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maybe a stupid, pointless question--why do so many GSD enthusiasts try to brush over how sloped and bad their backs are? so many people try to say it's "just the way they stack" and that it doesn't effect health or movement, yet you can see in videos of them at play that their back is low the whole time, and that it's surely unhealthy and uncomfortable?

Make yourself a cup of tea and take a seat.

So I wrote previously about the health of the German Shepherd, really just skimming over some of the most common issues because there are so many associated with the breed.

Then I made a post comparing a German Shepherd from the 1920s to a recent show champion who happened to display morphological features that have drawn significant criticism lately, namely the hunched back and hocks that touch the ground. And in the interest of fairness, I had picked a historical dog well known in the public eye, and as typical an example as I could find.

Many people will say “Look, I love the dogs but I can’t deny they’re a mess right now.” Other people will make comments like these:

And my personal ‘favourite’…

The simple truth is that in clinical practice I have never seen a German Shepherd dog who has been ‘healthy’ and not afflicted by something regrettable by the time it’s 6. I would call that not good enough. So lets look at these claims.

  • I did not pick extremes. I picked typical examples, and that should concern you if you care about this breed.
  • Don’t blame the Back Yard Breeders when it has been the show scene pushing for this extreme conformation and inbreeding. BYBs get their stock originally from ‘ethical’ breeders so the ‘ethical’ breeders can’t be without blame. There are also a whole bunch of breeders who are doing health screening but breeding their dogs regardless of their result to ‘preserve the lines’.
  • On random shapshot in time doesn’t represent the breed? I’m really sorry but I can’t post images of every single modern shepherd on a tumblr post. However, the evidence is freely available if anyone cares to look. Also, that was the question I was answering.
  • Breed type continues to change, as we try to change it. There’s not a way dog breeds are ‘supposed to be’, we as humans decided to make one. How about, just for something new, we try to change it with the health of the animal in mind, not to fit an arbitrary shape.
  • Notice how the last one tries to imply that I’m some kind of ‘rogue’ with my opinions and that they are just opinions, not backed up with a vet degree or years of experience or anything.
  • I don’t ‘expect people devoted to the breed to constantly bemoan its list of potential problems’, but gee, it would be nice if they actively tried to reduce those problems in their breeding plans. After all, aren’t ethical breeders supposed to be doing so to ‘improve’ the breed?
  • And while I certainly wont cry a river for a GSD fanatic, I have shed plenty of tears over these dogs.

The outright denial that the breed has a problem has features in common with nationalists (”Ours is the best because it is ours and how dare you question it” vs “I am proud of this thing but acknowledge its flaws and seek to improve it”) and climate change deniers (discrediting evidence, never enough evidence, discrediting the person voicing an opposing view etc). That’s a pretty difficult mix to have a discussion with.

It’s been fairly common since Pedigree Dogs Exposed. As soon as vets started speaking out about the health problems of any given breed, the response would be “But this is what they’re supposed to be” and “What would vets know”

Because, you know, what would vets know about the animals they’re treating every day? If your go-to defense is trying to claim that veterinarians, the profession entirely focused on the scientific improvement of animal health, doesn’t actually know anything about animal health, you have a weak argument.

- From your resident, Pitiful, vet.

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This is really fucking cool, but I was wondering if there’s any way to visit the park even if you’re not big into acting? I would love to see it and the concept is amazing, I just wouldn’t want to play a role if that makes sense

(( OOC: Yes! Honestly, this park will cater to a broad audience. For people who want to get super invested and interact/dig deeper, they’ll be able to, for people who want to just chill, sit back and enjoy the show, they’ll be able to. :) )) 

