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was tagged by @xsparklingravenx to do the ten favourite characters from ten fandoms, so here goes!

Kai (Samurai Warriors)
Yuna (Final Fantasy X)
Kain Highwind (Final Fantasy IV)
Milla Maxwell (Tales of Xilla)
Shinjiro Aragaki (Persona 3)
Samus Aran (Metroid)
Lon’qu (Fire Emblem Awakening)
Grimsly (Pokemon)
Gerik (Fire Emblem Sacred Stones)
Aqua (Kingdom Hearts)

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I will turn off the anon asks on my blog

I’ve been receiving a lot of anon hate lately and I made the decision of turn off all the anons, so I didn’t want to do this because I honestly don’t care about the anon hates because, there are just people who I don’t even know and their messages are just dumb and sometimes their messages makes me laugh. But I don’t want to fill my blog of drama because I feel like is just so boring and not fare for you my beautiful followers, so sorry for this. And if you want to send me a message you will have to do it off anon.

I love all of you ♥♥♥♥

Who The Signs Can't Stand
  • Aries: People who act better than others
  • Taurus: People who don't appreciate sh*t
  • Gemini: People who make big deals out of nothing
  • Cancer: People who are "sometimey" or unreliable
  • Leo: People who come at them sideways
  • Virgo: People...period
  • Libra: People who ask dumb ass questions
  • Scorpio: People who ask too many questions...about them
  • Sagittarius: People who act other than they really are
  • Capricorn: People who don't know what they're talking about
  • Aquarius: People who think they know them...but don't
  • Pisces: People who think they're "all that"

endless list of favorite characters + Haley James Scott

“ I’m usually one of those people who likes the first day of school. You know, new pens, new books, new backpack. A nerd. Exactly! “


okay everyone settle in and listen to how QUEENIE JUST FUCKING REKT NEWT.

People ALOT OF PEOPLE like to label Queenie as the “dumb blonde sister” when in actuality she’s brilliant and not just because she can read minds. She is seen sewing her dress, but also has fashion/ sewing magazines all over the house and on her desk at work. Shown by her gorgeous dress she’s FUCKING GOOD AT IT. She’s also great at pastries which Jacob I’m-opening-a-bakery-I-love-pastries notes. She has sewing supplies on her desk too. She was based a little bit on Marilyn Monroe who people labelled as a dumb blonde but who was FUCKING EDUCATED CLEVER AS HELL (good job JK you slay queen slay).

So back to this scene. Newt is trying to sneak out and has just put his hand on the door. Queenie can read minds and she obviously knows he’s about to sneak out but she knows her sister is going to help him find his beasts and he NEEDS that help. JK Rowling wrote in the script that when Tina sees that Newt is trying to sneak out she’s disappointed in him. BACK TO QUEENIE: so rather than just yell “everyone this plant dork is trying to leave” she subtly reads that he’s going to and asks this seemingly innocent question that draws everyone attention to him. She’s so considerate in this aspect even though she’s ratting him out to Tina. She doesn’t want him to look bad because he’s trying to leave. She knows that he’s not a bad person he wants to leave for noble reasons, but he should take into consideration that he doesn’t need to do everything alone. Also it’s a nice question to begin with because she’s actually taking into consideration what pastry he likes. When I first saw this in the trailer I thought “oh she’s being really nice and asking him” WHEN REALLY, GUESS WHAT, SHE’S BEING CLEVER AS FUCK. Queenie demonstrates this quality all the time in the film, like when she says “ladies things” to get out of revealing Newt’s briefcase or uses her feminine charm to distract her boss. She’s super intelligent to be able to do wandless magic, complicated wandless magic and is powerful enough to feel it rooms/levels away from her sister when Tina gets sentenced to death. 

