people were always like 'nice kids where did you adopt them from'

smile ✦ peter parker

summary : as the adopted daughter of none other than tony stark, you have a myriad of responsibilities. babysitting peter parker probably wasn’t supposed to be one of them. not that you’re complaining.

word count : 4.7k (also known as the longest thing I’ve ever written)

author’s note : ur adopted b/c not everyone is white and i don’t want anyone to feel excluded from reading this due to the fact tony is white (and yes ik there are interracial couples i just want everyone to feel included i want to make sure whoever wants to read this can without feeling weird about it b/c i know it is something that bothers people in the fanfic community okay bye enjoy my loves.)

   Tony Stark was a lot of things to a lot of people. He was the billionaire, he was the genius, the philanthropist, and the notorious playboy in his younger years. Most notably, however, was that he was Iron Man. He was marveled at by the entire world, him and the group of heroes that stood beside him; the Avengers, as they called themselves. To you, however, he was your father. 

   A terribly overprotective one, at that. 

  Of course, this was only to be expected of a father, even a foster one, but the lengths the man went to in order to keep his only daughter out of whatever he deemed trouble were rather extensive. You rarely ever left the Avengers tower, and if you did you were accompanied by a team of people you could only describe as rip off Secret Service men. Sometimes, Natasha would replace them, or Steve, but that was a rare occurrence. You were homeschooled by the best tutors his money could pay for- this particular move was less about refining your education and more about keeping you away from any boy in the five boroughs. 

   You chose to spend majority of your time reading in your room and training, always wary of anyone who approached you about being a friend. Your surname meant everything to people, especially the girls that wandered around Manhattan desperate to become the bestie of the daughter of the richest man in New York. You loved your dad with all your heart, but the stigma that ran with the Stark name would never stop irritating you. 

   That, and the impromptu plans he threw at you on a regular basis. 

   “Miss Stark, your father is requesting access to your room. He knows you hate it when he barges in.” Vision drifted into your room without warning, making you jump. You yanked your earbuds out of your ears, giving him a look. 

   “I hate when anyone barges in, Vision. That includes you, too.” You pushed your chair away from your desk, placing your pen on the desk and shutting your notebook. “Tell him he can come in if he lets me become an Avenger.” You raised your voice at this, knowing he would hear you. 

   “He says that he’ll consider it if you let him in.” 

   You raised your eyebrows. “Touché.” You motioned for the door to open, and your father walked into the room, immediately taking his pristinely polished shoes off and lying down on your bed. You stared at him.“Dad, it’s not cool to wear sunglasses inside. You look lame.” 

   Tony Stark rolled his eyes at you. “It’s called a look, sweetheart.” You laughed, pretending to nod in agreement. He placed his hands behind his head as you spun your chair back around to your desk. “What are you working on?” 

   “Something for Bruce,” you muttered, pen cap between your teeth as you continued to jot down important points from his numerous lab reports. You were going to have to hand in a full analysis of his findings for your end of term science paper, and he was more than willing to aid you. “Science report.” 

   “My daughter, beautiful and intelligent, my flesh and blood,” Tony declared proudly. 

   “Dad, I love you to the death, but I’m still not your biological kid,” you smiled all the same, though, and he knew behind the tough exterior you were happy to hear his expressions of admiration. 

    “Who needs a biological kid when I’ve got this great, wonderful adopted one right in front of me.” 

   Not looking up from your notebook, you said, “You’re really laying it on thick today. I’m all of those things, obviously, but I know you want something. So, what is it?” You paused, then said, “Thank you, by the way.” 

   “You sure we’re not related?” He sat back up, clasping his hands together. “What do you say about Germany?” 

   “Nice enough place I guess, interesting history, why?” 

   “I kind of need you to go there for two weeks with me.” 

   With a groan, you dropped your pen and held your face in your hands. “Another surprise trip? Dad, I have school. I have homework! Do you see this?” You held up the thick stack of reports from Banner’s lab, waving them around. “This is gonna be, like, my life’s work.” 

   Tony shook his head. “Kids these days and their homework. Seriously. When I was at school I would have taken any opportunity to shirk my responsibilities.” 

  “You did do that.”

    He waved his hand. “Technicalities. Anyway, as you know the Avengers have been disassembled. Sokovia Accords and all that bullshit. I assume you’ve been keeping up?” 

   “Hard not to.” It was true. Anything in the news was about the great split of the infamous team, Captain America vs Iron Man. It was impossible to turn on the television without hearing about it. And, considering you lived underneath the same roof as half of them, it was quite literally not an option to be ignorant to what was going on. 

   “Good,” he grinned proudly again. If there was one emotion that the man felt whenever he was around, it was proud. Nearly everything you did made him beam with pride, and if you had been placed into an actual high school, there was no doubt in his mind that the person at the top of every single class would be you. You excelled no matter the circumstances. “So, to sum up, there’s gonna be a big showdown in Germany. Western style, naturally. Guns blazing and everything.” 

   Your eyes lit up and you nearly flew out of your chair, rushing over to him. “Oh my god, are you finally gonna let me fight? You’ve seen my training, right? I’m getting so good. I’m like, practically Natasha level good. She’s been showing me that move where I can snap people’s necks with my thighs and-” 

   “First of all, your thighs are not going around anyone’s neck, so jot that down,” he interrupted. Your enthusiasm visibly deflated. “I need you to kind of watch over this kid who’s coming with us. He’s from Queens. You love Queens.” 

   “You’re making me babysit?” You flopped down on your bed, staring up at the ceiling. “C’mon, dad, I’m sixteen. That’s practically an adult. I think I should be allowed to fight this time. I’m Avenger worthy.” 

   “Practically an adult is not the same as literally an adult, as in over eighteen.” You groaned again. “Don’t call it babysitting, anyway. He’s your age. Well, he’s a few months younger, but that doesn’t matter. Just call it… hanging out with a good kid that’s fighting for your dear old dad and making sure he doesn’t get into trouble in Germany or annoy Happy too much.” He patted your knee, standing up. “We leave in the morning, kiddo, so pack up.” 

   “How come he gets to fight if he’s younger than I am?” 

   “’Cause he’s not my daughter. Goodnight, light of my life.” He kissed your forehead before leaving, giving you another encouraging smile.

   “Goodnight, pain my ass,” you grumbled as he left. He popped back in, a stern expression on his face. “If I watch your new protégée can I become an Avenger?” Tony rubbed a hand over his eyes. Teenage girls were exhausting. 

   “We’ll talk about it.”

   You’re sitting at your breakfast table with suitcases piled next to you when Peter Parker strolls into your life with happiness in his every footstep because he is just so, so glad to be there. You’re spooning cereal into your mouth when he sits down directly across from you, a video camera cupped in his soft looking hands and the little red button clicked on, meaning that he is recording you. You place your spoon back into the bowl of milk that is dusted with cinnamon sugar from the Cinnamon Toast Crunch you’ve been eating for the past ten minutes. 

   “Do you mind?” 

   “Mind what?” He asked, peeking up from behind his camera. You gestured toward it, wiping your mouth with your sleeve. 

   “The camera. I’m kind of still in the middle of eating breakfast in my pajamas,” you leaned forward, switching it off. “You must be the Spider-Boy.” The chestnut haired boy feels a blush creeping up his neck and settling along his cheekbones when you say that. 

   “Oh, did Mr. Stark tell you that?” He rubbed the back of his neck, laughing awkwardly. “Um, it’s Spider-Man, actually.” He mumbled the man part, knowing fully well that he didn’t look like much of a man in the eyes of anyone, his eyes casting down as he fidgeted with the strap on his camera. 

   “Oh good,” you nodded. You took another spoonful of cereal. “I like that better. Nicer ring to it.” You grabbed your box of sugary breakfast and pushed it toward him, an offering. 

   “Huh?” He was a bit dazed. He stared at the box in front of him and then realized he had been doing that for far too long of a time to be considered normal. “Oh, right, um, sure, thanks!” He opened the box and took a handful, shoving it in his mouth. You kept eating your cereal, silently staring at the bowl and willing yourself not to laugh at the boy in front of you. With all his nerves, he was still a bundle of energy and cheerfulness, and, well, let’s face it, he was sort of adorable. “So, you think my name’s cool?” He tried to sound suave, charming, as he said it, tried to smirk at you, but he stopped when he realized that he looked stupid.

   You gave him a half smile. “It’s pretty good.” His face positively lit up with happiness to be taken seriously, and you knew the feeling too well. You stuck out your hand. “Oh, forgot to introduce myself-” 

  “Y/N Stark, adopted daughter of Mr. Stark, probably the smartest girl in all of New York and, uh, correct if I’m wrong but… Black Widow’s best student as well as Bruce Banner’s apprentice.” 

   You gaped at him. The blush he had been sporting crept up to his ears and made his nose turn the shade of a strawberry. “Well, uh, yeah,” you said, flustered. “Should I creeped out or flattered?” 

   “Flattered, please.” The genuine worry in his eyes as he leaned forward made you laugh. He had an endearing personality. 

   “Flattered it is.” You watched the slow sigh of relief leave his mouth, his hands flying up the mess of hair atop his head and fixing it distractedly. Your dad walked into the room, and Peter practically fell out of his chair trying to stand up and seem presentable. Your slouch was indicative that you didn’t care much. He was just your dad. “Morning, pops,” you slid the box over his way.  

   He frowned at it.” Y/N, that stuff is crap. I don’t know why you eat it.” 

   “Wanda and I like it,” you said defensively, a slip of the tongue. You knew your dad was going to get annoyed at the mention of the Scarlet Witch, who had evaded and ignored his attempts at keeping her powers under control. “It’s good. High quality. Right, Peter?” You whipped your head toward him. 

   He felt his heart give a little tug. He grabbed the box out of your hand and shoved more cereal in his mouth, the cinnamon sugar sticking to his lips. “Yeah, Mr. Stark. Best stuff ever,” he said through a mouthful of it. Tony gave them an amused glance, picking up your two heaviest suitcases and beckoning you both to the landing strip. Peter swallowed his food. 

   He didn’t even like Cinnamon Toast Crunch that much. He was just thrilled that you knew his real name.

   Everything about this kid was infuriatingly dorky in the cutest way possible. You came to this conclusion as you boarded the jet with ease, sitting in your usual spot by the window and greeting Happy with your typical friendly smile and idle chitchat. Peter stumbled onto it with awe written across his features as he stared around the place, touching nearly everything much to Happy’s dismay. 

   “Haven’t you been on a plane before?” The man asked, growing irritated with the way the kid was filming everything. You saw Peter zoom in on Happy’s face and grinned out your window. 

   “Nope, never!” Peter exclaimed, his video camera still in front of him as he captured every detail of his trip. 

   “Well, sit down so we can take off,” Happy said gruffly, grabbing Peter’s shoulders and forcefully placing him into a seat. 

  Peter sat still for a moment, then hopped over to the seat next to you. He placed his camera in front of him on the tray table. “Y/N, smile for the camera. I’m recording.” You looked at him, then turned to the camera and gave it a deadpan stare. You even threw in a slow blink. “Good enough,” he shrugged. He kept it recording as he shifted in his seat so that his entire body was facing you, his chin resting in his hand and his elbow on your armrest. His gaze was sort of nice. “So, Miss Stark, I have a few questions.” 

   “Um, okay, shoot,” you closed your book that you had open on your lap. “I’m not that interesting, just so you know.” 

  “I think you’re interesting,” he assured you. You heard Happy let out a choked laugh at Peter’s flirting attempt, but it was just another thing you found sort of lovely. It was a genuine compliment. “What’s your favorite subject in school?”

   You’d been expecting the typical what’s it like being Tony’s daughter spiel, and you were pleased to get an actual question about yourself for once. “I like everything, I guess. I kind of love school, but I don’t go to a conventional school, so. Training is cool, I like that a lot.” 

   “You train with Black Widow, I have to ask- can you show me some moves? I need to refine my technique before the fight,” he explained.  

    “Do you wanna learn how to crush people with your thighs?”

   “Wow! Do you think I could? Could you teach me? That’s so cool,” he beamed, turning to the camera for a split second with an overexcited look. 

   You pursed your lips, staring out your window for a minute. You were up in the air by now, and there was long flight ahead of you. “Maybe. If my dad is okay with it. I have to check.” Peter looked confused, 

   “Why wouldn’t he be?” 

   “He’s, you know, really overprotective.” You put your first against the cheek, leaning the same way that Peter was. You sighed. “I don’t have a lot of friends. Which is fine, but I can’t even attempt to go make any because I have a whole freaking SWAT team on my ass the minute I step out of the tower because he’s so worried about my safety.” You let your head hit the window, your eyes rolling skyward. “And that makes no sense because-” 

   “You’re really strong and stuff. You can protect yourself,” Peter finished. 

    “I think you know me a little too well, Peter,” you said, poking him lightly in the arm. “But… yeah, exactly. I don’t really get to do anything fun. I don’t have adventures. Sure, reading is fun and studying is fun for me and training is great and I love hanging out with everyone in the tower but I’m still a teenager. No fun for me, though. My life is pretty boring, sorry if that makes your little video diary suck.” You stuck your tongue out at his camera.  

   “No worries,” he said, taking it off the tray table and turning it toward you. “Tell me every boring detail, Miss Stark.” 

   “As long as you stop calling me Miss Stark.” 

   “You’ve got a deal.” 

   It was a seven hour trip, and you both passed out by the three hour mark after Peter had pried every excruciating detail from your life out of you. You hated sleeping on airplanes, but your head was slumped against his shoulder and his arm was knocking against your own and his sweatshirt was as soft as pillow. You remembered the shy glance he had given you just before you knocked out on his shoulder for the remainder of the flight. He had a sweet smile. 

    Peter filmed absolutely everything. He filmed himself getting off the plane and then filmed you getting off the plane and nearly shoved the camera in Happy’s face until he threatened to break it and Peter backed off. He radiated enthusiasm. “Look at this, and this, and this, oh shit wow that’s so cool look at this! Oh man this is good stuff!”

   “Peter this is literally just the airport how am I supposed to take you around the actual city?!”

   “OH WOW Y/N have you seen this!” 

    “Yes, Peter!” 

     He zoomed in on your face, your devoid of emotion look appearing again. “Are you ever gonna smile for the camera?” He gave you a pout, doe eyes and all. You turned away. 

   “No. I’m supposed to be babysitting you, please be behave.” You touched your fingers to the bridge of your nose, dragging Peter to a couch. “Please sit. We’re getting the hotel reservations checked.” 

   “Do they juice boxes? I’m really thirsty.” He was just trying to make you laugh at this point, and annoying you was kind of funny for him. You let out an involuntary chuckle when he pretended to claw at his throat, throwing himself on the ground. 

   “I’ll make sure they have juice boxes for you, Petey. You’re such a seven year old, geez.” You pretended to gag. 

   Looking offended, Peter replied, “I’m actually twelve.” 

   Jokingly, you said, “You’re a twelve year old that’s going to get a punch in the face if you don’t settle down right now.” He stood up, directly in front of you with his light eyes and little grin, another feverish looking heat burning at his face. Nevertheless, he still said, “It’d be an honor to get beaten up by you.” 

  His voice, the sincerity he carried within it despite the ludicrous statement, made you feel those famed butterflies fluttering inside you. Maybe it was the way he looked into your eyes as he said it. Maybe it wasn’t. But something within you was starting to like Peter Parker, and you’d barely known him for twenty four hours. 

   Then again, it was hard to not like Peter. The kid was just so damn likable. 

   He had known it from the moment he first set his eyes upon you that day in the tower that he was a goner. If he had known it then, just from sitting down across from you with nothing to him but his lanky figure and a suit that resembled a onesie more than it did a costume fit for a hero such as he, he was sure of it now, a week and a half later. 

   Every day had been the same routine. He’d be up bright and early in the morning so you could help with him his training, teaching him how to utilize the suit your father had given him with ease rather than his usual tactic of jumping into everything blind. You’d been the one to help come up with nearly all of the web shooter combinations. He didn’t know all of them yet, or close to half of them, but he was progressing wonderfully. 

   After training, you’d give him the tour of your favorite places around Germany, close enough to where you’d both be able to get back to the hotel before dark. He filmed the both of you constantly, but you shied away from the cameras every time without fail. He couldn’t understand why, but he didn’t push. He just liked filming in general, and would accept you not smiling in any of his clips as long as you were still in there. 

   There was a beautiful sense of normalcy that came with hanging around Peter. You reveled in it. No one had ever made you laugh so hard with his ridiculous attempts at jokes or made you smile so much at his shy flirting skills that clearly needed to be revisited. 

   It was okay. You didn’t mind. And the fact that you didn’t tease him for it made him so, so happy. 

   Then, came the day of the fight. Peter had his camera out, he was dressed in his spidey suit, and you were standing there next to him dictating who he should and shouldn’t go after. 

   “Don’t go after Wanda ‘cause she could obliterate you in two seconds and Cap could crush you, too, but he won’t ‘cause he’s really nice like that. Bucky won’t care as much, though, so don’t do that- Ant-Man seems pretty cool and harmless but I don’t have as much intel on him and Peter if you get hurt you have to go hide somewhere-” 

   “I’m not gonna get hurt,” he said confidently. 

   You ignored him. “I’m gonna be in your earpiece, figuratively speaking, so I’ll hear everything you do and if you talk I’ll be able to hear you and you can hear me. So, just… keep me updated.” Peter took off his mask for a second, hair sticking up everywhere from the static. You leaned up, smoothing it back into place. Everything about him was soft. You wanted to curl up in it and stay there for as long as you could. 