Rent A Boyfriend!Seungkwan

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  • Boo Seungkwan: the emotional type. Need a guy to accompany you and your friends to that new and sad romance movie coming out on Valentine’s day or possibly a guy to attend a wedding with well there’s Seungkwan. he’ll have your friends in envy when he holds you and lets out a few tears. extra services include multiple speeches about you to your friends just to show how much he loves you dearly.
  • Seungkwan’s more of a special service
  • most of his clients are girls who are going through a break up or someone who just really needs someone to be there
  • the boys joke a lot about his clients, calling his job to be more of a break up service than a boyfriend
  • but Seungkwan loves his job
  • he loves cheering people up
  • more often than not, he does home dates or casual dates
  • Usually a movie at home/movie theater or a small get together with his clients friends at someone’s house
  • Let’s see, how Seungkwan got his job
  • Seungkwan was job searching since he really needed a job in order to pay rent so he began walking around, going into shops, asking for resumes and such
  • but then he comes across this huge beautiful building and he thought ‘why not’
  • He doesn’t think much of the place, like maybe he’ll get a front desk job or something simple
  • and when he approaches the desk lady she states that there were walk in interviews going on at the moment and Seungkwan’s just like ‘why not’ again
  • the interviews ask him a bunch of questions, questions he doesn’t know how to answer but does anyway, and they make him do this weird role play thing and for a minute he thinks ‘am i auditioning for a play or something’
  • but three days later, he gets a call and boom he’s suddenly got a job as one of the boyfriend services
  • Seungkwan’s persona could also be an overcorrection to some of his clients, to those who dates ‘jerks’ or ‘assholes’ there’s Seungkwan, the sweet and maybe kinda clingy boyfriend to over correct your last relationship
  • and he’s so cute too so that’s a plus
  • anyway
  • Seungkwan isn’t as crazy scheduled as let’s say Joshua
  • but he has pretty decent hours that work with his school university schedule
  • and so he does become the occasional substitute for the guys if they’re sick or running overtime with another patient
  • Seungkwan absolutely loves the high class clients cause well he’s a broke college student so you bet he’s taking some of the food home
  • He once watched a really sad movie on one of his dates that he ended up crying so much and he got sent back to the company in tears
  • Seungkwan with tears streaming down his face ‘SHE LOVED HIM SO MUCH BUT HE LEFT HER’
  • Wonwoo sitting on the couch playing on his phone: ok
  • Seungkwan meets you on a date
  • it wasn’t initially for him, it was for Jun but Jun was clocking in some overtime with his own client that the date got switched over to Seungkwan
  • you see when Seungkwan got this date, he thought this girl was horrible. She planned on going on a double date with another couple in order to try and steal her friend’s boyfriend
  • Seungkwan read the whole profile and he was so ready to rip the paper into pieces
  • he tried to get out of it but sadly everyone was booked and he got a solemn ‘good luck’ call from Jun
  • and thus he gets ready, dressed in a suit for this dinner at a really high class restaurant and he meets his date (which he already as a distaste for) and puts on a show for his job
  • now Seungkwan thought the restaurant was incredibly beautiful but when he saw you, standing up at the sight of your friend on his arm, boy was he just blown away
  • he was such in a shock at how beautiful you were that his date actually elbowed him really hard like ‘um you’re supposed to be in love with me’
  • so he tries to concentrate on his job, doing all the things Jun told him to do on the phone because Seungkwan said he needed tips.
  • but as the date progresses, he just can’t help but get drawn into you, you were so sweet, so nice, so wonderful, why would someone want to hurt you
  • he fell in love with everything, you were in school studying to be a vet (he loved it), you work part-time at a daycare center (he loved it even more), and you used to play volleyball and will sometimes coach for your old school team (he literally fell so hard when you said that)
  • he seriously thinks he’s fallen in love with you and half-way through the date, Seungkwan doesn’t even care about his job anymore cause ‘heck no I am not helping this evil woman try to hurt y/n’
  • and ‘coincidentally’ through the date, both your boyfriend and his date went to the bathroom so you and Seungkwan are left at the table
  • ‘I know what they’re doing’ you say to Seungkwan, ‘I was just waiting for this moment.’
  • Seungkwan has a ‘what’ moment and you’re smiling in front of him with just the cutest grin ever
  • ‘I’m going to leave, feel free to leave too. I ordered the most expensive thing on the item so those two, who are broke as hell, are going to pay for it.’
  • and you just kinda up and leave and Seungkwan just follows you
  • ‘Technically that was our first date’
  • you two ended up going out a week later to the incident and months pass in a blur as you two tell the story to people
  • Seungkwan doesn’t shut up about you the first three months of the relationship
  • ‘I love them so much. They’re so amazing. I want to spend all of my time with them. Will you cover my next client so I can go have lunch with y/n’
  • Jihoon’s in the corner holding his fingers to his head while whispering ‘shut up shut up shut up’
  • He does that thing on the phone where he giggles saying ‘no you hang up first. wait hold on, I’m getting a call’
  • when he works, he slips up sometimes by mentioning you. Like when he watches a movie with a client, he might say ‘oh I should totally watch his movie with y/n later’
  • he still cries many times on dates, but he calls you in tears and you listen to him cry with a small grin on your face because he just sounds so cute crying over the sad disney movie
  • you and Seungkwan are half cute relationships and half annoying best friends
  • sometimes you visit the company and when Seungkwan sees you, you two literally scream your heads off and give each other the most dramatic hug cause why not
  • sometimes he’s on the second floor two and he screams all the way down the stairs
  • one time you and Seungkwan were out on a date and you ran into one of your little day care kiddos and they point at Seungkwan like ‘is that your boyfriend’
  • Cue Seungkwan sliding in ‘why yes I am’
  • and thus for the next week you get asked a bunch of questions from your kids about your boyfriend
  • So cute little Kwannie’s birthday began to slowly creep up on you
  • and he’s such an excited little puppy for his birthday that once it hit 10 days before he keeps asking you ‘what are we doing for my birthday? What are we doing for my birthday?’
  • Honestly you have no clue because just two weeks ago Joshua’s partner literally threw the largest party ever known for Joshua’s birthday so how do you even beat that
  • you asked the boys and you immediately regretted it because they decided to chant ‘DJ PARTY AGAIN!!’
  • and you’re just like ‘nope not again. I am not going to deal with a smashed Seungkwan again.’
  • so instead of something big, you went with sweet, simple, and nice
  • you let him sleep over at your place, you got up early to make a nice special birthday breakfast, you smothered him with kisses that made him smile like there was no tomorrow, you went out to various shops and you had even conceded to wearing very obvious couple matching clothings
  • you sent Seungkwan home for the second part of his birthday, telling him to dress in a suit to which he got really excited for
  • you sent him the address to meet you and he was so giddy for everything
  • when he arrived at the place, you were already there waiting for him
  • and he gives you such a heartwarming look ‘this is the place’
  • ‘Where we first met, yes it is.’
  • the dinner is spent with smiles and laughter before you pull out something from your purse, ‘this is your actual present for today.’
  • you hand him the envelope and when he sees the contents he feels like he’s going to melt
  • ‘It’s two tickets to Jeju. You’re always talking about how you want to take me and show me your hometown and so we can finally do what you’re always saying.’
  • He starts bursting into tears, crying about how much that means to him, and he’s holding onto your hand, he starts crying about how much he loves you and you’re there like ‘sweetie it’s okay. You don’t need to cry’
  • After that, he just non-stop talks about everything he’s going to show you
  • and he’s so excited for you to meet his family
  • he’s planning everything to the minute
  • and at one point you put your hand on his cheek to stop him, and you give him the sweetest and softest kiss he’s ever felt before you whisper against his lips, ‘i can’t wait to do everything with you’
  • you may have meant for the trip, but to Seungkwan. Those words meant everything to him. Because the moment you said those words, he knew that he wanted to spend all of his days with you. Every single moment of his life, he wants to spend with you and that’s probably why he was so excited about the trip. He wanted to experience everything he’s done but with you.

