people towels

Things I bought when I heard I was getting a raise:

A cheap amiibo (pleasure)

Proper summer work clothes (needed but still fun)


Now the towels I find really interesting, because it’s so indicative of the idea that I’m a proper career woman and should have good quality home goods. Like I’m some kind of mom or something.

I don’t regret them one bit.

My sister and I grew up without extended family nearby, but we had these two bachelor cats who kind of took on that role for us.  We like to say that they were our gay uncles.  I finally drew them as the humans they were to us … 

shoes off, goggles off (bodhi rook )

“He wasn’t just a body to you; it was him or nobody. You barely trusted people, let alone men into your life, and Bodhi had proven himself to be the exception. You couldn’t sleep anymore without him beside you. When he had off-planet trips it felt like gravity was off-center knowing he wasn’t in close proximity. When he was beside you it felt easier to exist. He was all soft, and you were rough edges. You had spent so long convinced that you had helped pull him out of his depression, that you hadn’t considered that maybe his love for you was just a dam, blocking off the flood of unsettling sadness inside of him. You needed him, and maybe he no longer cared if it was you–he just needed someone.”

You’ve been dating for over four years, and sometimes doubts leak through. 

(i.e be prepared for that hot triple threat of fluff/angst/smut)

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This is everything you need in life

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So, at my school we have 1 or 2 lunch based on your 4th period. I eat lunch in my 4th period class which is right next to the bathroom so we can hear people using the paper towel dispenser. One time, we heard a bunch of banging on the walls and it turned out to be a group of guys were banging on the stall doors cause this kid was masturbating in there and we're recording him too. He didn't stop so they went back for round two.

oh my god

It's happened twice already

Why is it that customers go to the bathroom,see were out of toilet paper, use paper towel, see that it doesn’t flush, leave it, and then not tell me that we ran out of toilet paper???
Also why do people see that paper towels don’t flush and leave it there for me to find and have to use a glove to pull it out?!?!?

To Yearn

|To Fall| |To Be Afraid| |To Find| |To Be In| |To Rediscover|

Member: Hoseok 

Genre: Angst 

Word Count: 851 

Summary: Love. It’s a strange thing. It can either make you the happiest person in the world or the most miserable. You don’t know when it comes or when it goes. Sometimes it’s not returned and sometimes it is. We don’t know how to deal with it, but we still yearn for it.

A/N: I would like to take this moment and formally apologize to all my readers because I tend to write more angst then fluff, causing all the heartache. I’m a terrible person, but angst is easier to write for some reason :) Please enjoy though Xx 

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If only I waited a little longer.

If only we had more talks at night about our feelings.

If only you gave me more time to open up.

If only I was more patient with you.

If only…

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Pregnancy Pains. (Chicago PD, Jay Halstead)

Pairing: Jay/ She - can be read as Linstead

“Uh, that’s my towel.” Jay stated the obvious, pointing to the dark blue fabric wrapped around her torso. He had a thing against people using this one towel in particular, something about it’s plushness and other shit she didn’t care about. She pointed down to her stomach.

“And this is half your chromosomes. This towel is the only one that will fit around your fat ass baby.”

“It’s half you.”

“Yeah but it got it’s bulk from you.” She laughed as he wrapped his arms around her, kissing her soundly on her cheeks as the baby kicked a soccer player’s rhythm. “Oh look. It hates you.”

“Why are you so mean to me?” He chuckled, running his hand up her spine and along the curve of her baby bump. “She’s mean, you have a mean mommy.” The kicking stopped. She gave him a look. “Oh nice, take her side.”

“He doesn’t agree with you.”

“Well, she will.”

“Shut your face asshole, he is going to love me.”

“See? Mean. You’re a nurse. Aren’t you supposed to like humans?”

“Just because I like humans doesn’t mean I like you in particular.”

“Divorce, we’re getting a divorce!” He threw his hands up, stomping out the bedroom door as he muttered about mean wives. She just laughed. About to drop the towel, she decided to put on one of his old t-shirts before thinking it through.

Deal with grumpy, pouty, baby Jay all day or - oh who she kidding, this wasn’t a decision at all.

