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Lonely Sentence Starters

“You’ve been sitting alone for hours, hope you don’t mind me joining you”

“Do you have any friends? I always see you around but… alone”

“Do you want to join me?”

“Do you want to join us?”

“We have an extra ticket if you want to come”

“Is there a reason you never talk to people”

“You’re the only person at this bar that leaves alone at night, every night”

“Let me keep you company”

“You’re a familiar face”

“Glad I’m not the only one alone out here tonight”

“Do you like being lonely?”

“Where you always so distant from everyone?”

“Come on, just play one game with me, I can’t let you sit there and mope all day”

“You don’t have to be so lonely you know”


PLL showing what matters

This was sweet…

S: “Oh no wonder you didn’t want her going down any more holes… Congratulations.”
C: “Thanks”

So was this…

M: Goodbye spencer.
S: Goodbye.
S: Be careful.
M: I will, you too.

Do you know how many people loved this moment?

E: “Ali, look it took me so long to finally get here with you. Okay I didn’t come all that way to lose everything now… I promise you, I won’t let them hurt you.”

Something the powers that be in TV land need to understand, sometimes the most memorable times are when we see our characters show what it’s like to be real. Whether it be friends, family or lovers, when you can portray that moment, we will eat it up and probably turn it into a million different montages.

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I know this is gonna sound super sexist but as a survivor its my reality. Female abusers never come close to the severity of male abusers because while he's laughing about how crazy his ex gf was over a beer with this buddies, she is crying about her crazy ex, filing restraining orders, going to trauma therapy, and fearing for her damn life because he may come after her. Abuse of all kinds is wrong, yes. But when people come on here and say "women abuse men too" I want to scream in their face

We understand anon ❤❤ It’s not sexist to acknowledge a difference

There’s been so much hate directed towards dear Evan Hansen lately on here it makes me so mad. I just want to love both deh and tgc in peace, but I am attacked by negativity everytime I track the tags! I don’t even feel like coming on this website anymore. People are saying tgc is gonna close because deh won a tony over it, I’m just? ?????? Ok sorry pls don’t hate me oh god people are gonna hate me now aren’t they,, I’m sorry goodnight.

Here we had a good ass show with a beautiful cast, good writing, tropes upon tropes, beautiful scenery, amazing costumes, and yet y'all are sleeping on this show and it was moved to THE DAMN SATURDAY DEATH ROW SLOT. People on Tumblr complain about wanting more diversity and shit yet when it comes knocking at your door, you ignore it. I hope folks are happy. I know abc is also to blame with their crap job of advertising this show (plus I know Shonda is under a certain amount of new shows per contract deal so if it works great and if it doesn’t then on to the next) but ABC should have done more on their end. So yeah congrats folks. When you scream that you want diversity and it appears and you ignore it, this happens.

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Are you up for aaa subtle aged up terumob smuff (smut + fluff)? Really subtle ;3; I hope that I'm not being nasty or anything

daawww don’t worry I don’t think you are nasty or anything like that, you know what?… subtle/fluffy nsfw content is MY thing <33, 

I love it, though I believe some people will find it problematic yeah, thinking I’m aging them up just to sexualize them… I can see that coming here hehe!.

Well, just as many people, I usually make content projeting myself through the characters I love, and me as a Demi girl… porn just for the sake of porn has no meaning to me… sex is the biggest expression of love, I can’t lie…I really want my otp to reach that level of trust some day ashgsash It would be like giving it all for love, completely, body and soul…

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so you're saying if you make 10 gifs from 10 different videos you won't credit the owners? what kind if logic is that -.- that's disrespectful towards the ppl who actually spend time and effort to take those videos

really now….those are official videos posted on official sites (which are supposed to post vids) . I just can’t see how disrespectful is that. If you wanna talk about crediting than go talk to those twitter accounts who constantly repost gifs and other content people make and put effort into, not giving a single credit and they just shamelessly take screenshots of gifsets and crop out the blog name out of it, people also spend time on making those gifs and especially graphics. So pls anon don’t come here and talk to me how it is disrespectful that I didn’t ‘’credit’’ one bangtan bomb. So i really don’t want to have a discussion about this

My personal opinions on Gorillaz ships:

