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Blog PSA - i’ve received multiple messages asking for advice about people’s art being reposted and having rude and bad comments made on it (they’re asking me because well - pokemon -  and i’ve had to deal with similar situations) and it’s very disappointing that this has been happening a lot tbh – anyway, for them (us) it’s kind of like that time in elementary where people would take your sketchbook and show it to everyone in class and some people would make fun of it and shame you for trying.

i’d like to tell those people who are experiencing this that i’m always open to talk about it with you (or for those with other problems you can always let me know – i’m bad at replying but if it’s important i really do my best to reply or open a tumblr chat with you if it will make you feel better) ♥ and also i hope fan account admins would monitor their comments because the artists whose work is reposted might/will eventually see it and just feel bad about their art.

i get over it in a day or two bc it’s been happening so much recently but i can’t say the same for other artists especially those who are just starting out. please respect each other! remember, it costs $0.00 to be a decent person ^__^ thank you!

(tbh im thinking of disallowing reposts altogether like other artists since most of us don’t want to be introduced to people who aren’t really our audience anyway. that’s one less problem hehe. we just want to make art and make our own followers smile)

(please don’t reblog)

Reflections: Men’s SP

The men were exceptional today, without a doubt. This is my 3rd year in this sport and I’ve never seen such a great overall performance from the men. Patrick Chan’s finally joined the 100-club, and I can’t describe how proud I am. 102.13 WITH ONE QUAD, that is amazing considering the field today. He’s living proof that PCS and skating skills are still real and relevant today.

I know a lot of people (looking at the Yuzuru fans) are really disappointed with Yuzuru’s placement today, but come on. Today’s field was exceptionally strong and we can’t deny that the other skaters have done really well. There’s still the free skate, which makes everything really unpredictable. (If you guys haven’t noticed, he usually comes back stronger in the free when he bombs the short. Fingers crossed.)

And kudos to Javi. I’m really glad that he’s showed up to the party today and showed everyone who’s the two-time defending world champion. And so much respect for him, remaining humble and down-to-earth as ever. Gotta love Javi.

Looking forward to the free! not rly just end worlds rn i can’t handle this anymore

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Who’d You Rather?~Calum Hood

“Welcome actress Y/n Y/l/n.” Ellen said as you came around the corner and walked over to her. You both danced together before laughing and hugging. “How are you?” 

“I’m good. I’m really good.” You smiled getting comfortable in the chair. “How are you?” You asked. 

“I’m great.” She smiled and right away got into the interview asking you tons of questions about your up coming movie and some other things. “Let’s play a game.” She said. 

“Oh boy.” You laughed as everyone laughed with you. 

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Final Verdict on Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

This game is explosive!

This game is beautiful!

This game is exciting!

This game is adventurous! 

This game has good character design!

Breath of the Wild has its flaws, but they don’t ruin its experience

I can’t give it a 5/5, but I’ll get as close as possible to that. I’m not talking about system limitations when I say flaws, I just mean game design- no way to counter rain in any way, functionality problems, dungeon design flaws, other small things- but the effort put into the game over so many years really shows.

This game is the first in the century to go back to that feeling of the first Zelda- pure exploration, no hand holding, adventure, mystery- this is one of very few games where you can learn more by talking to other people who are playing it than looking up a guide online (speaking of which, I highly recommend NOT using guides of any kind until you’re completely desperate). 

Breaks countless Zelda conventions, and does an amazing job at what it does

This video game is an achievement in its kind, and although it is in the far future, the next Zelda game will never feel the same as a new Zelda game because of this. Either they regress back to their formula, or, they continue with what they made- I don’t see either one going too well, so I consider this the pinnacle of what they’re trying to achieve. 


Breath of the Wild is a popular explosion in the video gaming industry right now, and for very good reason- it’s easily a classic, and will be many people’s GotY.

I give Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild a 4.5/5

perfriri  asked:

Hey,i need a lil advice:( okay so i am trying to feel more confident about myself and change a few things here and there. I want to be proud of who i am but its so hard. The people around me (not only my friends,everyone) are not letting me. I dont know how to explain that but i feel like they are always going to be prettier than me, better at school than me etc. I always have those negative moments...i know im not the only one going thru this but do you have any advice please?♡ thanks!

