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Okay, Real Talk Though

This is an appreciation post for Sora’s eyes.

Just look.

They’re so pretty.

Another big thank you for my sweetest friend, Hanah @sixofwinter …ohh hanah….hanah banana, plays the piano… you play the piano? (lol). 

Preston the porg found his way into Kylo’s hair and decided to take a lil rest. Kylo is not too happy about it :O!

But in all seriousness, please go and follow this lovely unicorn @sixofwinter

aussie-bookworm  asked:

When recording TBS, do any of actors flub their lines by accident? If so, would we be able to listen to the bloopers?

Oh yeah, absolutely. I am an extremely cruel director and make them do single takes of entire episodes (sometimes 25+ pages) and, while they are all very talented professionals, there’s bound to be some stumbling. 

Putting together a blooper reel is something I’m kicking myself over not keeping track of at the start because now there is just hours upon hours of footage that I in no way shape or form have any time to listen through and pull clips from. Maybe someday we’ll hire someone to do that because there are some good moments. 

One of my favorite bloopers from early on was in a Caleb episode. This was still in the first season, when I was trying to figure out the best way to record/take notes during recording/direct/etc. I now sit on my bed as the actors sit at a table in front of me and use 1-tap touch to highlight the script for notes, but back then I was trying a bunch of stuff out. 

I didn’t want my note-taking to interfere with sound, so I sat out in the hallway with my headphones and left Julia and Briggon in my bedroom. So I’m sitting on the floor staring at a closed door, and Briggon and Julia are just on their own. Briggon gets to a line that went something like, “I had a rough day at school”, but instead of school, Briggon goes full-adult and says “work”. And even though I couldn’t see Briggon’s face, I could just hear him have that moment of, “wait, what”. 

I don’t know why, but that was such a fun, funny moment - Briggon plays a teenager extremely convincingly, but he definitely slips up sometimes. 

“Why do transgender people dislike the beach?” I get asked this question whenever I bring up that I’m far from the only trans woman who doesn’t enjoy the ocean. To put it bluntly: the beach is a cisgender space. It glorifies *certain* bodies and demonizes others. It is a space where people are inclined to stare at you, which is even more intense if you are trans or gender nonconforming. I also always wear layers of clothes to the beach, which escalates the gawking at me since my heavier clothing was designed for cis men. However, I had a wonderful time at the beach yesterday with some other queer and trans folks that reminded me we can reclaim this - and any - space if we choose to.

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what do you mean about an 'actually appropriate' use of the song 'hallelujah'?

Friend, you are the greatest because I have goddamn citations.

So I would be entirely remiss in not stating the obvious, that being that “Hallelujah” was written by Leonard Cohen, a Jewish man. And that Superman was also created by Jewish men and that Kryptonians in general are basically space-Jewish.

Okay? Okay.

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Bad Ideas (Chapter 1)(Spideypool)

Welcome to the Story!
Peter meets Wade, Wade says inappropriate things, Peter likes him anyway. Of course that is how it happens!
Peter in this fic is Andrew Garfield

This is a completed fic, check out the MASTERLIST for additional chapters


Wade looked up from his beer when a beat up old van rolled to a stop in front of the garage. He didn’t bother getting up from his chair, not willing to stand for some lost ass hippie looking for directions. His eyebrow did raise though, when a lanky brunette stepped out of the passenger side and waved the driver on.

After the dust cleared, the man-nah, that’s a kid- trekked up the driveway, holding a faded red backpack.


“What’s up, man?” Wade tipped his beer towards him, noticing that the kid managed to maintain eye contact, even after getting close enough to see the absolute scarred up mess that was his face. “You need a tow from somewhere?”

“Uh, what? A tow? No man, I don’t have a car.” a nervous smile and Wade kind of hated how much he liked it.

“Well, this is a mechanics garage. Why else would you be here unless you had car trouble? Unless–” Wade looked him over and smirked. “I didn’t expect my rent-boy to here until Friday night, but I’m not going to argue.”

“What?” the brunette laughed, and Wade couldn’t help the interest curling through him at the sound. “No, uh, someone in town said you were looking for an employee? Gave me a ride out here. Wanted to see if you were still looking, or if this was a total waste of my day.”

“Employee.” Managing to look over the top disappointed at him not being the rent boy, Wade drained the rest of his beer. “Not a rent boy. That’s a damn shame. Ever thought about pursuing that line of work? I feel like you’d make a killing.”

“Well, uh, if you don’t give me a job I might actually have to, so maybe give me your number just in case? You know, for future reference?” With a frankly adorable tilt to his head, and a quick bite into about the fullest bottom lip Wade had ever seen, the boy glanced away and glanced back shyly and Wade was fucked.

