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Hello! I read (and enjoyed!) the story you posted of your grandpa and his tree disposal methods, and so was looking for the story you mentioned of your other grandpa menacing a peach tree with a baseball bat, but can't seem to find it. Halp?

That would be because I haven’t posted it yet!  Many people have requested the story mentioned in the tags “Grandpa Menaces a Peach Tree With A Baseball Bat”, So here it is, with a side of “Grandpa Menaces The Iowa Relatives With Giant Corn”


For the Full Context of this tale, you have to understand how my dad’s side of the family got to America in the first place.  Prior to 1917, they were all farmers of limited success that migrated from county to county, trying not to starve, until a covey of the Fitzpatricks heard that they could be shoveling shit in Grand Americay, far away from the people they owed money to, so they all fucked off to Iowa and somehow made a fortune in the real-estate business in the middle of the depression.  Despite now being comfortably middle-class, they never actually gave up farming, and having a pair of glowing green thumbs was a point of pride in the family.

So, when Grandpa moved out to California, specifically to the Salinas Valley, which is where an absurd percentage of the country’s food is grown because it’s full of probably the world’s most stupidly good soil,  Grandpa had to continue the tradition and set up a garden in the backyard, planted various crops and flowers in January because fuck you this is coastal California, I can start stuff in the middle of winter, and invited his sister Leone and her growing brood of (at the time, 5, later 9 children) out to visit.

They came out in July, to escape the Midwest humidity and Butter fetish for a time, when the corn is typically getting to be around knee-height if things are going well.  Grandpa spent a long time asking how things were back on the farm, plying them with ice tea and grandma’s lethal Angel Food cake, before politely inviting Leone and her Husband Scotty out back to see how his patch was doing, oh its not much really, just a bit of fun for me and the children-

Scotty and Leone stared at the nine-foot-tall goddamn corn which was already setting fruit because it had been going since January.  At the watermelon plant that had taken over the side-yard, and at the other oversize and thriving crops that had taken over grandpa’s yard.  There was a few moments of awed silence.

“Well fuck you Edwin.” Scotty eventually said, before Leone whopped him over the head and the rest of the visit was a pleasant diversion.

the following spring though, Grandpa received a package from Iowa, specifically a small peach tree with a note saying “With Love, Scotty.”

Leone knew better than to engage in such shenanigans, because this is irish-agrarian passive-aggressive Bullshittery at its absolute finest.  “Sure, yeah, you can do corn.  Any asshole can do corn.  TRY THIS FUSSY-ASS PEACH VARIETAL INSTEAD, YOU ASS”  is perhaps a more accurate translation.

Grandpa, not about to be intimidated by a mere tree, planted that sucker in the front yard and proceeded to pamper it- bone meal fertilizer, a brand-new irrigation system, the works.  Hell, he would go out some times and talk to the darn thing.  It flowered, and he borrowed a behive from one of the local farmers to make DARN SURE that it got pollinated, because he was going to mail peaches to Scotty for Christmas, that asshole.

The tree. Did not. fruit.

That fall, grandpa reccived a letter from Scotty, asking after a couple paragraphs of circumlocutions, how that tree he sent was doing?

Grandpa got up, made himself a martini, picked up Dad’s baseball bat, and walked out to the front yard to have a discussion with the Peach tree.  

“I’ve just received a letter.”  he explained, waving the paper at the tree. “Asking when you’re going to fruit.  Now, I think I’ve held up my responsibilities to you as your caretaker, so it’s time for you to start providing.  Do you understand?  This spring, you better start fruiting or I will personally take this bat to you and turn you to into kindling.”

He stepped close to the tree, sticking his face in the branches as though whispering into it’s hypothetical ear. “Do not test me, you little shit.”

The next week, the tree bloomed out of season, and by February, it had set an obscene amount of fruit, which grandpa gleefully turned into preserves and mailed back to Iowa.

“The one I loved most was my last son. My other children were even jealous of our attachment. When he was very young, he would hang out the window and call to me as I left for the office. And when I arrived, I would find his toys in my briefcase. We remained close as he grew older. He was the one who always called me. He was always checking on me. He was always taking me to lunch. But then one day I went to the bank, and a lot of my money was missing. He had been stealing from me. He was falsifying my signature. When I confronted him, he begged on his knees for forgiveness. Then I started getting phone calls. He owed money to people who were threatening to kill him. I went into the slums to find the loan sharks and pay off his debts. I paid them all, with interest. I used to wear nice clothes. I used to have a nice apartment. Now I’m left with nothing but my pension. And my credit is ruined. I sold all my belongings and I’m hiding from him. When I go to sleep at night, I wonder how he is doing. I wonder if he is safe. But I can’t see him. Because if I see him, I will help him again.”

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

I think a big part of how I see the world is that -

In college I was sick. In particular I was anorexic, and I nearly starved myself to death. I never accomplished anything, made commitments I couldn’t keep, lost track of time, and struggled with the most basic life tasks. I was anxious (mostly because I correctly knew that everything was going horribly) and lazy (because I could not possibly do enough things to matter, and doing things was hard and hurt) and unreliable and terrible. I ended up owing people a lot of money (I have since paid them all back) and failing at things that were really important to me and to other people.

And now I am in a good environment for me. I live with people who I can be reasonably assured don’t hate me and will tell me when they need me to do things differently, and I am no longer anxious. My work has clear expectations and is bite-sized and doesn’t pile up on me, and I reliably deliver it and do a good job. I have enough money I don’t have to deal with the mental overhead of deciding whether to buy the food I want, and I spend that mental overhead on better things. I am still messy and I am still bad at getting places on time, but I’m never late on rent. I am mostly a productive, honest, trustworthy, reliable person and I’m getting better at those things. I have friends and kiss girls (and the occasional boy) and I make a positive difference in peoples’ lives.

Some of the difference was immaturity and lack of skills; much of the difference is that I had starved my brain until it stopped functioning; much of the difference was that I was in an environment that was not shaped to my strengths. But living through it gave me this powerful sense that the difference between a “lazy” person and a “successful” person, between a reliable person and an unreliable person, between a “good” person and a “bad” person, is a lot about whether they are in an environment shaped to their strengths. That almost everybody will be great in the right environment and really really struggle in a bad one. And some people have never ever encountered a bad one and think they’re just inherently great; and some people have never encountered a good one, and think they’re just inherently miserable and hard to get along with and unreliable and untrustworthy.

I absolutely think people are still accountable for the things they do in bad environments. I’ve worked really hard to fix the things I fucked up at when I was sick, and I don’t mean “it’s all the environment” to mean “it’s not you”. Just - the same you who was miserable and did bad things will be happy and do good things, in better circumstances, and lots of the human project is building those circumstances. 

I don’t know how to give everyone an environment in which they’ll thrive. It’s probably absurdly hard, in lots of cases it is, in practical terms, impossible. But I basically always feel like it’s the point, and that anything else is missing the point. There are people whose brains are permanently-given-our-current-capabilities stuck functioning the way my brain functioned when I was very sick. And I encounter, sometimes, “individual responsibility” people who say “lazy, unproductive, unreliable people who choose not to work choose their circumstances; if they go to bed hungry then, yes, they deserve to be hungry; what else could ‘deserve’ possibly mean?” They don’t think they’re talking to me; I have a six-figure tech job and do it well and save for retirement and pay my bills, just like them. But I did not deserve to be hungry when I was sick, either, and I would not deserve to be hungry if I’d never gotten better.

What else could ‘deserve’ possibly mean? When I use it, I am pointing at the ‘give everyone an environment in which they’ll thrive’ thing. People with terminal cancer deserve a cure even though right now we don’t have one; deserving isn’t a claim about what we have, but about what we would want to give out if we had it. And so, to me, horrible people who abuse others all the time deserve an environment in which they would thrive and not be able to abuse others, even if we can’t provide one and don’t even have any idea what it would look like and sensibly are prioritizing other people who don’t abuse others. If you have experiences, you deserve good experiences; if you have feelings, you deserve happy feelings; if you want to be loved, you are worthy of love. You flourishing is a moral good; everybody flourishing is in fact the only moral good, the entire thing morality is for. Your actions should have consequences, sure, and we should figure out how to build a world where those consequences are ones that you can handle, and where you can amend the things that you do wrong. When you hurt people, that can change what “you thriving” looks like, because part of thriving is fixing, and growing from, things you have done wrong; but nothing you do can change that it is good for you to thrive.

I reject that I ever deserved to starve, and so I reject that anyone, ever, deserves to starve. I reject that I ever deserved to suffer, and so I reject that anyone, ever, deserves to suffer. Happiness is good. Your happiness is good. And without a single exception anywhere I want you to thrive.

Moon in the houses

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Moon in 1st people are sensitive, and their emotions are often displayed where everyone can see. Their emotions are instant and always are on the surface, making it hard for them to keep their emotions under wraps. They’re often known for being moody and emotional, which can sometimes make them seem impatient and overbearing to others. However, what a lot of people don’t notice about moon in 1st people, is that they’re extremely caring and nurturing towards others. They’re able to relate easily to other people, using their emotions to understand them.


Moon in 2nd house people’s emotion are often tied in with their personal values and possessions. Your belongings give you a sense of security, which is very important to you. Because of this, moon in 2nd house people love to collect things. Usually things with sentimental value. Despite their attachment to their belongings, moon in 2nd house people are often scared of being in trouble with money, or owing debt. These guys want to feel secure and go out of their way to make sure all their bills are paid. Sometimes vanity is also tied in with moon in 2nd house people. They often need to seek attention from others in order to develop feelings of self worth, which can make their emotions delayed or unresponsive.


Moon in 3rd people’s emotions are often intellectualised or communicated freely. Sometimes, these people flick between the two, finding it hard to make up their mind. They’re the masters at imitation, usually changing their views and opinions depending on who they’re with. This makes them the masters at communicating with others. Especially concerning emotion subjects and topics. These peoples find it very easy to pick up on the emotions and feelings around them. This is what makes them such good communicators when it comes to emotions. They often relate and understand the community and people around them.


Moon in fourth house people often have a strong yearn for a sense of belonging. This then results in them usually searching in their past to find it. Because of this, they may find it difficult to break old habits and traditions, especially habits in childhood. It is indicated that moon if fourth house also have strong ties to their mother. She mothered and cared for you deeply as a child, creating a strong bond. Because of this, these people often struggle with the aspect of ‘growing up’ and can sometimes unleash that burden on others. Moon in 4th people also often have a strong urge to redecorate and move home’s frequently. Without this stimulation, these people often find hard to stabilize their emotions and take care of themselves.


