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I Have Questions / Crying In The Club Video Reactions

Yesterday I was watching all the videos that I found on YouTube with people reacting to Camila first video. I really liked some of them and I want to list the things that the majority of those people said about her:

1 - When she sing “Why did you leave me here to burn? I’m way too young to be this hurt…”: “OMG, who left her? Who hurt her?”

2 - When I Have questions starts: “OMG, she’s gonna cry… omg, she’s already crying…”

3 - While she’s sing I Have Questions: “OMG, who broke her heart? Who did this to her?” / “That’s so emotional.” / “That’s so real!”

4 - About her beauty: “OMG, she’s so beautiful.”“She’s so hot!”“She’s very attractive.” “Oh, Camila, don’t give me that look!” / “Her hair is perfect!”

5 - When the color change: “OMG, those dresses…” / I saw a Brazilian guy saying that she looks like a “Dark Bride” with that black dress…(I thought with myself-> Lauren will love it!)

6 - Some of these people didn’t know that she was releasing two songs and when she finished I Have Questions they were like: “What? What’s happening? What’s going on? The music has changed completely.”

7 - When she sing “Why don’t you care?”: “I care, Camila. I care!” / One girl stopped the video and said: “Lauren, what the fuck is going on? Why don’t you care about Camila?” (I died)

8 - When she sing: “I Have questions for you”“OMG, now I have questions for you too.”

9 - Crying in the club chorus: “That’s so good… she reminds me of Sia…”

10 - Random things of the fans: “Omg, I’m gonna cry with her!” / “I’m shaking!” / “That’s so dope!” / “Why I’m not in that club?” / “Lauren?” / “Did u saw that tear? All these tears are from the haters.” / “OMG, Camila!” / “Camila… OMG!!”

Was very fun to watch all those videos, I laugh a lot!!

And I have to list the last one… I saw like in two or tree (or more) videos:


Is really cool to watch people feeling her song (even when the person doesn’t know her)… everyone feels her pain with I Have Questions and then feel her vibe with Crying In The Club… they shake their bodies when CITC starts.

It’s awesome!

Ogino Yuka’s 2017 Sousenkyo Speech (5th place):

To everyone who voted for me, thank you so, so, so, much.

I’m NGT48 Team N III’s “Ogiyuka" or Ogino Yuka.

From 6th grade in elementary school, I’ve always admired AKB48.

For 4 years, I took auditions. I kept failing every one, and wondered if I should just give up and continue admiring AKB from afar.

At that time, I participated in the Draft Kaigi. Kitaraha Rie-san, Kashiwagi Yuki-san, and the executive Imamura-san selected me to be in NGT48.

Although I felt insecure and would live by myself, I moved to Niigata.

I believe my family was really worried. But now I definitely think, “I’m so glad I came to Niigata.”

I was the last pickings, the leftovers. Dreams definitely don’t come true, and something like “hard work will definitely be rewarded” was obviously a lie! I thought that for forever!

But for those 4 years, no matter what I wanted to be in the AKB48G, so I kept taking auditions with all my might.

Then, when I got 1st place in the preliminaries, I was really surprised, and I know everyone was thinking, “who’s Ogino Yuka?” “why is it this person?”

I myself was also very surprised.

“I wonder if I broke the AKB48 sousenkyo.” There were times I thought so.

Even so, I’ll take the love I’ve received from everyone and accept it with all my heart.

Now, in the sousenkyo of the AKB48G I’ve always admired, receiving such a wonderful ranking is like a dream.

I’m really glad that I kept taking AKB auditions until now without giving up, and it makes me really happy to have fans who are there to cheer me on.

I asked Takahashi Minami-san, “will hard work definitely be rewarded?” She said, “I don’t know if hard work will definitely be rewarded, but in working hard, there is nothing that has no meaning.”

Then she said, “next time, show me that hard work will definitely be rewarded, ok?”

Am I showing you that hard work will definitely be rewarded right now?

Surely, in this situation, I believe there are many people who were unable to reach their goal and are experiencing frustration.

For those people, I hope they will listen to my catchphrase, “no matter what happens, I won’t get discouraged!”

