people tag their posts with their name right

how to not be an asshole and still maintain your moral standards

because it seems that for a lot of people there’s nothing in-between “I don’t like x thing because it’s bad for x reason and if you disagree then you are evil scum” and “yeah sure do whatever you want!!! give everyone a chance to express their creativity/opinions no matter what!!!!”

1. Know your shit.

One of the easiest things to do is to make yourself look like an idiot because you didn’t bother to look for more information. Before you form your opinion, be sure to rationally look at both sides of an argument and do as much fact-checking you can before you give your input. This goes for anything. Politics, shipping discourse, what have you. 

(something to note: not everything works the same in other countries as it does in your country.)

2. If necessary, make a distinction between what is genuinely harmful/derogatory and what upsets you personally.

This is important especially when someone asks you how you feel about a certain subject. There is a difference between Actual Pedophilia and “there is nothing Technically wrong with this ship but the age gap is big enough that the potential for a power-imbalance bothers me greatly, and I want no part of this”.

3. Don’t start shit.

Callout posts, angry messages, and witch hunts. Anon or not, just don’t do it. You might think you’re doing the right thing, but you’re probably just going to make people want to spite you instead of listen. Calling someone names or telling someone to kill themself is shitty.

Also, don’t infest someone’s tag with opinions they don’t want to see. If you feel the need to vent but don’t want to start discourse, use read mores and slashes inbetween words (li//ke thi//s) so that it won’t show up in the tag.

 Now, I’m not saying you have to be completely passive about things you don’t like, but there are other things you can do to avoid them, like…..

4. Just block people.

Let me say this again.


Or unfollow them. It’s super easy. One click, and they’re gone. 

You’re allowed to have opinions. So are other people. And guess what, you don’t have to look at them. Shocker. 

If you’re going to post something and it would make you uncomfortable if people gave it context that you specifically don’t like, say it. State it clearly, and let people know that if they do it anyway, they’ll get blocked.

Think of it this way: if you throw a party and someone shows up and starts doing things and telling jokes etc that make you uncomfortable, what do you do? You don’t invite them to the next party. And if they weren’t invited to begin with, then you take extra precaution to make sure they don’t come again.

Remember, it’s your blog. It’s your party. You’re the host, and yeah you want to make sure your guests are happy, but you can still set boundaries. How much tolerance you have is up to you.

(see also: blacklist. I’ve surprisingly never used it. But it can very easily control what kinds of content you see or don’t see.)

5. Be patient.

If someone is doing something harmful, it’s possible they just don’t know better. People are limited by their life experiences and might not know to think differently because they never knew they could.

People change. What were you like a year ago? Five years ago? Ten years ago? I highly doubt that you’re proud of everything you’ve said and done in the past. There were jokes I’ve said and things I’ve liked that I would never dream of saying now.

This is why I think it’s so, so important to not immediately condemn someone. People don’t often make complete 180s, so don’t expect them to. People don’t like being told they’re wrong, and might need take some time to sort out their thoughts/unlearn their behavior before substantial change happens. Does this excuse their behavior? No, of course not. Even without ill-intent, people can absolutely still do damage.

6. Know when to speak.

This can go a lot of ways. Certain fights aren’t yours to fight. Don’t talk over anyone else. Admit when you don’t know enough about something to give a proper opinion. Recognize when something isn’t worth the time or energy.

Also: learn to recognize traps. People will try to send “gotchas” disguised as innocent questions. These are usually done with the intent of twisting your words and making you sound problematic no matter your response. Even if you’re not sure, just don’t respond. Avoid confrontation and discourse whenever you can. Resist being petty if you know that it’d just start more drama.

That’s it. I hope y’all can go out and try to be decent people. Have fun. Your internet experience is up to you. You don’t need to make it someone else’s responsibility.

So many people are getting inaccurate information and instead of looking for a source or a good translation they are just believing it and spreading it and it’s all over the jikook tag. Half the posts on there right now just aren’t true so….

Misconceptions that came from the Home Party:

-Jungkook is roommates with Jimin and Jhope. This is not true. He has his own room. But he goes to their room a lot so they paired him with them for the games.

-Jimin said that Jungkook says his name before bed. No its Jhope that says his name before bed. The question was asking how many times Jhope says Jimins name in their room and Jhope and Jungkook had to guess the same number.