2doc: OOOOOOOKAY. Whew. Here we fucking go. I’ve talked about this a lot before. Basically comes down to: I wouldn’t want them in a relationship unless Murdoc started treating 2D nicely and go through with therapy, not just for Stu but for the whole band. Murdoc would try to fix his relationship with everyone after realizing he’s a bad person. It’s not just about a relationship though. I don’t even really want them to be friends until Murodc treats Stu better and changes his ways. I know he is better in phase 4, but nothing has been confirmed about 2D socking him in the face, and Murdoc trying to fix his relationship with people. Let’s say all of this was canon though. I’m very interested in their interactions with each other. There’s a reason they’re the fan favourites. They’re funny, and their personalities go well together. Opposites attract: 2D is kind and (for the most part aside from that phase 1 shirt wink wink) innocent, and Murdoc is dark, brooding, and his behavior and jokes are pretty disgusting. I just feel like they go so well together, and it’s not just, “uwu they are gay ship uwu uwu in love totally no abuse going on” or, “I don’t ship it abusively cause if they are dating he wouldn’t abuse him uwu.” Murdoc has hurt 2D a lot, and I’m not trying to cover that up. It’s one of the reasons I love nice fluffy lovey-dovey 2doc because seeing Murdoc comfort 2d and make him happy and feel loved is one of the most satisfying feelings in the world. Stu needs to beat him up and Murdoc needs to sort his shit out. I would even be happy with just platonic love. Happy family. Be fucking nice to him. I also think people shouldn’t erase the fact that Murdoc is an abuser and was a downright horrible person to 2D, but also that he had a very hard childhood. He was abused as well and raped at a young age. This doesn’t excuse the way he’s treated 2D, but don’t portray him as a monster that needs to die. I just wish everything could get better and they could be happy with each other. I know you can’t salvage every single relationship, but he could at least try. Stuart deserves every ounce of kindness and attention from him. What I hate about this ship is how other people portray it. I’m not saying you should erase him being abusive, but when people think Murdoc beating the shit out of 2D and then basically raping him is totally in character and hot, it makes me want to puke? And 2D only being shown as some wimpy, dumb, frail twink with no personality whatsoever, that’s disgusting and there’s so much more to 2D than his submissive behavior. Like if you’re going to ship it, don’t romanticize abuse. You can have them dealing with it and Murdoc trying to change for the better, and still getting over it, but it’s not something that’s cute. How about let Murdoc be nice and try for once. Stop making 2D be the one doing everything to try and fix their relationship. Anyways. This got off topic a bit. I have a lot of feelings for this one. Bottom line, I love this ship, if you ship it in the right way. (Oh and, that part where I’m talking about liking shipping them in a platonic friendship way, or in a really slow caring relationship kind of way, I’m totally not saying you can’t ship them in a sexual way. Guys can have sex with each other. Like really kinky sex, and still love each other. It’s not all super cute all the time like, they want to fuck hard and gross, gay people aren’t a fetish) ANYWAYS..

2russ: Pure pure amazing ship. Russ is very very friendly sweet, 2D deserves to be cared for more than anything in the world, BOOM. My only problem: Russel’s lack of character. His personality, like I’ve said before in other posts, we kind of made up ourselves. The whole dad-friend thing? Not…entirely canon. I mean it suggests it kind of but, for the most part we created a personality for him. We had to. Why? Because in canon, nobody really cares about him at all. That’s why if 2russ was ever canon, I’d be a little upset. There wouldn’t be much of a “ship” with half of a character. He has a cool story, yeah, but you can’t tell me his personality is as developed as 2D or Murdoc. If we’re talking about shipping our fanon Russ with 2D, it’s great. The most pure of all ships. They love each other an care for each other. Russ would give 2D the best hugs. 2D would give him best kisses aaaa. (Again, not saying they can’t have sex. I’m asexual maybe that’s something to do with it, I just don’t really ship stuff like that, BUT IT’S TOTALLY FINE. GROSS SEX. GAY NOT FETISH. DON’T HAVE TO BE PRETTY ALL THE TIME. MAKE THEM FUCK. Okay I’ll stop lmao) Good ship good ship. Wonderful.

