of stopping them from reposting because we already tried everything.

I’m posting this here now because Caramel is (and i quote) “really happy playing Elsword right now” (i would like to be too but I’m working now, so rip me) and remember, all our personal accounts are public so everyone can go and read everything we say and we don’t mind that at all. Actually, my twitter account is private because i had a personal issue but it was public not so long ago as well.

Thanks for all the support, everyone. It means a lot to us. Sadly we don’t have any other solution than stopping the project at this point. And even if we had, we won’t keep doing it. Those guys on mangafox ruined everything we did and the damage is already done.

I have nothing left to say so, have a good day!

- Mika

Idk I just really hate how my mad fat diary ended. The mentally ill fat girl basically gets told that her mental illnesses are holding everyone back her mother pretty much abandons her and moves abroad with her new family, she ends up distanced from all her friends, her boyfriend who has always really respected women cheats on her and calls her mental (something he would never do btw) and she ends up isolated and alone. The whole message seemed to come across as “mentally ill people should get over themselves and stop holding everyone back” and that really fucking sucks for us mentally ill viewers. mentally ill people deserve happiness and support. Rae Earl deserved better.

I think the hardest thing for Americans to reconcile this idea of the Founding Fathers as flawed people who still did good things.

Washington was a slave owner who came to have mixed feelings on it later in life, but at one point he was literally the only thing standing between democracy and a military dictatorship (immediately after the Revolution the army hadn’t been paid in years and they were talking of storming the capitol and taking over, Washington defused the situation).

I don’t think I have to list all the things Jefferson did, but he did still also write the Declaration of Independence.

Madison was a slave owner but he and Hamilton were instrumental in the Constitution being ratified and he also worked on the Bill of Rights.

Hamilton was a temperamental asshat who cheated on his wife repeatedly and would destroy people for petty grievances. He was also an abolitionist.

They all did good things and bad things and it’s really hard to wrap your mind around the vast gulf that should come between “literally owned people” and “set up a form of government that protected the rights of its citizens against the power structures for basically one of the first times since antiquity.” (edit because I forgot about the Iroquois Confederacy) And most people will choose one extreme or the other. Either they were all universally terrible for slavery (which was terrible) or they were brilliant defenders of the people (which they were for certain people). The best you’ll usually get is an acknowledgement that they were “complex” but that doesn’t really mean much when we’re talking about these extremes.

The truth is that ultimately they did both and we have to at some point learn to accept that there were no demons or saints. Some were worse than others, but they all did awful things because they were ultimately fallible humans and by trying to reduce them to caricatures we turn them into talking points (“what did the Founders MEAN by ‘bear arms?’”) and these strange sort of deities whose words we have to interpret as best we can or else as devils who need to be conquered. They were literally just people who did fucked up things that they thought were okay and did some pretty cool things that we should try to hold onto.

Except for Andrew Jackson. Fuck that guy.

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Hi! Is it OK to have a heart for criminals, not to justify what they did, but just to feel empathy for them and hope God has/had mercy on their souls?

Hi friend,

Definitely. We’re supposed to love and forgive and show grace and have empathy for all people, just as Jesus loves and forgives and shows grace and has empathy for us. It wouldn’t be fair if we only hoped “good” people were saved. After all, we’re all sinners, and a person serving time for murder or larceny or domestic violence is equivalent to a person inside his or her home who cheats, lies, gossips, etc. 

If you really fulfill the royal law according to the Scripture, ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself,’ you are doing well. But if you show partiality, you are committing sin and are convicted by the law as transgressors. For whoever keeps the whole law but fails in one point has become accountable for all of it. For he who said, ‘Do not commit adultery,’ also said, ‘Do not murder.’ If you do not commit adultery but do murder, you have become a transgressor of the law. So speak and so act as those are are to be judged under the law of liberty. For judgment is without mercy to one who has shown no mercy. Mercy triumphs over judgment. - James 2:8-13

All my love,


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I love you're comic, but Jesus I'm sad already and the real angst hasn't begun. I was expecting Tom to comfort him, rub Tord's cheek with his thumb, and soothingly say. "I'd never cheat on you. You're the only dick I'd suck."

I’m sorry - that last part actually made me laugh lol

But in all seriousness, I try my best with this comic and once I start doing something I try and know whatever I can with that topic. Cheating, for example, if you are in a relationship and you proceed to cheat, it changes everything. You find yourself not feeling ‘worthy’ with your partner (unless you are like a dick and think you can get away with it). I never experienced cheating, nor will I ever do it, but I have seen friends who had done it. Sorry to get all serious, but I do have a passion for fictional drama and I am really happy that many people are liking it! I would like to thank you all!


