people that i love for reasons

yang constantly choosing ruby over raven is my aesthetic, i’m so glad they haven’t made yang choose to be with her mother who has done NOTHING for her except save her that one time. yang doesn’t even consider raven her family, just the person who gave birth to her. sure people can say raven has her reasons, but all yang knows is that she, as well as her dad, was abandoned and i love that raven isn’t being automatically forgiven by yang out of nowhere because they met face to face. yang staying with raven would’ve been completely out of character even if she has been looking for her mom since she was a little girl. ruby will always be her number one priority and that’s beautiful

How many times do you think Jim Kirk has been in love? He always strikes me as such a romantic, and I think he has a knack for seeing the best in people. Ruth, he loved for her kindness, Carol for her intelligence and determination, Gary for his humor and Ben for his companionship and I think to an extent he loved Miramanee and of course he loved Edith, and I’m probably even missing a few!

I just think it’s very powerful that of all these people he has loved, Spock ends up being the love of his life – the long-term, for-better-or-worse, ride-or-die love of his life. Don’t get me wrong, I adore the whole “I’ve never loved anyone before you came into my life” trope, but I think it’s even more powerful (and realistic) to believe that Jim Kirk has loved many people for many reasons, but he loves Spock for everything and forever.

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hey!! i love ur writing!! could you do Shane and Ryan (can be Shyan, can be bros-being-bros) : the higher-ups know not to screw Ryan over (eg: with budget cuts/restrictions) because they know how Shane can get when he's angry

Shane was protective and Shane was a hot mess. It was this weird situation with he and Ryan where Ryan had a guard dog that would lunge at people who went for him but then he would spend ages cooing and petting that dog. That was Shane, that was Ryan. They were just so close, so it was only reasonable that Shane was protective, right?

And, to be fair, Ryan liked to think the people above them had it coming. Buzzfeed Unsolved was a popular show, so they kind of deserved the best, right? Ryan liked to think so, but he was biased. So, he had related this to his boyfriend.

“It’s bullshit how they’re cutting our budget and how many episodes there’ll be,” Ryan said as Shane brushed his teeth, lying in bed, “Like, the fans’ll be pissed!”

Shane spit what was in his mouth into the sink. “They’re cutting the budget?”

“Yeah, it pisses me off, because I have to go out-of-pocket for some shit!” Ryan sighed, putting his book down as he heard the bathroom light click off and Shane climb into bed with him.

“I’ll talk to them,” Shane yawned, throwing an arm around Ryan’s midsection, cuddling in close.

“You don’t have to–”

“Goodnight, Ry, love you.”

And that was the end of that.

Only, it wasn’t, because suddenly the budget was back and suddenly Shane’s voice was more hoarse after lunch the next day.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the reaction to Raising the Barn, and the near defensiveness with which people respond to Lapis leaving.

And like, I get it. We see things from Steven’s perspective, and he was clearly hurt. He saw Peridot’s clear fear, then hope, then pain and failure. And at some point, we have all been Peridot, hurt and left by someone we love for reasons we don’t really understand.

But we haven’t all been Lapis. Even on the show, her position is unique. No one else has been actually hurt, actually imprisoned, from this war besides centipetle. No other character has had to survive like she has. Hopefully, most viewers have never had to survive like she has.

But when you have physically, brutally and viscerally SURVIVED, it changes a person and their decision claculous. It’s not mental illness to asses what’s happening, and say, “I will never go through that again.” Love isn’t setting aside that standard, because that standard isn’t fear and it’s not exaggerated, it’s real, in a way your loved ones do not and cannot understand.

It wasn’t wrong for Peridot to stay, and it’s not wrong for her to be hurt. But it wasn’t wrong for Lapis to leave, and it IS wrong to assume she’ll grow past something about which she and only she is fundamentally correct. If she makes the choice to return, it shouldn’t be because she is “healing,” and it shouldn’t be about the “power of Love.” It should be about the calculus behind being willing to sacrifice for a cause. And she should by no means be deamonized for her choice.