It’s really, really all thanks to everyone who supported me! For carrying someone like me all the way here, thank you so, so much, and also, thank you very much for making me into an idol!

I definitely want to connect this result to NGT’s debut two years ago, and I want to work hard for AKBG’s sake too. Please let me do my best! I think it’s still far away for me to become an existence that you’ll entrust AKB to, but I’ll work hard with all my might from now on, so please cheer me on.


Translations of some comments on her speech:

“Ogiyuka’s fine speech”

“I wonder if there’s anyone who can watch this Ogiyuka and not like her??”
–“Honestly at preliminaries I was like "who’s that?” but after listening to her speech I immediately became a fan. It’s great that her hardships were rewarded.“

"I feel like I’ve figured out why that girl named Ogino attracts people”

“To be honest I didn’t know Ogiyuka-chan until the preliminaries, but out of all the speeches this year, her’s resonated in my heart the most. I want to cheer on that girl who is so pure and straightforward.”

“No matter how many times I watch this, I cry. The best kami speech. I’m so happy her hard work was rewarded. Ogiyuka, thanks for coming to Niigata. This is the start line. Everyone’s cheering for you.”

“The line for Ogiyuka’s graph is almost vertical…”

“Even if Ogiyuka ‘broke the sousenkyo,’ it’s for AKBG’s sake, the future’s sake. This year was a good sousenkyo.”

“I definitely support Ogiyuka~~~~ There was actually still such a hard working girl in the 48G!”

“I cried at Ogiyuka’s speech. It’s the first time I’ve cried lol" 

anonymous asked:

So I was trying to think of sidgeno misunderstanding ideas so I borrowed a prompt I saw in another fandom a while ago. Sid and Geno have been together for a long time. Sid finds links to a bunch of lacy underwear sites on their shared computer. He can't figure out if G is looking at the women or buying underwear for a woman he is seeing. But he suffers in silence, unable to think of leaving. G is actually looking at the most plus size sites available trying to get get dat ass(tm) into lace!

let’s say geno already bought the underwear. i want super angsty sid who is too afraid to confront Geno because what else could the panties mean? Geno’s not a family man, Sidney knows that much. He just thought that maybe…maybe he’d make an exception for Sidney, boring old Sidney, who managed to attract Geno with his hockey and maybe even because Geno felt sorry for him. He doesn’t want Geno to confirm that he’s sleeping with other people, so Sidney just…shuts down.

Geno’s out at some club with the Russians that night, and Sidney was staying in. He calls Taylor first, but Taylor doesn’t pick up, then calls his mom, who does. He then proceeds to cry on the phone for a good ten minutes before he can even get a word out, and by the time Geno comes home, he hears Sidney sniffle out, “I know he’s cheating, I know it. I’m going to stay at Mario’s tonight. Yeah, before he comes home. I can’t–I don’t want to talk about it with him right now. I can’t. Okay. Thanks, Mom. Love you. Bye–”

Anyways, someone gimme a dramatic confrontation with Geno stepping in saying brokenly, “Sidney, what’s going on? Why crying?”

Call Out Post: @the-kittens-of-voltron / @snoopkat14

 -too fricken cute for their own good 

-too sweet, makes my teeth rot 

-too good at writing, makes me cry inside everytime they post langst 

-so amazing and wonderful and lovely that I get flustered everytime they talk to me because like? Wow? What an amazing human being? What did I do to deserve this? 

-has lots of cute animals and makes me jealous 

 -is so kind and friendly like formed an entire Voltron squad for the people by the people but facilitated the making of it? So good? Go hit them up if you wanna join! (I’m the do no harm, but take no shit grandpa and you can also hit me up anytime for anything) 

-literally so attractive???? Sends me selfies and like I cry?? my heart jumps which is a miracle because I’m a zombie??? 

 -does not deserve any of the shit the receive on regular basis? I will fight anyone and everyone who says otherwise? Like come at me, I will defend them with my nonexistent life??? 