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Yo!Just wanted to say that I absolutely adore your art. UGH, it makes me gayer than I already am, lmao. Just the way you draw females and emotions and big ol' claws and MMM. Having got my fangirling out of the way, I'd like to ask how you draw human faces so well?? Like, how you learned and any tips you may have. Cause I have been trying to learn and always quit cause I can't get my characters to look how they do in my head :/ Any advice for a new artist who just wants to draw her edgy gay kids?

WOW well first of all, thank you. Gay flattery is flattery of the highest order

It’s sorta news to me that I draw faces well, haha. Uh I dunno, my main weapon in my war against Being Bad At Drawing People has really been a sketchbook I don’t mind never showing people. I spent a long time drawing really embarrassingly bad faces (usually copying someone else’s style, poorly) before I was comfortable showing them. I still don’t like how I draw people.

I guess my advice is to, A. draw from life/photos as much as possible. Style will happen organically, and having a solid foundation in realism is the best thing you can do. It’s painfully obvious when someone has a “style” without the technical skill underneath it.

Secondly, just draw a lot and don’t be afraid to try out other people’s stylistic shortcuts in your sketchbook. Sketchbooks are for trying stuff out without needing anyone else to see. You’ll figure out what works, and incorporate it into your own style if it suits you. Just don’t use this as a crutch, because of the above regarding technical skill. 