By no means have I ever considered myself above anyone, nor have I ever thought I was better in any way, but one question has always lingered in me for years. It seems like everyone around me, even the unexpected people have found someone who is truly in love with them, like they are all moving on to the next chapter, and for some reason, I’m still stuck behind. I think it’s fair to say I’ve always been a good person, I’ve never disrespected a partner, never cheated, never really lied (aside from small lies), was mentally and physically loyal, yet for some reason, no one seems to see it. I really wonder where he is, I wonder what he is doing, if he’s ever wondered about me, or if he even cares. Sometimes it feels like I’ll be waiting for the rest of my life.

How HUGE must Stan’s case of Impostor Syndrome be?

Alex described Stan as a deeply insecure guy who’s been cheating all his life in an attempt to catch up to a guy he never thought he could catch up to honestly. You just know that in his mind, everything he has he got by cheating and conning people. 

Soos looks up to him? Oh, that’s just because he doesn’t know what Stan’s really like. He’s too naive and oblivious to pick up on that. He wouldn’t follow Stan around and admire him the way he does if he really knew. 

Dipper and Mabel? They’re the same way. He might’ve made them smile a couple of times by lighting fireworks with them or throwing a party but now that Ford’s back they’re getting a glimpse of how things really are, and it’s only a matter of time before he loses any love he had from them. (Now think about the events of the Stanchurian Candidate in that light, and how important and reassuring that sash Mabel gave him must have been and cry forever, just cry forever.)

Knowing how much he actually has conned people over the years, his feelings of “the only reason I have this good thing/someone thinks well of me is because I faked my way into it, I never really earned it” must seem entirely rational to him.

okay okay okay i was tagged by @asensihoe (grazie girl, ti amo)

  • a – age 7
  • b – biggest fear transfer windows
  • c – current time time to watch footbol
  • d – drink you last had football
  • e – every day starts with thinking about football
  • f – favorite song hala madrid y nada más
  • g – ghosts, are they real? ???
  • h – hometown the bernabéu
  • i – in love with @papaneymar @kingpique and shakira
  • j – jealous of people who live in madrid
  • k – killed someone sure thing
  • l – last time you cried the 2016 euro final shoot me
  • m – middle name ronaldo
  • n – number of siblings 3 and cristiano ronaldo
  • o – one wish rm to win la liga and the ucl
  • p – person you last called/texted cristiano ronaldo
  • q – question you’ve always asked why did real madrid let iker casillas go?
  • r – reason to smile football
  • s – song last sang como no te voy a querer
  • t – time you woke up 7am
  • u – underwear color cr7 (jk not really
  • v – vacation destination madrid
  • w – worst habit tumblr lmao
  • x – x-rays you’ve had idk
  • z – zodiac sign ronaldo

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i have way too many thoughts about this. if i was harvey i 100% would have left and not given a single shit about what happened, you dont have to forgive someone just cause they raised you. esp with donna basically forcing it on him to forgive, like who the fuck cares if he does its his life!!! also this ep cemented the fact that i never want them to be together, they had a good dynamic but not its corrupted and really terrible

It’s not so easy to tell your family to go screw themselves, especially when they all work so hard to place all the blame on you. Harvey loves those people, he loves his brother and he loves his mother (or the person she was before the cheating/she is supposed to be). I understand why Harvey couldn’t tell them all to fuck off (he would have had every right and I would have supported him 100%, but still), especially considering the kind of person that he is and how responsible he always feels for his loved ones.

It’s just not easy to get over all that blame, guilt tripping people is very effective, they usually start to think that you are right (in fact, in the end Harvey went to apologize to Lily. I am glad she finally admitted that actually the fault was hers)

I don’t like it either when Donna (more or less gently) forces him to do stuff. I see her point, meaning that it’s true that Harvey has issues directly related to his mother and that he should work them out, but a good advice would have been “Go talk to a therapist about this”, not “Go and forgive her”. She basically assumed and implied that he was suffering because he was holding a grudge like a child instead of letting go, which is what Harvey’s family says as well. I didn’t like it at all.

And I don’t like them together either, actually. I loved the boss/secretary BFF dynamic (which the scene in 6x13 reminded him of) but their romance is so forced, it doesn’t make sense, all tell and very little show. Bah.

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How can you make sense of Catholicism and support American republicanism?