   “I’ll be fine, Y/N, don’t worry,” Peter placed his hand on your shoulder. You felt your face heat up. 

   “I- I’m not worried.” You totally were. “I know you’ll be fine.” You didn’t want him getting hurt. “I just want you to be careful.” You didn’t want him to fight. 

   You could’ve sworn his face fell a  bit when you said you weren’t worried, but he squeezed your shoulder anyway. Without a moment’s hesitation, you threw your arms around him, your nose pressing against his neck as you took a deep breath. He stood there for a second without doing anything until he realized that if he didn’t hug you back, he’d be the dumbest person on the face of the Earth. You felt his surprisingly defined arms hug you back. 

   You didn’t look at him when you pulled away. You stared at the spider emblazoned on his chest, gave him a quick good luck, then departed from the room. You sat on your own hotel bed with a rapidly beating heart.

    The nerves were killing you. Ten more minutes. You opened your laptop and pulled up the system that would allow you to communicate across Team Stark. You were more focused on your dad and Peter. You tapped into your dad’s earpiece after placing the headset on. “Dad?” You spoke into the microphone. 

   “Hey, kiddo, everything okay?” 

   “Y-Yeah I just-” you took another breath. “Be safe. I love you.” 

   “I love you too, Y/N. Are you sure everything is okay over there?” 

   “Can you just make sure Peter gets out okay? If he gets hurt, bring him right back, please. That’s it.” Maybe it was a stupid request in someone else’s eyes, but you needed Peter to make it back in one piece. Tony Stark looked over at Peter Parker, crouching in his hiding spot and fumbling around with the gloves of his suit and gave the kid a knowing smile. Of course that was the one his  daughter fell for in the end. Perfectly fitting. 

   “I’ll make sure.” You knew your father couldn’t see the grateful smile on your face, the sigh of relief that fell past your lips when he spoke these words.

   Peter Parker, I swear if you make it out of this, I will smile like an idiot in every single one of your stupidly adorable video diary things. I swear. Just be safe.

 “Your black eye is awful,” you told him, dabbing at it with more cream. “Totally ruins your face.”

   “I think I look manly.” 

   “You think incorrectly.” You stepped back, your fingertips tilting his chin up so you could examine it further. “I think I got the worst of it. You did really well, Peter. Exceptionally well.” His face was glowing from your compliment. 

   “Can I get on that tape?” He asked excitedly, ducking under his hotel bed for his camera. You nodded, and he switched the camera on. He held out his arm so that you were both in frame. And you smiled. He forgot all about what you were supposed to say the moment that beautiful smile appeared there. “I- wow, Y/N.” 


    His stare was kind as it usually was. “You just-” he paused. “Your smile is really, really beautiful.” There was no way for you to turn away from the camera this time and you were left grinning like a lovestruck idiot at the boy in front of you, leaning up on your toes to press a kiss to his cheek. 

  “Thank you.” 

  You slept the entire plane ride the way you had the last time, curled up against Peter. This time, it was intentional. One of your arms was flung across his waist and his was wrapped around your shoulders, the sweatshirt he had came in now swaddling you cozily. There were two separate cars waiting for you. You stood in between them when the flight got off, the sleeves of his sweater hanging off your hands as you reached out to grab his. He felt you push a piece of paper into his hand. “You better call me, Peter Parker. I’ll be really upset if you don’t.” 

   He wrapped you suddenly in an embrace that lifted you off your feet just a little bit, his lips pressing against your temple. “I’ll call you every day.” 

   He kept true to his word. Every day without fail, your phone rang with a call from Peter, and you fell asleep on the phone with him more often than not. If you weren’t on the phone with him, you were texting him, and if you weren’t doing that, you wished that you were. The consistent communication was better than nothing, but regardless, you missed his presence. You missed the way you felt walking next to him as he explained why chocolate ice cream was so clearly better than vanilla. You just missed him. 

   “Peter?” You held the phone to your ear, nestled in your blankets already even though it was barely nine o'clock. His sleepy voice mumbled out a yes? “Would it be stupid if I said that I missed you?” 

  She could practically hear his wide smile through the phone. “Of course not. I miss you, too. So much. Probably more than you miss me.” 

   “That’s so not true!” She scoffed. 

    “Wanna bet?” His tone was mischievous, no longer the hoarse, pretty voice of a boy just waking up from his nap. “Open your bedroom door.” 

    “Are you joking?” 

    You hung up the phone, throwing back your covers and not caring one bit that your hair was a dripping mess from your shower or that you were wearing  a terrible set of hello kitty pajamas that weren’t meant for anyone over the age of ten based on the size of the top. You nearly tackled him to the ground when you saw him standing in your doorway, a happy squeal escaping your lips. You were surprised he even got in, considering your dad wasn’t home, but you figured Vision had let him in. Vision always had a way of knowing. 

   “Have I ever told you that you have a really pretty smile?” Peter’s lips hovered over yours, almost hesitant. You took the initiative to kiss first, your hands delving into his silk-like hair. There was no point in waiting anymore. Your noses bumped together clumsily when he tilted his head back, admiring. You could feel your whole being light up when he gazed at you the way that he did, in that admiring, careful, Peter way of his. 

   “Careful, Spidey,” You warned, hands on his chest as you stared right back up at him. 

   “Careful of what?” He quirked an eyebrow. 

   “You’re going to make me fall in love with you one of these days if you keep looking at me like that.” It was only the truth, and you were a honest person.

   “That’s sort of the plan,” he shrugged in a seemingly careless way, but he couldn’t hide it. He was an open book. An open book who loved you, and the way that you smiled at him when he pulled back his sleeve to reveal a web shooter, a strange glint in those brown eyes of his as he said, “You up for an adventure?” 

Pack Mother - Derek Hale - Part 2

Characters: Jackson Whittemore, Isaac Lahey, Liam Dunbar, Derek Hale, Stiles Stilinski, Lydia Martin, PackMom!Reader.

Part 1

Everyone had arrived but Derek, at this point you’d assumed he just wasn’t coming but you pushed that thought to the back of your head. You had the pack to think of.

“It’s not fair, you’re taking care of him 24/7!” Jackson whined at you.

You sit the knife on the cutting board and cross your arms. “Oh yeah? Tell that to the gunshot victim lying on my couch. He needs constant care, Jackson.” You lower your voice and walk towards him. “He’s not the same as us, kiddo. You need to remember that.” Jackson was complaining about Stiles getting all of your attention and it had struck a nerve. “If you want attention, do something nice. I don’t give you attention because you’re so hostile to everyone. You can’t just be nice to me and think that it’s okay.” You smile as you place a hand on his shoulder. “Try being nice, Jackson..okay?”

Jackson lets out a deep breath. “Yeah, okay.”

He leaves the room and you go back to cooking when you noticed Derek. “Hey.” He smiles.

“Hey, when did you get here?” You smile back.

“Long enough to hear you talking to Jackson. You’re great at this, by the way.”

You shrug, “It’s natural, I guess.”

“Can I talk to you about something?” He walks toward you.

“Yeah, should we go upstairs?” You look up at him. He nods and you lead him upstairs to your bedroom.

“So..Liam imprinted on me this morning. Normally, I would’ve been ecstatic that I’m on my way to becoming a pack father..but I know you’ve already filled the parental spot.”

“That’s impossible.” You cross your arms. “He came over before everyone else and we had a talk. I felt the connection from his imprint on me.”

“You don’t think…?” Derek starts.

“I’ve only heard of it happening once or twice.” You look up at him.

“It’s possible. I’m almost certain Isaac has imprinted too.” Derek watches you carefully.

It’s incredibly rare but sometimes members of the pack can imprint on two people. It usually happens with a husband and wife and not two people who just met, but it happens. When members imprint on two people, the people are drawn towards each other, it’s almost like raising kids together.

“Should we go get Liam and Isaac?” He asks. You nod before sticking your head out the door, you call for them and you hear them bounding up the stairs.

“What’s up?” Isaac asks as he walks in and sits on your bed.

“Did you imprint on Derek?” You ask bluntly.

The both of them look at each other. “It’s not on purpose.” Liam says quietly. He looks sad, like he’s hurt your feelings.

“Hey.” You walk over to him and he looks up at you. “It’s okay. We still have our connection. My feelings aren’t hurt, it’s fine.” You nod reassuringly. Liam wraps his arms around you tightly and you smile. You ruffle his hair and hug him back. “You’re my pup, Dunbar.”

He laughs. “It’s not weird though, right? I mean, I didn’t imprint on you with any intentions.” He says to Derek.

Derek shakes his head and comes to your side. “I get it.” He smiles. Liam exits the room and you can feel his happiness radiating.

“If I’m being honest here, you guys are a hot couple. I mean, we just helped you out.” Isaac smirks, his head propped up on your pillows.

“Isaac up. Now. Don’t act smug about it because you’re embarrassed that you had a connection with a guy.” You walk over and pull him up by his ear.

“Ow ow ow..okay.” He pulls away and rubs his ear. “Sorry. I’m not embarrassed I just don’t want Derek to feel weird about it. You know…because I’m a dude.”

“Oh come on, Isaac. Don’t play the no homo card. That’ll get you kicked out real quickly.” You warn.

“I don’t think it’s weird.” Derek approaches him. “I appreciate that you felt you could come to me. You know I’m always here.” He pats Isaac’s shoulder. You saw how he talked to Isaac and you felt bad. They should’ve imprinted on him in the first place, not you. He’s an amazing father figure.

“Thanks. It’s just nice to have someone to talk to.”

“Isaac are you still staying with Scott?” You look up at the tall boy.

“Yeah, why?” He looks at you.

“Move in with me. I know the whole parent thing is touchy, so just let me handle it okay? You’ll have someone for parent teacher conferences, to sign permission slips…we’ll work something out, yeah?” You smile and take his hand. He looks like he might cry.

“Y/N, I’d love that. You’re a better mother to me than my biological mom.” You hug tightly.

“If it’s not too forward…I could help take care of him.” Derek looks at you. “I could move in, we could get legal custody…” You and Isaac pull away.

“A two-for-one deal?”

You laugh. “Yeah, Isaac. A two-for-one deal. It looks like you just got a new set of parents.”

“I’m going to go talk to Scott.” He smiles and leaves the room.

“I hope you don’t think that was inappropriate…me offering myself up to live with you.” Derek says.

“No, I mean..if we’re going to be pack parents it’s probably better that we are together anyway..” You smile. “Legally adopting Isaac too? That would be amazing.”

“Hey, sorry to change the topic..but I didn’t kiss you last night and I was just really caught up in you..and I hope you didn’t think that was weird because I did want to kiss you.” Derek rambles.

From what Scott has said about him you always thought he’d be kind of grumpy, not insanely adorable and soft. “No, it’s fine.” You smile.

“So, it would be okay if I did this?” He presses his lips to yours, pulling you close to him.

You kiss him back, mumbling against him, “More than okay.”

You kiss gently, nothing was escalating quickly. You hear footsteps and you pull away from him, smiling when you see Lydia enter the room.

“Stiles is being aggressive.” She pouts.

“What else is new?” Derek mutters.

“No, like he said he just wants you. He’s not letting anyone else get near him.”

You glance over your shoulder at Derek before going downstairs to Stiles. “Everybody out. Go out back or upstairs, I don’t care just out of this room.” You watch as everyone scatters. You squat in front of Stiles. “What’s going on?” You press a hand to his forehead, he still has a fever.

“I don’t know..” His voice sounds raspy. “I feel weird. I’m hot and extremely angry.”

You smile, Derek coming into the room with water. He hands it to Stiles. The younger boy sits up, drinking the whole bottle in no time.

You and Derek exchange glances. “Stiles lay back down.” He does as you say and you lift his shirt up where the bullet hole was, only to your surprise, it was gone. No hole, just the thread you’d used to sew stitches.

“Derek can you grab me the scissors?” You ask and he nods, going to retrieve them.

“Stiles, have you been feeling better?” You watch him closely as he nods. Derek returns with the scissors and you cut the stitches out and examine the area. Absolutely no sign of a gunshot wound.

“Is it possible you got bit?” You ask him quietly.

“I mean..I guess it’s always possible. Look who I surround myself with.” He responds.

“The bullet could’ve been laced in something.” Derek pipes up.

“That’s true. You were shot by another pack…”

“Wait, does that mean I’m a werewolf?” Stiles sits up immediately.

“It could..” Derek says and you stand up, sighing as you run a hand through your hair.

“Scott!” You yell, knowing that wherever he’s gone he can still here you. He runs into the house quickly. “What’s up?”

“I think Stiles is turning.” You turn and look at him, sensing Stiles’ panic.

Make Me: Part 2

Prompt: Don’t think for a second that I don’t love you

AN: This is going up a bit late, because I kept rewriting it, but I really enjoyed it. This is part 2 to yesterday’s prompt. It was actually a tie between Dick and Damian, so I incorporated both.

Words: 1880

Part One

Your fists bang against the punching bag in a rapid succession. Sweat is dripping down your back, but you do your best to ignore it as you grab the bag and ram your knee into it several times. Your breathing is heavy at this point, and you take a step back.

          You crouch down and put your head in-between your knees, and try to catch your breath. Suddenly the light is gone, and terry cloth is blocking your eyes. You pull the towel off and look up. You find your eyes staring back at you.

          “Hello little brother.”

          “You’re not sleeping.”

          You grin. “Really? I hadn’t noticed.”

          He frowns. “You’re in the same room as when I left. Please tell me you’ve at least eaten in the eight hours since I left for school.”

          You stare at your brother. “I promise you that I have left the dojo, that I have eaten, and that I have slept.”

          He crosses his arms. “Try it again, without letting your tells show.”

          You towel off and say, “Everything was the truth, with the exception of the sleep bit.”

          “That’s the third day in a row.”

          You sigh as you begin walking out of the gym, Damian hot on your heels. “I’m well aware of my own sleep patterns. Thank you very much.”

          “I’m worried, Y/N.”

          You turn on him, and you give him a small glare. “Just because you’re taller than me does not mean that I can’t still put you on your ass, Damian. Now, from the way you’re dressed I can only assume that you have some sort of mission, and you’ve come to tell me that you’ll be gone for a few days?”

          Damian just nods. “I’ll be gone for three days. I’ll come and find you when I’m back. Hopefully you’ll be a little less cranky when that time comes.”

          You let the jab fly as you watch him leave. You let out a curse when he’s out of earshot before turning and punching the wall. You frown at the dent there.

          “Apparently, the hot temper is a Wayne family trait.”

          You turn to look into blue eyes. “If you met my grandfather, you’d know it’s an Al Ghul trait.”

          Dick stops in front of you. “I have met your grandfather. Watched Bruce kick his ass more than once.”

          You smile at the thought, before a warm calloused hand takes your own cold one. The other goes to your forehead. “You’re freezing,” he murmurs.

          You take a step back. “I’ve always run on cold. Damian used to complain about it when we were younger. When he was four he brought me this big cozy blanket and he’d cuddle with me during the winter. Then our grandfather found out and he forbade it. Said it would make him soft, and leaders can’t be soft.”

          Dick tugs on your hand. You follow and ask, “Where are we going?”

          Dick just smiles and says, “To do the one thing that makes everything better; eat pie.”

          Thirty minutes later finds the two of you half way through one of Alfred’s peanut butter pies.

          “So how are you settling in?” You shrug. He gives you another grin. “That well, hunh?”

          “It’s another place, where I’m surrounded by people, and yet still alone.”

“I know the feeling.”

          You raise an eyebrow. “Do you now, Boy Wonder?”

          “That’s Mr. Boy Wonder to you, and yeah, I do. I was Bruce Wayne’s adopted kid, I was teased a lot in the beginning, especially when the kids at school found out about the circus. Even in the teams, I was always the leader and that separates you from people. It’s probably not near the extent of what you feel but …”

          “I find that comparing and judging experiences is never a good idea. Trying to rationalize feelings or make some else’s greater than yours devalues your own. Pain is pain, it can’t be measured.”

          He smiles. “Very philosophical.”

          “I read a lot.”

          There’s another moment of silence before he says, “Have you and Bruce talked at all.”

          You shake your head. “He’s focused on the mission at hand. I’ve invited a threat on his family, and he wants it gone. I can understand that.”

          “You’re his family too. You’re his daughter,” Dick says gently.

          “I’m also twenty-six, Dick. I don’t need a dad anymore. Personally I’m just happy that Damian has him. That they’ve formed some sort of relationship, and that he rescued him from that life.”

          “And what about you?”

          “I’m fine on my own.”

          “Everyone needs someone.”

          You feel something stir at those words, and you smile a bit as you lean in and say, “Are you offering, Dick?”

          He raises an eyebrow. “We’ve only known each other for two months.”

          “And I’ve been under house arrest that entire time, I’m bored out of my mind, and for all I know Slade could burst in at any minute and kill me. Personally, I think it would be a very nice FU to screw the one man he hates more than my father.” Now you’re close to him, your lips just inches from his, your hand on his chest, over his heart. You can feel it speeding up.

          “Damian will kill me.”

          You lean in and right before you kiss him you say, “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you from the munchkin.”