-Jimin and Jungkook did not choose to have numbers 1 and 3 on their outfits. The members were numbered in order of their fanchant. Namjoon being 7 Yoongi being 6 down to Jungkook who was 1. Re edit my bad goodness. The numbers are based on their ages but I thought Namjoon was his own number because I could have sworn he was 7 as the leader. Apparently he was the same number as jhope. Still my point still stands. The numbers had to do with age and were not chosen by members

Will add more if I see multiple people saying incorrect stuff. I know we all get excited about jikook and their moments but we need to not just go crazy because one person said something was so. Please always ask for proof of something before spreading it around.

alright, hi there. i’m a moderately accomplished visual artist, poet, novelist, and fanfiction writer who’s about to be That Guy.

so right now there’s this whole “don’t tag as #me or #kin”  thing going around (as well as people drawing interactions between characters and saying “don’t tag as #[ship name]), and there’s started to be this collective decision that this is now a moral burden on the audience. that consumers of art have the moral obligation to go through an artist’s blog before reblogging any of their art and find out their opinions on specific tags before tagging them as such.

i am here, with my multiple published works and several years in online art communities, to tell you that this isn’t how art works oh my god.

it is not the moral obligation of a consumer of content to go find out every single thing about an content creator and try to conform to the original intention of a piece of artwork. intention in creating artwork is all internal. in some artwork, it comes through externally to the audience without them having to hunt it down; however, in artwork where that is not the case (often where the artist doesn’t want the intention to be externally obvious), the motivations for creating a piece of art are entirely internal on the artist’s part, and lose their relevance one the art hits an audience.

because what’s the job of an audience? to fucking interpret art.

once you put your content out in public, you are opening yourself up to feedback, critique, interpretation, and derivative content. that interpretation will not always line up with your original intentions for a piece. sometimes, that interpretation will be wildly incorrect. but it doesn’t matter how incorrect it is–an audience has the right to interpret your art and react to it in any way desired, and it’s that reaction and interpretation that creates the two-way dialogue necessary for good art.

good art doesn’t come from masturbatory “here is every single thing about this piece that you need to see and here is precisely how you should interpret it” circlejerks. good art inspires creativity, not cuts it off before it even begins.

see, i get really passionate about this because this is the same shit authors like Anne Rice used to go after fanfiction authors of their work. at one point in time, there were actual lawsuits against fic writers and fanartists for supposedly infringing on the original authors’ intellectual property by creating derivative work.

and a lot of those stemmed from pieces where the audience’s interpretation of a character or a story was different from the original author’s. a common one was where a fic author would make a character gay, and then the original author would be like oHOoh NnNOnOO NOoott the HomoOSeXUalLS!!!111!!

anyway. tangent aside, once you put your content out in public, you are entering into an implied agreement with your audience where they are free to interpret, discuss, and create derivatives of your content, without regard for your personal feelings.

yes, art can be personal, and that’s good! but public art is a two-way dialogue between an artist and an audience. it can be extremely personal on the artist’s part, but if the artist still chooses to make the art public, it being personal doesn’t have an effect on whether or not there’s a moral obligation of the audience to stick to the artist’s original intentions.

in short, if you really have such a huge personal problem with someone relating really hard to your OC and tagging as #kin, or with someone seeing flirtiness in how you’re drawing your two favorite characters interacting, then you shouldn’t be putting that content in the public sphere. it’s fine to have those sensitivities, it doesn’t mean you’re a bad person or flawed somehow, it just means that the particular content you’re creating is too personal and shouldn’t be put into the public sphere.

sharing art is a great experience, of course, and it’s always good to have a circle of close friends, maybe an art teacher or something, who can give you feedback and help you improve. but like… if you can’t deal with public engagement with your work, then don’t post it on a public account. email back-and-forth between friends or pass your sketchbook around instead.

anyway i have no idea how to end this *fingerguns* B)

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Hey, I have a question. How do I make myself known to other gays/lesbians? It's kinda cool to make friends and stuff with more lgbt people

My dear lgbt+ kid, 

Do you want to meet other lgbt+ people online or offline? 

If online, you find plenty of us right here on tumblr! You may want to: 

- Follow “meet lgbt+ friends” kind of blogs (for example @meetmlm, @meetlgbtgirls) and either submit your own post or contact people who already submitted.

- Look through the lgbt+-related tags on tumblr and say hi to some people 

- Make your own lgbt+ (side)blog! 

The great thing about online meet-ups is that it’s usually safer than offline if you’re “in the closet” and don’t want certain people to know you’re lgbt+. Still, if safety is a concern, I’d always advise against publishing pictures of yourself and/or your birth name online. You never know who may come across them. 

Offline, you may want to: 

- Visit lgbt+ events (such as Pride events) 

- Visit lgbt+ bars or clubs (Caution: If you’re uncomfortable with flirting, you may not enjoy going to some lgbt+ clubs as many people there likely search for a romantic and/or sexual relationship rather than friends.) 

- Visit lgbt+ school clubs, if your school offers one 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

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I really love your imagines! Here's one: Old!Noctis and sassy s/o queen. During a council meeting, where s/o is absent, a foreinger ambassador rudely complain about the queen, pretending an apology by Noctis because she humiliate him after seeing him treating badly a young maid, suggesting Noctis to control his wife.

