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    ( I should think of something to write. Currently am working on my IceQueen AU
      based on some of the epics/stories I’ve read regarding Brynhildr/Brunhildr.
      However probably tomorrow along with others things or tuesday. I am so
      exhuasted today… But thinking creatively is healing in a way. Guess why I
      cant ever seem to get away from roleplaying. That being said, expect a Queen
      Brynhildr AU up sometime soon. And her refusal of letting anyone wed her and
      rule her country unless they can defeat her in combat.                                           )

@silkchemise like?? It’s hard to understand some of these “do you miss me yet” George W. Bush memes because like… it isn’t even like most presidents where they’re Mostly Okay on the domestic front but absolutely unspeakably monstrous overseas!! The Bush Regime was totalitarian in both domestic and foreign policy!! The only difference between Trump and Bush is that Bush has better people skills that allowed him to Glamor people into thinking he was a Regular Joe. Like, what really scares me is the fact that the sort of totalitarianism pushed by the Bush Regime was not considered normal before it happened, and a lot of these people saying shit like this just… genuinely don’t remember how much and how fast the world changed when Bush took power. They really think he was just a Normal President who did Normal President Things because all they’ve ever known is the world after he inflated the president’s power to near-dictatorial proportions on the home front, and the scariest thing in the world to me is that Bush and Cheney had such a lasting impact on the form and function of our government that people forget how extreme and terrifying their seizure and demonstration of power was

To be honest. I’m not 100% sure people getting in trouble at school and fighting as kids is such a bad thing. Who wouldn’t do that being forced in a situation where you are afraid to be bullied by any of the two dozen people without social skills that surround you everyday, all trying to be cool by making fun of each other and then have to sit still, at the time of life when the body is growing and needing to move the most, throughout most of the awake day, to then listen to teachers discuss subjects from a textbook, where the words are written in black and white letters, and the lesson is combined with a constrained, earn a pay check attitude as is passed down from corporate america type thinking which has moved into the education system. My question, honestly is, why the heck are ALL the kids not fighting eachother? At least then maybe somebody would do something about the horrid, not under funded, but completely ridiculous model of education in our system today. You can teach anger management by demonstrating how to use appropriate anger that is justified as well as do peaceful activities. If you just rely on the passive part, and don’t seek out opportunities to use justified anger, then you will just be a pent up mess. I should have been taking kids out to protest having to do homework, which studies say is not beneficial. We should be holding signs up outside of school after they get out of school, and protesting homework. Now that sounds awesome. Booya

2017 goals

- be kinder to people around you
- compliment others, it could change their day and mood completely
- think more. take some time just to contemplate things, without any distractions
- discover new music and artists!
- take care of yourself more. it’s okay, you’re not wasting any time, this is more important
- read more books
- write more stories
- watch more movies and shows
- don’t waste so much time on your phone
- learn a new skill (maybe a language?)
- go to a new place, like a coffee shop or park or old building or museum
- close your eyes and just breathe
- message more people on tumblr, everybody is so nice here!!
- be a little bit more aware of the consequences of your actions
- plan your day ahead to see what you have to do and what you’ve already accomplished
- take more pictures
- write your goals for school/college down to motivate yourself
- try and maybe just a little happier than last year

how I feel about people saying that my art is good cause of talent
  • person: *looks at art* Wow you have so much talent I wish I could draw like that.
  • me: Listen here. What you see isn't talent. In fact 1% is talent and only thanks to my parents complimenting my ability to pick up a crayon and draw a circle at age four. 99% of this is hard work, crying, giving up, starting again, and accepting the fact your art will never be as perfect as you want it to be. Creating art is a skill. I didn't spend ten years of my life suffering through art for all of it to be dismissed as "talent". If you want to get as good as me or even better at art, all you have to do is do it. I'm not talented. I'm stubborn.

all of my stumbling phrases
never amounted to anything worth
this feeling.

愛 (side a): a fanmix dedicated to katsuki yuuri
10 tracks // LISTEN 

and another thing: lgbt+ kids aren’t “punishments” or “lessons” for homophobic/transphobic parents to “learn from”

lgbt+ kids are normal kids who deserve parents who will love them unconditionally. lgbt+ kids are regular kids who should not have to be tormented to enlighten their parents. lgbt+ kids are not a tool for other’s education. lgbt+ kids are kids and should not need to confront homophobia/transphobia from their own families.

Appreciation can create hope

Right now, a lot of people are feeling hopeless — and are feeling that maybe nothing they do matters. This kind of despair is dangerous. 