As for getting people to look like they do in your head, that’s mainly about trying new shapes! I’ve been stuck with more or less “slim white girl with maybe some muscles” for so long, and busting out of that has helped me to realize characters that had previously only worked in my head. I’m still not even halfway there, but I’m getting somewhere. Fanart is good for this one! Draw real humans and existing characters so you don’t have to make them up while you practice.

That got long, sorry. I hope that helps!

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I just wanted to thank you for always being real with us. I'm a spoonie and don't really have the energy to go all out like so many people do no matter how badly I may want to sometimes and it really gets me down but then I just tell myself "Anna can't do any of that crazy stuff either and she's still just as valid as the people who can" and then I cut myself some slack so thank you for being real with us and showing us that you don't have to go all out to be goth

Aww, thank you <3 I really don’t see the point in pretending that I’m all gothed up 24/7 because that simply is not the truth. I know lots of other people are able to look that way every day and of course there’s nothing wrong with that, but that’s just not realistic for me at the moment and that’s okay too. For a subculture where the elitists yell how it’s all about the music, they are also strangely fussy about people who don’t “look the part”, but you can’t let that get you down because the truth is goths come in all sort of looks and sometimes life just doesn’t let you dress up like the Siouxsie Sioux of your dreams.

can we please stop being such nitpicking asses?

Why are so many people hating on the latest episode of star trek disco? I mean yeah, I know, it’s far from perfect but can I simply remind you that:

• we got a BLACK, FEMALE LEADING character

• 2 gay main characters!!! like, MAIN CHARACTERS!! (and just one of them is white) I really can’t remember when that last happened

• 1 chubby main character who is super smart and super funny and super sexy (seriously I would straight up go gay for her)

• PTSD and yes I know that Ash is now kind of the bad guy… maybe… but still that's really rare in shows like that

• our first female evil, bad ass emperor! and a lot of people seem to dislike that but I actually live for that shit!!!

• let’s not forget our beloved space lesbians (even though we don’t know much about them

• and maybe even an upcoming age difference relationship  (that is probably just dreaming from my site I guess, but I’m still hoping)

I could make that list much longer, but for now, I just leave you with that

That should have been just a simple reminder that you also should see the good things in life and yes that sounds way too melodramatic but its late and I'm tired and also a bit angry about people beeing such little douchebags sometimes.

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So would you prefer cas to be endgame human if destiel was canon?

I don’t really understand the question sorry nonny, IMO both are in the making!

I guess maybe youre asking if Destiel can be canon at endgame with Cas not human?

I mean yeah sure but they’d have to explain the ins and outs, and it doesn’t really make sense IMO, Destiel is a relatively small part of Cas’ endgame which mainly focuses on his being human, focusing on himself and what he wants for once and belonging etc, just as Destiel is a relatively small part of Dean’s which mainly focuses on his accepting who he is overall and lowering the facade, openly liking things like Taylor Swift, Game of Thrones, cake, silk panties, men ie all the things he has hidden in the past but that we know he really likes.

It kind of doesn’t make sense IMO from my reading of Cas’ story to have Destiel but no human!Cas.

It would be like having the chocolate sprinkles without the ice cream. It makes no sense, the ice cream is the core of the dessert!

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Who are your best friends from here and why ? (Please answer this honestly) Which tv shows would you like to be guest stars w/ them ?

this is a fun question! although i don’t really watch any tv-shows… i’ll try and answers it the best I can!!

