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Don’t act like you’re a good person for not reading killing stalking but then turn around and bully someone. I’ve seen y'all call people ugly, fat, disgusting, horrible human beings, etc. Y'all preach about being woke yet you go around making fun of someone’s appearance just bc they enjoy something you don’t? I’ve seen people literally tell others to kill themselves just bc they enjoy KS. You’re saying you hate killing stalking because it has abuse yet you want someone to die bc they like it? Sounds pretty hypocritical to me. You’re saying people who enjoy killing stalking are “the worst human beings you’ve ever encountered” yet YOU’RE the one bullying people. If it bothers you so much then block people who post about it, stop going through the tag, DON’T FUCKING READ IT!!! Get over yourself and stop acting like people can’t write about situations that could very much happen in real life just because it triggers you.

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I've had people stalk me while I'm working. On more than one occasion I've had customers come in and follow me around or stand at my counter for hours. I've had people banned from stores because they scare me or follow me to my car. All because I have to be nice to them because it's my job to be nice to the customer and they take that as me being interested.

That’s disgusting

And don’t even get me started on people who stalk artists around town when they are obviously with their family, friends, and/or significant others (or even worse, when the artist is doing business) and take dozens pictures without even asking them if they are ok with it. Then when the artists call them a creep or some shit they get mad. Well, what you did was creepy. What did you expect?

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I'm sorry you're probably sick of this question but why is Herman joining the army? Is that a compulsory thing in Norway or is it just a thing a lot of the men do? And how did the fandom find out that he was joining the army, did he mention it?

Most men do not go to the army, by law they CAN force you, but they will never actually do (it’s the same for men and women) you can only join if you are motivated and fit. He joined because he wanted to. I don’t know him, I don’t know the exact reason for this haha. People found out by stalking his moms Instagram… Herman hasn’t mentioned it but now he’s posted his buzzcut and of his fellow military friends in their cameo outfits on snapchat.

i grew up harassed and stalked by people in my own community. hell im treated “weird” by my own cousins simply because i…”speak well” and “read books”. people speak of a “cult of anti-intellectualism”, but black folks, we really havent even begun to scratch the surface when it come to addressing that in our own communities. 

my black ass shouldnt have had to seek solace in awful white people, just to get away from the harassment, stalking, and threats from a community of people-who didnt even fucking know me-just to communicate with people. 

every time i reached out to people on my block, or even my community, it went sour , fast. Im older now, so i know what the roots of the problem was ( usually, parental drug use, neglect, etc) but as a kid….good god.

then we have this whole “one day we’re squad, the next day we’re beefing and fighting, next day we’re squad again” weirdness i just cant put up with,. 

it’s weird being the weird kid, thats true. but growing up in Bushwick was tough, because the second i got off the train at the Halsey station,to head home, i’d get stalked by six people because of my eyebrow ring. 

my eyebrow ring. 

its one thing to start a conversation about it. its another to have dozens of piercings yourself, and use my ONE as a way in for harassment. and i hated that black folks had this way of trying to control me. people i didnt even fucking know, demanding to know my business. why am i wearing this shirt, those shoes, following me for blocks because having a streak of red hair BAFFLED and AMAZED, but you’re entire sew in is red, so why are you out here performing like this?

then there’s that…laughter….

my mom called it the “ i never seen an elephant fly” laughter. losing their shit over something thats not funny, but havent seen before, so they’re gonna try and make the person feel bad …because they’re not in the prescribed nigger uniform.

i  always found it weird that black folks, especially online, say we in the diaspora have a “no snitching” “stop being nosy” unspoken policy, when thats absolutely not true, and there’s this whole culture of being overractively nosy and constantly policing what other black people do. just sitting around OBSESSING over what some person…they do not know, but is black, is doing, wearing, listening to.

simply wearing a shirt , that people in Bushwick didnt recognize, would cause a world of trouble for me. 

like, there’s so much of this shit, i could go on, even within my own family. there’s this “failed and ignorant” side that everyone ignores because they’re fucking trouble, up and down. and i spent the last year trying to bridge the gap with one of my cousins, constantly dumming myself down just to…talk with her.and it ended badly. because of her cycle of “squad then beef” shit. 

like, i dont know, i wont throw away the whole hood because “waah im a nerd” but damn, at age 5 i was an outsider to folks simply because my mother didnt let me stay home from school to play in the fucking street. 

this shit needs to be addressed. 

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I feel a bit sad for him =/ he changed his job to go to his mum's restaurant, and people are still stalking him there... And now the pic. Hope it'll get better

Tbh I just hope that if it does get too much then either he or his mom say something and make it abundantly clear that some fans need to stop.

About Sangwoo’s motive for murder

So I just had a conversation with @mutual-curiosity about what happened the night Sangwoo ‘killed’ his parents, and his current motive for murder. Oh boy brace yourselves because this is gonna be long.

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A small list of things Bum has canonically done so far:

- broke into Woo’s house, sniffed his sheets, and then attempted masturbation in his bed. (“I cant today~” gets me everytime)
- tried to poison Woo’s food.
- became uncontrollably and explosively aroused just from holding Woo’s clothed junk.
- called Woo a motherfucker and shoved his face in the street.
- attempted the world’s most wobbly and unconvincing seduction attempt mere moments before impending death.
- tried to touch his captor while he slept and then asked him to suck at his chest
- owned a dildo.

amazing. what will he do tomorrow.

Ok, but know what makes Killing Stalking all the more terrifying?

The fact that if you take some of the panels separately and out of context, you can get the impression of a sane, domestic situation between two men in love.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to romanticize abuse here, just pointing out how clever and frightening the structure of this manhwa is, making it all the more addictive and complex.

So I was making my way downtown, scrolling in the ks tag you know enjoying the shit storm; when I found a gem. A literal gem, this gem. 

Now I just wanted to idk let’s put it as break this post down to my best ability so here we go. (The cuts are in chronological order.)

Since the webtoon is called killing stalking and is in fact categorized as adult horror and psychological, I’m not making this up btw don’t worry it’s here:

I don’t really think anyone was expecting the world’s cutest webtoon about friends going on lunch dates. Violence was obviously going to be a theme here. Sorry to surprise you though!

Okay but let me ask, how is it that gay relationships are suddenly incapable of being unhealthy and abusive? I obviously get their point but anyone who would generalize gay relationships between men basing their opinion of off this depiction of it, surely isn’t mature enough to even understand the context of the entire webtoon! It’s obviously abusive since I've stated before, violence is in fact a greater theme in this webtoon. Both characters are mentally unstable and traumatized. Let me tell you these kids aren’t even in a relationship, this is kidnapping. Yoonbum, the person getting kidnapped has wanted to escape countless times. He does not want to be there. This is not a love story. I’m sure if you would have read more about it you’d have known too, It’s okay.

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killing stalking is not yuri on ice. they are nothing alike. killing stalking is about a serial killer and a stalker and is twisted and horrible. yuri on ice is about healthy relationships and ice skating. its fluffy and happy. i love yuri on ice for being cute and happy and giving good representation to healthy gay couples. i love killing stalking for being dark, twisted, and awful. i, in no way, think that bum and sangwoo’s relationship is a good thing, and it isnt. its unhealthy, and gross, but its fiction. i like the dark aspects and the psychological horror. yuri on ice is fun and happy. killing stalking is dark and twisted. they are not related. they are not the same. stop trying to make it seem like they are.