-if I continue this list on my own, it will never end so like add on if you want

i’m honestly getting so fed up with all of the ‘’Elena fell in love with Damon in 3x01.’’ call me delusional but how exactly did she fell in love with him? giving someone a necklace doesn’t equal that you fall in love with the person. it would be like saying you fall in love with any person that would gift you a necklace and that makes no sense. I can see Elena feeling love, gratefulness, gratitude even attraction to Damon for giving back the one thing that represented hope for Elena and Stefan, but falling in love with a person because they gave back something that belongs to you??? the whole reason that whole thing happened was to prop up d*lena. not to tell a story. 

To be completely honest, I would probably accept d*lena a ton more if we got a logical answer as to why Elena’s attraction to Damon turned into love. ‘’It’s because in death he’s the one that made her feel most alive.’’ Right, sorry. It’s not like Damon told her to kill Conor, leaving her to feel terrible about it and on top of that she got cursed. It’s not like Damon told her she needed to act like a vampire and drink blood straight from the vein. Blood bags were a NO NO in Damon’s eyes and what happened? That’s right! Elena looked sick as hell and almost ended up killing April Young, that would have been two kills! Wohoo! It’s not like Damon then took her to a ‘’murder house’’ party and let her feed on innocent people, like I understand if he wanted to teach her how to be a vampire but who ends up crying at the end of the night saying she should be here with Stefan, not with him? Elena came to terms with being a vampire. She did, but Damon’s not the one who made her ‘’feel alive’’ while being dead, quite the opposite actually which so many people have stated already so tell me again, how can that be the reason she fell in love with him? Being attracted to him and having the urge to kiss him, I understand, but how did it turn into an epic romance? 

SanSan fanfic rec list..... From a newbie

So I feel as if I’m quite a newbie to this fandom. I’ve been shipping SanSan for about a year now. I started shipping these two from the show *ducks for cover*. I know now that D&D completely butchered both Sansa’s and Sandor’s story lines, but it was a combination of the things they DID leave in the show AND Rory and Sophie’s acting that had me hooked. I’ve read some of the books now and have read (over and over again) all Sansa and Sandor moments, dialogue (not to mention endless amount of meta on both) so i feel like I can say I KNOW these characters as much as any of us have been allowed to.  

To be honest this ship felt very naughty and wrong when I was first attracted to it. I’ve only just started to admit my obsession with people who know me personally and LITERALLY nobody understands what these two characters mean to me. 

So I just wanted to make a list of all the fics that made me fall in love with these two all the more. Not to mention the incredible women who have written these stories. Stories that have made me laugh and cry and……. well ahem…… you know! So here it is!

The Hound and The Bird by boozy von chugaton - this is the first story I ever read and it left quite an impression on me.

Northern Lights and Midnight Sun by ownsariver - I hate to admit it but this fic made me ignore my children for a couple of days. There are just no words for this story. It is beyond perfect.

Always Find Me Here by wildsky - It’s dark and a little confronting but I have read this more times then I’m willing to admit it’s that good.

Winter, Thy Enemy, Thy Friend by LadyTP

The Look by LadyTP - LadyTP is an amazing writer. I have found myself reading her fics over and over again but these two are my personal favourites. She knows how to do subtle sexy and it….. well… it pushes all the right buttons.

Thunderstruck by Dr_Supernova_Dragon_Cat - This story is pure gold! Sexy, cheeky and funny. So much fun, I love it.

A Flower Crown by ceryss - little Sansa and her sworn shield Sandor in Winterfell. What’s not to LOVE about this fic?

Brave by ceryss - Viking Sandor! Need i say more? But seriously ceryss’s writing is fantastic and her stories and very imaginative. She has recently put this story up on AO3, which is here, in order to get inspired to continue with it. So please go and send her some love because this fic NEEDS to be finished!

Her Liquor’s Top Shelf by Helholden - Modern AU. Probably one of the best.

Maslowian Needs by Helholden

Denouement and Denouement Redux by Helholden - same story but one from Sansa’s POV and one from Sandor’s. 

Sevenmas and Seven More by Starbird1 - I don’t need to say anything about this story. I think every SanSan fan out there has read it but a fic rec list wouldn’t be complete without it.

There are so many more (and one day i will make a longer list) but these are the ones that really made an impression on me when i first started reading fanfic.  

