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IF the leaks are true and THAT THING happens in ep 7 - then instead of airing our Jonsa woes publicly, please feel free to PM me for rage and sympathy. We all know that there are some people that stalk our tags and would gladly sit back and watch us get upset about it whilst munching popcorn. I’d rather not add fuel to gloating fire. Anyone else who is willing to open up their inbox to fellow Jonsa shippers feel free to reblog! 

S8 is ours guys - I can feel it! 

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Sorry for more T problems bur really T? Really?… no I’d never harass my old friends. I would never take a design that is a friends design. Oh yeah you know what. People break sometimes and you know what I did?… take my designs back since I created them. And you know what Maybe you should get actual proof. You know what I could post all the screenshots I have. Just to proove that you’re a manipulator, a person who gets on alts and complains to themself. Also by the way T/T’s mods stop fucking messaging other people, and stalking on them like spies. Its fucking childish. I’m sorry @catdemonakatsukigirl that you got messaged this from T / or a T spy.
Anyways. Maybe you should get off anon. Like cat said. Also don’t ya just hate it how you wake up to this in the morning? .. (its 9am over here)

The great tradition of hitting assholes on camera continues: 

A reporter from PowNews, a Dutch (racist right-wing & populist) TV station that is known for incessantly stalking people who do not want to be interviewed, received a good smack from a mother yesterday (1 Feb 2017). The mother had repeated multiple times that she did not want to be on television and when the ‘reporter’ continued his harassment she expertly backhanded him.

(If you enjoy this video as much as I have, please share gifs like this and NOT footage showing her face.)

If you can’t distinguish fiction from reality or you think other people can’t then I’m sorry but this isn’t our problem. If you choose to be bitter about something other people don’t have a problem with, then go away. Turn off the internet.

OP of this original post ships pedophilia/incest so its my post to reclaim

Hey guys, a quick note (as of 7/19/17). Tumblr just added a ‘feature’ that shows if you’re online or not by putting a colored icon over part of your avatar. The only place I see it right now is in the messenger, though it might be elsewhere.

It’s showing a friend as online even though they just have a tumblr tab open that they haven’t looked at in hours. It also shows how long ago they were active. I don’t know how it interacts with the app.

I have a few problems with this:

  • I personally don’t like the feeling of being stalked
  • People could actually stalk you
  • Person A could get mad at Person B because it said Person B was online but they weren’t (and thus didn’t respond) - or just wasn’t up to talking
  • Person X could message Person Y and get anxious when person Y doesn’t respond, since it says they’re online

I found the place to turn it off in account settings. There’s a section called “Availability” where you can toggle off the functionality.

EDIT: (since some people are saying they don’t see it) Tumblr rolls out updates in waves so you might not have it yet. Just keep an eye out.

Safe browsing, folks.

13 Reasons Why Character Nastiness Levels

1. Hannah 3/10, She was hurting, but sadly pushed away the people that could have helped her.

2. Clay 2/10, Can act irrationally because of his emotions and will do/say dumb stuff, but ultimately has a good heart.

3. Tony 3/10, Extremely patient with lil ole Clay, does come off as a lil bit condescending, but means well. 

4. Jessica 5/10, She slapped Hannah and bam, friendship over, but she still kept an eye on her and was generally pleasant towards her.

5. Justin 7/10, LOOK, I’m not excusing what he did, but he DID ultimately realize he was wrong to keep the secret from Jess and cut off Bryce completely. Also, no kid deserves the home life he has.

6. Bryce 10000000000000/10, This lil fucker can rot in hell. He’s the one who started it all and HE NEEDS TO GO DOWN.

7. Alex 6/10, What he did probably didn’t seem like a big deal to him, but it enabled other guys to treat Hannah like an object, not a person. At least he had the decency to feel horrible about it. (also I hope he’s ok).

8. Zach 6/10, He was trying to be nice to Hannah, but she shot him down, and he did not take that well. Like Alex, at least he had the decency to feel bad and I’m glad we get to hear why he didn’t say anything.


10. Sheri 7/10, Honestly, the only reason it’s so high is because of poor Jeff. Otherwise, she did come clean and tried to make amends and was generally a kind person. I feel like Hannah just couldn’t handle keeping a secret that awful.

11. Courtney 9/10, What she did wasn’t the worst by far, but how she handled everything after was horrendous, just because she wasn’t comfortable in her own skin.

12. Ryan 9/10, Same as Courtney. His crime wasn’t that terrible, but I hate how he never felt bad about it AT ALL and just kept going around like he was so entitled.

13. Marcus 9/10 Same as the above two. These 3 were a series of shitty moments, but the way they handled the aftermath was just disgusting.