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NCT 127 as Highshool Students

:)) this has been in my drafts for like 4 months lmao okay lets goooooo


  • nervous but smart
  • a senior
  • just here to make good grades
  • seems like the “sensible friend”
  • looks like he doesn’t study and zones out in class
  • actually the salutatorian
  • is really chill (sometimes does weird shit but its okay bc his friends love him usually)
  • kinda anxious
  • is embarassed 24/7
  • looks like he might cry or laugh half the time
  • taeyong will fight everyone for him (tbh taeyong will fight anyone for his friends)
  • a choir kid but not That choir kid
  • you know what i’m talking about
  • is an underappreciated tenor
  • the soprano section is shaking
  • when doyoung makes the tenors sing warm ups he effortlessly goes the highest
  • sometimes does a little run down the scale softly if he feels up to it
  • everyone thinks he’s a freshman bc he always looks confused
  • roasts someone once every year
  • its the best thing and everyone is always on guard around him when it gets to that time of year
  • its usually during ap testing season


  • clumsy but cute
  • hot and awkward
  • “hey girl how u doing- oh shit i’m going down, jaehyun, jaehyun i’m down pls help me :(“
  • is part of band and is a section leader for percussion probably
  • the percussion squad is Wildt and (occasionally) so is he
  • kinda hipster
  • kinda emo
  • kinda cool
  • makes it work
  • regrets his life just a little
  • knows a lot of “useless facts”
  • u think they’re useless until it saves ur life at 3 am on a tuesday night and ur running away from the police
  • if u need him to keep a secret he got u
  • will never expose u (lmao yeah he will)
  • jaehyun is his Bro for life
  • smart and kinda knows what he’s doing (not really)
  • was homeschooled for a hot minute until grade nine
  • was already popular bc he used to hang out with the graduates formerly known as exo
  • that person who when they ask for a favor it could be borrowing a pencil or need help committing murder there is no medium


  • Stressed High School Student™
  • “GPA”
  • “SATs”
  • “g r a d u a t i o n”
  • a senior and Stresst
  • valedictorian, probably has multiple scholarships, still worries about tuition
  • “if i get hit by a rich person’s car, do u think i can sue them into paying my tuition?”
  • “…taeyong u have full scholarships to both Stanford and Oxford dude wtf”
  • “yeah sure but consider it okay”
  • has an existential crisis every time someone mentions college
  • so disorganized
  • still somehow gets his shit together?? and good grades??
  • finds solace in the fine arts
  • quit theater senior year bc it was Too Much
  • knows and is into unusual shit
  • is actually really nice to the freshman
  • him @ freshman: don’t date the seniors, children, bc they’re fuckin snakes
  • a big softie that worries about others more than himself
  • helps everyone with their hw (while putting off a 10-page paper which is probably due the next day)
  • probably voted prom king
  • in junior year he took five ap classes and took an SAT the day after the ap physics test
  • is a Legend
  • everyone thinks he’s hot but he says he doesn’t date every time someone asks him
  • “i don’t have time for dating when collegeboard is already up my ass half the time”


  • a lil snarky, a lil sweet
  • and the tinniest bit salty
  • a soft boi
  • doesn’t wanna be a soft boi
  • wants to fight everyone
  • but also knows he’ll get his ass kicked
  • takes good care of his friends
  • his giggles melt hearts
  • his smile makes people run into walls
  • can u tell i’m yuta biased
  • basically hot and he kinda knows it
  • when its prom season he gets hella promposals
  • both he and jaehyun are tied for most promposals given in their years
  • he just goes with winwin
  • lowkey kinky
  • sometimes it slips out
  • loves winwin very much
  • is in choir, but rarely gets solos
  • isn’t bitter about it (is a little bitter)
  • likes complimenting and roasting people in the same sentence
  • will smile in ur face and call u ugly
  • exposes u for ur bullshit
  • but still loves u
  • knows all the Tea bc of winwin
  • in theater only for the drama (the lipton tea kind)
  • lowkey a ride-or-die friend


  • is That choir student™
  • choir student director usually goes to senior
  • but u see
  • ya boy is one talented mf
  • he’s chill (not really) until he steps behind that music stand
  • will tell you ur offbeat and singing off key every five minutes
  • “choir is life”
  • makes the tenors sing high af
  • “doyoung i can’t reach that note”
  • “dOyouNG i CaN’t rEAcH tHaT nOTe”
  • dabs softly to the musical accompaniment
  • a diligent student
  • that super organized student that always has everything
  • including and not limited to: band-aids, stapler, calculator, pencils, pens, ibuprofen for those in pain, literally anything u need ya boy got
  • will come for u and ur edges
  • is soft for his friends (especially the underclassmen) and throws figurative hands with everyone else
  • feigns politeness when u first meet him
  • flips the switch when he gets comfortable
  • will talk shit about u
  • but in a helpful way
  • he and jaehyun throw verbal hands on the daily
  • will kick ur ass if u say anything bad about jaehyun tho
  • everyone calls him when they feel like procrastinating (taeyong. taeyong does.) bc he will set them straight
  • when he smiles everyone falls for him
  • basically a huge cutie with a cute smile that has a slight choir obsession and the occasional roast