These people have a flair in their emotions! Moon in fifth house people can often dramatise and make a fuss out of their emotions. Like moon in first, the find it difficult to hide their emotions, and sometimes they don’t want to, they want people understand what they’re feeling. Another key aspect to Moon in 5th house people, is that they’re usually are known for having dramatic and intense love affairs. These affairs often change frequently as well as creative hobbies. These people also have an inner child, which also gives them a strong connection to children. You are always trying to connect to your inner child, whether that’s through your creative passion or emotions, you need to find it in order to be fulfilled emotionally.


Moon in sixth house people need to feel useful, organised and on top of things within their life, in order to feel emotionally stable. They need the stability in their life and often achieve this by following a daily routine. Their moods can easily fluctuate by how organized they are, or their emotional states at work. When these needs aren’t met, this can lead into emotional unrest. Moon in 6th house people also feel emotional satisfaction when they’re helping out a friend! They’re always there to lend a helping hand to help fix whatever situation that they can change or help with.


Moon in 7th people rely and crave support in a partnership in order to feel emotionally stable. Not only do they rely on their partner for emotional support, they also prefer to take them wherever they go. Whether that’s to the mall, beach or to get some gas. They just prefer to be with someone. Moon in 7th people also gain a lot of emotional discovery when they’re with their partners. It’s like something switching on inside them, they discover all their emotional needs and feelings. They also have the ability to adapt and understand people’s emotional needs, which makes them very easy to get along with. Because they become so emotionally attached to their partners, there is a tendency to be too dependent. They may feel unsure about themselves without a partner.


Moon in 8th people have a strong desire emotional intensity and security. They are looking for people to connect with on a deep and intimate level. This ultimately makes it very hard for them to get over from any emotional betrayals and losses. They are deep and loyal people, looking for ways to transform themselves emotionally. They often do this by looking below the surface and into their painful memories of the past. This erupts deep and fierce feelings of jealousy, hatred and passion. Moon in 8th people are also deeply sensitive to what lies below the surface, which makes them interested in taboos, death, sex and occult.


Moon in 9th people feel as though they need to live beyond the normal cookie cutter everyday to day life. They have a strong desire to explore, travel and educate themselves about the world that surrounds them. This can also make moon in 9th people very interested in philosophy. These people are often prone to feeling restless and uneasy if they don’t have an idea of their future. They often feel discontented if they’re stuck in one place, feeling as though they need to break free and travel the world. They’re constantly searching for more of what life has to offer, and can sometimes be prone to blaming their unhappiness on whatever situation they’re in.


Moon in 10th people feel emotionally content when they’re status and achievements are achieved. They often work hard to towards their image, and are ones for keeping up appearances. Because of this, these peoples tend to change their goals and passions often, trying to find the perfect path for themselves. Sometimes it’s hard for them make decisions, as they often only focus on their emotional needs and what others want. They feel an overwhelming pressure to please people and perfect their image.


Moon in 11th people feel an overwhelming need to be with friends and to belong in a group. These people offer all their support to their friends and want to receive the same back. They’re almost always surrounded by a close group of people, often relying on them for emotional support. However, this placement can often indicate an unstable social life which can be hard for them to accept and deal with. Moon in 11th people also have many changing and fleeting ideas and dreams. They have a great hope for their future and can often find it difficult to stick to one goal.


Moon in 12th people can often feel blind to their emotions, or feel so much they can’t discern what they are. These people often have delayed emotional reactions, the 12th house cloaking them and keep them hidden. This can be very difficult for these people to really understand what they’re feeling and they often need to retreat back to their space in order to recharge. This can consequently make them isolate themselves and feel very detached from the world. Despite these people not really understanding their own emotional needs, they are ready to understand others feelings and emotions. They have a strong desire to help.


The New Poll Tax

Hundreds of thousands of Americans are being denied the right to vote because they are poor.

In nine states, Republican legislators have enacted laws that disenfranchise anyone with outstanding legal fees or court fines. For example, in Alabama more than 100,000 people who owe money – roughly 3 percent of the state’s voting-age population – have been struck from voting rolls. 

This is unconstitutional. In 1964, the 24th amendment abolished the poll tax, a Jim Crow tactic used to bar poor blacks from voting.

These new laws are a modern reincarnation of that unconstitutional system, disproportionately disenfranchising people of color.

Income and wealth should have no bearing on the right to vote. Many Americans are struggling to make ends meet. But they still have a constitutional right to make their voices heard.

Preventing people from voting because they owe legal fees or court fines muzzle low-income Americans at a time in our nation’s history when the rich have more political power than ever.

These state laws are another form of voter suppression – like gerrymandering, voter ID requirements, and bars on anyone with felony convictions from voting.

We must not let them stand.

Desperate Times (Joker x Reader)

Okay. I’m so sorry guys, I know it’s been about 80000 years since I’ve posted but I’ve just had really bad writers block and I’ve been really busy with work and school and whatnot but here it is. 

This was a request from an anon: “Could you please make an imagine where the reader is given to Mistah J because they were in debt to him. He immediately because super obsessed with her, but the reader is very scared of him <3 <3″ 

This is like decently close to the request just i couldn’t figure out what to write. I’m sorry!!!!! 


“Please, no Mr. Joker, I’ll give you anything. You can have anything.” You saw the man beg for his life, for another chance. It disgusted you to see him like this. To see the man you once knew as your father beg for drugs. You shook your head in disgust and turned away. You had no idea why but he insisted you be there with him, maybe it’s ‘cause he knew it could very well be one of his last days, if not his last.

“Anything?” The green haired man purred as he circled your father. Your father nodded and looked you in the eyes as if he were apologizing. Confusion clouded your mind as to why he would be apologizing. Maybe it was for being a shitty father, or for making you witness this horrid interaction.

“You can have my daughter,” he stated simply. You eyes snapped open and your back straightened.

“Excuse me? No you can’t have me and what the fuck dad?” You said in disbelief.

“Oh she’s feisty, I like her. You’ve got yourself a deal there Mr. You can keep your life, and your drugs, in exchange for this lovely creature,” he said as his looked you up and down, drinking in every detail of your body.

“No. Dad what the hell is wrong with you? You’re not actually serious are you?” Your voice dropped as the look in his eyes confirmed that he was in fact serious about selling you to the Joker.

“I’m sorry Y/N. There’s nothing else I can do,” he muttered, embarrassed that he had gotten to this point. Your heart broke as you watched the man you once looked up to pick drugs over his own daughter.

“Oh we are going to have so much fun together little miss Y/N,” the Joker snarled in your ear. You flinched as his hands came down on your shoulders.

“Dad… How could you?” He looked down in shame and walked out of the room without a word. Tears were streaming steadily down your face as you stared at the door he had just left through.

“Hm. Dads, am I right?” The Joker broke the silence in the room. “Hi doll face, I’m the Joker, the man that your father is seriously indebted to, and you belong to me now! You can call me Mr. J,” he said, extending a hand towards you as if to shake hands. You glanced down at his hand and ignored the offer. “Oh sweetheart now that’s just rude. That won’t fly doll. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Gonna have to teach you a lesson then. Take a seat,” he said as he pulled you down to sit next to him. His face got serious and you knew you were in trouble. “You belong to me now. That means you do what I want, when I want, and where I want. If you disobey me sweetcheeks, you get punished. Are we clear doll face?” He gripped your cheeks, forcing you to look at him. You nodded and he released your face. “What’s your name sweets?”

“Y/N,” you said simply. He stared at you with a bored look as if he was expecting you to say more. You stared back in defiance and he let out a long displeased groan.

“Not a talker are we? I can change that y’know,” he said with a maniacal smile as he pulled his shiny gun out of the holster under his jacket. He lifted the gun and caressed your soft cheeks with the cool, hard metal. You stared him dead in his crazy eyes as he tried to scare you with the powerful weapon in his hands. His face fell as he realized you weren’t scared and you wouldn’t open up to him. “Now tell me doll, am I gonna have to find some other ways of getting you to open that pretty mouth of yours?”

“Fine. What do you want to know. You get three questions, choose wisely,” you said, boredom dripping in your words. Your father had dragged you in to a world of guns and violence, this was not the first time you had been threatened at gun point and you had a feeling it wouldn’t be the last.

The Joker raised his non-existent eyebrow and stared you down. He was vastly impressed by your cool composure and lack of fear. Most in your shoes would be trembling, begging for their dear lives but you, you just sat there, bored with his games and his old intimidation tactics.

“And who do you think you are making demands?” He sneered angrily.

“I’m just trying to get this show on the road. Question one, two more to go. Like I said Mr. J, choose wisely.”

“I like your spunk sweetcheeks. Alright, why aren’t you scared? Most people would be terrified out of their minds, why not you?” He inquired.

“You’re not the first basket case my father has pissed off. I’ve been tied down, beat, interrogated, the works. I’m used to it now. My father owes a lot of people a lot of money but what they always fail to realize is that I mean little to nothing to him. I must admit, I’m a little impressed. You’re different than the others. He’s offered me up before y’know? No one’s ever agreed but you, you fell for it,” you explained. He stared at you with a confused look spread across is tattooed porcelain skin. “Stop staring,” you said.

He stared at you open mouthed and went to wrap his hand around your neck only to retract quickly. “You doll, are special, that’s for sure. I can’t wait for all the fun we’re going to have. Last question, do you like the left or the right side of the bed?” He threw his head back as he howled with laughter, his infamous laugh ringing through your ears and the small room you two were seated in.

You rolled your eyes and mentally groaned at the stupidity of this man. “Right,” you said as you got up from the small couch. “Can we go now? I would really like to get out of here and take a shower. I’m assuming there’ll be towels and whatnot ready for me? Clothes maybe?” He shook his head at you and wrapped his hand in your hair and yanked back.

“Now listen here Y/N, just because you’re not scared of me doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be. I’m sure you’ve heard of some of the things I’ve done and trust me honey, I can do worse,” he spoke in a deep, threatening voice. You felt the tip of his gun press against the center of your back. You had to admit that you were a little scared. The other men you dealt with were nothing like him. He was deadly, ruthless, and he could crack at any moment. “Now that we have the all cleared up let’s get this show on the road shall we?” His mood switched instantly.

A while later you pulled up to a lavish place. You were unsure of what to expect from him but you figured it shouldn’t surprise you that he lives in such an extravagant set up. He pulled you up from your elbow and you followed him inside. It was beautiful as you had expected upon seeing the outside of the house. Gold everything, marble counters, purple accents strewn around the house.

You glanced around, taking in what would be your new house.

“It’s beautiful,” you mumbled to yourself mostly. His hands came down on your shoulders in a gentle way, his hands travelling up and down your shoulders. You leaned your head to the side allowing a pleasant stretch to the tense muscles of your neck. “Do you live here all alone?” you inquired.