OMG SHORT DRABBLE TIME! :D This one’s gonna be fun~! This kinda strayed a little from the original request BUT it still holds the main concepts you mentioned :) Sir Luddenham belongs to me *HAHAHHAHA, Luddenham- it’s a place in Sydney somewhere and I’ve always wanted to name a dodgy OC after that suburb cos the name sounds so hilarious HAHAHA*

Tagging some pals: @blindbae, @itshaejinju, @asendioncosplay, @lady-asuka, @hypaalicious, @rubyphilomela, @cupnoodle-queen and @xalexanderxkozachenkox <3 :)


Excuse you, Sir.

As King of Lucis, Noctis had to deal with a few rather difficult individuals. Sir Luddenham was one of those rather difficult people. In fact, if you were present in Council that afternoon, Noctis was sure you’d probably call him a ‘bag of dicks’. Noctis barely held in a snort of amusement at the thought of you calling the unpleasant council member juvenile names. Feeling Ignis nudge him from his right hand side, Noctis sat up a little straighter and pretended that he was actually interested in what Sir Luddenham had to say that day in Council.

Seriously though- what kind of a name was Luddenham?

It sounded made up and foreign.

Noctis quickly shook the irrelevant thought out of his head and zoned back in on Sir Luddenham’s concerns. Trying to refrain from rolling his eyes at the topic of the rather pudgy council man’s discourse, Noctis merely leaned forward and bore his deep blue eyes down at the older man with a neutral expression on his handsome face.

“Your Majesty, I apologise for my lack of tact, but I must raise this matter with you now, or forever hold it in my consciousness…” Noctis frowned and nodded, giving his silent assent to let the man go on with his complaint. What Noctis really wanted to say was ‘keep your pity party to yourself’- he probably would have said so if you were in attendance with him. You probably would have been the one to shut Sir Luddenham off yourself!

That would have been funny.

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To My fellow DC/DCEU fans

It’s no secret to anyone who had paid attention that the DCEU and it’s fandom has had to put up with a lot of shit: Bad reviews that got basic facts about the films wrong, vitriolic and disproportionate hatred for the films and Zack Snyder personally displayed seemingly any time he did anything, endless negative comparisons to Marvel and the MCU along with stupid insults from Their smug cast members, backhanded compliments and snide remarks from people who aren’t as clever as They think They are, endless negative rumors without a shred of proof to Their name and calls for a complete reboot or even for the rights to be given away completely to Marvel. Detractors tossed around buzzwords like ‘’gritty’’ and said the films lacked ‘’hope’’ and ‘’optimism’’ and went out of Their way to avoid saying anything nice about Them or anyone involved and acted like complete pricks to fans. Tags got clogged with moronic posts from people barely a step above trolls. Gifsets and positivity posts got hijacked, fans were out right insulted and told They were ‘’stupid’’ and had ‘’bad taste’’ and people couldn’t praise Marvel or another DC property without insulting the current films. I wrote a post around the time of BvS about how hard seeing it get ridiculed and insulted was for us after all the shit we’d been through and those feelings only increased as the year went on.

It seemed as though the films would never get the respect that They deserved, that we would either lose something we cared about deeply or keep it and have to spend all our time defending it from people who tried to make us feel ashamed of what we love, seemingly without consideration or empathy for what They mean to us. We never lost faith in the studio or Their abilities but it seemed hopeless that we would ever see the films get the love that They deserve.

Then Wonder Woman happened.

It’s difficult to overstate just how great it feels to see a DCEU film get this kind of respect and love from people in the mainstream. To see it get held up as equal and even superior to the rest of the genre. To see Gal Gadot who has gotten endless shit from the moment she was announced finally be respected. I don’t know what the future holds. JL will likely get torn to shreds but I have high hopes for Aquaman and every other film doing well. But that doesn’t really matter.

Wonder Woman showed the world that the DCEU can go the distance and that’s all I wanted.

Through it all, throughout all the insults and negative comparisons, throughout every bullshit rumor and half-assed criticism, through every article about Gal Gadot being too skinny or not having armpit hair and generally trying to dull our excitement for this film, through every idiot who suddenly gained a business degree and tried to say how the DCEU was a financial failure and everyone who hyperbolically treated the DCEU as a toxic entity that needed to be erased from existence and memory for the company and humanity as a whole to ever thrive.

Through it all, the fans were there, standing by the company and one another.

We never lost faith. We persevered. We called out bullshit rumors that anyone would half a brain could see were nonsense. We built our own community and supported one another. We fought back against everyone who refused to see a single positive aspect to the films, everyone who said how Marvel were always going to be superior and how They would do a real female led film if/when Captain Marvel comes out, everyone who said how the DCEU was over and done for and should just give up.

We fought back and our faith was rewarded. This is our moment of victory and we have earned the right to feel proud.