  • hot but dorky af™
  • also embarrassed half the time
  • can be really smooth?? on accident tho
  • is in choir
  • is cute
  • Best Friends™ with Johnny
  • together they are jj project
  • sorry wrong group
  • looks like he’s doing okay but is Panicking
  • is a Nerd and proud
  • on the basketball team
  • can go Zoom Zoom Fast and Swosh
  • idk what that means bear with me bruh is 2 am
  • wants to play other sports but then remembers he does not have Time for that
  • had a bowl cut in the middle school and was the cutest thing
  • got a haircut in freshman year and puberty hit
  • now hot
  • no one knows how it happened
  • can u tell i love jaehyun sjfjffjklkfk
  • anyways he cute af
  • is honestly just here for the ride
  • almost throws hands with doyoung on the daily in choir
  • but will come for u and everything u love if u even look at doyoung the wrong way
  • won homecoming king both freshman and sophomore year
  • gets a lot of promposals
  • turns down everyone and goes with johnny bc they’re bros for life (duh)
  • will hype u tf up, especially johnny, even if u are failing and doing badly rip
  • “ur doing amazing sweetie”


  • confused™
  • quiet but knows all the tea
  • like a sponge, he soaks up all the gossip
  • can destroy lives with all the shit he knows
  • shares his secrets with yuta
  • people are a lil afraid of him bc he stay quiet but he stay woke and knows shit like no one has ever crossed him ever since the Incident
  • some irrelevant person made fun of winwin’s korean so he exposed tf out of them in powerpoint form the next day everyone in the district heard about it
  • deadass u think he’s chill until someone insults a friend of his and he will throw the fastest hands, usain bolt tf outta u
  • he’s like a ghost like u don’t see it coming but two seconds later u on the floor in pain
  • everyone dotes on him
  • is one flexible mf
  • taeyong almost cried once bc he saw winwin doing a split and the poor boy really thought this youngin broke his dick rip
  • is a cheerleader and a gumanst gymnast
  • despite all this ya boy is shy
  • yuta swooped in on this child freshman year and has protected him ever since
  • really smart but people think he’s dumb and/or doesn’t study bc he’ll stare off into space sometimes
  • jokes on them bc when it’s time for tests ya boy comes thru
  • literally everyone (yuta and taeyong and that one guy from the neighboring school named kun) is in love with him (no but really everyone)
  • is in choir but no one knows bc u never hear him


  • that one kid that is in every club/art/fine art
  • probably in band (plays the trumpet and soon to be section leader in junior year)
  • always Tired™
  • is popular, but doesn’t know how
  • very chill and quiet when u first meet him and then gets clingy when he’s comfortable
  • is in ap music theory and music composition
  • takes mostly ap classes
  • is that person that didn’t take the ap class but took the ap test and somehow got a 5
  • is that guy with a 4.6 gpa
  • an overachiever, not by choice, he just can’t help it
  • says he can handle it
  • cannot handle it
  • on his way to being Taeyong 2.0
  • gets roasted occasionally but doesn’t mind (usually)
  • if anyone other than people in the Squad are mean to him literally everyone will come up and square up so damn fast no matter where they are
  • plays a lot of sports
  • is the impossible myth of Social Life, Good Grades, and (Mostly) Good Health
  • is that Chill Jock™ that in the fine arts
  • doesn’t play football bc “that’s band season, duh”


  • Dramatic Theater Kid™
  • cannot wait to roast someone (mark) and their monologue
  • on the soccer team and is Great
  • will kick u in the shins if u piss him off and ur will feel it thru ur shin guards don’t mess with him
  • is popular with people bc Visuals and Talent and cute personality duh
  • someone once tried to pull a “do u like messi?? <3” on him and he roasted them and then lectured them on why Ronaldo is better
  • sings really well and Student Director Doyoung loves him
  • is basically doyoung’s child
  • is hard to date bc then u get doyoung as ur in-law
  • someone: hey donghyuck-
  • doyoung: he is f i v e bitch fuck off
  • he might just be Doyoung 2.0
  • tries his best to study hard
  • is actually really soft and sweet once u get to know him
  • works hella hard like ya boy don’t get the lead in every musical for nothing
  • makes sure to get mark honey-lemon water before singing the national anthem bc he has to that after marching band (bc they’re both in varsity choir ofc)
  • packs mark tons of water bottles so he doesn’t die while doing 50 different things during a football/sports/anything tbh
  • will still roast mark for missing a note during the national anthem tho
  • has great fashion sense
  • knows some of the tea and winwin is lowkey teaching him his ways
  • p e t t y


  • haechan, yuta, doyoung, winwin, and jaehyun know this song and dance by heart if u start up that beat they already in formation


uh so like…i hope u enjoyed?? anyways thanks for reading!

For Better or Worse - Part 8

Ok, here we go, time for the drama to commence ;) I hope the wait for this one wasn’t too bad! Nonetheless, I’ve made this chapter extra long and there are tonnes of answers, so I hope that makes up for how shitty I’ve been. I’m feeling super low about my writing again (as always, ugh!) but I really hope you enjoy!

PART 1 / PART 2 / PART 3 / PART 4 / PART 5 / PART 6 / PART 7

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“So, did you guys talk?” Veronica cried as she sauntered towards the car, glancing back for a second.