14. Skye 3/10, Not on the tapes or even associated with Hannah, but pretty prevalent in Clay’s life. She’s tough and rude, but luckily lets Clay in. Very happy they rekindled their friendship.


People say that Sangwoo has shown a caring/loving side of him

And I can’t say that I agree.

If he cared for Bum, he’d want him to be happy and content, no? But why would he hurt him in the first place then? And just a little while after he says he’s ‘sorry’ he throws yet another jab with the matter he’s previously apologized for by asking “Do you want to return into the arms of your loving uncle?”. 

Sangwoo didn’t freak out because he actually cares for Bum’s life. He is concerned about himself. Not only because this makes him see the resemblance between him and his detested father, but also because, by slipping into his mother’s role, Bum’s keeping the hallucinations of his actual mother away. Maybe it’s even because he doesn’t want to be lonely. After all, Bum is the only one who’s seen what Sangwoo is capable of and still desired him. To have that unwavering commitment made him feel supported and powerful.

That’s what he fears losing if Bum left him. It’s a terrifying thought because he’s realized that he can’t control his every action. If Bum wanted to, he could kill himself and thereby leave Sangwoo. To prevent that, he’s apologizing and trying to placate Bum. It’s not about wanting to make Bum feel good, it’s about preventing him from leaving Sangwoo.

Did we see a vulnerable side of Sangwoo? Yes. A caring, or even loving side? I don’t think so.

the fandom is a fucking mess right now (˵¯̴͒ꇴ¯̴͒˵)

“Bum wanted to kill-!”
“-Bum did not want to kill-!”
“-Jieun was an idiot for talking shit-!”
“-Jieun was acting totally human for talking shit-!”
“-That girl had every right to do what she did to Bum-!”
“That girl was so horrible to Bum she deserved him blowing up!”
“Sangwoo is terrified of Bum!”
“Sangwoo is turned on by Bum!” 
“Bum’s going to be a murderer now and probably murder Sangwoo!”
“Bum’s going to reflect on what he did and be in an even worse state than before!” 

Good way to end the season Koogi (ゝω・)ノ

Tips for debating

I’ve debated in high school and have been seeing a lot of arguments stem from discussions about sensitive topics recently. So, I figured why not help others by giving tips so they can have an informative discussion. 

  • Be respectful - your opponent’s opinion may seem ridiculous even wrong to you but they also could believe that about your opinion. So try not to make your opponent seem dumb or inconsiderate because their views are different.
  • Try to use legitimate sources as much as possible when using facts.
  • Listen to your opponent - their side of the debate is just as important as yours, no matter how idiotic or frustrating it may seem to you.
  • Stay calm - try as much as possible to not get angry, no matter how ignorant the other person’s view may be.
  • Ask questions - if you don’t understand certain aspects of your opponent’s argument then ask.
  • Admit when you make a mistake - this is the hardest part of a debate, admitting when you were in the wrong. 

hopefully, this will help those of you who wish to change someone’s opinion.

Someone: I really like you!

Me: what a Bad Choice but pls don’t stop


Hot Off The Press

Another AU where Jacky-Boy is a hockey player and Bitty has a job that involves hockey bc that’s my aesthetic. Anyway, I really know nothing about how the world of sports journalism works so there is probably some inaccuracies in here, but it’s an AU so who cares. Artistic license and all that. Very slightly NSFW (i just wanted to get all the warnings out there). 


“Are you into men?”

Jack has been asked this question before, but in such a subtle way (and typically involving Parson) that it’s easy to avoid. No reporter has ever straight out asked him. Besides, he’s not gay. He’s bisexual. So when Jack usually tells them, “No.” it’s not a lie. However, this time it feels different. Maybe it wasn’t just this particular time, but all the times added onto each other that’s finally causing him to really think about what hole he’s digging himself into.

The blunt question has him feeling panicky and the other presser notice his reaction too. Jack can’t say no, because that’s not true. He is into men. Jack’s panic quickly shifts, and now he just feels like shoving the microphones away and storming out, because this is hockey goddammit. Not E! news.

“Excuse me?” Jack clears his throat, trying to buy himself some time to think of a properly crafted response. Over the years, he’s developed a talent for that.

But everything is on overdrive and he feels his breath start to quicken again–

“Are you into men?” Another reporter asks, and it takes Jack a moment to realize that the reporter isn’t asking him. He’s asking the man who popped the question in the first place.

 All attention, including Jack’s, turns to the small blonde that got lost in the bundle of people. He holds up his mic towards the reporter who popped the question in the first place. 

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