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Jack is really going all out w/ the subtle hints to (what im thinking is gonna be) October lbr. 

cmon. If you’ve looked hard enough its somewhat obvious. Jack LOVES making people happy (and laugh, as a result). Its the reason he does YouTube in the first place.

But have you noticed how, sometimes, when Jack laughs hard, he starts… coughing? Like he’s… I dunno, s͜ic͡k̀́͘ ?

It seems like Jack’s had a bad case of the giggles from the start. 

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Since we’re talking about ethinic representations in MTG, let me talk about my favorite world, Kamigawa. Also I’m writing this early in the morning with little sleep. And mostly with my personal experience.

Kamigawa is one of my favorite planes in MTG. I love the theme. I love the folk lore references. I love the artistic differences from the rest of MTG worlds. I love the tiny details I could pick up about the world that I understand and feel happy that part of my culture made that plane.

But those are also the reasons that people bring up when talking about it negatively. Which is understandable. A lot of the references were stories that I knew from picture books. Stories that teachers would tell in elementary school. Things you would need to take time and research outside of Japan.

It’s a plane that we probably aren’t going to return to for standard because of the poor reception. Maybe in a supplementary set but a few cards at most.

But one of the great thing about MTG is the planeswalkers. We don’t have to have a set to return to a plane. Planeswalkers can represent a plane just by existing. Stories can have them visiting the plane just for story reasons. They are an amazing storytelling method for representations.

Yet for Kamigawa, I have a moon rabbit. Amazing character but I can not say that it’s a good representation for my ethnicity.

When we returned to Kamigawa for a brief time for Ajani’s story, I was excited. That excitement slowly went away as I kept reading. I recognized the references. The setting without a doubt was Japanese. But instead of human characters I could relate to based on race, I got more moonfolks and a nezumi.

I was disappointed. It felt like as if the culture and setting was interesting but people like me is not good enough to be there.

So it bothers me so, so, so, so much when I keep seeing and hearing people ask why representation is important. I got representation in the form of Kamigawa. Its not perfect and I’m a little hurt but it’s there. But there are tons of people who doesn’t have one.

MTG is a work in progress with a expanding universe. Everyone should have someone in the game that they can relate one way or another.

Sorry for the no sleep rant.
Dialogue Excerpt from a 4+1 Prompt (Rough Draft)

“He was a leader that connected with the people’s emotions rather than just giving logical reasons for why they should or shouldn’t do something. He instructed, protected, inspired.”

“Did he inspire you?”

“Every day,” Clarke said with a smile, looking at the ground as if she was deep in thought, reminiscing. “It’s hard to give up when you have someone in your corner, someone that reminds you who you are, someone who always believes in your best self. That’s who Bellamy Blake was to me.”

“You loved him, didn’t you?”

“He was my best friend. Of course I loved him.”

‘No, not in that way,’ Madi wanted to say, but the story was nearing the end and her eyelids were beginning to feel heavy. She promised herself that she would ask Clarke about it later.

A word of thanks from a community creeper

For most of you who I have tagged, I’m just a blog creeper that likes and reblogs your stuff but doesn’t say much. But I tagged you in this message for a reason. It’s much the same reason why I follow your blogs. I think you are all amazing people. That’s just all there is to it. You are a hugely creative bunch, or super hilarious, or wildly generous with your time and energy. You are amazing people.

This is isn’t coming out of the blue, rest assured. I’m making this post because two completely unrelated things in my life have intersected at the same point where I feel compelled to say the same thing about them to all of you.

It’s fairly common knowledge there’s been a recent rash anonymous hate going around the SLBP fandom for the better part of a month now. Subsequently followed by a recent rash of deactivations because of it. I’m not plugged into the fandom enough to know exactly what happened, just that it happened. Honestly, I don’t really care what happened because it shouldn’t have happened to begin with. Hate is still hate, it doesn’t matter if it’s over a “silly” game or if it’s racist bullshit in the streets.

What I’m about to tell all of you next is not for sympathy. Something happened to me today that reaffirmed the fact that I need to make sure people know how much I love and appreciate them while I have the chance. My Grandpa died today. He was the patriarch of my Mother’s family that commanded a great deal of respect. He had scores of grandkids but despite that, and despite the fact that I was a black sheep for being a nerd, he absolutely 1000% supported me in everything. Even when my own Dad told me I was pursuing the wrong major, Grandpa gushed about all the different possible jobs. I love him dearly. 