Jughead shrugged as he followed. “We did. It’s just… complicated.”

“Isn’t everything?” She laughed, stopping still and turning to face him, causing him to jump at her sudden change in demeanour. She paused. “Listen, if I tell you something, will you not tell Betty?”

He raised an eyebrow as he crossed his arms. “I guess that depends on what it is.”

“When Archie called,” she started, “that wasn’t all that he said.”

“What do you mean? What else did he say?”

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sometimes i stare at people for longer amounts of time than i should and when they notice i play it cool by making myself look like I’ve zoned out and they just happened to be in the general direction i zoned out towards and then i shake myself out of it and give THEM a look like why are you looking at me and i’m kind of proud of this because i can unabashedly check people out when i want to

Right in Front of Your Eyes - Part 3

Originally posted by marvelheroes

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Warnings: Angst, Fluff, all the feelings
Summary: After your parents were murdered mysteriously, you move in with your godfather Tony Stark, along the way your normal life will be turned upside down, due to a Mr Parker and being hit by a bus. It will all make sense eventually.
A/N: Basically, you are Jessica Drew but with your name and a slight twist. BTW you’re British, you’re welcome 😉
Word Count: 1300+

Intro | Part 1 | Part 2

It feels weird walking down a high school’s corridor in confidence, I don’t mind getting stares of awe and appreciation. I mean, before no one would seem to notice me, but now, new clothes and new figure. There were whispers, I mean I got hit by a bus for goodness sake, but they weren’t the only whispers I got. I saw, standing by Peter’s locker, Liz Allen and her little clan. She looked me up and down, and gave me a smile, a fake smile, but I’ll take it as a compliment. I saw MJ putting books into her locker and walked over to her. She took one look at me and said:

“Damn girl! If getting hit by a bus does that to you, I’ll volunteer to stand in the road!” I giggled.

“Seriously, what happened?!” I shrugged my shoulders. “Change of diet I guess.”

“’Change of diet my ass. Where are your glasses?” j

“Contacts.” She nodded, grabbing her physics book and an apple out of her locker. “Well, you better tell me your secrets, otherwise our friendship is over.” Laughing, we made our way to my locker, after putting in my lunch, grabbing my physics book also, we started walking down the corridor arm in arm. As though nothing can destroy our friendship. And I won’t let that happen, ever.  


“Open at page 394.” I hate monotone voices. I swear teachers have a special power which involves putting people to sleep just by talking. There are around 4 people asleep, 2 slowly drifting off and 7 people staring into space. I mean I’d classify myself as one of those 7, but I’m not staring into space, I’m staring at someone.

“I swear I can just see the love hearts popping out of your eyes, cut it out Y/N/N, or you’ll get caught.” MJ whispered towards me. I snapped out of it and returned my attention back to the board, my eyes every so often drifting back to the boy in question. I swear I’m ill or something. Whenever I’m alone I think of him. Always him. It’s as though his eyes put me under a spell, and I don’t know how to break it. He’s with Liz. Everyone knows it. He LOVES her, he told me himself, you can see it in his eyes. She’s perfect. I’m not. I just need to move on, we’re just friends. He’s the only one who knows my secret, and he knows mine. I can trust him with my life. I haven’t been able to say that before I moved to America. I was never safe in England. Even my parents knew that.

“Hey, you okay?” MJ whispered. “You’re crying.”

I didn’t even realise until I brought my hand to my face feeling dampness across my cheeks. “Probably just the contacts…” I put my hand up and the teacher dismissed me, seeing my distress. I felt a pair of eyes following me as I walked out. My chest was hurting, my breathing became iritic, tears pouring down my face.

“Y/N/N are you okay?” Peter. “Hey, hey, hey breathe.” I slid down the wall, bringing my legs to my chest, putting my head between them. I felt Peter kneel next to me, I felt him hesitate before I felt his arms wrap around me bringing me close to his body.

“Listen to my voice Y/N/N, focus on it. What’s wrong?” He put my legs across his, placing his head on top of mine, I snuggled into him, listened to his heartbeat, which is a lot louder and quicker than what I’m used to.

“You can’t ruin your fleeky makeup, can you? I mean you look great today.” My heart fluttered, and my breathing became slower as I giggled.

“That’s it, breathe with me.” I did as he said. “Now can you tell me what happened?”

“I was just thinking about my parents’ funeral and the accident. I-I saw their b-bodies.”

“Why didn’t you tell me Y/N/N?” I shrugged.

“I don’t want anyone to know, n-not even Tony knows. I-I was the one who called the police. I-I want to seem strong Pete. I don’t l-like feeling l-like this.”

“It’s okay, I won’t tell him. This will be between just us okay?” I nodded. He kissed my forehead and held me closer to him. Our peace was disturbed by a cough, it was MJ.

“I can take over Parker. It’s okay. I heard everything.” I felt him nod and MJ helped me up. “I’ll see you later Y/N/N okay?” I nodded and gave him a hug whispering a thank you.