Babysitting anon here! That fic was BEAUTIFUL. Imagining Vanderwood’s deadpan “I live here” made me crack up, so I had to draw it. :D

I like to think that while Zen’s calling MC (“There’s a stranger in your house and they’re raiding the fridge”) Vanderwood sneaks off to call Seven (“There’s a gorgeous man in your house and he’s watching cartoons with your kid.”)

Ever since, Seven and MC desperately try to set them up just to get Vanderwood to move out. :U

seriously, I love this! This is so well done and I love your headcanons about Zen and Vanderwood both being like “who tf r u and why r u so attractive???” Then in the background MC and Seven’s faces are like >:3c

~Admin MP

Surprise, I’m Your Wife! (Part 4) (Dean x Reader)

Summary: The reader attempts to figure out how to rid herself of her and Dean’s predicament with aid from the witch that cursed them to be married. Whilst a new way is found, the reader begins to realize that she has developed feelings that may or may not be a result of the spell.

Word Count: 1738 words

Warnings: sexual tension, swearing, Dean being a gorgeous and wonderful man

A/N: I really want to know what you guys think! I would love for some help on how to end the next part, whether its a steamy ending or a fluffy one! If anyone has an idea on how to break the spell, please tell me! I would love to hear it! 

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

“You two truly complicate the way I do things,” Luna Melvin sighed as you approached her in the cafe that made your stomach twist and your cheeks redden into the closer of a beet. Closing her laptop, Luna gestured to the seat in front of her and you bit your lip to refrain from spewing a snarky response at her. 

“I cannot sleep with him,” you announced at taking your seat, wishing to skip pleasantries and threats and rush to the point. “I really, really can’t.”

“I told you, dear sweetie, that was the only way to end the spell-”

“No!” you abruptly cut her off, saying it louder than you expected. “I mean, there has got to be another way.” 

Luna leaned back against her chair and folded her arms, watching you silently for what seemed like forever and her piercing grey eyes unnerved you to a point that your hands began to slightly shake under the safety of your long sweater. “Consummation is the only romantic and passion filled way of ridding yourself of the spell, as I told you yesterday,” the witch finally said, her usual air of flair dissolving into a much more serious tone.

“To me, that sounds absurd and I realized that last night. It will only make things worse, won’t it?”

Luna Melvin pursed her lips and looked towards the couple behind you, tempting the curse word that was threatening to break loose. “I am not the bad guy, I hope you understand that,” she took a breath, “but it can worsen the spell in some instances and I hoped to see if consummation would be the solution this time around. You see, its for my new book and…well…I wanted to see if when one loves and the other doesn’t, how would that imbalance would affect the spell.”

“Let me take a wild guess, you use real people as examples that you observe to then write in your books?” The mere thought sent dozens of shivers down your spine; as an avid fan of her work, you were reading and basking the guilty enjoyment of what real people were forced into just so you as a fan could be entertained and giggling at their outcomes. What a very horrid thought that churned in your stomach and made you want to run away. “And I am not a puppet in your story?”

“I have lived so long and the first book became such a success because it was so real,” she said dejectedly, her eyes shining in a way that you thought she would cry at any given time. “I could not help myself, dear sweetie, and it was harmless. All the other books ended in happy endings and the people who I watched are very happy now.”

“It’s still not real and a relationship cannot be real if the basis of the attraction is by magical intervention, not a natural way and one person has love for the other, but the other person doesn’t see them in the same light. What would happen then?”

“Oh dear…should I even bear to imagine what occurred last night after the two of you darlings left my side?”

You shook your head, cheeks burning as if kissed by flames. “I would rather not.”

The ride back to the motel was unusually silent. Sam had taken over the wheel and for some unearthly reason, you and Dean ended up sitting achingly beside each other in the backseat of baby. You dared not even glance to look at any of the three men in the car, especially the man at your side who you tried painstakingly hard to sit as far from him as possible and your arm screeched at you as the window roller bit into your arm. Where this night would take you, you did not know. 

