people turning into animals

I want to talk today about why Why Animals Do The Thing is done educating on behalf of the wolfdog community. This doesn’t mean I won’t be doing education about wolfdogs if the subject comes up, and I still encourage people to utilize @packwestwolfdogrescue as a source for wolfdog-related information, but WADTT will no longer be advocating for the private-ownership wolfdog community or collaborating with them. I know WADTT readers have really appreciated the previous education surrounding wolfdogs, and I apologize for not being able to continue on a topic that garners so much interest. This is a not a choice I want to make, but one that is necessary, as it has been made clear there is a fundamental incompatibility between their ethos regarding education and public outreach and mine. My ethos for WADTT has always been to create accurate, fact-based education drawn from comprehensive research and to foster a community that encourages dialogue and active collaborative efforts; it is time to disengage from supporting a community whose approach to education is spreads misinformation, attacks learners looking to engage with it, and actively supports harassment.

I’ve been in the various wolfdog Facebook groups since Pack West and I began discussing collaboration about a year ago, because they’re the best source of general education for people interesting in learning about phenotyping and wolfdog behavior. I learned a huge amount from those groups - both about wolfdogs and about the general mentality of the people who own them and participate in discussions about them online. As an educator, it was hard to watch and as someone who wanted to learn it was even harder to engage in.

The education done there of new members was consistently combative and hostile - with threads often devolving into lambasting people for not doing more research before asking questions - and occasionally threads would be created about the new members and how much their attempts to contribute to conversations before they knew everything were a problem. The only people who were considered credible when discussing wolfdogs were those who had owned wolf content animals for most of their lives - which meant that the input of anyone with relevant professional experience was ignored, if not often outright denied as being valid. This meant that the actual education accomplished in the groups was really vitriolic and frequently inaccurate: some posts would invite people to try to phenotype animals for education, but the same people involved would immediately turn around on other posts and condemn people for phenotyping animals they hadn’t met; the discussions about wolfdog behavior I observed were full of urban legends and misunderstandings of dog behavior, and awareness of recent research or even understanding of basic behavioral science concepts was frequently absent; training wolfdogs was not considered unimportant and frequently discouraged, and it seemed that using preventative training strategies to safely manage typical wolfdog behaviors wasn’t even on the radar. Education from the groups in general required being able to discriminate between mythology and fact and the ability to weather the constant unpleasantness that pervaded the threads. I chose to stay because I didn’t want to ask Pack West to be my only wolfdog primary source, and it was important to me to engage with the community I wanted to assist as an outside educator.

Last week, I published an article on what people should know about one of the most internet-famous misrepresented wolfdog, Loki. I’ve talked about Loki in posts a few times on this blog, and while I was at Pack West in January it became clear from our discussions that a larger article was necessary due to the frequency of questions received about him. When the article was published, while the response on tumblr was fairly positive, it brought on a deluge of harassment from the wolfdog community on Facebook that has not yet ended at the time of writing this post. It is the response to that article, specifically the pieces of it that they chose to attack, that finalized my choice to disengage from the private-ownership wolfdog community and helping with their outreach efforts.

I originally shared my article on the groups I was in as an offer of an outside resource that could be utilized, since I had asked the groups for assistance finding sources when I began writing it two months earlier. In the time I had been part of the groups, Loki had been a frequent topic of discussion and irritation, and I assumed that it might be useful for them to have a link to offer people rather than having to reiterate the facts so often.

