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But like can we just appreciate the Doctor’s look when Hydroflax says “false wife” I MEAN WHAT A SMUG IDIOT.— @hegaveallhecouldgiveher

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So what do we know about season 5 so far?

  • The season is set over a course of three days, based on the riot (Confirmed)
  • Episode one is called ‘Riot FOMO’ (On the cast call sheet)
  • Someone shoots, more than once, whether that’s Daya or a correctional officer, someone shoots (Also on the cast call sheet for episode one ‘Piper and Alex hear gunshots’)
  • Laura Prepon is directing episode ten (Confirmed)
  • A young Red has been cast on IMDB (For episode nine)
  • There will be a Poussay memorial (Taryn Manning posted a photo with a poster behind her)
  • Brad William Henke gave hints that we’ll get Piscatella’s backstory late in the season (Rumor)
  • Episode twelve is called ‘Tattoo You’ (A photo of the front page of the script was posted by Taryn)
  • People have been cast to play doctors, nurses and SWAT team for episode thirteen (I haven’t checked on this one like on IMDB or anything, so I don’t know)
  • While the vast majority of the cast were wrapped for season 5, the next day Lauren Morelli posted a photo on Instagram quoting “Last shot of S5, no YOU’RE crying” 
  • An extra posted a status on Facebook regarding a drastic change of hairstyle quoting “especially after how the season 5 finalie went down”

Edit: more info from @wildebeesttheatre

  • Also includes a young Dmitri in episode 9. And two other Russian sounding names. Perhaps an old flame of Red’s.
  • Healy will be appearing in Season 5, Michael Harney confirmed it.
  • Laura Prepon is pregnant in real life, this might indicate that Alex will not be in the start of Season 6 (maternity leave?)

Edit: I also feel like I should talk about casting, last night I looked through all the episodes on IMDB, sometimes looking at the cast can give hinters/create more questions (little side note, Natasha nor Laura are listed for any of the episodes, but I’m not worried about that.) Also note that a lot of these are nitpicky, but I feel like it’s still interesting to point out new cast members, especially if they’re significant/known to characters.

  • Episode 1 - Nothing significant about the casting of this episode, apart from Ilyana Eberhardt as stunt double for Maritzia,  Stefanie Flores as a stunt double for Flaca, Dejay Roestenberg as a stunt double for Brandy
  • Episode 2 - David Bodenschatz is cast as CO James Shulock, Martino Caputo is cast as a local cop (he was in The Animals in season 4 and will also be in episode 12, Tattoo You, of season 5), Skylar Dunn is cast as Susan, Hunter Emery is cast as CO Hopper (he is in it to episode 9), Elodie Flanagan as a girl scout and finally Danny Wolohan as Lloyd Berlin, 
  • Episode 3 - Dean Ciallella is cast as a pedestrian with a newspaper, Joanne Lamstein as a stunt double for Judy King (also stunts for episode 4) 
  • Episode 4 - Rebecca Benhayon as Ashley (also in episode 5), Michael Cuomo as Andres, Sara Harman as Corinne, Shirley Roeca as Vasquez, Stephanie Vovou as a stunt double for Maria
  • Episode 5 - Kat Harley as CERT member #4 (in it to episode 12, CERT stands for ‘computer emergency response team’, so that’s interesting…), Mary Kate Malat as a Prep School Student, Booch O'Connell as a Thurston Academy Student (Google states that it’s a Martial Arts school, but it could just be a fictional school), Anthony Caravana as Thurston Academy HeadmasterBlanchard Ryan as a reporter (also in episode 12), Tequilla Whitfield as Tanisa and Chantelle Antoinette as wobble dancer #8
  • Episode 6 - Thea McCartan as Susan Logan, Frank Ridley as a drunk guy and Morgan Wolk as Kristen Master
  • Episode 7 - Nothing significant apart from 7 stunt doubles, for which characters are unlisted 
  • Episode 8 - Danny Ramirez as Paolo (Paolo may be Nicky’s mum’s boyfriend, whom she mentioned in the pilot episode, although the actor does look to be in his 20s while Nicky’s mum is like 50+, so yeah, probably not that Paolo…), Chelsey Cary as a stunt double for Leanne,  Stefanie Flores as a stunt double for Dwights and Alexa Marcigliano as a stunt double for Doggett (also in episode 13)
  • Episode 9 -  Gabriel Furman cast as a young Dimitri, Zack Gafin as Max, Miguel Izaguirre as Diablo (looks like we’ll be seeing more of Blanca’s boyfriend/ex), Xenia Leblanc as young Red, Pavel Shatu as  Kostya, Samantha Lee Johnson as someone’s family member, Chad Knorr as a stunt double for Piscatella (also in episode 10 and 11) and Joanne Lamstein as a stunt double for Red (also in episode 10 and 11)
  • Episode 10 - Allegra Edwards as Anchor and Stephanie Vovou as a stunt double for Linda (also in episode 12)
  • Episode 11 - Gregory O Nicolas as Miguel, Ian Paola as Yadriel (looks like we’ll be seeing more of Maria’s ex), Jesse Ray Sheps as David and
    Myra ‘Dakota’ Bown as a stunt double for Norma
  • Episode 12 - Shae D'lyn as Mary-Bethany, Oscar Pavlo as a CERT member (also in episode 13) and Benjamin Thys as Gilbert
  • Episode 13 -  Sal Cecere as CERT officer Rein, Maria Rivera as Paiz,  Frank Alfano as a stunt double for Luschek, Orien Elizabeth as a stunt double for Alison, Alexa Marcigliano as a stunt double for Lorna, Kevin Michael as a stunt double for Humphrey (looks like Daya doesn’t shoot that mf…), Kara Rosella as a stunt double for Sankey, Valisa Tate as a stunt double for Janae and 11 other stunt performers for unlisted characters