In short she’s savage as hell. 

so do you imagine that when lena and kara get together 

or even when they start just hanging out and stubbornly not noticing how much they’re pining after each other

that eliza just casually starts momming the hell out of lena too

remembers how she takes her tea or coffee and makes/brings her a cup when she needs a refill like nbd of course hon

lowkey brags on how awesome lena is, nonchalantly squares up with people who disparage her

values and seeks her opinion on sciencey things, sends her dumb science jokes

cheerfully includes her in all invitations to family things

leaves her her own handwritten ‘don’t forget your gloves again, i saw this thing and i thought of you, i hope you have a good day today!!’ post-its next to kara’s and alex’s and maggie’s

comes up to her after yet another attempt on her life and just fucking gathers her up in a hug ‘i’m so glad you’re safe’ and when lena’s a little stiff with shock she’s like ‘oh my god are you hurt let me see honey where does it hurt?’

and lena’s sort of spiralling into ? ???? ???????? ????????? ?????????? and then what ??? are you ?? wanting from me? what is it you want

just waiting for the other shoe to drop because this is not how a mom acts

this is not how her mom ever acted

but it doesn’t stop and eliza never asks for anything and as far as eliza’s concerned she’s acquired another daughter

Here’s a shoutout the autistic people whose special interests aren’t math or technology or science or anything else that they can realistically make a career of. 

Here’s to the autistic people whose special interests aren’t considered useful or intelligent. Here’s to the autistic people whose special interests are considered a waste of time by the people around them.

Here’s to the autistic people who know everything there is to know about the universe and characters in their favorite book but who can’t remember all the things they’re supposed to remember when they sit down to their homework.

Here’s to the autistic people whose special interest is something that so many people like and enjoy that it is becoming trendy to hate it, to the people who are told that they are superficial and dumb and shallow for liking that band or that tv series so much.

Here’s to the autistic people whose special interests are so obscure that nobody knows what they’re talking about.

Here’s to the autistic people who has special interests in things that many people look down on and make fun of. Here’s to the autistic people who have new acquaintances look down on them when they discover that they’re one of those people who are really into that.

Here’s to the autistic people whose special interests are considered creepy and problematic, to the autistic people who are being told that they are creepy or bad for having a certain special interest.

Here’s to the autistic people who has special interests in things that are marketed towards children, to the autistic people who are repeatedly told that they shouldn’t be into their special interests and that they should grow out of it soon.

Your special interest doesn’t have to be useful to have worth. Your special interest doesn’t have to be something you can make a job out of to be worth your time. Your special interests brings you joy and thus it is amazing and that is regardless of what it is.


squaryq  asked:

My story is set in 2055 & the Government is bigoted, so those with different values to them are arrested - from those who are in a LGBT+ group, to people who speak against their rules. People are arrested for dumb stuff too (dyed hair etc), and for "real" crimes, & put in prison. I don't demonise the protags (prisoners- white, black & LGBT alike) & the moral is: nothing really matters: race/sexuality etc as people will still fight your corner. But I don't want to seem like a bigot too. Plz help!

How to write bigoted villains without coming off as a bigot yourself

To my mind, the #1 thing that can make a writer seem bigoted when writing bigoted bad guys is if there’s too much attention paid to the depiction of suffering and not enough to healing. Readers experience what your characters experience, so if those experiences are bad, the readers have to sit there through all of it. It’s okay to have bigoted bad guys, but cut the audience a break, right? They’re the real people.

Another thing that can make a writer seem bigoted when writing bigoted bad guys is if the bad guys are “sexy” or otherwise appealing. We don’t need that. There’s an epidemic in mainstream fiction of villains who are sexier than the good guys because of various aesthetic reasons. Loki (and in my generation, Snape, although nowadays I see more people talking about him negatively) didn’t acquire a hormone brigade by being bad – they did that by having a distinctive way of talking and dressing. We need more good guys with that kind of style and less bad guys, ESPECIALLY when the bad guys are bigoted.

Focus on healing and defeating evil, and don’t go into pages and pages of gory detail about what your heroes endured. A few tidbits are enough. The audience wants to watch them win, right?


We’ve said this across several asks in the Racism tag so you’ll want to take a browse, but let me throw it on here: you should somehow be showing in the text that these bigoted behaviors are not good or justified, otherwise you may be justifying the bigotry in the text. Do not dismiss it when bigotry occurs or take it lightly; show your alliance to the marginalized people in your story by calling it out in one way or another. (So someone says a horrible, prejudiced thing. You can show through character reactions of anger, discomfort, or sadness that it was an awful thing to say, just for example.) 

For more reactions to bigotry, particularly racist micro-aggressions, see the end of “Incorporating Micro-Aggressions in Writing

~Mod Colette

So my year so far is a success. I don’t care what else happens for the rest of it, the beginning was super successful. 