In response, I was swamped with enough comments to shut down my ability to use Facebook for a couple days: how I don’t have enough experience to write anything education related to wolfdogs, how it’s completely unthinkable to publicize even a well-agreed-upon phenotype on an animal I have never personally met, how I should get sued for writing such a character attack, how I’m not actually an educator and just a person with a vendetta, etc. In addition, multiple threads discussing how appalling it was that the article existed at all and everything wrong with it showed up in the groups, because the fact that they were visible to me didn’t matter. I engaged with a few of them in a similar matter to how I respond to critique on the blog, explaining my reasons for writing and my sources. The comments and the private messages got nastier once I made it clear I wasn’t willing to capitulate to taking the article down. I was eventually kicked out of the main group without any communication or explanation from the mods as to what I’d done to violate the rules. It was exhausting and it hasn’t calmed down: I’m still getting passive-aggressively tagged in things on the groups I haven’t left to give my “expertise”. I recently received a letter from the board of the National Lupine Association, whose phenotyping pamphlet I linked to in the text of the post as further reading, officially requesting that I remove any reference to their association from my blog post. It’s awful and it’s exhausting, but the harassment isn’t why I’m no longer willing to support the private-ownership wolfdog community - it’s because of the type of feedback given regarding how they want education regarding wolfdogs to be done.

These are the major points made by the private-ownership wolfdog community (meaning they were repeated multiple times by different people) in response to my article that elucidated how incompatible the reasons I do education are with that community:

  • My article was not approved by the general community and therefore should not exist. The private-ownership wolfdog community hates messaging they cannot control, especially if they do not agree with it. Some of the well-respected members had told me not to publish when I first brought it up in January, and they were furious that I had not obeyed.
  • My article might have created blowback against the wolfdog community by Loki’s owner, which meant silencing me was more important than educating the general public. The private-ownership wolfdog community is terrified of aggravating Loki’s owner, as they believe he has threatened to use his fame to go anti-ownership, and are desperate to do anything to prevent that occurring. No matter how many animals are killed or left in horrible welfare situations because of the exact type of misrepresentation Loki and his owner perpetuate, it is more important to the majority of the Facebook community to not risk having someone popular speak out against them than to accurately educate the public to prevent other animals suffering in the future.
  • My article contained a phenotype I did not have enough “experience” to be giving, no matter where I sourced it from, so the article could not be credible. Even though I had produced educational content for the wolfdog community regarding phenotyping before, did research into Loki’s parents and kennel of origin, and discussed his phenotype at length with an expert before writing, my lack of personal wolfdog ownership discredited the validity of any educational material produced.
  • My article mentioned having been in contact with a government agency as part of my research, which is a cardinal sin. I contacted USDA regarding the existence of an exhibition permit for Loki - the private-ownership wolfdog community does not believe anyone should ever interface with any authorities regarding a wolfdog, no matter what the situation. (In some ways, this is a reasonable concern, as people have historically reported animals to the government and gotten them taken or killed. However, as Loki is internationally famous, he is not an animal that animal-related government agencies would not already be aware of. Moreover, Loki lives in a wolfdog legal state, USDA considers wolfdogs domestic animals by their own regulatory definitions, and USDA is primarily concerned with enforcing licensing and registration in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act. Inquiring as a journalist about the existence or lack thereof of a specific permit would, at worst, get Loki’s owner fined and forced to get the permit.)
  • My article told the truth about rabies law as it applies to wolfdogs, and it was inappropriate for the general public to be aware of that information.

That is not the education I believe in doing. I do not believe in advocating for people who allow vague threats to keep them from speaking out about an issue that regularly gets animals they care about killed. I do not believe in being told not to do thorough research because it might involve a regulatory agency. I do not believe in being told that it’s inappropriate to educate the public about laws that both protect our pets and could also get them killed just because the truth isn’t pretty or straight forward. And I really don’t believe in supporting a community that is willing to attack and discredit any advocacy on their behalf that they don’t control.

I’ve chosen to remove the Loki post from the WADTT side indefinitely. I abhor letting the bullies win, but the choice comes down to the fact that this is not the hill I want to die on. What I’m trying to build with WADTT is bigger than this and I’d rather fold on this single piece of writing for now to facilitate what I want it to become in the future. The blog has been completely dark for over a week, which hasn’t occurred since I started it two years ago, because this has impacted my mental health so drastically. The folk supporting the WADTT patreon and WADTT’s future are supporting me so I can be present and do daily education, so for now, that’s what I’m choosing to prioritize.

