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I know the Memory World RPG was ‘seen’ mostly in-universe–that is, in the world of the game–but can you imagine how amusing it’d be to watch Yami Yugi and Yami Bakura narrate what they were doing like in the Monster World campaign?

Yami Bakura: The crowd is cheering your name, Pharaoh. You’d best say something, don’t you think?

Yami Yugi: I attempt to greet the citizens. I roll for diplomacy! *rolls a 2*

Yami Bakura: …Heh. You awkwardly wave to the people, staring into space like you’ve never seen a crowd before in your life.

Yami Yugi in-game: Uh…. Hi.

Yami Bakura: Luckily, the crowd is too far away to note your utter incompetence.

Kit Walker // Worth it.

I walked through the common room staring at the insane people. Some rocking back and forth, some staring into space and some talking gibberish to themselves. All apart from Kit. Kit was thrown into the asylum after being framed for the bloody face murders and I, an aspiring journalist, was put in here for trying to expose some of Briarcliff Manor’s deepest secrets.

Kit had told me his story, and I genuinely believed he was not bloody face. He was a sweetheart, not at all capable of those hideous murders. Over the course of a month, Kit and I had become close, and I knew I had probably caught feelings for him.We were best friends, so when a random guy squeezed my ass in the common room, he was anything but happy.

I felt a sharp pain on my behind and I let out a small squeak. I figured it was probably Kit so I turned around and laughed. My face dropped. “Errm” I said, my throat getting dry. It wasn’t Kit. This guy was huge and I really didn’t wanna confront him.

“Hey sugar.” He said smirking, tucking a piece of hair behind my ear. I backed up. “Don’t be shy.” He said, stepping closer.

“Leave me alone.” I managed. 

“What?” He said, a look of disbelief on his face.

“Leave her alone.” I turned around to see Kit, anger evident with the look he was wearing. “She said leave her alone.”

I stepped behind Kit, relieved he had been there. “Or what?” He said, squaring up to Kit. “ I could fuck her brains out and you wouldn’t be able to do nothin’”

Kit swung at the guy, easily breaking his nose. The guy punched Kit in the stomach. Kit swung again. Even with the guy’s height and obvious strength, Kit had the upper hand. The man was lying on the ground, half conscious with Kit still beating the living daylights out of him.  

Sister Jude’s whistle blew and he stopped. It took everything in him to not kill that wretched man. Sister Jude stared at Kit in disgust. 

“He started it.” Kit said, wiping blood from his top lip, and with that, Sister Jude dragged him away.

*Later that night*

Kid trudged into the common room after the earlier events, clearly in some pain. He sat beside me and winced.

“Are you ok? What happened?” I asked, concerned for him.

“60 lashes” He replied.

“Im so sorry, Kit, I really a-”

He cut me off “Relax Y/N, it’s not your fault everyone wants a piece of you.”


“Your gorgeous Y/N, I can understand why people want you. Maybe if I wasn’t so jealous I would’ve let that one go.”

“I wouldn’t have gone for that guy anyway.” I said, easing him into my confession.

“Which other nut-job would you have picked then?” He laughed.


He laughed, “Thanks for that self esteem boost but no one woul-”

My lips were on his in an instant. His lips tasted like blood from the fight, but I couldn’t care less. It was as if it was my first kiss all over again, sloppy, unpractised, yet still tender and loving. We pulled away and I buried my head into the crook of his neck.

“That 60 lashes was so worth it.” He laughed.


Finn x Reader

Requested By @queennerd12

“It’s been years and he’s still moping over (Y/N).” Arthur chuckled as he found his brothers watching Finn ignore the people around him and stare off into space.

“I’d be moping to, if I let a girl like that get away.” Isaiah said as he walked past the older Shelbys’.

They nodded in agreement and continued to drink, ignoring the youngest Shelby’s moping in hopes of him joining them and cheering up for once.

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Adam Jensen Headcanon C: Happy :D

△ Adam and Frank have baking/movie nights because they both missed out on family stuff as kids and they find it oddly comforting.

△ He wears fluffy slippers that squeak.

△ He has a weakness for stray animals and will give them to friends or pet shelters so he knows they’re taken care of.

△ He readily puts himself in danger to save others. He already lost too many peeps.