I don’t. I support classical liberalism. I’m closer to a fusionist more than anything else really. Catholicism and classical liberalism both value tradition, individual rights, a voluntary community, what I call the “self-regulatory principle,” and promoting the freedom of all peoples, which is best achieved by promoting economic and political freedom.

How can a Catholic support the party of abortion and corruption and slavery, who employ racketeering and other mafia tactics (see Saul Alinksy), who encourage the culture of death, running ineffective and cheating social programs and removing God from all things?

Catholic liberals used to be a normal non-paradoxical thing in like the 20s with Dorothy Day. I’m not saying republicans are a superior party, only that you ought to be critical of anti-Catholics if you’re going to criticize from the point of Catholicism.

It’s Too Late - Part 4 (Finale)(Jikook x Reader)

Okay, this is a bit rushed. I originally planned to divide the events in this part into two seperate ones. But I really wanted to get this series done, since I want to focus on other things.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Wordcount: 2.799

Genre: Angst

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„She’s cheating on you.“

“With who?”

“Jeon Jungkook.”

Jimin let the phone fall next to him on his bed. This couldn’t be true. No. You’d never do that to him. And who was so ridiculous to set up this lie and name Jeon Jungkook, out of all people, as the one she’s supposedly cheating with. Even if – hypothetically speaking – you’d have the intention of cheating on Jimin, Jungkook wouldn’t do that. He’s after all Jimin’s best friend. What kind of person had so much bad luck that the two most important people in their life decided to ruin it? Not Park Jimin. Bad things happened to bad people. And Jimin had always been good, had always treated you right.

The next day in school, Jimin couldn’t get the text out of his head. ‘She’s cheating on you’ He thought when you came up to him and gave him a sweet kiss on the lips. Jimin tried his hardest to shove the thought aside, but you noticed that something was off. “Jagi, is something wrong?” You asked and looked at him with furrowed eyebrows. He shook his head. “No, everything’s alright.” He wrapped one of his arms around your shoulders and kissed your temple, before going with you to your first class of the day. He silently cursed himself for not being able to ignore this stupid text message from that stupid unknown number. How trustworthy was someone who was too much of a coward to show who they were? Not at all.

Jimin once read something interesting. Tell people not to think of pink elephants and they immediately think about pink elephants. Of course no one ever told Jimin not to think about pink elephants. He could think about those how much he wanted to. Although, there was nothing appealing to him about them. This wasn’t the point. Jimin only remembered this information, because he was sitting with Jungkook and you at lunch. And no matter how hard he tried not to think about the texts, every time Jungkook and you exchanged a word or one of you did anything – anything, really – the thoughts came back. The harder Jimin tried not to think about it, the more space these thoughts occupied in his brain. And it made him feel sick with guilt. He didn’t have the right to think such thoughts.

In the evening, he deleted the texts from his phone, hoping that this would make the thoughts stop as well. He already hated whoever this person was. And if he should ever find out, they wouldn’t get away so easily.

“Why are you already here?”

You sat in the classroom with your books already on your table. You always came early to school, because the only bus that drove to school came at an ungodly hour and you had no choice but to take it, or you wouldn’t get to school. Jimin had offered to drive you once, but he lived on the other side of the city and he’d have to drive for one and a half hours in total if he picked you up and drove to school. So you declined his offer. Coming early wasn’t too bad. You had enough time to sort your stuff and look over your homework again to see if everything’s alright.

“I had to come earlier today because there are some papers I had to hand in at the principal’s office.” Jungkook informed you and stepped inside the room. “My mom wanted to be sure that it’s the first thing I’d do when I got here. So she even came with me. She just left a minute ago.” You nodded and looked back inside your bag to search for your notebook.

There was an awkward tension in the room. You weren’t doing anything – no kissing, no…Why did this feel as if you were doing something wrong? Why couldn’t you just be in a room together, existing, without feeling as if you were doing something forbidden? A slight cough disturbed your chain of thoughts. You glanced at him.

“Why does this feel so wrong?” He asked quietly. “We’re just sitting here.” “I don’t know.” You replied.

He stood up and came up to you. You looked at him in confusion, watching him how he put one of your books aside and plopped down on your table. You furrowed your brows. “I think we should just talk.” He said “Try to lessen this awkward tension. Because I swear to god, if we just keep sitting here until the others arrive and class starts, I’ll go insane.” You nodded. He was right. If you just kept sitting in this deafening silence, you’d go crazy.

You leaned back in your chair. “What do you want to talk about?” He bit his bottom lip while thinking. You watched intently. God, his lips were so beautiful. And felt even better. Stop, Y/N. Don’t even think about it.