“No, the maid lives here, a few of my more trusted henchmen, for security measures. Not that I couldn’t protect myself, just don’t wanna do all the work myself,” he answered. You hummed in acknowledgement and continued to scan the room around you. “The room’s upstairs, I already had some of my men pick up your stuff from your father’s place, if you need anything else just tell me and I’ll send someone out to get it,” he said as he walked to the kitchen. You nodded, and dragged yourself up to what looked like a spare room. You plopped down on the bed and let out a long sigh.

So this is what my life is like now, you thought to yourself, looking around the lavish room. Joker stepped up to the doorway and stared you down before sitting down next to you on the big fluffy bed. “Why am I here Joker?”

“Please, call me Mr. J, Joker sounds… Too formal. I want you here because you’re a beautiful girl, your father did me wrong, and I want to make him pay.”

“Hah… Well jokes on you Mr. J. My father doesn’t care about me. Keeping me here is doing nothing but giving him the chance to shamelessly waste away without me yelling at him. You’re doing him a favor,” you explained. He nodded and spread a wide silver grin across his pale tattooed face.

“Y’know doll, maybe I just want your lovely company,” he said sarcastically.

“Y’know, maybe I just can’t stand your company,” you retorted. Before you could react, his hand came across your skin with a harsh sting. The force behind it made you fall back and place a tender touch on your cheek. You looked down, cowering away in fear. You loved to put on the tough girl act. Sure, you had dealt with crazies but nothing that ever came close to the Joker.

A slow tear dripped down your soft cheek. His eyes widened at the realization that he had made you cry. “Can you please leave me alone,” you muttered.

“Shit Y/N are you okay doll?” His voice was a bit quieter than before.

“Please just leave.” You were shaking, terrified to be in the same room as this psychotic, dangerous man.

“What’s wrong sweets?” You looked at him with a look of disbelief.

“You just slapped me across the face. If I’m being totally honest, I’m terrified right now. You scare the living daylights out of me. The moment I saw you I was scared for my life. I don’t want you in here. If I’m going to have to live with you I want to be left alone… I don’t want to be scared for my life. Please just go…” He looked at you, shock on his face.

“Alright. If you need something you can let someone know.” He placed a hand on your hunched back and left.

A small part of you felt bad for banishing him from your life but it wasn’t right for him to treat you in such an awful manner. You let out a sigh and laid down on the comfortable bed. Before you knew it you had slipped in to a deep sleep, forgetting about the disaster your life had become.

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How does cashless society work?

If there is one post to this tumblr I want to see reblogged like crazy, it’s this one.

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So how would a cashless society work? This is, IMHO, one of the most important questions to ask when discussing Star Trek in general. 

Roddenberry had a vision which continues to motivate and inspire people today, because it envisioned humanity so far beyond its time. It allowed the show to craft an ideal. Something that may never be completely achieved, but that should be strived for continually. Providing not a roadmap, but a light to follow. 

Social issues are incredibly important, and are not to be understated when discussing this specific topic- they are the fundamental ideals within the Star Trek universe. But close behind this is the concept of economic enlightenment. In fact, I would argue they are fundamentally one in the same. In order for us to find love among all of us, without any hate or envy or fear, we need to find means of providing for everyone, so that everyone can be given the same opportunities to choose how they live their lives. 

One aspect of this Roddenberry version of a fair and enlightened global society would be one with no cash. 

But How Does That Work?

How, can anything work without cash? Or to clarify, money? I don’t believe it could right now, but in the future, if certain issues were solved, we could be well on our way. Here are three aspects of our society that will need to be addressed or achieved before we would even be close:

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1. There needs to be a movement to Post-Scarcity

People need to have easy access to homes, health, and the basic comforts that money currently is required to attain. 

There’s a lot of talk about a “post-scarcity” economy. With 3d-printers, efficient production, and global access to information we are already moving towards this. But one big hurdle in this issue is energy. Until we find a means of providing nearly limitless energy to the entire planet, a post-scarcity society will be very hard to maintain. (Cold fusion is an exciting potential leap forward)

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2. Automation for the dangerous jobs and Universal Basic Income

We need robots to do the repetitive and dangerous jobs people shouldn’t do or just don’t want to do. The more these jobs are taken up by robots, the more there will be a need for a Universal Basic Income. The general concept is this: companies that produce goods while removing jobs from the market will need to pay tax on the robots that were once paying jobs. The money will then be given to the citizens as a dividend. This will eventually be the foundation for providing a universal live-able distribution of resources to everyone. 

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3. Debt needs to be reversed 

The final issue is debt will need to be removed from society. This is arguably the hardest to understand and I imagine even harder to implement. Our current understanding of economics runs on debt. Person A gives money to Person B so that person B can make more money and give back that money (plus interest) to person A. The problem is this seems to allow the money to be consolidated into large pools. Currently the top 8 richest people in the world hold more wealth than the bottom half. 

We need a way to believe in a society that can work in reverse. A society where we pay it forward, rather than pay it back. This is where I haven’t fully understood the ideas being proposed. But one thing is certain, those in the top 1% will need to provide for those in need for this to ever work. There needs to be a rational, if not spiritual enlightenment among the richest in the world that we need to all have a place in society. A place unburdened by overwhelming fiscal obligation. When people don’t owe money, they can make the choices that benefit themselves and the rest of us at the same time. Rather than the choice that just makes them money.

I honestly think this is the biggest hurdle out of all of them. Because while the other issues can be solved with technological and political progress, this one truly requires a global enlightenment. Yes things like bitcoin and ethereum might help, but this is a bigger problem than just banking access and credit.

*Takes Deep Breath*

So that’s one take on Roddenberry’s vision of a cashless society. It’s something I truly hope comes to fruition.  A world where people are secure in knowing they have access to healthcare, a home, and the ability to pursue their passion. A world where all its people are freed to be their best self. Where creativity and science and kindness have priority. Orchestras could play in the park for free. Artists could make paintings of anything for anyone they wish. Scientists can spend their time inventing what they believe will help the planet the most. And we can finally get to the business of exploring the stars. 

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I hate you │5

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summary:  The fuckboy can’t help it but get protective when you’re in danger
member: Jeon Jungkook x reader
genre: fluff, romance, angst
word count: 2.5k
warnings: fuckboy!Jungkook badboy!Jungkook
I hate you Masterlist 123 4 5 6 7 (ongoing)

A/N: For some reason, “I hate you 2″ doesn’t show up anywhere as if the post doesn’t exist, even the link doesn’t work on my phone. Do you guys have any idea why? please message me if you do. P.S I have the next part planned out, but it’s gonna take awhile, so please don’t expect it to be posted tomorrow. I’ll post it somewhere this week though. 

You have successfully ignored his presence the whole day. Meeting him, looking him in the eyes would once again remind you how much you actually hated him. He didn’t seem to mind ignored by you either, but then after the class ended he approached you in the hallway.

“Hey” -he greeted you as if nothing had happened yesterday. What else did you expect? an apology? from someone like him?

“Your turn”- you said with as indifferent and uninterested tone as you could. You would never show him that he had any kind of effect on you. You took the diary out of your bag and threw it at him, just like he had done to you the day before. 

“I know you have every right to be mad at me but let me explain”-his words were barely audible, clearly not used to explaining his actions to others and feeling ashamed because of it.

“I’m not angry at you and you don’t owe me any kind of explanation, it’s none of my business, remember?”

“It’s not like that, I.. uh just hear me out”-he reached out his hand to touch your arm but stopped in the middle. To hide what he intended to do he took his hand back and placed it on the back of his neck. 

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The Stars Between Us. Part 3.

Pairing: BTS Kim Namjoon x Reader

Summary: When ever you get hurt your soulmate feels the same pain, and with y/n being abused by her father what is Namjoon meant to do when he doesn’t know who his soulmate is, all he wants to is to save her.

Genre: Fluff, Angst, soulmate AU

Length:1513 words

Part 1 Part 2

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School eventually came to an end for that day but that did not mean your day was over. You still had to meet with Namjoon for the school project you had been paired up together to complete, it would have been great if the project was on something academic and something you had studied. But here you were having to study each other, you had to learn about each other and in detail to be able to write a poem about each other, it was going to be difficult anyway but throw in your unspeakable family it was going to be even worse.

               You gathered your things and made your way to the front gate while wondering if you were going to forgotten about by Namjoon after getting a better offer, but you were surprised when you found him with all his friends at the gate waiting for you. One of his friends noticed you first and shouted for you at the same time pushing Namjoon and pointing at you. Namjoon chuckled at his friends antics and motioned for you to come over, and that you did. When you reached them you made a small hello towards them and lowered your head. Namjoon followed that by introducing to each of the boys, some were more energetic than the others.

“So guys this is y/n and y/n this Seokjin, Yoongi, Taehyung, Hoseok, Jimin and Jungkook. Don’t worry if you can’t remember all their names, you’ll get the hang of it.” What he said made you a bit giddy due to the fact he thought that you were going to be around enough to learn their names. You gave them a small wave and in return you were greeted by a mass amount of hugs by some of them, what surprised you was the fact your body only gave a small tense by the contact, as if it knew you were being touched by people who wanted to bring happiness and not destruction. They eventually let go of you after Namjoon pulled them off you offering you a small smile as if to say ‘sorry-my-friends-are-a-bit-weird-and-like-to-make-friends-by-giving-huge-hugs’ you just gave a small laugh as to say it was okay. You were led away from the boys after saying your goodbyes to the boys and made your way to the café that Namjoon had talked about. The journey was filled by small talk and your even smaller answers, yet he always tried to get you to talk more.

“You don’t talk much do you?” He said to you when holding open the door of the café for you.

“Well that tends to happen when you have nothing to say” You replied.

“I don’t believe that, I bet that you have a lot to say”

“But you wouldn’t know if have a million things or just a sentence to say because you barely know me”

“Well sometimes all it takes is a sentence to change a person” He walked away towards the till to order, he looked back at you waiting for you to come. You shook you head to rid you of the shock that had overcome you. When you reached him he asked what you wanted to drink and you answered with your favourite drink that you always ordered. You went to grab your purse to get your money you had saved from not having lunch that day to pay for your drink, but when you offered it Namjoon had shot down your attempts.

“I was the one who suggested today so I will pay” He said to persuade you to allow him to pay for him.

“But I can pay for myself Namjoon, I am fully capable of doing so” You said thrusting you money towards him.

“I never said you weren’t capable of paying, I was just saying that I will pay for it. Think of it this way, if I pay this time, it just means that we will have to come again to make it even where you pay. Sound fair?”

“Okay, You can pay…This time” You put your money back away, you hated owing people, it reminded you that you owed everything to your father, the fact that you had a roof over head and clothes in your shoulders so you had to be grateful towards him sometimes despite the things that he does. You had collected your drinks and found a table by one of the windows to sits, you got your notebook out of your bag and wrote on the top of a new page ‘Kim Namjoon’. You both started by asking quite simple questions about each other like favourite colour, or favourite subject; just quite simple questions that was easy to answer and not be heavy, great starter questions. Until he got onto the questions about family, that is when things started to go downhill.