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While I love the way you make Anarchist Communism look, I don't think it is possible to make it a reality. Not because it isn't a good idea or because good people don't exist but because so many evil people do and they tend to creep in and ruin eveything. The reason why communism did not work in so many countries is not just because capitalists did their best to sabotage it but because power does tend to corrupt those who are leading the movement. Just look at what Christians did to Christianity

Right, but the entire point of anarchism is to criticize power imbalances wherever they exist. If people are holding power in an anarchist movement, something is wrong. Anarchism is fundamenally against power. That is the basis of the ideology. The goal is ending the capability of anybody abusing power because relationships and positions of power simply do not exist for anyone to abuse

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(That post about the 3 GSDs reminded me of something). I was listening to a breeder talking about how they didn't ever want a desexed dog because 'what's the point of an ornament.' It shocked me. I'm endlessly grateful for my desexed animals, and could never imagine them as 'just ornaments.' But I suppose to some breeders they're no longer functional if they're just a loving, beautiful animal. :( Thank you for what you do, and I hope for bright and peaceful moments on your horizon.

People keep animals for different reasons, and I suppose some people value the reproductive capacity of an animal over everything else it can offer. That’s not the view shared by the majority of pet owners, but believing the existence of an animal is pointless if it’s not capable of breeding is one I personally find abhorrent.

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This has been debated to some degree, so I just wanted to hear your opinion on it: Do you think Jaune had fallen in love with Pyrrha before she died? By that, I mean do you believe he had gotten over Weiss and fallen for Pyrrha by the time V3 Ch8 came around? I say that specific episode because that’s when the first boldfaced hints of mutual feelings were shown. Some people have argued that he still wasn’t reciprocating her feelings by the end of Volume 3. What do you think?

I don’t think Jaune was ever really in love with Weiss. He had a crush on her, but I think that ended the night of the dance. He didn’t show any sign of still being into her after that. 

I believe he was into her. Jaune strikes me as someone who would fall for Pyrrha and only notice much later, but to me he seemed to be into her and I have no reason to believe he was not. Actually the thought of him not being into didn’t even come to me until people on Tumblr talked about it, but it’s a really sad thought and I actually don’t want to believe that. So as long as there is no evidence he wasn’t into her I will just stick to believing he was in love with her. 

i loved the “josh is irrelevant” scene for so many reasons, but especially because this was all the people who were in her foyer for the awful scene earlier where she tore them all to pieces and ran (minus nathaniel, but he wasn’t there for the same reasons as the others), only this time she was apologizing and not trying to avoid it and having that honest, important realization and managing to recognize that all of them were there to support her

and then nathaniel did come back, and instead of that whole wild running away thing, they just had an honest, quiet conversation about the situation, and that was nice too

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Curse, i've come to the understanding that attention for you has increased as your body had been brought to light. I just wanted to let you know that there are people who do care. Although your body makes you even more beautiful, there are people who still noticed you and appreciated you just they were too nervous to approach a heavenly being like you. So just know, we care. You are beautiful, but your body isn't the only reason people notice you. A fallen angel. You are loved. Know that.

Curse:..sorry it’s just….hard to believe…

Tbh, I get that people think we over appreciate Folie a deux a lot, but here’s the thing…people hated on that album so bad, that it actually scarred Patrick. Like, the hate actually made him afraid to explore music. Personally, I need to appreciate Folie. Not only because I love the music, but because Patrick needs to know that it’s a beautiful work of art, that deserves love for all the right reasons.

Goals vocab

An anon asked “ Since I’m slowly trying to incorporate French in my bullet journal, a ‘goals vocabulary’ would be very useful! Maybe the usual goals people have ( lose weight, get more friends, idk) with the appropriate verb that usually goes with the action?” 

Genial idee, anon! Here’s your goals vocab list!

