people underestimate my love of this game

One Sided But True

I remember the first time I saw you
Oh those spects, those eyes.
All the compliments rocked my mind
I see you smile in my dreams
Feels like a good night kiss
Helplessly my mind drowns into a lucid bliss

Your memories, your angelic face
Is what gets me going whilst I embrace my fiasco phase
It’s so hard
Imagining a life without you,
Wakes me up every morning
Gearing me up to end this stubborn self scorning.

I see your photo, put on a smile
Your memories
Responsible for my most ecstatic self discoveries
They emblaze the morale of my soul
Whilst I battle the boundaries set by my mind
Disguised as the toughest ghouls.

I remember the first time we met
I couldn’t speak
I heard you whisper “Oh what a freak”
You walked away
From that very moment my heart ached to say
I know … Yes I know you won’t love for I am a loser but because of you, crave to be on a winning spree.

I remember, when you finally got to know
I loved you
Bragged about you all the time
You freaked out, you abused
All the people at the scene, amused
I cowardly ran away,
I cried until there were marks on my face because of the tears that had dried.
Year later you did apologise
Little did you know the fault was always mine.
For I was the one who underestimated your value which was indeed divine.

I remember when I asked if you loved football
You said yes.
Damn, I sold my bat to get a ball.
I fell down I broke my toes.
But I fell in love with the game
It was like our thing afterall
It helped me heal
Everything related to you strengthend my will, held me together like a brawny seel.

I remember that night when I wanted to apologise
But your friends misunderstood
Sucker for sympathy is what they accused
I didn’t get out of my room the whole night
Tears escaped me, from the fury raging inside
“Am I so inadequate” was the only thought in my mind, stuck in rewind.

Hiding my emotions just like a buffon knight
As I had my true self, to find.
All these events left me numb
My love for you didn’t succumb
Every day it bloomed
For the battle ahead, I groomed.
Fearless of the fact that losing you might leave me doomed.

Unlike the majority, who act to suffer
I chose to recover.
I know definitely I know you’re way out of my league
But to deserve you, Love
Is indeed my intrigue
For I am a magician drawing up a prestige
Trying hard to storm through this tormenting seige.

I apologise for what I did
Loving me is not an idea
You’ve to battle with.
The problem is mine alone
You’re my purpose my quest
Indeed the root of it all
My passions my goals.

I am scared
Not of seeing you with someone else
But of not getting a chance
To make you feel special
To be able to express
That express of my heartbeats
The feelings
The changes
Due to you love
My failures terrified,
remarked you as the east winds.
You’re my quest
The only song my heart sings.

Don’t fall for the lines above
For they maybe words
Fall for the changes you observe
Only if you choose to fall anyway.
Else remember me as a poet
With a heart of gold
Who chose words to trade his soul

While I am occupied
Unwillingly waiting to cross paths
With an equivalent abode
Not scared to end up forlorn
Diverting my mind to other passions
Adventures yet behold.
Whenever I am up against the toughest uncertainties
I’ll be a gladiator
You my sword.

60 things I learned from Daenerys Targaryen

So I just reached milestones on this blog and my writing blog and while I’m not going to issue a list of new prompts because I’m still finishing up other ones, I wanted to do something new

