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Streets Of Philadalphia

John kicks the reader out on the street and destroys her relationship with Dean, but when she runs into the Winchesters twelve years later what will happen when Dean finds out the truth.

Dean and Reader, Sam, Bobby, Castiel, John 

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Streets Of Philadalphia by Bruce Springsteen

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              It had been twelve years since I had seen Dean, he was the love of my life but John kicked me out and told me some downright horrible things that would make any woman cringe. I had gone back to Bobby to have him tear me a new one and told me to leave. So, I ran, I had nothing to my name. I couldn’t tell you how long I had been homeless. When I look in the windows or any mirror I don’t recognize myself, my eyes didn’t shine, my hair was oily and matted, and huge circles under my eyes. I didn’t know how I ended up in Philadelphia but it was a big enough city to hide away from anyone who looked for me.

              It was a warm sunny day and I had scrounged up enough money for a motel room for at least a couple days. I sat on the edge of the bed still trying to fix a broken heart from all those years ago, when I heard something familiar. I cracked open the door to see baby, and both boys getting out. They looked amazing and I realized how much I missed them. I decided to do a test and see if they would recognize me. I walked over and just observed her, remembering the nights you and Dean spent back there. “Can I help you?”

              I turned to see Sam watching me, he was looking closely but I knew he didn’t recognize me. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bother you” I started to walk away when I heard his voice again. “Y/n? Please tell me it’s you” I slowly turned around tears pooling in my eyes “Heya Sammy” He pulled me close and just held me as I sobbed into his shirt. “We tried looking for you, but never found anything” “Sammy where did you….” I saw Dean and could see the mixed emotions on his face. “I’m just gonna go, it’s nice to see you” I gave him a quick hug and started to walk away when.

              “I thought you loved me” “I do, but your dad was the one who shoved me out the door with nothing but the clothes on my back! I have nothing Dean! I’ve been homeless for twelve years! Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to enjoy my room for as long as I can” I walked away and went into my room slamming my door shut. I curled up on the bed and turned on a movie, enjoying the time I had before it was time to go back on the streets. I was pulled out of my thoughts when there was a knock on my door.

              I looked in the peephole and saw Sam, Dean and Bobby waiting for me to open the door. I opened the door to a crack and quietly told them to just leave. Seeing as they didn’t budge, I opened the door further, might as well get this over with. “Just get this over with” I sat on the bed leaning against the headboard waiting for someone to speak up. “I’m so sorry, you needed me and I sent you away because of what John had told me” Bobby let out a breath and continued “When he made a crossroads deal he told me the truth of what had happened”

              “That doesn’t change anything! I had nothing! I’ve had to steal and rob people just to feed myself and let’s talk about how many times I was almost raped or stabbed! You should have known I would never do what you thought I did” I sat on the edge of the bed and just curled in on myself sobbing and shaking from the anger and sadness I had held for so long. I felt someone sit next to me then wrap me in their arms and knew it was Dean. I tried to push him away but he was too strong.

              “Thanks for coming by but I just really want to be alone” “No I’m not leaving y/n, the day you left there was something missing and now that I’ve found you I’m not letting you go again” I stood up quickly and looked to see three men with tears in their eyes all feeling horrible for how they believed the stories that they were told. Dean got up and grasp my face wiping the tears away. “Please baby? Your back in my arms and I feel whole again, I’ve missed you so much.” “I’m sure you always found company to fill your bed after me” “I’m not going to lie, I did, but I also believed what dad had said also”

              “What did he tell you?” “That you cheated on me and ran away with the guy you were cheating with” “I can’t believe you thought that was true” “Deep down there was always that voice that said it wasn’t true” Right then my stomach grumbled and felt very nauseous, I was incredibly hungry so they offered to order some food for delivery. While they ordered the food, I decided to get a shower, and god did it feel amazing. After a thorough wash, getting as much of the dirt and grime that I could get off, I realized I didn’t have another change of clothes. There was a soft knock on the door so I cracked open the door and saw Dean with some of his clothes. “I figured you didn’t have a change of clothes” “Thank you” I murmured quietly grabbing the clothes and shutting the door quickly and softly.