You were scared to be left alone with Dean and you were not entirely sure why; it could have been the sudden reveal by the witch and it could have been the possibility that Dean would want to go through with it to rid the both of you of the spell. You were a tough cookie and normally the idea of casual sex never bothered you and there had moments in your life where you partook in the act with handsome men you meant while in town on a hunt, and yet the idea of carrying forth this act simply to rid yourself of spell seemed so emotionless and mechanical. If there was anyone you knew that would do it in order to make things better and save a life, it was Dean. You would have done the same, but somehow it bothered you greatly and you hardly glanced at Sam or Castiel when you arrived at the motel and bid your good nights; your thoughts belonged somewhere else.

You had not noticed that Dean had followed you into the room, only realizing he was there when you heard a small cough as you began to remove your shirt. “Jesus!” you exclaimed, startled. “When the hell did you come in?”

Dean blushed and awkwardly cleared his throat, “Um…I thought it was clear I was behind you when I told Sammy I was gonna be a few minutes.”

You hadn’t heard him say anything, but then again you hardly heard Sam tell you goodnight before you disappeared into the room. You mind was definitely not on the earth plane after the visit to the witch. “I must have not been listening.”

“Yeah, I can imagine your head must be spinning after everything that’s happened today.” He gave you a little smile, a reassuring that made you feel a tad warm and you returned it.

Perhaps it would not be so bad so have just a few moments that would break the spell. Dean could be difficult at times and there was no doubt in your mind that he would go forth with the consummation just so that you could be free of the spell; he would do it for you in the end and that was how Dean was, always putting the interests of others (by others, you meant Sam, Cas and yourself) ahead of his and studying how he fidgeted with the pocket of his jeans and how his eyes wandered the room, he was here to offer to get it over with not because he desired you but because he would want you to not have the insignia on your hand or be dangerously tied to him. 

One thing the witch mentioned was that after the consummation, the actual marriage could not be broken so easy, but the negative feelings and the jealous rage of the spell would be cast away at love’s most intimate union. And yet, watching Dean as he played with the lining of his jeans pocket and those green eyes of his that wanted to look at anything but you, you realized that having that union would mean nothing if neither of you desired it; rather, if only one of you desired it and the other did it to get it over with. Whether your sudden feelings towards Dean were created because of the spell or the spell had only brought forth real feelings, having casual sex with him to end the side effects of the spell would hurt you more than you thought; it would be casual and nothing more, despite your history you always had an emotional level with the men you shared your bed with and with Dean, it would mean sharing too much and risking too much. He would be able to move on from it, but you, you were positive it would linger for a long while.

“I don’t think its a good idea, Dean,” you finally said, breaking the silence that apparently hung around you. 

“Look, Y/N, I don’t trust her either,” he stepped closure towards you until he was less than a foot away, “but it’ll end these bad things we’re feeling and we can go back to the way things were before the witch cursed us.” He was very near you and just knowing that you heart picked up its pace and your breath began to come in short and deep intakes. 

“It’s not that Dean,” oh, his eyes, “I just can’t do it. It doesn’t feel right.”

“Yeah, because its under the pressure of a witch, of course it won’t feel right.”

You shook your head and stepped away, turning your back to him so that you wouldn’t have to look at him. Despite you efforts, he took hold of your and spun you around, your eyes now aligned with his and your bodies ever so near each others and your lips almost grazing…

“So you have fallen for him?” Luna sipped her tea, interrupting your tale from the night before. 

“I admitted that I felt something other than platonic feelings, but I never said that I loved him.” 

“Usually people say that to deny their feelings to themselves,” she smirked and raised the teacup back to her lips, the movement very graceful. “But do tell me what happened after, it’ll be a best seller one day!”

“We…kissed and that is it.” You admitted easier than you thought and you were surprised when Luna sighed in disappointed. 

“Oh, how boring. Nothing frisky in the bedroom occur?”

“I literally just told you that I can’t sleep with him, if I told you that it means it didn’t happen.”

She waved her hand as if dismissing your words. “You could have always said to cover it up, you know? But gosh, you’re not willing to try and see how much of stallion he is on that bed?”

You shook your head furiously, “I just want to find a way to get out of this mess without anyone becoming a stallion or a lion or whatever.”

“I’m afraid, if that is the case, I cannot help you.” Luna began to zip up her bag and took one last sip of her tea.

