people who are dumb

honestly if ur an introvert ur probably better off befriending some extroverts bc having a whole squad of introverts is fine at first but eventually you end up never doing anything with them ever especially after you finish school bc ur all fine being loners and low maintenance friends that just tag each other in memes and snapchat each other which is nice but sometimes i wanna leave my house instead of binge watching spongebob squarepants you need balance in ur squad you need to have people who are gonna motivate the squad to be social 

hi can I get a fuckin uhhhhhhh

badass, accomplished, intelligent leader Lance who is strong in his own right and doesn’t need to be coddled and doesn’t take shit from others AND PEOPLE ACTUALLY LISTEN TO HIM AND RESPECT HIM

okay, so I’ve seen multiple posts just today that were basically like “haha who ever said adulthood was having your life together and everything figured out, I’m 28 and real life is drowning me as much as it ever was”

and like…the answer to that is…adults. adults said that. generation after generation, the narrative from adults to young people has been, “you are a dumb kid who doesn’t know the world or yourself but I am a Grownup with Life Experience™, and that’s why you’re supposed to do what I tell you, that’s why I don’t need to listen to your thoughts and feelings, that’s why society imagines me as a full human being and you as something that’s going to grow into a full human being.”

there’s a great book all about this that I’ve had a lot of my students read - Childhood and Society, by a sociologist named Nick Lee. Lee argues that the child/adult binary is a socially constructed one, based, like any other such binary, on an imagined idea of clearly oppositional characteristics. specifically, he says that children are imagined as incomplete, unstable (as in their lives and experiences are constantly changing, not as in mentally unstable), and dependent, and adults as complete, stable, and independent. those characteristics don’t match up to reality if you think about them too hard for even a moment - no one is truly independent, adults’ lives aren’t stable, what does judging a human being’s “completeness” even mean - but it doesn’t matter, because our culture is so obsessed with believing in them.

and adults being forced to pretend they’re complete and independent and living stable lives is one of the toxic ways all this plays on people of all ages.

I really hope that seeing my generation talk like this - just flat-out admit that we don’t know what the hell we’re doing any better than we did ten years ago - means we have the potential to break this cycle. but honestly, entering my 30s and having seen so many people my age turn into those adults who act like they have life so well figured out compared to those dumb kids, it doesn’t seem likely. we might be a little better than we could’ve been, but too many of us are going down that tired old road of transitioning from talking about how much smarter we are than our parents to talking about how much smarter we are than our kids, just like every generation does when it hits this age.

I guess what I’m saying is, please, young 20-somethings of today, be better ten years from now than we are.

Who the signs can't stand
  • Aries: People who act better than others
  • Taurus: People who don't appreciate others
  • Gemini: People who make a big deal out of nothing
  • Cancer: People who are 'sometimey' or unreliable
  • Leo: People who come at them sideways
  • Virgo: People...period
  • Libra: People who ask dumb questions
  • Scorpio: People who ask too many questions about them
  • Sagittarius: People who act other than they really are
  • Capricorn: People who don't know what they're talking about
  • Aquarius: People who think they know them...but don't
  • Pisces: People who think they're 'all that'

hey shoutout to all my friends who still have things from their childhood they cant let go of

a big warm hug to my pals who still sleep with their childhood blankets or stuffed animals

a huge love to all the people who get upset or anxious if they dont have their blanket/stuffed animal/comfort item

it is perfectly okay to hold onto things you love and people who call you childish for it are dumb and mean

(ok to rb if neurodivergent or neurotypical)

Drarry Felix Felicis 6th year au

So I keep wondering what would have happened if Harry had taken the Felix Felicis right before he chased Draco into the bathroom. He finds Draco crying at the sink and the Felix Felicis is guiding Harry so instead of attacking Draco back he actually talks to Draco, or maybe Draco doesn’t get a chance to pull his wand on Harry because Harry walks right up to Draco unnoticed and magically (thanks again Felix) says all the right things. And it’s Drarry magic and there’s crying and confessing and angst and comforting.