“Jay! I need your help.” It was a call he couldn’t refuse. He stomped back through the door, eyebrows furrowed as he looked at her obviously perfectly healthy, capable self.

“Why did you-” His eyebrows shot into his hairline as she dropped the towel to the floor, smirk on her lips. “Oh. Okay. Mhm, not mean, you are literally the nicest woman in the world and I love you.”



“Shut up and kiss me.”

domestic fluff is bad for my angst but soothing to my soul

Request Here. Masterlist.

Can we Just Take a Moment To look at this Man...

He goes from Funny Shower Towel Man-child..

..To Spikes his hair with shampoo man-child… 



SCANDAL; in “GiGS” magazine, Mar 2017 issue - Original Set List

SCANDAL creates their own setlist for a shorter-length stage.

── HARUNA’s Set List「Showing All Sides of SCANDAL」

“In event that the fans who’ve known every single one of our songs, and the ones who know absolutely nothing about us come to our one-man live, we’ll also present our songs differently. The point of this (setlist) is about presenting ourselves to whoever may come. We want to give back, 100x more than what everyone expects from us. This setlist is envisioned for a fes. We’ll attack with 3 high tension songs at the beginning, throw in an MC session, then continue on with another 4 songs. The overall strength of all the songs allows everyone to enjoy all sides of SCANDAL. Afterwards, as the acoustic version of ‘Sisters’ shall be included, I think everyone can enjoy us, both visually and musically.”

  • M1: Image
  • M2: Shunkan Sentimental
  • M4: LOVE ME DO
  • M5: Awanai Tsumori no, Genki Dene
  • M6: Sisters

── MAMI’s Set List「Feelings of Wanting To Attack Right Now」

“At a fes, you don’t know what’s your appearance number, which timezone it may be, what the audience expects, or what kind of feelings they hold coming to a live. I made this setlist thinking about all these unexpectedness, but it will also reflect our current mode. Since we have feelings of wanting to attack right now, this is how the setlist has turned out. Firstly, we’ll kick off with our debut song, "DOLL”, then play “Shunkan Sentimental”, a song with all sorts of turning points. Then, we’ll bring out everyone’s voices with “Taiyou Scandalous” (laughs). After an MC session, we’ll let everyone hear our new song, “HELLO”, and then “FREEDOM FIGHTERS”, to get the tension up. We’ll then end it with “Image”. It’s a great (setlist) that reflects SCANDAL at all our time periods, and I thought about it pretty seriously.“

  • M1: DOLL
  • M2: Shunkan Sentimental
  • M3: Taiyou Scandalous
  • M4: HELLO
  • M6: Take Me Out
  • M7: Image

── TOMOMI’s Set List「Something That None in the Audience Will Get Sick Of」

"I had a period where I thought of not wanting anyone to be sick of us. I’ll go with including some songs that aren’t as well known. But I wonder how that’ll turn out (laughs). As part of audience, when you go watch a (live), surely there are some songs you hope won’t be left out right? I’ll like to place importance on that, and thought about not letting any of audience feel bored. We’ll attack right off the start and get everyone screaming, in return, capturing our audience’s feelings. Surely, there are many people who know of "Shunkan Sentimental”. Afterwards, we’ll get people twisting their towels with “DOLL”, before inserting an MC session. We’ll then say, “This is our new song, please listen to it”, before continuing with our winter song, “HELLO”. We’ll then bring out everyone’s sentimental feelings with “Bitter chocolate”, then turn up the tension with “Image” at last. The ending chord is E, so everyone is able to wave their hands in the air while we’re performing (laughs). We’ll then go, “Everyone, thank you!”“

  • M2: Shunkan Sentimental
  • M3: DOLL
  • M4: HELLO
  • M5: Bitter Chocolate
  • M6: Awanai Tsumori no, Genki Dene
  • M7: Image