“Anytime.” And with that, he walked off.

“You’re whipped.”

“Shut up.”

“True though.”

“No comment.”



I decided to tell MJ tonight, my secret. I can trust her with that. So, she came over the tower. Her reaction when she saw where I lived her reaction was like a baby trying chocolate for the first time. Mixed. First, she hit me, telling me ‘Why the fuck didn’t you tell me you were rich?’. Secondly, she ran inside, screaming ‘OMFG’ repeatedly. All the way to my bedroom she was asking me questions about all the Avengers when Natasha got onto the lift, MJ fangirled to the extreme and started pestering her instead of me.

“What’s it like living with Captain America? What do you eat to look like that? Does Captain America have a girlfriend? Does he like granola or bran? -”

“Shut up MJ.”



“I love where you live,” MJ said dreamily, lying on my bed, flicking through A Christmas Carol mindlessly. “You wouldn’t, Steve snores really loudly…” She laughed and threw a pillow at me. We heard a knock at the door, I got up from my bed, face masked, pyjamaed in my full glory. Opening the door was Peter. Peter fucking Parker. I screamed and slammed the door closed.

“What the fuck?”

“Operation 102. PETER WAS OUTSIDE.”

“Okay don’t panic. I’ll answer it. You hide in your wardrobe. Seriously, it’s huge!” I nodded and ran to my walk-in wardrobe. I heard MJ open the door.

“Parker! I’ll get straight to the point. Why are you here?”

“I came to see Y/N, you know after today.”

“Oh, yeah she’s fine, but I was wondering why you were actually here? Like how did you know where she lives?”

“I-I’ve been here before, because of the grant.” MJ didn’t look convinced.

“But anyway, I’m glad she’s okay, make sure that she doesn’t inhale too many fumes.” And with that, he was gone. I need to tell her; the contacts excuse won’t surpass forever. I stepped out of the wardrobe and was greeted by MJ who has her arms crossed with a sharp look.

“Okay, Peter’s a terrible liar, spill.” I groaned and went over to my bed. Back-flopping onto my bed.

“Okay, but you can’t say anything, you can’t tell anyone. Only Peter knows.” She nodded and beckoned me to carry on.

“I have super powers.” She stared at me. Just stared. “Okay, say something…”

“Prove it.” So I did. I crawled onto the ceiling, like the spider I am. “Oh. My. God.” She started hyperventilating and asking me questions so quickly.

“You can’t say anything!”

“I know. I know. I won’t, but that still doesn’t explain why Peter was here.”

“He wasn’t lying, he’s been working with Tony on my suit.” She nodded, understanding the situation.

“So, you’re not wearing glasses?” I shook my head. “And you could’ve died in the accident?”

“I did. That’s what Tony said, when I woke up I was paralysed from the waist down.” MJ gasped.

“I promise I won’t say anything. I’ll always be here for you girly. Now back to our night.”

I wish I knew what danger we were in, then I wouldn’t have told her.


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I know the Memory World RPG was ‘seen’ mostly in-universe–that is, in the world of the game–but can you imagine how amusing it’d be to watch Yami Yugi and Yami Bakura narrate what they were doing like in the Monster World campaign?

Yami Bakura: The crowd is cheering your name, Pharaoh. You’d best say something, don’t you think?

Yami Yugi: I attempt to greet the citizens. I roll for diplomacy! *rolls a 2*

Yami Bakura: …Heh. You awkwardly wave to the people, staring into space like you’ve never seen a crowd before in your life.

Yami Yugi in-game: Uh…. Hi.

Yami Bakura: Luckily, the crowd is too far away to note your utter incompetence.

midnightrain910  asked:

18 pansy x neville

pansy couldn’t begin to remember how she’d even gotten herself into this mess in the first place. her memories jump from laughing at the bar with daphne and theo straight to lamenting the troubles of her life in the back corner booth with neville longbottom.

neville. longbottom.

where had he even come from? how had they even started talking? and why was he sitting there just patiently listening to her go on and on and why was her drink empty? “gone,” she slurred, pushing the glass away from her. it slid off the edge of the table and crashed onto the floor and she motioned to the shattered mess. “just like my life.” 

neville leaned over and aimed his wand at the glass. “you’re life’s n-” he stopped to hiccup, he wasn’t exactly sober himself. “not gone.” a magically reassembled cup floated back onto the table. 

pansy grabbed what was left of his drink and downed it. “what would you know, longbottom? you’re a war hero, everyone loves you.” 

“which means everyone expects something of me,” he mumbled. 

she eyed him from under her fringe. he’d slumped back in the booth, started staring at the edge of the table. he’d been quiet most of the evening, just listening to her rant about her life, but now he was the one ranting and she supposed listening to him was the polite thing to do.

“everyone’s looking at me, waiting for me to do great things. i’m just going to disappoint them.”

pansy didn’t know what to say, so she didn’t say anything. instead she aimed her wand across the room at a bottle of firewhiskey behind the bar. 