*show Dany and book Dany

  1. How to make some badass hairstyles
  2. Even though a sixteen year old might not be able to conquer the world through military force anymore, we can still get a lot done
  3. It’s okay to be afraid; fear isn’t something that can be overcome all at once, but faced again and again in daily battles 
  4. There is literally nothing cooler than dragons (or cuter than baby dragons)
  5. Dracarys is the solution to literally every problem 
  6. If I don’t like it, I can write my own canon
  7. Listening to the Game of Thrones soundtrack while reading the Game of Thrones books is the best experience ever
  8. I don’t have to explain my fictional obsessions to anyone or feel a need to justify them
  9. I get at least a 20% increase in productivity when I listen to the soundtrack
  10. I don’t have to feel guilty for finding comfort in an adult TV show. If people judge me that’s their problem
  11. I don’t have to have all of the answers right away; I’m young, and I’m still learning
  12. How to walk in heels (also that heels hate stairs)
  13. I have never shipped anything as hard as I have shipped Jonerys
  14. I can trust my own interpretation of characters
  15. I can get so desensitized to antis that it doesn’t matter what they say, I just don’t believe them
  16. It’s possible to fall in love with CGI green screen characters 
  17. That I have a voice and I shouldn’t be afraid to use it. If people don’t want to listen, that’s their problem not mine
  18. It always gets better. Sometimes it gets worse before it gets better, but it always gets better
  19. A new appreciation of dark blue as a color
  20. Strong female characters will capture my attention and get me to keep watching a show more than attractive males 
  21. Dragons can’t be killed and no one can ever tell me otherwise
  22. How to drop Game of Thrones references into school assignments without anyone finding out
  23. I can root for and love more than one female character and I hate how in modern day media we’re always pitting them against each other for the sake of a male’s affections (cough*certain ship wars I could mention*)
  24. Internet friends exist
  25. I can be 5′2 and still rule the world
  26. I am the only thing holding me back from my full potential
  27. I can be more than one thing, and what I am now might not be what I always am
  28. Fanfiction is and does count as ‘real’ writing. It really does make a difference in other people’s lives
  29. Just because I don’t always want to go to football games at school, that doesn’t make me a lesser being
  30. Daenerys Targaryen changed my life and I will always love her for that
  31. There’s no need to be ‘perfect’. The people who matter won’t care anyway. And there’s just no point in it
  32. Additionally I can totally just be funny and random without feeling like I have to act a certain way
  33. People can underestimate me; I’ll just prove them wrong
  34. Her list of titles is my mantra
  35. If she can get through what she got through, then I can get through high school
  36. Everyone sees fictional characters in different ways because we all bring our own experiences and get different things out of every story
  37. Writing will make me feel better literally whenever
  38. I want to write a book someday that a thirteen year old girl is going to read and it changes her life
  39. It’s possible to be obsessed with something without watching it or reading it, putting together information about it based on comments on Youtube videos
  40. If I walk like I’m confident, chances are I’ll get more confidence
  41. I love public speaking
  42. A few words in High Valyrian
  43. Not everyone is cool enough to handle Game of Thrones and that’s just not my problem
  44. What is a queen without her king? Historically, better
  45. There’s nothing wrong with being alone once in a while. Or even more than once in a while
  46. Dragon jewelry is my new aesthetic 
  47. Sometimes you get to a point where you just don’t care enough to be anxious anymore
  48. Female friendships are under utilized in modern media and it’s a real shame
  49. I will never stop being embarrassed when I see my stories on my dash
  50. You don’t need the right name to be a queen (or a khaleesi, for that matter)
  51. ‘Talk shit get lit’ is my life motto
  52. How to passively agressively look done with this shit
  53. My cats might not be dragons, but I love them anyway
  54. My role model can be a fictional character and I won’t apologize
  55. We can’t choose what fiction has the biggest impact on us
  56. It’s all right not to want to think about ‘normal’ teenager things like clothes and boys 
  57. But then again it’s just fine if I do
  58. My first love (probably) won’t be my best love
  59. I can be confident in myself and let other people see; there’s a difference between being modest and forgetting your own self worth
  60. How to aesthetically make poster shrines

Bethans favourites


2)  squid       Alfie Allen

“Theon is misjudged hes confused he wants to be honourable like the starks but at the same time he wants to prove to the Greyjoys that he is one of them as well”

“reek reek it rymes with freak it rhymes with weak ..and ..i forgot the rest?”

“i dont think he( Theon) is evil there is a human side to him and i do relate to him a bit”
“good old robb he wouldnt be very proud of me would he? well maybe a  little bit”

“he (peter Dinklage- Tyrion) was my inspiration in the first series he made it look so effortless  i think that affected the way i did things in series two”

so why do you think he (kit Harington) is such a good actor?”

“he got all his acting tips from me.”

(pre season 3 interview)  “you havent read the books?”

“ive read the first three?”

oh. youve no idea whats coming”

“well no i dont really people say this to me theyre `have you read it’ and im like `no i havent  i dont know ‘and they just go `dude come here’ and put their arm around me”

“It really was demoralizing at times. It was hard. It was really, really hard. There’s a scene later on where I basically just fucking broke down. I remember Iwan, on the day, didn’t really know if he should continue or if he should just stop, because I was really really, really breaking down. That’s one scene I’m definitely excited to see.”

