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It’s no surprise that I’m upset with the results of the election, but I also have to remind myself to respect those around me. We’re all human and have rights to our own opinions and decisions as long as we are educated and do what we think is right. Today I’ve watched many uneducated people or people who refused to vote spew hate speech and ignorant statements at one another on both sides of the argument and it appalls me that people in today’s day and age haven’t learned by now that that’s not how we should treat one another. From a young age we are taught to treat others the way we want to be treated, and unfortunately it seems like many people have just thrown that lesson out the window.

I am angry. I am disappointed in the decision that was made, and if there was a protest rally down the street from me you’d better bet I’d be there right now. However, if I were to meet or speak with someone who chose a different path, I would remain civil and respectful as long as they treat me with the same attitude. We have to embrace our differences. If we didn’t have them then we would be living in a miserable society. We need to stand together, coexist with one another, and stay hopeful that we will get through this time together and pray that the future will potentially hold good things for us.

Now I know it’s hard listening to all the bigotry going on in social media right now. I can’t tell you guys how many times I’ve bit my tongue on social media and avoided arguments with people throwing around false accusations and generalizations about college students protesting and other people who fall into specific categories, but we all have to try to ignore the hate and fight for what we think is right. We all have the right to protest and it can be done peacefully without deliberately attacking others with obscenities. Your opinion and your voice matters more than you think.

Not fully endorsed, but I’m feeling a bit uneasy about some of the post-election discussions wherein people are basically saying “don’t dis uneducated people who voted for Trump! You’re entrenching the prejudices that led to his win.”

On the one hand, I agree with that in general. An uneducated person is not a dumb one, and a person doesn’t need college or grad school to know what their immediate needs are. I should know, I went to both. And I do think it makes sense to question the practical worth of identity based education. Studying feminist philosophy in grad school was fun, but it really isn’t something I use.

But on the other hand… most of my knowledge of the horrors of history came from school. I first discovered that the US had internment camps for Japanese people in… school! I read, for an assignment, a memoir from a woman who’d been interned as a girl, and learning about her life showed white kidlet me why sticking people in camps, even if you fear them, is horrible and wrong. And now our president-elect seems to be looking back on that as something to model policy on.

And I just wonder… I don’t want to perpetuate the cruel stereotype that uneducated people are dumb, or assert that most people learn important complex things in school when a lot of schools are failing.

But part of me just keeps wondering… would these poor whites, so desperate for change that they hope will help them, better understand what the rest of us fear if they’d learned well-rounded history lessons? About those camps, about slavery, about apartheid, about the Holocaust and other genocides? About the rise of autocrats and dictators around the world?

I mean… the other day I was reading an article about Trump ditching the press for dinner the other night. And I said “I get wanting privacy but his anti-press moves worry me considerably” and most of the comment thread was “lol the press is in hysterics ahaha.” And I know comment sections are never beacons of online intelligence, but the failure to acknowledge why someone else might see patterns chilled me.

And again, I wondered if education might be part of why. Not knowing “small gestures” from the powerful have meanings, just as “little comments” have meanings in intimate relationships.

I don’t know. I don’t condemn lack of education but I do think educating people should be paramount and isn’t.


I think this video poses a very interesting point

People receive more comments, criticism and even attacks about their life choices after making strides to become a better person (i.e. going vegan, buying cruelty free, being kinder to others, becoming educated about feminism / transphobia / speciesism etc), compared to when beforehand, or compared to people who are uneducated or uncaring about those kinds of issues.

Why do you guys think that is?

Do we hold people to a higher standard because we know they are better ‘targets’ as they care to a certain degree, enough to change their behaviour?

Why aren’t we more celebratory and supportive of those people trying their best to live compassionately, and focus out energy more on others who have made no positive changes at all?

Would love to hear other people’s thoughts, reblog this if you’d like to discuss it!

Protect muslim women who are forced to remove their hijab. Protect muslim women who can’t wear a hijab. Protect muslim women who are forced to wear a hijab. Protect muslim WoC. Protect especially black muslim women. Protect muslim wlw. Protect trans (and non-binary; bigender, gender-fluid etc.) muslim women. Protect muslim women with eating disorders who can’t fast. Protect muslim women with mental illness and disabilities. Protect muslim women who are alienated by the non-muslim people for wearing a hijab. Protect muslim women who are alienated by muslim people for not wearing a hijab. Protect muslim women who are seen as uneducated and silent and oppressed. Protect muslim women who are used as a excuse for islamophobia. PROTECT MUSLIM WOMEN.

It’s funny how we are so eagerly talking about genders, sexuality, identity, sexism, racism and not enough about maturity, common sense, owning up to your own mistakes, self improvement.
What’s sad about these trends is that most of the people you hear talking about this are uneducated teenagers or people who consider reading a gender master list on tumblr as education.