“So, do you know Mike Posner?” He asked you. Jungkook really didn’t know what to talk about. He felt just as awkward as you, if not even more. “Yeah, he’s great. I really like his music.” You replied. He flashed you a cute smile. “What’s your favorite song?” You didn’t need to think for long before answering. “Save Your-” “Goodbye. That’s also my favorite song.” He interposed happily. You smiled back at him. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and his headphones. “We can listen to it.” He suggested and handed you one of the earbuds. You smiled in agreement. Music was a good time filler.

You heard a piano playing as the song started. You immediately got lost in the music – until a certain line came up.

‘Am I just a piece to push in your board game?’

You pulled the earbud out of your ear and looked at Jungkook. “We need to tell him.” You said as he just blankly stared at you. He blinked a few times and put his phone onto the table. “You’re right.” He agreed. “We should.”

You looked at each other. There was still the faint sound of music coming out of Jungkook’s headphones. He bit his bottom lip. And again your eyes trailed down to his mouth. He noticed and licked his lips. You leaned closer until there was no distance left between the two of you.

Jimin was in a good mood. He got up earlier that usually and didn’t have one single thought about you cheating on him. He just knew that you were the perfect girlfriend. Okay, perfect might have been exaggerated, but he loved you to bits. And this was all that counted, right? He decided that he could drive to school a little earlier and spend some time with you. He knew that you were always way too early and he thought he could take this opportunity to surprise you.

When he arrived at school, he hesitated. Damn, what class did you have first? Was it Biology, Geography? Then he remembered that you had the same class as Jungkook and the latter just called him last night to practice a presentation for today’s first class, which was…Social Studies. Jimin smiled to himself as he walked towards the classroom. He heard a faint sound coming out of the room, the door was slightly ajar. It sounded like talking. He frowned. Was there someone else with you?

As he got closer, he could make out who it was talking. “We need to tell him.” This was definitely your voice. “You’re right. We should.” Jimin could hear Jungkook. Jungkook was in school? He always came late to his first class. And what were the two of you talking about? Who did you need to tell what? Okay, the first part of the question was pretty easy to answer. Considering that your only mutual friend was Jimin, he had to be the person you were talking about. But what did the two of you keep from him?

Jimin noticed that it got quiet inside the room and he peeked inside. He gasped at the sight of his girlfriend and his best friend kissing. No, not only kissing, but making out. Jungkook even had his hand under your shirt.

Jimin hastily pulled his head back and turned around. He needed to get away. This was only a bad dream. Nothing more. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. When he’d open his eyes again, all he’d see would be you looking over your homework. At least that’s what he told himself.

But then he felt someone poking his arm. He opened his eyes hesitantly and looked right into Min Yoongi’s. The latter gestured for him to stay quiet and pulled him away. When they were at an appropriate distance, he stopped in his tracks and looked at Jimin. 

“Do you believe me now?” Jimin furrowed his brows. “What do you mean?” Yoongi pursed his lips. Then Jimin realized. “You were the unknown number. Why did you do this?” “Because you deserved to know. And it didn’t seem like one of them would tell you any time soon.” He simply replied “And sorry for the unknown number thing. But if you knew it was me, you would’ve told Y/N and I really didn’t want to have to talk to her.” Jimin stared at him utterly confused. “We haven’t talked since I found out. I don’t really want to be friends with someone who cheats on their partner.” Yoongi continued and pointed at Jimin “Especially if that partner truly loves them.”

Jimin gulped. Only now it really got to him that you were actually cheating on him – with Jungkook. The text messages had been true. The bell rang and people starting coming into the building. Yoongi gave him a pitiful look. “I need to go to class now.” He simply said and went back into the direction they came from, leaving Jimin on his own.

The first three classes of the day were complete horror. Jimin couldn’t concentrate at all. He was furious - so furious that he broke his pencil at some point. Everyone in class just stared at him weirdly, but no one said anything. He wouldn’t know what to reply anyways. The only thing Jimin was glad about was that he didn’t have to face you or Jungkook until lunch.

He could prepare himself to face you, prepare how to confront you and what to say. Several options went through his mind. He could simply break up with you without mentioning what’d happened. That way he wouldn’t need to talk about it. But you’d probably ask questions. He could punch Jungkook in the face, maybe break his nose. No, that would probably get him suspended from school. And if Jimin was being honest with himself, he didn’t want to have to confront any of you about it. All he wanted was for this horrible dream to end. He wanted to wake up and live his happy normal life in which he could hold hands with you and tease Jungkook. 