Regular posting and the queue should resume in the next couple of days.

Since Alex and Samirah are shape-shifters, can they turn into anything they want, or just other people and animals? Can they turn into a lamp, or a pikachu, or Bob from Monsters vs. Aliens? If so, does it take as much energy to shape-shift into a lamp as it does to shape-shift into a parrot? I need to know.

Autistic Percy Jackson characters

•Percy liking the feel of water and sometimes stims by pouring water on his hands or sticking his hands in water
•Annabeth having a lot of special interests and talks about all of them excitedly while waving her hands in the air
•Jason stimming by cleaning his glasses and not making eye contact and following rules bc he needs structure
•Piper using braiding as a stim and using her charmspeak so people will leave her alone
•Leo not understanding people and wishing they worked like machines, one of his special interests
•Hazel going nonverbal sometimes and clinking jewels together because she likes the sound of it
•Frank turning into animals when he goes nonverbal and letting people pet him
•Reyna escaping from social situations to play with her dogs and running her hands up and down them
•Nico having a lot of nonverbal moments and sometimes blurs right with wrong bc he can’t tell what’s bad and what’s good and likes the feeling of his jacket around him
•(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ AUTISTIC PERCY JACKSON CHARACTERS (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

anonymous asked:

I have a friend that insists Jak is white because Caucasians have a trait of blond hair. Thoughts?

hoooo boy we’re really gonna go there, are we? for reference, here’s an assortment of Jak screencaps:

Okay. First of all, Jak isn’t even a true blond; his hair fades to a yellowish tone as it grows out but it’s naturally green (see: his roots and facial hair, and it was fully green when he was a child). Neither white people nor poc have naturally occuring green hair in our world!
((also, poc with light hair and eyes do exist; those traits aren’t exclusive to white people.))

Secondly, if you examine how Jak is rendered, he does not have facial features common among white people. His dad doesn’t either. They are coded as (ambiguously) poc, regardless of hair/eye/skin colours.
This isn’t just a stylistic choice; some characters are given more ‘typically white’ features, such as these dudes:

Lastly, JnD is fantasy. This series has otherworldly substances that can spontaneously turn people into animals, not to mention all of the crazy creatures and technological marvels. Why is the concept of a light-haired poc the one thing that breaks your friend’s suspension of disbelief? It’s more realistic than most of the content in the series.

In conclusion, your friend’s reasoning is flimsy and has no basis in jnd canon. Also, they probably ought to step back and take a long hard look at why they’re so opposed to the idea of Jak being poc.


when i first read the early summary for Animan i thought maybe the class was on a field trip to the Zoo and Kim had pissed off the zookeeper so they became some akuma that turns people in animals cue the remaining classmates getting zapped as Kim runs by and mari and adrien magically dodge the attack and running off to transform   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

*From Afar* Newt x reader

◘ Anonymous asked:

Dear Author! Good day and coming week to You. I just wanted to ask for a story. Do not know if idea is interesting. But I try to express idea. So, the Reader is obliviated and had no memory about Newt. However, he is not far from You. But he is doing it in Animagus form ( I mean, like a cat or a dog). It is up to You. Then, there is somehow a meeting. Well, something like that. Thank You!

Newt could only watch in horror as the spell hit you, causing you to be obliviated and forget everything that had happened between you and him. 

The memory of him drained from your mind… When you opened your eyes, you stood there, staring in to darkness. You couldn’t remember what had brought you here and what you were doing. 

Turning around to see if anyone else was there, you slowly began to walk away making your way home. The bitter night air stung your face and you sped up. You jumped when suddenly a cat, cinnamon colored with green bluish eyes, jumped out in from of you giving you a bit of a fright.

“Oh!” You jumped back and looked at the tiny animal. It’s eyes looked sad and for some strange reason, all too familiar.