Russdoc: Ah. This one. Okay so same thing to this one about the whole under-developed Russ. Honestly, I do really like this ship. Not aaaas much as the others, but still really good. What kinda sorta “ruined” it for me was the fact that it’s been pointed out Russel kinda hates Murdoc….and like… I don’t know. Broke his nose and stuff, generally just does not really click with him too much? But I will say in phase 4 they’ve bonded a lot more. I do still like this ship a lot still. If they oh I don’t know GAVE RUSS SOME MORE PERSONALITY MAYBE I WOULD SHIP IT MORE???

2D x Noodle: (not even gonna say the actual ship names because they aren’t worthy of them) Pedophilia.

Russ x Noodle: Pedophilia.

Murdoc x Noodle: Pedophilia. 

Okie-dokes is that cleared up? First three are my opinions, last three are fact. Last three are LAW. Okay? Okay.

so antis, superc*rps, chris haters, satan’s spawns, real heroes of earth, whatever it is they want to go by, here’s what we’re not gonna do:

we’re not gonna assume every chris and mon-el stan is a karamel stan…i’ve had so many people come at me like “oh look another karamel stan is defending chris/mon” or i’ll reply to one of them and they’ll be all “karahell fans coming at me” like no, i don’t ship karamel, i’m not a karamel stan, and stop assuming all chris stans are, there’s a lot of us who aren’t, ok? ok good
a lane to the land of the dead
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Steve’s not alone in his dreams.


This is a gift for Lena on the occasion of her birthday, so first of all you should totally go wish her a happy birthday. She’s wonderful and deserves all kinds of lovely things.

This fic ended up straying a little off my usual path, partly in order to keep the thing self-contained (because several of my initial ideas would have, uh, exploded into epics, and I wanted to have something finished). I had fun, though. Really I should write more things with characters mucking around in each others’ heads, it’s way too much fun. There’s so much potential when you’re writing about peoples’ dreams.

A note: there’s some horror imagery in here, though it remains (imo) fairly mild. Title, if you were wondering, comes from “As I Walked Out One Evening” by W.H. Auden.

Thanks to my ever wonderful beta for a quick turnaround, enabling me to actually post this on time. And happy birthday to one of my favorite people in fandom.

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This probably isn't something I should ask but there's been this thing going on on tumblr called MAP positivity. MAP stands for "Minor Attracted Person". I'm sure you've heard about it. If not, basically what the MAP positivity community is trying to do is normalize paedophilia. They're saying that being attracted to children is okay. Just wanted to ask your stance on this. You don't have to answer if you don't want to.

I think they should all choke ☺️ Also, how come they’re not being reported for publicly stating they’re attracted to children like, what the fuck, put them all on some kind of watch list and ban them from using the internet. There’s so many kids on here, and they’re young and impressionable, the absolute last thing they need is some fucking weirdos talking about how paedophilia is A Okay. Nah, that’s bullshit and maybe tumblr should spend more time deleting those accounts and reporting the people running them to authorities, than it has censoring LGBT positive posts as “sensitive material”

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Naboo & Hoth (obviously the most important question)!

Hoth: Is snow beautiful and welcome, or unpleasant and inconvenient?
HMMM. Okay, see, Snow as it happens in MY life and experience is an ephemeral, transient thing, a  little fairy-dusting on the landscape every  few years that melts almost before it can even be photographed. Everyone just stays home until it clears up, it’s fine. 

Snow as people in other, north-er climates seem to experience it sounds like a friggin’ nightmare though. 

Naboo: If you were a world leader, what would you stand for?
…I am boggling trying to comprehend the circumstances that would lead to me being a world leader. How have we come to this, as a species. What happened. Where did all the more qualified people, who can do sums and things, go.

..and you know , it’s really tempting to just put a guillotine image here, especially given current events but that’s not really a thing I want, because oh sure it starts out with a little regicide and next thing you know Europe’s invading and the Vendee is pissed because of the draft and now you’ve got friggin’ Fouche to deal with so really that’s no good 

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She’s so rude. I understand the first comment can be somewhat offensive(even tho she shouldn’t be easy to offend, she does think she’s a celebrity and she should be able to handle all the shit that comes with it. - it was a pretty tame comment to begin with) yet she responds and gives these people attention. is she not running a workshop about positivity? yet she’s responding to young fans in that sarcastic ANNOYING way she always does.