“What are your mum and dad like?” He asked comfortably.

“Just my dad” You mumbled in a small voice sadly.

“Sorry?” He asked confusedly.

“It is just my dad and I now; my mum passed away a while ago now” You said with a louder voice this time, realising if you kept mumbling then you would have to constantly repeat yourself, and you didn’t want to have this conversation twice over.

“Oh sorry, I didn’t know… So what is your dad like?” He asked carefully this time. You hesitated on that one, not quite knowing what you were meant to answer.

“Like a father I guess, what is he meant to be like?” You sighed to yourself realising that he was nothing to what a father was meant to be like, everyone else’s father was caring and loving towards their child and could rarely find a fault in them while your father actively searches for your flaws. You began lying through your teeth. “He loves me and he is always wanting to know how my studies are going and is forever encouraging me to get better I guess”

“Good, and what was your mother like?” He question tentatively as if he didn’t quite know if this was a subject that could be talked about.

“My mother?” He nodded in response, your eyes had slightly lit up at the fact you could actually talk about your mother, that topic was forbidden in your house, and you smiled properly despite the fact that it had a deeper sadder twinge to it (?). “She was amazing. She was so beautiful and could do nothing wrong. She seemed to have known about everything and always had an opinion that was worth hearing. She always had her way and had my dad around her little finger. She was just an extraordinary person”

“It sounds like she was a great person”

“She was… Anyway, what about your family?”

You and Namjoon talked for what seemed like forever about a load of small random things, just getting to know each other and finding out a whole lot of things you wouldn’t have known before. You genuinely thought that Namjoon was a great person and he made you feel strangely safe when around him, meaning you were slowly letting your guard down around him, this was the first time in your life you had felt safe enough to do so. It felt as if you were Cinderella t the ball, escaping your life for a little while, but then the clock would strike and you would have to return back; and your version of the clock was a text message, and the only person who had your number was your father. You had forgotten the time. It was already past seven and your father would have gotten back at six and would have been waiting for the what should have been an already prepared tea. When the message came in you were momentarily shocked, you grabbed the phone and saw what would have been a simple text to the innocent public eye, but you knew it held a deeper meaning. “Get home now.” The colour drained from your face and you stood up quickly making you head spin. You grabbed your bag and quickly made it to the exit, forgetting about Namjoon who you had just left at the café. You had started to walk as fast as you could with your shaking hands and weak legs but a hand on your wrist stopped your movements. Namjoon was standing there staring at you, not failing to notice flinch you gave when he touched you and your hands.

“Are you okay?” He asked. You pulled your wrist from your hand and nodded.

“I-I’m fine, b-but I really need to go right now, I’m sorry , erm I will see you tomorrow in school I guess? Bye Namjoon” You quickly turned and started to run towards your house.

That night was full of pain for both you and Namjoon. While got through it alone, Namjoon had his parents there to help him, rubbing his back soothingly and saying to him softly “we hope you find that poor girl soon and save her”

A/N: Who knows if anyone is even still reading this, but I am not dead, just been on my summer holidays so I have been basically living like nothing exists except BTS and K-Dramas. But if you have read this and are reading this authors note, I would like to say a massive thank you to you and that I do really enjoys knowing that there are people are out there actually reading this and want me to write more because it is an incredible feeling honestly. Also I have not reread through this so sorry for the many mistakes in it, but I was too tired to actually go through, When I actually finish this series I will go through and change the mistakes. Anyway thank you and love you guys.

Birthday Cake

Summary: Being Childhood friends with an idol is one thing, not being an idol yourself another. Will your ordinary birthday gift be up to par with the fancy gifts his friends have given him?

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Pairing: Kim Junmyeon x Reader
Genre/warnings: angst, lots of fluff at the end
Words: 2.2K
Notes: Requested by my love @oh-beyond to celebrate Junmyeon’s birthday.

The lobby of your building is oddly quiet upon your arrival. Having just endured an arduous day at work you couldn’t be happier with the absence of yelling and crying that usually greeted you. Treading your way into your apartment, you are about ready to collapse on your couch when a box on the counter catches your attention. It had completely slipped your mind that today was Junmyeon’s birthday.  Looking at it now, you remembered how you took the box out of your cupboard that morning fully intended to start making it. However, after a call from your boss informing you that the upcoming meeting had been advanced you scampered around your apartment to get ready on time and forgot all about it.

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flirty-froggy  asked:

I don't want to erase Jewish people from my medieval Europe-based fantasy story and I don't want them all (or possibly any of them) to be moneylenders. Are there any other professions/occupations/pastimes I should avoid (I already know not to make them bad witches or do anything involving blood magic)? Would it be ok to have some be moneylenders as long as I avoided any suggestion of greed/cheating, or should I just stay well clear?

Professions for Jewish characters in pseudomedieval European fantasy

Is your story actually set in real historical Europe or is it just a European-inspired made up place? Because if it’s not real Europe, I can see that as a great reason to completely omit the whole “you’re Jewish so we’re gonna forbid you from doing anything but moneylending since Christians can’t touch it” thing. There’s no reason you HAVE to reproduce the sucky parts of the real world in your made-up world and in fact I know I as a Jewish reader would have a much happier reading experience if my people, in general, were happier in the story than in real medieval Europe. (For example, did you know we were persecuted by Edward I and eventually he kicked us out of England? That’s fun. Yes, that’s the same king who threw his son’s boyfriend out the window in Braveheart.)

Going back to your specific question: it would be possible to write a sympathetic moneylender character if you needed one for plot reasons, but to be perfectly honest the whole idea has such a high potential for resentment on the part of their customers that I’d just stay away to play it safe. You’d have to go out of your way to make the character three-dimensional and humanize them, and unless they’re a major character, there may not be room for that within the scope of your story. Plus, while it’s completely possible to be a moneylender who’s nice and kind and patient, sometimes when people owe money they get angry at the fact they have to pay it back and like I said before, resentment is natural even if it’s not terribly rational. In other words, “avoiding the suggestion of greed/cheating” is gonna be difficult because some people see having to pay back lent money as inherently cheating, which isn’t fair, but it’s normal and you’d be working against human nature.

As far as what to stay away from unless you have significant representation in the heroic/kindly/generous direction: anything that makes us sound like we feed off the misfortune of others (especially of gentiles), either metaphorically or literally. That’s the specific bad trope. Some positive professions include rabbis, kosher butchers, and various kinds of craftsmen (like making clothing or candles.) You might want to check out Libi Astaire’s Jewish Regency mysteries (I just finished and loved The Vanisher Variations) to start seeing all the jobs there are in the community–wrong era for your story, but it might get your wheels turning.


One thing I would caution against is to keep the professions “Jewish.” By that I mean: people of marginalized identities are not and should not be limited exclusively to marginalized-coded occupations or end products.

Yes, many people of marginalized identities produce things that are for their own communities. But just because, say, a lot of Native artists do traditional cultural crafts, doesn’t mean there aren’t Native oil painters who do urban landscapes. Sure, paintings might have a twist that only a Native person can give, but they might not. That 100% depends on the character, and it’s not “losing culture” to have them enjoy things from the “outside” world. Culture is a big nuanced thing that is constantly being interacted with and debated by each individual who practices it.

Marginalized identities produce things for themselves (usually because nobody else does), but they also produce things outsiders traditionally consume— not just to survive, but because they like doing it. We don’t live in bubbles. By segregating activities based off of “this group does X predominantly”, you unintentionally other marginalized people by giving them no points to relate to others. Because you end up creating a system where there are Crafts and Jewish Crafts, which are obviously All Different because they’re Jewish. That isn’t the case.

It’s a highly limiting worldview to approach “what can this character do?” by asking “what is a thing their identity does?”. Identity is not a thing that actively limits individuals from doing stuff, at least, not to the extent most people think. It might modify the way they go about it, but it won’t stop them. So ask yourself what characters can do, then figure out how their identity would change their practice… while also accepting that culture is fluid and you can end up with Jewish writers who write extremely culturally steeped works that are unmistakably Jewish (like Shira’s Mangoverse) to Jewish writers who just have subtle nods to their identities (like Daniel Handler’s A Series of Unfortunate Events). Both works are just as Jewish as the other, even if one is overt vs subtle. 

So work from characters. Ask what an individual person would like to do, consider how their identity would modify it, consider how their identity wouldn’t modify it, and go from there.

~ Mod Lesya 

Wrong Place Wrong Time (3)

Do not reuse, edit or copy and of my work(s). ©
Part 3 of an ongoing series, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭. (☠️- Harm towards characters and Strong language.)

Summary: You end up in the wrong place at the wrong time and it has negative repercussions. Main characters include: Reader and EXO.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15  Part 16  Part 17  Part 18  Part 19  Part 20  Part 21  Part 22  Part 23  Part 24  Part 25  Part 26  Part 27  Part 28  Part 29  Part 30  Part 31  Part 32  Part 33  Part 34  Part 35 (Final)

Word Count: 1,949

You were blindfolded and pushed into another car, but a bigger one this time with more seats. Quite frankly you were becoming sick and tired of being shoved around but you knew better than to speak and make a fuss. This time you were wedged in between Chanyeol and Sehun, who wouldn’t stop bothering you with questions.

“So, what’s your preferred method of death?” Sehun whispered into your ear, making you cringe and shy away from him. “I’m really hoping it includes some form of torture. So what do prefer? Answer me.” He hissed, poking your thigh with a sharp object.

“Ouch!”You yelled, reaching for your thigh rubbing where he’d pricked you. He grabbed your hands away and stabbed you again with whatever it was in his hand.

“Did I ask you to rub the pain away?” he slapped your arm, leaving a stinging sensation behind.

“Stop that Sehun.” Chanyeol mumbled beside you. Why wasn’t your friend helping you? Why was he a monster? Who was Chanyeol?

“Can you all shut up?! I’m trying to concentrate on my driving. Or so help me God I’ll crash this car. Do you all want to die?” Kyungsoo shouted from the front seat.

“Yes.” You whispered a little too loudly. Yes, you decided maybe crashing and dying was the best thing right now.

“Chanyeol, tell your feisty bitch to shut up.” You recognised that voice as the man with the pretty eyes, who you still didn’t have a name for.
“Or i’ll do it for you.”
You heard what you thought was the sharpening of a knife. “The sight of her already makes me sick. Cheap tart.”

You were beginning to grow used to the derogatory name calling already and you hadn’t even spent a night with them. If ever you thought Kyungsoo was the one who hated you the most, now was the time to change your mind. The award for hating you the most definitely went to the unnamed man with the beautifully carved eyes. It was almost as if he spat venom when he spoke about you. Who was he calling a cheap tart; there was nothing cheap or tart-like about you. What pissed you off so much more was the fact that Chanyeol was doing nothing to help you.