“what are you doing?” neville asked as it flew through the room and into her outstretched hand. 

she reached into her purse and threw a handful of galleons on to the table. “i don’t want to feel like this tomorrow.” she slid out of the booth and adjusted her skirt and he watched as she walked way. “are you coming?” she called over her shoulder and neville scrambled to catch up. 

it was colder outside than he remembered but pansy didn’t seem to notice. “where are we going?” neville asked, a few steps behind her. 

“i’m not sure,” she mused, whirling around to face him, walking backwards. “have any ideas?” 

“what? no i-” neville started, so she shrugged and spun back around. how was she doing that? she had to have been a least a little drunker than him, and she was in heels that put her nearly to his height, and yet she spun around like it was nothing. it was mesmerizing. 

neville stopped in his tracks, a thought striking him. “i’ve got it,” he said, and quickly closed the space between them. he reached for her free hand and clasped his around it. a second later they were on the walking path of the london bridge. 

pansy screamed and buried her face in nevilles chest. neville laughed and wrapped an arm around her, pulling her further way from the traffic rushing by. she only looked up when they’d hit the railing. “what the fuck, longbottom!” she cried, beating a fist onto his chest. “are you trying to kill me?” 

“i’m sorry, i’m sorry!” he laughed, grabbing her by the shoulders. he dipped his eye to get a look at her face. “it’s all right, look.” he turned her towards the thames, instead of the traffic, and felt her body relax. 

pansy grabbed a hold of the railing and looked out over the water, over the city. “its easy to forget how many of them there are when you never leave the wizarding community,” she said, eyes losing focus. 

neville nodded and was quiet for a moment, and then he screamed. it was loud and raw and it lasted for as long as he could mange. pansy’d jumped, and was looking at him in horror. people around them were staring, and walking around them with as much space as the could. “what is the matter with you!” she scolded, swatting at his arm. 

“it’s cathartic. you should try it.” he said, his voice already a little raspy. 

“i would never,” she spat. and neville shrugged and screamed again. 

“stop that!” pansy smacked him on the arm again. but he just cut his eyes towards her, not letting up on the scream. she crossed her arms. huffed and shifted her weight. she bounced her foot and he started a new scream. “fine,” she grumbled, dropping her arms and leaning over the railing. and she screamed too. 

they stopped when they ran out of breath and exchanged looks. pansy gave a small smile first, and neville gave a big grin. “see, told you” he said. 

she nodded, and screamed again. her throat burned but she didn’t care. it felt good, primal, free. she gripped the railing tighter and leaned over, stepping up on the the ledge below her. leaning her torso against the railing she loosened her grip and spread her arms out wide, pushing her scream even farther. 

but then her foot slipped and her voice cut off as she felt her body tipping over the edge and she thought for sure she was going over. but the next thing she knew nevilles arm was wrapped tight around her waist, pulling her back against his chest and away from the ledge. 

“you all right?” he asked, his hoarse voice soft in her ear. her skin prickled and she nodded. she shifted, turning to face him, his arm still around her. 

“thanks,” she breathed, eyes fluttering to his lips. his gaze flited around her face as they stood like that, centimeters apart for what felt like a century. 

“it’s tomorrow,” he said, voice as low, lips inching still closer to hers. 

“i wouldn’t mind feeling like this again tomorrow,” she said, but barely got the last word out before his lips crashed on to hers. 

things each type reminds me of

INFP: wonder. watercolors. doing your own thing and not caring. daisies. running around a field in the dark under the stars. tea out of an old chipped mug. tons and tons of notebooks, finished or not. holding people with they cry. lots of plants. walking barefoot through the woods. shades of blue. innocent yet also not simultaneously. poet eyes. seeing the good in people. storm clouds. child’s heart with moments of being 60. that moment when you can’t decide if you should hug someone or not. getting excited or focused and forgetting to eat. forgetting to prepare for things but remembering all sorts of random details about people. flower crowns. winsome. making up words. stars. staring off into space. cuddle puddles. skipping up to someone and hugging them. crying at pixar movies. crying at many things, actually. soft hearts. throwing leaves at people, giggles. lilting smirks. unexpected occasional sass.  physically shaking from feeling so much. sitting and people watching, reading them whether you’re aware of it or not. falling over and laughing at yourself. tongue out in concentration. green tea. blankets from far away. naming everything, whether it’s alive or not. yoga, sensitivity, picking up how people feel, seeing through charades. change. late night baking sessions, sitting on kitchen floors and talking, metaphors.

Sirius Black. Some Things.

A/N: for padfootdidit because Rhiannon had a bad day the other day and that is just unacceptable because she is my wife and a princess. 

slightly Triggery  material ahead, sorry loveys.