── RINA’s Set List「Let’s Do What We Do Best」

"Since it’s a fes, I like attacking with high spirits. I had a period where I thought about how we should return the thoughts of those who were anti-SCANDAL. But right now, I just have very light-hearted feelings, and think about how to stand on stage doing what we do best. These are songs that I hope will capture everyone’s feelings, and that I hope for everyone to know. I’ve put a high spirited song as the first on the list. At the end of that song, we’ll throw in the band-sounding "EVERYBODY SAY YEAH!”, and have HARUNA elongate the intro, getting everyone’s screams in the air and turning up the hype. Then, we’ll have “FREEDOM FIGHTERS” and “Take Me Out”, before doing an MC session, as we’ll like to speak right about now. We’ll make the MC short and sweet, before brightening things with the pop-sounding, “OVER DRIVE”. To hype things up even more, lastly, we’ll attack with all our might with “Image” (laughs).“

  • M1: Shunkan Sentimental
  • M4: Take Me Out
  • M6: DOLL
  • M7: Image

Photos and translations by fyscandalband. Whose setlist do you think is the best?

The Cold

Fandom: Skip Beat!

Pairing: Kyoko Mogami / Ren Tsuruga

Rating: General 

For @fromageinterrupted for the 2016 Skip Beat! Secret Santa gift exchange :)  

(Read it on AO3)

Kyoko dropped face-down onto the bed, burying her aching head in the hotel pillows. Every inch of her skin felt bruised, painful, as though hordes of tiny, angry buffalo kept running over her entire body.

The idea seemed oddly appropriate, and for a second, she distracted herself by imagining a whole prairie full of small rampaging animals, including the pack of mini vultures circling over her prone body, ready to swoop in at her last breath.  

A strong shiver shattered the fantasy, and she was back, miserable but alone.

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Old people at Costco fighting over Paper towels
  • Old guy : We should get these are cheaper
  • Old woman : * Skoffs and pouts *
  • Old guy : What woman ?
  • Old woman : These have a flower print they make me happy...
  • Old man : Why didn't you say so
  • * throws them in the cart *

anonymous asked:

I don't think it's just that one word in the script that has some people throwing in the towel. It's the whole tone. It's that you can imagine the writers using those same stage directions for 90% of these characters. It's that they want to leave no room for Clarke's motivations. This whole season, taken together, for me, feels like the writers BEGGING me to get over it and accept they're just co-leaders/friends.

Really? Because I caress a man’s chest and talk to him about how wonderful he is when my feelings are platonic and I’m afraid to say goodbye. Good buddy old pal old friend of mine.

You guys are wusses. You want them to feed you bellarke despite them TELLING you that it was going to be a long road and it’s not about romance. And they KNOW you want Bellarke and they’re NOT going to spoil their intentions for you WHICH IS WHY THEY DELETED THE DAMN PART OF THE SCENE THAT WOULD HAVE CONFIRMED IT ONE WAY OR ANOTHER. 

You don’t want to believe in Bellarke, be my guest. Not my problem. You can ship or not ship whatever the hell you want. 

It sounds a lot more to me like you listen to antis and you want a straight line romance on a show that is about the end of the world. And you’re not watching the story that’s being told because what you want is romantic bellarke and you want it right now. 

Listen, guys. This is my hobby. I ship Bellarke. I find it to be a GREAT relationship, both romantic and what leads up to romance.

I’m not getting paid to convince you guys to ship something that you think isn’t going to happen or something that you’d rather listen to antis about. Dudes. The antis don’t give a shit about what is actually happening in the show. They have an agenda, and it’s focused on hate and negativity and I couldn’t give less of a shit what they say, because their goal is to cut down the show, the ship, the characters and the story. And I do not just mean the anti-bellarke people. Antis in general are about hate. I don’t have time for that. 

IMO, they don’t understand the story. But whatever. If you like their version of the story better, despite it NOT being what’s happening in the story, then you go do you. 

Enjoy not shipping Bellarke. 

I don’t care. 

I’m over here in Bellarke OTP land. And I have a fic to write. 

(you know, don’t you that if you were to imagine Bellamy as a girl, or Clarke as a guy and looked at this relationship as m/m or f/f  instead of m/f it would be STARKLY clear that this is not a platonic relationship.)