If there are things you appreciate about someone, now is a good time to tell them about it. If someone does things that you appreciate, now is a good time to tell them what those things are and what they mean to you.

When it’s hard for people to remember that their actions matter, hearing from people they matter to can make all the difference.

People who you appreciate may be having a very hard time believing that their actions make any difference right now. (Actually, this is always the case, but especially in times like these). Telling people what they mean to you can help them find ways to keep going.

Even when people seem popular and confident, it’s worthwhile to let them know  that they and their actions matter to you is worthwhile. Being visible and projecting confidence can be exhausting. Hearing that what you do matters to others can make all the difference. It’s less exhausting when you’re reminded that it’s worth it, and that what you do means something to someone.

Don’t assume that it goes without saying. If you don’t tell people about what you appreciate, they often don’t know. People can’t read your mind, and they may well not know. Even if they do, the reminder is often helpful. 

(A caveat here: This doesn’t suspend the usual rules of boundaries. If someone’s blocked you or otherwise indicated that they don’t want contact, leave them alone. Don’t make sexual comments or comment on people’s bodies unless you’re in a relationship in which you have ongoing consent to do that. Etc. And if you’re not sure about boundaries and want help, send an ask.)

tl;dr A lot of people are fighting through a fog of despair right now. If you tell people what you appreciate about them and/or their actions, it can clear up a lot of fog and help them to find hope again. Being reminded that you matter and your actions mean something to someone can make all the difference.

anonymous asked:

Hi ! I was wondering if you had any good book recommendations about EI. I've been looking online, but couldn't find anything of quality. Most describe what it's like to be EIntelligent, or give you "10 steps to (be more) EI and THEREFORE successful". I feel that they fit into the paradigm of achieving success in separated areas (business), rather than truly helping one to develop it for oneself and one's health. I thought you might know good references. Thanks in advance !

Yes, it is hard to find good psychology self-help books, especially with so many charlatans posing as experts. As a general point, the main thing to look for is “facts versus values”. Good writers try to stick to the facts and don’t push a value system or agenda on you in an underhanded/unspoken way. Every writer is human and has a value system, it’s true, but a good writer should be aware of it, and whatever values they espouse should be supported by the theory and facts. By contrast, bad writers do the opposite, they twist and contort the theory to support their own value system (often unconsciously) because they’re trying to “sell” something instead of simply conveying the ideas (common in business-y or new age-y books).

It’s a broad subject, so I’m not sure whether you’re looking for something more theoretical or more practical. Daniel Goleman is the person who popularized the concept, so his books are a good intro to the theory because he has surveyed the research in depth: Emotional Intelligence, The Brain and Emotional Intelligence, Social Intelligence (he does occasionally espouse values but he’s very transparent about it). Other books that are perhaps more practical: The EQ Edge (Stein), Emotional Intelligence 2.0 (Bradberry), People Skills (Thompson), The Power of Social Intelligence (Buzan).


Music inspired artworks (2013-2016)

01 Mobile (2013)| Falling by Polly Scattergood
02 Take My Shadows (2014)| Down On Life by Elliphant
03 Tall Tall Shadow (2014)| Tall Tall Shadow by Basia Bulat
04 The Fog (2014)| The Fog by Rachel Sermanni
05 / (2015)| Godspeed by Catatonia
06 Friends Forever (2015)| Climbing Up The Walls by Radiohead
07 Beautiful Anger (2016)| Sorrow by IAMX

Braille is not a language

Braille is not a language. Braille is a system for making printed words accessible to blind people.

All braille looks the same visually. There is no bold or italic in braille, and there are no fonts or scripts.  Braille is always read left-to-right, even in languages that are printed right to left. Languages that are printed in different alphabets still look the same in Braille.

For example, even though Hebrew and English look dramatically different in print, they look the same in Braille. This can sometimes mislead sighted people into thinking that Braille is its own language, but it is not.

The only major difference between Braille and print is that Braille uses raised dots instead of visually distinct letters. (A minor difference: Braille uses a lot of contractions to make it less verbose.) 

Braille is not translation, and putting something into Braille does not change the meaning.

If an English book is brailled, it’s still in English, and it still has all of the same words. It hasn’t changed languages; it’s just been encoded in a way that makes it possible to read by feeling rather than seeing.

tl;dr Braille is not a language, and brailling books doesn’t change the meaning, Braille just makes it possible to read with your hands.

“why do you use crayola colored pencils and copy paper”

“why do you use ms paint and”

“why do you draw with a mouse and not a tablet”

“why don’t you use a good digital camera and not your laptop/camera phone”

“stop showing me a picture of an empty wallet”