“Put it away” you heard Kyungsoo call from the front,” if anyone is getting rid of her it’s Suho not you.”
Why were they all talking about you like you weren’t there, like you couldn’t hear them and like you were just a piece of meat. “We’re here. Get her out.”

The car came to a halt and you felt a rough pair of hands yank you by your hair, dragging you across the seat out of the car. You tried desperately hard to hold back your tears, but it was proving to be quite a difficult task. What did these men want from you? You just wanted to go home, but you knew that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon. To be fair you didn’t even know if you’d wake up tomorrow, for all you knew you could be dead by midnight. Someone was pushing you with such force, prompting you to walk forward, still blindfolded. You felt a blade pressing against your neck and a little bit of blood drawing from your skin.

“Try and run off and I promise you I won’t hesitate to twist this blade right into your neck and rip it back out again. Do you understand me?” The unnamed man hissed into your ear. You swallowed hard and nodded your head quickly. He pushed you forward again and you didn’t stop walking until he undid your blindfold. You were standing in a room with him and Chanyeol.

“Thanks you can leave her here” Chanyeol said giving the shorter man a quick bow. And pulling you further into the room. It was quite empty. A bed, A wardrobe and desk littered with papers and a laptop. The walls were grey, but the room smelt like Chanyeol. Why did it smell like Chanyeol? Was he living here?
Your heart started beating wildly as you noticed the unnamed man headed for the door, you realised you were about to be left alone in a room with Chanyeol, you didn’t know which one would be worse to stay alone with. Desperately trying to calm yourself down you closed your eyes and took a deep breath in and out. Opening your eyes again you had realised that only you and Chanyeol were in the room. You stared at each other for a brief few seconds before you quickly turned away in a panic and bolted towards the door but you were not fast enough. He grabbed your arm and swung you backwards slamming you down onto the bed.

“Try that again I promise you it will not be pretty Y/N”. You stared at him in amazement, but not the positive kind. This Beast. This Monster who stood right before you. Your head was a mess and you couldn’t think straight.

“Why is this happening to me? Why won’t you take me home? Who are you Chanyeol and what’s going on?” You breathed shakily, tears streaming down your cheeks. But he just stared at you, it was as though he was lost and you couldn’t reach him. Until finally he spoke up.

“I’m Chanyeol. I always have been don’t ask me stupid questions Y/N. Try any funny business with me again and I’ll have to kill you myself. Now change into this” He threw a Baggy T-shirt at you. “You’re sleeping with me tonight.” He rolled his eyes looking at your tear-stained face. “If you listen to me you’ll be fine, now stop crying and stop pissing the other guys off.”
You shook your head. You needed more answers then this; he had to tell you more than this.

“What the fuck is going on Chanyeol. Who are you?! I’m so confused, I’m so scared! Who are these people, are you in some sort of trouble? Do you owe them money? Because I can help you okay, just take me home and we’ll fix this!”

“Y/N!” He banged his fist on the desk, which caused you to burst out crying hysterically.

“I don’t know what you want from me!” You backed away further down the bed from his intense gaze. Chanyeol had never looked at you like that before, with such angry eyes. “You’re supposed to be my friend; I don’t know what’s going on! Are you going to kill me Chan?” You bawled, “Will you kill me? Please make it quick and painless. If our friendship meant anything to you, you’d at least make it quick and painless.”
He threw himself forward at you banging your shoulders hard against the wall. You cried harder now due to mixture of emotional and physical pain.

“Y/N shut up!” He hissed in your ear “If you listen to me it won’t have to come to that. Now get changed and go to sleep.” You decided to listen to him this time, you would probably die sometime soon, there was no point making it unnecessarily harder on yourself.

You woke up trying to keep your breathing still. It was early hours of the morning but you didn’t know the precise time, it was still dark outside, only the light of the moon illuminating the room. You looked down to see Chanyeol’s arm draped around your waist. You turned around painfully slowly so that your face met his, knitting your eyebrows together you looked at him. He was sleeping so peacefully, the moonlight shining on his face, he looked like the Chanyeol you knew in that moment, the kind Chanyeol, the ‘butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth’ Chanyeol. Your friend. But you remembered that he had killed a man just few hours ago, and the way he was treating you, which made your blood boil. Slowly and carefully you detached yourself from under him, rose from the bed stepping over his body and onto the floor below. Turning around you looked at him to make sure you didn’t wake him and tiptoed over to the door, closing it slowly behind you. You were going to escape and you were going to do it now.
The corridors were long, hollow and dark once again only being illuminated by the moonlight that was coming in through the far windows. You didn’t know where you were going as you were blindfolded on your way here, but you were just going to have to guess as best as you could. It was dead silent so you were assuming that everyone was fast asleep, you took this opportunity to tip toe as fast as you could along the corridors.
You came to a corner and turned it swiftly, your heart skipping a beat at the sound of sharpening knives.

“And where do you think you’re going?”

 The unnamed man with the beautiful eyes.

No, you were so close you thought backing away; turning around you began to run in the opposite direction which you came from, heart pounding against your chest. You heard something clatter against the floor. You sprinted faster at the realisation that the man was throwing his knives at you.

“The further you run the worse it’ll be, bitch!”He shouted. You heard the back of the shirt you were wearing tear as he threw another knife at you.

“For fuck Sake Minseok!” You heard a second familiar voice shout. But you couldn’t see and didn’t know where it was coming from. You began to panic.
Another knife. This time it caught you, skimming your right calf, making you hiss in pain.

“Why the fuck are you awake at this time, throwing your knifes about. I’m going to kill you Min –” Suddenly the light in the corridor switched on and your were standing face to face with a familiar somebody.


 You looked up at him there was a scratch on his chin, you were assuming it was from one of the knives the other man had just thrown at you.
“…Oh.” He smiled, pinning you against the wall and putting the knife that he had picked up against your throat. “You’re not Minseok. What are you doing out of bed whore? You weren’t trying to escape… were you?” He whispered against your ear sending shivers down your back. Just then the unnamed man turned round the corner that you had just come from.

“Sehun?” He raised a brow, “Why are you awake?”

“Well I was going to the toilet, when one of your stupid knives came out of nowhere and scratched me in the face.” He pointed at his chin. “I was just coming to tell you off, but then I switch the light on and see Y/N standing here instead. Can you imagine how shocked I was” he said in the most patronising tone ever, smiling smugly down at you. “And to think you were about to torture her alone without me Minseok. I’m deeply hurt.”

So that was his name. Minseok. The prick that hated your guts and was by far the scariest of them all. Seeing him close up in clear light you were shocked. His stature and look didn’t match up to his deadly personality, but that seemed to be the case for all of them.

“So, if I take the right side, you can do the left side right?” Sehun said excitedly, looking your body up and down as if he’d just won a trophy.

“Sure, whatever” Minseok said, picking up the knife near your leg.
“I just want to make sure that this bitch has been dealt with.”

Sorry that this Part wasn’t the best guys. I was really ill today but I didn’t want to keep you hanging. Hopefully I’ll be better tomorrow and the next part will be better too :)

Call me a thief ~ Ch.1: Since the beginning.

Requests: Open!

A/N: English is not my maternal language, sorry if this has any grammatical errors.

Summary: Four years after Y/N’s life was ruined, due to the death of her fiancé and having to resign as a cop, she is taken hostage in a violent robbery, where she ends up re-encountering with an old friend and having to fight for her own life.

Characters: Fem!reader, Natasha, Steve, Clint, Pepper, Tony, Stephen Strange…

Genre: Drama, angst, fluff (a little bit)

Warnings: Blood, violence, death.

Originally posted by love-ale-g-things

“I need… Help…” whispered a voice from the emergency room door.

A doctor and two nurses rushed to the place where the voice came from. A woman, not older than 25 years old, completely covered in blood and in Shock state, trembling and staring blankly at the emergency room.

“My God, what happened to you?” asked the doctor as he grabbed her shoulders and watched her. “Bring a stretcher.” asked the doctor with dark hair and light eyes.

“There was a lot of blood everywhere. There was a lot of blood.” said the girl as she looked at her hands and then looked down at her clothes. “There’s a lot of blood, a lot.” she whispered as she looked at the doctor with her eyes wide open.

The Doctor took her cheeks and tried to calm her down. “I’m Dr. Strange, miss. What’s your name?”

“Y/N…” whispered the girl with a pale face and half lost eyes.

“Y/N, I need you to tell me what happened to you.” order the doctor. “I need a stretcher now!”

“A gunshot…” whispered the young woman as she took the doctor’s hands in her face.

“Have you been shot?” asked Strange in alarm, as he took the girl between his arms in a bridle style and put her in the emergency room.

“There’s so much, so much blood.” kept whispering Y/N as she watched the Doctor carrying her in his arms. “…could die…”

“I need some help! Let’s go! She’s losing blood!” said the Doctor as he laid her on a stretcher and a group of nurses and doctors came to them.

“I don’t need any help…”

“Of course you need it. You’ve been shot and you don’t feel it because you’re in shock. You need help, Y/N.”

“No, I don’t. I don’t need help.”

“So…? Why do you have so much blood?” asked a nurse as she placed a catheter on Y/N’s arm.

“Because the blood. The blood kept coming out… There was a lot of blood.”

“Y/N, please. I need you to answer me. Why are you so bloody? Whose blood is it?” Strange asked as he held a hand to draw her attention.

“Because he’s been shot.” justified Y/N before beginning to cry softly.

“Who? Who’s been shot?”

“Him…” whispered Y/N before she was hugged by a nurse who comforted her. “He’s been shot.” he whispered as he looked at the Doctor. “Please help him, help him. Or he’ll die.”

A chill ran across Strange’s back after hear the words of Y/N.

“Then tomorrow you can cover my night shift?” asked her best friend, a co-worker. “Please. Please, Y/N, yes? I’ll do whatever you want, but tell me yes.” she kept begging for the girl.

Y/N rolled her eyes and nodded heavily. “All right, I’ll take your turn tomorrow, Nat. But you’ll have to talk to Pepper. And the next three times we order food, I choose.”

Natasha smiled and hugged her friend. “Take it for granted! For God’s sake, I could kiss you right now!” she said as she leapt out of joy, still hugging Y/N.

“Save it for Clint, Nat.” said the woman as she separated from her friend. “I have to go, I have to run some errands.” she said as she took her things and kissed Natasha on the cheek, Nat’s face changed.

“You have to go to the bank again, don’t you?” asked the redhead as she prepared to cover her shift.

Y/N nodded. “Yes…” she said in a whisper. “They want to foreclose on my house. I owe them money. I need to ask them for a little time so I can do it, give them the money.” she said with a sad smile.

“You could have told me, Y/N. You know perfectly well you can ask me for the money to pay your debt.” Nat folded his arms as she watched the young woman in the eye.

