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For book!Home I’m making Talia’s character Hopi and I just talked to a Hopi woman from a reservation in Arizona and she said (by some amazing crazy happenstance) that her daughter who grew up on the reservation moved to California and lives three minutes from my house (!!!!??!?!) so I got her contact info and I’m going to get a chance to MEET her and interview her!!?!

Why the reveal sucked

I think what people hate the most about the reveal is that it does not justify a 6 year story arc. I wrote a post about it once that the only reason for a writer to drag this out for as long as they did, would be because it is one of the liars (or all of them and we are just seeing things from the wrong perspective). If you can’t make one of the liars the villain because the network won’t allow it, it should have at least been an important character we at least like and have a connection to.(This is why Ezra and Toby worked for example). CeCe and Sara do not fall into this category. They were disliked from the start and we don’t even really know them. No one cares about them. Why would we? We never got a reason to.
The same goes for Wren btw but at least he has a connection to most of the liars...and most people actually like Wren.

But the reveal last night showed the liars as totally innocent, if not irrelevant characters to the plot. They were just bystanders, secondary characters in their own TV show while the irrelevant, disliked characters stole the show and made it theirs. This is where the show went wrong with this reveal. It’s a story that can be easily told in one episode (which is what actually happened), or maybe in one season at the very least. But not 6 years. It doesn’t justify the wait at all. 

It’s more than plot holes, and wonky timelines, and people not liking who A turned out to be. Even if we ignore the plot holes, the incest and all the other ridiculous things that were thrown at us last night, the reveal is still a letdown because it is hard to believe that this took 5/6 seasons to tell. That the “answers” were all crammed into one episode proves that this plot was only meant for one episode. This is why everyone feels so betrayed.  The reveal doesn’t justify the long wait.

There might have been people out there who would have hated for A to be one of the liars, but honestly, it would have been a much better and more heartbreaking reveal than the circus show we got instead.
It would have made more sense for Alison to be A all along. At least she was liked by the majority of the fandom by now and it would be easy to feel sorry for her and maybe even forgive her… Hanna’s line about “We understand” would have made a whole lot more sense if it had been a character Hanna and the lairs actually cared about. Lucas, Jenna, Noel etc… all these characters would have made more sense cause they all had a connection to the liars and us viewers. We knew them from the start.

If CeCe was truly supposed to be A all along, the writers missed the opportunity to make her really relevant. We should have been allowed to connect to her and to experience things with her slowly through lots of flashbacks and by her actually being on the show more than in just 12/13 episodes. Instead we got her telling her story in a rush and adding a flashback here and there all in one episode with the liars just standing there and watch it from afar.

Marlene said the labyrinth at the prom was a metaphor… I feel like that the scene of the girls just watching A’s reveal on a screen was a metaphor; a metaphor of how detached they really were from the plot.

CeCe’s reveal could have been okay; maybe even Sara’s reveal could have been okay. IF ONLY they had revealed them way, way sooner, and slowly. 

If the why was so important, then why did you go for the shock factor, Marlene? Why did A have to turn around like comic book villain ready to be exposed? Why did A get the lamest motive ever?
Why rush her sob back story in just one episode? Why waste so much screentime on people like Talia? What was the point of this? What even is the point of red coat and black widow? How is she relevant at all? What IS her motive? Let me guess, it’s another of your famous “Wait for it” questions?

I said this before and I’ll say it again: the pacing of this show is HORRIBLE. The writers rush the love stories and the mystery is so slow paced it’s not moving along at all… then suddenly they rush it all in one episode and think people will be able to care. I have seen a lot of crappy storylines on TV but PLL really surpasses all of them by far–even the soap operas.

So dear Norman Buckley, there’s more wrong with this show than just a messy timeline and silly kids not getting the highness that is you. It’s just terribly written and it seems like you people go where the money is and you couldn’t care less if any of this is good or makes sense as long as you get paid.
And since you sound way too arrogant and smug on Twitter, I will make sure to not watch a single show/movie/whatever that has your name on it.

And dear ABCFamily, why did you think Spencer being A was a bad idea, but incest is great? Are you all stoned over there or what?

Dear Marlene, fix this mess. It’s probably too late, but you may still have a few people out there who will still follow you. As for me, I’m out. And for the love of God, stop with the clues because most of them seem irrelevant anyway. Maybe that way you will have less plot holes, too.

P.S.: This is not a kid complaining about the WHO, this is an adult complaining about the WHY that you promised was oh so heartbreaking and better than the who. I could have been okay with ANYONE being A if it was, you know, well written