Sirius Black. Eleven. Cute nose. Was the one kicking the leg of the table. You had better not tell Mum. Will eat all the mashed potatoes . Slides down the stair banister backwards. Has broken his arm six times from doing this. Dad sort of looks at him like he doesn’t deserve to take up space. It aches. Regulus is super good at marbles. It’s bloody annoying. Counting down the days until the train. Broke the vase in the family room. Hates dinner parties. Says Mudbloods are scum all the time because it’s the only way he can get his Mum to smile at him. If he has his cheeks pinched one more time he’s going to THROW UP he’s not exaggerating. Is a drama queen. Wanted to buy all of the owls but his Dad said no. He just wanted someone to talk to. Lonely. So, so lonely.  James Potter is funny. Evans has cool hair. Snivellus does not. Remus Lupin is quiet. Peter Pettigrew bought all the liquorice wands.  People actually want to talk to him here and it’s really nice.

Sirius Black. Twelve. Weirdly likes hand cream a lot. Doodles on the corner of his textbook. OF COURSE he was listening. Makes an amazing cup of tea. That prank on Slughorn was EXCELLENT. Can do a decent Irish accent. Would probably die if he had to go visit his mother as often as Remus. His mates make him remember he is a person. Pulled Evans’s curls in Charms and she elbowed him in the nose. Fucking Evans. Will call McGonagall ‘Kitty’ to her face. Draws things on his leg during detention. All the girls giggle when he walks past. Is confused when Evans says she is looking forward to going home. How can anyone ever look forward to going home? He will punch you if you call Moony a Mudblood. Put that ‘kick me’ sign on Paul Boulevard’s back because he called Peter a fat wanker. Wakes up really early and sits on the window sill. He likes the sunset. DO NOT TELL JAMES HE TOLD YOU THAT. Made a go-cart with Remus and broke the window of Hagrid’s hut when it crashed. He never wants to go home. Moony you’re a werewolf that’s so coOL WHY WOULD YOU NOT TELL US. Won’t say Purebloods are better just to make his mum smile anymore. Its not worth it. Seriously don’t tell James about the sunset thing ok he will make fun.  Not so lonely anymore.


Sirius Black. Thirteen. Evans needs to take a chill pill. Until he met Mrs Potter he didn’t know Mothers were supposed to look at their sons like that. Regulus CAN NOT sit next to him on the train that is LAME. Takes super long showers because shampooing is IMPORTANT. Peter needs to stop leaving cookie crumbs all of the fucking place. He has the best hair in the group and that is a fact. Snivellus can go to hell. His mum wouldn’t let him have dinner for three days after he said that that Voldemort guy was nuts. Girls. Holy fuck girls. How has he never noticed how hot all the girls are. Painted James’s nails in his sleep once and got all the way to lunch before he noticed. Owns a shit ton of scented candles. Don’t even ask. Is really bad a making snowballs like how the hell do you do this. Made out with Lacy Tash in Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom. Evans is actually quite funny. Hungry all the time. Can juggle apples. Dad laughs about people’s deaths and it makes his heart shake. Bites his lip. Felt up Jane Crew last Tuesday. Bones break when Regulus laughs with his Dad. Why does Regulus deserve to have dinner when he doesn’t?  Is there something wrong with him? Is he broken? Why don’t Mum and Dad think he deserves to exist?  

Sirius Black. Fourteen. James totally lost that bet. Rips up pieces of paper when he’s bored. Can’t swim. Evans needs to stop ignoring what is right in front of her. Likes that people know his name. What the hell is a lawn mower. Poked himself with a fork when he was trying to cut his chicken and almost cried. Is getting really tall. Smiles with all his teeth. Feels compelled to apologise whenever a new list of names turn up in the paper. Has super good nail beds. Rubbing his hands together. Monday mornings can kiss his sleepy ass. Literally never on time. People deserve to live no matter what their blood. Owns no robes that aren’t ripped. Will figure out how to help Moony even if it means he gets expelled. Firewhiskey helps him forget. It’s annoying that Peter is good at whistling. Jumps up and down on the spot. What do you mean Kitty I would NEVER charm my face onto every wall in the great hall that is just CRAZY it must have been Remus he’s SUCH a trouble maker. Currently clicking his tongue to annoy Evans.  Blows bubbles in his pumpkin juice. Had a burping contest and thrashed Jeremy King. Super good at the crossword. Regulus is talking to the people who sit behind the greenhouses and idolise red eyes. It makes his stomach hurt.  

Sirius Black. Fifteen. He wasn’t lying he was being blatantly dishonest there is a difference. JAMES THAT WAS TERRIBLE MOONY’S GRANDMOTHERS DEAD DOG COULD’VE MADE THAT SHOT. Dad said he wished he was dead over the holidays. He went to stay with James after that. Dances on the table while drunk. Pass the mashed potatoes. Regulus called a first year a Mudblood and made her cry. Alana. Belinda. Katherine. Maria. Stacy. Made out with Dominic Croft’s girlfriend and Dominic Croft while drunk at that party last month.  It is getting darker inside his head and he can’t stop it. Makes more jokes. Pulls more pranks. Must distract everyone. Knows James feels bad about what happened. Snivellus deserved it. Evans finally sees what everyone else has seen for years. Made fun of James when he tried to grow a beard. Mum spat at him when he got off the train. She hugged Regulus. He got eleven O.W.L.S and didn’t tell a soul. The only person who knew was Peter. He said he was proud. It felt good. No one had ever been proud of him before. Is that asshole that is always pinching people.  Got drunk with Evans once and sang nine hundred bottles of Butterbeer on the wall and got all the way down to one. Has never had split ends. Has never had a home ether.