“I don’t like asking people for money and you know it. I don’t like to owe my friends money.”

“But you like to owe it to the bank? Y/N. They can throw you out of your house! You can end up on the street. This is serious.” the Romanoff started writing on the checkbook she just took out of her purse.

“I know, Nat. That’s why I’m going to ask them for time–”

“I don’t give a shit what you’re gonna do.” spoke Nat in a serious tone. “I’ll give you money to pay the debt and you’ll accept it. So you can keep your house and we can still be neighbors.”

“Nat, please… No, I couldn’t…” begged Y/N.

“Y/N please! Could you just let yourself be helped for once in your life and stop being so stubborn?”

“What would Clint say?” she asked.

“He’d say the same as I. You’re one of her best friends and he cares about you. So shut up and accept this.” said the redhead as she handed a check to Y/N, who ended up forcibly accepting it.

Y/N looked at the check her friend had given her and started crying about the relief. She felt much more liberated and relaxed, all thanks to the stubbornness of her redhead friend, who was always there for her.

“Thank you, Natty.” whispered before hugging her friend tightly. “I’ll cover all the shifts you ask me for and I’ll give you the money as soon as I can.”

Natasha took Y/N’s face and wiped away the tears as she smiled at her. “Naah, forget it. You don’t have to take it back.”

“But Nat…”

“Let’s not start, Y/N.” Romanoff said with a serious look.

“Thank you very much, really.” Y/N hugged Nat hard again.

“You know you’ve got me for everything you need. Now, go and pay the debt. When you’re done, I’ll tell Clint to take us out for dinner, just like old times.” said the friend before kissing her on the forehead and going to ask for the customers’ orders.

“Roger it, ma'am.”

Natasha laughed at what Y/N said, who said goodbye waving her hand.

Once Y/N left the ‘Virginia’s’ cafeteria, with a small smile on her face, she set off to Stark Bank (whose owners was the family of Tony, her friend and also her boss and friend’s boyfriend, Pepper).

Y/N knew that being friends with Tony, the Starks would have helped her with the debt, but she refused to ask for money, so she never told anyone about her financial problems except Nat and Clint, who knew all the history and problems she had been through in the last four years.

Finally her problem was finally solved.

She was finally free of that burden.

She could finally try to get a good night’s sleep.

She could finally start over.

She could finally start to be happy.

Y/N, took the receipt that was just given to her after she had paid the money and settled her debt, she smiled when he realized that he had paid her bill thanks to Natasha, who had also given her the opportunity to start over after having helped with the burden she had carried.

She walked to the door as she took her phone out of her purse and dialed the redhead’s phone to talk to her and thank her.

She called him, but she didn’t pick up. She should be very busy in the cafeteria, considering it was Friday afternoon. Then she decided to write her a message to tell her that she was done and that wanted to spend the night with her two best friends.

Great was the surprise that she took, when he lifted her vision and saw that a group of several men dressed in black, with the face covered and armed entered the bank between shots in the air, just to attract the attention of all those present.

“Everybody down on the ground!” said a man as he fired his weapon at the ceiling. “Get down on the ground! On the ground!”

Y/N crouched and watched as the men scattered all over the bench, while everyone present shouted and crouched. And when she noticed the security guard on her right asked him for the gun, and took it, she made a gesture for him not to say anything.

“I’m a cop… Well, I was.” she whispered, to the guard, he said nothing and did nothing, only nodded.

Y/N hid the gun under her shirt and sat on the floor with her hands behind her back, as the robbers were ordering.

“You down, down!” demanded another robber from a man who was with his son. “You too, buddy.” told the man in a less harsh tone, the boy did as he was told.

“You two!” the man, who seemed to be the boss, called Y/N and the guard. “Come here! Now.” he said threateningly, as one of his men grabbed Y/N by the arm and pushed her on the ground, causing her to bump her head, beginning to bleed.

“I would be satisfied if i were asked in a good way, to do things.” said Y/N irritated, while she palpated the wound. “Asshole.”  she whispered.

“What were you saying?” asked the man as he clenched his teeth and pointed his weapon at Y/N.

“Enough, Red!” said a deep but familiar voice for Y/N. “Leave her alone.”

“Get the phones in here,” said a female voice this time. “Hurry, it’s for today.”

Y/N put her phone in the woman’s bag.

“Everybody listen up! Take a deep breathe and relax. We’re here to rob the bank, not you. So don’t do anything stupid, don’t be heroes. Or you’ll regret it.”

Y/N began to feel dizzy, the wound continued bleeding, she palpated it again.

She was gonna need stitches.

She leaned against the wall and watched the scene. As the thieves stuffed all the money in the bags and threatened the people who were scared. She took one hand under her shirt and touched to see if she still had the gun.

“I wouldn’t do anything stupid.” said a male voice, the same one that was so familiar to her.

What did that voice sound so familiar to her? She couldn’t stop thinking about it.

She looked up and looked at the man. Y/N looked at him from top to bottom, until she stumbled across his gaze and could see those huge, shimmering blue eyes beneath the ski mask.

“Give me the gun and nothing will happen to you, I promise.” said the man as he stretched out his hand for Y/N to give him the gun.

She breathed and gave it to him.

“Fine. Thank you, miss.” said the voice in a gentle tone.

Who was he?

“You…” She tryed to talk. “Do you have a handkerchief or something? I need to stop the bleeding from my wound.”

The man bent down and stood up to her. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a cloth handkerchief embroidered with a flower, which he used to plug the wound on Y/N’s head.

She looked at him in the eye again, there was eye contact for a very short time, but it was enough for her.

“Are you all right?” he asked her, his glances struck again.

Finally Y/N finally realized who he was.

“Steve?” she whispered in a low voice, surprised as she find out who he was.

“Hello, Y/N. How are you doing?”

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@lovely-geek @dugan365 Chapter 2→
Rough Hands

Paring: Chanyeol/Baekhyun

Author: Luci

Notice: Gangster AU
Chanyeol was out one day getting coffee from his usual spot when he saw a young man dressed up as maid, his white thigh highs held up one by the clip of his garter the other adorned with a thigh choker. His interest was instantly peaked at the sight. He decided to take his coffee at one of the small tables in the corner today instead of back to his office. He was writing in his address book, people whom owe him money and have yet to pay up, when he hears a soft giggle coming from behind him. He turns and throws a glare past his left shoulder but was quickly sobered but the Smokey smudged eye makeup causing his blue contacts stand out along his pale skin. Chanyeols expression softened when he noticed the pink tint to his cheeks, the natural hue giving him an innocent oura.

“What ya got there?” His voice was smooth like liquid gold.

“Well it’s strictly business doll,” Chanyoel turned his body so he was facing the smaller boy, “do you usually dress in such a manner?”

“Its strictly buissnes doll,” The older, but much cuter one echoed back, clearly mocking him, “do you always flirt this terribly?” He took a seat in the chair across from Chanyeol after placing his order in front of him.

A deep chuckle emitted the taller boys chest, his black hair reflective in the bright light of the morning sun, Baekyhun had to admit his interest was peaked by this stranger. He’d never admit it, but he had heard rumors of the man in front of him. That he was dangerous, and that he had a thing for girls in costume. He hoped that he also had an eye for the same sex, and from the fact he stayed for his coffee was any indication, the way his eyes lingered on the exposed skin of his bare thigh was truly one.

“Hmm no one has ever fought me on it before, whats your name?” Baekyhun thought for a moment nibbling at his lower lip giggling. The sleeve of his silk button up rising slightly exposing tattooed flesh of his lower arm.

“Isn’t it common courtesy to introduce yourself first?” He bit back leaning on his hand tilting his head.

“Chanyeol,” Baekyhun couldn’t hide the shiver that coursed through his body, his voice was huskey and unforgiving. The corners of his lips quirking upwards as he noticed the pink of his cheeks become darker.

“Baekyhun, and i have to get back to work.” He took the pen out of Chanyeold hands and a napkin off the counter, “I’m free tomorrow.” And with a clever wink he passed the note with his name and number on it, but kept the pen. Chanyeol was more concerned with how cute his little giggle was and how his hips swayed as he walked away to care about his writing utensil.

The next day Baekyhun sat at his computer desk twirling the pen staring at his phone, he sighed letting his head hit the desk feeling stupid. “Of course he’s not going to text you, he’s straight Baek,” he complains at himself feeling lonely. He gets up to grab a snack when his phone goes off, someone calling him. He rushs back almost tripping over himself to get to his desk, he picks up trying to calm himself.


“Is this Baekyhun?”

“Maybe, depends on who’s asking.” A chuckle could be heard from the other end sending Baekyhun into a cold sweat, every instinct screamed at him to just hang up, that he was no good but he had a bad habit of not listening.

“Chanyeol is asking kitten,” Chanyeol sat back in his chair a smile overtaking his face as he heard Baekyhun’s breath quicken at his pet names. “Tonight I’m coming to pick you up, we are going clubing so dress acrodingly.”

“Oh a man who can take charge, how attractive” Baekyhun leans forward playing with the pen, “but I’m not sure I like that you think you can do as you please already, sir.” A smirk played at his lips as the line was quiet, a small triumphant feeling rising in his chest.

“Would you like to come out with me tonight?” His voice was light, a small hint of laughter.

“What time?”


“Until then,” Baekyhun hung up afraid that his voice would give him away as he rubbed the front of his pants, it had been much to long since he last had sex. Little did he know his voice was having the same affect on the other.

It was almost nine as Baekyhun finsihed tousling his hair, he stood back and checked himself out, his tight leather shorts hugged his slim hips, and accentuating his ass. He wore a sheer black long sleeve button up tucked in to the front, his makeup the usual smokey and smuged. He didn’t put in contacts because they were a pain during sex. He heard his doorbell ring making him jump before taking the stairs two at a time. Taking a deep breath he reached for the doorknob losing all air in his lungs at the sight.

“Holy fuck,” was muttered by both men as they drank in the apperance of the other. Baekhyun chewed on his lips unconsciously squeezing his thighs together, Chanyeol wore a black shirt that was torn up, the collar stretched out and exposing his his collar bones along with the tattoos that laid there. The face of a dragon poking out. While his black jeans cling to his thin legs.

Chanyeol recovered first leaning down to place a light kiss on Baekyhuns cheek, before guiding him to his motor bike. Baekyhun was still speechless as the younger boy helped put his helmet on before fastening his own. “No thigh highs?” Baekhyun blinked a few times before blushing and shaking his head, “shame, but then again I get to see more of your skin.” Chanyeol rubbed his upper thigh before gripping it tightly. Baek wrapped his arms around Chanyeols middle leaning forward.

“How about we skip the club and get to the part we both are waiting for?” A chill fell through Chanyeols body as Baekyhun’s hand started to wander lower on his stomach just grazing the head of his cock through his jeans. Chanyeol said nothing as he started his bike heading in the opposite direction of the night district.