So far, that’s it. Feel free to add if you know more, rumored or not.

I found out most of these from @itspiperchapman

This photo.  I’m dead.  I *just* joined Tumblr, so I hope I’m doing this right - I just wanted to share this story with everyone.

MegaCon Tampa 2016 was my (and my kids’) first con and it was the most amazing experience.  I was so nervous about the photos because I paid a LOT of money for the photo/autograph package and my kids tend to make silly faces in pictures and not smile.  My 3yo (mini doctor) does not like strangers (and I wasn’t sure whether, at his age, he would make the connection that this tall bearded man is the actor who plays “the spiky hair Doctor” on TV and therefore we love him.)  Afraid he would just see DT as “random bearded stranger”, I was envisioning an awkward disaster, but reminded myself that whatever happened would be a fun memory regardless.

I was elated to find out that our photos and autographs would be 1st thing in the morning since we had purchased the “Ultimate Fan Experience” package.  I knew at least the kids would be at their best and probably not cranky yet.  We arrived early and stood in line with some of the most amazing people.  My mini doctor was finally allowed to play with his sonic screwdriver, and everyone was very patient with his incessant “sonic-ing” at their costumes, jewelry, merchandise, and various body parts.

We walked into the photo “booth” with about 2 people in front of us, as David & Billie’s faces both lit up when they saw the kids in costume.  I think Billie even pointed at mini Rose.  I told the person in charge that it would be just the kids in the photo, and she motioned me to stand by the cameraman during the photo.  I am SO GLAD I was not in the photo because I got to see the entire scene unfold.


David bent down, opened his arms enthusiastically to my son, and said, “Come here!”  Then something magical happened - my son went right to him without hesitating and David picked him right up and turned toward the camera.  It was adorable and precious and so many other adjectives but mostly just random letters produced by flailing at the keyboard because adjectives don’t do it justice.  Both kids and myself were beaming as we stepped out of the booth to retrieve our photo - but the photo checker motioned us BACK INTO the booth (I’m guessing one of the kids blinked during the photo).  I was devastated - there was NO WAY the whole scene would go as well the second time.  We squeezed back into the area, and David again opened his arms to my little guy.  He practically ran into David’s arms, like he was greeting his daddy coming home after a long day at work.  It was incredible.  In fact, my mini doctor was so enamored with David, he forgot all about his precious sonic screwdriver until David reminded him, “Point the sonic!  Right there!  Right at the camera!”  It was just amazing seeing David so attentive to my son.  Several of the people behind us in line also got to witness the magic and have told me that the scene was one of the highlights of THEIR MegaCon as well!  And most of my fangirling has been over David, but the fact that my mini Rose is also smiling in this pic is a HUGE testament to Billie’s sweetness and friendliness. We had literally practiced making a nice smile for the photo and all I got was a blank stare.  Rose is by far my daughter’s favorite companion and I know she was completely thrilled at meeting Billie and how Billie squealed over her costume (On a side note, Eleven WAS her favorite Doctor - but I think she is a TEN convert now after meeting David!)