“The actor who plays Ramsay (Iwan Rheon) is a very strong actor and Alfie is his equal match.They have such chemistry you really feel it. When they just look at one another – or if they don’t – you go “oof!” You feel it. It goes right into the core.” Game of Thrones director Alik Sakharov 

“I was so proud of Alfie and how fantastic he is in every moment” gemma whelan  (yara greyjoy)

“he really gives it 100% every time its great to work with actors like that i was really lucky. i loved working with him” Iwan Rheon (ramasy bolton)

“hes a great actor and a great friend  we’ve never had a proper scene together but id love to do one with him” kit harington (jon snow)

“Alfie Allen is a genius” Daniel Portman (podrick payne)

“i don’t know if anyone other than Alfie Allen could handle the role that he has and go through what he goes through” Pedro Pascal ( oberyn martell)

“ every time im more inspired by him. every single scene he does blows my mind hes so underappreciated so many people underestimate alfie and dont give him the recognition he deserves” sophie turner (sansa stark)

elysionkisses-moved-deactivated  asked:

Just wondering, what is so appealing to you about Princess Peach? She's nice, cute and all, but I kind of have mixed feelings about her. I prefer other princesses, e.g Disney Princesses, Sailor Moon, ect. My opinion, anyway. Not saying I don't like her, though! ^-^ I like to use her in Mario Kart. :D

Heehee! Well, Peach is super cute, kind-hearted, polite and girly, all things I admire! I also love her passion for the colour pink. :P But I do need to say I like her for deeper reasons than that, since I’ve been a big fan of her for over a decade- so excuse my loooong response!!

One reason I love Peach is that she is consistently underestimated. She is cute, stereotypically blonde/feminine and often kidnapped- seems pretty sexist right? But did you know Peach was a fully playable character and heroine in literally the second game she appeared in? (Super Mario Bros 2). You could play the entire game as her. A lot of people don’t remember that Peach has been a pretty cool heroine since the 80’s, not just a “kidnapee”.

I’ve played a ridiculous amount of Mario games in my life, including all of the Paper Mario games which go as far as to give the main mario characters actual personalities and character depth/progression. (Lol). In Paper Mario we learn that whenever she is kidnapped, she is actually working behind the scenes to find an escape as well as investigating around so that she can warn Mario of any impending dangers Bowser has planned against him (You play as her during those scenes, and they’re pretty funny). This explains why Mario often gets helpful letters from Peach during his various quests in other games, for example in Mario Galaxy. And then by the third Paper Mario game, she became a completely playable character and played a key role as heroine in saving the world.
Other leading Mario games where she has been a fully playable include Super Mario RPG (1996), Super Mario 3D World (2013), the countless spinoff/party games (Peach is a pro at playing football, golf, hockey, basketball, baseball, tennis; heck she can even run a marathon at the olympics alongside Sonic!) And of course she starred in her own game, Super Princess Peach, which sold over 1.15 million copies (I wish they had made a sequel, it’s a solid game).

Also- Peach is magical!! This is expressed in her ability to float, as well as creating pretty hearts, sparkles, rainbows etc in Super Smash Bros (where she totally kicks butt with, while somehow remaining extremely adorable). In fact the original reason Bowser kidnapped Peach in the first game she appeared in (Super Mario Bros) was due to the fact she had the magical power to protect her kingdom and stop him from turning everyone into his minions. So Bowser  kidnapped her to ensure that she could not reverse his spell. [source] Peach is seen as a THREAT to Bowser. Also if you’ve seen the official Nintendo licensed comics of the Mario Bros, you can see Peach takes absolutely no sh*t from anyone LOL.

But yeah I guess it boils down to; Peach has flaws, but I love how she can still very often kick butt without sacraficing her cuteness and femininity. :)

20 Interesting Facts About Taurus (Part 3)

1. Taurus are patient, caring, warm, strait talking, loyal, cautious, determined individuals who keep to their word and  when you do to.