And I love all of you dearly. I have been preparing for this day since April and all of you have been tremendously helpful, even if you didn’t realize it. The very first RP post I did with @asktheswordofjapan I expressed this notion and I asked for a hug because I was at the bottom of the emotional barrel. It meant to world to me when I got a reply back. I felt so much better, I can’t even describe it.

If you are tagged in this post, then each one of you has done something over the last three months that has made dealing with this situation better. Thank you. In light of all the anonymous hate going around, I just want all of you to know that there are people in the fandom, like me, who genuinely appreciate you and think you’re awesome. I hope this message finds you happy and healthy. Hope it brings you some small measure of the joy you have brought to me.

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And all of you I follow that have deactivated or that I may have missed. I know you might not see this, but I love all of you too!

main reasons i want to get Fuckin Rich

  • live in comfortable house with found family
  • buy mom an rv, one day
  • buy nice things for the people i love
  • throw lavish parties and invite none of my blood family
  • go on research expeditions with a group of trusted and intelligent teammates 
  • dnd

Ugh, sorry, I gotta rant. I just really love all the characters in Vo/tron, and I hate it when people vilify and distort great characters and expect everyone else to as well.

Like, here’s something that’s been bugging the hell outta me: how tf is it the team’s fault that L/ance feels like a seventh wheel? That is his character flaw and his alone. The other characters have their own captivating flaws (none of which include being an asshole to their teammate for no apparent reason, thank you very much). They weren’t just made to helicopter over someone else’s character arc- they’re going to be plenty busy going through their own unique and interesting arcs to do that, and the story’s going to be even better for it.

Anxiety, stubbornness, trauma, loss, identity, physical limitation and weakness, control, freedom, loneliness- there are real people who struggle with these things just as much as the people who struggle with self-worth and insecurity. And it’s not okay to ask them to erase and rewrite the character that represents their struggles just to appease a larger and louder group of people with a different struggle.

By doing that, people are invalidating deep and developed characters by reducing them to something superficial and redundant, essentially just one-dimensional pawns. And they’re also robbing another deep and developed character of a really interesting and relatable flaw by making it external instead of internal. It’s a lose-lose situation.

Flawless characters and stereotype-characters are boring characters, peeps.

And, like, okay, whatever; if that’s how you want your version of the characters to be, then fucking you do you. But don’t demand that everyone agree with you, and don’t demand that it become canon. You can write your fanfiction and your theories and your headcanons, but Vo/tron: Legendary Defender itself is not your story to write. The people in charge know wtf they’re doing, okay?

in honor of skam coming to an end, here is

50 reasons to love SKAM:

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can you recommend any tv shows with romance/dramas in them?

My first few recommendations are going to be kdramas, which I know some people kind of shy away from but if you want that epic, transcendental, soul-moving, gut-wrenching, well-crafted, beautiful love story then kdramas are the way to go.

My absolute top recommendation period is Goblin: The Lonely and Great God

I favour Ji Eun Tak and Kim Shin and they’re the main couple but the B-couple also has a lot of chemistry and angst

Plus the mythology and storyline is pretty cool. A few people on here who I’ve persuaded to watch it have inboxed me saying how much they loved it, so. Plus the bromance between Kim Shin and Wang Yeo is LIFE.

2. Coffee Prince.

I really like Coffee Prince, I was consumed with watching it because it’s about a girl pretending to be a boy (she has her reasons) who falls in love with her boss and her boss has feelings for her too but doesn’t know she’s a girl so he goes through a lot of psychological and emotional struggle because he believes he’s attracted to a boy and it’s done so well and it was groundbreaking for kdrama at the time.

And it also stars Gong Yoo who is kind of amazing.

3. Descendants of the Sun

There’s a nice balance between romance and drama in this one, episode 4 things get SO LIT, that’s when I was hooked and there’s also a really great bromance plus the two love stories are pretty awesome, dude literally takes a bullet for his love interest, like I’m just saying.

As per usual, the b-romance is angstier but my guy put his car on autopilot to kiss her, LIKE?

I’ll just give you those three for kdramas although there are others. Other recommendations.

