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“I was an only child, and I want to be a part of something really bad. When I got signed by myself, I felt very alone. If my dad was sitting here next to me, he would tell you about all the pages in my journal of me drawing me and four other faceless friends on different instruments. That’s why when I see a kid at a show that looks like they’re crying their brains out because they’re sitting in a room with thousands of other people who get it, I cry onstage. And I hide it because it’s embarrassing. But I get what that feels like to just want to find your place. And this is my place. This is my place.”

You know what’s really awesome about brooklyn 99?

That the white people on the show are never portrayed as perfect saints who can do no wrong.. yes they are all inherently good people, but sometimes one of them will say something racially insensitive.. and the best part is: it’s not swept under the rug and ignored forever. They get called out on their mistakes, and like actually good human beings, they acknowledge their mistakes, they apologize and they never do it again. There is literally one character on the show who openly says gross shit with no reprecussions,but even that is not treated like it’s okay, he exists to be despised by the other characters and by us, and from his first appearance it is made clear that this is not a character to be liked.

This shownis fucking gold and i have lots of feelings about it kay?


I can’t believe I am 50ish people away from my very first 1k!!!
I actually can’t digest that because it’s SO overwhelming and it’s happening all so fast. I am grateful to every single one of you, for following me and appreciating my works and my blog and for sending me lovely messages and showing your support❤️

I met some incredible people on here and started beautiful friendships that drastically changed my fandom experience and turned it into something one billion times better, something I never thought possible, being the shy girl that I am. 😊
So really, a BIG, SPECIAL THANK YOU to the friends and mutuals and followers who made this possible!
To name a few:
@love-in-mind-palace @loveinthemindpalace @missmuffin221 @simpleanddestructivechemistry @itsnotplatonic @jeremiebrett @consultingpacha @honeybeelullaby @iamsupernova12 @bakingsherlycakes @morgendaemmerung89 @muerame @8writingblock8 @yorkiepug @vateacancameos @imnova and many many others! I love you all💙

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Do you really think Harry and Matt are close friends? I get more of a colleagues who respect one another and enjoy working together vibe.

imagine watching shumdario interact and thinking this lmao. people don’t take theur colleagues and their girlfriend across the atlantic ocean to visit their friend of 6+ years to watch her show and spend new years with said friend. ever. but okay!!!

ok so y’all know the “fall out boy is for lovers- chicago softcore” shirts right?

well softcore is- like in porn- something gentler than hardcore. something sweeter, more innocent.

now, pete left chicago’s hardcore scene because a lot of people were misogynist + homophobic + racist + all that nasty stuff. every member of fob was in the hardcore scene before fob but was very much pushed out when they got together, right?

so, “fall out boy is for lovers- chicago softcore” is basically them saying that you can feel welcome in their fandom. feel loved at their shows. feel accepted by the members. fob isnt for haters, fob isnt for people who discriminate others, fob is for fucking lovers. it’s basically a giant “fuck you” to all the bigots who think that they’re better just because they’re hardcore.

i really think that everyone should remember that. esp ppl who criticize their new “poppy” sound- it was never meant to be hardcore. it was never meant to be edgy. it was meant to be a safe spot for the kids who didnt have anywhere to go- both those that were pushed away from the hardcore scene and those who didn’t belong in the mainstream scene either and it still is for thousands of young people.

not fitting in was the reason they started out, and people are still calling them out for not being emo enough for emo, not punk enough for pop punk and not pop enough for pop!

please just appreciate fall out boy. even if you dont love the music, love their love.

so we saw dunkirk!!! and omg. Harry did REALLY well. But that was also bc he played a character who showed so much emotion throughout the whole movie. Like, Fionn’s character was acted super subtly and everything and I’m not 100% sure Harry could’ve done that, but Harry’s character was #dramatique (just like Harry himself LMAO) so it worked out super well, I think. also he just wanted to make England proud!!! you definitely feel a rollercoaster ride of emotions towards him–adoration, annoyance, empathy, etc–so I think it makes him stand out. I know people say that his character was just a minor character, but I think he had a pretty good presence in the whole movie.

it’s always difficult when it comes to things like sense8 or dream daddy in which they have a “diverse cast” complete with lgbt characters, characters of color, etc. but also have problematic creators as well as problematic elements in the show (e.g. transphobia, racism, homophobia) because, on one hand, i completely understand people not wanting said creators to profit off of half-assed / offensive “representation” but, on the other hand, i really don’t think it’s okay to be telling people of color / lgbt people that they can’t play / watch these movies / tv shows / games because god knows there’s already so little representation for us. i know how painful and infuriating it is seeing nothing but shitty “representation” for you and people like you, but you really can’t blame people who are hungry for eating scraps either. that being said, we shouldn’t stop fighting for proper representation either. there are only so many times we can “take what we can get” before people start trying to normalize harmful representation in media, and we have to be able to understand that too.