“Fuck it, fine!” You grabbed her hand just as she began to stand from her chair. “Help me get out of this mess and I will make sure this book of my supposedly romance becomes a national and international bestseller with a movie trilogy behind it.”

Luna smiled brightly and took your hand, shaking it rapidly. “Now that, darling, if an offer I cannot resist.”

this is gonna sound whiny and stupid but it honestly makes me want to cry sometimes when I see people really adamantly hating on clexa or jumping through hoops to call them abusive just for the sake of making room for bellarke bc it just serves as a reminder that we really can’t have anything…we can have a canon bisexual protagonist who has a canon attraction to another woman and people want to try so hard to take that away or make it out to be wrong and it hurts, it really does hurt to see people go out of their way to demonize a lesbian character just so the bisexual lead can be with a guy, like we really can’t have anything at all without spoiled straight people trying to take it away, like y'all don’t know how deep homophobia runs and how alienated it makes you feel, y'all would not last a day being gay

like I try not to shit on bellarke shippers as a whole bc I know many of them aren’t anti-clexa, but for y'all who are and who are vocal about it, go to hell

Life is never going to go how you plan it but whoa I just saw a hummingbird stop flapping its wings I thought they died if they do that maybe it wasn’t a hummingbird I think that it’s easy to get sad about change or to get scared at the unknown or to be upset because something you always thought was gonna happen doesn’t but you gotta remember that while change never seems attractive it doesn’t mean your life is going downhill. I didn’t get the nice suite-style dorm I wanted my freshman year, I got assigned to a dorm with communal bathrooms which sounded awful to me. that’s where I met my friend group whom I love so unbelievably much. one of the worst times in my life led me to applying to a taco place to get my mind off of how bad things were and I met a group of people who I instantly fell in love with. change sucks in the moment but i dunno! It’s not worth crying over don’t feel sad about things that’re out of your control, be happy about the future, be happy about how beautiful life is, how wonderful God is, how much more there’s going to be to life then the specific circumstances you’re in right now. Do I fully get that yet? no. But I think that it’s a lot more fun to be happy and think about how mysteriously intriguing the future is than to be sad and think about how things could’ve gone differently and how scarily vague the future is. perspective I guess. I know that’s harder in some situations than others but I don’t think it’s ever impossible. there’s something to be happy about in your life, make it your goal to find it. Love you all a lot

Okay im making a little follow forever thing!! I cant make a fancy banner and im on mobile so?? Im sorry

Friends/blogs i love

decadentmousse-Mousse is literally the sweetest and i love them so much omg. They’re an awesome and supportive friend w a v cute dog (and face)

fabulouscutie-Literally the best. They have the best taste is tv and music and are super fun to talk to.

daftpunksjunk-very very lovely!! Super nice to talk to!! Very cute!!

dannyfennton-very cute and very Relatable

acecombeferre-super funny with A+++++ art!!

grrantaire-Super duper adorable and lovely. Her selfies are all so cute and shes good at making gifs (a talent i will never have)

maxie-rockatansky-So great!! And cute!! And nice!!

roswell-talk-Really amazing and supportive!! Fun to talk to!!

arrogantskeleton-Literally so precious that i want to cry.

spilledcxffee-Really, really pretty?? Like honestly im upset.

heartcramp-So, so sweet and kind.

skeevy-skeeve-a friend that i havent talked to in a while but that is still amazing and attractive and lovely

consulting-culler-Had an awesome conversation about vampire les amis w me oh my god. Is also super great

therandomnesslover-absolutely adorable honestly like please let me live

mesonoxianherald-we never talk or anything but i see their selfies and posts and want to hug them (is that weird? Sorry friendo)

sillysurgeon-Literally he has the ultimate aesthetic and takes The Ultimate selfies. He’s v funny and is the Ultimate person probably

herbertwestapologist-so so cute oh my god they posted a selfie the other day and i literally gasped. They have such a good aesthetic tag and i go through it all the time

kyoyaootori-very cute and has Nice Posts. Also listen this url is honestly The Best?? Kyoya is my Fave Ever

autistictesla-simon is so Good. A Good Egg. He’s helped me quite a lot in the past and i really look up to him

bethmalones-a fellow oliver!! And a very very cute one at that!! Honestly has the best hair ive ever seen, and the best smile. Like, their smile makes me happy looking at it and thats the best kind of smile.