              I quickly got dressed into a pair of sweatpants and a soft band tee that I knew belonged to Dean. I was about to walk out when I heard the conversation between Sam and Dean. “I can’t believe dad did that to me, he knew how much I loved her” “We weren’t his kids though, he was never there except to train us for hunting” “I wanted to propose that night, I had everything ready. Then he told me that story and it tore me apart” “You’ve got another chance you need to take it and never let it go”

              I walked out at that moment and gave the boys a small smile. I curled up on the bed and snuggled into it happy to have something soft under my body. I took a deep breath and sucked in Deans scent from his shirt. When the food arrived, we ate in comfortable silence, after all this time they still remembered y/f/f. I was extremely tired from the roller coaster of emotions that had happened today and I had no clue what was going to happen next.

              “I was wondering if I could stay with you, now that I know what really happened I want to make up for time lost with you” “Dean you don’t have to do that, it’s ok, at least you know the truth now” “Sweetheart I am never letting you go again, I still love you with every part of me” “I never stopped loving you” He got on the bed next to me and pulled me to him, I felt whole for the first time in a long time. Sam and Bobby said good night and headed back to their room, while Dean changed into his pajamas I got under the covers and just couldn’t believe he was back.

              “Your staring” I nodded my head and felt the tears building in my eyes again. “Hey no more crying ok? I love you and I am never letting you go again” He got under the covers and pulled me to him. I laid my head on his bare chest feeling the warmth and just hearing his heartbeat put me into a deep sleep feeling the best I had ever been in so long. As I started waking up the bed felt cold and empty, I cracked open my eyes to see the room dark with nothing to prove that it was real.

              “It was all a dream” I mumbled to myself going into a panic attack and I couldn’t go through that heartbreak again. I heard the door opening and prayed that it was Dean that this wasn’t some sick joke because in the end that would be my downfall. “I’m sorry it took so long, I picked up break…” he saw my state and rushed over holding me close as I thanked God for this not being a horrible nightmare. “I thought you weren’t real” I sobbed out and grasped his flannel making sure he was real.

              “I knew I should have left a note, I got breakfast and some clothes for you to wear home” “Home?” “Yeah, we have a bunker, and it’s got a huge library, a great kitchen and everything else you could ever imagine” I let out a sigh of relief as he grabbed the clothes he had gotten and showed me what he had picked out. I wrapped my arms around his neck kissing him, showing how thankful I was that we had found each other.

              I grabbed the clothes off the bed and went to get dressed, it felt amazing to put on actual clean clothes. It felt amazing to just have the simple feeling of clean clothes and food in my stomach. I came back out to see Dean packing things up and making sure he wasn’t forgetting anything. I started tearing up again at how much I missed my boys how much I missed Dean. “I told you to stop crying, I’m right here and I’m never leaving you ok?” “I know but there’s twelve years of a horror show up here” I pointed to my head. He grasped my face and kissed me, like really kissed me like he used to.

              Sam and Bobby had come in seeing if we were ready to go when I heard a rustle and saw a dark hair man wearing a trench coat. “It’s ok it’s Cas, he’s an angel” “I’m sorry” “It’s nice to meet you y/n, I have a message for you” He snapped his fingers and I watched as John appeared looking at me with such pain and agony. He walked over and hugged me then stood back apologizing for how he had treated me and told me he watched over me to keep me safe telling it was the least he could do for putting me in that situation. With one final smile, he went back to heaven back to where he was.

              Cas came over and hugged me tightly, reminding me that this what was supposed to happen. He kissed me on the cheek and flew away I was in such shock that my legs gave out but Dean was right there holding me up. He just held me and calmed me down, kissing me all over my face making me giggle and smile. “Let’s go home sweetheart” I took a deep breath “home”.

i’m already so hype about that rob/vanessa scene like lgbt people talking about their coming out process?? robert potentially adding vanessa to the very short list of people he came out to?? vanessa getting support from someone she didn’t expect it from and understanding in a way other people can’t??? so much potential!!!

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That anon talking about ppl don't give a shit about Jason is ridiculous. Maybe people talk more about Rob because Jason hasn't been part of the band since 2001!!! And it's not Rob's fault, Jason made that decision. He's a great bass player and he's such a chill guy, you can tell he gets along well with everyone, (especially James) and contributes a lot to the band. We all love Jason but there's no need to attack Rob

Hit it right on the head anon!