Hey friends who drink alcohol: there are apps (I have one called AlcoDroid but there will be Apple versions too) that let you track your alcohol consumption and your BAC. You do have to remember to add a drink every time you’ve had one but once you’re in the habit of doing it it’s second nature to open the app every time you put your empty glass down.

It’s really helpful to visualise where you’re at and know when to stop, check whether you’re under the legal limit, and if you happen to need medical help it’s great to be able to show people exactly how much you’ve (knowingly) had.

There’s no link because idk how to do that and this isn’t a sponsored post I just want to share because I live by this app

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How can you ship Bran and Meera though. He's like 10 years younger than her. It's disgusting

Considering this is a show in which people ship incest, people ship Sansa with a creepy old man who spent his entire life in love with her mother, ship characters who have never met, ship characters who started wars, I really don’t think shipping two people who have a very good bond is ‘disgusting’. Particularly in the show, since the age difference isn’t as large. And Isaac and Ellie have great chemistry so that’s why I ship it


Look, I get it. Some people don’t wanna watch Once Upon a Time anymore, they are hurt, they are upset, some people are mad. But please, PLEASE, DO NOT USE MY EDITS TO HATE ON THE SHOW. EVER!!! I obviously LOVE OUAT, and even though I’m also hurt that Jennifer is not going to be a regular on the show anymore I refuse to hate on something that makes me so absolutely happy, something that gave me some of my greatest friends. I don’t make edits to upset people, I make them because I love creating stuff and making people smile in the process, so when you use something that took a lot of work to HATE on my favorite show IT HURTS ME! It really does… I’m not talking about tags, even though I read them all, I’m talking about someone who took my edit, posted it in an anti post knowing fully well that I could see that. I’m sorry for the people who do not deserve to read this, but I had to say it, because it really made me feel awful. I’m just so tired of all this negativity all the time… 

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I wish skam had a way that you could watch the show and see all the texts and social media too. like, I feel like you miss out on so much when you watch it after it's finished. the chats really give you a deeper insight the characters relationships and feelings and stuff. so when I see people watch it all in one chunk I'm just like 'yeah but you don't KNOW! you don't get it!' they don't know about all the heart emojis evak sent to each other :'(

sO,,,,,,,,,who’s gonna cut the ig pics and texts in after the clips and make the episodes like that

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Been following your blog for a while now and the Jar Situation omg I can relate. When I was 20 (I'm 24 now), this 40 year old was trying to hit me up and shit like don't be fucking creepy if a girl online posts a pic and you like her lmao wtf especially if you're way older than her, you should know better.

Ew, I’m sorry you had to go through that! I understand that you can’t really do anything about who follows you and sees your content, so posting photos of yourself is a risk you take but c'mon, it’s a simple selfie it’s not like I’m posting any sexy pictures! Do older creepy men really think young girls(or any girls really) are gonna flirt back or show the slightest interest? I know plenty of porn bots and older people follow me (shout-out to those of you who are decent humans) but at least most of them keep to themselves and don’t send me creepy messages.

All these posts and artworks “defending” Concrete and her design really just goes to show that y'all don’t give a fuck about black people, both real and fictional.

Any other time y'all don’t give a fuck about black coded gems and characters, but since black people are actively speaking out against the one that looks like something out of a black face cartoon of course you all jump in “defending” her.

Concrete, a fictional black coded gem with no actual feelings. Defending her against us, black fans who have every right to be pissed that someone still has the capacity to draw a caricature like this, in this day and age (although it’s becoming increasingly less surprising) and THEN think it’s a brilliant idea to publish it to the public!?! Nah, we don’t need defending, you know how those negroes be, always angry about nothing!

Although let’s be real. Y'all don’t actually care about Concrete, or “fixing” her design. Y'all just wanted an excuse to draw a black face caricature. And honestly the point of this entire post is just to ask y'all to be honest about it.

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Hi hi, I read that you're done with your exams. I hope you passed all of them! :3 I also want to say your drawings are so adorable and your writing is wonderful! I like how you describe the situations and feelings, it really take me into the story. Also I was SUPERRRRR happy to know you love Detective Conan too! I don't many people who likes that as well. I hope you would have a wonderful day and good luck with answering the asks, Lai! :3 👍

Hi, hi, chiimei~ I HOPE SO TOO! I’m actually bad at studying, so… we really can only hope. ; w; And thank you so much for the compliments, aaaaa! I still feel like I’m lacking in some departments in regards to my writing, but your comment really makes me feel like I’m at least improving. It’s very inspiring, yaaasss! (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ

And AYYY, IKR. That show has been around since I was a kid, so I kinda grew up with it. I haven’t seen it in a while now, I actually kinda miss it. That was a great show, it should be more popular… >w> I do know a lot of people who like the show irl though, since it was pretty much a popular show in my childhood, dubbed in my language and everything.