  • @mintdolans kim is my oldest friend on here! i love her to bits! she’s like my big sister! I feel like I can tell her anything! she always tries to cheer me up when Im down and doesn’t seem to get bored of all my rambling (yet)! I love our random, yet so deep conversations! I know Kim really likes Teen Wolf - she told me I should watch it so many times hahaha!!! so i guess i would like us to be a guest star in that show!!
  • @radwriting my dear mila!! we’ve been friends for a while too!! I love how we can just ramble about anything! i love how mila enjoys the little things in life!! mila loves teen wolf too!! so i’d pick that one!!
  • @california-grethan mika!! mika is just such a likable person! she’s on of the smartest girls I know! she’s very caring! she’s also very excited about life and it makes me so happy! she’s just as hyper as i am and thats so much fun!!! idk if mika watches any shows tbh… i think because i don’t watch any; i keep forgetting to ask people if they watch shows!! so you pick mika!! 
  • @90sdolans my dear b! she’s a little sunflower that has to be protected at all costs! i love b because of she’s just really pure. she has such a big heart and cares so much about everyone: its truly incredible! i would make b and I participate in ‘wie is the mol’ a dutch tv show which is almost like a big mindfuck. there a group of 10 people and 1 of them is the so called ‘mol’ aka ‘mole’. with certain games and takes they can earn money but its the job of the mole to make sure they ear the least amount of money!!
  • @profanitydolan khar!! i love how khar and i can just switch from a very deep convo to making jokes !! she’s so much fun to talk to!! tbh idk what tv shows she likes to watch… so what about you choose one in where we play a guest roll khar? 😌
  • @coconutethan johana!! i love her because we just chat about everything and anything. she’s very easy to talk to and it’s very nice! its very relaxing to talk to her! she doesn’t judge and is open for new things!! i know for a fact she loves american horror story - she recommended it to me a bunch of times!! so that’d be my pick for her!!  
  • @spiffydolan anna!! i only met you like a few days ago but i already like you loADS!!! for what i can tell: you’re truly amazing!! you are so happy and bubbly!! i love it!! you’re very funny and its so much to talk to you!!! i can’t wait for more convo’s! but bc i don’t know you that well yet idk what tv shows you like or if you even like to watch shows!! so you tell me which one you’d like and i’ll join!! 

thank you so much for asking ano!! i hope i answered your question sufficient!! 💙

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Ok hot take: Azama is much deeper than “he’s an asshole”. His nihilistic views actually seem to stem from the fact that he’s seen so much of death over the course of his life that it’s no longer sensitive to him. This “asshole” attitude is literally emotional wounds bleeding out in the form of words.

Ok hot take: You’re correct, but he’s still an asshole.

Half of it is just that he likes getting a rise out of people, but the other half is like he’s a Norse trickster god sent to torment us while also teaching us lessons. His A support with Hinoka is one of the deepest ones in the game and one of the hardest life lessons about learning to let go.

His supports with Effie where he shows he’s not so above it all and cares who lives and dies is really touching.

But he also harasses Hayato and Orochi with their worst fears just to irritate them because he’s an asshole.


Easily one of my favorite characters in any video game.

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hi there! I just wanted to thank you. you've really inspired me to love myself and embrace my aesthetic. Since I was a kid, I've always loved the alternative subculture, specifically pinup. my parents have accepted it, but my other family and friends always criticize me for trying to "act white" and other bullshit. thanks for showing me and other black pinups that we're not alone, and that we're beautiful and should embrace who we are. love you and happy new year!!

Aaaw, thank you! I’ve heard that too, from all kinds of people and it’s really irritating so I know how you feel. Keep doing you!

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Smile! ;3c

Smile : What do you find attractive? 

oh boy, that’s a good one. because everyone’s just. so pretty. it’s hard to say i have a type when everyone’s just stunning around me.
as for some physical traits though, curly hair is mega-ultra-cute, and so are people with warm smiles that shows their teeth a little. i also tend to pay attention to people’s hands and just. find the charm in them, not sure if that makes sense. i’d say i’m super gay for feminine girls, but on the other hand if you have muscular arms i’m instantly defeated, so that wouldn’t be accurate.
as for personality, i’m really drawn to open and warm people i guess, because i’m VERY MUCH on the other side of the spectrum. plus, people who are good at showing their emotions, that’s like. super impressive to me.
also physically affectionate people i guess. if we’re chummy enough and you touch my hand, i’m in love with you, sorry folks that’s the rules.

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NSFW: sex mention. So I went to a sleepover last night and it was supposed to be chill (me and 4 other people) but 2 didn’t show up so it left me with 2 people who happened to be together. There was a bunk bed so I slept on the top but really late at night I woke up and idk exactly what they were doing but they were having sex and I couldn’t go back to sleep and was forced to listen to them whilst trying to plug my ears. Wtf do I do? One of them asked me if I heard anything last night....

aslfkldkf i cant breathe q]-tiei THATS SO FUNNY

tell them you did and it was rlly fucking loud 

Tips For Creating a Successful LD Sales/Auction Thread

Hey! So I’ve noticed lately that there’s been an influx of new players starting up lion sales or auction threads on Lioden! Unfortunately, most of these threads have almost no buyers. In several cases I’ve seen they have no hits at all after weeks of being up. And as someone who makes most of their SB/GB via auction threads, I figured, I’d throw out a couple tips. This is by no means a guide, just some guy shouting out into the void, hoping to help a little!