A/N: Actually, I agree with Juliet here. I think it’s so annoying that everyone thinks once you reach a certain age you can’t dress how you want anymore and all you can wear is jeans and a t-shirt. I totally get where she’s coming from, especially because 31 is not old. -N

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12 and malec !!

Ana my love thank you for asking again!!

Magnus was the high warlock of Brooklyn and that was a title that commanded respect, dignity, and honor. Though if you looked at him you would never think any of those words applied to him. He was in sweats a t-shirt and had baby food in his hair and all over his clothing. Respect please he used to make people cower in fear. The only person cowering in fear was him he was terrified of this screaming baby. He groans rocking him again “"max please! I’ve done everything you could possibly want! Work with me here!” At that minute Max hushed and Magnus thought maybe Max was ready to work with him. That was when chairman meow walked into the chair and screeched causing Max to wail again. Magnus groans “"Alexander come home please!” He yells into the empty apartment. Surprisingly at that moment Alec walked in and he’d never been more happy to see the love of his life. “"Your here wonderful help me please.” Alec laughs coming over to kiss his boyfriend and take the screaming baby “"nice to see you too.” He gently rocks Max who stops crying almost immediately.  Alec laughs softly as Magnus sighs and pouts “ he shouldn’t have favorites Alexander.” Alec grins “ aw he can’t help that he likes daddy more.” Magnus rolls his eyes “"you got home early can we we do something?” Alec sighs “"we have max we can’t.” Magnus grins “"that’s what family is for darling besides we haven’t been out since we got Max.” He smiles wrapping his arms around Alec’s waist “"please darling.” He says softly Alec leans back against him. “ Ok fine we can try.” He says as Magnus calls Catarina. Alec sets down max so him and Magnus and can get dressed. A half hour later Catarina shows up and Alec reluctantly hands her Max. He lets Magnus drag him out of the house and into the cab. Magnus grins at him “"I’m proud of you. I’m proud of us.” Alec smiles at him “"I’m proud of us for getting out too.” He says grinning as Magnus kisses him. He hadn’t been kissed well really kissed in such a long time. It was safe to say they got kicked out of the cab for getting carried away. They walk in a few hours later and Catarina smiles at them while handing them Max. “"So how was dinner.” Magnus blinks “"Oh yeah…we were supposed to go to dinner…oops we uh got distracted.” She nods rolling her eyes “"yoor wearing each other’s shirts mhm  Goodnight boys.” They blush sheepishly “"goodnight Cat thank you!” They hold max close and he starts crying when she leaves Alec laughs “"I think he has a new favorite.” Magnus kisses his cheek “more nights out for use then huh.” 

  • moms: hello?
  • gerald: aye..can i come home?
  • moms: you know what time it is? im over tryna get my swerve on with ya d...what the hell do you want boy?
  • gerald: lemme come home
  • moms: i aint got time for this shit son...
  • gerald: a crackhead just stole my food and it was some roaches in the people with bum bumps tryna kiss niggas...peoples wigs gettin snatched up. crack heads singin usher. nah. i aint come here for all of this. im comin home. im packin tonight
  • moms: gerald martin johanssen. get the fuck off my phone with this bullshit. ya daddy tryna make my walls remember him and you callin me bout some crack heads? DONT CALL ME AGAIN UNLESS YOU BOUT TO DIE. -dial tone-
  • "well shit...."
It’s OK if it’s not easy for you

So generally, I’m a good internet citizen, and as a rule, I don’t read the comments. On anything. Ever. With some of the publicity that the UfYH book has been getting lately, though, I’ll admit to briefly losing reason from time to time and reading some comments. And there’s one kind of comment I keep coming across that makes me want to scream:

“This is so stupid. I mean, it’s so easy. Just clean up your house. No need for lists or tricks. Just clean it.”

“Can’t this whole article be shortened up to: don’t be a slob?”