          He’s surprisingly gentle and attentive. You’re used to wham, bam, thank you ma’am; one night stands that end with you leaving the guy in bed, but the more you kiss this man, the more you realize there is no leaving him. And as he pulls you to him, and wraps his arms around you afterwards, you feel just the tiniest bit of warmth. That night, you sleep through the whole night for the first time in six years.

          You don’t put a label on it. It’s more than friends with benefits, but less than dating. You keep it on the down low for the next three months, until Damian catches you with Dick’s tongue shoved down your throat. You have to make good on your promise that night, as you attempt to calm Damian down, and end a feud before it starts.

          “I can’t believe you’re doing it with Grayson!” You watch your little brother pace back and forth in front of you. “He’s my brother!”

          You smirk. “Well he is most certainly not my brother.” Damian growls, and you walk up to him “I sleep through the night with him.”

          That stops him cold. “What?”

          You repeat yourself, “I sleep through the night when I’m next to him. For some reason I trust him.”

          Damian stares at you dumbfounded. “Do you love him?”

          You cross your arms over your chest. “There’s no room for love in my life until Slade Wilson has been wiped off of this Earth.”

          “There’s always an excuse.” You bristle, as you slide into a defensive position, only to see your father standing there.  He looks at you and says, “Follow me, please.”

          Damian just rolls his eyes and move forward until Bruce suddenly says, “Not you, your sister.”

          You’re a bit shocked at that as you move forward to follow him into his study. You sit in one of the chairs he keeps there for reading and asks, “How long have you known?”

          He smiles. “Since I came home from patrol to find one of Alfred’s pies only half eaten. Those are only abandoned for something a bit more tempting.”

          He sits down in the seat across from you. “We haven’t really talked since you came to stay here.”

          You shrug. “You’ve been busy. Focused on the objective. I understand that.”

          He nods. “You really do, and that’s what scares me.” Your eyes narrow a bit and he leans back in his chair. “Just because we haven’t spoken much, doesn’t mean we haven’t been observing each other. Just like it doesn’t mean that we haven’t dug up all the dirt we can on each other.”

          “What did you find?”

          “That your mother’s assessment is true. You are my daughter. A lot of one night stands, but nothing meaningful. Focused on the job at hand, and willing to push everything to the side to accomplish it. Even if it means losing your happiness.” He pauses before saying, “I don’t want you to turn out like me.”

          “What makes you think I would?”

          “I saw it in your eyes, as you talked to Damian. When you said you could sleep through the night next to him you realized that you had already fallen for him, that you were becoming somewhat dependent on him, and for a flash of a second I could see the panic in your body language, because when we depend on people, when we love people, we risk losing them, and being left alone, and that is terrifying.”

          You lean back in your seat. “Speaking from experience?”

          “Very much so.”

          You look him in the eye. “Would you do it differently? The past? If you could?”

          “Yes. But I can’t. I can however change things now, starting with our relationship.”

          You smirk. “You mean you want to build one?”

          He shrugs. “If it’s possible.”

          You smirk. “We’re Wayne’s, anything is possible.” You stand up from the chair and place a kiss on his cheek. “You have time for a spar tomorrow morning?”

          He smiles and places a hand on your shoulder. “Six o’clock work?”

          You nod. “Sounds good.” Then you leave the room.

          You find Dick in the gym. He’s on the rings. You watch him for several minutes before he dismounts. He smiles at you and you move towards him. Without any warning you wrap your arms around his neck and you kiss him.

          His own arms wrap around you, and when you pull away you say, “I can sleep next to you.”

          Dick’s brow furrows in confusion and he says, “I’m sorry?”

          You smile. “I’ve never been good at sleeping. I think it’s this mixture of PTSD and anxiety, but I’ve always been a light sleeper, and never one to sleep through the whole night. During particularly rough periods I’d go without sleep until I collapsed from exhaustion. That first night we were together was the first night I had not only slept through the night, but slept next to another person. For some reason I trusted you, and that scares me.”

          Dick pushes some hair out of your eyes and says, “That’s understandable.”

          “This is more than sex; I feel something for you. I think it’s love and that scares me because neither side of my family has ever been good with love. We manipulate, or we push away, but we never actually love. I don’t want to be like that. I love you Richard Grayson, and that terrifies me.”

          He smiles and kisses you again before saying, “And don’t you think for a second that I don’t love you.”

           You smile. “I may not be very good with this, at least not at first.”

          Dick just smiles and says, “Well lucky for you, I am an excellent teacher.”

           You’re just about to kiss him again, when there’s a loud explosion, then something hits you in the back of the head, and everything goes dark.

Kim Jongdae//Collision Course - Part 2

Originally posted by baekintime

Summary: You were the typical girl with big dreams who moved to the city as soon as she had the chance, and somehow ended up in the wrong part of town - but you manage to get swept up in an entirely different situation than you’d planned. (1 / 2/ 3/ 4 /5)
Scenario: mafia!AU/hacker!AU
Word Count: 5,165 

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There are so many to chose from, so I thought I’d make this. 

They will be split up in to ships, and then into six other categories. So, here we go! The other ships will be on other posts, but when they’re done, I’ll link em.

Lams (John Laurens/Alexander Hamilton)

Modern AUs

Something They Can Never Take Away by a_mind_at_work  (@undiscoveredstory here on tumblr)

Word Count: 65,524 (WIP)

Summary: Alexander Hamilton arrives on Washington’s doorstep in distress and disarray feeling like just another worthless kid in the system. He’s certain that the Washington’s house will be no different from the others he’s been to. Usually a chatterbox who always speaks his mind, Alex decides it’s best to keep his mouth shut and his head down as he navigates his new life with the Washingtons, their adoptive son, Lafayette, and Lafayette’s amazing friends, one of whom may be working his way into Alexander’s heart. As much as he wants to move forward, he’s haunted by his past. Can Alexander face his demons or will they ruin him once and for all?

Personal Comment: Amazing. Read it. I am not usually a fan of modern AUs cause I am a massive history nerd, but I mean just read it. 10/10 would recommend. 

i saw the whole story unwind by pocky_slash ( @fourteenacross here on tumblr)

Word Count: 132,888 (complete)

Summary: It’s been two years since Alexander’s popular parapsychology blog helped him crowdfund his way to America and into college. Now, after graduating early, he finds himself accepted into the most prestigious parapsych grad program in the world. He’s going to study and hunt ghosts under the tutelage of George Washington, just like he predicted in his ten year plan. What he didn’t predict was stumbling into the best friendships he’s ever had and falling in love, but he can’t say he’s complaining.
(AKA the one where they’re all grad students ostensibly studying ghosts, but mostly having a lot of feelings.)

Personal Comment: This fic. This fic right here. Okay I read all 100k words of this in like one day and it gave me so many feelings Jesus I love this fic so much omg. Just read it. Seriously. Read it. 

Wine and Dine by UpsideAround (wont let me tag, here’s a link)

Word Count: 17,372 (complete) 

Summary: How many disastrous blind dates do you have to go on before you inevitably fall in love with the waiter that stays behind and talks to you after every one? Alexander was pretty sure this wasn’t Herc’s original plan.

Personal Comment: Amazing, just amazing. Funny and cute and I’m gushing. It made me smile and squeal and jump up and down. Just really, really, really, wonderful. 

In Pursuit of Happiness by theother51 (can’t find them on here, if you know em, tag em)

Word Count: 70,290 (complete) 

Summary: Squabble (v.) - to quarrel noisily over a trivial matter.
“Alexander and John squabbled over who should get the last box of Cool Markers in the store.”

Personal Comment: Hamilton, Laurens, teachers; arguing over markers. I rest my case. There is nothing more to say, than, read this goddamn fic. 

Fix it AUs

A Complete, Unmatched Set by triedunture (it wouldn’t let me tag them; so here’s a link – Contains more than just lams, (eliza/alex & john/eliza) but still.

Word Count: 10,187 (complete)

Summary: Eight years after the war ends, Hamilton finds his old compatriot and lover John Laurens, very much alive but without possession of his memories. Eliza takes charge, as she did eight years previous.

Personal Comment: Okay, fix it fics are my life and soul and this one is just so wonderful and perfect. I mean a fix it fic and someone coming back to life, sign me the fuck up.

Other AUs

We are powerless by Sammyy (I can’t find their tumblr, but if they have one, feel free to tag them) 

Word Count: 47,675 (Complete, but there’s a sequel on the way) 

Summary: “District Four’s tributes! Elizabeth Schuyler and Alexander Hamilton!”, Lee shouted into the microphone and Alexander reached out to take Eliza’s hand without prompting.
“Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor!”
People were still watching them. Eliza’s hand was clutching his, though her face betrayed no emotion. Alexander swallowed and, once Lee was done, pulled her into a tight hug. “Smile for the cameras, Betsey,” he murmured, using the nickname only he had for her, “We won’t let them know we’re scared.” 

Personal comment: A Hunger Games AU, I went in not knowing what this was going to be like and I was blown away. Like better than the actual thing blown away. 10/10 would recommend.

Historical Fics

Apple by Madtom_Publius (Can’t find them here, if you know them tag em)

Word Count: 1,602 (complete, one shot)

Summary: John and Alex think making out will help relieve stress, but John can’t get over what society has taught him, especially when he starts enjoying it too much. John’s perspective. 

Personal Comment: Some trigger warnings: internalised homophobia, Christian specific homophobia, time period homophobia. Yeah so this isn’t the happiest of things, but read the rest of the series. It is wonderfully written.

Ocular by iniquiticity (can’t tag, here’s a link!

Word Count: Ocular (adj): of/or connected with the eye
He was in the eye of the storm. He was surrounded by the calmness of it, by the void of the tempest. He was wrapped and swaddled in the quiet. The tranquil air insulated him from the force of the wind and hail. He had been protected by the shield of it, and it gave him strength to outlast.

Personal Comment: Remember how I said fix it fics are my life and soul, I lied, historical lams is my life and soul. I blame knee breeches and cravats. Actually, this historical fic is my life and soul. I read it again, and again… wait… I’m just going to read it again. 

Okay! The next post will be Jamilton (Alexander/Thomas Jefferson), and I’ll link it here. If you have any lams fics you want me to read, then just submit the link here!! 

Journey To Remember- Chapter 3

Chapter 1 - Chapter 2

@itsallavengers Here ya go.


The first thing Clint did when he got off the train was to knock a boy’s glasses off. Tony would call it an accident but in the past five hours he had spent with Clint, he’d learned that accident was just another name for Clint as a person. If tripping over one’s own feet were a skill, Clint would be an expert in it. So when Clint tripped over nothing and grabbed the first person in front of him, knocking him down - Tony wasn’t really surprised.

“It’s cracked,” Jane observed as she picked up the glasses that had fallen near her feet, testing the frame and wincing, “The frame is bent too.”

“Let’s hope he’s not cracked,” Bucky pulled the fallen boy up and peered at him as his face looked pinched, “Are you alright?”

The boy shifted away when Bucky looked to lay a hand on his shoulder and nodded tightly, blinking hard as he stretched out a hand to ask his glasses back. Tony saw a scrape on his palm but the boy changed his hand immediately, like he had detected Tony’s gaze.

“My - my glasses,” he asked and Jane held on to it as she placed it in his hand.

“It’s broken,” she told him, a small frown appearing and smoothing out on her face, “You shouldn’t put this on, the frame is going to hurt you, see there, it’s bent and out of -”

“My glasses,” the curly brown-haired boy snapped, his voice getting tighter and Tony could see his other hand flexing, trying not to clench up in a fist. He quickly looked over the boy and could see the hints in the hunched shoulders, darting eyes, a slightly swollen cheekbone, and the shifting feet. He knew, he just knew that this boy was used to being pushed, used to having things broken, and definitely not used to anyone fixing things for him.

Tony’s eyes cut over the brunet and met Steve’s, only mildly surprised when he found the blond boy looking back at him before glancing at Bruce speakingly. Steve was different, unlike Tony in so many ways, but he had the same sharp glance for reading people; something Tony had understood when he had watched Steve interact with Clint during the train ride. He was also not from the best of backgrounds, Tony had gathered when he had found out their initial plan to go nick some food from the cart if money fell short. The fact that it was for Clint and not Steve himself made Tony feel confused but also impressed; he didn’t have many friends of his own but he did silently know that he would love to have one like Steve.

Tony’s eyes went back to the brunet boy who was now putting his glasses back on carefully and he made a quick decision.

“Hey, they’re calling for the first-years,” he said, pointing at the large man around whom all the kids were gathering, “We should get going. You’re a first-year too, right?”

The boy jerked and frowned but nodded. Tony grinned, shuffling closer and angling himself towards him.

“Great, you can come with us then”

“I can go alone,” the boy shot back and Tony’s face fell but then he noticed Clint casually slinging an arm around the boy.

“Well, you can but we’re good company, mate,” he grinned, not pausing when the boy froze up and then relaxed, “C’mon, I’ll fix the glasses too.”

“I don’t need - I can do it.”

“Sure, but I’m the one with the uncoordinated feet and hands,” Clint shrugged and steered the boy along as they started moving towards the man who was calling for them, “Where I come from, there’s only one rule: You break it, you fix it. I’m Clint, by the way, just in case you were wondering who your charming new fixer was.”

“Is that what we’re calling the Human Accident now?” Bucky snorted and Tony walked beside Clint, resisting the urge to tug on his robes.

“What, Clint? It’s what I was always called, Bucky” Clint shot back.

“Do you really know to fix it?” Tony asked with a curious frown and Clint shot him a look, easily letting the new brunet slip from under his arm.

“I’m great at fixing, Stark,” he informed Tony imperiously.

Turned out, Clint was terrible at fixing.

“How are you so terrible at it?” Steve asked in an incredulous tone as Tony took the now deformed glasses from Clint and sat beside Bruce, the brunet.

“It’s a new spell! It just needs tweaking!” Clint retorted with fake indignation and Tony let the others bicker as he set pulled out his mini-tool kit from his pocket.

He set to work, carefully pulling and twisting at the metal, narrowed eyes focused as he unscrewed and screwed the joints with precision. 

“That’s a nice kit,” someone commented quietly and Tony knew that it was Bruce, but he kept his eyes on the glasses.

“I like fixing things,” he shrugged with one shoulder and lifted the glasses to eye-level to see the balance, “And I break a lot of things, so it comes in use.”

“It’s a Muggle tool kit though,” Bruce observed and Tony blew at the glasses before smoothing out the straightened frame.

“Sometimes,” he said with a small smile, “it’s good to use your hands instead of magic.”

He looked up and saw Bruce regarding him with a curious but friendly look and pulled out his wand with a wink.

“But sometimes,” he said as he pointed it at the glasses, “it’s also good to use magic to give things a good finish. Reparo.”

The cracked glass healed with a quiet snick and Tony passed it over to Bruce with a smile.

“Thanks,” Bruce said softly and smiled back before they settled down to watch as the Hogwarts Castle came closer.

The first thing Tony noticed as he walked up the stairs to the entrance of the Great Hall was the painting of a young boy and his mother, lowest in the wall near the door. The boy was running around his sighing mother and winked at Tony when he caught his sight. Tony blinked and looked away.

The second thing he noticed was Professor Margaret Carter. The Head of Gryffindor who took them inside the Hall with a quick look at them. His godmother. Aunt Peggy. The urge to wave was high but Tony managed to swallow it and bumped his shoulder against Bruce lightly as they walked.

The third thing he noticed was that Steve was really good at finding fights.

“That’s not true,” Steve grit his jaw and cooly glared at the blond boy who was loudly arguing with his brother over the Houses, “You’re wrong.”

“Come now, friend,” the new blond snorted and waved around at the Gryffindor side of decoration, “Everybody knows that Gryffindor is the best House there is. And everyone knows that Slytherin is the House where wizards go wrong the most.”

“Thor,” the boy’s dark-haired brother warned in a soft low voice, bright green eyes eyeing Steve with tight suspicion but the blond brother didn’t pay mind.

Slytherin,” Steve argued with his hands clenching for a second at his sides but his head held high, “is a House, an honourable House of this school. Just as every House, it had students of all kinds.”

“Yes, but do you not see the prejudiced and condescending history of theirs?” the boy, Thor, asked with an amused expression and raised eyebrow, and Tony watched Steve’s face smooth out into a cold mask.

“The only prejudice I see right now is from someone condemning an entire House because of a condescending belief,” Steve said and would have continued if Professor Carter hadn’t clinked her glass at the High Table.

Thor was pulled away by his brother to the front and Steve exhaled sharply, staring resolutely ahead.

“He’s the prince of Asgard,” a red haired girl commented and everyone turned to see her standing beside Clint, sharp jade eyes flicking towards them before gazing at the High Table, “Thor Odinson, and the other one is his adopted brother, Loki. They’re the first generation of their family to come to Hogwarts. They’re usually home-schooled but this time, Odin decided to widen their knowledge.”

“Who’re you?” Bucky asked, “And where did you come from? I didn’t even see you standing here before.”

“They have regular eye-checkups here, maybe that’ll help,” she replied and smiled slightly when Clint choked on a guffaw, “Natasha Romanoff, I heard golden boy argue with the prince and thought I’d see how that goes.”

“Well, it went well,” Clint shook his head and looked at Steve, who was staring up at the professors, “Was that really necessary? Not that it wasn’t awesome, but just -”

“I don’t like bullies,” Steve cut in with a quiet strength to his voice, “I don’t care where they’re from.”

Tony exchanged a look with Bruce and Bucky eyed his best friend but then Natasha spoke up, a thoughtful look smoothing into a smirk on her face.