△ He and Malik play ‘tag’ with postcards. They will send them to each other about random things and they go back and forth at this.

△ He will often sit on the arms of chairs and couches rather than the seat itself. He’s just always on the move.

△ He tends to space out when staring at people and it’s such a life saver that he has his glasses on most of the time because Pritchard once caught him (with his glasses down) and it was very hard to explain why he was staring and being unresponsive.

△ He is extremely fucking ticklish, Barely even touch him in the ribs and he”ll be down on the floor.

△ He knows Pritchard can’t stand hearing people chew their gum loudly, so Jensen always carries a pack of gum on him just for the moment when Pritchard contacts him via infolink, he’ll whip out a piece of and just smack on it. 

△ When waking up in the morning and trying to get out of bed he has the hardest time walking in a straight line and he often ends up bumping into walls or knocking over a stack of books.

△ He’s ambidextrous for whatever that counts for.

△ He’s Tenacious AF. He will never give up his plans to unveil the Illuminuts.  ∆ Sometimes he snores so loud that he scares himself awake. ∆ He is so salty about not having any nails to pick at. ∆ Breaking the fourth wall here, but what if Jensen knew he had fans and he knew that there were tons of people out there who support and love him. He just goes on tumblr and checks things out and it makes him so happy.

Why intps are seen as robotic
  • Someone: question
  • Intp: immediate response, followed "probably"
  • Intp zones out looking nowhere, saying nothing, hearing nothing to access photographic memory.
  • Intp: The answer is definitely 200038ruei29-847 in like a *gestures hands into specific shape* like a double helix
  • Someone: what, are you certain?
  • intp: definitely

anonymous asked:

how can you tell if you are having the seizures you have mentioned? i am too nervous to tell my parents. are there any particular signs? i have headaches a lot but i was told that was due to my system.

You’ll need to talk to your general practitioner or psychiatrist first. I can’t speak for everyone, but I’ve been prescribed anti-seizure medications (that can also help with mood/serve as psychiatric medications sometimes) like… 3 or 4 times through different doctors. For me, the fact that the medications didn’t do anything to help was enough testing to show my symptoms weren’t due to seizures Other people had to see neurologists to get an EEG to rule out seizure activity. 

Complex partial seizures are the only types of seizures you may remember having. They tend to last a couple of minutes, and what happens during them varies from person to person. Most people will become disconnected from what’s going on around them, stare into space, and will take up some automatism (an unconscious action) like picking at their clothing. In more rare cases, they may talk, sing, cry, go for a walk, etc. Here’s a link to more information. Complex partial seizures cause impairments in memory and brain fog, which can look a lot like dissociation or worsen it if you already dissociate. 

Most of the time, people who are heavily dissociating can be brought back to attention. People suffering from seizures usually cannot be until the seizure is over. 

I’d say something like, “Hey, I’m having frequent migraines, and I’m concerned that I might be experiencing absence or complex partial seizures. If left untreated these can be dangerous. I’d like to see a neurologist or my doctor to make sure that’s not going on.”

The Signs At School

Aries: Yells at slow walkers

Taurus: Always listening to music

Gemini: Talks while the teacher is talking

Cancer: Wishes they were at home

Leo: “What is the point of this?”

Virgo: Volunteers for everything

Libra: Texts in class

Scorpio: Obsesses over their crush

Sagittarius: Makes jokes 24/7

Capricorn: Puts all their effort into everything

Aquarius: Talks to as many people as humanly possible

Pisces: Stares into space 

Is this what love is?

Before, love was only a word connected to an emotion that she could not feel. 

Ed was nice, sure, and he did good by her while she grew up, and maybe he loved her. But she didn’t know. All she knew was the emptiness, the pictures of two people staring at each other with big smiles and hearts drawn in the space between them. 

Before, love was just something she’d gotten a glimpse of. A couple on their honeymoon, a man who could never kill his wife. A girl who was taken away from her love too soon. 

She felt them, too, the flashes of pure bliss and the ache of the loss when it’s taken away. But she knew, even though the emotion was unbearably strong, that it was not hers to feel. Every rush of it was disconnected from her, as if the emotion passed through her in order to get to its intended target, but it was never meant for her to truly feel. 

