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MONOMA NEITO PLEASE? (Scenario) monoma and y/n go to sleepover with class 1b squad and they're one sleeping bag short and have to share one+are the only ones awake having the longest convo when he realizes he has way more than a crush on them. They fall asleep in each other embrace and wake up after everyone the squad took pics and ship them so harddd. INCLUDING FLUSTERED MONOMA MY FAV ;))))) I love your blog and o need more monoma :,)

I hope you guys like my Monoma stuff. Sometimes I feel like I am grossly misrepresenting his character, and that is something I definitely don’t want to (or mean) to do.

Oh, come to the sleep over, they said. It’ll be fun, they said. Monoma’s eye twitches as you look at the one sleeping bag left in the corner of the room. One sleeping bad isn’t a problem. The problem is the two pairs of eyes starting at that same sleeping bag. Monoma look over at you, the other pair of eyes, the person that he is expected to share the sleeping bag with. He turns his head to the class president, sitting in her own sleeping bag and plaiting her long strawberry blonde hair into a braid for the night. 

“Kendo, I didn’t think you could be so vindictive. Who’d have known such sweet girl could be so ruthless,” Momona laughs, “To think, you’d still be upset about something petty like a toy spider in your coffee. Shouldn’t it be beneath you?”

Kendo turns her head and smiles, “I don’t know what your talking about, Monoma. Sleep well!”

She lays back in her sleeping bag, pulling it to her chin and snuggling in. Sweat rolls down his neck. This can’t be real. Of course, he’d have to share a sleeping bag with you. He’d rather share one with Tetsutetsu and deal with his abominable snoring than sleep with you … the beautiful, elegant you, of all people.

“Let’s get to bed, Monoma-kun,” you say as you settle yourself into the sleeping bag. 

He hesitates, but climbs into the sleeping bag with you. Your faces are mere inches apart. He can feel your breath ghost over his lips and smell the minty scent of your toothpaste. You are staring at him with your plump lips slightly parted. Monoma decides to focus on your nose instead. It’s easier than looking into your doe-like eyes or staring at your glossy lips. 

“Please be gentle with me Monoma-kun,” you say bashfully, “This is my first time sleeping with a boy.”


“I’m only joking.” 

“You aren’t funny.”

“Oh, I’m hilarious, Monoma-kun.”

The blond looks off to the side. You are grinning at Monoma.

“Say, Monoma-kun, is that your cellphone or are you just happy to see me?”

Monoma almost pales as his eyes flicker downward. There is no way that he …

“Gotcha again. Boy, you almost looked scared for a second, huh, Monoma-kun?” you giggle.

Monoma wants to scowl. He wants to say something witty back, but he is at a loss for words around you. As he always is. Somehow, you always managed to steal the words right off his tongue. And that is quite a feat when it comes to the Monoma Neito. You smile at him. He is glad for the darkness of the room. Otherwise, you most likely would’ve teased him for it. 

“Monoma-kun,” you whisper sing before rattling off something cutely dumb. 

The two of you continue your banter back and forth. You, saying something suggestive or trivial, and him, responding with a scoff or blush. Even in the darkness, he can see the whiteness of your teeth as you grin at him. You keep up your conversation until sleep finally weighs down your eyes. Monoma freezes when you move closer to him, pressing your face to his chest. He slowly wraps an arm around your waist and falls asleep with his nose against your forehead.

“Be quiet!”

“Don’t wake them up.”

“This is adorable.”

“I’m so posting this.”

“I ship this so hard.”

“Yeah, it’s nice to see him with his mouth shut for once.”

“Monoma is so lucky getting to sleep with a girl!”

“We should respect their privacy.”

“We should hold this over their heads for the rest of their lives.”

“Guys, be quiet!”

“Oh, crap, he’s waking up.”

The rest of Class B scrambles back to their sleeping bags, feigning sleep when Monoma finally opens his eyes. You are snuggled against him with your. You look calm and relaxed against him. He blushes at your sleeping face. Looking around, he sees his classmates are still asleep. Pressing a kiss to your forehead, he settles back and brings you closer to his body. You shift, but allow yourself to be held with a small smile on his face. The other members of Class B hold their chests while covering their mouths.

So cute!

