people stalking

Chapter 20

People complaining about Bum not leaving when he was given this ~amazing chance~ do realize that if he had tried to go then that would’ve likely been the end of the series, right?

Not because Bum would’ve been free, but because he would’ve been dead.

It has been repeatedly made a point that Sangwoo’s house is in a basically dead neighborhood. You can scream for help there without anyone hearing it. That’s likely why Sangwoo was so comfortable with presenting Bum the opportunity to go once again, even if he had failed the test and gone outside he wouldn’t have made it far.

It’s not like this was the first time Sangwoo has allowed Bum the opportunity to leave (the incident with ‘crossing the line’, at the store, at the bar). It’s not because he’d want for him to go, obviously, but because he keeps testing if Bum will. If he does then Sangwoo hasn’t been successful in training him and needs to punish Bum.

When Bum crossed the line, Sangwoo was obviously furious enough that he came close to killing Bum. Since then his tests have proved more fruitful as Bum hasn’t tried to leave him like that again. But, when Bum was hiding from Seungbae and Sangwoo thought he had left, his immediate reaction was that he’d need to find Bum and kill him. He explicitly reasoned with himself that there was no other way now, so it’s clear that “Bum leaves” equals “Bum dies”.

After having so much success with Bum and things going how he had basically wanted them, Bum disappointed Sangwoo by not reacting like he was supposed to with the murder. If Bum had in that moment disappointed him again then there’s no way Sangwoo wouldn’t have killed Bum on the spot.

There’s no way Sangwoo would let their relationship end with Bum just leaving. If he truly decides that he is done with Bum, then Bum dies, simple as that. He hasn’t given up hope yet that Bum will live up to what he wants Bum to be.

Does Bum realize that? Maybe, maybe not. After all he did try to leave while Sangwoo was on stage, so it’s within the realm of possibilities that he has been able to reason that he needs to try to escape when Sangwoo doesn’t expect him to. But considering his mental state in chapter 20, his refusal to leave is not likely to be from a place of reason like that.

Either way, good job on not failing the test, Bum.

y//uri on ice was a pretty good anime but the fandom has become so filled with non-weeaboo teen girls obsessed with the Gay Ships and Only The Gay Ships because it’s ~hawt~ that it’s been totally ruined for me

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“ I don’t like how people are using Killing Stalking to justify or help their mental illness/disorder. I want the best for these people and pray that they get the necessary help they deserve. Killing Stalking is not a good “representation” for mental illness, not in this genre especially. Too anyone reading this, of you do use this as representation it’s okay and I won’t judge you for it. It’s just my opinion on this serious topic.
Aside from this, good luck my friends. You can make it, I believe in you! :) ”

- Anonymous

13 Reasons Why Character Nastiness Levels

1. Hannah 3/10, She was hurting, but sadly pushed away the people that could have helped her.

2. Clay 2/10, Can act irrationally because of his emotions and will do/say dumb stuff, but ultimately has a good heart.

3. Tony 3/10, Extremely patient with lil ole Clay, does come off as a lil bit condescending, but means well. 

4. Jessica 5/10, She slapped Hannah and bam, friendship over, but she still kept an eye on her and was generally pleasant towards her.

5. Justin 7/10, LOOK, I’m not excusing what he did, but he DID ultimately realize he was wrong to keep the secret from Jess and cut off Bryce completely. Also, no kid deserves the home life he has.

6. Bryce 10000000000000/10, This lil fucker can rot in hell. He’s the one who started it all and HE NEEDS TO GO DOWN.

7. Alex 6/10, What he did probably didn’t seem like a big deal to him, but it enabled other guys to treat Hannah like an object, not a person. At least he had the decency to feel horrible about it. (also I hope he’s ok).

8. Zach 6/10, He was trying to be nice to Hannah, but she shot him down, and he did not take that well. Like Alex, at least he had the decency to feel bad and I’m glad we get to hear why he didn’t say anything.