1. Always include images of lions being auctioned/sold - Pretty much all of the failed threads I see have links and copy-pasted info, with no images. I know it feels like extra work to code in images if you’re not familiar with HTML/CSS coding, but it’s really easy! And showing people the product they’re buying is honestly a really simple way of garnering interest. Sure, they could just click on the link you provided to the lion, but people are lazy. And it’s harder to fall in love with or want something you can’t see. Just take a screenshot of your lion, upload it to a hosting site (I use imgbb), and copy and paste the insert picture link provided! It will always start with <img src= and end with >. I prefer to go the extra mile of showing all of the cubs I auction as adults with both birth and 100% marking opacity.

2. Do not auction/sell garbage - It should go without saying, but this is also a major mistake I see people making. If all you have to sell are common based cubs with a handful of common/applicator marks, you’re much better off selling them at fodder prices on TC. I’ve been asked several times why my auction threads are popular. It’s because I don’t offer garbage, plain and simple. Muties, special bases, and rare breed-only marks. Nothing else should ever go on a thread, unless it’s specifically meant for something like gorilla fodder swapping. Very few people make a profit doing otherwise, and those people have typically been at it for a while.

3. If your’re selling males, make sure you let people know if they’re sex-changeable or not - I ONLY sell sex-changeable males, but your mileage may vary. But, unless people are looking for a heir, chances are they’ll want to sex-change your boys. If people aren’t sure that they can, they may not bid on or purchase your male cubs/lions at all. I only started doing well selling non-mutated males when I did this.

4. If you take items, make a list and keep it on the OP - This one is pretty self explanatory. I like to post the images of the items I take to save space, but you can do an organized written list if you want. It makes the post longer, but people don’t seem to mind. Make sure YOU price check using both TC and Branches whenever taking an item as payment. You’re the seller, you set the prices, and other players will at best make mistakes (usually by checking one place and not the other) and at worst try to scam you.

5. If auctioning, make sure you post the minimum increment and stick to it - You can do it lion-by-lion or by entire thread, but make sure people know what that number is. Also,  people don’t read, unfortunately. You’re going to get a lot of people trying to bid less than what you’re set increment is, and if that auction isn’t progressing as fast as you’d like, you may be tempted to take it anyway. Don’t. Politely remind that player what your increment is and be consistent. If you break your rules for one sale, you’ll be expected to do the same for all.

6. If auctioning, make sure your starting bid is something you would actually be okay selling at - No one likes it when they’ve won an auction fairly, only to have it ripped away because the price you agreed on is suddenly not enough. I start my bids low typically, and I do take hits, but more often than not I rise way above it within a couple days. Sometimes I will sell that gorgeous cub for only 100SB, or that pretty Piebald at 5GB, and I just have to deal. But it’s not common enough for me to change my starts. But if you’re not okay with occasionally losing out, I highly recommend raising your starting bids. No one wants to buy from someone who flakes out on them.

7. Advertise -  I seriously cannot stress this enough. Make sure to type out an add with the link to your thread and post it in sales chat a couple times a rollover. You don’t need to do it constantly (spam is bad) but it lets people who don’t constantly check chatter know you’re there. Bumping the thread now and then is helpful, too!

Pretty much, that’s all I got right now. Feel free to add, if you have other tips that you feel people starting out could use. Again, not a guide, but these things all really help me with my threads. Happy Lioning!

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do you recommend kr w?

yeah! it’s not a Big Fave of mine or anything but i think it’s a pretty solid show and it’s one i often rec to people who are new to toku - imo it’s a good blueprint of what KR has turned into the phase 2 era, while still carrying over some vibes from the phase 1 heiseis as well. it’s got a great cast, nice and simplistic rider suits, and a good balance between humor & drama.

and it has my embarrassing son hidari shotaro, which is all the recommendation it needs, really.

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i feel like drag race got a lot less interesting to watch once it got picked up by a mainstream audience,,, when it was in its earlier seasons it was more of a small community sort of bonding over this one thing and right now it seems like the show is more invested in getting new fans than keeping its core base,, idk that's just how i've been feeling

I totally agree. Let’s be real, “mainstream” often just means the straights found it and you know RPDR is a perfect example of why the LGBT+ community is so bitter about straight people invading the community. Miley and Katy using drag and LGBT people for their own gain and new shows like “lip sync battle” take so much away from our community and what drag is really about. And TV shows run on popularity and making more money so obviously RPDR doesn’t care who the fans are as long as they’re getting more money and exposure. But the LGBT+ fans definitely do care. RPDR used to be something special and amazing. Now it’s just another mediocre show trying too hard to change everything that made it great to begin with. 