angeoltaire-so cute?? So cute. Literally the Most Precious

enjoloras-is in the cutest relationship and is honestly one of the most attractive people ive ever seen in my life. Like his face is Very Nice

softgrantaire-also in the cutest relationship lmao. very very cute and very very funny. Their posts make me laugh a lot

alientwink96-honestly probably the reason i discovered im trans, so im eternally grateful for that. Also a very attractive person

iguanamouth-she loves lizards. I love lizards. That means i love her. She has such great art and draws such amazingly odd things i Love It

batcii-honestly one of my absolute favorite artists. Also very funny and witty and lovely

pembroke-has such a wonderfully adorable art style and personality oh my god

copicurnucu-adorable omg. Also they tag me in robot posts so i love them for that. From their posts they come off So Cute?? Idk how u do it pal but keep it up

acelaces-i literally followed them today but their art’s so good that ill follow them forever lmao

transhermann-So Adorable!!!! So funny!!! So sweet!! And with a great url that i love So Much

roboticdreams and stealthboy-i love both of his blogs bc hes cute as hell and posts about awesome stuff and is basically the greatest

agentscullystarbuck-has amazing taste is movies and is all around Cute, both looks and personality wise

tsunderescientists-is amazing at writing and is a Good Person that i enjoy immensely

sam-sepiol-a very very adorable person?? Like everything about them is A+

allyfallsdownstairs-literally the sweetest person ever oh my god!!!!

olioliravioli-very Good. Great. Amazing. All of the positive descriptive words that i cant think of, too

toytulini-i dont talk to them really but their presence on my dash is very comforting and nice and i enjoy it lots

adhdheather-god okay honestly the best?? I look up to them and i like their posts and look and hair a lot

internkira-very nice Look and super great person

monsternist-adorable all around. Adorable person, adorable art, adorable personality.

jimjamjems-the best blog and the best person. Very Good

intearsaboutrobots-so so nice and kind and lovely!!!!

sincerelydeerly-what a precious human honestly.

kaijuhoe-staci is so so great and beautiful and funny!!

juniperpunk-i panicked momentarily bc i love her and absolutely have to include her but i forgot her url lmao. Shes the cutest and sweetest person ever who always says the Nicest things that make me want to cry

bluwiikoon-my favorite pokemon artist!! The colors they use are absolutely stunning and they’re a rad person!!

geniusbee-such a sweet human!! And an amazing artist!! One of my absolute favorite Pacific Rim artists and people

thisiswhatishere-a Cool person. Very very cute and rad

raynebow-cake-very attractive and Great omg

space-and-kaiju-such a cutie!! They’re great to talk to and one time they drew me some fucking Great pokemon!!

Some other rad as hell people that i love but dont know well enough to say things about


If you’re an awesome person and you’re not on here it’s bc i have a super bad memory and if u changed ur url i still love u but dont know where u are now. Also im tired so just know that i love u all and im sorry if i forgot u

queens i associate with random family members ??

Alaska would be that nice attractive cousin who you always wanted to be friends with, manila would be that distant relative you never talk to because they’re always busy bc they’re so popular, Sharon would be that goth cousin that talks about Satan and scares your grandma, adore would be that friend of the family that would always somehow convince people to get drunk and sing karaoke, bianca would be that mean aunt that made you cry when you were young, jinkx would be that weird aunt that gets drunk and ruins Christmas. 

So canonically R is not a handsome man
He’s hella unattractive

And some people end up drawing/HCing him as beautiful anyway,
And some people have him as looking pretty in a rugged and grungy way
And a few people draw him as genuinely “ugly”

But, because god knows I love to work out my personal problems through these characters, I’m going to draw R as really fairly… Average. Like a 4, maybe a 5.

But he sees himself as a 0.

He is honestly a decent looker, and if you’re into short, tired fellows with ruddy skin and unkempt hair and big broken noses (which like lets be real, that “grungy tired kid” look does it for plenty of people), he’s gorgeous.