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carrow  asked:

Thoughts on the Pevensies’ life after LWW? Like, in England?

i think there lives would have been rather difficult, not just because of the obvious “i’m a child now but i was an adult just a few weeks ago” and because of the possibility of not returning to narnia, but because england and their world are just so different from narnia. it wouldn’t have been a surprise to see the four pevensie children so surprised by simple, modern technology and by the houses and the amount of humans walking around. sure they’d had professor kirke and his home and mrs macready and the mansion servants but those were few and they were in the country, very similar to narnia.

when the children were brought to the train station to return to finchley, they just about jumped out of their skins when they heard the roaring of the train as it entered the station. things that had been so familiar before now felt so alien. they had spent fifteen years in narnia, in a world where the technology was equivalent to the technology in their world’s dark ages. they had forgotten so much more of their world than they had realized. everyone in finchley was rather confused at the pevensie children’s sudden interest in their home’s rather outdated technology. edmund would have spent hours taking apart clocks and radios and reconstructing them, cultivating his interest in technology which would later develop into an interest in engineering. susan hadn’t listened to the radio and her parents’ old gramophone so much before; she loved being able to hear music without needing a small orchestra following her around at all times. peter and lucy had never so badly wanted to learn to drive before.

there was also the sheer amount of humans walking around and lack of talking beasts that absolutely surprised them. out of habit, the children would turn to the squirrels milling around their house or the raccoons that raided the trash to tell them one thing or the other. mrs pevensie initially believed that her children had gone crazy while in the countryside, that they had had so little to do and so few people to interact with that they had turned to animals for companionship but after some time, she chalked it up to the stress of the war and having to be sent to the countryside. the pevensie kids eventually learned not to turn to the animals, remembering that they don’t speak, but it took them some time to get used to seeing people. people like them, all the time. in narnia, they had been so accustomed to seeing only animals, centaurs, dwarfs, merpeople. etc etc and were only around other humans when they visited other kingdoms or those humans visited narnia. seeing humans every day, people that looked and dressed and spoke like them was strange, rather bizarre almost. peter, lucy, susan, and edmund seemed to walk around wide-eyed through finchley as they saw so, so many humans all in the same place.

and then becoming accustomed to english culture and lifestyles after being so accustomed to their royal lifestyles and narnian culture. now they were just four children that went to school and lived with their mother while their father was away helping the war efforts and had to be content with a boring life. the children found it absolute torture having to return to school. they’d completed their schooling in narnia which focused on economics, politics, and such, all things they needed to know to be able to rule a kingdom successfully. now they were learning arithmetic, geography, english, and all those other subjects that they had forgotten about long ago. they hated having to join other kids their age in a cramped, humid classroom to learn subjects they either knew or cared little for. they hated being pushed around more than anything. they had been kings and queens of an entire kingdom, now they were being pushed in hallways by other students, being blamed by teachers for things they didn’t do, being looked down on by adults. they understood that they couldn’t necessarily be bowed to at every moment, but they wished for some sort of respect and acknowledgement that they deserved said respect. they also lived in a constant state of boredom. in narnia they had had balls to attend, kingdom events to plan, activities being held in other kingdoms to participate in. the pevensie children absolutely despised not having anything to do in finchley. they missed all of the things they were able to do in narnia, even the daily tedious paperwork because at least it kept them busy. the most fun they could hope for were the older kids’ parties that only peter and susan could be invited to and the games that the neighborhood kids like to ask edmund and lucy to join in on.

life in england would definitely have been a lot more difficult as the pevensies had to re-accustom themselves to not just not being in narnia but also to being in england.

