people wanted this picture without the quote so i photoshopped it

Recently there’s been so much hate on tumblr (and sadly not only on tumblr) toward Jared. His tag is basically overrun with haters. I saw some people make defense posts and I appreciate it, it warms my heart that there are people who love him and care about his acting and music. But imagine a person who doesn’t really know about Jared wanting to check his tag on tumblr… and seeing all the hate, slander and other horrible stuff.

So what I have in mind is… Pick your favorite photo or video or interview or quote of Jared and post it with tags #jared leto and #lovejaredleto. It doesn’t matter if you have photoshop or editing skills. Post your fav photo without editing or share your fav interview from youtube! I would looove to see what you will post (hence the second tag, so we can track what others share, in addition to improving the main tag). You don’t need to picspam or make grand gifsets. Just one picture from each will be enough to lift the mood.

Let’s drown all the hate with positivity.  :)