Signs as people I know (Pisces perspective)
  • Aries: deeply down romantic; don't take shit from anyone; care about everyone; can give you 1052626 compliments per day; can look very serious and scary; enthusiastic; always ready to help those in need; very protective sweethearts; can be whiny but hate when other people are; argumentative af; very honest
  • Taurus: stubborn babes; they take care of new people; can be very social; impudents; argumentative af; when they know they are right they will fight till the end (the case is they always think they're right); can become easily very obssesed over sth; hard-working; consistent; mama squad; very chill
  • Gemini: clever af; words game is very strong in this one; that kid in the class who makes jokes and everyone laughs (i mean EVERYONE even Capricorn); they could even make a funeral funny; very nice and open; great friends; more caring than you can imagine; good buddy to party; they will always listen to you; always ready to cheer you up; spontaneous
  • Cancer: basically satan relatives; still cute tho; always get shit done; helpful; creative; when they are angry run fast or they will make you feel like shit in 3,2,1...; protective and caring of those who they call family; adorable laughs; you can see all of their emotions in their eyes; there is something really special about the way they look at you when they like you (and dissapointing if they don't); very intuitive
  • Leo: creative babes; drama queen babes; hates to be ignored (who likes tho??); very fragile ego; likes to shine in front of people; this friend who always has something to say; can be an animal party but actually prefers to cuddle on the couch; dad jokes 24/h; the winner in the "loudest scream" contest; very protective; hollywood romance material
  • Virgo: smartypants; great analysts; knows how to pass tests; worries too much!; you will always make it through babes trust me (chill a little bit); good advisers; can work alone but hate loneliness; beautiful hearts; just want to do things perfectly; judgy af; sherlock holmes descendants
  • Libra: the one who talks to the new kid in the class; great listeners; charming aura; always finds a way to make people happy; even when this can break their own heart; so cute without trying; really smart; their smile is their best weapon (and they know how to use it); they can be very nerdy; hide their negative feelings and tend to be passive-agressive; but when they had enough they will disappear from your life and you won't get them back
  • Scorpio: actually really kind; the owners of the cutest smiles ever; very passionate about their hobbies and will talk about them also very passionately so be nice and don't make fun of them; fragile egos; just wants to be loved; nerds; are not afraid to talk about hard topics; the aura of inaccessibility and mystery; very loyal; it's really hard to make them cry (especially in public); tend to "test" people before trusting them (so much trust issues)
  • Sagittarius: always talk to you first; sometimes can be a really insensitive jerk; loves to make fun of you; optimistic till the end; confident; easily make friends with other people; also forgives too easily; is that one friend who you lost from your sight at the party basically 5 minutes after entering; can talk about every crazy stuff; can do every crazy stuff; will call you out on your bullshit (even in front of everyone)
  • Capricorn: the best example of "don't judge book by its cover"; sarcasm is their second name; goofy character hidden in serious face expression; the biggest procrastinator on the world; their determination is the best thing ever; obsessed with their fav tv shows more than they are ready to admit; mature; wants to be recognized by society for their hard work; like having power; loves to chill (but can't chill); best huggers
  • Aquarius: curious; enjoy talking with people (and vice versa); fair; love debates; asks about everything; calm; ambitious; helpful; probably the cool kid in highschool(and anywhere else too); kind (even when they have bad day); you just really want to see them smiling cause their smiles are so refreshing!
  • Pisces: naturally funny; crazy; always does stupid shit but somehow survive???; sensitive and cries on movies; good friend; witty (for real they are the smart ones!); snarky; can be a satan but choose not to be; sneaky (seriously they get what they want so easily); helpful ; kind
So a few shout outs...

@malpractician is like…super fucking smart, a talented artist with both traditional art and SMF. She’s also fearless person. Also…awesome gamer who gets like adorably scared with horror games. Someone who’s so fun to hang out with, you have no idea. I got to spend time with her last year and it was so fun! She has such a great smile when she’s happy and such a lust for life :D

@charspurpletooran is a good artist, super smart on reptiles stuff, an awesome gamer and fierce as hell!

  @markingatlightspeed is an fantastic writer, larp prop maker extraordinar and someone who I desperately want to treat to a burger and drinks this year.

 @kitt-hawke is a sweet heart. Hands down. Great gamer and all around awesome person. Lives someplace I want to visit so I hope to meet her sometime soon.

 @sillyscrunchy is a great writer. Hands down. great sense of humor and I wish I could get to know them better.    

@tastytexan is a great artist. Wonderful imagination and always trying to improve. I want to get back over to England if for no other reason then to meet him and @daskingu because they both are awesome people.

@shadowenza is talented as hell with SFM. Seriously. Her Casino Scout and Dragon Tamer work is phenomenal. She was the first one to make whole new worlds for me in SFM.