We moved on to the autograph line and waited while David and Billie finished the rest of the photos.  My 7yo (mini Rose) wanted to say something to David - I wasn’t sure we would have time to say much at all but when we got to David I said, “She wanted to tell you something” and he patiently leaned over the table to hear her and said, “What did you want to tell me?”  She told him she loved his performance in Much Ado, and I mentioned that she was a big fan of Shakespeare after watching him in Much Ado and Hamlet.  He said “Oh, I love hearing that!” 

She also got to ask him a question in the DT/BP panel at the end of the day, but I will save that for another post!

One last liveblog post re John Simm

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The Doctor referenced prime minister before he referenced humans as food and therefore it’s got to be Simm coming out soon - the references were even in the order that they were during the last time he was in Doctor Who - Harold Saxon first and then the End of Time


Hey everyone Beary here! I just moved an old account here and I’m looking for people who would be interested in playing with a FMA OC BH/03. This blog is still under construction but I plan on having the whole thing ready sometime next week. But for now I would love find people to follow! So if you want to play with a Doctor OC from the FMA verse please give this post a Like/Reblog and I’ll be sure to check you out!

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I'm not sure why people are so fucking keen on knowing who will play the next Doctor when we have an absolutely brilliant and fantastic one Right Now.

Because, sadly, he is going, and because there is a huge question in terms of representation in what direction the show goes next, unfortunately. Particularly as Capaldi’s brilliant and fantastic time as the Doctor has been more engaged in that question than any previously. My attention is definitely on Capaldi’s run, but I know what comes next is a huge question at the forefront of my mind, and while it’s not cool how the media is capitalizing on that with clickbait, I can’t say I’m surprised they are.

a fat person: when i had an eating disorder/was addicted to drugs and lost a lot of weight way too fast, something that’s been proven to have really, really adverse affects on your health, i was actively encouraged and enabled even though i clearly needed help recovering. That’s why I get kind of annoyed with skinny people trying to play doctor and making false assumptions about my physical health.

a skinny person, crawling out of a storm drain: yeah but someone told me to eat a hamburger once so…. :/ #thinphobia #NotAllSkinnyPeople #IAmUncomfortableWhenWeAreNotAboutMe?


Casual reminder for people that by the point the Doctor meets Clara (aka when I play my Doctor, post The Snowmen) he pilots the TARDIS smoothly. So if your character is flying with the Doctor, please don’t describe them flying all over the console area unless I specify that the ride is bumpy (or we plot it ooc). The Doctor will look at your character like they’ve lost their mind, from now on.


The Doctor: Oh and you should know, I’m a very big fan.

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Did you see that the Daily Mail has 'announced' the next (female) doctor?

Hey Nonny thanks for popping in ^^

Are you talking about this?

Yeah that’s just Daily Mail trying to get clicks lmao they got no fuckin clue. 

But still, it stands to reason that as SO MANY media outlets are using articles about female actresses playing the Doctor that PEOPLE ARE ACTUALLY INTERESTED IN A FEMALE DOCTOR. I’M TALKING TO YOU, BBC. I’m not counting my chickens bc they’ve been quoted as saying they’re lookin for another David Tennant (as if there’s a DT lookalike tree somewhere they can pluck the next Doctor from). And I just know I’ll be disappointed. But goddamn am I ever hopeful and eager to be proved wrong. 

Phoebe would make an excellent Doctor in my opinion though, for what it’s worth :)  What d’you think Nonny?

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McKirk AU in which they're already a thing. Then on an away mission Bones goes missing. Jim desperately searches for him and after quite some time he finally finds him. He wraps up Bones in his arms, weeping with happiness. But Bones doesn't hug back but steps back and asks confused, "Who are you?"