“It doesn’t matter. It’s time to see where we go now,” she gestured to the front where Professor Carter stood up to begin the Sorting, “It’s time, boys.”

Tony breathed in and felt his heart beat faster as the first name was read out. 

“Banner, Bruce,” Professor Carter read out and Bruce breathed out hard, his throat bobbing with a hard swallow before he walked forward on stiff legs. 

“Ravenclaw,” Jane bet and Tony nodded in agreement, because he had seen Bruce eye the blue banners as they had entered the Hall.

The hat was silent for a while before it toppled a little and yelled.


Bruce straightened his robes and glasses with a shaky smile, slinking into the assigned table where people greeted him with polite nods and handshakes. 

“Barnes, James” she read out after three students were welcomed into Slytherin and Gryffindor. Tony felt Steve stiffen next to him and risked a quick squeeze to his hand as they watched Bucky breath in deep before walking towards the stool.

“My bet’s on Hufflepuff,” Clint whispered and Steve shook his head as they watched the hat being placed on Bucky’s head.

“Gryffindor,” Steve quipped and Tony didn’t look back to see if Clint had nodded or was making a face because the hat opened its mouth.


The long table with red and gold decorations hanging above it exploded into cheers as Bucky grinned wide and got off the stool with shaky legs, shooting Steve a wave before he joined his new House amid back-slaps and exuberant handshakes.

“Barton, Clinton”

“This sucks,” Clint muttered and almost tripped on his way to the stool, shooting out a peace sign when some students laughed. 

“Gryffindor,” Jane bet as soon as Clint plopped onto the seat with a wink at Professor Carter.

“Hufflepuff,” Steve and Tony disagreed simultaneously, shooting each other small looks before looking back at Clint.

“Looks deceive,” Natasha commented and hummed, “I bet on the raven.”

“RAVENCLAW!” the hat yelled and all of them turned to stare at Natasha, who shrugged with a small smile.

Clint definitely tripped on his way to the table and hugged Bruce with a yell that got them more laughs before settling down next to him.

“Rhodes, James,” the Professor called out and Tony was busy remembering that Steve would come first, and then Natasha, and then him.

“Excuse me,” a voice said from behind him and Tony turned to see a dark eyed boy with a cropped fuzz and sharp jaw, “I have to go.”

“Ah, sure, good luck” Tony shuffled and moved aside to let the boy go, and stifled a yelp when the boy, James Rhodes, stepped on his foot in his hurry.

“Sorry,” the boy called out over his shoulder with a wince that smoothed over quickly before walking calmly to the stool. 

“SLYTHERIN!” the hat yelled after a few minutes of silence and Tony blinked when the boy nodded at him as he walked towards the Slytherin table, a courteous smile on his face as he sat down.

When Steve’s name was called, Tony heard him mutter something under his breath but the boy didn’t look nervous, walking confidently towards the stool, his head held high and eyes calm.

Tony waited with bated breath as the hat took the longest time with him.

“Do you think something’s wrong?” Natasha asked from beside him and Tony paused before shaking his head.

“I think it’s finding the perfect House for him,” he whispered, “I bet it’s Gryffindor.”

“Could be,” Natasha agreed and watched as the hat opened its mouth wide, ready to yell out the name.


Tony heard a gasp from somewhere in the Gryffindor’s side and knew it was Bucky. There was a choking sound from the Ravenclaw’s table and he definitely knew that it was Clint.

“I’ll be damned,” Natasha whistled low and Tony could only watch with awe as Steve thanked the professor before calmly walking towards the Slytherin table, one look spared in the Gryffindor table’s direction before he settled down near Rhodes.

Somehow, Tony knew that the look wasn’t meant for Bucky. It was meant for another blond boy, a prince, who had already been sorted into Gryffindor.

Tony didn’t know if he should laugh hysterically or curse out loud; of course, Steve had purposefully chosen a House that was always looked down on by people who stuck to the legends and myths of the past. Of course, he had chosen the House where he would have to prove himself to the other Houses constantly, but maybe not much to his own housemates.

His eyes met Bucky’s and he saw the boy’s incredulous expression. He knew that it was mirroring his own.

“Romanoff, Natasha,” the professor called out and Tony watched her walk with confident steps.

She kept her eyes trained on no-one as the hat sat on her head for a minute before declaring its verdict.


Tony would have bet on Slytherin but as he watched Natasha slip into the Ravenclaw table, nudging Clint and sitting between him and Bruce, he wondered if he was holding on to ideas too hard. 

“Stark, Anthony,” Professor Carter read out and Tony saw her eyes catch his gaze; a small flicker of a smile graced her lips before it vanished. He swallowed the lump in his throat and walked, the way Jarvis had taught him to when people were watching him. He didn’t flinch when the hat was placed on his head and trained his eyes at a distant wall.

So,” he heard the hat speak, “Another Stark. It’s always interesting to see one of your minds.”

“Pick the right House, pick the right House…” Tony chanted under his breath and heard the hat chuckle.

And what is the right House for you, hmm, Stark?” it asked, “Will it be Slytherin, where you will learn to achieve more than people expect you to? Or Gryffindor, where your need for adventure will always be welcomed? Or should you be a  Ravenclaw, with the brains of yours, I suspect you’ll find it quite useful.”

Tony’s tongue lingered on Gryffindor, where his father would be proud of him. Or Ravenclaw, where he could be with Bruce and Clint, and could be called smart because of his colours.

But then an image flashed in his mind, the face of Jarvis talking to him through a train’s window.

Your House does not define your pride, Tony. You make your House proud. 

Tony thought about the praise people showered on Gryffindor for its bravery. On Ravenclaw for its intelligence. The grudging respect for Slytherin’s ambition and shrewdness.

He thought about the way the hat had mentioned three Houses.

He thought about his mother, who was from the fourth House. Who loved him and told him so whenever she could.

He thought about Ana, who was from the House that was always talked about with a vague shrug. Ana, who was kind, protective, loyal, and good.

He thought about his deepest desire to be accepted and do good.

He breathed out and told his answer to the hat.

Are you sure, young Stark?” the hat asked, “You will be accepted there, and find friends, but you will not find what your family has always sought.”

“I’m sure,” Tony said and the hat hummed in mild approval before it yelled and Tony felt his ears ring.


The table with black and yellow decorations hanging above it exploded into cheers and Tony heard a cheer from the professors’ table. He stood up and turned slightly to see the Head of Hufflepuff, Professor Janet Van Dyne, cheer with a broad smile, winking at him when he smiled back. 

Tony walked on numb legs and shook hands with a horde of strangers who would become his housemates and even friends for the rest of his time in Hogwarts. 

He sat down between a redhead girl who was busy talking to a pudgy boy beside her and a dark boy who moved to give Tony space.

“Hi, I’m Sam Wilson,” he said and extended a hand with a grin, “We’re gonna be friends and make Hogwarts cooler.”

“Tony,” Tony shook the boy’s hand and laughed involuntarily, “And, uh, thanks, I guess.”

“Stop guessing, Tony,” Sam clapped his back once and pointed at the food that begun appearing on the tables, “And start eating. My Uncle Holt says that the chicken is always good here. Don’t slack off, or you’re not gonna get the good parts, come on.”

Tony nodded and listened as Sam began rattling off about his uncle and family while they helped themselves to the food that kept refilling.

He felt himself laugh louder than he had before over the conversations that flew over the table and let his nerves die as he settled into the House he had chosen.

He figured that his journey had begun quite well after all.

People grow up, friendships happen, House talks come up, and the classes start. Who’s up for a continuation? :D

the right to remain silent

Okay so I recently hit a follower and a fic milestone, and my immediate reaction was just to go, “oh, nice!” and eat some ice-cream - but then my sister, who is my conscience in human form, said, “Why on earth are you congratulating yourself? You should be doing something nice for the people who made this possible!” so in the end I went “Alright alright alright have this terrible ficlet I wrote in like 20 minutes”. Thanks for everything, guys!

“my dad is a cop and i just called him and he was like “hey i have a 17 year old boy in the back of my cop car right now that i’m running him to the station” and i asked if he was cute and my dad said “Hey, my daughter wants to know if you’re cute” and the guy said “i want to say yes, sir” and my dad started laughing so hard” AU based on this post . (It was supposed to be Zutara, but honestly? It’s basically Hakoda deciding to adopt Zuko)

the right to remain silent 

“Are you okay with this, or do you want me to change the station?” Hakoda says. Silence greets him, so he glances into the rear view mirror at the boy sitting behind him, who is looking back at him with anger and apprehension and uncertainty written over his face. It’s actually a pretty impressive range of emotions he’s displaying, given the fact that the kid really only has one eye.

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bae jinyoung - demigod!au; demeter

Originally posted by winkdeep

  • honestly, the boy is just very misunderstood
  • he lived in the big city near the piers and beaches 
  • him and his father ran a flower shop in that city and jinyoung loved it 
  • he loved having the big and busy city life but also being able to see the sea and his flower shop for relaxation 
  • it was a nice balance 
  • he loved his father deeply since they only had each other 
  • so when he was brought to camp he was furious, he hated it 
  • he wanted to go back to his comfortable home, plus his dad was alone when he wasn’t there
  • that’s how he got his cold image at camp half blood 
  • he didn’t talk to many people, he never shared his life, heck people barely knew his last name
  • “bong jinyoung?? bing jingyoung” the hermes cabin would giggle
  • he was exactly what you expected, bad at almost everything 
  • he couldn’t get up the lava wall, sucked at capture the flag, couldn’t carry a sword and slept through greek mythology, history and language 
  • he was good at harvesting of course and had all the basic demeter children skills 
  • one he didn’t reveal was that he could teleport (geeky i know)
  • he can think of any plant to swallow him up and take him somewhere else 
  • he’s still working on the distance (which is why he hasn’t escaped and went home yet) but i mean he loves beating everyone to the showers 
  • so one day he was assigned to fix up all the wall plants along the cabin and change the ones hanging on the porch 
  • head counselor euiwoong was getting sick of him being lazy 
  • as he was throwing out the vines, he didn’t pay attention to the people that were walking about 
  • and you were a bit too engrossed in your book to pay attention to the ground
  • so guess who tripped over the vines?? you! 
  • and he turns around, slightly annoyed cause whats the commotion but immediately feels guilty as he hears people laughing at you for tripping face first into the dirt road
  • he kneels down next to you a little bit of second hand embarrassment is seen on his face
  • “uh hey sorry, are you okay??” he’s kinda awkward cause he doesn’t really talk to people
  • “yea yea,” you get up and dust yourself and the book off “just try not to leave your vines off the main road yea?” 
  • “okay” and he just returns to the plants on the cabin, leaving the vines on the ground
  • you raise a brow did this boy straight up ignore me?
  • and he isn’t he’s just being the normal demeter kid he is  
  • as the stubborn athena child, you don’t accept just an “okay”, you march back up to him 
  • “how dare you, can’t you see that you’re being an inconvenience to the rest of the campers?” 
  • “no one is here?” he turns back at you and motions to the empty ground
  • “but yea, what if someone else comes by and trips like i did?” 
  • “shouldn’t they be more careful? i mean you were the one reading and not paying attention to the road” 
  • you kinda want to stab him at this point, but he really doesn’t give two flying fucks and goes back to wall vine set up thing
  • and you stomped off, a little angered
  • and the next time you guys meet, you guys were having sword training class and were assigned as each other’s partner 
  • you being athena’s child were easily capable of adjusting to any sort of weapon whereas he wasn’t experienced much in sword fighting 
  • so you easily have the tip of your blade at his chest plate in a few swings
  • he just rolls his eyes, admitting defeat and smacking his blade into yours to knock it off
  • “you should try to bend your knees in the first position in order to be more steady as you start” you smirked, remembering the time he tripped you at the cabins 
  • this was payback 
  • but he’s ignoring you he’s actually just spacing out honestly
  • and you’re like “uh hello are you paying attention??” 
  • he shakes his head, snapping back to reality and you’re rolling your eyes 
  • “cmon, the sword isn’t gonna strike without you” 
  • and he’s back at it again,
  • with each defeat, he gets more and more stubborn
  • he isn’t frustrated, he’s much more patient then you expected
  • maybe it’s the way you’re shouting commands and tips at him with each battle 
  • and he hates being told what to do
  • “normally people would’ve thrown their sword and spit curse words by now”
  • he just shrugs, panting and rolling into a ball to rest
  • “hey get up, spread your arms out to open your lungs to take in more air” you kick at his side 
  • and he groans and gets back up 
  • god you were such an annoying know it all athena kid
  • and through out this entire class he hasn’t even spoke a single word to you
  • every week you guys have this class together and it’s the same routine
  • and honestly he gets better but of course with new weapons means a fresh start
  • one time, you guys stayed after class was over just to keep sparring 
  • at a tired moment, you both lied down on the grass, watching the clouds move 
  • “you know, i really hate this place” he sighs, this being one of the only times he ever talked first 
  • “what really? why?” you’re shook because you loved this place 
  • “i like my home, i miss my home, my flower shop, my dad, the city, it’s just so empty” 
  • “man, lucky you” you sighed “you have somewhere to go back to” 
  • and now hes shook 
  • “hUH?” 
  • you explained how your mom, athena, met your dad, a high rank military soldier at one of the bases  
  • they fell in love of course but they only had each other, no other families within reach
  • so when your mom gave birth to you, she had no where to put you and your father refused adoption 
  • at first, you mom had found a cousin of his, but they refused to raise you because you were too problematic
  • your mom had laid out many conditions and rules about you and they just couldn’t handle such responsibility 
  • and her brother apollo already forsaw you’re future with them and lets just say its pretty dark 
  • he would know i mean the dude is the sun god
  • “it must be nice huh? i don’t even know my dad, he doesn’t have time for me” 
  • and it just clicked in his brain, he’s a brat
  • he couldn’t apprecirate what he already had
  • he still has his father, his home
  • and the next day you’ve never seen him so motivated during battle class 
  • his sword swung so fast and you weren’t used to it 
  • by the end of the first spar, you were panting
  • and you saw something you never thought you ever would
  • he was smirking 
  • and you scoffed at his sudden confidence, unsure as to what sparked inside of him 
  • dusting yourself off, you cleared your throat, 
  • “you still need some work” 
  • and you went back to sparring 
  • you started to notice that he was smiling when you guys were getting ready for the next round 
  • he would actually start conversations between battles and he was actually a pretty silly dude
  • he started finding motivation somehow, and it has something to do with you
  • at first he just wanted to defeat you and you’re know it all ass 
  • but you started to realize that he’d always sit by you during the campfire (which he only recently started attending)
  • he also asked you about greek history and mythology
  • so you guys end up studying together as well 
  • wow yall battlin with weapons and books 
  • and you started getting sus 
  • like is he into you ?????? 
  • but he really doesn’t show many signs otherwise
  • not much blushies or flusterness, just a lot of attachment 
  • so maybe he just really saw you as a friend
  • did your heart just fall into your stomach ?? 
  • nO! cause you’re an athena kid ! you don’t fall for anyone psh !!! 
  • aka you’re just repressing them feelings 
  • too bad he actually likes you too 
  • though he may be lookin like a blank rock
  • everytime you two are alone together (all the time) he’s gettin butterflies all over his stomach 
  • like his tummy is a snowglobe of butterflies
  • and he thinks he’s sending signals by being with you and only you 
  • but you’re a cold ice cube too so he doesn’t know how to approach this situation 
  • and guys are just stuck 
  • both too scared to say anything 
  • and one time, jinyoung needs a break from all the book reading and wants to walk in the forest 
  • you go with him reluctantly cause you love books 
  • “god what a nerd”
  • “whatever flower boy” 
  • and he’s walking ahead of you, blushing 
  • why did that sound so cute to him? it just a simple name?? 
  • there’s a flower that you guys spot 
  • and you’re like oh hey gardenias how pretty
  • “yea, you know they mean sweetness and purity?”
  • “no??? they mean secret love u idiot, some demeter child you are dafawk???” 
  • and now he has his eyebrows raised 
  • “my mom literally created the language of flowers, are you really gonna try arguing with me ??” 
  • “books don’t lie sir” 
  • and you both whip to look at each other 
  • the eye contact is overwhelming, it’s lw hot, but also playful??? but you’re both ready to roast each other at the campfire 
  • you guys can’t seem to form words with your thoughts though 
  • you’re both kinda annoyed 
  • not only with some tiny argument, but also those compressed feelings are rising
  • “why can’t you just admit things for once” he bursted before you could you first, 
  • “you’re so stubborn for a boring demeter child”
  • “you’re the stubborn one”
  • “yea, but that’s expected of me”
  • “uuuUUuUUUuGGHhHHhHH yOU aRE sO aNno YinGGG, first, you have to lecture me nonstop, second you’re so self entitled, thirdly you such a annoying knowitall and lastly you’re still so vulnerable and I still have such a strong urge to care for you because you’re YOU. and i like YOU. oF ALL  CAMPERS AND CHILD OF ALL THE GODS, YOU. sOME KNOWITALL ATHENA CHILD”
  • silence, silence so deadly that hades himself must’ve created it his face is as a red a tomato and all he can think about is running away and hiding underneath this sheets and screaming
  • and thats what happens suddenly he’s engulfed in a flower and sucked into the earth
  • for the first thirty seconds you’re speechless, unaware as to what just happened and then you scream 
  • meanwhile, jinyoung sprouts out of a potted plant on his nightstand in his cabin he’s literally thrown out of the flower and rolls onto the floor, covered in petals 
  • everyone is shook
  • “d-did y-you j-j-ju-just c-co-come ou-out of a fl-fLOWER???” euiwoong freaks out 
  • and now everyone is screaming 
  • “i-i can explain..” jinyoung is literally going to become a tomato
  • “but can someone go get y.n in the woods???????” he nervously chuckled
  • and the sound of your name gives him ptsd cause he literally just confessed to you
  • euiwoong takes you back to your dorm, you were no longer freaked at that point but just needed some serenity
  • euiwoong just explains that jinyoung can teleport through plants 
  • “yea, no one has had that demeter power for a while, even we were shook" 
  • you don’t ask to see him though, you just needed to recollect yourself
  • you couldn’t face him
  • you’re feelings were out of the roof now there’s no way you’d be able to look at him without getting nervous 
  • and he’s curled up underneath his sheets, regretting everything he did that day 
  • his siblings think hes untouchable now
  • like yo, he’s all mighty powerful and scary cold 
  • now you guys are extremely awkward 
  • he sees you run off to you siblings asap during weapons class 
  • and he’s kinda hurt honestly 
  • like you could’ve at least rejected him to his face, not full on ghost him 
  • but at the same time he understood since he kinda abruptly said he like you, he probably surprised you 
  • but he still couldn’t help but hear his heart cracking
  • and you’re not even trying to break his heart
  • you’re just too awkward, what an athena move 
  • you can’t face you’re own feelings, and its okai, it’s hard i feel 
  • everytime jinyoung walks past your face turns red
  • when his name is brought up you kinda steer out of the conversation 
  • and the only reason why his name keeps being brought up is because you’re siblings know and looooooooove making fun of you 
  • even you’re quiet brother minhyun finds it amusing 
  • they’d always find any reason to say his name, anytime anywhere 
  • “ooh the strawberries are blooming is jINYOUNG piCkING THEM???
  • him and minhyun end up sitting next to each other in mythology 
  • “oh, you’re jinyoung huh???” he’s making the connections 
  •  “you know me?” the younger asked, very quietly 
  • “how could i not, you’re the talk of the talk in the athena cabin” (old dad terms wtf minhyun)
  • “oh cause y.n basically rejected me” he sighs “i get it, what a joke, can’t believe i thought i even had a shot” 
  • and minhyun blinks his eyes in confusion
  • “she rejected you??????????” he scrunches his eyebrows 
  • “well no, she kinda just left me hanging and ignores me now, so i have to assume it’s a rejection” 
  • and he laughs
  • and jinyoung has math equations all around his head (you kno the meme) 
  • “you guys were made for each other oh my lordy” he covered his mouth with one hand and the other patting the smaller one’s back “send her some flowers or something, i’ll deliver them” 
  • and thats how you find gardenias on your bed, with a small note 
  • ‘secret love” 
  • i see him have some pretty sloopy handwriting and you kinda smile at it
  • and you send one back with a simple note 
  • ‘secret love’ 
  • and he’s squishy and grinning to himself 
  • kicking his bed sheets in excitement, trying to refrain from jumping around 
  • his siblings are so done with him 
  • and so during breakfast the next morning, he swings an arm around you 
  • “hey you” he grinned
  • “jinyoung?????” you look up at him surprised 
  • the entire athena cabin is staring in amusement
  • and he’s immediately back to being flustered 
  • “jihoon said i should be smooth to impress you” he confessed, taking his arm back 
  • and you laugh and he ends up giggling with you
  • everything is back to normal 
  • ya’ll are the very quiet camp couple 
  • but you guys can get pretty wild together 
  • at the fireworks, you guys were pretty chill
  • just on a towel watching the fireworks in each others arms, unbothered 
  • and everyone is like ‘awwwweeeewwew cuuuute” 
  • but one time you guys were alone, just having your own picnic at the edge of the forest 
  • you two were nonstop laughing 
  • he would continuously make dumb faces at you 
  • and the more you smile, the more he would too
  • and it becomes a reoccurring routine 
  • where guys just sit outside 
  • whether it be studying, reading, growing flowers, trying his new recipe for brownies, or just laying in silence 
  • you were reading a book once, and suddenly a small flower grows in between your eyes and the book 
  • and it tickles your nose 
  • and your scrunching your nose at jinyoung and you both giggle 
  • he finds you so adorable during these peaceful times 
  • very unlike your uptight athena side 
  • he has a habit of playing with your fingers 
  • like you’re both on your way to the mess hall and he has one of your hands in his two hands and he’s playing with your fingers 
  • not even like intertwining them
  • just folding them, pressing at the pads of your fingertips and joints, drawing little pictures on your palms 
  • and you help him open up and the demeter cabin sees it 
  • they re-welcome him as an official sibling and are genuine friends/siblings 
  • imagine him taking you back to his hometown 
  • he tours you around the big city and you’re so fascinated by the buildings 
  • but then he even takes you to piers and beach that are like a bus stop away
  • and you’re just in awe 
  • “they’re right next to each other ???? buildings AND oceans ???” 
  • he’s overjoyed to see you appreciate the scenic views that he too fell for too 
  • and plus he fell for you too 
  • as much his dad wants you two enjoy your little couple vacation 
  • one day he needs to do a huge delivery so he asks jinyoung to watch the store 
  • and you’re much more excited than he was expecting cause he was feelin sorry 
  • “babe i’m sorry we ha-” 
  • “omg we get to run the flower shop??!?!???!!?!” you’re squealing and he’s blinking his eyes in confusion 
  • it’s really chill though 
  • he mostly handles all the buisness stuff while you just finish up your book next to him 
  • “jinyoung, i haven’t seen you in so long !” a longtime mom/costumer would greet him 
  • and in that moment you were talking to her 5 year old son, teaching him the meaning of certain flowers which you had learned from him 
  • and you and her son start giggling and you give him one the flowers, sliding it on top of his ear, and hoped that jinyoung wouldn’t mind 
  • “awe, you’re girlfriend seems very sweet” she would compliment 
  • “yea, she’s definitely a keeper” he would blush, smiling and looking down at the register 