Baekyhun would be lying if he said he wasn’t nervous, his heart was ready to jump out of his throat by the time they pulled into what he assumed to be Chanyeol’s driveway. Chanyeol hellped him off the bike before taking off both helmets and storing them in the side pouch. Lacing their fingers together he led them through the front door and up two flights of stairs. Baekyhun thought it was an odd smell in the house, a cross between berrys and ciminon, pleasnt, but still diffent. The reached a door at the end of the hall a smirk played at his lips as Chanyeol pushed open the door, Baek didn’t know what he was expecting but the room seemed plain. Shrugging he walks in glancing at the niknaks on shelves be sitting on the edge of his bed.

“Hey doll I have something to say before anything happens,” Baekyhun chooses to stay quiet and just nods. “Well you see, getting involved with me can be, dangerous, and I’ve never been attracted to a man so that means your special.” He pauses thinking about his next words when Baekyhun spoke up.

“This is turning into a shitty knockoff of Fifty Shades of Gray, look I know your a gangster, I came here despite, and if you think I’m special and your not just trying to flatter me then how about you take me to dinner tomorrow,” Chanyeol stood speachless but soon got his bearings back and smiled down at him.

“I like that your so fiesty, how about I give you something to keep that pretty little mouth of yours occupied, hmm?” Chanyeol took three long steps and now stood in front of Baekyhun, his crotch level with the smaller boys face, “Now be a good kitten and please daddy.” Baekyhun’s eyes went wide at the name but he could feel it affecting him elsewhere.

He palmed the front of Chanyeol’s jeans before pulling them down, eager to get to the good part. Leaning forward he placed a soft kiss on the tip of his hardening length. Glancing up through thick lashes Chanyeol couldn’t help but think how beautiful he looked, Baekhyun giggled as he felt Chanyeols cock twitch under his touch, he frowned as he tugged at the hem of his shirt still looking up at him pouting the ink on his skin teasing him and he wanted to see his body in all its glory. The younger chuckles before pulling the fabric up and over his head tossing it aside. Smiling Baek shifts so he’s sitting on his knee’s he presses wet open mouthed kisses to his hips, flowers blossoming are what lie there. Rubbing him through the thin fabric of his breifs, he felt a hand card through his messy locks before grabbing it, he whinned as his head was pulled back.

“I don’t enjoy being teased like this kitten,” Baekhyun let a shit eating grin form over his features.

“I don’t recall asking what you enjoyed, I came here to get myself off,” he let out another whine his breath becoming bettered as the hand in his hair pulled him up, he held onto the tallers shoulders digging his nails in. Their lips brushed, “Daddy,” Chanyeol let out a dark growl before smashing their lips together, Baekyhun let his hands wander one went back to the youngers cock, while the other gripped at the ends of his hair. Soft whimpers fell from his lips being swallowed by the others mouth as his tongue explore his mouth. The hand in Baekhyun’s hair pulled him back, shoving him on the bed.

“Well if you need to get off that bad let’s see how many times you can cum,” Baekyhun gulped knowing he said something he was going to regret, maybe.

His shirt was torn off his body before his hands were bound the the headboard with it. “Hey I liked that shirt!” Baekhyun snapped tugging at his makeshift restraints, he went to protest but all that came out was a broken moan as Chanyeol pressed his hand against his aching length, Baekhyun hadn’t realised how hard he was.

“If your a good boy for me I’ll buy you ten new ones,” shivers ran through his body as Chanyeol’s hot tongue laved over his sensitive neck.

“Fuck Chanyeol,” he panted as his hand never let up on his cock, the touch wasn’t direct yet he was already ready to cum, “hhnnn I don’t need you to buy me ten, one is just fine, I don’t give a shit about your money.” Chanyeol chuckled sitting up between Baekhyun’s thighs, his hard on pressing into the smaller ones bum.

“Oh really? You dont care about money?” His hands rested on his thighs, Baekhyun loved the size of them.

“No I don’t,” he huffed annoyed, “look money is great and all, but if that’s all someone has then they’ll never be happy, they will always look for the next best thing, and i don’t think that’s really living.” Chanyeol had a face of pure shock eyes wide as he his mouth did the like a fish. After a few more moments Baekhyun started to get antsy so he moved his hips against Chanyeol effectively ripping him out of his shock. Leaning forward he placed a soft kiss against Baekhyun’s temple.

“Your so cute when you get riled up like this,” Chanyeol felt something akin to pride as his words rang through his head, “I guess I really did make a right choice with you.” He breathed against the younger lips before connecting them. Soft whines left Baekhyun’s throat as Chanyeol abused his lower lip with his teeth before invading his mouth with his tongue. Baekhyun starind against his binds wanting nothing more then to touch Chanyeol.

Breaking the kiss he takes in a gasp of air before he spoke “please untie me, I wanna touch you please Daddy,” Baekhyun’s voice was strained and came out as a whine send shock waves straight to Chanyeols cock, moving he undid the knot easily but was stunned when Baekhyun had pushed him to the bed. Soft groans left his mouth as Baekhyun kissed, nipped and licked his way down his body. He wasted no time in teasing as he pulled his cock free from its confines taking his tip in his mouth letting his tongue work over his tip. Chanyeol threaded his hand through his hair pushing his head further down. Getting the hint Baekhyun places his hands on bis thighs and worked his way down till his nose touched his pelvis, he coughed around it trying his best to take it, but there was to much. Pulling off he let him fall from his mouth a trail of saliva connecting his swollen lips to the tip. “I’m sorry,” he said moving to lick from the base to the tip letting his thumb move over his slit, “Yours is so big.” A dark groan left the younger man’s chest as he watched the younger work him up with his pink swollen lips, his cheeks a deep hue of red as his hair started to stick to his forehead from the sweat forming there.

“Fuck princess your doing so good,” the soft encougment egging Baekhyun on more as he tried to take all of him once again, he jutted his hips against the mattress desperate to feel some sort of contact, the tightness of his shorts making him moan around the length in his mouth. He felt the hand in his hair pull him up and he let Chanyeol fall from his mouth with a loud pop. Next thing he knew he was being dragged upward feeling dry lips press against his wet, and bruised ones. A large hand gripped his bum pulling him closer, “Do i taste so good that you had to find a way to touch yourself?”

Panting Baekhyun digs his blunt nails into Chanyeol’s ribs moving his lips closer to his ear, “Yes Daddy, I could suck you all day.” The breath left Chanyeol’s lungs he had expected some snarky comment back.

“Fuck you being so good kitten,” Baekhyun let the shiver of pure want run through his veins, the pet names driving him crazy. Chanyeol shifted their positions so that he was now on top his hand working on the buttons of his shorts. “As good as these look on you it’s time for them to come off,” he started to pull them down but stopped when he saw bits of pink lace, his eyes flickered to the smaller man’s face seeing that grin he knew exactly what he was seeing and he wanted to see it all. “Will you strip these off for me kitten?” Baekhyun nodded crawling to the end of the bed hopping off. He turned so his bum was facing Chanyeol as he swayed his hips, his thumbs hooked into the loops dragging them down his thighs. Chanyeol sat at the edge of the bed lazily stroking himself, letting out a groan at the cheeky panties he wore. He reached out and pulled him into his lap by his hip. “Do you even know how good your ass looks in these,” he emphasised his words by pulling the hem of them letting them snap against his skin.

“That’s why I wore them, just for you,” he stood up so he could straddle his lap, kissing and sucking on Chanyeols neck, wiggling his bum in the air to tease the younger. He let out a hum him of appreciation as his hand came down hard on the supple flesh before grabbing onto it earning a yelp. “Fuck please just hurry up and get inside me!” A growl is what fell from Chanyeols lips as he threw the smaller one on the bed tearing the panties down his legs throwing them somewhere in the room. Chanyeol reached to his bedside table grabbing a bottle of lube.

“That mouth of yours is going tk get you into trouble,” he sucked black and blue bruises down his neck, across his chest and along his stomach before taking his leaking cock into his hand. “Your such a pretty color down here, so pink and pure looking.” He let his tongue clean up the precum oozing out before taking him in his mouth letting letting his tongue work along his shaft. Screams ripped from Baekhyuns throat, his cock was so sensitive from being neglected this long, no one has ever sucked him off so good.

“Fuck I’m so close,” Chanyeol let out a soft moan adding to the pleasure, Baekhyun let out pathetic whimpers as he thrust his hips up trying to fuck into his mouth. His toes curled and his whole body shook as he released inside his mouth, his voice was just as wrecked as he was. Huffs and whines left his mouth as his body trembled under Chanyeols relentless mouth. “Its too much daddy please,” Baekhyun pushed at Chanyeol begging him to stop, compiling let him slip from his mouth, placing open mouth kisses along his inner thigh trying to bring to older boy back to reality.

“C'mon princess breath, we haven’t even gotten to the best part,” he pushes his legs together and up so he knees touched his chest, “hold your legs for me baby.” Baekhyun pulled his legs up with shaky hands cocking his head tk the side so he can get a better veiw of Chanyeol, tattoos littered both his arms his right spilling over to his chest and shoulder. He reached out a shaky hand and grabbed onto one of Chanyeols wrist tugging it slightly.

“I really like your eyes, the shape is so pretty,” Chanyeol tilted his head a smile playing at his lips at the random outburst, “a person’s eyes can tell you a lot, yours are so expressive.” He let the smile take over his face as he moved to press sweet kisses on his lips, “that’s why I feel like I can trust you, your easy to read in these moments.” Baekhyun brushed his fingers through Chanyeol’s hair brushing it out of his face before leaning up kissing him again. He gasped when he felt two wet fingers at his entrance. “Please Chanyeol hurry, I need you.” His strung out voice and fucked out expression was causing his cock a lot of strain. He pressed his fingers further in, he sat back on his heels watching the way the pink ring of muscle sucked his fingers in, soft mewls escaped Baekhyuns lips as he wiggled his hips down on the fingers. Chanyeol decided this was taking to long as he scissored the fingers opting for stretching more then pleasing at this point. He added a third causing the older to whimper and clench around him.

“Deeper please,” Baekhyun was trembling, giving in he pushes his fingers in deeper curling them upwards, “fuck please there, oh god, fuck,” Chanyeol angled his fingers there as he fucked him with them. After a few minutes the whines and moans flilling the room and the sight of his pink hole taking his appendages so well was becoming to much for him. A shiver ran down his spine as he watched the puckered hole clench around nothing.