  • Jim usually wakes up before Bones does. Usually at his own side of their bed, and that’s when he rolls in closer, shifting well into Bones’ personal space. He usually snoozes for a few minutes more in Bones’ embrace, until Bones’ alarm finally wakes the two of them up. Bones turns around with a groan when his alarm goes off, and Jim runs a hand through that messy hair. “Morning, sunshine.” “We haven’t seen sunshine in months,” Bones replies simply, and Jim huffs. He tightens his fingers in Bones’ hair. He pulls him in closer, kissing Bones’ lips and just enjoying his half awake company in the morning. “Why don’t we take a few days off, soon?” Jim suggests softly. “Just the two of us, a few days away on Earth.” “I already spend so much time with you every day, is it really necessary I do that on my days off, too?” Bones asks, and Jim kicks his leg. “Be nice to your Captain,” he says with a grin, “or I’ll have to sanction you.” He adds, shifting on top of the other and nudging Bones’ legs apart. Bones grins, looking up at him fondly through tired eyes. “Sanctioning me?” he asks, pulling Jim down for another kiss, “I have a feeling you’re gonna be doing that anyway.”
  • Everything is great. Being with Bones is fantastic, because they go through the good days and bad days together, but they always come out okay. And Bones is just always at his side, helping him remember stuff he can then proceed to ignore. So when they land on a faraway planet, he doesn’t even really have to think about Bones’ safety or anything. Bones can take care of himself. He doesn’t like to fight, but he has a mean punch when he has to. The away party splits in three teams; one with Jim, one group with Spock, and Bones stays behind with a few red shirts to research the strange behavior of local animals.
  • Nothing really happens. The people Jim meets are not particularly hostile, but they’re not friendly either. Just distant, a little secretive, and definitely not fond of the Federation. Spock doesn’t seem to have had much luck either, and Bones’ party is already beamed back to the Enterprise. But when Jim actually goes looking for him; in medbay, in his quarters, the rec room, hell, even the gym, Bones is just nowhere to be found. “Where’s Bones?” he asks one of the ensigns who beamed down with them before. “Who?” “McCoy.” “Oh, he left to find you. Did you not beam back together?” “No,” Jim says, his brain slowly processing what that means, without trying to visibly panic. The latter clearly fails, and he turns around to rush back to the transporter room. “Scotty! Beam me back down immediately– and track McCoy for me.”
  • Bones has put himself in dangerous positions before. The torpedo, with Carol Marcus, for example, or he injects himself with a virus so that he has someone to test his cures on. Ridiculous. Although Jim does the same with non-medical procedures, it can really piss him off when Bones is reckless. But he’s never been missing on a strange planet, with absolutely no one around at all. Jim beams down with a few others - Sulu, Spock, and a couple of red shirts, and they start their search party for Bones. Scotty gives them the coordinates to Bones’ communicator, and they follow it through thick woods. They eventually find the communicator on the ground, and that’s when Jim’s annoyance turns into panic. Because obviously something is deeply, very wrong.
  • They do find Bones, hours later. Jim is exhausted, it’s getting dark and through the woods it’s difficult to see anything. But he’s not quitting. He’s going to walk around until he finds him, because Bones would’ve done the same. He finds Bones just walking aimlessly through the woods, shirt ripped and with a few cuts and bruises on his face. But Jim doesn’t even see that. He just throws himself at his partner, arms around his shoulders and he buries his face in Bones’ neck. “Oh thank fuck, Bones.” He sighs, the relief of today’s worries, and the exhaustion, all making it difficult to keep a straight face. “I was so worried.” Bones remains stiff, though. Rather than yelling at him for leaving him in the woods, he’s just quiet. Still. And eventually, he gently pushes Jim off. “Who are you?”
  • M'Benga says something is blocking Bones’ memories, but he doesn’t know how to stop it. Someone did it, he doesn’t know if it’s permanent or not, and he doesn’t know what the long term effects are. So all in all, not particularly useful at all. And it doesn’t take long to figure out why his memory has been wiped. A sickness spreads through the Enterprise like wildfire. Everyone falls ill with the flu, and eventually Jim is forced to have people work while they’re feverish, or have not enough crew manning the ship at all. 
  • He fights off his own symptoms and pretends he’s okay, so that he can focus on Bones instead. Bones, who doesn’t remember the Enterprise, or being a doctor, or even his own name. Jim feels terrible for him, but he feels just as bad for himself. He’s lost his boyfriend and his best friend at the same time, and he has no idea how to fix it. He’s tried kissing Bones, inspired by the positive outcome of Disney movies, but that only earned him a slap in the face.
  • But even without remembering how to be a doctor, some habits don’t die. When Bones eventually catches Jim sniffing and running a fever, he drags Jim back to his quarters. “Just go lie down and rest, a'ight?” Bones says, and Jim huffs. “I can’t. Some of us have to work. We need to find a cure, for this sickness and for you-” “Listen, most fevers are cured by resting,” Bones insists, “and chicken soup, but apparently they only serve artificial chicken here in space. It’s a disgrace,” he adds and Jim cracks a smile. At least the real Bones is still in there somewhere. “You can barely taste the difference, Bones,” Jim says, letting Bones put an extra blanket on his bed to keep Jim warm. “I can totally taste the difference,” Bones points out. “What are you gonna do while I rest?” Jim asks, and Bones shrugs. “Put people to bed, I suppose,” he says, “someone’s gotta play doctor when everyone’s sick.”
  • Surprising to all, Bones stumbles on to the cure in med lab. Jim doesn’t know the details of it, being stuck in his room sweating that fever out, but he hears afterwards that Bones and M'Benga together created something, which Bones then -again, against Jim’s will- injected into himself to test it out. It works, and so they go around helping people back to health. The canteen also offers chicken soup and ginger tea, but Bones doesn’t want any of that. All artificial blasphemy in his book.
  • M'Benga and Chapel finally manage to remove the thing in Bones’ head that’s clouding all his memories. Jim finds out afterwards because Bones visits him on the Bridge. Not dressed in uniform, just that tight black undershirt Jim really appreciates the looks of. And when he turns to look at the doctor, Bones just leans in to kiss him. Not a first kiss thing, more of a welcome-back kind of kiss, that has Jim briefly forgetting they’re in a room full of people. Until Chekov groans out a “Please, Captain, Doctor, there are workplace protocols for these things.” and Jim laughs, relieved knowing that things are finally back the way they should be.
Medic Roleplay Etiquette