I’m still working on a lot of other asks (I saved the ones with requests), so your well wishes are very appreciated~ I HOPE YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY TOO! Thanks for popping in~ Take care!~`;:゛;`;・(°ε° )

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Good job on controlling your anger, Kuzuruyu-kun! Of course your sister don't deserve to die just for being a bully. I deliberately wrote that just to show the ridiculousity of the position of people who think that Saionji deserved death for her treatment of her classmates Somewhy no one wants to say similar thing about Natsumi

I don’t believe a single word of it. It seems like a half baked excuse to justify your attitude. If you really wanted to do that there were less hurtful ways to do it. Besides it’s been a while since Saionji got any hateful ask so I can’t see why you would bring that up again now.

And if what you said is true and that you really said that for this reason then…Do you think it’s okay? Being emotionnally manipulative is wrong and your reason for doing it doesn’t excuse anything. I’ve been throught it too much times already to know that. So get the fuck away from me.

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Psh. No one knows who mia or cassandra even are, so who cares. And why would disabled people be in young justice. Disabled people can't be superheroes.

I feel like this is probably sarcastic, and I’m really hoping it is. I’m gonna operate under the assumption that you’re being sarcastic, kay?

And even if thats true, thats exactly why they should be on the show! People will never know who Cass and Mia are unless they’re given a spotlight. People with HIV will think that there’s no heroes with their illness. Asian people won’t know there’s a Batgirl like them. People with speech disorders, or who struggle with illiteracy or dysliexia won’t know about Cass Cain unless DC shows her off.

And the fact that Cass has been around for 18 years without ever being animated as more than a half second cameo is really fucked up, since characters more recent than her have been animated god knows how many times. Can you imagine the headlines, too? “Young Justice makes strides by putting a disabled asian teenager front and center”. “HIV positive hero debuts on Young Justice”. There’s no excuse.

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Hi! Could you rec any fics with superpowers/magic/mutant themes?

hey anon! for sure!

‣ The Fastest Man in the World by girltalk
Yoongi never wanted to be a superhero; he’d only ever wanted one thing.

‣ I’ve got the magic in me. by 2kitsune
I get a cold and when I’m sick I really can’t be around non-magic people but you show up at my door and I try to shoo you away but you come in and see my apartment but to my relief you think I’m just really into weird crap, but then my cat starts talking and you notice some of my furniture are walking around the house and you swore you saw that house plant wave at you’ au
“Did your cat just talk?” Yoongi asks, staring at said cat who, thankfully, is pretending to clean itself like nothing had happened. His gaze then flicks to Hoseok when the brunet fails to answer fast enough, eyes still wide.
“Hoseok, tell me, did your cat just talk?”And Hoseok, poor Hoseok, can’t think of anything fast enough for the suspicion to leave Yoongi’s eyes.
“Uh, no?” he eventually says, settling the cup down and looking towards Yoongi like he had gone crazy. “I’m sure you’re just hearing things! Cats can’t talk.”

‣ into the woods by ofmindelas
Everyone knows that you can’t run from anything in the forest, especially not yourself. Jeong Hoseok is no exception.

Something in the Punch by namgii
In which Yoongi and Hoseok are Not Good At Feelings™, Taehyung is a shitty witch, and Jungkook is done with everyone.
“Yoongi has always had a thing for the part-time dancer in the office across the hall, and something in the punch bowl makes him bold enough to dance.”

borderline illegal by sweetyblue
“This is so stupid.”
Hoseok grins and the silver dies down and his lips part so prettily in happiness. “I scratch your back…”
“I didn’t think scratching yours back would be making you a sex appeal potion,” Yoongi grumbles.
**Or, Hoseok wants to make a sex appeal potion. They fuck up. Then they just fuck. (Woah.)

- admin may

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Hey, not a Mon-El fan here but you really shouldn't be making fun of Chris Wood's looks just because of who he plays in a fictional show. The actor and character are two completely different people, he's just portraying a character the way the writers want him to. Plus it's very disrespectful and just gives the rest of the Supercorp shppers a bad name. I'm not saying you have to like the guy but making fun of his physical flaws is very unnecessary. We all have insecurities at the end of the day.