if anyone was curious, the city i was basing jinyoung’s hometown was san francisco, ca in the u.s, mainly downtown sf and the ferry building + piers  :-)) 

and sorry i took so long, thnks 4 being patient w/ me !!! 

Empathy and sympathy in Fe/Fi

Can you explain the difference between Fe vs Fi in terms of showing they care or even caring about others? Maybe you answered this in which case I’ll do my research through the archives… but maybe not as specific as I am going to get into in a moment… So we established that I am most like a higher order Fi user which I get now, so let me think of an example from myself…

Ok, here’s one when someone I care about  or even someone I do not care about so much shows they are feeling bad about something— say, they think they are stupid! I will go into a barrage of “you are not stupid…” and they’ll be like “ok, ok, I get it but I don’t agree…” then I’ll formulate a thousand things they did that makes them appear really smart and that made me think they were really smart. I don’t want to shut up until they feel better about it, and hey sometimes they don’t feel better about it. But they’ll tell me to shut up and eventually I do— maybe I’ll even take it TOO far- but how would a Fe maybe do this differently? Maybe this is a behavior vs. intention thing and I get that “cognition” is huge over behavior. Bet a ENTJ can unite two opposing forces to get a future project together. But I don’t always feel like I can put these people into my shoes at all nor is this a “person I want to be”. It just is. So I assume Fi can’t always need to sympathize to support people?

I imagine both Fe and Fi sympathize and empathize with others. Those are words that are universal in the English language— everyone is taught those words in like, 3rd grade. But Fe sounds so much like “empathy” and Fi so much like “sympathy.” It sounds like asking people, are you empathic or a sympathetic?? I mean Fe and Fi both have to be able to put themselves in the world of another person, right? So how does Fe and Fi sympathize and empathize differently internally (back at that intention over behavior?)

Like, you have a class of kids in school and they all failed your test. You want to curve it because hey, that sucks to be them. There must be something wrong with your test and you tell the kids “don’t worry about it. It’ll be fine. It won’t mess up your grade.” I mean— isn’t that a universal feeling of empathy? Fi doesn’t have to sympathize with it in order to understand it and help it? And Fi doesn’t have to want to be this “nice person” identity in order to do so right? I hope my question is clear but it’s probably not.

I have people in my life I need to type and I think Fi vs Fe has been the hardest one to get my head around.

I really don’t think there’s much difference, apart from Fi automatically self-inserting into the situation (have I been through something similar? how would I feel in their situation?) vs. Fe’s “you’re sad, I feel it, I’m sad too” approach.

Here’s a weird comparison that may or may not be useful; awhile back, my dad and I went to a fundraiser for a local large cat sanctuary, where they provide homes for tigers, lions, cougars, etc, who have been abused, abandoned, neglected, or who have lost their homes due to zoos and circuses shutting down. I’d signed up a couple of years earlier to sponsor a tiger, but when it came to choosing one, when the woman asked me which, I had zero ability to pick one. Call it NeFi, or poor Fi, but I felt bad choosing one I had no real connection to, so I told her “Just pick the current neediest one* and let me know.” So she did, and that’s “my” tiger.

Well, we were seated at this table with several other people, one of whom’s sponsored lion had just passed away a few months ago. She had come hoping to “find the right cat” to sponsor now; and as a Fi-dom (ISFP?) she said, “I’ll know the right one when I see it, it will speak to me.” I could not relate, but hope she found one that day.

My Fe-using father found it odd too, because in his words, as we drove home, “I don’t need a connection to give… I just need a good cause.” He chose the lions as a category, but let them choose a lion for him, much as I did, not because he felt overwhelmed at choosing one / picking one over all the rest (my motive), but because “I just want to give, which lion receives it doesn’t really matter to me. The cause is important.”

So, there you have it – three different types who gave, all touched by the same need, but who personalized or kept it impersonal in the process. Was it empathy? Sympathy? Dunno, does it matter so long as we did something? The Fi-dom wanted a specific connection. The Fi-aux just wanted to help. The Fe-dom saw it as a “good cause.” (I should add here that my STJ mother decided to sponsor two kids in China. She looked at how old they were / how long they had been without a sponsor, and chose that way. I doubt her feelings factored into the choosing much beyond, “This is the right thing to do, and I have to pick someone… so how about these two, who need it most?”)

When typing others in your life, look at how they express their feelings, rather than guessing at their motives. Fe/Ti axis are comfortable and affluent with words; Fi/Te axis are more inclined to show feelings through actions.

All types will comfort and affirm those they care about (your example of arguing against self-loathing) but all the introverted judging functions speak through their extroverted counterpart, so a Ti/Fe will use Fe (sharing of feelings) and a Fi/Te will use Te (stronger language / firmness).

- ENFP Mod

* This is so typical of my life. I go to animal shelters and pick the one closest to death row / who has not been adopted the longest, because they ‘need me’ the most, rather than forming a ‘bond’ with them beforehand.

somepersonnamedc  asked:

Ok, for once maybe I have a request~ Er. Maybe the RFA with an MC who has a younger sister about 5-7 years old? I was think about this one because I thought it'd be hilarious but kinda cute for them to see the smol child and be like "I WILL GUARD THE PRECIOUS BEAN WITH MY LIFE--" or maybe its just me, haha. you dont have to do this meh-- ~C the shy anon (may or may not have a younger sister that's 7 years old and is a precious bean)

A/N: C, MY FRIEND, I TOO HAVE YOUNGER SIBLINGS (THE AGES 6 AND 10) AND I’M LIKE THE BIGGEST GUARD DOG FOR MY YOUNGEST BROTHER so like if the rfa didn’t like my siblings i’d probably have to fight them, fists flying, maybe even a baseball bat, who knows ~Admin 404

I went for more gender neutral just in case, ya know? ^^;; cause i mean some people have either a sister or a brother or none, rip;;


               -He absolutely loves his older sister

               -So siblings are Grade A for him! You’ve got one? GREAT!

               -You told him about your younger sibling and he about fangirled into next week

               -“HOW MUCH YOUNGER? A YEAR? TWO?”

               -Try several years there buddy boy,,,

               -You’ve decided to make a play date out of their first meeting!

               -Jungle gym at the park, get ready

               -The moment he walked up to you, there was a marshmallow being flung at his forehead and he almost dropped to the floor, looking for cover

               -“MC, WHAT IS HAPPENING?!” he asked, watching you from behind the park bench as you burst into laughter, walking towards the jungle gym

               -“Oh, your majesty, you mustn’t shoot your deadly Marshmallow Arrows at the new knight, he is here to protect and create an alliance!” you told your sibling, throwing yourself dramatically against a bar as they popped their head out from behind their hiding spot

               -His eyes went wide as he looked at your sibling, couldn’t be much older than around 6, listening to them recite their speech loud and proud, acting as a mighty (lord/lady), treating you like a prince(ss)

               -“COME FORTH, SIR KNIGHT, AND HAVE A TALK WITH THE ALMIGHTY (Sibling’s name)!” you sibling boomed, throwing their hand on their hip, raising their slingshot-turned-bow in the air

               -Yoosung could not be more excited to run up and kneel to one knee, bowing his head and gesturing up at you. He was about to get into the zone and channel his LOLOL knight character

               -“I’ve come to ask for your permission- wait no, to ask for your honour! To protect the lovely MC with everything that I have- I shall protect them from all harm, and raise my sword to protect their precious heart!” He stood up to look at your sibling, feeling so confident and proud, like he was a real knight!

               -Until his confidence shrank under the intense stare from the younger kid. He had no idea he could feel so intimidated by your younger sibling. If they didn’t like him then, well, what would happen to the two of you? Would you leave him?!

               -You jumped down from the perch you had climbed to earlier when your sibling started their speech, dramatically throwing yourself to Yoosung, grabbing onto his arm (you scared him a little when you did this) but you threw your other hand to your forehead as you started to pretend to fall to the floor

               -“You don’t understand! This knight, I love him! You can’t separate us! You simply can’t!” you cried, watching from the corner of your eye as Yoosung turned a crimson colour, looking at you then back to your sibling

               -They stood with their arms crossed, looking over your boyfriend, trying to decide if they deem him worthy enough to date their older sibling

               -“Fine. I shall allow this relationship to continue! But only if you stay true to your word, knight! And it totally isn’t because you played Castle with me!”

               -He was s o r e l i e v e d, he got your siblings blessing and now he has an excuse to play LOLOL more!

               -“MC! We have a play date tomorrow, I have to sharpen my knightly skills!”


               -People love him, he was absolutely sure that your sibling would love him too

               -He loved when you would talk about your sibling because you always got this tender look on your face

               -And he m e l t e d when your expression got that soft

               -Always begged to meet your sibling, so you decided you’d take them to his latest show!

               -You just.. forgot to mention to your sibling that your boyfriend was /The/ Zen.

               -And you forgot to mention to Zen that your sibling is one of his biggest fans. But you were ready to see how it all played out

               -Throughout the whole play, you could almost see physical stars in your siblings eyes as they watched Zen command the stage, the younger kid practically vibrating with happiness and admiration

               -At the end of the show, you sibling was standing, clapping as hard and as fast as their little hands could go

               -“Hey, (Sibling name), would you like to go and meet some of the actors from the show?”

               -“HECK YEAH I WOULD, MC! LET’S GO! Do you think I could meet Zen? Oh my g o s h, MC! CAN WE MEET ZEN?!”

               -You couldn’t help but giggle as you guided the smaller child towards backstage, watching as they skip along, screeching to a halt when they caught glimpse of Zen

               -He looked over at you and smiled, his smile only grew when he looked to your sibling

               -Practically jogging over to the two of you, he held onto your arm as he leaned it to place a kiss softly on your lips

               -He jumped 3 feet into the air when he heard your sibling screech, you just sighed and placed two fingers against your head, muttering “Well, here we go” under your breath. Zen looked at you, tilting his head in confusing until he looked over at them


               -Your siblings rant continued on and on and Zen was just staring at them, starting a rant of his own about how cute they were and how much he couldn’t believe they looked like a little version of you

               -The two of them just started to yell compliments at each other and you just stood there. What were you supposed to do???

               -It only ended when Zen picked your sibling up in such a warm, loving hug

               -Your sibling refused to let go and they stuck their tongue out at you when Zen wasn’t looking

               -The little brat straight stole your boyfriend??? You tried to suggest putting them down but Zen immediately refused it

               -“MC I will carry this kid with me everywhere now. Have you seen how cute they are?? They’re almost as cute as me!!”


               -There was a small child running around the cafe

               -Touching everything, playing with the stereo, running behind the counter

               -‘Whose kid is this?!’ she asked herself, trying to look out and spot someone looking for a child

               -She couldn’t find anyone, so she gave a heavy sigh

               -But now?? She couldn’t?? Find the kid??

               -WHERE IN THE WORLD DID THEY GO??

               -She found them behind the counter, eating a couple of cookies from the pastry case

               -“What- get out of there! What are you doing? That isn’t for you!” she said, grabbing the kids hand sternly but still with a gentle aura around her, “we’ll find your family”

               -“Myff fmly isnt here rifht now,” the kid said through their cookie. Jaehee sat them down and told them to finish eating before talking, it was rude not to.

               -“I said, my family isn’t here right now! I’m waiting for my older sibling but they aren’t back yet I think,” they told her, she watched as their eyes turned from mischievous to soft and a little upset, but they shook it off fairly quickly

               -“My sibling said if I ever get lost I should come here and wait, they’d always come find me!” the kid said with a large smile

               -Jaehee couldn’t help but sit and talk with the kid (the shop was slow at the moment anyway), she learned their favourite movies, books, what they like to do, and she decided that this kid was amazing!

