people wear jewelry to tell you something

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If you are just an average soldier, how do you tell if a person is worth taking hostage vs killing out right, for example a Jamie Lannister? Do High Born people wear something distinctive or do they get killed despite their potential value often/ Your real world and/or ASIOAF thoughts are welcome. Thanks!

You tell, because highborn people wear the best of everything, whether that’s armor or courtly dress, because they place their sigils/coats of arms on everything they wear, whether it’s a surcoat over plate mail or a signet ring or a cloak or a piece of jewelry, and because they’re healthy and well-fed when most people aren’t. And most of the time, that works, because most soldiers know that they could get rich by holding a highborn for ransom

But it doesn’t always work. Maybe the soldier in question doesn’t recognize the highborn in time because it’s foggy or the mud is covering his armor, or maybe the soldier doesn’t think he can get the prisoner off the battlefield and keep him prisoner (say if he thinks his side might lose the battle, or if it’s a quick-moving skirmish), or maybe his blood is up and the highborn looks like an enemy, or maybe he thinks it’s easier to cut the rings off the finger than risk having his captive be commandeered by a highborn officer of his own…and that’s how knights end up with misericords stuck through the gaps in their armor. 

Aaah your blog is adorable ! Could you write something about the boys walking into a room and seeing their crush with one of the boys clothes or acessory ? ( A shirt, Hoshi’s beanie, etc ) Luv you guys !

Aw, this sounds cute, sure!

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • He’s been wearing his sleeping mask all day.
  • Not that he wants to, but he can’t find his regular mask, even after an hour of looking for it!
  • But this sleeping mask just doesn’t feel right…Not out of bed.
  • Maybe you’ve seen it somewhere…? He should probably ask you, just to be sure.
  • So he goes to find you, and when he does-
  • You are wearing his mask.
  • He doesn’t realize how hard he’s blushing at first, you look adorable in it, and it really makes him feel like you’re his!
  • He doesn’t say anything, just walks over and hugs you and doesn’t let go.
  • He finally tells you that you look lovely in that, but he’s going to need it back at some point.
  • But he is all too willing to get you a mask of your own if you want one! You look so good in them!

Rantarou Amami

  • The dinner he’s made tonight is really nice, you’re gonna love it!
  • He should probably go get you from upstairs though, so you can actually eat it.
  • He knocks on your bedroom door before entering, but-?? You’re not there??
  • So he checks his own room, and sure enough, there you are!
  • But he doesn’t see it until you turn to him.
  • All the jewelry from his dresser is now on you, and you are just staring at him with these big wide adorable eyes of yours.
  • He practically squeals when he sees you, just running over and hugging you and telling you how good you look!
  • He says he’s going to buy you some nice jewelry after this, something to match his own so people know you’re a couple when they see you!
  • He realizes how cheesy he’s being and is a little embarrassed, but laughs it off awkwardly and says that the offer for some jewelry still stands.

Kokichi Ouma

  • The second he walks into his room and sees you in front of his mirror, wearing his scarf, he turns and leaves.
  • You think he’s mad at first, so you follow him pretty fast, but when you get to him, you see his nose is bleeding like crazy.
  • He promises he just got in a totally manly fight with sixteen ninjas, but he’s blushing like crazy and the story doesn’t check out.
  • He thought you looked so fucking cute, but there was no way he would tell you that.
  • So instead he just wipes his bloody nose and takes his scarf back and hugs you.
  • You tell him to watch out with that nose, it’s still bleeding, and ninjas can hear you bleed.
  • He tells you to fuck off.

Shuuichi Saihara

  • You two are simply sitting on the couch, watch television, when suddenly, his head feels cold.
  • He reaches up for his hat and?? It isn’t there????
  • He turns to ask you where it is, only to see it on your head, you looking up at him and grinning.
  • The second he sees you he lets out this surprised squeak that you’ll never let him down and just claps his hand over his mouth, blushing like crazy.
  • He chuckles and tells you that you look very, very nice wearing that.
  • Very, very cute too.
  • He kisses your nose, and you laugh when the brim of his hat bumps his forehead.
  • It takes a few hours before you’ll finally give it back.

Kaito Momota

  • When he can’t find his jacket, the first thing he does is go to you.
  • You kind of just know where things are, yeah? At least, better than he does, that’s for sure.
  • And when he walks in and sees you wearing it??
  • He pretty much just completely mentally checks out, and is just left staring at you with his hand over his mouth.
  • You ask him if you look good and he just?? Keeps staring??
  • Finally he reacts, quickly scooping you up and kissing all over your face and neck!
  • You look so cute!
  • That jacket is way too big on him already, but on you it’s just HUGE. And it is absolutely ADORABLE.
  • He lets you wear it way more often now!


  • he um…
  • he has no clothes…

Gonta Gokuhara

  • Gonta cannot find his glasses.
  • Gonta cannot see.
  • When he finally finds them, they’re on your face! That’s not where they go!
  • Unfortunately, because he can’t see, he can’t really react to you wearing them…
  • Which is a concept he doesn’t really get??
  • Because after he puts them back on he says you probably look really cute in them and he’d really love to see you in them??
  • And then takes them off and??? Gives them back to you????
  • And can’t see you again?????
  • This cycle repeated for an amazingly long time.

Ryouma Hoshi

  • When he first sees you wearing his beanie, he practically chokes.
  • You look like you’re really his.
  • He tells you that you look way better in it than he does, but he’s blushing like crazy and you can’t take him seriously when he looks so flustered.
  • He’s too embarrassed to ask you to give it back or look at you in it because you’re just so cute, so you eventually give it back on your own.
  • However, this doesn’t stop him from conveniently forgetting it in places you may find it.
The really important character development questions.

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Carlos~20~Male, He/Him/His

 How would you describe the way you present yourself to others? In other words, how do you like to style yourself? What do you wear that makes you most comfortable or happy? Etc. Male presenting and identifying. I wear masculine clothing, but I feel most comfortable in things that are formal or preppy. I prefer using bright colors and patterns that normally are considered feminine, as well as using fans and jewelry.  

 How do you find that others perceive your gender? For example, do people tend to assume your pronouns are something other than what they are? People perceive me as male, however, they can tell that I am more effeminate in the way I talk and act. I carry myself very much like what people traditionally expect from a woman.

 Have you been told/felt that that you were presenting yourself in a way that did not “match” your gender? Oh yeah. My parents always tried to make me more masculine. Any gesture that was too feminine was scrutinized and I was expected to act masculine or “respectful” in public.

Remember when I said I was going to focus on writing stuff other than the domestic assassin au?  Turns out I’m a liar.

There were a lot of things that started making sense once Anna was in on the secret.  In hindsight it seemed terribly obvious, like when you finally see the other image in one of those two-pictures-in-one illusions.  Once she knew what to look for all kinds of things started to line up.  Elsa’s weird schedule.  Her tendency to come home looking like she’d just been through a wind tunnel.  Her reluctance to sit with her back to a window.

But not everything  clicked into place right away, and one thing that still seemed completely inexplicable was Elsa’s favorite necklace.

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