@oddport-fiction : What can I say? My twin and one of the best writers in my honest opinion. She’s smart, witty, got a brain going a mile a minute and is always willing to try new things.

@luntian-berdengguhit is like…candy in human form. So sweet, talented and always a treat to see when they post. I love their chibi art and the expressions they do are so cute! If you like cute things, check them out!

@dystopian-wasteland always finds odd yet interesting things! Animals, video games…pretty much anything they find is so cool! Very friendly too!

@wankadoodles is such a great artist. Has a wonderful feel of 1980’s colors and it fits so well for Payday stuff!

@daskingu is one of the best artists I’ve seen in regards to color work! There’s so much vibrant color and fantastic expression that…well fuck I get so jealous at it!

@sinuswave is like…so talented. Like seriously talented! She does such great whimsical stuff that I can’ t even imagine it!

So that’s my call out for right now! All of these people are worth checking out and following! I’m so glad that I’ve met them and have been able to start calling them friends (or at least good aquatinces ) in the last two years. So yeah…go check ‘em out!   

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hi! idk if you've ever watched boys over flowers before, but if you have, could you do a sort of au i guess where they're the F4? or F13 i guess in this case!! if you haven't watched it before, F4 is basically like these really handsome/rich/popular guys and they're kind of snobby idk i'M JUST CURIOUS BUT IF I DON'T MAKE SENSE THEN NO BIG DEAL //sweats

(boys over flowers was like my third ever kdrama icry)

Leader of F13, the flirty prince charming type who literally makes everyone swoon with his smile. He’s never given up the chance to be a total greaseball and he probably has once or twice sent a wink your way. Has an affinity for using back pickup lines on everyone 

Silent, but sweet type who never really says more than he has to, but when he does talk no one else does because his voice and his face is beautiful. He’s basically a sweetheart whose kind to everyone, tends to the flowers in the school garden, and would offer you his handkerchief if he ever saw you crying.

Self-proclaimed gentleman, who is also the older brother type. He worries constantly about everyone and is well known for telling people to always be safe and keep their health in priority. Probably tilts people’s chins and says things like; “Don’t look at him, just look at me. I’ll protect you” 

Second after Seungcheol, he is also the flirty type. But instead - he’s the flirty bad boy type. Comes to school in a leather jacket. Sleeps with his feet on his desk but still manages to get top grades. Probably leans over your shoulder and steals the food off your chopsticks, kisses your cheek when he’s done, walks off whistling like he totally didn’t just do that.

The daring, adventurous type. He’s always out of class, up to no good. All your classmates think he’s a little dangerous and edgy, but they admire him because he’s a top dancer - everyone sneaks in front of the windows of the practice room to watch him. He’s the type to take your hand and whisper “Let’s cut class and go get some snacks instead?”

The silent, but hot type. Literally he’s never uttered a word to anyone but his friends. Likes to listen to music and read books and everyone thinks he’s super mysterious and probably has a tragic, romantic past while in reality all he wants is peace and quiet. You probably found him in a nook in the library trying to escape in silence. He’s asleep so you cover him with your jacket, when he gives it back to you in class and says thank you - everyone is SHOCKED.

The sharp-tongued, ‘I totally don’t like you!’ type. He’s basically always talking back to people and being sarcastic and getting into trouble with the teachers for being too witty. People flaunt over him because he’s outspoken and talented. You think he’s a little aggressive, but he just rolls his eyes and says that it’s not like he care for your opinion - but he actually totally does! 

The aloof, silly type. He doesn’t really seem to care about anything much at all aside from his secret talent - singing! No one else knows about it, most people like him because he makes good jokes and has a shining smile, but somehow you manage to hear his beautiful voice one day and from then on in - you two share very special secret.

The tall, gentle giant type. He intimidates everyone easily with his height and so people shy away from actually talking to him. This actually makes him quite upset because he’s actually a very nice person. You meet him accidentally when he helps you pick up your books after you bump into him and get super scared that he’ll be mad. You’re surprised to see he has a very warm smile and isn’t as standoffish as you had expected.

The athletic type who seems more interested in sports than in love. All of your school watches him practice wushu or bboying and they all gush over how good he is. He’s only friends with the other twelve, doesn’t bother to try and make friendly with anyone else. You learn there’s a reason for this, he’s actually just not that good in Korean! When you find out he embarrassingly asks if maybe you could…..teach him? 

