people still don't get the joke

remember when kaz brekker told inej ghafa he refused to be the one to mark her body after everything she had been through?? because i sure do. the tattoo was mandatory for everyone in the dregs except her bc self-proclaimed monster kaz brekker had the decency to respect her past trauma & he didnt want her to feel like anyone owned her. and the first thing he did after purchasing her indenture was get her proper clothes?? and a knife??? lbr when will your fave ever

eurovision alignments
  • Lawful ballad: Typically kind of boring, but qualifies because you can't NOT vote for it or else you'll look like a jerk. Probably about love. Or peace.
  • Neutral ballad: Trying to be a power ballad but the singer just isn't that good. Maybe about love, but not in a guilt-trippy kind of way. Sounds better in studio.
  • Chaotic ballad: Strong, overly dramatic power ballad. Either the best thing you've ever heard or just way too extra. There is no in between.
  • Lawful schlager: Upbeat and really generic, like it's trying to make sure it qualifies. Probably written by someone from Sweden.
  • Neutral schlager: Passes for a normal pop song, at least mostly. Incredibly radio-friendly. Gets a lot of jury votes.
  • Chaotic schlager: Not quite a joke entry, but could be mistaken for one if you squint. Lots of glitter and exposed skin. Why people think Eurovision is gay.
  • Lawful crazy: The staging and outfits and pretty much everything looks like a fever dream, but the entry still resembles a song. 10/10 would dance to while drunk.
  • Neutral crazy: Any entry that just screams, "hey, we REALLY don't feel like hosting next year." Almost never qualifies. Just as planned.
  • Chaotic crazy: Looks and sounds like a shitpost, because they put serious effort into making sure it looks and sounds like a shitpost. Gets a fuckton of televotes.
Accurate god tier class analysis
  • Knight: Hero complex to the moon and back.
  • Page: Doofuses who don't realise they're doofuses.
  • Seer: Try telling them that they're wrong. I dare you.
  • Prince: Walking disaster and arrogant as hell.
  • Maid: They'll devote themselves to helping you in any way that they can. Until you get on their bad side. Then prepare to be bombarded with four tanks, an army of gnomes, a flower, and lots and lots of fire.
  • Heir: You kinda want to protect them. You don't for the life of you know why.
  • Sylph: If you're still alive, they've decided they like you. And you probably don't even realise they have a vengeful side. It's because they like you.
  • Mage: Highly skilled in avoiding people and pretending that's not what they're doing.
  • Witch: Are they fully sane? Probably not. Do you like them anyway? Pretty much.
  • Thief: Assholes with talent.
  • Rogue: Good at dealing with assholes with talent.
  • Bard: I don't even know man. Let bards be bards and everyone else get the hell away.
Anime Protagonists Meeting
  • Lelouch Lamperouge: I have an unbelievably horrible father.
  • Edward Elric: Dude you have no idea.
  • Shinji Ikari: Shut up, Ed, you don't even have the worst father in your own series! My disappeared for years and then told me to get in this giant-
  • Eren Jaeger/Yeager/???: Get in the giant? Bitch, please!
  • Rin Okumura: You're all adorable.

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May I ask a question that doesn't include this one?? What do you think of the whole deal with Felix and some of his friends standing up for him, stating that he's not antisemitic and he was just joking and all of that??

i have zero sympathy for pewdiepie, or anyone who chose to defend him. even if he’s not personally antisemitic (which is.. debatable), he’s still contributing to a worrying trend of antisemitism not being taken seriously, and normalizing hateful speech towards jewish people to a fanbase of millions of young, impressionable people

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Why have so many people seem to have taken this long to realize what Trump is when he's literally been telling us for years? That's what I don't get. He's been very upfront about who he is FOREVER. And yet there still seem to be people insisting that he's the type of person to listen to qualified people and NOT be petty.

I admit that when he first announced, I thought he was a joke (in that nobody would take him seriously, not that he wasn’t serious).

But once he began to get all the free, uncritical media coverage, it became very clear that he was a monster. 

I don’t think that his voters didn’t notice. I think that they didn’t care (or if they did care, they thought it was exactly what they were looking for.)

But people who should know better? People who should be smart enough to see through the bullshit? I think that they are blinded by their own hubris, convinced that they will be the one who gets past his bigotry, narcissism, cruelty, and evil.

Welcome to parasite club. I’m your host.