Comparing myself to others has also been a big issue in terms of my self confidence so I totally get you. Sometimes I spend hours on Instagram looking at people who are more beautiful, smarter, funnier than me and then spend the next few hours in a really bad state of mind. This is something I’m working on to fix! But the thing with comparing yourself to your friends shows that you’re capable of seeing these really positive things in other people and you are able to appreciate other people a lot. Try to let it just be appreciation rather than jealousy. Because if you’re able to see all these amazing things in the people around you, you should be able to see the amazing things about yourself. We’ve trained our minds to believe that someone is always going to be prettier, smarter, more talented but that mindset ignores the fact that we are all different and have different perceptions of beauty, intelligence, etc. As different perceptions exist, different types of beauty, intelligence, etc are consequently developed. We must also remember that the combination of all our qualities form an incredible phenomenon that we all take part in: existing as someone who is entirely and uniquely you. No one can take that away from you. So let’s all try to stop comparing ourselves to each other because what’s the point of comparing things that are so unique that they are incomparable? But stick in there! We are with you and we’re all rooting for you ♡

A few thoughts on the promo and the line that has apparently made a lot of people upset.

I think people are freaking out because they think the implication behind what Daisy said is that it’s only Jemma who made him kind. But I didn’t take it that way at all really. For Daisy, she’s only seen Fitz and Jemma together. And when they weren’t, Fitz fell into some really dark places. Daisy is Fitzsimmons shipper #1 (sorry guys but it’s super true) and so of course now that she sees this Fitz being an apparent asshole with no Framework Jemma in sight, she’s going to be like “Of course he’s not at his best because you’re gone”.

To me, this doesn’t mean that Jemma is the only reason he’s kind, I just think that Daisy understands that a Fitz without his Jemma is going to be miserable. Also, I don’t think Fitz’s regret has anything to do with Jemma directly. I’m of the mind that they have never met in the framework, personally. 

Way back in Seeds we were introduced to one of the most blatant Fitz foils in AOS: Donnie. Donnie was very close to what Fitz could have turned into if several things were different. The most obvious, and the one Seeds pushes as an episode, is the idea that meeting Jemma allowed Fitz to come out of his shell and work with some towards the betterment of society. This stands in direct opposition to Donnie’s friend who pushed him to create things for money. 

But, there’s another part of the episode that also stands out. “When Shield told my dad I was gifted, he said ‘At what?’” - Donnie

The most stand out thing about this promo was that it didn’t really provide a direct “yes” nod in terms of what regret AIDA fixed for Fitz. With the others, the quotes from past episodes directly lined up with the footage from the flashforwards. Not with Fitz. 

I’m still firmly in the boat that the regret they fixed for Fitz is something to do with this father. Whether this comes in the form of making his father be not an abusive asshole or if they make Radcliffe a more permeate stand-in of some kind, I truly believe that this is the regret that was fixed. 

We all know how backstory in this show works, they don’t bring things up unless something relevant is happening with it later. We spent four years begging for something Fitzsimmons related and we’ve only gotten scraps. So, why then, spend a whole episode on this plotline if it’s not relevant? Why bring up over and over again how much Fitz’s Mum means to him, how much she helped him when he was little and alone, how much she tired to shield him from his father, if not to make it clear that his Mum has a lot to do with his kindness now. His mother showed him how to be kind even in the most horrible of circumstances, she tired to allow him an outlet for his intelligence to the best of her abilities even if she didn’t fully understand what her son was talking about, and she showed him what loving unconditionally looks like.

For me, I think that there’s a lot of factors that lead to Fitz acting this way. Those factors for me include: The distance or even removal of his actual mother, his father/Radcliffe’s influence, yes the loss of having Jemma around 
(though I think this is more a case of he feels like something is missing than she made him a good person), and finally, as a result of all this, the loss of any barriers to his success. 

Humans grow as people because of the challenges we face. Fitz faced a lot of them to get where he is now. These challenges didn’t just involve Jemma in fact a lot of them probably happened way before he met her, when he was a child trying to deal with his father, his intelligence that alienated him from everyone, and trying to prove his worth to the world. 

But the point is, in this world, I’d imagine that AIDA has removed as much of those as possible. She’s let his get to this point with minimal challenge, and removed one of Fitz’s biggest role models in his mum, and that will completely change a person. 

So, to sum things up, I think it’s once again a case of “we got one line of spoiler stuff and we’re all jumping to conclusions without the full range of information”. I don’t think the implication behind Daisy’s quote was that Jemma is the only thing to make Fitz kind, I just think she understands that Fitz is always better with Jemma so of course this framework version of himself is not the best Fitz can be. 

To quote, oh, the great leader and apparently one of the most important characters of the show

“ The dead are gone. The living are hungry. “

@the writers: stop mentioning her every single episode and acting like she was the only important character on the show . Just stop. You said your sorry, you can’t go back to the past and you can’t change it.