               -They were so sweet, and she could tell they were raised with manners and a great intellectual taste, their outburst earlier must have just one of those things that “all children do”

               -Suddenly, she heard the door to the cafe burst open and she jumped a little bit before turning to see you looking like a complete mess

               -Disheveled and out of breath, your eyes went wide when you looked at your sibling sitting at the table

               -“(Siblings name)! There you are!” you ran over to them and dropped down to their level, pulling them into a tight hug

               -Jaehee’s eyes went wide, looking between the two of you, just now realizing the similarities you shared

               -“MC? This is your younger sibling?” she watched as you nodded, letting go of them. Your sibling turned to her and smiled, giggling slightly

               -“Oh! So you’re Jaehee, MC’s girlfriend! I knew you would be nice!” they turned to you and put their hand up, attempting to tell you a secret but they weren’t so quiet about it

               -“She’s pretty. And she didn’t get mad when I ate the cookies, I like her. I want to come play with her more often”

               -JAEHEE’S GIGGLE WAS LIKE HEAVEN LET ME TELL YOU. She immediately adopted this young kid and kept them under her wing, sometimes she had play dates with them without you, they had tea parties. She reads them so many books, sometimes they have to call her just to get a bedtime story and she thinks it is one of the most adorable things


               -He has younger siblings as well, he just doesn’t see them often. They’re nowhere near close with each other, so he didn’t quite get how you and your sibling could be so close

               -Don’t get him wrong, he loves watching how your face lit up at just the thought of your siblings but he never experienced a relationship like that

               -Hell, his relationship with you was still new and the feelings were slightly confusing. How was he supposed to manage a sort of friendship.. or would it be more of a brotherly relationship? MC, he was lost please help him

               -You came home to find him pacing back and forth in the living room, looking through some sort of magazine from one of the big toy stores in town

               -“Uh, Jumin? Sweetheart? You okay there?” you ask as he quickly spun on his heel to face you, shaking the magazine in his hand

               -“MC! Did you know there are so many different toys? So many different age groups, different themes, different types, what am I going to do? What am I supposed to get your sibling? What if they come over and they’re bored? If they’re bored, they won’t enjoy my presence. If they don’t enjoy my presence, they won’t enjoy our relationship, and if they don’t like our relationship then-”

               -You cut him off by placing a finger to his lips and giggling, which completely melted his heart. He lowered the magazine and straightened himself out, not before placing a kiss to your finger though

               -“Jumin, it’ll be okay. They’ll bring their favourite toys and some movies for their sleep over. They’ll be fine, you’ll be fine. It’ll be fun!” you assured him, kissing his cheek before heading to the guest room in the penthouse to make sure everything was ready for your sibling

               -Later that day, you returned with your sibling in tow, hiding behind your leg as you introduced them to Jumin

               -“Come on out! He’s not gonna bite you, it’s okay!” you comforted your sibling, Jumin held out his hand so they could grab onto it and he could coax them out. It didn’t work until he gave a small smile and your sibling started to think about coming out from hiding

               -Jumin spent hours trying to talk to your sibling, trying to b o n d but they? Wouldn’t? Talk? To him?

               -They wouldn’t even change their facial expression. They just had a blank look the whole time. The only time they somewhat showed any emotion was any time you talked to them

               -When they went to pick a movie to watch and you had left to make snacks, Jumin decided he’d give up. If the child wanted to approach him, they could. But trying so hard was getting exhausting and he didn’t want to do it

               -But that actually seemed to calm the kid down? Your sibling started to scoot closer and closer to Jumin, making him hold a teddy bear and eventually asked him to make a “Movie Fort” with them halfway through the second movie. He was so surprised to hear them talk? And ask him to participate in something?

               - The two of them spent a lot of the night in their Movie Fort, talking about the cartoons and how ridiculous they are

               - Jumin was super surprised that the two of them were actually getting along?? Your sibling was very quiet and only spoke selectively. They were polite with great manners, and only showed their emotions when they deemed necessary

               - Was your sibling related to you??? Or Jumin??? The world may never know??

               - You left for 5 minutes. 5. Minutes. And you came back to the two of them fast asleep on the ground. You decided not to chance it and simply covered the two of them in a warm blanket for the night

               -The next morning, Jumin was surprised to find himself on the floor?? And he was even more surprised  to see Elizabeth walk right past him. He called to her but she just kept walking?

               -Turns out she was following your sibling. They would bend down and pet her every once in a while, but she would meow and try climbing into their lap every time until they picked her up and carried her. She constantly headbutted against their jaw and would lick their cheek

               -Immediately Jumin decided he liked your sibling, a lot. If someone is worthy of Elizabeth’s attention like that, they are an amazing person (he knew from her experience with you). They remind him of how he was as a child and he is Ready to Protect This Child™. He spoils them like crazy. They have intellectual talks /without you/. What little brats


               -What a cowinky dink there MC, he has a twin, you have a sibling, the two of you are meant to be

               -“I don’t think that’s how that works, Saeyoung” “DON’T KILL MY DREAMS”

               -He thinks your sibling and him will get along so well!

               -Not to mention he’s already decided he was going to protect this child with his life. He wants to do a better job with your sibling than he got to do for Saeran… not that he’d tell you that

               -You brought your sibling over for a play date, but when you got through the door, Saeyoung was nowhere to be found?

               -You called out for him, looking around until your sibling picked up a cat-shaped piece of paper

               -“MC! Look! It says he’s hiding and we have to find him. Oh! Like hide and seek! I love that game!” they said, starting to jump up and down out of excitement

               -Placing the paper on the counter, you looked around, trying to gather your thoughts on where in the house he could be hiding from the two of you. Your sibling pulled on your sleeve, “MC? Do you think he has more kitty paper? I wanna draw on some later!”

               -You nodded and pointed them to one side of the house while you searched the other

               -Your sibling looked up and down through every room but the one with the large “GO AWAY” sign on it, it was too scary for them

               -Opening a small cupboard in the bathroom, they found Saeyoung cramped up in there, they giggled as he fell out onto the floor

               -Standing up, he applauded your sibling, a large smile on his face

               -“You found me! Good job!! You must be (Siblings name)! MC told me you were the /best/ hide and seeker in the whole wide world! I knew you were going to find me first!”

               -The younger kid did their best superhero pose they could, puffing out their chest and beamed with pride

               -“Of course I am! MC can’t even find an elephant if it tapped them on the nose!” this time it was Saeyoung’s turn to laugh, nodding in agreement. He suggested he and your sibling should attempt to scare you

               -And it succeeded. Who knew opening a closet and having two people tackle you to the ground would be scary??


               -At this point, Saeran came out of his room and you practically clung onto him, hoping to avoid any of the pranks Saeyoung and your sibling may have placed

               -The two of them dressed up as superheros, running around, attempting to save you from the “evil dragon”

               -Though Saeran did put on the paper dragon horns your sibling made because they were… kind of cute. But he denies it. He said he put them on solely because he didn’t want to put on the ones Saeyoung made

               -Saeyoung and your sibling literally ran themselves down. They ran around playing all day, they passed out on the couch, cuddling together. You knew they would get along since Saeyoung loved to play around and your sibling was young and full of energy! You just didn’t know they’d get along this well. From then on, you have to make your own costumes just so you’re included in the games

*DaddV (soRRY):

               -So precious™ so pure™

               -He loves younger kids!!! Love love loves them!

               -He thinks younger kids are innocent and deserve the world on a silver platter and he just really admires them?

               -Especially when they’re completely adorable and passionate about anything they love, even play time!

               -The moment you told him you wanted to bring him along to your siblings speech debate he was practically already in the car with 5 different video recorders

               -The two of you watched as your sibling dominated the stage, dripping with passion about why there should be more funding for animal shelters

               -The fire in your siblings eyes, the passion in their voice, the emotion on their face, V was completely invested

               -He could definitely see that it runs in your family, because he loves seeing you the same way!

               -After the debate, your sibling ran over to you, hugging you before extending their hand out professionally to greet V

               -“Hello. You’re Jihyun, correct? I’ve heard a lot about you and I think you make a great candidate for my siblings future husband.”

               -You turned as red as could be, wondering how V would react, but all he did was smile??

               -It was such a heartfelt smile that even your sibling was enraptured by it??

               -He knelt down and hugged your sibling as they stood there, unsure of what to do.

               -“Thank you,” V said, pulling back to look at the younger kid, “my love for MC is as passionate as you are about the animal shelters, and I want you to know that. I hope that you and I could be friends. I’d also like your permission to show the video of your debate to a friend, I think it could be beneficial to you!”

               -Your sibling completely dropped their guard?? They turned to look at you with complete panic on their face before they turned to the man with the soft eyes

               -“I- um, I mean I.. would… appreciate that. Very much. You… you recorded my debate, though? May.. may I see it? I don’t let MC record it because they’re terrible”

               -V laughed (r u d e, V) and nodded, completely agreeing with the child

               -“MC isn’t the best with a camera, but that’s okay! I’ve been teaching them a few things so they could surprise you!” your sibling tilted their head in confusion until V let out a /precious/ little laugh and followed up with, “I’m a photographer, I work with cameras!”

               -Your sibling instantly fell in love. Complete heart eyes. Your sibling consistently hung out with V and took photography lessons from him, and even got to visit multiple different charities that he suggested! The little kid was so excited to find someone who cared about the world and people in it, just like them!

               -Not only that, but they were /so excited/ when V introduced them to Jumin (after showing him their recorded debate)

               -Because!!! From then on!! V always helped them collect donations for charities! It was a tag team, your sibling provided the speeches and V provided the exposure for the cause!


               -He could hardly handle people his age

               -What made you think he could handle /children/??

               -You brought your sibling over for a play date anyway and he was not excited

               -But apparently neither was your sibling?

               -You opened the door and he could hear your sibling throwing a fit

               -“I don’t want to meet your boyfriend! Why couldn’t I just stay home. I don’t want to be here. I’m sure he’s fine for you. I just want to go home and take a nap!”

               -You sighed and shut the door, Saeran peeking from around the corner to look at the two of you, hoping the kid didn’t notice. Maybe he could run and hide somewhere. Maybe he could go into Saeyoung’s room and pretend to be him?

               -But it was too late, the kid gave him such a death glare that he swear to god he saw himself in his face

               -His eyebrows furrowed together, as he came around the corner and gave your little sibling an angry glare, but your siblings expression didn’t change? At all? That confused him and his eyebrows grew even closer

               -“You’re Saeran? I thought your name would be Edgy Mc My Chemical Romance” you sibling said, turning to walk back out of the door, “Okay, I met Debbie Downer there, I’m going home”

               -Saeran was S H O C K E D. Did you sibling really just call him that? Who did they think they were?

               -You went to stop them but Saeran did instead? He pushed the door closed from above them and grabbed their hand, dragging them to the living room. You followed closely behind, afraid your sibling was going to sass him to the point he would snap

               -Saeran sat them down and handed them his 3DS, crossing his arms when they looked up at him with a blank stare

               -“Pass this level,” he said, sitting down next to them. They watched him sit down and tried handing the system back. “No,” Saeran said, pushing the game back to them, “Play it.”

               -“Look, you don’t have to be nice to me. We don’t have to be friends. And we don’t have to play this game. Take it back,” your sibling said, trying to hand it back to him again

               -He leaned in close to their face, his eyebrows coming together once again, he whispered, “You will play this game. You will hush. And you will like it. MC wants us to be friends, and if that will make them happy then we. Are. Doing it. Understood?”

               -Your sibling stared at him with a blank stare for a while before turning away and muttering “whatever”; they started to play Saeran’s game and the two of them sat in silence while you went to the kitchen to make some snacks for the three of you. It totally wasn’t to get away from the awkward tension in the room.

               -Saeyoung came out of his room to find Saeran and your sibling staring at the game, both with no emotions on their face. He decided he was going to lighten up the mood and cut the tension!

               -“Meow meow! Hi guys! Whatcha doing? Playing? We can play something else so all three of us can play! Ooooh! What about hide and seek?? I’m the master at hide and seek!”

               -“Good. Go hide and we won’t seek you,” Your sibling and Saeran said completely emotionless, at the same time. Saeyoung fake cried and left the room, yelling something like “NOT ANOTHER ONE” over his shoulder before slamming his door shut

               -Saeran and your sibling looked at each other, nodding once and sharing a small smile. Saeran decided they weren’t so bad- if they can be mean to Saeyoung like that, then they could get along. Your sibling kept wanting to come back for play dates but didn’t want you to be there? You thought maybe it was because your sibling didn’t want you to see how much they liked Saeran- which was part of it. But mainly, it was because your sibling wanted to bond with Saeran by playing pranks and sassing Saeyoung and didn’t want you to get mad at them. Saeran was 100% okay with this because now?? He has a partner???



Requested by anon.

Pairings: Peter Parker x Reader

A/N: Wade is in the chat. So… Language, among other things.

Y/N has created a chatroom.

Y/N has invited Peter, Loki, Wade.

Y/N: I am bored. What are you guys up to? Any pranks?

Wade: I’ll show you.

Y/N: pls no.

Wade: Peter take a pic of me.

Peter: We’re in the same room. Do you have to ask over the chat?

Wade: I’ll pose so that it looks it was taken without me knowing but we both know that’s not the case.

Loki: Mortals.

Wade: How do I look?

Wade: Wait, let me take off my mask.

Loki: I’ve never seen you without your mask before…

Wade: Does it look like I don’t know you’re taking the pic?

Peter: Here.





Y/N: Wade, looking good as always.

Loki: He looks constipated.

Wade: To answer your question, I am having a lovely evening in.

Wade: With the Unicorn.

Loki: How disgusting! You dare fornicate with a stuffed animal?



Peter: But you did…

Y/N: I remember Thor telling me a rather strange story involving Loki and a horse…


Loki has left the chat.

Wade: I love pissing him off.

Wade: Excuse me.

Y/N: Where are you going?

Wade: It’s time Loki meets an old love.

Wade has left the chat.

Y/N: It’s a good thing Wade can’t die.

Peter: Are you still bored?

Y/N: Not when I’m talking to you :)

Peter: Do you think Steve would mind if I came over and hung out? You know, since Wade ditched me.

Y/N: Why would Steve mind? You don’t need his permission.

Peter: I know but he’s really protective over you.

Y/N: He’s still butthurt after the whole, uh what are people calling it now?

Peter: A Civil War.

Y/N: Oh yeah! Since you sided with Tony.

Peter: But I would have never hurt you!

Y/N: You and I were on opposing teams and we had just met. Steve and the rest didn’t know that.

Peter: I took a hit that was meant for you from Vision in front of Steve and he and the rest are still on edge when I’m around you.

Y/N: Wait, you did what?!

Peter: Nothing…

Y/N: Peter Parker, don’t you EVER get yourself hurt trying to protect me.

Peter: I would take a flying truck from Scott to the face for you! Haha, you know, cause he threw one…

Y/N: PETER. Now is not the time for jokes!

Peter: I wish I could see you right now, you look so cute when you’re mad.

Clint has joined the chat.

Clint: Hello youngsters WHAT THE

Clint: Y/N, MY CHILD

Y/N: I’m not …






Clint has added Steve, Bucky, Wanda, Sam, Scott.

Peter: I’m scared. So scared.



Peter: I think Y/N is those things!

Clint: Then say it.

Peter: Y/N I think you’re beautiful and ethereal 💙 



Y/N: Told ya.

Steve: You got a job, kid? What’s your plans for the future? How many kids do you want? You okay with NO kids? Would you build a house with your bare hands for Y/N?

Peter: I’m still in high school Mr. Rogers…

Bucky: I don’t trust him, Steve! I don’t! He caught my arm! MY METAL ONE!

Peter: To be fair, it was in self defense!

Y/N: Whoa, Peter. I didn’t know you were that strong.

Sam: Nice going, Bucky! Now Y/N is impressed!

Wanda: Maybe we are being too harsh to Peter?

Scott: Is Peter allergic to ants?

Peter: I’m terrified now.

Y/N: Scott. Don’t. You. Dare.

Wanda has added Pietro.

Wanda: Brother, tell the others that they are being impractical.

Pietro: … Father?


Clint: You are no son of mine!

Pietro: But Wanda is like an adopted daughter to you, yes? And she is my sister, yes? That makes me your son, yes? Since I am her brother, yes?

Clint: Yes!

Clint: I mean no!

Pietro: I am only joking :) It is okay. I know how you feel.

Pietro has left the chat.


Clint has left the chat.

Wanda: Sometimes I am glad to have made a new family with all of you… But other times I am not. Too much weirdness.

Wanda has left the chat.

Peter: Ummm Y/N, I think it’s best I don’t visit today.

Y/N: No! You are coming over. Steve, Bucky, Sam, Scott. You will NOT do anything to Peter! OR ELSE.

Sam: Or else what?

Bucky: Ooooh I am so scared.

Y/N: :) You’ll see.

Y/N: Peter, Tony will let you know where I am when you reach the base. I have some thing to take care of.

Y/N has left the chat.

Bucky has been disconnected.

Sam has been disconnected.

Scott: OMG




Scott has left the chat.