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Call me a bad person but…

I only cared about Columbus Day because throughout elementary I had a day off from school. But personally people making a huge deal about some dead white guy is pretty dumb. I agree that he did terrible things to the natives but really that was hundred and hundreds of years ago. We all need to stop dreading about the past and actually look towards making our future better. Plus Indigenous People’s Day is kinda a mouthful…

things my shakespeare professor said over the past semester

“toni morrison did not develop the career she has because she spent her time in drug-fueled orgies.” EDIT: my friend reminded me that our prof said orgies, not threesomes, and that the following sentence was “no, she spent her time at her desk producing very fine novels.”

(about acting in shakespeare) “this is not the golden globes or whatever, if you’re not white, you can still participate.”

“many important things are discovered on the way to the restroom.”

(what sonnets mean) “please sleep with me”, “i wish i could be with you so we could get it on, but you’re far away and we can’t so all i can send you is a dumb poem”

“juliet is a very smart chick.”

(a few vague threats) “oh, i laugh, but people cried.” “i will cut you.” “when i am sardonic, you will feel bad.”

(about the histories) “it’s mentally easy if you see it all as game of thrones.”

“the plantagenets were no longer in charge, which was good, because they were bitches.”

(about richard III being obsessed with anne) “i’m not just some horny dude that wants to sleep with you, it’s just that you’re so hot that i had to mow down everyone else in my way to get to you.”

“what’s the fun of throwing a party if you don’t not invite people?”

“you fuck with my kids, your kids are going in a pie.”

“the people who are in love [in comedies] are usually young, dumb, and boring.”

“comedies begin in shit places- if the play opens and the sky is falling, you’re in a comedy.”

(about ephesus in the comedy of errors) “everyone’s a witch here, let’s just bail.”

“henry VIII breaks with the roman church and fucking destroys every monastery in sight.”

“henry V started off as a party-going, panty-chasing loser.”

(about hamlet’s entrance in I.ii) “it’s always fun to arrive late to the party, it does imply that you have a fascinating social life.”

“conspiracies are erotic.”

“art, am i right?”


“The cards…”

@People who think it’s dumb of Rick and Morty fans to wait in line hours for Szechuan sauce and then get mad/disappointed because each location only got 20 and there were literally hundreds in line, 

I bet your asses went the extra mile for Pokemon GO

People were excited about this because it’s something to do

Which, in the middle of Arkansas, let me tell you, is rare af. 

I’ve actually been really excited about it because I can actually get excited about the small things. 

Everyone’s like “oh the fandom was toxic again” 


waiting in lines for a promotion? 

are Disney fans stupid for waiting an hour in line for Splash Mountain too?

Like wtf ya’ll it’s 4am and I’m trying to understand what about waiting in a line to receive something cool is “cringy” or “toxic”. 

Like, nobody knew all the stores were only gonna get 20. I had to do some digging just to figure out WHEN the promotion started. 

Like yeah, I do feel awful for the employees ‘cause it seems like they weren’t given a lot of warning and people probably were rude to them today but like.

 don’t come at people waiting in line thinking they’re gonna get something cool when in reality the company literally screwed everyone over. 

I’m in the middle of Arkansas and the entire state had ONE store actually doing the promotion, and there were at least a hundred people in line, maybe two. 

Everybody cheered when it hit 2 pm and they actually started to give it out, only for everyone to be super disappointed minutes later. 

And like I saw some people on here like “lol did they really think there was gonna be enough for everybody” 



i did not

but I figured there’d be more than 20

Only the first 20 people got any, out of the hundreds in line.

From a business standpoint, I can’t imagine how much money mcdonalds lost today because of people leaving once they heard they were out. 

anyways 4am rant over

stop picking on people for enjoying things

cringe culture isn’t real

let people have fun

everyone dies eventually

get hyped over some fricking sauce if you want to

Person: says something awful and homophobic discriminating against people who are gay/bi.

Same person a moment later claiming people are bullying them because those people called them a homophobe:

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