The Signs as Kanye West quotes
  • Aries: “The plan was,we drink until the pain is over but whats worse,the pain or the hangover?”
  • Taurus: "Everything I'm not makes me everything I am."
  • Gemini: “I'll say things that are serious and put them in a joke form so people can enjoy them. We laugh to keep from crying.”
  • Cancer: "It ain't happened yet, and that's what intuition is."
  • Leo: “My greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.”
  • Virgo: "Believe in your flyness, conquer your shyness."
  • Libra: “If you admire somebody, you should go ahead and tell them.
  • People never get the flowers while they can still smell them.”
  • Scorpio: “I'm so gifted at findin' what I don't like the most.”
  • Sagittarius: “there's leaders, and there's followers...but I'd rather be a dick than a swallower."
  • Capricorn: "For me giving up is way harder than trying."
  • Aquarius: “I hate when I'm on a flight and I wake up with a water bottle next to me like oh great now I gotta be responsible for this water bottle.”
  • Pisces: "Shoot for the stars, so if you fall you land on a cloud."

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Boys sees their s/o roasting someone? cus they were trying to roast them first (if you don't know what roast means, look up roast jokes for some examples)

Noctis would would be pretty surprised. His s/o is really calm, put together, and somewhat introverted. They are really never one to loose their cool with people, even during joking matters. After his s/o gets on a roll, Noctis starts laughing hysterically. Even once Noct and his s/o have walked away, Nocit would still be laughing, repeating some of the funniest roast comments his s/o spewed. 

Prompto would think his s/o roasting someone is entertaining as heck. He’s definitely the person that would continue to instigate the roast by shouting comments like “Ooohhh! Burn!!!”  Like Noctis, he would think it’s hilarious. This is  literally me when I watch Snoop Dogg roast someone.

Gladiolus would probably find it attractive, honestly. Most of the time I imagine Gladio’s s/o to be small, but deadly. So when his s/o starts roasting someone, he’s paying attention. He’ll chuckle here and there. Once the scene is over he’ll kiss his s/o and tease them about the comments they made.

Ignis would either walk away by himself or drag his s/o along with him. Even if his s/o was joking, he’d most likely not enjoy watching a roast. But, really, who knows? Iggy can be sassy when he wants too… He might just join in with his s/o.

my personal experiences with each sign
  • aquarius: such a family orientated person, very INDEPENDENT, emotionally dettached, secretive, always late, caring, will be an amazing parent, into fashion/looking presentable at all times, has some weird habits, looks angry all the time, science hoe, hilarious
  • gemini: weird sense of humor, very closed off emotionally, hates drama, doesn't like sharing feelings, loves so hard, competitive, comes off as mean but is actually a teddy bear, SWITCHES up a lot, loves pizza, can't stand feet, gets excited when people have a similar sense of humor
  • virgo: a LITERATURE freak, passionate, shy, very kind to the people they care about, always makes sure you're alright, has an odd way of showing affection, can come off as a bit mean, loves to annoy you, weeb, woke af, not the type of person you'd expect to like rap
  • taurus: HORNY, so organized, loves to decorate their room, obsessed with their dog, has had a sugar daddy at one point, very kind, is wearing pajama/lounge clothes everytime i see them, doesn't give a fuck about anything, has an attitude
  • libra: everyone loves them, is only a sweetheart to really special people, fun to be around, lowkey a hoe, instantly brightens up your day, is always there for you, super considerate, usually the mom friend, will literally kill anyone who hurts them or their friends, evil, BOSSY
  • scorpio: sassy, crazy, LOUD, gets upset over the slightest inconvenience, isn't afraid to argue with you, always has to get their way, will do anything for the people they love, animal lover, buys whatever they want, the one still partying at 6am
  • leo: a total sweetheart, offers good advice, WITTY, super smart, very dramatic, friendly to everyone, i've never seen them get angry, lazy as fuck, loves to talk about themselves, calm and collected, easygoing, great vibes, does whatever they want
  • capricorn: can keep a secret, pretty QUIET, loves video games more than your average, a great friend, very mysterious, nice to literally everyone, is easy to get along with, very serious but can crack some funny jokes, responsible
  • aries: if they don't like you, you'll know, very VERY sweet to the people they care about, only cares about a few people, artistic, acts like a tough bitch but isn't really, has a crush on everyone, loves the outdoors, eats a lot, compassionate, AGGRESIVE
  • cancer: a NERD at heart, always talking to someone, can come off as shy or quiet but boy r u wrong, very respectful, protects the people they love, enjoys annoying people, when they get angry, they go crazy, always has to get their way, such a good imagination
  • sagittarius: brutally honest, doesn't seem like they have feelings but is actually sensitive af, often CONFUSED, crazy, so much energy, optimistic, can't stop singing even if they sound bad, loves everyone a little too much, always seeking adventure, takes pictures of the sky too often, space hoe
  • pisces: makes sure their friends are happy before themselves, laughs at offensive jokes, quiet, has a lot of social anxiety, can be aggressive, hates change, self deprecating jokes, SMART, angry, takes care of the people they care about, shy

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I really don't think Pewdiepie meant his joke in an antisemitic way. He was trying to see how far people on a video message making site would go for five dollars. He requested them to say the whole "Death to all jews" think, and he was really shocked that they actually did. I think he expected them to refuse. And yeah, the joke was in really bad taste and was disrespectful, but i don't think he meant it to be and i think he's getting too much shit for a stupid joke.