So, you want to roleplay with a medic? That’s great! However, there are some unique pressures on roleplayers who pick up medics as a muse, and it’s up to us other players to be considerate of that. There are multiple ways you can make things easier for your roleplay partner. It is important to keep in mind, though, that there are always exceptions to codes of conduct/rules. These will not apply in all scenarios. They’re a good baseline, though!


  • Be creative with starters. Your immediate instinct may be to go in with a minor injury, but medical roleplayers see that a lot. Try to find another way to approach them if you can.
  • Keep an eye on the cues your partner is giving IC. Pay attention to if they’re being detailed about repairs/treatment or if they try to skim over it. Some people play medics to explore the emotional dedication it takes to treat/face horrific injuries, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they enjoy writing out the gory details (literally). It’s alright to skim over! They’re not doing anything wrong. It’s extremely difficult to write the steps of a medical procedure well and you’re probably expecting too much of people if you come in thinking they should/will do that.
  • Remember most people who play medics aren’t trained doctors. Be accepting and flexible with any mistakes they might make.
  • Think of them as more than ‘Doctor.’ Being a medical professional can be a large part of someone’s identity, much as being a soldier changes people, but it’s not all they are as a person.
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate! If you do do a repair scene, let the medic know what you want to be wrong with your character beforehand (or at least give them a sense of how severe you want it to be). There’s nothing more frustrating than when another roleplayer doesn’t give you any clues for diagnosis. If it is your character, take responsibility for making decisions about their ills.


  • Use cheap tactics to get sympathy for your muse. Unless you’ve communicated with the medic ooc, having your character dramatically crash or suddenly start gushing blood can be startling to the person playing the doctor. Give them a chance to prepare for a shift like that. It’s especially rude if it’s because the medic gave you a more mild diagnosis than you were hoping for and you use it as a passive-aggressive way of elbowing the situation into something more serious.
  • Expect that the medic will treat your life-threatening injuries, especially if this happens to be your first interaction/a starter post. Threads with patients on death’s doorstep are incredibly draining on many people (and they happen with great frequency so many people tire of playing them). Once again, ask if it’s alright before you drag your character in in that condition.
  • Only seek out roleplaying with a medic character when you have a boo-boo to be fixed. Run into the doctor at the movies; take the doctor on a date; argue with your neighbor-doctor about how their dog is tearing up your lawn. In other words, do ordinary things with the doctor that have nothing to do with doctoring. Doctors eat and sleep just like the rest of us.
  • Force a repair scene if the medic is trying to skim over treatment. If it’s clear they don’t enjoy describing how the repairs take place, don’t draw out the sequence unnecessarily. There are plenty of other things you can explore that don’t involve gore.
  • Automatically adopt the ‘I hate doctors and won’t cooperate’ attitude. It seems to be a default for many characters, and for some it might fit. Really consider if it is IC for your muse, though, because medics deserve a little respect (and to not have all their patients bolt out the door against orders).

Repair scenes have great potential to be moving, dramatic, and heart-wrenching. Applied too liberally, though, they go from tear-jerker to nerve-jerker. Don’t tramp all over your roleplay partner in your excitement to see how your character reacts to a near-death incident.

Near-death scenes are great, but they’re even better when you communicate, communicate, communicate!