Then, love was realization, feeling that same rush, that same spark, that same bliss, every time Cameron sees her face while she’s in his memory. She can feel his blood buzz at her presence, sense his affection, and this time, the journey it takes through her to get to him is slower, and she can feel every inch of it travel through her body. This time, it lingers, because while the emotion is still not hers, it is directed at her. 

Now, love is something real, rushing through her veins because he has to wake up. It’s the ache burning deep in her chest because his eyes aren’t opening, because the machine beside her is still emitting a long, high beep and not tiny low ones, because everyone is starting to break around her, because everyone is about to give up. 

Camille is crying. Linus looks as if he’ll pass out. 

And she feels the same agony that she felt in her first stitch, she feels the loss of a love taken away. 

She wishes she could tell him that she knows he loves her, that she felt it while she was inside his memory. She wishes she could tell him that she loves him, too, and that she’s sorry she didn’t know sooner. She wishes he would open his damn eyes because everything around her is crumbling and she needs him. 

Intense connection. 

Heartbreaking loss. 

Apparently, that is what love is. 

“You’re so stupid,” she sobs, reaching up to touch his cheek. One more shock to his chest. One last try. 

Beep. Beep. Beep

He’s alive. Her heart starts again. She recognizes the feeling pulsing through her veins. A few moments pass and he opens his eyes. The first thing they do is find hers. 

“Hey, Stretch,” he whispers, and she wraps her arms around him before he’s finished, her breathing too fast, but she doesn’t care. 

She almost says the words, almost breathes them out into his ear as he holds her back, but she bites her tongue. 

(Not like this.) 

“You’re so stupid,” she tells him again, and he chuckles. 

“I know.” 

She smiles despite herself, holding him just a little closer. 

Before, love was nothing but a word. 

Now, love is him

The library is a funny place to be so close to exam season because there’s three types of people

First there’s the people with all their notes out but have clearly been on their phone the whole half an hour they’ve been at the library because they’re just having “a quick break to clear the mind” which lasts forever because the thought of going back to revising makes them want to cry so they’re procrastinating their tears.

Second there’s the people completely surrounds by mounds of notes which take up a whole table, and are furiously scribbling a million more notes and doing past exam questions in a final effort to pass

And third is the people with a few notes out but have been staring into space for 10 whole minutes and every so often they’ll write one word in panic just to get confused and stare at the wall again. These are the people who have truly, completely, given up.

The fundamental problem with being a “does work in short bursts of high energy” (perceiving preference, I guess) kind of person is that you end up wasting a lot of time sitting at your desk at work watching everybody else type type type away but you finished all your work for the day before 10am…

Then you get that split reputation: some people think you sit and don’t do anything but stare off into space and drool a little bit, and others think you’re like a human machine that accurately super-speed churns out productivity in its sleep (when obviously, both are true)


I completed the set of artist trading cards, SPG edition. For no reason, mind you. I try to have something along to draw on since I often find myself waiting for stuff and I just don’t understand the people in waiting rooms staring into space or reading magazines. So I got the artist trading cards even though I know they just cut fancy art paper small, bundled it, and priced it for profit. But danged if it hasn’t been perfect for when I forget my sketchbook.

So here they are. Themed art cards of three robuts, each around 2x3″. The first is titled, “Art Deco Automaton.” The second is, “It’s Cosmic” (I love that song) and the third is “Clockwork Pinup.” I might someday augment them digitally, maybe even add color, use each as a template and make a painting of each one. But all I did this time was lower the brightness and up the contrast to compensate somewhat for the scanner. The real ones aren’t as visibly blotchy, though.

Automaton characters property of Steam Powered Giraffe.

One of my biggest pet peeves:

When people stare at you and/or invade your personal space and STARE AT YOU WHILE YOU CLEAN CAGES. Don’t. Get out of my way, I’m working, staring is rude, and I am NOT here to put on a show???? No you can’t hold anything and you being that close or staring is giving me anxiety and making me fuck up. Leave me alone. And ESPECIALLY don’t yell LOOK LOOK LOOK SHE’S GOING TO FEED THE LIZARDS!!!1!!1!1! to you children and have them crowd around my feet and legs to watch.