people shouldn't tell me their dreams

seeing people get genuinely upset or angry over strange fate not being out yet… makes me uncomfortable. to the max. i mean, first off, it’s pretty easy to tell that these people aren’t writers and they don’t get that authors are, you know. people? and they get writers block as well. not to mention the fact that lj literally almost died a couple years back? 

yes, it’s been almost 20 years, we all know, but cut the woman some damn slack. maybe instead of getting angry she’s not done you should send her some kind of encouragement so she’s motivated to keep writing? like… 

i get she’s a paid author and all, but this is a recurring problem in fandoms re: fic authors and it’s disturbing to see the trend starting to carry over even to published authors.

anonymous asked:

you do realize that "she's kinda hot though" is sexist trash, not to mention it's using the words crazy and insane when they shouldn't be using them. it's their worst ever written song.

I fucking……

I assume you missed the point of the song, or haven’t even listened to it whole at all.

It says “My chick is telling me I got crazy dreams, she’s also saying I got low self esteem, she’s kinda hot though” Don’t you get anything from that?! It’s about someone (a lot of young people nowadays) who tolerates their significant other just because they’re hot, because the society has made it standard and normal for people in relationships to tolerate their rude, not understanding or even violent significant other just because they’re good looking, that’s their excuse for staying with them.

After they’re done with the message for those people, telling them it’s wrong for them to keep up a violent relationship just because their partner is ‘hot’, the song moves on about how whoever tells you your dreams and hopes are crazy and will never come true, you’ve still got a shot and you should try because they CAN come true no matter what anyone says!

And last but not least, it says how being a loser is completely okay, and people told them they were losers as well but they were alright with that. The society is changing and it is good that they, and other young people, are aware of that and appreciate it.

The song is not sexist, it’s fucking awakening and with a good message.

It’s also not their worst ever written song, it’s one of the best songs they’ve written so far.

So next time when you decide to judge a song just by listening to the first few lines and as well not listening, or GETTING, it at all, please don’t push me.