Don’t let anyone take that away from us. Not the people who still don’t and never will like anything from the DCEU, not the pricks who can’t praise the film without insulting what came before, not the people trying to rewrite history to make it seem like They were on the right side the whole time, not the seemingly endless stream of morons who will never let go of Their negativity or bitterness and don’t deserve our consideration or thought.

I don’t know what will come in the future but I’m proud to say that I never lost faith in this universe and I have never been happier to be in a fandom.

Perks, Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Prompt: Reader is a famous actress and gets shipped with Lin by the Internet.

Word-count: 1,385 (oh boy)

Warnings:  A lot of casual cursing whoops. Are we really going to count how many times I said “fuck” in this? 

Note: Here we go. Part one and it is a doozy. All right, tell me what you think, and shout out to @manuelmiranduh because reading her work was kind of instrumental to how I cam about to write for this fandom anyway? So, girl, thanks. 

Part Two

The Internet was truly weird, and even if you’ve spent a good decade-and-a-half (although when put that way, you sounded way older than you actually were) in an industry that put you underneath the microscope of it, it never ceased to astound you how truly odd it could be.

“Nancy,” you called, and said woman looked up from her phone, “what the fuck is an Elsnavi and why is it all over Twitter?”

In all of your partnership you’ve never seen your agent so uncomfortable.


“More importantly, why are they tagging me?”


“And even more importantly, why are there pictures of me kissing someone?

Nancy scratched the back of her neck, refusing to look you in the eye. She toyed with her phone for a moment, before at last cutting a glance to you. You raised your eyebrows expectantly. Nancy pursed her lips, obviously conflicted. Finally she leaned back, letting her head hang from the back of the couch, releasing a long-suffering sigh. Blearily, she turned to fix you with a watery, unamused stare.

“I didn’t think we’d have to have this conversation, like, at all.”

“Well, we’re having it now.” you said, clicking your phone closed and placing your full attention on her.

Nancy sighed once more, sitting up properly, and looked to be squaring herself up before saying, “You know about shipping right?”


“Well, Elsnavi is a ship name. A name of a pairing.”

“And what does that have to do with me?” you asked, confused.

“I was getting to that point,” Nancy said patiently. “The long and short of it is that people are shipping you as Elaine and Lin-Manuel Miranda as Usnavi from In The Heights.”

You sat for a long moment, simply dumbfounded. You clicked your phone back to life and scrolled through the tag once more, finding an additional hashtag in a few posts that was a touch more worrying.

“What the fuck is Y/N/Lin then?”

It seemed that you had reached the point of the conversation that Nancy, if it was possible, dreaded even more. “Yeah, okay, I’m gonna need to—“ She started gently prying your phone away from you. In your confusion, you let it slip through your fingers without protest.


Nancy breathed through her nose, trying as much to steady you as she was steadying herself. “Here’s the thing,” (She paused, and you had to narrow your stare to coax her into continuing,), “so shipping mostly occurs with fictional characters right?” You nodded. “Well, sometimes fans have a tendency to, um, go over.”

“The Internet is shipping me,” (you pointed to yourself,), “not Elaine, or any other role for that matter.” It wasn’t a question. “And they’re shipping me with Lin-Manuel Miranda?”

Nancy nodded, eyes slightly fearful.

“You’d think they’d ship themselves with Lin.” You sputtered, still quite frozen on your couch. “God, do they know I haven’t even met him?”

“Yeah, they do. Has that ever stopped them before?”

“I guess not,”

It was hard not to be offended by it, although you knew very well it was mostly harmless, but goddammit it was your life, the people you chose to be with, and it took away some form of agency, knowing that people were hand-picking men they thought would look nice with you and bypassing your opinion entirely.

“Is there any particular reason they, ah, preferred Lin?” you asked, not helping the trace of spite that made its way into your tone. Nancy noticed, and stiffened.

“Well, the Elaine/Usnavi one is a bit easier to explain and understand,” she said. “Usnavi’s awkward and energetic and Elaine’s a cutthroat bitch with a heart of gold and, as you will learn, the Internet kind of lives for that dynamic, so they put the two together. Cross-over.”

You nodded along at her explanation, and when she didn’t continue to the more pressing matter, you pointedly glared. Nancy, seeing this, sighed and relented. “You and Lin are a bit more confusing,” You scoffed. Confusing was just the fucking tip of the fucking ice berg. “But to keep a long story short, your pairing is pretty much Elsnavi taken up a couple more notches.” Your eyebrows trekked impossibly higher up your hairline. “All right, a lot of notches, but there’s nothing harmless in it. And I think you’d be a bit more used to it considering all the success Killing a King got. Remember when they were convinced you were dating Josh Hutcherson because he showed up backstage?”

Oh yeah, that entire debacle. Killing a King, essentially, gave you the recognition on the Great White Way you had already accomplished in a couple of other areas. It wasn’t your first musical, but it was your first lead role, and people weren’t likely to forget Elaine King quite yet. This whole Elsnavi business was proof of that.