Feminists and the Black Lives Matter movement is horrendous.

We’ve got fucking dip shits that interrupt a college campus event.  That people paid for. Security wouldn’t do shit because they’re afraid for the University to be seen as a “racist environment”, even after the black man threatened to physically attack Milo and got in his face a multiple of times.

Best part? He wouldn’t stop blowing his fucking whistle and ruined an event that other college students were looking forward to. Then that fucking girl would dance and wiggled her ass as people chanted “Milo”. You just look like an uneducated moron who needs serious help. You try to present yourself as an empowered individual yet you degrade yourself on stage in front of thousands of people by jumping around like a 5 year old and trying to show off an ass you barely have. They spoke that blacks have been “silenced” for 200 years and yet, they’re silencing Milo. The fucking irony.

We’ve got feminists / LGBT+ supporters throwing piss on people for stating facts and logic backed by science and biology. A human bodily fluid. Wouldn’t it have been easier to ignore her and move the fuck on?

We’ve got the neanderthals thinking they’re actually accomplishing something by rubbing paint on themselves.  When really… they look like a bunch of bloody assholes who support #freebleed.

Then we got Trigglypuff who is triggered by different opinions and basically everything.

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Then we have a man horribly dressed like a Walmart version of a drag queen / porn star.

The kicker? We have echo chambers to shelter these weak, feeble minded people away from the world. 

You’re not empowering. You’re just a bunch of fucking idiots that need therapy. 

When the International was formed we expressly formulated the battle-cry: the emancipation of the working class must be achieved by the working class itself. We cannot therefore co-operate with people who say that the workers are too uneducated to emancipate themselves and must first be freed from above by philanthropic bourgeois and petty bourgeois.
—  Marx and Engels - Letter 1879

You have every right to be proud of being clean or sober. Recovery isn’t easy. Becoming sober, staying sober and being sober in general are huge accomplishments💯. Please ignore ignorant people who make uneducated statements such as “why are you proud of doing what you should have done all along?” And similar statements that shame you for publicly speaking on your addiction and your feelings of pride on overcoming major obstacles.👊 I’m proud AS fUCK of you! Look at you using those healrhly coping skills! Wow!😍 That is hella rad that you didn’t harm yourself even though today was rough af. You made it through another day clean. You are living just for today, beating addiction and triggers ass every day.👊💯 You have good and bad days. Be proud of them all. The fact that you are still living helps the universe a lot. Being clean and sober is a PLUS. The universe needs you. Addiction is a part of Me; not the definition of me, or you. We have a horrible disease but we are more powerful. So keep being PROUD. you have every right to be proud of your recovery. Pray the ignorant who claim otherwise may find some much needed serenity and an educated brain. So proud of my tumblr babies, and everyone who is doing this!! . Xoxo- this has been a PSA from Nicole.😘💯👑👑💕

spiritually uneducated people who claim things that aren’t true really bother me. auras change color- never remain the same. empathy is not simply understanding emotions- anyone can do that. while drugs can open you up, it does not make you any more open than you could have originally been. there are different means of opening up and you just chose the most reckless and harmful to yourself. you aren’t a child of the universe because you like drugs. open yourself up with meditation and means of natural plant; things that the universe gave to you willingly.
i feel disappointed that people lie about their abilities enough; claiming false information makes me and others who really understand things outside physical boundaries seem like idiots.

Not everyone is out to get you and not everything is an attack. Not everyone will understand you, your values may not match up with values of another person. In real life there is no blacklisting and sometimes we run across things that are upsetting. People with different upbringings and experiences will look at the world very differently than you do. You shouldn’t attack people with hate who are uneducated, educate them instead. Also acknowledge they may not be uneducated and just have a different perspective. Learn to be open-minded and listen to others. Always be up for discovering new things or an intellectual challenge. Don’t let tumblr brainwash you into thinking everything in the world is awful, there are good things in the world too. :)

New Zealanders who regard using Maori words within English conversation as “uneducated” drive me up the wall. It’s only perceived as “uneducated” to know a second language, or at least some words and phrases of one, when that second language is lower-status than English. And that lower status is invariably because of colonial oppression. 

I wonder if these people would be impressed by the ability to use words and phrases from a high-status modern language, like French or Italian, or a classical one like Latin or Ancient Greek. They’d probably think that sounded “educated,” wouldn’t they? 

Knock it Off.

Stop using the word “deaf” or the phrase “hard of hearing” to refer to people who have listening difficulty when it comes to political and ethical issues. Listening has nothing to do with hearing. The words and phrases you’re looking for are: willful ignorance, denial, inconsideration, disrespectful, exclusion, and uneducated. People who culturally appropriate or demand equal rights such as marriage while forgetting people of color and other minorities are not hard of hearing - they are semi-privileged fools who don’t take the time to LISTEN.