About goals

but- goal

bonne résolution- New Year’s Resolution

engagement- commitment

réalisable- attainable

résistance- resilience 

encourageant- encouraging

Some Goals 

1. perdre du poids- to lose weight

2. se faire des amis- to make friends

3. bien faire un test- to do well on a test

4. gagner un match- to win a (sports) game

5. être diplômé- to graduate( college)

6. écrire un livre- to write a book

7. trouver le grand amour- to find true love

8. voyager autour du monde- travel around the world

9. avoir de bonnes notes- to get good grades

10. rejoindre un club- to join a club

11. jouer d'un instrument- to play an instrument

12. parachutisme- skydive

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Most people have questions about writing a "strong female character", but I'm having the opposite problem. My character is a male in his 30's and is the love interest pining after the unattainable main character, but so far he's just...flat. I want him to be well rounded and interesting, and play a major role in the plot, but he's coming across as the "pretty boy" that doesn't really contribute anything. Do you have any suggestions for creating a male character thats not a cliche or bad trope?

There are a multitude of reasons why a character my end up falling flat, and I can see a few reasons just based on your question why your male, love interest character may not be developing as well as you would like. There are certainly other possibilities as well, but I don’t want to overwhelm you with too many. If these thoughts aren’t working for you, then let me know and we can try again, but for now, here are a few reasons why your character may be flat, and ways that you can help him with that problem.

1. Your character is less a character and more of a category.

I was listening to a story the other day, it might have been on NPR or one of the YouTube news stations I have started watching since the last Presidential election, but they made an interesting point that I had not though about when it comes to political candidates. What they were saying is that sometimes a candidate becomes less of a person and more of a label. So in the case of Hillary Clinton, a lot of the focus of her as a candidate was on the fact that she was a woman. A similar thing happened with Barak Obama. He was the “black candidate” for some people. What this does in the political realm is to remove certain human elements from that person and making it easier to ignore them if you don’t like them already. The same thing can happen for a character. Think about all of those romantic leads that just fall flat. It’s because they have stopped being a living breathing character and have become the “love interest.” But how do you fix this problem without scrapping the character?

1b. Remove the label.

Instead of thinking about your character as the love interest, find ways to think about them as just a character that has a chance to get into a relationship with your main character. What are some of the ways that they connect with each other? What interests do they have in common? What do they not like about each other? Dig deep into the characters and their relationship. (But please do not make them fight just to build the tension and the “will they/won’t they” nonsense.) When you focus on creating a character instead of a love interest, you can often avoid this trap.

1b (note)

Please be aware that when you follow the steps in the previous section, there is a chance that you characters may not mesh as a couple. You can force this to happen, but I would not suggest it.

2. Talk to some people about your character.

When you try to create a character in a vacuum, then you have the risk of missing out on some important details because you are so focused on what you know about the story, that you might miss some of the details that are right in front of you. This may mean that your character is not as flat as you might think. (It also means that he may be even flatter than you originally thought.) How do you find a way to avoid this flatness? Talk to some people about your characters.

2b. How does that look?

There are a few ways that you can do this, but the main goal is to talk about your characters with people that you trust to give you some honest feedback. First, you can hand someone a copy of a scene he is in and ask them for feedback, but that can be difficult to do if you aren’t used to sharing your writing. Next, you could just give the person a description of your character and ask the person if they are interested in knowing more about them. Both of these options can work well if you are willing to put your work out there for others to see. A third option would be to pretend that you character is someone that you just met and talk about them as if they were someone that you actually know. In this scenario, your friends will not know that you are talking about a character and you can see how they feel about them that way.

3. Is your love interest in the “friend zone?”

OK, let me take a moment to say that they “friend zone” is a lie. It’s just something to make yourself feel better when you create an uncomfortable situation with someone that you are interested in. Typically what you get is a guy that tries to invest himself into the life of someone that he likes in order to create a relationship. This may even include doing things for this person that they are interested in regardless of the circumstances or relationship status. Basically, the guy is “putting in his time” until the girl realizes that he is the right one for her because he is always there for her. If things don’t work out, then the guy typically gets offended. This may be a situation where your character is at. A “friend zone” person will often dampen their own personality in order to better match the person that they are interested in. If that is the case with your character, then they would certainly feel flat.