 So stop acting like this was the L show, cause it never was, or give the same respect to all of the other characters who died (coughWellsLincolncough) and rememeber everything they did for the characters who are here

because there are characters here, living, who deserve respect and to be accountable for their own decisions and merits without being told they only got this because of others all of the freaking time-

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I mean I know it's disappointing but isn't it jakes decision he doesn't always have to please fans all the time and it doesn't seem like he's doing it to be malicious

absolutely! i’m sure he has no harmful intentions. however it really is alienating fans. now they, especially international ones or people who just can’t see them, have no way of really talking to him. it honestly meant so damn much to me if he even just liked a tweet of mine saying whatever. it’s a connection. it’s knowing one of your favorite people actually acknowledges and cares about you. am i taking this too seriously? maybe. but having @/theturntan there was reassurance that jake was involved with the fans. “but he still meets fans at shows and chats!!” ok what about the hundreds of others who can’t go to a show. maybe they’ll never get a chance to meet him, and him interacting with them on twitter was all they’ll ever have. existing purely in person just doesn’t work in today’s age. whether he likes it or not, this world exists on social media. the people that look up to him exist on social media. him being gone removes him from many fans’ lives.

anonymous asked:

Bitching that people exercise their vocabulary just goes to show how irrelevant your opinion is. Were you offended by the smart kids in your middle school class? Is that why you're trying to disparage the people who know how to speak and type well? Reminds me of the Fox and the Grapes. He wanted grapes but couldn't reach the grapes, so he declared that grapes are bad and he wanted apples anyway. "I can't write well, so I'll just say people who do are stupid. HAH! That'll show them!". Moron.

you really typed out a whole paragraph about a joke post LMAOO please do something better with your life since you so smart

anonymous asked:

Hey if you don't mind I'd really appreciate a prayer right now. I'm in a bad place mentally & I know if I don't change the way things are soon it's gonna get much worse. I think God told me what to do about this a long time ago, but it involves something major that requires a lot of bravery & support from the people around me, neither of which I have a lot of right now. If you or anyone who sees this ask could ask God to strengthen my spirit and show me what to do, I think it would really help.

We’ll be praying for you, anon. Please keep safe <3

O God who became human, who experienced pain and worry as we do, Jesus: make your presence known to this person as they go through this time of struggle. Fill them with the courage and wisdom they need to do what they need to do – and nudge those around them to reach out and support them. Jesus, in the Garden you were not afraid to be vulnerable, to let us know that you too experienced indecision and fear – be a comfort to this person now and help them to come to the right decision, a choice that may bring trouble at first but will in the end produce good fruit, freedom and hope and peace. Amen.

justanothercinemaniac replied to your post “Seriously, they should’ve just had you be the expert on the show.”

Is it really a LITTLE corner if you are on both a list of the biggest Buffy blogs here and the biggest VM blogs?

wait, there’s a list??? who made this list??? and I’m on it??? wait, you’re just talking about your own list!

onceuponagoddess replied to your post “onceuponagoddess replied to your post “I don’t understand why people…”

sorry i didn’t mean to call you petty I’m just tired of people still getting upset of bangel and spuffy but yes i completely agree that buffy should have the main cover

oh don’t worry about it! I was just using your words to take a jab at myself because I am, after all, petty hahaha!

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On this site there's a good deal of people who present themselves as gentle, sweet and empathetic over fictional stuff, only to show their actual volatile natures towards real people. Talking unironically about the "purity" of their specific kink compared to other peoples', it's hilarious. And shows that they're really, really insecure and unhealthy.

Yeah. I mean this kind of petty discourse happens in pretty much all fandoms and subcultures, and even though it’s better to just avoid it, sometimes you end up getting pulled in and it sucks. :T

In the end, I think we all need to remember this short, but very important video -

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people who are really touched by the show can not stand for this. its a cheapening of our beloved ASR!!!

buddy take a step away from your computer. close the hotstar tab. take a few deep breaths. 

I am, in no way, obligated to tell you the place IPKKND has in my heart or the deep meaning both the show and Arnav, especially Arnav, hold for me. You can’t judge how much someone loves the show or the character based on the fact that they’re not picking up their pitchfork to go after 4Lions for using the same intials as their own character. 

Ultimately, no matter how much I may wish otherwise, Arnav Singh Raizada belongs to Gul and she can use his name and his initials AND the love people have for him to her advantage whenever she wants. 

And one more thing, another character having the same last name and the same actor playing him as Arnav, takes nothing away from Arnav. He’s still Arnav, that will not change and you can always elect to not watch Sobti as Advay (cringe - that NamE) if it bothers you all that much. 