Sirius Black. Sixteen. Went to potions so hungover he passed out and fell in the bucket of Bowtruckle wings. Is really tall now. His Dad hit him so he left and it was raining and he was also kind of crying and he knew he couldn’t ever go back and his bones are so heavy and he is so tired. Lives with James now, and Mrs Potter asks if he wants seconds and Mr Potter asks his opinion on Quidditch and not killings. Ruffles Remus’s hair. HOLY FUCK MOONY LOOK EVANS IS TALKING TO JAMES OVER THER- what no how did they even hear me I wasn’t even yelling fuCK EVANS DID YOU JUST THROW YOUR SHOE AT ME. Has killer cheekbones. Dana. Sophia. Morgan. Stephanie. Gina. For McGonagall’s birthday he transfigured every item of furniture in her office into a cat and she hit him over the head with her wand and then set the rabid tabby on him. Once he was in a shop and he told the saleswoman his last name and she went white and swore on her Mother’s grave that she was a pureblood and to please not take her children. Punched Toby Parks when he said Regulus was a muggle hater. James taught him how to tie a bow tie. Stares off into space a lot. People won’t look at him in the halls and one girl spat at him when he asked to borrow her quill. Sometimes he drinks alone because when he’s drunk he can forget. Who the fuck is even a cat person.  Wears scarfs around his waist. Will drink milk by the bucketful. In his dreams he is holding a wand and all he has to do to end it all is kill his Dad. In his dreams he is shaking because he cannot do it. In his dreams he is coward. In his dreams he is crying, and when he wakes up he is screaming as well.  

Sirius Black. Seventeen. How the hell does chocolate milk even work. Didn’t bother to turn in that homework. Everything has gone to shit. Gave Evans a piggyback to Charms and she flipped off Professor Atkins who told them to stop whooping. Can’t sleep. Kicking his feet. Remus is a better speller and always teases him about it. Sometimes he forgets what he’s saying mid-sentence. Turned James into a cow for April fools. Sings to piss of Peter. His head is not a safe place anymore. Tangles fingers in girl’s hair. Licks his fingers when he eats chocolate. Found himself on the top of the astronomy tower and didn’t know how he got there. Almost did it. Was so close he could feel the air rushing past him. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt. Told James about the screaming in his head and James said it was okay. He said he gets it to. Yes but does he get it so bad his ears bleed? So bad that he hasn’t slept in three months? So bad that he finds himself on top the astronomy tower a lot and that every time he’s this much closer? Regulus isn’t in school anymore but his face is in the paper and that is so so much worse. Evans kisses James and makes him smile more than he can, but he doesn’t mind. Maybe if he smiles things will be better. Nineteen murders this week. Three tortures. Saw his mother at Hogsmede. Smiling doesn’t do shit. Remus’s arm around his shoulder. Peter laughing. James falling off his chair. Lily ruffling his hair. McGonagall smiling when she hands him his fancy hat. Maybe now that he’s leaving things will be better. Still eats all the mashed potatoes. Still slides down stair banisters. Still clicks his tongue to annoy Lily. Screw anyone who thinks he will go down easy. No fucking way. 


Someone already posted part of this manga, where Emi was trying to push Maou off her shoulder. So I ventured to find the other parts I really enjoyed about this short story in the LN. 

For those who don’t read the LN.

1. Alas=Ramas, sitting between Maou and Emi hit her head on the train window, Maou picks her up to comfort her. Emi senses the stares from people, now that there is space empty space between them. So she scoots closer to Maou, to avoid the embarrassing stares.

2. Maou and Emi, are discussing Alas=Ramas, then Emi realizes that she’s been walking really close to Maou, staring at their adopted daughter, like a real couple. She gets a little woozy because of this and has to sit down embarrassed. 

3. Maou falls asleep on the train, landing on Emi’s shoulder, old lady nearby comments “such a cute family, you have such a good relationship with you husband”…..which embarrasses Emi beyond belief. 

Honestly, if this series doesn’t end up Maou X Emi, I lose faith in Japanese writers. Be another Naruto ending up with the big boobed girl with no real connection, but Chio is way better then Hinata though, she’s not useless eye candy written for housewife purposes.  

people spending their four pm’s outside of their houses, staring into space, existing just like that, as if waiting for something to happen but nothing ever does, really. this is what i miss every time i leave home–slowness. that one heck of a beautiful speck of quiet, as if quiet was ever measurable. also, chickens.

My Heart Bleeds For You-Part 3

“Three chapters in three days?” Yes. Simply because I have ideas. I just wanna warn you though it probably won’t always be like this.

Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4

Chapter 3: Going to Hell

Song rec: Going to Hell by The Pretty Reckless

Word count: 1,623

Warnings: Swearing, violence (beating up a poor innocent punching bag, throwing glass to the floor)

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