people were totally listening


THE COACH: responsible for WHAT the team plays
THE CAPTAIN: responsible for HOW the team plays

THE COACH: worries over how the OPPONENT is doing
THE CAPTAIN: worries over how the TEAM is doing

THE COACH: relied on for LOGIC
THE CAPTAIN: relied on for PASSION

THE COACH: needs the team to LISTEN in order to be effective
THE CAPTAIN: needs the team to BELIEVE in order to be effective

THE COACH: smart, wise
THE CAPTAIN: influential, inspirational



My goal for 2014 is to make this guy famous or to give him the chance to live from his passion!

We went to London and heard this little guy, his name is Matty Fletcher and he’s from Yorkshire. His voice is one of the best I’ve ever heard live!! (And I’ve heard quite a lot)

This guy deserves it, he was totally overwhelmed just because 30-40 people were listening to him in total silence in the middle of London. He was just so happy and smiley because of it, his voice is incredible and he truly loves it!

We got late bc even our teacher wanted to listen to him, a few videos of his videos got a little success…

PLEASE REBLOG AND CHECK HIS YOUTUBE CHANNEL TO GIVE THIS GUY A CHANCE!! we managed to get a fluffy chicken to a girl let’s make someone’s dream come true

My fave cover he did: (Ed Sheeran -Lego House)

More videos to come bc every single person of my class recorded the songs he sang.

The Road Goes On
Splickedy "Hannah" Lit
The Road Goes On

I was playing around with one of those music-looping apps a little while ago and I layered my voice and some of the musical instruments and made a little song.

I don’t know, I just find it really soothing to listen to. U///U

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It’s the way he stands. She can’t quite explain it—not at first, anyway—but the slump of his shoulders, feet planted just the right width apart… it all seemed so familiar to her, so natural to her every day that it was almost unnoticeable. Almost. She meets him, and she smiles at him, and he smiles back, and it starts; she notices.

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