3b. How do you even fix that?

Get your character out of the “zone.” If he is interested in the girl, then he either needs to say something about it or just be her friend. That does not mean that he does things just because she likes them or wants him to tag along. He needs to have his own life and priorities. If you want a well rounded character, then he needs to have times where he just can’t drop everything for her. Better yet, just let them be friends for a while and see when things go.

Hopefully that answered your question. If not let me know.


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Apologies if this is an inappropriate question but: what type of drunk do you think each of the inner Volturi coven are? ✨

I’m definitely setting this answer in that Volturi!College!AU I remain delighted by, because that’s the only context where I can imagine the whole coven drinking and the shenanigans that ensue. 

  • Aro is very effusive after, like, one glass of wine. His gestures become more expansive, he starts up even more conversations with strangers, he wants to draw all of his plans, and he is just very happy to be there. 

  • Drunk!Sulpicia is like regular Sulpicia, but faster. She talks quickly and her schemes are more grandiose and she’ll definitely take someone’s eye out by gesturing emphatically and she will not go to bed; fight her. Also, for some reason, she’s suddenly speaking French?? Which she can’t even do sober? 

  • Caius is the “I love you” guy after having alcohol. He’ll walk up to people and shyly tell them he loves them and then wander off to sit in a corner. It’s a… jarring personality transition, I’ll say that much. 

  • Athenodora is the quintessential drunk-girl-at-a-party. She’ll tell people they’re pretty and draw things on their hands and try to braid their hair. She once burst out crying because someone smelled nice. She will scoop up any animal she finds and introduce it to everyone as her new friend. 

  • Marcus cooks when he’s drunk. It’s pretty good, actually, and he suffers minimal burns. Then he tries to feed people his creations. 

All of which is to say that the end of term party at the Volturi household is just Aro and Sulpicia plotting more and more incoherently in the living room, while Marcus makes an openly-weeping Caius soup (he just really loves the soup, okay??). Meanwhile, Athenodora is outside, trying to adopt a pigeon. 

Saturday Night Six

I took the kids to see Wonder today and cried the entire time. Just kidding. You’re the one who was an emotional mess. I don’t even have feelings. I hate everything.

I wonder if Kevin Bacon ever thinks “Mmmm. Bacon” when he signs his name.

When Billy Idol retires will he change his name to Billy Idle?

I think I’m going to take the boys to the science museum tomorrow. There is a space exhibit and kids love space stuff. Especially kids who are 47 and answer to “dad”.

I’m incredibly horny tonight for some reason. And I’m not even wearing these nylon running shorts that I have with no underwear. Those things always make me horny. I think it is a texture thing. I love textures.

I was going to ask if that last one was TMI. But fuck that. I’m horny. And everyone gets horny. Do people still use that word? Horny? Or do I sound like an 80s teen movie?


Cracking around this morning I headcanoned the main reason Luciano doesn’t drink alcohol is that he tends to embarass himself whenever he’s drunk- like yodeling with people or doing other silly things he would never do while sober.

I’m not entirely sure what Luciano is trying to prove by showing off his yodeling skills but in his mind it works, okay?

Thank you, @ask-mama-germania for joining me in this! Go and follow them, their blog is great! And sorry for murdering your style and all… AND I RUIN EVERYTHING WHEN I TRY TO INK.

It probably starts off with something awesome like this, really. Luciano’s germanic blood is strong, he can compete well enough even with an expert like his grandma’ (What is their relationship, actually?).

Then it just degenerates. And, YES, please, watch the video, it’s the best yodel song ever written. Go chicken go! go chicken go! Now go, now fly, you own the sky!

It’s all Luciano’s fault anyway, he’s a terrible drunk.

Totally not crying over chicken awesomeness.

Bonus round:

I have no shame.