People who were really touched by Arnav know that no characters having his name, or his personality, or anything like him -  will ever “cheapen” their ASR. 

hornhide  asked:

your redesign confirms my headcanon that walter isn't even really possessed, hes just really stoned all of the time (also have you seen the exorcist tv show, it's kinda thematically relevant to walter i feel)

YEAH I WAS AWARE IT LOOKED THAT WAY WHEN I DREW IT that’s what most people who question his eyes go to i’m sure 

but i haven’t! i think i’ve been recommended it before though

“We won’t back down in the face of threats or intimidation, or turn our backs on the patients who count on us. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever.” - Cecile Richards

I’m Brendon Urie and I stand with Planned Parenthood. We’re doing these shirts to show our love and admiration for a cause that offers help for so many people- over 2.7 million women and men, in fact. I also refuse to succumb to intimidation or threats, it’s really the least we can do. So thank you for all your love and support and for taking the time to care.

Get your Planned Parenthood x Panic! At The Disco Benefit Tee now - all proceeds go directly to Planned Parenthood.

Another character that kind of has a fucked up premise



is Wonder Woman.

Imagine you’re raised in this utopian, women only warrior society (this part isn’t fucked up) and you’re taught all about how outside of your society which is magically shielded by super-science/magic

there lies “man’s world.”

Man’s world is just horrible and fucked and violent place you hear stories about and the people who inhabit it and you reach a point growing up where you probably think “okay mom, it’s probably not that bad. Shit I bet men don’t even really exist you’re just fucking with me.”

And then a fucking man shows up on your island. He’s not at all like the ones that you’ve heard about. He’s not some violent monster who wants to ruin everything he touches. He’s a good dude. You decide you want to go see man’s world, you fight for the right to become your peoples champion and ambassador. It’s your job to share with man’s world the wonders of Amazonian society.

You get to man’s world and it’s fucking astounding. There are crazy tall buildings and cars and ice cream and all these different cultures and music and it’s just fucking mind blowing.

And there are lots of men. They’re walking down the street side by side with women. They aren’t murdering them, they aren’t reducing things to cinders. Obviously all the stories your mother told you were horse shit.

But then you start to pull back the curtain. You hear and see men disrespect women on the street. You go to the mall and wonder why all the mannequins are the same size if all the women clearly aren’t. You see all these magazines telling women what’s wrong with them, what they have to do to please men. That’s when you start wondering what’s up with this world.

You find out women are paid less then men, that no woman has ever been the leader of the United States, you see crime statistics, and you find out that this Steve Trevor, who you really thought was a good person, is an agent of a government that has declared the assaults on female soldiers “occupational hazards.”

Then you realize it’s not just the United States, it’s all over “man’s world.”

It hits you that this place is even worse than all the stories you heard.

And the worst part about it is: the gods that you’ve been raised to worship and fear, the gods that you know fucking exist, don’t want to do shit about it.

Imagine what that would do to you?

I wanna read about that Wonder Woman, the Year One Wonder Woman who’s like jesus in the temple flipping shit over. I wanna read about the Wonder Woman who’s so appalled by the conditions of man’s world she marches into the UN and tells everyone off. The Wonder Woman who meets a crying girl on a street corner, finds out that her boyfriend just laid hands on her and then goes and cuts off his hands.

Writers too often fall back on all that mythology shit as if Medusa and hydras and gorgons are the worst monsters that Diana can fight.

The monsters Wonder Woman should be fighting are the ones her mother told her about as a kid

#no wonder Hollywood is so afraid to make a WW movie #she would call out all their shit with her lasso of truth and truth is a sharper weapon than a sword (dealanexmachina)

Everyone keeps on saying Disney is taking a big risk with Le Fou being gay and I feel like people don’t understand what a risk is.

First of all, this is Disney you’re talking about. Last year, they had seven major blockbusters that killed it at the box office. Do you really think that a company that is making money in their sleep is in any danger? No really, do you really think Disney is any danger of losing money?

Secondly, taking a risk has to be…well risky. Le Fou being gay isn’t a risk because Le Fou is not a major player within the story of Beauty and the Beast. Hell, I don’t even think Le Fou showed up in Kingdom Hearts despite Beast and Belle playing a huge role in the game. So many people don’t even know who he is. A risk would be making the Beast a woman and having a lesbian romance. Or having Belle be a black woman and Beast be a Chinese man. Those are risks. There is nothing risky about the whole Le Fou thing.

Can people please stop acting like Disney is this tiny ass company that is trying their best? You don’t have to coddle them.

Apparently these comics haven’t been showing up in the Reaper76 tag anymore? Weird, not sure why, guess you gotta share them if you want people to read it haha

People get so caught up arguing about whether Jack is really the bad guy or Gabe is really the bad guy or who really has the power in the relationship, it seems very novel to submit the idea that maybe they could just be brought together by their mutual respect and friendship that pushes them both to be better versions of themselves.

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