He spread Baekhyun’s legs so one was to his side the other over his shoulder, “you’ve been so good, aside from a few snide remarks, next time I’ll be sure to taste your pretty little hole .” Baekhyun let out a long whine his cock twitching at the thought. He let one hand rest on the taller ones shoulder the other lacing in the ends of his hair tugging at the soft strands. “Fuck you are so beautiful.” A blush creeped onto Baekhyun’s face as he tried to hide behind his own hands. “I think not kitten, let me see your beautiful face, I want to know what you look like as I stretch you like no other could.” A meek whimper left Baekhyun’s mouth as he dug his nails into his back begging with his eyes for Chanyeol to hurry on his words. His breath became ragged as he felt his tip rubbing along his entrance, he started to feel anxious about his size. Chanyeol could feel Baekhyun’s hands shake against his back, he let a soft smile come over his face as he peppered the small boys face with kisses to try and ease him. Sitting up he guided his cock to his entrance he let on hand rest on his hip, using his thumb to rub his skin there and a kind gesture. Chanyeol swallowed hard before he pushes in cursing at how tight it was inside. Baekhyuns nails clawed at his back, his head was pushed back tears burning at his eyes. Chanyeols hips pressed against the olders bum and he sighed loving the feeling of how hot he was the slickness allowed him to move with ease. He ran his fingers through Baekhyun’s hair, pushing it so his forehead was exposed as he leaned to press gentle kisses there.

“Your doing amazing princess, you take my cock so well I feel like I’m already about to burst.” Baekhyun let out a soft hum as Chanyeol rested his face in the crook of his neck, his arms wrapping around him. He didn’t want things to get this intimate, he never believed in soul mates but he did know how amazing it felt to have this person in his arms. Chanyeol felt soft and delicate kisses being pressed to his shoulder. “Can I move?” He looked right into Baekhyun’s eyes searching. He just nodded in return, Chanyeol brought himself almost all the way out before thrusting back in. Soft and satisfied mewls left Baekhyun’s lips as Chanyeol set a soft pace. The older male let his hands wander up and down the others arm, the taught muscle feeling like a piece of heaven. His fingers brushed Chanyeol’s lips before pushing past the plush and bruised flesh, the younger male let a smirk pull at his lips as he sucked the two digits into his mouth. He picked up his pace as his tongue swirled around the fingers, Baekhyun started to grind his hips. Bitting down on the fingers in his mouth, Chanyeol gripped the older males hips as he doubled his pace.

Baekhyun didn’t bother holding back his voice, his pathetic whimpers and high pitched moans echoed along with the sound of skin on skin. Baekyun removed his fingers from the others mouth sucking them into his own letting the lewd sucking sounds accompany his symphony of moans. That was until Chanyeol’s thick length struck his prostate. “Oh fuck daddy there, again please.” He gripped at the sheets by his head tears dripping down his face as Chanyeol shifted so he could hit it with every thrust. Curses where the only thing left in Baekhyun’s vocabualry the force of his thrust making his skin become reddened, his voice wavered as his orgasm came for him. He reached both hands out to cup the younger males face pulling him down for a sloppy kiss. His body arched off the bed as he clung desperately to the man bringing him to cloud nine. His scream was swallowed by the others mouth as his sticky liqued covered both their stomachs. Baekhyun was trembling with over stimulation as Chanyeol didn’t let up his impossibly fast pace, still hitting his sweet spot, his screams of pleasure coming out more strained and hoars as his hole clenched around his twitching cock.

“Fuck i wanted to last longer then this,” he buried his face in the crook of Baekhyuns neck, kissing at the dark marks he left there. “God you feel so amazing inside, so wet and tight.” A huskey moan from his chest as he coated Baekhyuns walls with his cum. He fucked out his orgasm loving the weak noises coming from the others mouth as he filled him up.

Panting Chanyeol pulled out the fucked out expression on his face deepening as he watched his cum drip out Baekhyuns gaping hole. “God everything about you is so beautiful, why did it take so long to find you.” He crawled off the bed pulling on a pair of breifs on his way to the bathroom. He started the bath letting the tub fill he moved back into the other room, scooping Baekhyun up he brought him into the bathroom setting him down. “Bend over the counter for me kitten,” Baekhyun did as asked whimpering as he felt the sticky fluid run down his thighs. Chanyeol grabbed a wash cloth getting it wet to clean him off. After all the cum was cleaned off both their bodies he helped Baekhyun into the warm water of the tub. Baek let out a whine as he pouted at Chanyeol, whl raised his eyebrows at him.

“Your not gonna take a bath with me?” A blush covered his cheeks as the words left his mouth. Chanyeol let out a soft laugh as he pressed a kiss to the top of his head.

“Of course doll, but let me change thr sheets so we can go to sleep when we are done, you need rest since your coming to my dinner meeting with me tomorrow. ”

Pencil - Johnny

You rush into the lecture hall, trying to be quiet as the professor turns to the board.  This is the fifth time this semester, if I miss one more class, apparently this professor will make me stay after class and do work for her…

“Whatcha doing?”

You freeze in your position hunched over behind someone’s desk and look up at the speaker.  Looking at you over the back of their chair is a guy you’ve seen around campus before.  I’ve heard he’s pretty chill… He better not turn me in.

“Hey…” you whisper lamely.  

He smiles. “Yeah, hi.  I’m Johnny.  And you’re squatting behind my chair, which I’m kinda afraid to ask about…?”

You cough awkwardly and look away. “Yeah well…”

“Alright,” you hear your professor say, “I’m going to begin to do roll call, please tell me if someone isn’t in their seat when I say their name…”

Johnny turns back and glances down at you. “Magic word?”

You look up at him and grin. “You’re for real?”

Johnny nods. “You totally owe me for this.  I’m doing this out of curiosity, okay?”

You continue your progress behind the back row of desks, half-crawling to your desk in the back corner of the room.  As you do, you see Johnny stand up in his seat.

“Professor,” he calls out, “I think that you dropped your pencil behind the podium.”

As the professor stops her roll call and bends down to look at the floor, you make a mad dash to your seat, sliding into your desk chair just as the teacher stands back up.

“Johnny, what in the world are you talking about? There’s nothing there.”

“Oh,” Johnny says with a laugh, “it must have been a shadow or something.”

Some people in the class laugh to themselves and the teacher shakes her head.  Johnny bows slightly to her and sits back down, looking straight at you from his desk.  He winks and you blush, offering him a small wave back.

You take out your things and focus back on the lecture.  But through it all, you keep casting glances at Johnny.  I never really noticed it before, but he seems really cool.  He’s handsome and smart and funny, he also dresses really well…

Johnny looks up and you quickly turn away, hoping he didn’t catch you staring.


After class, you rush out of the lecture, trying to avoid the conversation you expect is coming.  Maybe he won’t catch me…

“Hey! Tardy girl!”

You stop where you are in the hallway and sigh, then turn around. “Yeah…?”

Johnny jogs through the hallway, stopping in front of you with a smirk on his face.

You take a deep breath. Don’t think of him as attractive.  Think of him as… someone you owe. But that seems so much worse!

He shoulders his backpack and starts talking. “You’re welcome, by the way.  What’s your name? I mean, Tardy girl works, but I feel like it’s a bit too long…”

“I’m [y/n]” you say, “and thanks.  I don’t like owing people things, so what do you want? Money? Food?”

Johnny shakes his head and laughs.  “That stuff is too easy.  You’re not buying me off that quick.  I just need time to think of something really good.”

“Okay then,” you say. “Talk to me again when you’ve got everything figured out.”

“See ya around, [y/n]” he says, and gives you a mock salute.  You stand in the middle of the hallway, watching his retreating back as he walks away.

What just happened??


He’s going to think I’m doing this on purpose.  But I’m definitely not.  Am I?

You crouch down in the doorway of your lecture hall, late again.  Class was canceled for two weeks because of a project you the class was assigned, so it’s the first time you will see Johnny in a while.  You saw him across campus once, but you hid in the library before he could chase you down.

Should I just take the tardy and stay after class? Even though that would mean that I would have less time to study… WHY IS MY LIFE LIKE THIS?!??!

As quietly as possible, you crouch your way across the floor, trying to pass Johnny’s desk without attracting any attention.  But, somehow, it was like he knew you were there all along.

Just as the teacher calls out “I’m going to start roll call,” Johnny’s long arm shot out and latches onto your backpack pocket.  He tugs quickly, sending you sprawling behind his chair.

“Good to see you again,” he whispers, and your face heats up.  “Why did you ignore me that one time?”

“I didn’t see you,” you respond quietly, pulling your bag from his grasp. “I was too busy looking at books.”

“How did you know that was the time I was talking about?” he whispers back, a cocky grin on his face. Up close, hes even better looking…


“I’m saving you one more time, okay? This time isn’t for curiosity.  This time is just because.”

You make another mad dash to your seat, this time watching Johnny’s lanky form stand up and face the teacher.

“Is it okay if I present my project first?”

You breathe a sigh of relief as the teacher nods and motions for Johnny to sit down.  You watch him, but he doesn’t meet your gaze.  Instead, he raises a single hand and points in the direction of… my backpack?

You look at your bag lying on your desk, and turn it to face you.  Nothing looked off, except a pencil in your bag’s side pocket. Did he put that there?

You pull it out, noticing that there is a small note attached to it. It reads: I don’t know why, but I’m still kinda curious.  You owe me, so buy me coffee sometime.  But you’re required to be there.  So, I guess you owe me a date. Sound good to you?

Your heart hammering in your chest, you look over to Johnny, who’s attention is completely focused on his hands in his lap.  Other students in the class are milling about, getting their projects ready for presentation.  You take a deep breath and stand up, walking over to Johnny’s desk.

“Hey,” you say quietly, “I think you dropped your pencil.”

You set it on his desk and walk back to your own seat, nervousness causing you to look back as Johnny unravels the note again, smiling as he reads what you wrote: see you tonight.



anonymous asked:

please stop bitching. if we REALLY didnt owe you anything you wouldnt make such a big deal about it.

ok well

  1. you probably smell really bad
  2. im not talking about it because people owe me money, im talking about it because im personally slowing down with my money raising (e.g. commissions) and im getting stressed about it. and also it’s my blog you rude, smelly anon, and i’ll do with it what i please.
I’m Not Letting You Go (Snart X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Leonard Snart X Fem!Reader

Universe: DC, Flash

Warnings: Mention of violence, murder, mild swearing, guns

Request: A Snart reader where he has to physically stop her going after a crime boss who killed her parents because he knows she won’t survive it? Happens at star labs and they’re all shocked by his concern? Xx

Originally posted by coldsflash

You had lost your parents when you were little. But not little enough to not remember the whole traumatic experience of seeing their bodies. It was no secret that your parents were low on cash, so your dad took a loan out, unfortunately with loan sharks, who raise the price dramatically every week they can’t pay, and after a certain point, they go after the people who owe them money.

Your parents had reached that point. They broke into your house, while you played outside. You heard the gunshots and ran into the house as they drove away to see their bodies, and screamed.

Keep reading