It doesn’t matter whether he meant it or not, he still engineered for this to happen (whether or not he expected it) and he has to face the consequences for not thinking it through. Even if you want to assume the best of him (which I don’t) and want to assume he just didn’t think it through, there’s still consequences.

He’s not entitled to do whatever he wants with no consequences and without people commenting on it, whether or not it’s a joke.

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I've had someone tell me "Demisexual is just 'normal,' most people won't have sex until they actually know someone," and I just ??? It's been a huge hump for me to get over that thinking that it kinda made me requestion everything about how my sexuality works. It was an incredibly invalidating moment and I'm still trying to process it. (The person apologized but they're the type to joke about sensitive topics so i just don't socialize with them much)

People who say this don’t understand how demisexuality works… “Normal” people (whatever that means) feel sexual attraction, but want to wait to have sex until they get to know the person, but demisexuals don’t feel sexual attraction to begin with (ie: they are closer to asexuals) until they get to know the person.

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I don't mean to bother you, but on your Noticing your tweets video when you said to go on Ethan's latest video and leave the comment "Delete", people from Ethan's channel were and still are replying to those being haters and calling names. I feel like it should be announced that it was a joke because everyone on Ethan's channel is taking it too seriously.

Jokes are jokes. I’ve gotten many people issues from Ethan’s jokes towards me on my videos. It fades lol. Like when Ethan said it was my fault they didn’t get a panel at pax. I got tons of hate. Some people just don’t get it and never will. I can’t monitor every person in our community honestly. Sorry.

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minicat? :3

Guess who decided it was time to start writing some more of these requests! Yeah it was me! Anyways I hope you like it!

Prompt; “it’s not my birthday”“it’s definitely your birthday”“give me a calendar. It’s not and I’ll prove it to- oh. Never mind. Happy birthday to me.”

I found that prompt on Pinterest so yeah.

Words: 1,063

Warnings! - none
Wildcat’s POV:

“Mini. Mini. Mini.” I say as I poke the sleeping man on the bed, his once peaceful face scrunching up as he tries to ignore me. Smirking I continue to poke him while repeatedly saying his name as my voice grows louder “Mini. Mini~ Mini! Mini~! Mini!!”

“Fuck off Tyler!” yelled the now annoyed half awake Mini.

Laughing I continue to poke him “you need to wake up Mini~”

“If you continue to poke me you are going to lose a finger” he says as he opens one eye to glare at me.

“But Mini~! Today’s a special day! So you gotta get up!” I tell him smiling as lifts himself from his laying position to instead be in a sitting position.

“What’s so special about today?” he asks as he rubs his eyes to get the sleep out of them.

I stare confused “you don’t remember?” to which I get the answer of Mini shaking his head “it’s your birthday! How did you forget?!” I say laughing.

“It’s not my birthday” Mini says looking straight at me.

“It’s definitely your birthday” I retort with a smile.

“Give me a calendar” quickly I move to grab the one on the wall “it’s not my birthday and I’ll prove it to-” showing him the date he stops mid sentence “oh. Never mind. Happy birthday to me.”

I laugh at his shock filled face “come on Mini, you didn’t actually forget that it was today right?”

“I did..” he says looking way from me blushing.

“You’re a fucking idiot” I say laughing harder which causes him to frown “but that’s why I love you”

He blushed more at my statement but smiles back “love you too Kitty”

“Don’t you fucking dare” I warn “it might be your birthday but you’re still not allowed to call me that!”

He just smirks at me “but it is my birthday. So I get to do whatever I wish today. Isn’t that what you’ve told me before, Kitty?”

Groaning I get off of the bed and throw my hands up in frustration “fine! Whatever!” Taking a deep breath I calm myself down as Mini laughs at me “I made breakfast, so get up birthday boy”

As I walk out of the room I hear Mini attempt to get up but he was still somewhat tangled in the sheets resulting in a ‘thud’ as he hit the floor. Stopping I turn to look back and raise an eyebrow at his slumped form on the ground “you okay?” I ask not really concerned due to this being a regular occurrence.

A muffled “fine” was all I heard as Mini got to his feet and raced past me “Last one there has to do the dishes!”

Rolling my eyes I follow after him in a slower pace. “I wouldn’t have made you do the dishes” I say as I enter the dining room.