Steve: Listen, kid. Before I leave to rescue Bucky and Sam, I just want to let you know that we welcome you to the team and we have nothing against you for siding with Tony. It’s just that, Y/N was always the youngest member and we grew to be very overprotective. Don’t take it personally. We just don’t want Y/N getting hurt.

Steve has left the chat.

Peter has left the chat.

Pietro has joined the chat.

Pietro has added Wanda, Vision.

Pietro: I have finally lost Clint.

Wanda has added Clint.


Clint: My son!

Pietro: Leave me alone, old man!

Pietro has left the chat.

Vision: How rude of him to address my future father-in-law like that.

Wanda: I don’t think Pietro likes you that way.

Vision: Wanda… That is not what I meant…


Clint has added Tony.


Wanda: Here it goes, again.

Wanda has left the chat.

Clint has left the chat.

Vision has left the chat.

Tony: I have no words.

Tony has left the chat.

Very Berry Legacy

I’m super excited to announce the very berry legacy challenge! I made this challenge with my friends @bluberry-sims @simsinablanket@sweetersims and @thestolensims

Basic rules:

Every generation in this challenge is named after a fruit, so they should be dressed (clothes, hair, makeup, etc. and skin if you want to) in the color of the fruit and can be named after it as well. The rules for each generation will have two traits, but you have to pick the third one, it can be whatever you want, so every game will be different! The Sim must complete the aspiration and career in that generations rules unless they state otherwise.

Generation 1- Grape (purple)

You’ve never cared much about love or getting married. All you needed in life was your job. You didn’t have many friends and no siblings, you kept to yourself. It’s all because of one incident that shook your life. You want the best for your only child, so you got married.


  • Travel to Sixam
  • Befriend an Alien (you can open the lot in Oasis Springs that requires max handiness skill if you do not have Get to Work)
  • As a young adult, have just one best friend, have a one night stand with them and end up pregnant (or the friend is pregnant).
  • Your best friend has kids but the spouse died a long time ago 
  • For the sake of the baby and because you are really good friends, you get married
  • Max Rocket Science or Handiness Skill

Traits: Gloomy and Genius

Career: Scientist or Tech Guru

Aspiration: Renaissance sim

Generation 2- Green Apple (green)

You always dreamed of starting a family and settling down in the suburbs. You forced yourself to stay in the first relationship you’ve ever had “That’s the one, I’m staying with them forever”. But once you were at the wedding, you imagined being with them for the rest of your life, just them, no one else, you ran away. None of your friends even tried to help you, you never had real friends.


  • Complete all jobs you have to level 5, then quit
  • Get 4 skills to level 6, and 2 to level 8
  • Leave someone at the altar
  • Have 4 serious relationships (romance is at about 60%), but break up with them
  • Barely know your own children, leave kids with a family member
  • Only have two “accident” kids, twins (you can cheat this)
  • Never Marry

Traits: Hates Children, Non Committal

Career: Business, Whatever you want (but your sim would hate) , Social Media

Aspiration: Serial Romantic

Generation 3- Strawberry (red or pink)

Your parent’s love life was always dysfunctional and you wanted to be different so at a young age you had multiple boyfriends or girlfriends but all you ever wanted was to find your soulmate. Once you were a young adult you got engaged to your high school sweetheart but one day you caught them cheating on you and you were devastated, but you find out a little later that you are pregnant with his baby. One thing that you always loved was working out. One morning when you go out to the gym you meet someone there and fall in love with them. You guys get married and have 2 kids but he/she dies as an adult from an accident you are left as a widow and never re-marry


  • Date lots of people as a teen
  • Get engaged to highschool sweetheart
  • Find out your fiance cheated on you
  • have one child with your ex-fiance after you break up
  • Meet future spouse at the gym
  • Have two children with your spouse
  • Have spouse die as an adult
  • never re-marry
  • Have at least level 7 fitness skill

Traits: Romantic, Active

Career: Athlete

Aspiration: Soulmate

 Generation 4- Potato (brown or white)

 You never really wanted to do anything “worthwhile”. Just watch TV all day and blog. Oh, and play video games. You just want to play video games. You don’t go outside, you will eat basically anything, and you refuse to work. You still live with your mother/father/sibling. They may be working hard to give you things you need, but you don’t notice.


  • Never marry
  • have a one night stand(your brother/sister made you go out) and it resulted in you pregnant/getting someone else pregnant. if your sim is male, the woman drops the baby off on your doorstep, leaving it for you to raise alone,
  • get kicked out by parent/sibling and live homeless with baby until you can purchase a simple, one room house
  • Once homeless, get a job doing something you hate, like a businessman or something
  • be miserable for the rest of your life, but hide it from your child because     you don’t want them to think that they can’t do anything they want in the world

Traits: lazy, glutton

Career: Anything your sim would hate

Aspiration: Computer Whiz


Generation 5- blueberry (blue)

You were always afraid people didn’t like you. You dated once in high school. They cheated on you. You could never forget or forgive. When you finally found the love of your life, you couldn’t believe it. You married them, had kids, everything was going great. Until one day, you thought they were cheating on you. That’s when your life became an entangled mess.


  • Have your first ever relationship cheat on you
  • Find love after many relationships (you thought they were cheating on you, or didn’t like you at all so you broke up with them)
  • Get married to them and have kids, start a normal family
  • Assume that your spouse’s friend is their lover, and they are cheating on you
  • Cheat on them with your past relationship
  • Find out that your spouse never cheated
  • Live the rest of your life regretting it, but never tell your partner
  • Master the Music skill
  • Play music as a kid
  • Try to start a writing career, but fail at it
  • Instead, try your hand at the entertainer career, music path

 Traits: Jealous and Music Lover

Career: Self-published author, Music branch in the Entertainer Career

Aspiration: Musical Genius

 Generation 6- Mango (orange)

You were always very bright, in every aspect. You are smart, you have no trouble talking to new people, and you wear orange a lot. One day, that changes, someone you never really talk to, that one person who avoided you all of your life, she and her friends decide to beat you up. They tell rumors about you, they trip you, throw your stuff in the garbage, spill food on your clothes. You were irritated but nothing could ever get you down, there is always positives. But when they hurt your mother, someone you always loved and cared about, you couldn’t stand them hurting her like that. So you dedicated your life to finding the people who hurt others, and put them in jail.


  • Have at least 5 good friends at all times
  • Have a group of  people try to ruin your life
  • Have them hurt the your mother
  • Reach level 10 athletic skill
  • Win in a fight with each of the mean people
  • Live with your mother until adulthood/serious relationship, to protect her

Traits: Outgoing, hot head

Career: detective

Aspiration: friend of the world

Generation 7- Raspberry (red)

Your parents were so involved in your grandmother’s life trying to protect her that they never payed attention to you or any of your other siblings. Ever since you were a kid you said “I want be the best parent ever” and you wanted to have lots of kids. One day when you were 15 you figured out that you could not have children and you were devastated. So you adopted. One day your doctor contacted you and told that he might have a way to get you pregnant but it could cost your life. You risk your life and it ends up being successful and you have twins! From then on you vowed to be the best mother ever. And you were.


  • Work as a babysitter as a teen
  • Find out you can’t have children as a teen
  • Get married right when you become a young adult
  • Adopt three children
  • Get enough points for fertility trait from reward store
  • Have twins after a life threatening procedure (this can be cheated)
  • Max parenting skill (if you have parenthood)
  • Be a stay at home mom or dad
  • Have spouse work

Traits: Family oriented, Childish

Career: Stay at home Parent (babysitter as a teen)

Aspiration: Super parent (If you have parenthood) if not, Big Happy Family


Generation 8- Lemon (yellow)

Although you grew up surrounded by your siblings, you have a mean streak nobody could deny. You often spent time alone at school because of this, and when somebody looked past that and saw the real you, you knew he was the one. You worked hard to give them whatever they wanted, a nice house, nice things, and even children although you were sick of them after spending too much time with your four siblings. You despised your children from the day they were born, choosing to invest yourself in work instead of care for them.


  • Date only one person, and marry them.
  • Only friend is spouse and if you want, parents.
  • Do not become more than acquaintances with your children, and try to get your relationship into the negatives.
  • Act friendly to the kids in front of the spouse.
  • Have negative relationships with siblings.
  • Maintain healthy and happy relationship with spouse and leave kids at home when you go on dates.

Traits: Mean, Hates Children

Career: Business 

Aspiration: Soulmate


Generation 9- Watermelon (pink)

Your mom hated you and that had a huge toll on your mental health. From a young age you had all sorts of mental illnesses, depression, anxiety learning disorders and many more. Growing up you did not have  happy life. One day in school you were being bullied and beat up. But out of no where a random kid in a mask saved you he grabbed you from the kids and yelled at them. From then on they never bothered you again and you weee so grateful for him but you never knew who he was. You were in therapy for a couple of years. Once released from therapy you were the happiest person ever and you were so grateful for the person who saved but you could never find them. So you became a detective and dedicated your life to finding the person to thank them for saving your life.


  • Be depressed as a teen
  • have a stranger save you when you were being bullied by you never find out who it was
  • Go to therapy for mental issues until young adult
  • Change gloomy trait to cheerful trait
  • Become a detective to try and find person who saves you
  • Find the person and marry them
  • Quit detective after you find them and join entertainer in comedian branch
  • Have as many kids as you want
  • Die the day after your spouse from heart-brokenness
  • Get to at least level 7 comedy skill

Traits: Loner, Gloomy (change to cheerful once YA)

Career: Detective until you find person, then entertainer (comedian branch)

Aspiration: Joke Star (don’t start until YA)


Generation 10- Blackberry (Black, Dark blue, or dark purple)

You were pretty happy as a kid always were with your parents and you loved their cute little love story, but once your mom passed away you swore that you would never be anything like her, you didn’t want to be sad ever and be a complete mess, So you broke things off with your current relationship, never spoke with your friends again or your brothers/sisters, never settled down or even had kids. All you did in your adulthood was to have fun by yourself, succeed in your job and visit new places constantly. You had the time of your life and once you died, you died having a happy life and having no regrets.


  • Have a boyfriend as a teen and as soon as your mother passes away break up with him.
  • Have 2 good friends and when your mother passes away stop talking with them completely. Same goes with your brothers and sisters
  • Complete any Job of your choice
  • Live in each neighborhood at least once
  • Max out the Photography and any other skill of your choice
  • Go to a lot of parties, clubs and bars as an Adult
  • Never Marry or have kids

 Traits: Outgoing, and Ambitious

Career: Your choice

Aspiration: Your choice

That’s the challenge I hope you guys like!! we worked really hard on it

If you do this challenge use the tag #veryberrylegacy so we can see them 

Happy simming <3


“You totally are their favorite.” It was a statement, an observation, not even an accusation and Max was shocked to see that everyone seems to agree with Ered’s ridiculous claim.

“That’s crazy. Why would I of all people be their favorite? I make life living hell for them on a daily routine. I don’t get why they care at all.” Max countered, he felt somewhat gulty now after recent events but he did have a point. He’s been awful to David and Gwen since day one, why would they ever favor him of all people? These kids were insane.

“Dude are you kidding me?! They adore you!” Nerris oh so helpfully pointed out. “Seriously, it’s giving me complexes.” Nurf added, stabing the table with his knife. Max flinched a bit at that action, which earned him a concerned stare from Neil. He swallowed.

It’s been getting harder to hide stuff lately and his friends were starting to notice. Even Nikki started to be more mellow around him, probably afraid she would cause a panic attack if she jumped at him without warning again.

“Why are we even having that conversation?” He asked but said question got ignored. “Honestly, I’m pretty sure he always was David’s favorite.” Harrison pointed out. He sighed, looking somewhat sad, “Lucky you.” He mumbled under his breath.

Max thought back to parents day, Harrison’s parents were there, sure, but they were…… He wondered if his giant slingshot still worked…

Preston gave Harrison a subtle sympathetic pat on the shoulder before turning to Max too. “I think it’s nice! Almost like orphan Annie!”

“Say that again and I will break your hand.” He deadpaned, Preston let out a little squeak, “You don’t need to be such a dick. He was trying to be nice. We all are!” Nerris, ever so protective, told him as she half leaned over Harrison, and in extension Preston, to shield them from his glare. “Speak for yourself.” Nurf threw in.

Max sighed, “This is ridiculous. What makes you all think this nonsense?”

“Dude, David has a clipboard with ‘max positivity = success’ framed in their cabin!” Ered exclaimed. “They constantly put your well being before ours."Dolph put in his two cents, "They have been making sure you actually eat. Which, by the way, you really should do more.” Nurf said, he’s a strange individual at times…

“They have a point.” Neil oh so helpfully added to the conversation, Max glared. “I mean, they do seem to really care about you specifically. Even more so since…” He trailed off, leaving the sentence hang in the air.

“Since your parents were no shows!” Nikki ended it, ever so helpful. Neil’s hand made contact with his head.

“Honestly though, they look at you like you are their child or something.” Nerris said and Max had about enough. He slamed his fists on the table, causing the entire room to fall silent.

This was ridiculous. Sure they cared more then his actual parents, but they didn’t care *that* much! They didn’t view him as their son. They didn’t plan to adopt him. Nothing would change after he leaves camp. Nothing would ever change.

“You all are insane!” He exclaimed as he stormed out of the mess hall, there were tears pricking in his eyes. Stupid campers. Stupid Ered, stupid Nerris stupid Neil, stupid Nikki, stupid everyone!

He heared footsteps following him as he marched out, Neil and Nikki, he knew they would try to comfort him so that wasn’t really surprising, but there were also others, which *did* surprise him.

“Max wait!” Preston exclaimed. It made him pause. Max looked behind him to see him, Nerris and Harrison alongside his best friends, what were *they* doing following him?

Preston tugged Nerris forward, who gave him a annoyed glare. “Sorry if what I said offended you. I didn’t mean to make fun of you.” She said. “Yeah dude. We didn’t think this would upset you.” Neil threw in.

“We weren’t trying to blame you for anything. I actually am happy for you.” Harrison tried to explain, then he paused. “Well and a bit jealous maybe.” Yup, Max sure as hell would be checking that slingshot contraption before the camp is over so he could make sure this time it will hit the desired target.

“We just think it’s nice that they care about you that much. You might be an asshole but you still deserve being loved.”

“Yeah! Screw your asshole parents!”


“What?! Oh right…sensitive topic.”

Max stared at the children standing infront of him. It was weird, how they seemed to care for him despite everything. Something he really wasn’t used to. He felt a smile appear on his face as Neil scolded Nikki while Preston and Nerris where pressed agains Harrison, they have been doing that a lot lately.

Max chuckled, “Fucking nerds.” He said, but it was missing it’s usual bit. The others stared at him in a perplexed manner.

“Come on you guys. Whatever this dump has to offer us today, I’m sure we are better off facing it in numbers.” He announced before walking off.

There was momentary silence before-



David breathed in the fresh forest air, today would be a great day, he knew it. He was starting-

His thoughts got interrupted as a rare sound caught his ear, he looked into the direction of the mess hall and was delighted to see what was going on there.

A group of the campers was piled on top of eachother, with Max on the ground. However, instead of looking annoyed Max seemed cheerful, laughing even.

David felt something in his chest swell. “Now that’s a rare sight. Our grumpy cat is having fun.” Gwen said as she was leaning against their cabin. “Isn’t that wonderful Gwen! Max didn’t make one, not three…wait actually he did make three…Max made three new friends today!” David exclaimed, excitement dripping off of him. Gwen smiled at him, “We will have to make sure they visit him once this whole thing is wrapped up.”

David felt heat gather in his face. Right. They were doing this together. “We still have a ton of paperwork to file in.” He reminded her.

“You do that, I will go take a look at our disasters.”

With that Gwen made her way to the campers. David smiled as he watched her help Max get up from the ground, she brushed some of the dirt off of his hoody before ruffling through his hair.

David knew, everything would only get better from here.

The Family Matters (Tom Holland)

Summary: Your boyfriend, Tom Holland, flies in to meet your family at the yearly family reunion

Warnings:  there might be a swear word or two at most


Requested: @gray-rose13

Word Count: 1237

Originally posted by spiderholland

“Tom you’re looking pretty snazzy if I do say so myself,” you call out from the driver’s seat as you pull into the airport’s pick-up.

“Only for you,” Your boyfriend responds as he opens the trunk to put away his luggage, “but love you have got to stop saying snazzy!”

“C’mon Tom you know you love it,” you say with a laugh.

               Exiting the car and rushing into Tom’s arms you welcome him to your city, (name of town). It’s been a few weeks since you two saw each other and normally you would gladly just stay in the comforts of the bedroom, soaking in the presence of the other, but this weekend is the yearly family reunion that he insists on joining. The get-together has never been too fancy or extravagant. In the past cousins, second cousins, aunts and uncles, all gather at a local park under a picnic shelter for a potluck. Every reunion brings laughs and happy memories, and you’re more than happy to share the closest people of your life to the love of your life.

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A Place to Call Home pt 8


Pairing: Dylan O'Brien x Reader

Wordcount: 5,007

Warnings: language

A/N: The part you’ve all been waiting for is here!! I have to apologize though, it’s not edited because I just finished it and wanted to get it up for you guys tonight. I have to thank @writing-obrien for helping me brainstorm and @thelittlestkitsune for reassuring me that it wasn’t crap. I will get it edited and update it once I do, but for now, here is part 8 of APTCH, I hope you like it!

UPDATE: This has now been edited thanks to the wonderful Lau ( @thelittlestkitsune) and I decided to change the gif to one more fitting even though it may kinda be a spoiler lol. 