Guide: Post-Apocalyptic Clichés to Avoid

Anonymous asked: Hiya! I’m currently planning a post-apocalyptic novel, and I was wondering what to avoid, cliches-wise? Thanks so much. :)

Quick edit for the many people who are confused about tropes and clichés:

Yes, many of these would be considered tropes of post-apocalyptic fiction, but what also makes them clichés is that they are often implemented in ways that make them unoriginal. The key to using tropes and avoiding clichés is to make sure you put a fresh spin on the element. Don’t just have a scorched earth wasteland as your setting for the sake of having it. Do something unique with it. in The Road by Cormac McCarthy, for example, the exact cause of the war that caused the scorched earth wasteland is shrouded in mystery, which made the landscape itself more mysterious. That was a fresh spin on “World War III happened, and there were nukes, and everything got blown up…”

So, by no means am I suggesting that your story cannot contain any of the following elements. This is simply a list of elements that have become clichés because many authors have used them and not put a fresh spin on them. When I say “skip it” I mean: don’t use it in its most basic form. Do something different with it.

1. Scorched Earth Wasteland - nuclear war was a common fear during the Cold War, so “scorched earth” wastelands were common in post-apocalyptic novels. The trouble is, now you see them in novels where there has been war, but not nuclear war. Even if there were nuclear bombs, it wouldn’t level an entire country. Whatever the landscape in your story, just make sure it’s a sensible result to whatever led to your apocalypse.

2. Cozy Catastrophe - cozy catastrophes occur when your characters have not only survived the apocalypse, but are leading a comfortable existence without any of the hardship that would come along with the end of civilization as we know it. Day-to-day survival should be your characters’ main concern, and everything they do should contribute to their daily survival in some way. They shouldn’t be overly concerned about trivial things that have no meaning anymore. For example, looting a store is one thing, but your characters shouldn’t be trying on cute clothing or obsessed with finding a pair of their favorite shoes. There can be stolen moments of joy, but the group isn’t going to get-up one morning and go ice skating or throw a surprise birthday party for one of the group.

3. Lions, and Zombies, and Mutants, Oh My! - clearly the post-apocalyptic landscape won’t be filled solely with friendly people and adorable animals, but maybe avoid escaped zoo animals, packs of feral dogs, and people who’ve turned into either mutants or zombies unless you can put a really fresh spin on them.

4. The Great Valley - a lot of post-apocalyptic novels feature a fabled Eden of sorts, which is a pocket of paradise in an otherwise bleak landscape, and typically the characters are trying to get to it.

5. Anything in Mad Max - if you saw it in a Mad Max movie, just skip it. Leather, hobbled together weapons or vehicles, tribes of ungoverned children, war lords, lone hero, Thunderdome.

6. Ice Cream, Guns, and Supplies Outta Nowhere - this could be called Cozy Catastrophe, Part II. Try to avoid giving your characters access to things they wouldn’t have. Ice cream, for example, would be pretty difficult to make without milk, sugar, and electricity, or ice at the very least. Avoid making all your characters experts at using weapons unless they’ve had extensive training, and make sure all supplies are obtained from a reasonable source at a reasonable price.

7. Paramilitary, Militias, and Pointlessly Evil Bad Guy - these are pretty common in post-apocalyptic stories, so avoid them if you can. Especially the evil leader who is horrifically cruel to everyone for absolutely no reason. If you need to have this group (or that guy), at least make them believe they’re doing the right thing.

8. Shallow Romance - some people think romance doesn’t belong in post-apocalyptic stories, but I call shenanigans on that notion, because few things bond two people together like dire or challenging circumstances. Just make sure that your romance is believable and well developed if you include one. Really think hard about how a romantic relationship would be different in a post-apocalyptic setting.

9. The Search for Lost Loved Ones - this is a pretty common post-apocalyptic quest, and not an unbelievable one. Just an overdone one. If you absolutely have to do it, try to make sure you do something really different than what’s been done before.