“Yeah right Kitty” he says from his seat.

“Yeah you’re right” I agree through gritted teeth, that stupid nickname getting annoying. After taking a seat on the other side of the table I look over to Mini and ask “what do you want to do today?”

“I dunno” came his muffled reply through a mouth full of pancakes.

I snort as I try to hold back my laughter as he coughs as he starts to choke “that’s why you don’t talk with your mouth full, dumbass”

“Thanks for being so concerned” Mini sarcastically mutters after taking two big gulps of water.

“You’re welcome” I tell him as I take a bite of my own food.

Rolling his eyes at me he answers my previous question “I don’t know. I didn’t even know what today was until a few minutes ago”

Laughing I nod “oh right. Well we could go out or something”

He shrugs in response “I don’t really wanna go out”

“We could stay in? Maybe watch some Netflix?” I suggest not having really planned for today.

Mini just shrugs again “I guess”

Concerned I look up from my plate, my gaze focusing in on Mini playing with his food while a frown is on his face. Instantly I become more concerned “Mini? You okay?”

Again another shrug “I guess..”

“What’s wrong?” I asked worriedly, replaying everything that’s happened today in hopes of understanding why Mini was upset.

He sighs shaking his head before placing a smile on his face “nothing Kitty”

“Bullshit. Tell me what’s wrong” I say as I look into his eyes. Not getting a response I add “please Mini”

He sighs again breaking eye contact as he looks down “I dunno, Tyler. I just…I just feel like shit right now”

“Well get up then” I tell him standing up abandoning my food.

Mini looks over to me confused “why?”

“We’re going to go lay down and cuddle until you feel better” I say moving over to his side.

“You don’t have to.. you probably planned something for me today and I’m ruining it” Mini says quietly going back to looking down.

Rolling my eyes I make the decision to pick him up bridal style earning a very manly yell of surprise from Mini. Walking towards the bedroom I start talking “Mini it doesn’t matter if I planned anything for today. If you’re not up to doing anything we don’t have to do anything. We can lay in bed all day if you want. Remember it’s your day, we can do anything you want”
Reaching the bedroom I place Mini on the bed and climb in as he moves over slightly. Mini pulling the covers over both of us as he cuddles into me.

He lets out a content sigh “thanks Kitty. You’re the best”

“Of course I am!” I say smirking as I wrap my arms around him.

He laughs quietly “really Tyler. Thank you”

“It’s no problem” I answer honestly “plus this makes up for not getting you a present” I joke.

Mini laughs more which makes me smile “your company is all the present I need”

“That’s so cheesy” I can’t help but say laughing.

I hear him give a hum of acknowledgement as his breathing evens out. I smile more knowing this is what Mini needed from today. No loud crowds of people. No silly tv shows. Just me and him spending the day by each other’s side.

Olay, so, as much as I sorta like Duncan as a snarky rogue in this, there is such a GLARING disparity between this Duncan and the Duncan we see in DAO. How did he change? Am I supposed to accept/assume that he just “grew up” and was suddenly serious all the time? Not even a little joke here and there? A hint of his old self?

No? Okay.

I just realized by answering that post I might kind of be pointing people to harass the OP or someone else on that list and I don’t want that so I hid it
But honestly if you think all my ridiculous sexual shallura and daddy jokes have always been totally and completely fine yet a single fluffy picture of adult shance makes you blow through the roof


take a second to think about what you’re really doing
And if you still think the second one is way worse honestly it doesn’t bother me in the slightest if you want to unfollow and block me

  • Someone: Are you ok?
  • Me: I'm fine
  • Me(internally): It just really bothers me that fan artists get so much more respect than fanfiction writers. Like it's crazy that these two art forms aren't seen as equal. People just think that everyone can write but to make an actually good story you have to work really hard. Writers slave over every piece of work we make. They have mental breakdowns just trying to get this one sentence right. But still a lot of times they're just seen as a joke. Not trying to downplay how amazing artists are because honestly they are amazing and I can't even fathom what it's like to actually be able to draw because that's amazing. But people need to understand that it's also difficult to write. Also it's just accepted that artists should be paid for their work, which they should, but writers are expected to just constantly write for free. I know that most of them don't mind because they enjoy writing but I feel like they should be compensated for their time and efforts. Writers are out there writing like full length novels and I feel like it's taken for granted that you have access to all of that hard work for free.

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People who reblog themselves because they posted it at a time when most people wouldn't be on the internet or because they don't get notes and they've been posting post after post and it still gets no notes

yeah it sucks when something doesn’t get the attention it deserves which is why I reblog my own posts all the time 

(the post I made is a joke. That’s why I keep reblogging it)

To Everyone: NEVER be afraid to reblog your own posts! Your work deserves attention