10. Sheri 7/10, Honestly, the only reason it’s so high is because of poor Jeff. Otherwise, she did come clean and tried to make amends and was generally a kind person. I feel like Hannah just couldn’t handle keeping a secret that awful.

11. Courtney 9/10, What she did wasn’t the worst by far, but how she handled everything after was horrendous, just because she wasn’t comfortable in her own skin.

12. Ryan 9/10, Same as Courtney. His crime wasn’t that terrible, but I hate how he never felt bad about it AT ALL and just kept going around like he was so entitled.

13. Marcus 9/10 Same as the above two. These 3 were a series of shitty moments, but the way they handled the aftermath was just disgusting.

14. Skye 3/10, Not on the tapes or even associated with Hannah, but pretty prevalent in Clay’s life. She’s tough and rude, but luckily lets Clay in. Very happy they rekindled their friendship.


If you can’t distinguish fiction from reality or you think other people can’t then I’m sorry but this isn’t our problem. If you choose to be bitter about something other people don’t have a problem with, then go away. Turn off the internet.

the fandom is a fucking mess right now (˵¯̴͒ꇴ¯̴͒˵)

“Bum wanted to kill-!”
“-Bum did not want to kill-!”
“-Jieun was an idiot for talking shit-!”
“-Jieun was acting totally human for talking shit-!”
“-That girl had every right to do what she did to Bum-!”
“That girl was so horrible to Bum she deserved him blowing up!”
“Sangwoo is terrified of Bum!”
“Sangwoo is turned on by Bum!” 
“Bum’s going to be a murderer now and probably murder Sangwoo!”
“Bum’s going to reflect on what he did and be in an even worse state than before!” 

Good way to end the season Koogi (ゝω・)ノ

Someone: I really like you!

Me: what a Bad Choice but pls don’t stop


clay jensen, a summary:

10% stalking people / being stalked,
20% confused by girls’ inexplicable actions,
20% angry, sad, and broody,
and 50% just wearing a fucking band-aid on his forehead that i so desperately want to rip the fuck off.

13 Reasons Why

Thoughts on 13 Reasons Why characters and a rating of how much I dislike them from 1 being “my baby!!!!” to 10 being “FUCK THEM THEY CAN ROT” 

Hannah Baker: Didn’t deserve everything she went through especially rape. She pushed some people away though and sometimes she was kind of idk how to word it but I didn’t like stuff about her at times. Either way she deserved so much better than what she got. Deserved to be happy with Clay. 2/10.

Clay Jensen: Will fight anyone for Hannah. He was so shy around her and didn’t know what to do whenever he was with her, he’s so precious. Sometimes there were some things he did that didn’t sit right with me but he definitely deserved a happy ending with Hannah Baker; they deserved to be happy and in love and ugh. Also… took like 4823707592 years to listen to the tapes? 2/10.

Tony Padilla: Gay POC which I love because we need more of them. I love him he was so patient with Clay and all he ever did was try and protect Hannah’s wishes. Glad he shared the tapes with Hannah’s parents because they deserved to know why she killed herself instead of being left in the dust wondering why. I was always so happy when he came on screen. CLAY LISTEN TO THE GODDAMN TAPES. 1/10.

Jeff Atkins: My pure cinnamon roll, didn’t deserve to die because of a stupid girl who couldn’t own up to her mistakes. I hate how nobody including his parents and except Clay never knew he wasn’t drunk that night he died. Just wanted Clay and Hannah together. Your fave is problematic: uses “unique” 7 times in an essay. -5435973495797/10. I love him forever, hes so great. Never did anything bad.

Justin Foley: Didn’t deserve the home life he had BUT i really hated him for what he did to Hannah and the fact that he’s a rape enabler and a rape apologist like he literally let his best friend rape his unconscious girlfriend, covered up for him, and lied to her about it and then when she found out, he STILL was justifying what he and Bryce did by telling her that he didn’t tell anyone because Bryce does all this shit for him. KNEW that whatever happened at that party was fucking Jessica up but didn’t come forward until the very end. Claims he cared for her but you don’t do that shit to someone you claim you care about. Fuck him for that. 8/10.