He isn’t seeing my posts. He said Mon-El is a hero and a good guy and that as an actor he had to see his character as something positive (which lmao luckily is wrong because imagine if people who play Nazis started to agree with their characters). Like? He’s awful? He called Karamel which is an abusive relationship sweet? Basically said it was better than a healthy interracial ship. So yeah I’ll make fun of a few of his features. It’s not even that those in particular are awful because I Stan people with those. They’re just awful on him because he’s an awful person.

I feel like if you’re a good nice person even if you’re ugly you’re not really ugly you know? But if you’re ugly on the inside it’s like it brings out the outside ugly LMAO

what your favourite childhood magical girl show says about you

w.i.t.c.h.: you have either a mild dislike or a strong passionate hatred for winx club, and you’re probably not straight. if your favourite guardian was irma you’re 100% not straight

princess tutu: you’re a dancer, or you used to be a dancer, or you REALLY wish to be a dancer. if you were into cosplay you probably were one of those people who used actual pointe shoes for your princess tutu cosplay and ended up with fucked up feet because you’ve never danced ballet in your life especially en pointe

tokyo mew mew: you’re a furry and/or you really like fruit. something something warrior cats phase? and if you’re gay (which you probably are) it was zakuro who made you realize that

ojamajo doremi: people call you a social justice warrior like 3 times a week, you have great taste in tv shows. you’re an infp and you probably care too much about personality tests

winx club: you love fashion, especially of the 2000s. if you draw there’s a 78% chance you suck at anatomy. there is and always has been rivalry between you and people who love w.i.t.c.h. and others can never tell whether it’s playful or serious

sugar sugar rune: if your favourite character was chocola meilleure you’re chaotic good. if your favourite was vanilla mieux you’re either a liberal who has only read harry potter, or a leftist with social anxiety

sailor moon: you’re LGBT, you love fashion, you often wear cute nail polish, VERY into astrology! and you can’t fucking drive

mermaid melody pichi pichi pitch: you love musical theatre and you’re kind of too passionate about it and people around you hate you for it but won’t tell you. 50% chance you’re an air sign

cardcaptor sakura: you seem really kind and sweet but it’s hard to tell whether you’re genuine or not so a lot of people think you’re kind of fake but anyway you like fashion and your fashion taste is funky and eccentric but ultimately better than anyone who likes winx club

shugo chara: you probably developed a personality disorder sometime later in your life

I don’t often make non-art posts here, but there’s been a recent event involving a certain abhorrent fandom who I’m sure you’re all familiar with that’s really been bugging me.

As some of you are aware of a Steven Universe art book was released, there was a scrapped designed for a crystal gem named “concrete” with features that might bare semblance to a certain race or racial stereo type.  Alongside said concept piece were some notes from a writer on the show (writer/boarder?  I’m not entirely sure) that mention they “can’t read” and “collects shoes”.  All of these together have people hooting and hollering over a bunch of silly coincidences, which is par the course for that particular group of people.  They complain at every turn when it comes to stuff they deem as “social injustices” or some kind of “racial prejudice” in relation to these characters or plot points for the story.  Let’s get some shit straight though:

Steven Universe is a work of fiction.  The people behind Steven Universe don’t have any ill-intent with what they’re creating.

There’s a lot of stupid kids on this website, and for every stupid kid there’s at least 2-3 adults that aren’t right in the head that believe they’re doing the right thing by starting witch hunts and doing everything within their power to ruin a creator.  For example:

The wording in their posts is that of someone who believes what they’re doing is slick, what they’re doing is undoubtedly the right thing.  This person legitimately believes trying to learn who wrote some words that were attributed to some other person’s random concept art scribble for the sake of shitting on them is the right thing to do and will encourage the creator’s of the show to keep bending to their demands.  You’re a part of several things that stifle creators visions, you’re legit contributing to the ruination of an art form because you’re doing backflips to insist that something is racist, and going an extra step just to run some unrelated person’s name into the ground.

I don’t even like this show.  Steven Universe isn’t a cartoon I enjoy, I’d say it’s bad in a lot of places.  I wouldn’t, however, say that I hate it so much that I think the team behind it needs to catch shit over something this petty.  They especially don’t need this coming from people who exist for the sole purpose of dragging down creators because they deem a piece of media is that offensive to their sensibilities.  This nonsense as reached a fever pitch and now is the absolute best time to tell the loud minority: “No.  What we created wasn’t meant to offend.  These are the people responsible, their intent wasn’t to offend.  This design wasn’t even used, calm down.”

Children out for blood, shit, adults with the _mindset of children_ out for blood over a cartoon.  You’re absolutely mad if you believe this is the way to settle a disagreement.  If you’re young, don’t get involved with something this trivial.  If you’re an adult and legitimately upset at this, you might be beyond saving.  For the love of God get over yourselves.