After Yuri On Ice ended, I realised I had friends who shared their names with the main characters, and as a result decided I needed to convince said friends to watch it despite the fact that neither of them have ever had any interest in anime in general. Uri is now almost at the end of the series but has said almost nothing, Viktor has watched two episodes and won’t shut up. So I decided to share some of what Viktor said because I for one find it hilarious (in order of when I remembered the exchanges)

  • “So Yuuri’s reaction to being told a naked, attractive foreigner who might be his idol, I think, was in the family steam bath naked, was to run to the steam bath to watch him be naked?”
  • Upon first seeing Yuri Plisetsky: “Oh my god, did you see him slink around that corner? That was so graceful! Like a cat! OR AN ASSASSIN!”
  • “Are we in Russia? We’re in Russia.”
    Later: “Is it the norm in…what the hell country are we in?”
  • “Everyone’s just yelling at Yuuri in public places.”
  • “They don’t need much to hide Viktor’s doodle, do they?”
  • “The ballerina teacher scares me. She’s too happy.”
  • About Yurio: “Ball of anger. Skating ball of anger. He’s a Skating Ball of Anger. On ice.”
  • Viktor: “So Yuri’s whole plan was to go to Japan and scream Viktor’s name? He knew he was at the Hatetsu Ninja House. Why didn’t he just go to the Hatetsu ninja house and go from there like ‘Where the fuck is Viktor?”
    Henry (Viktor’s friend): “Maybe he didn’t know where the Hatetsu ninja house is.”
    Viktor: “Then he should grab some random Japanese person and go from there like “Where the fuck is Hatetsu Ice Ninja House?!”
  • To the tune of the Carmen Sandiego theme: “Where in the world is Viktor Nikiforov?”
    And “Where in the world is Yuri Plisetsky’s parents?”
  • “This 15-year-old goes to Japan without telling anyone and the only one who cares is his skating coach.”
  • “Old man skating coach is going to have an aneurysm dealing with these…RUSSIAN PUNKS!” *Inane giggling*
  • “Hahaha, Russian punk…what a dumb nickname.”
  • “Viktor gave Yuuri the sexy music because he wants to bone him. And the 15-year-old got the other music because 15-year-olds doing sexy dancing? Ew, no.”
  • Viktor: “Why is Viktor naked?”
    Henry: “Because he’s in an onsen. You wouldn’t go to a public bath fully clothed.”
    Viktor: “…I might…”
  • Viktor: “Yuri is definitely the hangry type.”
    Me: “I dunno, I think he’s just angry.”
    Viktor: “Or maybe he was really hungry when he kicked that bathroom door.”
  • “Honestly, doesn’t he know how rude it is to interrupt someone when they’re having a bathroom cry?”
  • “Drop-kicking someone in the face is a national greeting in Russia.”
  • Viktor, about the triplets: “Oh god, what the fuck are those?”
    Me (being a hypocrite because I keep calling them gremlins): “Children.”
    Viktor: “…Ew, children. Children, ew.”
  • “Ew, people. Ew, press conference. Ew, Viktor Nikiforov.”
  • In a Batman voice (While physically shaking Henry): “WHERE IS VIKTOR NIKIFOROV? WHERE IS HE?!”
  • About Christophe, during the credits: “I have found best character.”
  • “Why is he eating victory food when he hasn’t victoried?”
  • About Georgi: “Who’s this guy standing like he’s the hottest man alive?”
    “He’s probably the hottest man alive.”

im feeling so romantically frustrated aaa

anonymous asked:

lol but like who cares about Romania?

It’s very obvious that you don’t, which is why I don’t see the point of this message.

This doesn’t concern you, so, kindly fuck off. I’m usually more gracious when answering asks like this, but it’s enough that our own government doesn’t care about us, I don’t need trolls on the internet to add to this.

Who cares about Romania? Its people, you dumb fuck.

Me: reading Nitori’s wiki page

Page: “The director of Free!, Hiroko Utsumi, commented that, if you left Rin alone, he would be isolated without anyone, so there needed to be a character — more like a conversation partner — who would draw him out. The character who had been born out of this need was Aiichiro. Aiichiro’s role was to draw out Rin’s heart. Because Rin could understand parts of Aiichiro that were like himself, he felt like talking to him.“