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Request: “Can you do some cute Credence pillow talk with a significant other that’s all giggly quite the contrary to his quiet demeanor? Like he has a hand on their waist & a lazy smile on his face as they’re holding his jaw & talking quickly about anything & everything & it’s just a cute little moment between them?”

Warnings: None!! Pure fluff.

Word Count: 1,355

A/N: Excuse any errors, I’m the worst typist I know.

Credence wasn’t quite sure of when things had changed so drastically–with himself as well as with the two of you together.

He had been so reserved and skeptical of everyone when he had met you. He felt like a giant grey storm cloud almost all the time (and sometimes became one), so when Queenie had brought you over to spend some time with her and he had discovered there was someone else like Queenie out there, Credence thought he might let the floor absorb him. Not that he didn’t love Queenie, but she was a lot to handle. And honestly, Credence never felt like he had the energy. The constant cheeriness and overt giddiness over life itself exhausted and confused him, and he just couldn’t understand it.

But you had never asked him to understand it–not even once. This both confused and comforted him for a while, but he found himself sulking in your presence more often as you continued your visits to Queenie. Somewhere between the sullen, silent presence he maintained at the corner of your conversations and the bubbly exuberance that you shared with everyone nearby, the two of you developed a kind of closeness that no one really understood, least of all Credence. This, of course, perplexed him to no end, and to add to that perplexity, you never seemed to question it at all, simply took it at face value and let it be. Credence had hoped for a while that meant that you had answers to this attraction, but you didn’t and never really cared to find those answers. Eventually, Credence took that to be its own kind of answer–the two of you simply were, and it worked.

Credence found himself thinking about all this, how this came to be, as he watched you skip over to his bed (that the two of you shared when you came to visit everyone over at Queenie’s) after getting ready to sleep and then leaping into your side and shuffling happily under the covers. It never bothered you, how Credence was just quietly observing all the time. His eyes held everything you needed in them, and Credence was happy to take your words and hold them close to his heart.

It was these nights that he cherished most, when you were too excited to sleep but thrilled to share space with Credence, because you would carefully approach him, always leaving him time to protest if he just needed the silence, before resting your hand gently against the side of his face and just…talking. About your day, about the next day, about plans, about things you wanted to do, about how you felt for Credence. Anything. And tonight was just one of those nights.

Your fingers were tracing feather-light patterns along the curve of his jaw, down his neck, and to the edge of his collar, which you played with gently, as you beamed over at him and spoke. “You’ll never believe this dog I saw today on my walk home, Credence!” Credence felt his own smile forming carefully on his face as he reached trembling hands over to you so that he could trace the length of your arm. You never mentioned these things, how he never seemed to quite figure out how to smile easily or to shake that nervous tremble of his hand when he initiated physical contact, because the fact that he tried at all moved you to happy tears every time; progress was progress, no matter how small, so you continued because you knew he was hanging on your every word, that listening to you made him happy because you wanted to share that happiness with him. “It was so small, and had the darkest fur, raven black–like your hair!!” At this, you grinned and tugged gently at a tuft of his growing hair. “And its eyes were like yours too, Credence, big and this light brown, and oh, I could have taken him right home!!”

Credence let himself breathe out an airy laugh, picturing you trying to abduct someone else’s dog on the street, and your grin widened at the sound. “You laugh at me, but you would have wanted to take him home too.” You took Credence’s answering low hum as encouragement and went on. “We should get a dog, Credence. Or maybe a cat. We should just get a pet; I think we’d be wonderful pet parents.”

“Do you?” Credence still wasn’t used to talking around a smile, but he could learn. It was surprisingly pleasant, intoxicating almost, to talk around your own happiness.

“Yes!! You’re so calm and attentive and kind, and I dote!! Together we’d be like… the best parents, I really think so. To pets, for now of course. Maybe kids one day though!! Like, human ones, not animal ones. We could adopt, even. We could do so much. I think we’d be good at anything we did together.”

You were babbling now, words running away with your mind, and these moments warmed Credence most. You weren’t thinking at all–just talking, saying what came to your mind and laughing around the words. There was always such a simple joy behind those words that came from your mouth when you weren’t thinking about them, and to know that these were the thoughts that just came to you about him touched him deeply. To know you thought of him as a part of your team, as someone you wanted to tackle life with. He was someone’s partner. And you were his partner.

“Ya know, I actually also saw this sweater in this store window on the way home too that I think you’d look so cute in, Credence.” He hummed shortly as he let his hand fall on your hip, tracing small circles where he rested his hand as you continued to talk. “It was like this coffee brown color, like that light brown when you put too much milk in your coffee. That shade. Doesn’t that sound so nice?” Again, an answering hum. “Well, it was that beautiful color and it had those giant sleeves you like. It looked so comfy, and it was so you!!” Your hand pressed excitedly against his chest to enunciate the final word of that sentence, and Credence felt the smile on his face tug wider. It still really struck him to have things that were “so him” now, that he had a personality that people identified. That people saw things that made them think of him. That you thought of him even when he wasn’t near. “I actually think I’m going to pick it up on the way back tomorrow so you can have it. You were meant to wear it, I’m telling you.”

“You don’t have to get it for me, Y/N.” His voice was so much softer and more deliberate than yours, and the contrast struck him sometimes.

It worked, he had to remind himself.

“I know I don’t have to, but I want to!! You’d look so cute in it. But you look cute in everything. But you’d look especially cute in this, is what I mean.”

Credence relented with a downcasting of his eyes and a gentler smile. “Okay.”

“Then…. I’ll get it tomorrow because… because I know your size and everything, and you can…wear it to…dinner at Jacob’s when…”

Credence lifted his eyes to see you drifting off to sleep, mid-sentence, as you did almost every night. Sometimes Credence thought that this warmed his heart most–that you wanted to talk to him so badly and so much that you literally talked to him until sleep conquered you without leaving you a choice. It felt nice to know that someone wanted to talk to him so badly, wanted to share their lives with him so badly. So with a soft smile, the one he saved for you only, he pressed a gentle kiss to your cheek and pulled you close at the sound of your sleepy hum before falling asleep with you–looking forward, of course, to sporting that too-much-milk-in-your-coffee brown sweater. Looking forward to endless nights like these with you.


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You Will Be Found

Cast of DEH x Reader

“Why wasn’t I enough,” you sobbed into your best friend’s arms. She held you tightly, wiping away your tears with one hand and rubbing circles into your back with the other.

Today was a bad day. It was one of the days that you were down on yourself, falling back into the pit of despair that you had been trying to escape your entire life 

Of course you would never really be able to escape it, your past. It’s what made you who you were.

But it always haunted you. It affected you in ways that you were never quite sure if you could fix.

It had gotten a lot better in time, after searching and getting the help that you needed. However, the pain that you endured in your childhood never really went away.

Yes, it became more manageable. You had become stronger in time, which helped you carry the burden that you lived with.

You didn’t know where you came from. You were left on a doorstep when you were eight months old. The only thing that was left with you was a note stating your name and birthday.

That was all that you had to go with about yourself.

Once you were ten years old you knew that there was almost no hope of someone adopting you. You were raised with about 100 other children.

The people that ran the orphanage were nice but they had so many kids to take care of that it was impossible to form bonds with all of you.

Once you had turned eighteen, you were forced to leave. You ended up stranded for a while, before getting a small job at an old bookshop. You were paid very little, but it included room and board so you thought it was worth it.

While at the bookstore you were caught singing. It was a late shift and you didn’t think that there was anyone else in the store but there he was.

He complimented you on your voice and ended up persuading you to audition for some sort of musical or choir.

Which is where you were now, after working hard and climbing up the ranks you were now in the cast of Dear Evan Hansen, playing the part of Alana’s younger sister.

Laura, Mike, and  Kristolyn were your best friends, Michael ended up being just like a father to you.  Ben was your new brother and Will was like the crazy cousin that you only saw a couple times a year.

You were the happiest that you had ever been here. But the past always has a way of catching up with you.

You had never told anyone where your origins were. You didn’t speak about yourself, and when they asked you just said that it was rough and changed the topic of conversation.

Kristolyn ended up being the only person that knew about your troubles.

After a night of heavy drinking she took you home, where you cried drunkenly to her and spilled everything to her.

You weren’t drunk now, but you were crying. Crying in your dressing room with Kristolyn holding you in her arms.

She didn’t know what to say, she just held you. You appreciated it, just letting your feelings out without having to have any long winded talks.

Suddenly, the door to your dressing room burst open, revealing Will, Ben, and Mike.

You and Kristolyn shot up, tears still streaming down your face.

“Hey do you guys want to-” Will started saying. “Y/N? Are you alright?”

The three of them looked at you carefully, concern clear on their faces.

You wiped the tears off of your face and turned away from them. Kristolyn jumped up and whispered something to them and shut the door.

You cleared off your face and faced Kristolyn.

“You need to tell them. I’ve told you this before, but now that Will and the other two have seen you like this you need to tell them. They’re going to get suspicious and then the rest of the cast will know as well.”

You nodded numbly.

“Yeah, I know.”


“Oh Y/N,” Rachel said as you explained why you were crying earlier in your dressing room.

Jen had some tears in her eyes, as did Laura. Michael sat next to you, his arm tucked around your shoulders.

You rubbed your eyes, taking a deep breath.

“Sometimes I feel, since I don’t have any family or anyone to take care of me, I don’t have anyone that would come running if I really needed them.”

The group looked at you in shock.

“Oh Y/N,” Will said to you, wrapping his arms around you. “Don’t ever think that. We will all come running if you need us.”

The group nodded and you looked at all of them through your tear filled eyes.

“Have you ever felt like nobody was there?

Have you ever felt forgotten in the middle of nowhere?

Have you ever felt like you could disappear?

Like you could fall, and no one would hear?” Ben started singing softly.

Mike took the next verse.

“Well, let that lonely feeling wash away

Maybe there’s a reason to believe you’ll be okay

‘Cause when you don’t feel strong enough to stand

You can reach, reach out your hand”

Kristolyn took the next.

“And oh, someone will coming running

And I know, they’ll take you home

Even when the dark comes crashing through

When you need a friend to carry you

And when you’re broken on the ground

You will be found

They took turns singing the whole song to you. As they reached the end, they all sung together.

“You will be found!

So when the sun comes streaming in

‘Cause you’ll reach up and you’ll rise again

If you only look around

You will be found

Even when the dark comes crashin’ through

You will be found

When you need someone to carry you

You will be found

midnight rambles

request here please!

it was half past midnight when tom came home from filming, the lights were left on downstairs and (y/n) left some dinner in the fridge for him. the plate was wrapped neatly in cling wrap with a yellow sticky note placed on top of it. it read “enjoy my love” in bubbly, but droopy cursive, with a heart dotting the j.

tom smiled at how adorable she was, her writing in sharpie on the pale yellow paper made him think of how bubbly she was. the way she smiled at anything and everything. the way she saw the beauty in everything, including him. he’s still not sure what he did to get so lucky.

tom didn’t eat all of his dinner, he was more tired than hungry at that moment, and all he wanted to do was cuddle up next to (y/n) and go to sleep.

he made his way up the stairs, his eyes heavy as he neared the bedroom door. he slowly opened the door and peeked inside, she was sound asleep and all tom could do was smile at how wonderful and serine she looked. he tried to be as quiet as possible getting ready for bed, but to no avail, he ended up dropping his cell phone on the vanity where he was plugging it in. it made a loud thump and woke (y/n) up.

“sorry darling, I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“how was work?” she asked sleepily, a tired smile spread across her face.

“it was pretty good, kind of tiring, i had to wear the suit today for like eleven hours, and i had to piss for four of them. lesson number one of that suit is don’t piss yourself in it, they would have had my head you know?” tom said taking a sip of water, this made her giggle and rub the sleep out of her eye. “but enough about me. i want to hear what you did today.” he smiled at her, scrunching his nose a little and walked over to lean over her sleepy body. “actually, i kind of want to imagine everything you did today, while you didn’t have clothes on.” he leaned over her face to kiss her but she pushed him away, playfully.

“i wasn’t naked all day, tom.”

“i know that, love, but you don’t have to ruin my fantasies, gosh.” tom chuckled in fake hurt as he stood from his kneeling position next the the bed and to get undressed. “that bed looks really comfortable, think i’m gonna join you.” she giggled again, as if that was the only thing she could do in her sleepy state, she leaned up on her elbows to watch tom get undressed.

“i could put on a strip tease if you want.” tom winked at her, unbuttoning his shirt while swaying his hips rhythmically.

“oh, please do.” she laughed as he raised his eyebrow at her.

“i knew you were into that, why else would you have magic mike saved on your list on netflix?” he laughed and narrowed his eyes at her as he continued taking his clothes off, getting ready for bed. “it’s too bad you woke up, you look cute when you’re asleep.”

“and i don’t when i’m awake?” she questioned playfully, cocking an eyebrow at him.

“well, you look hot when you’re awake, but you look adorable when you’re sleeping, like a little puppy.” he smiled and tilted his head at her while she yawned. “so, darling, how was your day?”

“eh, well, you know, same old, same old. could be better, could be worse. but i mean, that’s just how life is, right?” (y/n) shrugged.

“i understand, but none of that work stuff matters, all that matters right now, is right now. all that matters, is i love you and we’re happy, yeah?”

“definitely.” she smiled at him, wondering how she got so lucky to have someone as amazing as tom. tom sighed a little and laid next to her in bed, he pulled her close to his chest, “oh my god, you’re so cold, come here, let me warm you up.” she giggled at him and scooted her body toward him so she was laying on his bare chest, his arm was wrapped tightly around her and his other hand was playing with her hair, then he placed a light kiss to her forehead.

they laid there in silence for a few minutes, their breathing in sync, when tom whispered, “i swear these are the best moments in life, just laying here with you. it’s like nothing else matters.” she blushed lightly and buried her head in his chest a little more, he chucked and gave her a few more pecks on the forehead.

she was almost asleep when tom whispered to her again. “we should get an exotic pet.” “what do you mean an ‘exotic pet’?” (y/n) said back, lifting her head to look at the man through the darkness.

“i don’t know, i’ve just always wanted an exotic pet. i’d love to have a tiger, but that might freak out mrs. kirk next door.” (y/n) laughed at this comment, she could only imagine the poor 94-year-old woman looking out her window into tom and (y/n)’s backyard to see a tiger.

“i’d be more afraid of getting mauled by it or something.” (y/n) giggled as tom scoffed at her logistical thinking. “hey, well, you only hear on tv about the people who get attacked. lots of people probably have tigers as pets, but you don’t hear about them because they don’t want anyone to know. obviously they don’t get attacked.” he paused for a second as (y/n) shook her head, chuckling. “if it would attack anyone, it’d probably attack me, i think even animals know you’re too pretty to hurt.”

“shut up.” she laughed as he placed another kiss to her forehead.

they tried falling asleep after that, but tom was almost restless now that (y/n) was in his arms, he wanted to stay up and just talk with her before he had to go back to filming the next day.

“have you ever thought about living in the countryside?” tom wondered if she had been thinking the same things he had been recently.

“like where?”

“i don’t know,” that was a lie, he knew exactly where. “maybe somewhere in england, outside of the city, we could have a nice, big piece of land, away from people. just me and you, and the tiger of course.”

“naturally.” she laughed. “i don’t know, i guess i never really thought about living anywhere other than here, but that does sound pretty nice.”

“doesn’t it? and, like, i mean i was thinking about kids lately. and before you freak out, it’s nothing like that, like not right now, i was just, like thinking. if i ever had a kid, or we ever had a kid, maybe we could adopt instead, you know?”

“why do you want to do that?” she said, genuinely curious as to why tom would want to have children that didn’t share the same genes as him.

“i mean, don’t get me wrong, i’d love to see a mini you running around, but think about all of those kids that need to be adopted. i mean, we’ve got a good amount of money saved up. we could be really great parents to them, like we’re pretty good people, i know i have my moods sometimes, but i’d never hurt you, or him, or her.” tom smiled a little at the thought of taking care of a child with (y/n). “besides, most of our arguments get resolved right here.” tom smirked a little bit.

“make-up sex is definitely the best.” (y/n) laughed a little bit.

“that and angry sex. all the choking and slamming around. and with you and your nails, there’s definitely blood involved.” tom chuckled as (y/n) pushed at his torso.

a few minutes of silence later, as (y/n) was almost over the edge into sleep, tom spoke up again.

“you know, i always thought it would be really cool to have a skylight, like right above the bed. that way, we could just watch the stars.”

“tom, just go to sleep, baby.”

again a few moments later, “we should visit alaska, see the northern lights. i’ve always wanted to see them, obviously i’ve seen pictures, and they’re beautiful, well not as beautiful as you, but still up there. we could stay in a cabin and-”


“i’m sorry, i woke you up, you’re tired. i’m sorry.” he placed a kiss to her nose and forehead. “i’ll be right here when you wake up, i’ll always be here when you wake up. i love you, so much, darling.”

“i love you too, tom, goodnight.” she kissed his lips lightly.

“goodnight, (y/n).”

{ five’s company // ch. 22 }

t/w: none!

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chapter twenty-two.

month five. You wrote in pretty cursive at the bottom of the polaroid you took this morning. You had gotten into the habit of taking pictures of your progress. Often you took the photo from your phone, but for milestones like these, you asked one of the boys to take a polaroid of you.

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