“It’s not that I’m bothered by it,” Nancy, this time, was the one to raise her eyebrows, dubious. “Okay, I am, but God it just feels a bit… I dunno,”


“Yeah, I guess.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Nancy said soothingly, but with that touch of brusque that made you know that she was over the entire thing entirely, and you should be too. “I already checked over the websites—“

“There are websites?” you gaped.

Honey, this is the Internet we are talking about, of course there are websites. Anyway, I’ve checked all of them over (it wasn’t easy, mind you) and there weren’t any debilitating details.”

“They probably have porn of me somewhere,” you muttered darkly, causing Nancy to shoot you an amused glance.

“Don’t check those links in any case, unless you’re really wanting to ruin your day.”

“I’ll steer clear, thanks.”

With a chuckle, Nancy stood up, reminded you that you had appointments and meetings and whatnot to get to, and lead you to the car.

You managed to forget about the entire Elsnavi, Y/N/Lin thing for about a week. And it wasn’t even your fault.

You were up late, coming back from a screening you were invited to attend, and you were flipping listlessly through the channels, an open bottle of red wine on your coffee table and all the intent to find the nearest episode of Sex in The City and calling it a night, but you landed on a channel with him on it.

And of course, the first thing that came to mind was that stupid photo manipulation of you kissing him.

He looked, well, good, you had to admit. Short hair, the goatee almost gone except for a half-shadow-beard going along his chin. His suit was blue, and goddammit, you couldn’t help but notice that it was a color that very much suited him.

He and Jimmy Fallon were in the middle of laughing about something, Fallon as always overdoing it, and you were going to change the channel. You really were. But they mentioned your name next.

“So what’s the deal with you and Y/N anyway?” Fallon asked Lin, a photo of you flashing behind them. It was you on stage, as Elaine, looking quite cross. Lin laughed, twisting in his seat to get a good look at you.

“I honestly don’t know, man. You tell me, the Internets are always coming up with stuff.” Lin said, settling back into his seat.

“Because you and her are cropping nearly everywhere on social media,” Another photo, this time a manip of Usnavi and Elaine, came up on the screen. Lin twisted again to look.

“Yeah, beats me. What’s funny is that I’ve never even met her.”


“Yeah!” Lin said, laughing. “We haven’t met, although I’d love to. I saw her in Killing a King, she was incredible.”

“Don’t you think all this business would put a damper on the meeting though?”

Lin shrugged jovially, although he did look a tad sheepish. “Here’s to hoping it doesn’t, man. It’d be bomb to meet her in person.”

You changed the channel then, and this time it was a new episode of The Big Bang Theory. You had enough on your mind that you managed to ignore it.

So he wanted to meet you in person? Huh. That’s something.

You gnawed on the inside of your cheek, eyed the bottle of wine. You grabbed it and took a long gulp.


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Which characters use pet names? And what are they? Gl!!

So, only a few came to mind so if I can think of more I will add them! Thanks anon! (I kinda made it more xreader, but in general, this is my thinking)

McCree: Of course McCree would be first for a list like this. Just from personal experience, no one with even the slightest southern background won’t use constant pet names, and with him, you’d hear quite a lot. (so many I decided to list ‘em)
Darlin’/Darling (obviously. You’d get this one the most)

Tracer: Her only big pet name she’d use is ‘Luv’/Love. It would bring a smile to anyone’s face, especially yours, as you would be greeted with an excited, “Hi Luv!”. Like I said, it’d probably be the only big one from her, but you get it so often that something else would just be unnatural.

Widowmaker: She’s actually not very big on using pet names, but, like Tracer, she really only has one, “Chérie”. Getting her to use it, however, is definitely more rare than anything else, but this just makes the moments she will more special and sweet.

Genji: Back in his Playboy days, he would have to sweet talk his way with people more than once with flirtatious praise. He’d go for things like, “gorgeous, beautiful, babe/baby”, etc. Post Recall, he would probably still use the names like this, but with more affection than lust like he used to. 

This is really all the came to mind right now. I’ll add more if I need to! 

This is completely unrelated to anything I post on my main blog, but I’m tagging it so the right people find it.

I’m looking to start a Kingkiller Chronicle-centric blog. I have two urls saved, and want opinions on which is better. As we know, the names of things are important.

1) talentpipes


2) lookingformyaloine

You’d have had to have read The Name of the Wind to get the reference from either of them, but that’s kind of the point.

I think talentpipes is a lucky catch, I’d have guessed someone would have taken it already. But I feel that lookingformyaloine is an even deeper pull, and has a more romantic sound to it for those who are unaware of the reference.

So, which do you think? 1 or 2?