Spartacus is great if you are OK with gratuitous violence and essentially pornographic sex scenes, like it’s not everyone but the intrigue is suspenseful, the character developments are well-crafted and the romance is passionate af

Sons of Anarchy, there is the action side with the motorcycle gang, the interpersonal drama with all the fucked up family shit and the romance between Jax and Tara

Misfits is hilarious and very British and very normal but because it deals wth the supernatural it’s also not normal, it’s great and I absolutely love the romance between Alisha and Simon 

I just wrote an in-depth analysis about the below couple but f you are OK with uncomfortable dynamics and extremely potent chemistry, The Borgias is another show that you can watch

Friday Night Lights is another good one, various pairings, great interpersonal drama, beautiful character building

If you haven’t watched The OC or Roswell or One Tree Hill or Buffy The Vampire Slayer or Dawson’s Creek or Teen Wolf, those are all teen dramas that you should watch with love triangles and all the works.

Smh, the only reason I stay on this blog is because people want me to and I genuinely enjoying discussing astrology with my lovely followers. But I really don’t want to be part of this toxic ass community. Where people glorify some nasty ass traits like it’s cute.

Ya ed for that. Ya wild stupid and insecure for that. I’m hella tight cause you guys are mad ugly. NFS, mad ugly and you guys truly ain’t shit.

I wake up in the morning and all I see is drama. Bro, I start shit with a REASON. People be mad fucking EXTRA and THIRSTY for no fucking reason. Ya corny for that shit. People love talking a big ass game but be crickets in the DMs and crickets when you wanna confront them or something.

Ya ALL acting like you need pussy and dick in your life. Pull yourself together. It’s a social media site word to everything. Ya really fronting for some corny following count.

Gen VI sure has a lot of alt forms that you kinda forget are alt forms, huh?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about reconciling with not being liked. I try to be friendly, polite, and respectful with people, but the truth of the matter is that I’m not particularly well-liked, for a lot of valid reasons. I can’t force people to like me, and I don’t wanna be a creep by forcing someone who doesn’t like me to talk to me or spend time with me. I’m just not really sure how to accept that I live a life without any love in it.

squirrellygirlart  asked:

Why do people think it's okay to wish someone dead just because it is the internet? Why do them being annoyed justify telling someone their very life is forfeit because of it? I'm honestly super disturbed at how many people are wishing you harm, as though a few lines of text are a valid reason for death threats... Stay safe, okay. I promise, some of us know the value of every human life.

Don’t worry about that sis!.

I think it’s hilarious how some people send me anon hate just because my opinion is different.

However, I’m thankful there are also people like you that see that it’s wrong and sends love my way.

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Do you think human beings are naturally good, or is goodness something you have to learn? I'll be honest, I think I have to lean towards the latter...

I think human beings are naturally predisposed towards community, which thrives in goodness. Goodness is called goodness for a reason, there is a benefit to acting a certain way. A child who is raised with love and care will have a healthier brain than one who suffered abuse and neglect in the first crucial years of development. Homo Sapiens in the vast majority of our 200K years of existence lived day by day as a team.

We admire the strength of people who can stand on their own, but the truth is no man is an island. The human race is a gigantic team effort, standing on the shoulders of giants who died to make sure their ancestors had a fighting chance. Goodness might be taught rather than inherent, but our bodies and species thrive thanks to sacrifice and efforts of the living and the dead. We might forever seek to be better, but the results of that quest are right here, right now.

So this blog hit another thousand in followers today, hence I wanted to thank each and every one of you for following me! I appreciate all of you, and the love that so many of you guys show towards my blog is the reason why it’s still up and running. Also, thank you for loving and supporting monsta x alongside with me. It has been such a pleasure to meet so many new people in the past 3 months I’ve had this blog and I hope to meet many more wonderful people in the future! I honestly did not think this blog would grow this fast in such a short amount of time, but I guess it’s just an indication of how fast the monbebe fandom is growing. 😢
Regardless of whether your a monsta x fan, or just a long time mutual/follower, thank you again for following this blog! I LOVE YOU ALL! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

My precious little Hansolie. My butterfly the sole reason i truly fell into kpop. I remember seeing topp doggs debut randomly and the second i saw you it was over. Im in so deep I can never stop loving or supporting him. I hope hes around people who truly care for him rn and always.

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I loved Katie's appearance, for all the reasons you have explained: H as (for once NOT) a first point of forgiveness for Draco, I mean. As much as she is often broken herself, it always seems to be like she's there more for him than he is for her. That is one thing that has been kinda bugging me for some time but I could never really put my finger on it. As much as I enjoy soulmates trope when executed well, I always preferred D&H to get together by overcoming prejudice, rather then by fate.

Yes, I agree, she is often there more for him than he is for her, and while I think that does make a lot of sense and is portrayed beautifully in a lot of different narratives (and bearing in mind that I personally have done it several times), this is ideally something somewhat new and different. Obviously both of them are still damaged, but they’ve each lived their lives separately to this point to what they likely perceive as success, and I think that’s important.  