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I haven't sent anons about this cus like everyone's entitled to their own opinion. Thing for me is, I know people who've really been in the situation where their partner cheated & got someone else pregnant & had to watch them play happy families. It hurt so much they left town themselves. I understand people are coming from talking about Aaron's feelings but whats Rob to do now? Aaron ended it (he had every right) & rob can't spend his life worrying about his ex. He's got to move on too.

This!!! This is exactly where I’m coming from! What is Robert meant to do? He has to try and move on and be there for his kid he can’t spend forever worrying about his ex.

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tbh I’ve seen so many people this weekend talking about how Rob will want to/should choose his “perfect, hetero life” with R and Seb and it makes me v uncomfortable. Like Rob’s made it v clear that he loves Aaron and had a super long storyline about accepting that the hetero lifestyle isn’t as important to him as being himself is? Its crazy to me that (bc of Seb) so many people think he would be happy with Rebecca when he’s literally talked about hating her multiple times. Kind of biphobic imo

Y e s

And as the lovely @bartsugsy pointed out rob cant have a “hetero life” period anyways as he’s bisexual

and so this insistence that him being with rebecca means hes being a #truehet is super biphobic

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Everyone who happily reblogged those Rob Stringer pics, without any sort of criticism, really exposed themselves today.

Well maybe they just haven’t caught on to who and what Stringer is? Its not as if many people are talking about him as anything other than Harry’s Uncle Rob.  Or in some cases maybe that all that matters.

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So my character, who's a retired hitman but still practices his martial arts -such as muay tai, tae kwondo, jujitsu- and works out religiously is faced with fighting against a group of hired muscles who all differ from him in terms of body mass. How can I write this realistically and not make it seem too outlandish?

Well, not trying to collect unrelated martial arts like some kind of overly aggressive Pokemon trainer comes to mind.

Situations like this are what tactical batons and pistols are made for. A hitman is not the kind of person that’s going to be blindsided by random street thugs, no matter how awesome said thugs think they are.

A hitman is someone who, by definition, understands how fragile people are, and one that was smart enough to survive a career in that field is not going to be dumb enough to get into an unarmed brawl with shifty looking guys.

They need to have a functional grasp of threat assessment. That means knowing where someone’s likely to ambush you and not walking into that.

They need to understand that any fight they do find themselves in needs to be over as quickly as possible. That means using whatever tools are at their disposal. Fundamentally assuming your character will be mixing multiple martial arts styles together to deal with a couple opponents is missing the point. Your character has chosen to descend to their level for no legitimate reason, and it will get them killed.

Your hitman was learning skills necessary for them to do their job, that didn’t include hand to hand because the kind of exposure hand to hand kills require wouldn’t allow them to finish their career outside of a prison cell.

So, we’re back to, he’d just kill them, and move on with his day. No complex choreographed fifteen minute fight, he’d waste them, avoid them, or bait them into getting arrested. Things that wouldn’t put him in any more jeopardy.

I know our spies and assassin recommendation list varies a little, but here’s some relevant suggestions:

Ronin (1998): The characters are technically spies turned mercenary, but a lot of the basic advice, and outlook, is in line for a retired assassin.

Collateral (2004): Michael Mann’s crime films, in general, are pretty good about getting the right outlook, but Vincent (Tom Cruise) does an excellent job of presenting the kind of could, almost reptilian, view of the world you need to kill people for a living, while also demonstrating a shocking degree of competence in protecting himself, while still getting the job done.

Heat (1995): Somewhere between the two above examples. It’s a Michael Mann film with Robert De Niro. Again, this one isn’t about assassins per say, but it is about professional criminals, which is ultimately, what you’re talking about. Your character just used to kill people, instead of robbing banks.

With both Mann films, I really recommend watching them with the commentary on. There’s a real wealth of information on criminal psychology on there.


ok i reblogged a post yesterday about pokemon go that was talking about people getting robbed at pokestops that had lures used on them (usually ones away from denseley crowded areas) and a bunch of people were complaining about how it wasn’t fact-checked (something i probably also should’ve considered, cuz i don’t want people freaking out) but the reason i reblogged it in the first place without really even considering it is that even if it hasn’t happened and been reported YET it’s still a potentially dangerous situation that, imo, has very high odds of occurring? and people should be aware and take that into consideration to keep themselves safe. bad people are gonna abuse the fact that they can use items in a game to draw real life people to a specific real life space… just be careful