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hiiii idk why i'm so nervous but i really really wanna start writing fanfiction. ljke full out "woah this makes me feel stuff" fanfiction and i thought you'd be the best place to come for pointers because you're literally amazing but anyways do ylu have any suggestions as to 1. where to write it 2. starting tips 3. what not to do?? thanks!! i really really want to but i'm little scared to


How To Start Writing Fanfic for Beginners: 

  • Okay, so, the first thing we usually do is have a beta reader– someone who looks over stories and checks for writing flow, typos, and, most importantly in the case of fanfiction, characterization. You find one before you start writing so that you have a cheerleader who can talk about ideas with you and push you through when you feel like you wanna quit. This is a formality, though, and can be skipped. My one-shots usually are in the 20k+ range so I like to have three or four people look over them, but if I’m writing a 6k one shot, for example, I only have one beta reader.
    • I’m actually pretty sure that the origination of this practice actually came from everyone trying to figure out how to make friends in fandom. If you’re the beta reader on someone’s story, you’re automatically buddies. Google docs has made this way easier, though– it used to be long email chains. *shudders*
  • Step two, decide which host sites you’re going to post your fic on. Different fandoms are more popular on different fic sites. The most popular fanfic sites are , (AO3, we call it), and sometimes tumblr, depending on the length of the fic! 
    • So, for example, the Percy Jackson fandom is really really into (or at least was when I was writing for it?) That’s where you get the most reviews/comments and the most hits for that fandom. In the case of Teen Wolf/Stydia the most popular site is AO3, easily. But if the piece you wrote is a drabble (in the 1k range), you can also plop it on tumblr. If it’s in the 2k range, it’s acceptable to put it on tumblr under a “read more.”
    • For all these sites, you need an account, but AO3 is technically in beta mode (idk why; it’s been like that for multiple years?) and therefore you sign up and then have to wait for an invite. But it’s worth it because once you have an account, you can view the history of the fics you’ve read, bookmark faves, leave comments, and, of course, publish fics.
    • Unlike ffnet, AO3 also categorizes fics into fandoms, which is really really helpful if you write for multiple fandoms. Their sorting system is really good and really specific, which is why people use it. I think that, at this point, AO3 is undoubtedly the most diversely enjoyed site.
  • Here’s some things you definitely need to know about posting on AO3: 
    • (This is SUPER important), it’s considered REAL bad manners to tag characters/ships that aren’t the centric pairing. So, the fic is gonna ask you for characters and the ship. If you’re writing a fic where Stiles and Lydia are the centric pairing, you’re gonna fill in Lydia Martin, Stiles Stilinski, and then Lydia Martin/Stiles Stilinski. But say your story also has a few scenes with Scott? Either don’t mention Scott, or do “Scott McCall- Side.”
    • The reader should be able to clearly tell what type of fic it is by your tags. (Unless you don’t want them to know). You can create your own tags or you can use the site’s already established ones. AO3 tags can get slightly obnoxious but nobody’s going to call you out for that so enjoy. 
    • If your fic takes place within the bounds of the series, you tag it "Canon Compliant.” If it not only fits with the plot of the series but also takes place literally during the series, tag it “Missing Moments.” If it diverges from the plot line of the series, you tag it “Canon Divergent.” If it is after the series is over, tag it “Post-Canon." 
    • If it’s AU, tag the kind of AU it is. “Coffee Shop AU” “AU– The Hunger Games” “AU– Everyone Lives” “AU– Stiles is Olaf from Frozen and gets it on with Anna who is Lydia.” (Spoilers for my next fic.) (Just kidding.) 
    • ALSO when you’re posting, it’s a huge struggle because AO3 either requires HTML coded stuff (for italics, etc) or rich text. My suggestion would be either putting your fic on tumblr and copy and pasting the rich text from the finished post, or getting an account on ffnet and using their document uploader to c+p your fic into, then save it and copy and paste it into the rich text part of the fic loader on AO3
  • So now, ratings. 
    • Here’s what you’ve got: G,T, M, E. 
    •  G is like… no swearing, no mention of sex, you could read it as a bed time story to a 6 year old.
    • T is swearing, acknowledgment that sex exists, maybe some kissing (but you’re getting to shaky territory as soon as you venture anywhere remotely past second base) light, non-descriptive violence (there’s also a tag for violence under "archive warnings” because some people get triggered by it.)
    • M is lighter sex scenes (I would say anything that doesn’t describe genitalia? Idk, this is a real fine line. I think you’ll feel it in your bones. Or, bone, in the case of smut. 
      • Nailed that joke. 
      • HA GEDDIT. I did it again.
    • E is like, you’re going to hell for writing this, enjoy hanging out with satan in the fiery pits, I hope it’s worth it.
  • If you post on tumblr, tag appropriately. Tumblr tagging is different from ao3– you just tag to sort things, and so that the right people see your work. So, like, if you wrote a Stydia fic, obviously don’t tag it Sterek or Sciles because you’ll get hate, lmao. You can tag character names, but I would suggest you don’t tag “Stiles Stilinski” or “Lydia Martin” because the Sterk/Mrrish/Stlia shippers tend to attack you. Also, only the first five tags count.