But you can’t always get what you want. Life is just cruel. Even to the nicest people.

The bell rang, signaling the end of the third lesson of the day and the beginning of lunch. Jimin packed his bag extra slow to waste time, but he only had so many books to pack and after five minutes, he was done. He sighed and made his way to his locker. This was ridiculous. He had to confront you at some point. But he wasn’t ready yet. He’d never be ready. The thing was, if he didn’t come to you, you’d come to him…


Under normal circumstances, his heart would’ve fluttered at the sound of your voice calling for him. But in this moment he felt sick to his stomach. He decided to ignore you, pretend he hadn’t heard you, and just put his stuff into his locker. But of course, you’d not just leave him be. 

He felt your arms wrap around his waist from behind. The touch made his whole body tense. He clenched his jaw. “Don’t touch me.” He muttered. “What?” You asked him confused. Had he just said- “I said, don’t. Touch me.” He repeated, louder this time and his voice dripped with venom. He roughly shoved your arms off him and turned around to face you.

You looked at him in a mix of hurt at being rejected and confusion at his reaction. This was so unlike him. “Jagi, is everything okay?” You asked carefully. Jimin stared daggers into you. “Don’t call me that. Ever. Again. Don’t call me jagi. Don’t touch me. Just don’t.” He hissed. You flinched at the harshness in his voice. Did he know? No, that was impossible. How should he have found out?

“Ja-Jimin. What is wrong? Just tell me.” You asked concerned. “You want to know what’s wrong?” He asked and his voice got louder with every word he spoke “You want to know what’s fucking wrong? You hooking up with my best friend! That’s wrong!” He was yelling by now, staring you down. And every person in the hallway looked at the two of you.

“No. No, no, no.” You muttered “No, Jimin. I-“ “What?” He asked furiously “You want to lie to my face now? Want to tell me that what I’ve seen this morning didn’t happen? I might have been oblivious not to realize this before. But I’m not stupid enough to not realize it when I see it happening.”

He turned away from you and you just looked at him with teary eyes biting your bottom lip until you were drawing blood. It hurt, but it was nothing compared to the pain you felt in your heart. And it was definitely nothing compared to the pain Jimin felt. He did everything he could not to break out into tears. Park Jimin, the school’s angel, would not start crying in the hallways. He turned back around to face you.

You expected him to send you death glares again, but what you got was way worse. He looked broken, hurt, betrayed. “Explain.” He demanded. You flinched. “It started at the party” You began to tell him, but he huffed loudly. “I don’t want to know what happened or how it happened. I want to know why. Why did you do this?”

You looked into his eyes as if they could give you the answer you were searching for. “I-I don’t know.” You said barely above a whisper. “Bullshit.” He retorted with a shaky voice and tears started to fall. “You do know why.” You shook your head looking at him with desperate eyes. “I really don’t know, Jimin.” He swallowed thickly. “I don’t know why I cheated on you.” Your voice trailed off towards the end. He laughed bitterly. “Cheating. Funny, isn’t it? Sounds as if you stole twenty bugs from the bank while playing monopoly. But no, you made out with my best friend - maybe even had sex. I don’t know and I don’t even want to know, Y/N. I loved you. I would have done anything for you. I did anything for you. And you just went and ruined everything. It freaking hurts.”

“I’m sorry.” You whispered, not even daring to look into his eyes. “Sorry? For what? Having been caught? You’re ridiculous.” He countered “But I’m not going to insult you or yell at you any longer. I’m not going to make you feel miserable. You can do it yourself. You’re pretty good at making people feel this way, you know? And now please, just leave me.” He looked over your shoulder and clenched his fists. “You too.”

With that said he roughly shoved past you and hurried away. Away from you and the looks the other students gave you. Away from Jungkook.

“Y/N.” He said quietly from behind you and grabbed your shoulder. You were shaking. You spun around and looked at him with puffy eyes and dried tears on your cheeks. “Just leave me alone, Jungkook.” You spat at him. “Y/N, you’re shaking. You’re probably not far from fainting.” He told you. “I don’t care.” You hissed “I don’t care if I faint. I don’t care if I die right now. I don’t care about me. I don’t care about you. I just want Jimin back.”

You freed yourself from his grip and ran after Jimin. “Jimin, please!” You begged him. He walked on. You continued calling out his name, begging him to hear you out. “I want to make it up to you.” You said with trembling voice “I love you.”

He turned around to face you one last time. He’d stopped crying, but the hurt hadn’t vanished from his eyes. His bottom lip quivered. “It’s too late.”

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