people sticking up for grace



This fucking baffles me. The video yea its gross and horrible but what i find so repulsive is her mind set. She’s so stuck on “helping fat people” and “helping them into a better life style”. like bitch none of us need you to tell us were fat, we already know that. Telling us were fat and making fun of us is not going to encourage us to lose weight. It is going to make us feel like shit, break down our self-esteem even more and make us hopeless. this video was not encouraging at all, it makes me scared to go to a gym because obviously there are people watching our every move, ready to jump on the chance to make fun of how slow we are, or how much we sweat or how our fat hangs over our jeans. This video is heartbreaking and i was not prepared for how it made me feel at all. ive suffered with body image issues my entireee life, i dont remember a time when i wasnt concerned with my weight. so no, one skinny white bitch telling me im fat is not encouraging. you know what is encouraging, all the girls watching this that cry every night because they think no one will ever love them because theyre fat, their courage and strength to keep going, that is encouraging. Fuck this bitch. All of you are beautiful .

and thank you to people like Megan Tonjes and Grace Helbig who stick up for us and arent afraid to confront these issues.