In Response to the Call Out Post of 2017

In regards to tracing the over the original sprites, I’m sorry. I’m tired of watching people fight my battles for me, it feels wrong. Kandace and Zora, again, I’m sorry. The only reason I blocked you both was because I was afraid of you because you do things like this. Just like you did with Tepid. Kandace this downright bullying and you all are adults. One of you wants to be a teacher and this is the kind of example you’re showing? Employers look back on this stuff it’s not hard to find if you do the right digging. Once it’s on the internet it’s there forever. 

As for commissions. I’m not refunding anything. If it wasn’t in the last three months, I won’t do it, it’s as plain and simple as that. And also, it really bugs me that you don’t have proof that you said not to trace it, but it’s obvious that tracing is wrong and I understand. I can draw without the canon base sprites if this will please everyone and stop them from attacking my friends who are sticking up for me. Attack me, but don’t attack my friends, face me. 

So again. Just to recap what I just said, a little tldr if you catch my drift:

- I’m sorry. I won’t trace for commissions, it’s wrong.
- I’m not refunding anything unless it was in the last 3 months.
- If you have a problem with me, say it to my face.

Have a lovely day.

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Aaaaa im actually so super glad that you are very vocal with ur love for joon!!!! Its so refreshing and lovely. Although my bias is jin, i adore seeing other people screaming about their own biases, or sharing touching moments abt them or anything??? Anyway joon deserves a LOT of love. Hes such an amazing guy, and hes like someone me and my friend really really look upto. Anyway thanks for ur time!! Love ur blog a lot!!♡♡♡♡♡♡

me too tbh, I honestly wouldn’t have had it any other way or done anything differently throughout my time here on tumblr. getting messages from some of you who say I was the reason you now bias namjoon, or that your views on him changed, or that you gave his mixtape a second chance or WHATEVER literally is the reason why I focus so hard on him and have now for years. as soon as I literally started paying .1% more attention to namjoon all those years ago sidhgknsdg he fucking had me and the fact that I can share it sjdkgndfkjgns !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t even describe to you like lol anyway I don’t make sense just thinking about namjoon gets me so goddamn emotional so I need to stop here lmao

Tbh the outrage over the questions BTS has been asked on these radio shows is fucking ridiculous.

YES, the questions are generic and shit. But the majority of people that have interviewed them took to Twitter first to ask fans what questions they should ask. So it would be fair to conclude that a lot of the generic and silly questions that were asked were first asked by fans. I didn’t see anyone filling those twitter replies with questions about UNICEF or the Love Yourself campaign BEFORE the interviews were actually recorded and uploaded.

People are mad about the questions about ARMY being crazy. The Backstreet Boys, N*Sync, Justin Bieber, One Direction, The Beatles, etc, any group or artist that drew a large amount of fans has been know to have crazy fans. They didn’t have hella security for no reason. With a group like BTS, that has a massive fan base like ARMY, it’s natural for someone in the US entertainment industry to assume that their fans are just as crazy. Just today, when JK posted those photos with that streets, a bunch of ARMY went there for the chance to see them. Not all of us are innocent when it comes to crazy fan behavior.

I appreciate that the questions asked have given all the members opportunities to answer the questions in English. You can tell that they have all practiced hard. I’m proud of them. Yes, the interviewers could have researched more, but at least they asked us what we wanted to see beforehand.

What’s coming

After seeing the new “Crimes of Grindelwald” promo picture, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. I realized I’m afraid for all of them, but that look Queenie gives Grindelwald is terrifying. I don’t want her or Jacob to die. 

That said, for this to be a good story, there needs to be conflict, there needs to be a reason for us to show up for the next three movies. And if that means seeing Queenie standing beside Grindelwald (I think she’s going to be a spy, myself) then so be it. This is Harry Potter….characters we love are going to die. It’s just a sad fact. Out of all those people in the photo, we know that Newt, Tina, Albus and Gellert survive all five movies. 

That scares me, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that everyone gets their happy ending.