“Ugh, how hard is it these days that we need all these ways of telling people how to clean?“

And I always refrain from responding, because I haven’t completely taken leave of my senses, but here’s what I always want to say:

“If you think it’s easy, then this isn’t for you.” That’s it. If you think it’s easy, or stupid, or unnecessary, UfYH wasn’t meant for you. If you think articles and books about cleaning are pointless, well, I’m not sure why you read them except to be a jerk about it in comments. It’s meant for everyone else. For people who don’t know how to clean. Or who don’t know where to start. For people who can’t do it the way they were taught because that takes energy or mobility that they don’t have. For people who are overwhelmed. Or ashamed. It’s OK to be any or all of those things, no matter what sanctimonious strangers on the internet say. If you’re any of those things and you’re here, you’re using the resources you can find to try to make things better for yourself. Isn’t that the point of the internet (well, that and cute animal gifs)?

Screw those jerks who think that because it’s easy for them, that it’s easy for everybody. It’s not. Don’t let them fool you into thinking you’re somehow lesser in any way because you don’t innately know or instinctively do this stuff. There are way more of us than there are of them; we just usually keep quiet about it for any number of reasons (shame, fear, judgment, frustration…). They can go feel smug about their clean houses or whatever somewhere else. Now, go clean, be awesome, and don’t read the comments.


Taako can’t with the idea that people actually like him and want to spend time with him and here come the two most adorkable sweetheart nerds, getting all up in his life and ruining his blasé and his blouse and I can’t 

I know a lot of people can’t afford to watch bon voyage and ch+ in general so I wanted to share it with you guys. I’ll be uploading as the episodes come out! This is my first time doing anything like this so please be patient with me if I’m a bit slow but hopefully things go smoothly. I can’t wait to see our Hawaiian sunkissed boys and hope you’re as excited as I am to see them lose all their luggage and probably jungkook again!


  • DO NOT reupload on here or any other platform. I will take the files down immediately if I see it around. 
  • That includes links, please don’t share links on tumblr, other social media sites, or anywhere. 
  • Giffing is allowed but credit would be greatly appreciated
  • Send me your email off anon. It will be on a google drive and I will add people to view. 
  • it’d be nice if you gave me a follow

other than that, enjoy~

Here's the thing about shows like Sense8...

It’s not mainstream. It’s not cookie cutter. Strong female leads. Compassionate male leads. Heroic poc leads. Multiple healthy lgbt relationships. Cultures around the world being respected and celebrated. Without a doubt, we should see these things regularly in media, but we don’t. And that’s why Sense8 was set up to fail.

It was exploring stories most shows wouldn’t dare touch. Those of us here on tumblr see the need for that. We crave that. But Amy from down the street doesn’t like change. Greg from work likes detective shows. Diane from church is telling everyone to boycott that show because it’s from the devil. And those are just the people who heard of the show… It doesn’t get promotion ads during The Walking Dead. It doesn’t come on directly after Grey’s Anatomy. It doesn’t even come on a channel so that people might accidentally switch over and be captivated by its beauty.

The burden of promotion fell on Netflix. They want to claim it was too expensive. That there weren’t enough viewers to offset the cost of production. And I’m sure that’s true, but whose fault was that?

I learned about Sense8 through friends from here, where a show like Sense8 is accepted and even celebrated. Unless I actively sought out information about the show, I didn’t see anything about it on any other social media sites. I’ve seen people talk about Stranger Things, OitNB, Making a Murder, etc. all over the place, but silence when it came to Sense8.

When I think about why, the answer is pretty clear: Netflix didn’t bother to promote their own show. I don’t have cable, which means I spend a decent amount of time on Netflix, but I never saw Sense8 on the main screen. It wasn’t in my suggestions even though it is very much in line with my “type” of show. It didn’t pop up in the new arrivals sections. Hell, after I started watching it, I would often have to dig for it in my recently watched section. Even when it was the last show I watched, it would get booted to the end of the line.

Netflix took a show with the odds stacked against it from the get go and did absolutely nothing to promote it. With this type of show, word of mouth is key. It has to be promoted enough not just to pique interest but to demand viewership. They needed to shove that show down everyone’s throats the way they do with OitNB or Stranger Things or even shows that aren’t even their own like Riverdale. But they didn’t.

This is on Netflix. They failed to help a beautiful and captivating and thought-provoking show thrive. They gave up on it when it deserved so much more. And I will be bitter about it for the rest of my life.