But he has shit self esteem anyway.
Because those things just aren’t always rational.

A lot of people have criticized drawing canonically unattractive characters as pretty, and for good and valid reasons, but R’s self esteem issues are actually really important to me, and…
I have felt really unfathomably ugly, I’ve felt grossly fat and gone through long, long periods where I was really certain that I could never be loved and that no one would ever touch me and it’s something I’m still kind of going through now

But, taking a moment to tell my self esteem to shut up for a sec and allow me to speak completely objectively: I’m probably fine. I look okay. Weight-wise, I’m not just healthy but realistically I’m pretty thin, no matter how much my stomach makes me hate myself.

So like… I really would like to write/draw an R that struggles with the same self esteem issues that I do, in the same ways that I do; I have often felt like I’m not even allowed to share my self image issues and I’ve been embarrassed to mention my weight issues because I don’t want people to be angry at me and tell me I’m upset over nothing.

So… I’d like an R that reflects that. An R that’s convinced that he will never be loved or wanted by anyone, that no one could ever be attracted to him, and he can’t even tell anyone that he feels this way.
And when he is finally adored by someone (u kno who) who is SO attracted to him and praises him /so much/ it just makes him want to cry and he can’t articulate why because it sounds so pathetic and he can’t ask for more even though he /needs/ to hear it because coming from the mouth of a person who is objectively decent it just sounds conceited and needy and vain.

R with a shit self image that is invisible to everyone around him.

953) I’m bi, I’m thirteen and I’m Brazilian. I can’t remember exactly when I figured it out, but I remember thinking I was a lesbian for a while, mostly because boys didn’t appeal to me as much as they did to the girls I hung out with. Those girls also think/thought I am/was a lesbian. They teased me about it, and I didn’t do anything because they would leave me if I did, and I would be alone. I was terrified of that. Eventually, I left the school they were in. The school I’m in this year is as LGBTQ+phobic as the last one, but I happened to meet a wonderful person that had no prejudices whatsoever against my identities. In September, I had enough courage to tell her. She was wonderfully supportive, something my parents would never ever be. I fucking love her for this. She confided that she has doubts on her sexuality, too. She is so innocent and lovely and when I explained to her I was in doubt if I was bi or pan, she asked me what pan is. I explained to her that pansexuality is attraction to all genders, including people who didn’t identify as male or female. As I talk really fast, she got confused and thought I was non-binary. She just said “wait, you don’t feel that you’re a girl? oh that’s ok too” and living in the bigoted country I do, I just wanted to cry. She is the best person I could ever ask for. And I’ll only have her for one more year. Next year, one of the girls that teased me is going to the same school as me, the same class as me, and the wonderful girl I met this year is jealous of her. I tried explaining that she had nothing to worry about and that I do not enjoy her company, but she thinks I’ll spend more time with the other girl. In 2018, the wonderful girl will be either on another school or on Germany. And I’ll be totally closeted and emotionally closed again. Fuck.

anonymous asked:

How do you feel about all the fans that say they want to be with Cry and such (btw you and Cry are adorable and congrats on that varsity letter:D )

It amuses me. And it makes my eyes roll.

I believe that pretty much every single one who says they want to “be with” him is simply infatuated with him and enthralled by his allure.
His persona is attractive, yes, so I think that’s mainly what those fans feel this “love” and desire to be with to.

I feel that they’re mainly attracted to him because of the ~*~mystery~*~. People are curious, that’s just human nature. It’s how we work. (Basically, what I’m say is that it’s normal to be attracted to a mystery.) But I feel that they generally attribute this “love” to his personality and how he’s such a good person (I’m not disagreeing. He’s a wonderful man.) not because he’s, for lack of better terminology, off-limits and unknown.

If you were to love every nice person with a great personality, you’d love a lot of people. So, I’m fairly certain that his mystery plays the biggest factor in why these fans want to be with him.

It’s silly.

In the end, I just think that they love the entertainment brought and emotions invoked and want that, not the person. Because they don’t really know the person, y’know?

Anyways. Thank you!! I’m happy to have a white letter now! Now I just need to find where I stored my purple one~