The center of attention type who always knows what to say to make the whole room crack up or agree. He’s smart and so in class he shows off a lot with his conversational skills. He looks super confident and happy, but you learn that he has a big fear of being alone. When you two get lost on a school trip, he clings to you for dear life and this new vulnerable side makes him pretty cute…

Comes off as the snobby type, but in reality he isn’t like that at all. It’s only image he keeps up so others won’t hurt him with hurtful words. There are many rumors about him and where he’s from, but no one knows the truth. You find out they’re all lies when you bump into him at the park where he’s with his little sister. He begs you not to tell anyone and you agree, but you wonder what it is he’s really hiding from……

The young, innocent type. He just wants to have fun with his hyungs and be friends with everyone. He doesn’t even notice that people like him, when someone confesses he just smiles and thanks them - doesn’t even really give an answer. He likes to dance and sing along to songs in class and everyone thinks he’s super cute and sweet, but you find out that sometimes he feels as if those around him don’t take him seriously….he has a dream after all…..

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I love the idea of Simon and baz settling down and living a sweet, ultra domestic life after they all graduate. They've mostly recovered from the events of the book, and because they've been together so long they're much more comfortable and open and stable with eachother, and they have successful careers and personal and social lives and in general are just fucking HAPPY lik they deserve to be!

Yes yes yes yes!! I’m actually writing something abt this right now (I know I’m writing a lot of shit I swear I’ll post it all eventually) I honestly have my own timeline of their relationship wanna see

1. The time between the end of the book and the leavers ball is super lowkey. not much happens with them but like Baz said they basically just hold hands and sit with eachother and are super comforting and safe with eachother!! And bc Simon was already subconsciously into Baz it only takes like two months for Simon to figure out he loves him but even after that they don’t really do a bunch with eachother other than be there and comfort eachother w/out words you know

2. After the leavers ball they all start to get their emotional shit sorted out a bit and Simon starts to get back to his old self, they start doing fun stuff and being real people™ over the summer
3. The beginning of the new school year is when shit gets started and things in their lives and relationships actually start happening. This is when their relationship actually starts to be real real cause before this it was just being there for eachother but they didn’t actually do that much like I said

4. At first it’s fucking craaazy like their relationship is a billion huge ups and downs. Now that they’re mostly back to their old selves (only with a rlly bad case of ptsd) they return to their old antics which in their case is fighting CONSTANTLY !!
5.They don’t do the do (u kno) for a while maybe like a few months after starting school but when they do oh boy they can’t stop can they

5. They will literally be yelling at eachother one minute and doing it the next it’s wild

6. Baz (and probably Simon to some extent) has a really rough time letting his guard down because A. He’s not used to letting it down with ANYONE and B. He’s still beyond scared that he’ll fuck up and Simon will leave. Simon has a pretty easy time letting Baz in completely because even though he spent years being super on guard around him he’s sort of like a puppy and as soon as you pet him and tell him you love him he’s like “okay I trust u now”

7. Actually I take it back, just because Simon is comfortable being himself and being open when he’s WITH Baz, it’s when he’s not with him that’s the trouble. After eight years of constantly being paranoid Baz is plotting, those suspicions don’t go away that easily. And it’s not even that he has anything to be suspicious about, it’s just when Baz doesn’t answer his phone or come over when he said he would Simon is like “he’s up to something i just know it” and Penny will be like “wtf do u think he’s up to?” And Simons like “i DONT KNOW but it’s SOMETHING”

8. About two years after the end of the book their relationship starts to chill out and become less passionate (which is a huge relief trust me) but in becoming less passionate (hate that word it sounds so gross) they become a lot more loving. Like at first it’s this crazy thing like “oh my god I’m so desperate for you i need to be with you 24/7 even if we’re screaming at each other we need to have crazy intense sex all the time” now it’s much more settled and they can just be super in love without all that extra baggage

9. For example before, Baz would always try to stay distant and cool so like if Simon was wearing something really cute and was like “do u like this?” Baz would make some witty comment (before jumping his bones ofc) instead of just saying “yes u look so good” but now he’s comfortable enough to be like “yes!! u look so good!”

10. Before they probably weren’t mushy with each other that often (they were sometimes of course but neither one of them was really comfortable enough to be that way often) but now they’re super fuckin mushy!

11. One of the only things that hasn’t changed is the cuddling. They have hardcore cuddled since day one.

12. literally always

13. So much fuckin cuddling they are disgusting

14. They are in love 5ever and always

15. bye