I also wanted to take a good portion of Draco’s prejudice off the table by the time he and Hermione meet again so that it’s less a matter of him falling in love with an idea (i.e. the woman who first gives him a chance/shows him his Wrongs) and more the actual person, for all of her flaws. It’s a more tangible sort of love that way, really. 

Anyway, thank you for reading! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the story!

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Michael is losing followers for posting so much about crystal lol he's losing them bc it's annoying. I have zero problem with him being with crystal but I unfollowed them both bc it's everyday. No one cares. And everyone needs to stop comparing them to l*rzaylea. Luke pretended his gf didn't exist for almost the entire time. It's completely different. We don't have to worry about a Luke notif being a pic of him making out with her like Mikey

Very very true. The pda is what’s making most people uncomfortable and that’s why he’s losing followers, not because we don’t “accept their love” or some bs. I don’t particularly like Crusty but it’s not like I’m the boss of Michaels life, he can make his own choices, it’s his life after all.

Luke never posted about Asparagus, he kept it lowkey and private. I’m not saying that’s the right thing to do, but that’s probably the main reason why people are irritated with mystal.

For me, it’s not Crusty in particular that’s irritating, (I mean in the beginning yeah) it’s more how much they force it down my throat. This is my opinion, not saying everyone feels like this. And of course, like I said before, it’s their choices to make and I deal with it.

I’m salty about it, yeah, but I don’t send them hate or death threats or anything like that, so don’t come at me saying that I’m a hater or whatever. I have the right to have my own opinions and I don’t have to like their relationship to be a part of the fandom.

Why you should watch Supermansion

WHY IS NOBODY TALKING ABOUT THIS SHOW. I mean, SOME people are talking about the show, but only about the relationship between Groaner and Saturn, which - yeah, that’s a HUGE reason to watch the show, but it’s more than just a batjokes parady!!! It’s like, this entire self-contained comic universe??? With intricate story arcs and a diverse, constantly-changing cast and actual sacrifices??? Like, if you miss the old JLA cartoons or just love comic books in general, want a more domestic version of the Avengers, and like the idea of Rick and Morty (or Guardians of the Galaxy)-esque humor with Steven Universe-esque world-building and plot, than this? This is your show.

Also it’s free to watch on the Crackle website, because it’s a Crackle original series. Perfect to binge-watch over the weekend. Detailed description of the show under the cut:

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If you don't support the comeback you're not an exo-l, bye

Good morning, anon.

I hope your time to read through this and to understand my reasoning, it seems to be a thing a lot of people in this conversation forget.

First of all, it is not your right to define what I am. It is mine alone. I call myself and exo-l because I love exo, I participate in the whole fandom culture around them and I enjoy their content. It is not yours to decide if I am doing it “right” or not.

Second: I will support their comeback, I never said I won’t. I will watch the MV, tell my non.kpop friends about it and goggle at Suhos… interisting perm. I just won’t buy the album. Why? well, first of all: I rarely buy the albums. I don’t own any single at all, no repackages, no OST. Because I am a grown up and I decide what to spend my money on. I spend 5 bucks a month on spotify and with that I pretty much setteled my music situation. I am not rich, I live a more or less independent life and I have to choose between a kpop CD and contact lenses. Guess what, I choose to care about myself instead. 

Also, I will buy the CD if it is really REALLY good. Because I usually don’t buy CDs just to support an artist, I buy them for myself, because I like them. I bought a CD ONCE just because of the artist. Guess who it was? Zhang Yixing, that’s who.

That being said: I love exo, I look forward to their comeback, I am excited about the MV and hope their song can define my summer 2017 like their comebacks in 2016 did. I hope, Lay will be in it, because then I could enjoy them fully. If he’s not, I might still love it, but it would always feel a bit wrong. 

anonymous asked:

As much as i hate that thats the ending of it for now, all i can say is i wish you the best of luck. You're an amazing writer and I've loved the journey you've taken me on, meeting all of these wonderfully complex and diverse characters. Even if you pulled a game of thrones and killed off some of our favorites, i cant begin to explain how much i loved this series and how excited i am for your novel. So with that, best of luck and don't forget to let all of us know when its out;)

I love how “pulling a game of thrones” is a thing and yes to be honest one of the reasons i killed off one of the characters was because i hoped people had come to like her. It may yet happen to others. mwahaha

Of course I will let everyone know when it comes out :)