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Not trying to start a fight with this question I swear: I don't think I understand what it means to be lowkey trot (probably at least in part because I don't have the best understanding of the tendency in general), could I ask you to elucidate

I’m just being sarcastic. Chapo crowd seems to be mostly people who claim to be Democratic Socialists or might support DSA but don’t really know much about it or the history of democratic socialism. Yet the discourse on the show reminds me of snarky Trotskyists. You can ignore my contempt for them. I complain about them almost every week. I only listen because, when I’m not listening to music, I play podcasts. I’d rather be reading, but I’m either caring for a toddler or at the gym, so I cannot. I listen to many of the shows out there. Afaic, CTH is as successful as it is because it’s unfocused and undemanding and mostly filled with jokes the social-media-focused, progressive to socialist scene will understand. It’s kind of a weekly pat on the back for a lot of privileged assholes is how I imagine it. I imagine its audience to be 75% of the kinds of well-off people who have gentrified Brooklyn or Wicker Park in Chicago. I could be wrong. Compare CTH to much more vital shows like the kinds on Novara FM or Delete Your Account or This is Hell, et al.

This week Chapo spent a few minutes making fun of The Daily Show, which I guess had its best ratings ever last year. They may be right about how useless and played out TDS has become; however, CTH is TDS for its audience. It’s entertainment media easily consumed because it doesn’t demand much more than subscribing to it.


“People who are strangers to me will come up and say, “Are you that guy from that show?” I’ll be like, “Yeah,” and they’ll say, “Oh, nice job.” And really, for the most part, it’s people showing appreciation for the work you’ve done. It’s really cool to have this positive response when just two years ago I was just waiting tables trying to get any acting job, let alone on a show that everyone watches. I mostly just feel really humbled and thankful, because I could be struggling to get any type of job.”


It’s been really emotional getting all these amazing comments and DMs from fans who are coming out to their parents by showing my music video, or like, you know, coming out to themselves watching the music videos. It’s amazing because, you know, I just released the video because it was true to myself. I really didn’t think it was gonna affect people.

The Moon Signs

Aries: A fire in their bellies that will never go out. Strong emotions, deep rooted hurt (esp if negatively aspected). Rebellious nature and a motivated personality. Plays the child role, even though it’s clear that they are dominate.

Taurus: Family and comfort are primary. A true romantic that needs love, even when they seem distant. Holds loved one close to their hearts, but once their trust it broken, they will never forget it. Extremely loyal but can have a hard time trusting others.

Gemini: Hippi attitude with moving feelings. A truly philisophic mind that can’t seem to make sense of their emotions. Mostly a good talker and it’s easy for these people to network. Quick learner. Can have trouble committing to serious things.

Cancer: Understanding, intuitive, and timid. These people can put up a strong front to mask their sensitivity. Could be interested in spiritual/psychic matters or completely turned off by it. Hard workers.

Leo: Bold feelings and a gold persona. A sunflower that seems intimidating/independent but really just needs a hug and an understanding person to talk to. Loves to be spoiled and loves to spoil. Can have bad habits.

Virgo: Intellectual mind that searches for higher meaning of anything that interests them. Wants to help you even if it comes off as nagging. Wants recognition because they are insecure and love to be needed. Can be either really dependent or independent.

Libra: Loves the arts and loves love. Like leo, they love extravagance and are extremely sweet. Easily overwhelmed and have a chaotic mind if too stressed.

Scorpio: Bad habits but secretly has a huge heart. They don’t live showing their sweet side cause that means vulnerablity. Extremely smooth talkers and very magnetic personalities.

Sagittarius: Free spirited and laid back. They try not to get stressed out too much and when they do they move on quickly. An always moving mind that seems to always be one step ahead.

Capricorn: Such a hard worker and knows it will pay off. Likes to do little chores and remembers a lot even though they might say they don’t. They really open up when they know they can trust you, likes people who share the same views and values.

Aquarius: Outside the box thinkers, nervous and fidgety when they are stressed or uncomfortable. Free thinkers with a revolunist mindset. Is for the people and wants the best for society as a whole.

Pisces: Emotional rollercoaster, very caring and a very trustworthy person. Is attracted to arts, music, and poetry and loves movies. Is a true romantic even when they can’t seem to put their emotions together. Loves animals.