2. Taurus will read you but won’t expose you, unless you ask them and or unless they really  you.

3. A Taurus has a hard time expressing their emotions.

4. Taurus are the masters at letting you think you’ve fooled them.

5. There is no stopping a Taurus from getting and…

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Survey 167

Reblog | Bold what applies; 

I AM: outgoing, a sister, overwhelmed, helpful, kind, overweight, tall, caring, a shopaholic, energetic, hopeful, smart, over 18, religious, sexually active, a mother, a good singer, ugly, insecure, a natural blonde, a leader, shy, inquisitive, determined, thirsty, frustrated, registered to vote, independent, hungry, self-conscious, a hard worker, skinny, paranoid, in love, a college/uni student, a dreamer, a movie buff, usually happy, easily entertained, quiet, a daddy’s girl, a smoker, employed, happy with my life, anxious, a pothead, healthy, on a desktop.

I HAVE: an iphone, a laptop, anxiety, drugs, a tumblr, an addiction, a dog, my own car, a degree, a job, trust issues, a temper, a brother, a big house, blue eyes, a lot of clothes, a twin bed, a big family, netflix, to pee, odd taste in music, a large book collection, fast internet, a big imagination, my license, curly hair, a small butt, short hair, a messy room, acne, a phobia, big boobs, a medical condition, an awkward smile, some kind of collection, taken over 1,000 surveys, a personal blog that nobody sees but me, gotten lost while driving, been to warped tour, big feet, bills to pay, a lot of strong opinions, a pool, an xbox, a cold, a lot of music, more than two piercings.

I WANT: a boyfriend, more money, a better body, to adopt, to move out, a new computer, to lose weight, something I cannot have, food, a baby, my hair to grow out, a new life, to be more confident, a tattoo, fast food, alcohol, more friends, to go on vacation, to see a new movie coming out, to go shopping, a new phone, a piercing, concert tickets, someone to hang out with, to start working out, to be famous, to see a certain someone, more clothes, to donate blood, bigger boobs, someone to cuddle with, a job, smaller thighs, to learn how to play an instrument, my favorite band to release a new album, someone to love, a new pet, to go to sleep, to grow up, to change something about my personality, breakfast food, them to make a new pokemon game, a new ipod, a popsicle, to learn a new skill, to be more organized, to go to college, someone to bring me breakfast in bed.

I THINK: abortion is wrong, xanga is dying(it’s dead), I’ll die young, I’m a good person, too often, I’m going to hell, pickles are gross, a lot of popular things are overrated, God is real, people underestimate me, my taste in music is perfect, I need a new layout, I’m pretty responsible, gay marriage should be legal, I’m going to dye my hair soon, I’m funny, I’m going to make a huge decision soon, my parents hate me, I’m pretty, I have a mental disorder, I annoy people, something is seriously wrong with me, of better days, a lot of Disney Channel stars grow up to be trash, The Hunger Games is overrated, the best things in life are free, popular music is pretty awful, I could be a vegan, I’ll make a good mother, I spend too much money on clothes, I’m too good for guys my age, I worry too much, goths are scary, the survey community is dying, politics are stupid, foreign languages are interesting, hipsters are annoying, bolding surveys are the best, everything is better with cheese, Twilight is overrated, I will be alone forever, I might go to bed soon, I may try something new soon, I’m pretty boring, I may never stop taking surveys, McDonald’s is gross, celebrities are overpaid, people use me a lot, Valentine’s Day is a joke, nobody is truly original.

I LOVE: animals, shopping, cooking, going to concerts, jewelry, glitter, reading, bright colors, make up, taking pictures, hot showers, texting, going to the theater, children, anime, being girly, working out, my life, where I live, summer, fruit, candles, photography, eating, learning, rainy days, walking, painting my nails, doing my hair, music, xanga, facebook, feeling needed, getting comments, tumblr, helping others, volunteering, cuddling, chewing gum, youtube, dresses, touch screens, decorating, writing, finding money in my pockets, Comedy Central.

I HATE: cleaning, driving, big crowds, politics, religion, my period, musicals, talking on the phone, crying, fast food, going to the doctor, meat, vegetables, sitcoms, my body, my life, my parents, long fingernails, bad grammar, cocky people, being single, facial hair, having no signal, losing, working, doing the dishes, bugs, children, straight edge kids, racists, going to the dentist, going to school, arguing, hospitals, being pale, having scars, hot weather, wearing socks, listening to the radio, animal cruelty, having stubbly legs, stretched ears, wearing glasses, when nobody texts me back, anime, having nothing to do, when I have stray hairs stuck to my shirt, waiting, bad hair days.