10. Characters to Avoid - The Chosen One: the main character who is destined to save the world, The Unwilling Rebel Leader: the main character who inadvertently incites and then has to lead a rebellion against some oppressive force, The Convenient Survivalist - the uncle or family friend who just happens to be a prepper and has all the knowledge and supplies necessary to survive, and willingly offers them to your protagonist’s group, The Not-So-Good-Guy: the good guy who is cleverly hiding the fact that he’s a bad guy; Stock Characters: the smart guy/professor type, the jock, the nerd, the ditz, the old crone, the gentle giant, the sage old man, etc. Also, avoid emotionless, faceless, cardboard characters. Just because the world as they know it has ended doesn’t mean your characters shouldn’t be three-dimensional, well-rounded people.

I hope thathelps

kindasickkindacool  asked:

Hey! im trying to write a story about people that can turn into animals: Primarily wolves. My MC is a girl that never learned how to shift as she's adopted and in a abusive household; she just does so out of the blue and can't turn back again: a wolf pack invites her into their pack, but i dunno how to take it from there...?

Hi! I really reccomend in this situation a couple of tactics:

1. Ignore the story for a week and see if ideas naturally come to you.
2. Sit down with a piece of paper. Write what you know and brainstorm new ideas. Make a flowchart, a list, whatever you want. Get the gears turning.
3. Think of other story ideas you’ve had and see if they can be mashed up or incorporated with this one.

Here’s my ideas:
• Wolves usually cannot stay shifted for the period of time she has. They want her to help them learn.
• The abusive parents are really pack leaders. They kidnapped the MC from another pack and kept her in the dark because prophecy has it that she kills them/destroys their pack.
• The parents are werwolf ‘enthusiasts’ who want to study what happens when you raise a werewolf with humans.
• The parents are werewolf hunters who plan to train the MC as a weapon against their own species.
• Part of the pack is against taking in the MC because their seer says she will bring change.
• The pack system is largest patriarchal and only male wolves are born with markings on their human skin that means they are destined to be an alpha. When she finally turns bak into a a human, the pack sees that she has the markings.
• Since the MC wasn’t born into the pack nor was she initiated yet, she doesn’t share the pack scent. The pack wants to use her as an undercover spy on other packs.
• The pack pretends to be friendly amd welcoming to be her, but they really plan to sacrifice her to the moon goddess.


Captain Canary

Random AU

Turned into an animal AU

A/N: There didn’t seem to be anything like what you requested in the jar, so I hope a little revenge on Mick’s behalf will do.


“He looks like he wants to kill me.” Ray said backing away from Leonard’s chair on the bridge.

“So nothing’s changed then.” Jax replied from his place by the main console.

“Alright, alright. What do we know?” Sara interrupted, spinning the captain’s chair to face the rest of the room.

“We know that Snart is a cat.” Mick replied. “A very angry tom cat from the looks of it.”

“Hey man, you’d be angry too if you got turned into a cat.” Jax defended earning a grateful meow from the feline crook.

Sara sighed. “Alright, let me rephrase. Other than the obvious, what do we know?”

“That, from what anyone can tell, a metahuman did this to him.” Stein answered.

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Sam Winchester Masterlist

One Shots

Your Not So Lucky Day
The reader gets cast with a spell, making her clumsy and just be genereally unlucky, like Sam in Bad Day at Black Rock. The brothers have to contain their laughter and have to finish the hunt on their own. Some fluff involved

Why are you so scared?
A letter from Sam explaining why he was/is so scared to love

Earned it
Just pure smut

Sunday Morning
Imagine waking up next to Sam Winchester. Involves smut

Born To Die - Masterlist
Arrogant. Selfish. A bitch. That’s how Dean would describe the reader in this story. She refuses to work with anyone but herself and trusts no one except her own gun. But can the Winchesters crack her? Will they figure out what she’s running away from? Where did she get those scars and who is this Brandon guy?

Sam and the reader are the main actors in a long-awaited Nicholas Sparks movie. Whilst stating in an interview that there was no off-screen romance going on, the tension soon becomes too much and needs to be released.