Jessica Davis: She was so cool and nice in the beginning but then I hated how she got mad at Hannah and slapped her for the list instead of Alex, like really??? You think she asked to be on that list?? PLEASE. But after all that, she was still nice towards her and was never ill-mannered when it came to Hannah. Also, can we talk about how she didn’t deserve to be raped??? Justin Foley DEFINITELY didn’t deserve her. YOU GO GIRL. TELL HIM YOU NEVER WANT TO SEE HIM AGAIN. 5/10.

Alex Standall: He made some poor decisions making that list for a stupid reason and then letting Hannah pay the price. I somewhat like him though. I think he was a redeemable character and had a conscience (although it was too late, rip Hannah Baker) and felt that he needed to own up to it and tell the truth, was ready for whatever penalty he was gonna get. Was the only one (for a while) who thought what the others were trying to do was stupid. He definitely deserved better too, he didn’t deserve to shoot himself (or in other theories, didn’t deserve to be shot by Tyler). Please be okay…please be alive, baby. 4/10. 

Courtney Crimsen: GIRL, BYE. I hate and will always hate her character so much. Her and Bryce should just rot. She was a rape apologist and only cared about herself. Like girl I get that coming out is hard, I haven’t even done it, but to fuck up Hannah’s life like that? Are you serious? Justified Bryce’s actions to hide her truth. And she fucked up Jessica’s life too, in my opinion. She tried so hard to convince herself (and others) that Hannah was lying, Bryce isn’t a rapist, and that Jessica was never raped just so she can stay in the fucking closet. Like there’s nothing wrong with being gay. And she has two gay dads for fucks sake. 10/10 would always hate her again. 

Zach Dempsey: I think he genuinely liked Hannah but after all the shit Hannah had been through and the fact that his friends were his friends, I definitely see Hannah’s side of why she shot him down. I think he, himself, was lonely too but in different way; just because someone’s popular doesn’t mean they’re not lonely. Didn’t get compliments so he stole Hanah’s when she needed it most (I hate how he did that ugh like WHY…did you really need it?). Redeemable character, though. Also…HE KEPT HANNAH’S NOTE IN HIS WALLET!!! 5/10.

Tyler Down: Fuck him. A fucking creep. Like, he stalked people and took pictures of them when they were unaware (especially Hannah) and when she confronted him, HE FUCKING SENT THE PICTURE TO EVERYONE. Claims he “loved” Hannah but really?? FUCK HIM. Why did he even have so much guns? I’m pretty sure he’s planning a school shooting…fucking psychopath…”I can take care of myself” BOY BYE. And if he did shoot Alex, FUCK HIM EVEN MORE. 9/10.

Ryan Shaver: Didn’t respect Hannah’s wishes. Only cared about himself and poetry. Didn’t even care that Hannah didn’t want her shit to get out. I only liked him whenever he said Bryce is a rapist and that Courtney should just shut the fuck up and stop justifying Bryce’s actions. 8/10.

Marcus Cole: He cared more about himself and his reputation more than anyone. Thought he was the shit. Sexually assaulted Hannah then called her easy for refusing. 9/10.

Sheri: I liked her and she was genuinely nice but she crashed the stop sign and left a drunken Hannah at the scene and fled. Caused Jeff to die and I hate her for it. Though she reported it because she knew it was the right thing to do, it was already waaay too late. 6/10 because of Jeff.

Bryce: Rapist. Douchebag. Scum of the earth. He didn’t even think what he did was wrong. He raped two fucking girls and didn’t even feel remorse. He just thought every girl wanted him and that was that. I hate him so much, he can die. 102804802020x100000/10.

Mr. Porter: Could have tried better to stop Hannah from killing herself. She was set on suicide until she had doubts and needed just one person to help her and the one person she came to didn’t care enough to chase after her when she left his room that day. Worst. Guidance Counselor. Ever. 8/10.