Ok, I realise I’m going into fanfic territory here but just to speculate a little…

Okay, clearly Sophie is thrilled with her and Aidan’s storyline and where it’s headed. She doesn’t have any problems kissing him, finding him an attractive man, etc. And it really looks like HBO is pairing them up for a possible long haul. I really don’t think she’s going to kill Petyr this season or anytime soon. They need each other for survival now and regardless of anything else she knows about him, I think she knows that she can trust him.

Sophie has mentioned in interviews, etc… that their relationship (Petyr x Sansa) is messed up, crazy, creepy and that’s what it supposed to be. She says that outsiders don’t understand it. I can see Arya being someone that doesn’t get why her sister would be with him or anyone that knows Sansa is a Stark and not Littlefingers “niece”. They know they’re using each other. But she’s not disgusted by him, wary but not fearful of him that he would harm her. She actually wishes she were more like him in some ways. She was bored in the Eyrie without him. In AFFC I think she is beginning to see him in a different light. She knows he desires her, but I think he’s showing he actually likes her, trusts her and does genuinely care for her. I think he’s fully aware that she knows he desires her and will play him along those lines. I don’t think he’s stupid at all.

I KNOW the fandom hates these two together in any way, shape or form. But I actually think it’s a very interesting and potentially awesome pairing. You have your classic hero/heroines and major characters people are rooting for, etc… I see Petyr and Sansa as the anti-heros. No one really liked Sansa in the beginning and wrote her off as a dumb girl that just changes with the wind. Then of course, there’s Petyr that just pisses everyone off (of which I fucking love) and fucks everyone over.

Considering that GRRM and D&D love to shock and not give two shits about the fandom in general and take the story wherever they want…. would it be so crazy to find that Petyr and Sansa genuinely care for each other in the end?

Petyr is shady as fuck, yes we know that. And to play devils advocate, it’s certainly possibly that he would kill her to win his game. But I think Petyr sees her more as Cat 2.0. Everyone treated her like a naive fool of a girl and he’s been doing the opposite. He’s educating her in the reality of this world and how to survive in it. She may have been highborn but in many ways she’s very much like him. Naive in love and the way the world works. Petyr has learned how to climb on his own and still no one amounted him to anything. Yet, he has controlled this game and become extremely powerful to the detriment of those that mocked/used him.

Sansa would have been unhappy married to Joffery even if her father never died or was deemed a traitor. Married to Tyrion was better because he actually treated her with respect and pity but she still would have been powerless and in a family she didn’t want to be in ultimately. She most likely would have been unhappy in HighGarden as well. She wanted Loras but shattered that she would be the wife of another Tyrell. She still would have been married only for her claim to Winterfell and nothing more.

Yes, Petyr is using her to control the North and possibly/eventually the throne. But he could have just taken care of her and nothing more. Given her jewels and dresses and treated her like a little princess. No, he includes her in his plans. He teaches her. In his own twisted way, he opened her eyes to the real world even thought he is the reason for some of her grief. But if Ned had not died, she would have  been married to Joff and I’m betting that would not have ended well for her anyway.

Yeah, Petyr is definitely in lust and quite possibly really in love with her. He sees himself in her and that of a stronger woman than  anyone gave her credit for. Just as no one saw that he could become a powerful man from the low born, lovesick boy cut down by those highborn he wished to be.

Petyr and Sansa are yes, using each other. But in the end they both know they need each other and in their own way only trust each other. Petyr has shown a lot of trust in her in the books. And we see Sansa is starting to see him in a new light and in his own way he does care for her perhaps beyond being just Cat’s daughter.

I don’t think it would be such a stretch to say that either of these character could end up actually having genuine feelings for each other at some point. Whether a friendship, mutual respect or more. Neither wants to be weak. Petyr has learned that the hard way and it’s made him harden his heart. I think he knows that Cat never loved him and that ultimately he loved her but he’s let it go. I think he respects Sansa a lot more than the fans would like to admit. He makes her think and reason… to understand why he is making such choices for her and him. As I said before, if he only wanted her sexually, he would have taken her long before now. I think he wants her to choose him. She’s no longer that naive little girl that sees knights, flowers and happy endings. I think she could be the one that honestly sees him for who he really is….or been hiding for years. Petyr. Littlefinger is the mask he wears. She actually takes note of the differences between the two. She does like Petyr and yet Littlefinger scares her. But she does say that is his mask he wears.