Cold Hearted Snake
What if Sam stayed cold and asshole-y after he got his soul back? What if he only thinks about himself and his pleasure, ignoring everyone’s feelings as long as he is satisfied? The reader’s suffered enough already to finally put an end to this. 

Your Body Is A Wonderland
Just a short drabble that solely involves smut.

Little Figther
Sam’s daughter is depressed because she isn’t as human as her parents or her uncle. 

Double Check
The reader has been spending a lot of time with the Winchesters, hunting and traveling with them without really knowing each other. This is about to change when Sam finds the readers sketch book. 

I want it that way - Part 1 / Part 2
The reader and Sam share a complicated relationship, that would have made anyone else go insane by now. The weekend visits from Sam aren’t enough for the reader, but her love is too strong to push him away. Plays in season two. 

The paint’s supposed to go where
This is a one shot with the following sentences from the drabble game :) 19. “The paint’s supposed to go where?” / 35. “You heard me. Take. It. Off.” / 46. “Hey, have you seen the..? Oh.

Sam is letting his hair grow out longer and the reader (his girlfriend) and Dean tease him constantly, which ends in him cutting his hair.

To do the right thing…
Sam thinks, the only way to keep the reader safe is by breaking up with her. She doesn’t like this idea and protests, which ends in them making up.

The reader spent four months in hell for Dean and can’t seem to shake the nightmares off. Sam, her boyfriend, helps her to calm down. 

Shut up and Dance with me
After a successful hunt, the brothers and reader head to a bar to celebrate, where the they get closer thanks to the song ‘Shut up and dance’ by walk the moon

Dusty Witches - Part 1 / Part 2
The Winchesters and reader go on a witch hunt, hoping to find the one who is turning people into animals. Let’s just say, they don’t get to kill her at the first meeting. 

What she used to do - Part 1 / Part 2
Reader and Sam are in a relationship, as the reader dies after being kidnapped by demons. Happy end guaranteed.


48. “Asking for a friend.. Do you know how to get a foot out of the toilet?”

60. “You didn’t tell me it was karaoke night..”

54. “My mom thinks you like me. Tell her she’s wrong.”

1. “Come over here and make me.”

13. “Kiss me.” /  37. “Wanna dance?”

21. “We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?”

38. “You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”


Imagine getting a dog with Sam

Imagine cuddling with Sam on a rainy day

Imagine Dean accidentally interrupting Sam and you during Sex

Jared Padalecki

One Shots

I Am Human - Masterlist
He’s one of the two main actors. He’s 28, sexy, charming and funny.
She’s the new girl on set. And she is only 20 years old. She is also the one who stole his heart in milliseconds, just by being herself. Jared Padalecki and (Y/N) (Y/L/N) are what you like to call starcrossed lovers, two fitting pieces of a puzzle. But we all know love is not easy. So what happens if their age difference becomes a problem? Can (Y/N) keep working for Jared when feelings get involved? In this story, (Y/N) has to decide whether to let her guards down and open up; she has to accept how love means giving someone the chance to break you into pieces. Will Jared fight with his heart or go with his brain and back away?

Sam and the reader are the main actors in a long-awaited Nicholas Sparks movie. Whilst stating in an interview that there was no off-screen romance going on, the tension soon becomes too much and needs to be released. 

Let her go
A one shot inspired by the song Let her go by Passenger and the following requested drabble numbers:  
2. “I need you to forgive me.” / 56. “I want to come home.”

Bittersweet - A Jared Padalecki Story - Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Epilogue
A complicated, but bittersweet love story between Jensen Ackles younger sister and Jared Padalecki. After a rough start that almost ruined all chances of them ever becoming a couple, they fight for their love. / Completed

Mango and Vanilla 
Jared needs help applying a face mask. Some fluff and kissing! 


Imagine meeting Jared on the set of Supernatural and falling in love

Castiel’s Masterlist

Dean’s Masterlist

Other Supernatural Character’s Masterlist

The Flash Masterlist