And now, the Don’ts of fanfiction***

  • Make sure your spacing doesn’t look awful. 
    • It makes people not wanna read it 
    • You should know what regular spacing looks like. If you’re able to correct it so that there’s not eons of space between paragraphs, I would do that. 
  • Don’t say “Sorry for the bad summary I promise it’s better than it sounds” in your summary. 
  • “Their tongues battle for dominance” or other equally cliche dialogue
  • Original characters as main characters
  • Fandom crossovers are almost always rolled their eyes at in the fic community. Like, you can thrust your characters into a different universe, but normally, you can’t use the original characters. So by all means, write a Percy Jackson AU, but don’t make Fitzwilliam Darcy best friends with Annabeth Chase. 
    • Okay this is really delicate because some people can do it really well and some people can’t
    • Switching back and forth between character point of view within one section of your fic is really hard for the reader to keep up with and it tends to look clumsy. It’s a no-no. 
    • If you have divides between sections, that’s where you can switch POV. 
    • However, I tend to write almost all of my fics with just one POV. I pick Character 1 or Character 2 no matter how long it is. It’s cleaner that way. 
    • I need to remember this one– don’t describe clothes too much. You’ll sound like a cheesy YA novel. (I’m a hypocrite, okay?) 
  • Titles matter. Work hard on picking a title. I s2g it actually makes a big difference. Idk why. Titles. 

***Side note: All writing rules are all allowed to be broken. There is truly no such thing as a steadfast writing rule. The more comfortable you get with writing, the more comfortable you could be with breaking these rules. Does that make sense?

Hello! This is a blog for only the safest of UNDERTALE content! Sometimes the tags can be difficult to search because there is stuff in them that is not to everyone’s tastes. So consider this blog a filter! This blog will NEVER feature:

  • NSFW content
  • violent, sad, or death-related content
  • stuff related to the Murder Run
  • evil!Chara, evil!Gaster or evil!anyone (not even evil!Jerry…)
  • content that uses he/she pronouns for Frisk, Chara, Napstablook, or Monster Kid
  • non-canon ships, which means it’s almost impossible to run into your notp! (pre-game Asgoriel and Alphyne will be tagged)
  • drama/wank/discourse/etc
  • AUs*

This is not a blog to bully or shame people who post these things! It is only a safe space away from them. We are here only for good clean fun. :3 [points at Woshua icon] If for any reason anything unsafe is posted in error, or you would like a specific warning tag, the askbox will always be open and (hopefully) anon will always be on. (If the source on a particular post is bad, you can report this to me on or off anon! I will answer privately or publicly without naming names so as to avoid accusations of bullying or calling out.)

This is a very new blog! Right now it is run by just me, @thegeminisage. I am a pretty busy person so if anyone would like to help me by finding posts and helping with tagging, please send me a message! I would also love to hear about other blogs that post safe UNDERTALE content so that I might scour their archives! And finally, it would be really cool if you could reblog this post and spread the good clean word!

Thanks, everyone!

*I edited this in later. This blog may post AU material if it’s lumped in with other cool stuff, but it will always be tagged, and I probably won’t post AU-only stuff. Nothing wrong with AUs, of course, but since this is such a vanilla blog, and I’ve heard the sentiment from a few people that they wished there was a place that focused on JUST the classic versions of the characters, I figured this place would be a good a place as any to make that happen!

anonymous asked:

Why would Tyler comment under one of your posts? What the hell is going ooon? I'm so confused right now

Anon, I have not a clue. All I can say, is I did not tag him nor was his full name in the question. And the reply was within minutes after posting. Minutes, I initially ignored it as I did not think it was legit. But I have been told otherwise.  Which begs the question, does he read my blog?

Never ceases to amaze me how many people read my little old blog, its amazing.  You wouldn’t know from the comments and reblogs, but trust me, its insane.  

Which next begs the question why?  If I am just spewing batshit crazy tin hatting theories with no basis in the truth, why would anyone care?  And I think the answer to that is, while I am sure I have many of the details wrong, the foundation of what I say is firmly steeped in the truth.


This is for every Shiro involved ship cause I’m tired of everyone coming for each other cause ya all extra as hell 🙄 ship what you wanna seriously cause the creators are saying a bunch of shit then theres things like this on their official shit. Like they saying five teenagers from earth, that includes Shiro. Also if you seen the video where the creators were agreeing to Shiro being an adult they looked like they were just tired of everyone and just agreed to it so people would stop asking cause they seem not to even know wtf they’re doing right now. People have mentioned this in other posts so here are the receipts lol.

Send me your name and i’ll make a playlist matching each letter in your name to the fist letter in a song title

I did this on an old account and people really liked it, SO!