Since we have no POV of Petyr. We’re discovering more of who he really is with Sansa. We see  more of Petyr than Littlefinger with her. 

I think people write him off too easily as nothing but a villain. I think Petyr is far more complex than that. I don’t agree with everything he has done but I understand where he’s coming from in a sense. Petyr is a bit of sad and tragic character. He came from nothing. Raised in a highborn house and raised essentially as one. He was young and naive and fell in love with someone who didn’t love him. It happens. Today we’d just shrug it off and move on because we’re rather on the same playing field. In his world, he was never going to be good enough for Cat or even Lysa if he wanted her. Unlike just being lowborn and being around those like himself, it was rather cruel to be raised like a highborn and then knocked into the gutter. Mocked for his height, family, that he would never amount to anything and never be as good as highborn. He still fought for love and lost. Fandom writes this off as meh - friendzoned, meh should have just got over it, meh…. but again they’re looking at this in modern terms. Petyr didn’t feel like he was nothing. Plus, he educated and intelligent. I always say, Cat was the catalyst for what he became. He wanted what he couldn’t have but more importantly was told he could never have because of his birth. I think that makes a big difference. If he was on equal grounds and considered worthy of Cat, I think he would have let it go that she chose someone else. I also think he saw Cat as not really having a choice since ‘family/duty/honor’ were the code to live by. Women were forced into marriages and rarely if ever married for love. So highborn women may have riches but their lives weren’t necessarily their own either. Maybe he thought he was saving Cat from that? Who knows? All in all if left him a hardened man. More than anything, Petyr hated the system as a whole. So he spent his life climbing, gaining power….and in a way, he may have childishly wishes that maybe if he were of noble rank that he could win Cat. Well, he didn’t . And I do believe he knew before her death that Cat never loved him. By then, I think he saw Sansa going down the same road. She would have been married to a horrible person. So in his own way, he was saving her from that. You could argue that he wants her for himself, yes. And I do believe he has real feelings for Sansa. But I don’t think he is the naive boy as he was with Cat. He got lost in the moment with Sansa in the snow and I don’t think he planned on kissing her. It just happened. His moment of weakness.

I do think he’s trying to show Sansa that this society ruled by the highborn is not good. She doesn’t want to marry. Even Harry who seems to be charming and handsome ….someone she may have found appealing once as she saw Joff and Loras. She is already taking off those rose coloured glasses. I don’t even think she would want to marry Loras if it were presented to her at this point. She has been a pawn her whole life and Petyr is trying to teach her to think for herself even though it could backfire on him. You see a lot of pride coming from him when she connects the dots and figures things out. He’s very proud of her. He could keep her naive and stupid but he doesn’t. And that he takes pride in her growing strength shows a genuine affection from him. I think he knows full well she could turn it around and kill him but he teaches her anyway. Petyr is not a good man. He’s been made into what he is. Most wouldn’t take revenge but he is. But it also shouldn’t negate that he does have true feelings for a person or good intentions. He may want a revolution but is going about it the wrong way? Who knows? He may think he could be a better king? Or just burn it all down and put people on an equal playing field. Since we don’t know his true motivation, all we can do is make assumptions based on how other character perceive him.

I know people cry about the age difference and so forth…but I’m not going there. Almost all the main female characters are very young with much older men at some point in their story. I’m just going to let that argument go for now.

I just think Sansa is better off with Petyr. She will become wiser, better player, self reliant and more powerful with him. Everyone else will just cast her aside.

I think what scares the fandom is that she just could be more like Petyr than they want to admit and that she could actually like and respect him. She is starting to think like him and understand him. Honestly, he is probably the best person to learn from. She’s not physically strong or a fighter like Arya….so she needs to play the mental game. Like Petyr, people are going to underestimate her based on her past. And like Petyr she’s going to come out of the shadows and bite them in the ass when they least expect it.

Petyr and Sansa is my favourite pairing just because it can go anywhere and together they could really make trouble for other major characters.
They are the dark horse and I love it.

No fucks given