We Deaf and Hard of Hearing people don’t want to be associated with poor listening skills. Some of us listen better than you ever will.

Correct yourself.

this isn’t totally related to my last few posts but i’ve been thinking a lot lately re: “reciepts” posts and such on this site b/c the way activism on tumblr works is sooo different from real life it’s wild…like i just question the end goal of “calling people out” online, i feel like callout culture stemmed from bringing light to things that were pretty much unforgiveable (sexual abuse, fraud, etc) but now it’s used for people who have said shitheaded things or made uneducated statements on a topic…and like..i feel like those things don’t define a person’s essential character. in most circles irl if someone says the wrong thing, you call them out for it, they apologize, and more forward whereas now if you’ve said something stupid it’s as if it’s set in stone…or people act like it is? i guess i question what the effectiveness of that is; shouldn’t you want people to move forward and be more educated and on your side? the learning curve on this website is pretty steep and i guess trying to mire people down with what they’ve said in the past seems unproductive

there are some obvious exceptions; everyone wants to be safe from bigoted people or people who wish harm upon them, but a lot of the stuff i see people getting called out for these days isn’t unforgivable and, moreover, is something people could easily apologize for and not do again once they realize how harmful it is.

Dear phandom

Since you’re so good when it comes to tear people apart for not crediting mighty Phil, please add these videos to your list and demand credit to be given where it’s due.

1. Phil Reacts To His Old Videos

Original idea: This guy from 2013

2. Reacting to Old Photos!

Original idea: Lohanthony in 2013

3. What’s in my suitcase?

Original idea: Elle in 2011

4. Draw My Life

Original idea: Sam in 2013


Original idea: The company who invented it in 2013

I could go on with these but I think my point is made. Now chill the fuck out because even your idol doesn’t credit people sometimes and I don’t see you all flipping your shit because of it.

“Hydra aren’t actually Nazis they’re just supposed to be evil!”

Yeah the iPear bs in Nickelodeon shows aren’t actually Apple products but we all recognize what product is being used as a blueprint.

Just because the symbol isn’t literal doesn’t mean that the representation isn’t there.

No, people are not more stupid today than they’ve ever been. No, “Idiocracy” is not a documentary. No, humanity isn’t getting worse. Spend half an hour reading up on ANY level of history and understand that human beings have been consistent. There’s always been stupid people, cruel people, people who oppress and abuse others, uneducated* people, etc. Yes those people have kids. Guess what, two stupid parents does not guarantee a stupid kid. Idiocracy lied to you. A ton of incredibly intelligent people I know don’t come from overly impressive parents.

The only difference, the only reason you THINK things are worse now, is access to information. The internet is an AMAZING equalizer. We’re getting EVERY possible viewpoint out there as more and more people join up. You think “oh this politically correct social justice BS issue didn’t USE to be a problem, people are making it up”… no, they just have an equal platform to speak out about their life experiences now.

I see an amazing amount of intelligent, bright, clever, and all around amazing young people these days. We are NOT getting “dumber”. There are as many smart people and as many not-so-smart people as there’s always been. You’re just reading it all because all of them have access to an equal platform.

So please… shut the hell up.

(*Oh and uneducated needs to stop being an insult. Please. Jesus Christ, it’s bankrupt-level expensive to get higher education in this country so PLENTY of smart people just can’t go to college. I’m one of them. Stop claiming that my lack of college experience makes me “dumb”, and not worth listening to, and “proof” that my generation is failing the world. Fuck you. I’ve met plenty of stupid college graduates and amazingly bright high school dropouts… and I’ve met people who flat out SUCK at school and just AREN’T book-smart at all who are still AMAZING people… intelligence is not the end-all be-all of what makes a person good and useful in the world)

okay let’s not act like that people who don’t vaccinate their kids are poor uneducated people from the south when they’re actually upper middle class white people who went to college read one article about natural health remedies so they think they know everything about medicine and thinking giving their kids an organic diet will work just as well as vaccinated them

Dear Americans who believe that only their ‘uneducated’ fellow countrymen could possibly consider gun ownership a good thing and that the rest of the world, especially Europe, have made progress by banning them and the US should follow their example:

Living in Europe, a continent full of countries with excessively strict gun laws is what led me to the realization that private gun ownership and the right to bear arms are good, important and as relevant as ever. Banning and/or heavily restricting guns did not make our countries safer. On the other hand, we also have places like Switzerland that prove lax laws and high gun ownership does not turn them into a war zone. 

Neither does everyone here think gun ownership is a relic from the unzivilised past, nor are those who do any safer now in places where they got their way (and it doesn’t make them intellectually superior or indicate progress, either).

You should consider yourself lucky that, unlike many of our governments, the US still recognizes the right to own guns and defend yourself.

Sincerely, a supporter of gun rights from the other side of the pond.