Reblog with your name in the tags and ill send you a playlist! (as long as I can message you or send you an ask, if you don’t have either of those open I’ll tag you in a post)


I got waaaay more of these than I thought and I am way overloaded so please stop reblogging 

I hesitate to say this but…. I’M FINISHED!

Yep, it looks like I’m finally done with my doodle marathon. It got a WAY bigger response than I expected. Honestly I thought it would get, like, 20-30 notes. But we finished up on over 800 notes, giving a total of *drum roll*… 453 DOODLES!

I hope you will stick around to see more of my content. As well as a tonne of fan art and drawing tips, I have more interactive events planned for any further follower milestones. I can’t wait to share it all with you! <3


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So I’m sitting here watching the Beautiful MV for i think the 12th time already and after it goes off I’m watching it again but anyways I started thinking that I hope everyone is watching it as much as me.

Cause something that is really important to me when it comes down to this comeback is getting our kings a win because we all know that they deserve it.

So I really hope that we help them get not only just one but at least more then one win this comeback because beautiful is just…. guys this comeback is MY LIFE!!!!

So if you haven’t seen the video yet plz go watch it and if you have seen it just keep streaming it plz on not only starship Ent. but 1thek’s YouTube channel too because those views do count.

The Videos Link Is Right Here
For Starships Channel

Then for 1thek’s Channel


Side Note: I will be tagging other groups and other fandom names that I Stan just in case others want to see it and might end up liking Monsta X

so sorry to any fans that might not like it cause I know some that only Stan one group don’t like when people tag their group in post that are not about that group

Anyways to the Monbebes that are really working their butts off to get our boys a win……



Here are the prompts, I’ve received some great new ideas as well as requests to keep some prompts from last year, so here’s what I’ve come up with: 

day 1: Favorite version of Ezekiel (Apple of Discord, Santa, Wonderland, etc)

day 2: Favorite season/scene/episode

day 3: Favorite relationship with a main character 

day 4: Favorite relationship with a minor character OR Favorite Crossover/AU

day 5: Favorite line/pop culture mention OR a song/poem/line you link to Ezekiel

day 6: Favorite outfit/favorite color OR favorite Ezekiel centered fanwork*

day 7: Free day OR favorite way someone described Ezekiel

Thank you to @huckleberrykim and the anons who sent prompts.

I’ve tried to provide alternatives for most days to give people a choice and so people who can’t make gifs or edits can also participate! Now if you choose to do the OR prompts, you should name them “day # bis”. Example: If you make a post for day 4 for the favorite relationship with a minor character, that’s a day 4 post, if you make a post for Favorite Crossover/AU that’s a day 4 bis post. You can obviously do both. 

Now the important part, the new Ezekiel Appreciation Week tag is EJAW 2017. Please only use EJAW 2017 and not EJAW, so that it is easier for people to find this year’s works, and so I can archive them here under the right tag. 

If anything is still unclear do not hesitate to send an ask. 

Hello fellow readers!!

Is your TBR pile growing out of control?  Have some egalleys you need to read?  Need to work on that Goodreads challenge?

Well, I’ve decided it would be fun to do a small, laid back read-a-thon at the end of May (yeah it’s a little late for spring cleaning but hey procrastination am I right?), namely the week going into Memorial Day Weekend (since a lot of people are off anyway).  The read-a-thon will run from May 20th at 12:01am to May 29th at 11:59pm.  The time zone is non-specific so it’s whatever time zone you are in!  

There is no official sign up for this, so anyone can join at any time!  There will be a tag used, #spring cleaning read-a-thon, so feel free to use it on any posts you make.

There are also going to be a few post prompts for you to do, which are as follows:

  1. TBR & Goals: Create a post showing off the books you hope to read during this read-a-thon as well as the goals you hope to accomplish!  Do you want to read a set number of books, a specific amount of hours, or something else?  Which books are you looking forward to the most?  Feel free to add anything else to this post - an introduction to yourself, favorite book genres and authors, random recommendations, etc.  Try to make this post before the start of the read-a-thon, but it’s okay if you post it after the 20th.
  2. Daily Updates: Share with everyone your progress on a daily basis!  Tell everyone how many books you read that day, how many pages, any progress on your personal goals, and any thoughts you have on the books themselves.  For examples of daily updates, check out the ones I did for the TreesofReverie read-a-thons.  I like doing these myself because it was a nice way of keeping track of things and it felt good to see the progress I was making.
  3. Wrap-Up Post: At the end of the Read-a-Thon, make a final post wrapping everything up!  How many books did you read?  What goals did you accomplish?  Which books did you enjoy reading the most?  Were there any disappointments?  

And there you have it!  Anyone can participate, the only requirement is that you read!  So start spreading the word and come join me next month for the Spring Cleaning Read-a-Thon!